Matt Cain

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, October 4th
SF Giants legend & 3x WS Champ joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to talk about retirement as he pitched the last game of his career on Saturday. 

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Man needs no introduction. But we have to give him one anyway because it's radio. So he's at three time World Series champion and off there of one of Major League baseball's 23. Perfect games. Ladies and gentlemen Matt Cain joining Jolo in dibs on 95. Point seven a game Matt thank you for your time and good morning. Be honest with us your final game to Sunday how many rounds of golf have you logged cents. You know what I haven't gotten out yet we minister Arabic dude busy in everything act and tourniquet it is situated heard that the girl get back in the school and you know just bubble. Well I'll situation so you know what I have made it out yet but there's play at times don't personally. Airplane time to adjust to life after baseball a 32 year old retiree life design is pretty good Matt when did you know. But you're gonna hang up at the end of the season. Again at a I had an idea radical tendencies and and pick up to be. You know the last one then. I just register or to get that time more like need to be more executed in our on Chelsea and I just knew that. Even for much so that it was. You know becoming. Locked up at my body in the position that it could be. To perform where you'd be trying to be as consistent as needed to be in. You know Caruso a guy gets credit as the season was going into it. But really. You know toward the industries and and etiquette is it was more meat exit mustered the courage. You know talking erratic body votes of everybody today eagle at doses. Actually going to be at. I just didn't want to become adamant out for the first time and not Beazer. You have pitched on some of the biggest and brightest of stages known to anyone in all of professional sports yet that final game when you knew Saturday that was going to be yet for your thirteen year career with the giants for your career would baseball in general. What kind of night's sleep did you get the night before. You know what I actually it was not too bad I think there was just so much build up. A within the week before and that week that I Lewis. A pretty I was I was I was excited to be able to get resting trouble early in the forehead. Intro idea that orderly and and it take these in soco and not to say that it probably wait a few times during the mill and I'd. Talk intern but. You know that and the standard element for it so it was. A little bit arrest site but a Dinka ethnic actually a pretty well. Matt Cain here on 957 the game you debuted in 2005 when things weren't yet at their zenith but you're there for the three World Series titles and now the giants. In a tough spot again -- see this organization. As it's it's now heading into the into the next year in the first year without you on the squad. I you know what I think I think there are right and elbit. You look at number like the salutes it's pretty. Pretty bad for a lot of the guys it is just. It never gonna go right for some reason. It is never right I think you do this situation that we were in 056 and seven. I think. This team. Won't have to go through what took those teams did you know but I think those genes work. Where where guys were were directly at the end of their career I don't believe that's where the guys that Kmart now think they've got a really good foundation. A lot of guys up the middle on the field and then rotation that pitched. They give you a lot of innings I don't think there's oral as you think. It's just got to get the pieces here in the air inlet together. Met when you play baseball they say you built from the middle out and that's what you went of those guys from the middle one of the pitchers. And you know doing your process I was looking cute in sixteen years and National Football League. In doing your processor never blinked you never think about your career and everything about all the things you do. In finally when it's over what do you reflect on in now he had that top opportunity to excel doing excel. What he's seen. Just just gradually that the game you know I. So there are so many times and I cannot believe or or through this shirts and that much longer and the seasonal Gordon this road road trip for the city. You know it and when he when he started when he see the end. He even get a chance like stand agree that we're. That man knows there's actually a lot of on the go through. One elders long nights and so long days. But it was it was on and that I enjoyed them some experience that I would never had. You know going true. Any other you know job I would been a part of them in the baseball brought so many people and in my life. That that I would have been able to experience. On really really let it be able app so. That is such a huge opportunity in. Hopefully that to demanded that much quicker. You know one of those people another fan favorite Timmy Lincecum had you heard from the freak at all since the announcement. Daughter and giving up my turn to reach out to them two got the right number of in the auto probably. Find a way to get a hold of that dust in the number you guys you want. What do you know what you're think he's doing and so many people are curious as to what he's got going on and it's so shrouded in mystery any idea what he can be up to. Or at least what you might be allowed to stay on there. I mean it could be up to do it gymnastics she be brought in the backyard. Golf. You know whole ride bikes I mean you don't ever go Timmy he's. You know he's always been a character. And I beat the drums you know early though he might beat bill. Heck he might be in the studio which you guys are now you don't even know. You never know it can be a doozy calisthenics Matt 33 years of age obviously your baseball career is over and you do wanna spend more time of the wife and kids but. What do you think is gonna draw you back into the professional world DC yourself dating back in a baseball as a broadcaster or coach her or scout or something. Now going to be several broadcaster. I think I'm either. Might rent it hard to rattling here that everybody feels like like -- during the them so. I don't know exactly what it would be you know it particulates are trying to help well. You know one where the other. Maybe juggled an editing side of voters remote. A blockbuster Olympic Committee do. That. You know I don't know it would adequately here right now and it will be the time we get a little break from. And then man you know so among ethnic all the time the book about the right spot at. Met what does what in the biggest things that you know when you you look back movie career and where is one of the biggest things that you think you take away from the game itself when you think about the camaraderie you have in the clubhouse at the locker room. Sent an EU EU gonna miss or some meat take away from this. It deathly deathly missed being around guys com. It was this is on around. It's just such a laid back atmosphere and you know you'd get it. You're you're big kids really hear your thoughts that are planning game for a living and debt to intimate that it. You know all the competitiveness like something to do. In a competitive wise whether it's right now by extra did not like golf course or drive cars I mean I'll bet that. I took by opening at six adrenaline. Cougars there's that they there's not that match or from a portico and moments ever go. Brought out there and in total zeros mean there's. At that are to be. Matt Cain would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game. Take the World Series runs and take the perfect game off the table. In this day and age with social media and everything we do we know so much about the athletes we cover the athletes we cheer for is there one random moment that stands out your mind from that thirteen year career that maybe people don't realize it meant as much to you. As it did may be one random starred in a certain city on rock. Random Tuesday night I'm using the word random more than I figure out how Huckabee a. You know. First summary and that they can back on and it is in a little bit the other thing is vote shouldn't. I have a good conversation with me which was. A polite conversation but not so like conversations. It was actually in 2008 in Kansas City. I. On L given up three runs in the first inning and ended up on 88 innings. And got to that point on afterwards. In a boat humans that the main area you. Could be better than you are an important to me just what eight Saturday. After giving a during the first like he should be that should be. Also now. He's like no but I think but I think you can you can be better you know I could push yourself or did you believe you can interact at that you'll. And in the dugout and from then on like you know what. Take that challenge them and push myself conditioning wise no no matter what what goes on during game. My leg below via. I'm never going to be ultra and an inning and the guys in the box or another and you know I'd. I appreciate him kicking me in the at and relate to element that would visit I think it's something that girl meet. The push myself be our. Tactic to reached that little bit of Ireland. Maggie you headed hello career in hell of a run and that's when a lot of great moments we will discuss those with it. What does something that you wanna say to you appears to fans that all these years here in San Fran it's portage it is so you want to say here on the on the show please. I mean they thank you for awhile. That come into. You know this city and just and Juliet experience all of that mean it was it is amazing. It's great the great round and in. Understand everything that was going on. I mean they just. They looked every bit of it. They had a blast and I I appreciate them that the fans and everybody. Really looked up from my family myself and what it would look at. Career it would have been much well about it. Three time World Series champ and author of won a Major League baseball's 23 perfect games ladies and gentlemen the horse. Matt Cain would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game Matt. Thank you for your time this morning thank you for everything you have done for the city in the organization. Enjoy your retirement and hopefully sometime next season we can catch up with the again. Oh.