Matt Maiocco

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, May 1st
49ers Insider for NBC Sports Bay Area joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to break down the 1st Niners draft in the Lynch-Shanahan era. 

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Covers the forty niners as an insider for NBC sports Bay Area you can follow him on Twitter app. At male co NBC asked about male go would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven game. Matt good morning welcome to the show this sense you got of the front office coming off their first. Draft as this new look 49ers team did they feel like they had a lot of success. Thanks so I think they are very excited about the way things turned out. Really element of the each day. They're real and excited obviously does the first day. And where they get. Did that the two guys that they had rated according to them second and third on the draft board. Keating line number three. Getting the other line of solid Thomas of course getting one and number 31 Rubin Foster. And then also picking out. No additional draft picks. Including a third rounder for next year and then date to it'll. The other got on the quarterback that they had circled in the third round and just got back up there in the draft and and to get heated that third quarterback. Data and a lot of the forecast scratching their head about him turns out he after the fact they. Paddock rather quickly how much Palestinian like and in in according to a Peter keying the admin QB today it was embedded there is added that the that's certainly the only quarterback. That counts inning and wanted from this draft class and then B three. Each fell in love with Jill Williams a running back Utah. There are a lot of people did you know worm worked real high and because of some off the field issues including at. Ten that mysterious. Few weeks when he left the the team Utah. Was welcome back on the team that absolutely toward property at them too personal stuff going on with. Some deep seated until turnover but they got resistor ten years ago. But balloting one mile on the prayers got bored with the BB get up Saturday. And Palestinian hand and it talked. Tom lynch in the putting him back islander or. I have been battling that. Betrayed that he gave him. Early in the fourth round so. There were and it uses a lot of influence from cops in and in the strap that you would expect to keep to the top players and epic. Everybody in net in that. Draft room left. Lee Brice stadium. On Saturday evening feeling very good about it the last. Three days. Let's go back today one mad if you would Ruben Foster the selection number 31 so many teams obviously had concerns. Either about the shoulder or about the diluted sample of the com mine. Why do you think he slid so far and what you believe is the the surgical procedure that needs to be done to help get Rubin Foster right before routier's. Well I don't think he has to have any surgery done in the at least let the party has believed in that courtroom imposter bullies so. Eerie at the surgical procedure to repair ardently Abram ansari torn rotator cuff. From an injury sustained in the semi final game against Washington. He played with it against clamps and in the in the tension game. And I asked him yet but I bet that was pretty sore the next day the the next day it is telling me on the scene after the game. But so he's already had the surgery done and it went the Indy for the medically checked. So he says. And that team believes that that he is on pace and should be ready for training camp. So I mean Whiting east. Let I think that had help and do it at a lot candidate but also. Yielded there were some some red flag that are as you know the opposite. The field stuff he gets some help from Indy. After an altercation with hospital worker he'd been waiting at the hospital Indy for quite some time. That you mention that the diluted. Urine sample drug tests which means he immediately goes into the program reporter a lot of homework on the they really like him. As the person and certainly it's who they loved him as a football player. They couldn't. Reverend Earl Smith the team pastor and Tina Turner who works in the football in treatment side of the prayers organization. They sent those two gentlemen to Tuscaloosa to date to spend time a prudent posture. John Lynch in Palestinian and were regularly. On face time with him talking to them they brought him in for a visit they met with the I'll buy it. I they really got to know this guy and he got to the point that. Rubin really wanted to come the 49ers I was very disappointed. When Sean Payton called them. And all the news coming due. To the New Orleans Saints. They clicked over on the line John Lynch saying hey we moved our head of the saints were getting so he was pretty excited. But in the coming to the prayers and reported there were really excited to get him especially given that it did. I contribute to more wow what an amazing story. When you when you think about Solomon. He fits a lineman. What he's going to bring this team completed three that's five taking the nine technique. What kind of impact you think he has indeed think he's added this. Added this draft defensive lineman you think he's more game ready for the NFL level they meaning when you saw this year. Probably he probably is that he's obviously a Smart guy he's a talented guy the first old guy. He's he's all about football that's what I kept hearing that you know sometimes that's it for players get a little bit of them a wrap it. You know football is an all that important to them. Well you know there's been hampered players. Chosen and in the one chosen number eight to crush GAAP pre do. You watched. Trying to bat to dispel level. Op process. As you mentioned I think that the couple things that that really Jews were so thomas' one Jolie is known and her doctor for years like don't impersonal they took a class together in currently done it would give. Went back the used degree. They worked on projects together. So he needs is somebody told me in the weekly wrap. That before John Lynch had become general manager 49ers and you still working at Alice. In the boot the fox that he was calling an adult theme don't hate you guys the only element Tom Eaton let up on it. And though. You know why is he perfect fit for the 49ers eat. He might. Not be a perfect stated in one position. The fact that he can play the reader and spot on the defense of line he says he's more than natural five. Some people think that he's probably better suited three. But the party there ought to claim that there have been at least I think they're gonna give them at least shot at the legal position which is the path structure position. So. He comes in and according to and it's scout but I thought he becomes and is more and already more already and a better player. Then the forced partner once a year ago corner to the course Buckner seven. I thought he. Ended up being really a player. In somebody would huge upside. And I think Solomon Thomas said the chance yet and in India really good player from day one while. Matt Mayo go 49ers insider from NBC sports Bay Area would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game. Thank you very time mad he gets them all time hopefully coming up here and a little bits of good work right into the draft. And I appreciate the Al rookies report. Thursday though and gave the rookie mini camp in Santa Clara Friday Saturday Sunday so it never stops. Beautiful stuff beautiful stuff Matt thank you so much. Oh.