Marshawn Lynch's Agent Doug Hendrickson

The Chris Townsend Podcast
Monday, August 21st

Marshawn Lynch's agent, Doug Hendrickson joins Chris Townsend. 


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This guy is one of the top agents and all of professional football he's the co president of independent sports he's been an NFL agent. Since 1999. He was agrees San Jose state baseball player former teammate of mine. Doug Hendrickson joins us here doggie what do nice article for two of your clients today in the Rolling Stone you're a big part of it. And I happen I I just know. You're elation that you have with your guys is more than just an agent and a player there's a special bond yet to be proud of that article that. They'll no doubt and look in the united if he's got a family to me and and you know I I I got to look out for. Yes field of short careers you look out for a long term and not post written two he went thirtieth on the road so. Yeah I got to look at the NFL opportunity to. You some great things that'll most important forgot lack puppet of all the right way to get a good pick after laughter football which is what triggered. He had dug you know it's interesting how sports right now and politics are so intertwined. You know it kind of takes as really before we were born when you look at what was happening in the sixties. This is now kinda come full circle out word this political movement in year an agent and all the sudden. One your players says this in the one year players does that people are coming to you. They're speaking up and what is that like is an agent and it would there's a movement going on sports right now. Whether the movement going on right now coolest seat because he's got catalog. Like your coach Jim brown and all the looks interviewed before it careened into the guy. You can't really creating change and you folks thought into and what not and they got quite. Can't do the same thing with the social media now LeBron has more follow that and then the cop. But he's got a lot of power and we'll that the right well. We try to change in that we a lot of stuff going on like Michael Bennet sent a lot of you know oppression and hate and bigotry and things like that I think you've got to be walked around the players duplicate now. And it can't look at them pay out of reaching for things that I applaud Marshal on an aunt and Bennett all my guys all the rest the guys. In this war to a sustainable they believe in doing the right thing. Well I learned from you over the years. About what marsh on does in the Bay Area that a lot of people don't know and you know he he's now getting a lot of credit more than ever before. Because he's with the raiders but he's been doing stuff from the football camps too is the turkeys on Thanksgiving he's been doing so much for Oakland well before he ever signed with the raiders. No I mean acted based or not when he got trapped by Bob flo members look at that over 2007 October day. Interest income and on the board that we can all foresight. I guard your practice rightly yet cracks next they became welcome that it three hours and he'll speak to kids reverence in the issues in the community. So the guys that don't hit from back from popular 2007 and now. And he doesn't want cantor doesn't want the camera's physical thing it can't make change probably better at Oakland I don't play. The last 678 years Oakley has been a better place you know and it's foundation and its content Mort Marcus Peterson job shop. The one cool thing it recently so I really appreciated to get a collapses so. Where he talked about. You know like scaled corrupt football pick her up Dirk. Get college scholarships in China meant it that you're not that he. You're not with the kind of thought out and acquire these company out programmers software attack BC whatever may be. If you really make it a profound impact which is so cool. Doug Anderson co president of independence Schwartz joins us here Crist sounds a 95 point seven a game time tomorrow Marshawn Lynch. Great article in Rolling Stone check it out on the on Twitter at Townsend radio you can see it. Doug is throughout the article also when Michael then another one on his clients Marshawn Lynch. We also wonder what why really did he come back is it to help the raiders won the Super Bowls it to get over 101000 yards is it for the city of Oakland is that all of the above Y really did he come to you and say I wanna get back to the NFL. Honestly woods would win they'd decided to lead Oakland to go to Vegas you know copies currently in pre. When he said I. Want. To see him play in the other the outlook and outlook whether it was non political my client. Facility can make a bigger impact with Indian on the field and be helping kids. And that's the sole reason I mean yes you want to have a championship at all that they really want to come back in the city vocal advocate along with it I mean he's. Reinvigorated I mean it's guys. I in my opinion to lead Italy and Russia you know lead in the title certainly to read the help vocal championship for the sake. We sat rate mongering wanted to anchor the raiders. Hopefully if it's that or he's got the them and Yeltsin went to make real big impact I gotta get credit and every day there was something in the country with its. And it's been really really cool to see a lot of guys lead the community not you lucked out he's good right here and they want open packet on body. And is about without operator at the contact area. And he's one of the players it has that kind of respect. That you know lately it Jack Del Rio wasn't thrilled and we both know Jack Del Rio and he wasn't thrilled about it but he understands. Marsh on he respects him as a man he's gonna let them do what he does know one thing about a lot of your clients. Sometimes Doug you gotta know when your client doesn't have a whole heck of a lot left in the game and he's wanna get paid and get jobs. But I got the feeling marsh on it kind of guy you never underestimate. No not at in the peak I I never underestimated exactly right and you're not gonna come back. To the Oakland Raiders and the other B and he'd come back to recruit the right where you go back back. Our partner happening or that corners as much our attention of all be out. When you go out an MBA players in baseball players and a cult players. They're all that well and decently because he got caught in the he does how he wants to do it inevitably it wants to do. But no one really can do that whether corporate America. You know media government he's got your way in a so called sweet not to do is where I locked up again and again. But it's awesome to see what he's done is definitely dateline in different unique. I felt we came out the guys different and got the call. Sydney Colson not on the field up. You know when you look at the movement that's going on football done a lot of the owners are really old school how do you think this is gonna play out long term. I think now dip in the last year I think he got you can out yet a different situation trials they'll going on around the country. And it's not that different than it was a year ago. More more owners and team coach is coming out now and that you know they understand what these players in development. And and so forth and so once I think it's different now think that look we have. How come together as a nation we outcome in the communities. To make change and beat it now but you're right there are teams that are. Better enforcement backwards and in fact thinking and does not not progressive then and hopefully that'll change these guys to a true. But I think the more more players that. You know we'll speak out right there in the right issues and encouraging commuters also across the country on the quality piece that Durant that the they're good. You know ebitda Mark McGwire out in believe it and didn't want ago I'm OK with so he's got saddle pal the right thing outlook. You know yesterday we are seen so many different coaches being asked about it we are you know about Del Rio and Kyle Shanahan with the niners. Hue Jackson our old friend so many coaches are being asked about it they're kind of also and the same thing. If basically all 32 coaches. Say hey listen these guys are grown man I understand if they wanna make a statement. But once that statements made it's about when and football games if every coach comes comes out says it does the media wants now are you gonna discipline these guys. In every coach comes on says no I'm not good to supply at 1 am well apparently got to be over with the media. Absolutely and it says it's just talked about mortgages right now you're right and I think that. Let these players you know in play in and all the commitments and the big shot. I mean wasn't he didn't want to line. You know players and diapers and followed him to integrate. And in the end of the day of the teens understand except as they do it got an opt out okay. But you know with three minutes before game has not encouraging them out so. I look at it like you know look at -- Do the right thing you can you know crate sought change in provoke a concurrent. The way ago bike yet I think more more coaches will be right back in Africa the scenes as saying elect. You know more power players and and trust ridiculously. They're not happy with going to community and public school in the country and also you know if they could get them probably would do. Let's switch over to the San Francisco 49ers you've been dealing with them for years and all your different clock where you are different clients what is it like now. Dealing with the 49ers. John Lynch Kyle Shanahan it just seems like a a reset button that's been hit the correct way. No doubt that John Lynch is also I mean he is he is literally one of the best people ever been. And what's great about it is that something he doesn't know he'll have to figure out but the guys in the field legitimate. In my opinion neglected here one day. He'd get fit the players well they're they're afraid of succumbing in law now in what you go about your family type guy. That collegiate football and understand that the builder. Shanahan obviously president speaks for itself I think there's no question are built right thank. Because a couple of years they're going to be attacking look at your record where. And you have a big improvement this year but they're definitely moving in the right direction I was down a couple days ago. Really cool yet mannered they're doing a lot of the concern for players that you'll players. You know back in the program and it doubted that the right way to look at came aboard. Isn't crazy like they didn't when they open the new stadium the it wasn't just. It should just be Montana and rice in a lot Yani and should just be everywhere that stadiums like. Why didn't you do that from the beginning. Well like I told those guys that you know eat in your last two in the giant achieved out. Richard Ron Amadon juror on Cho here sports are all here they all the bad day and they don't want it reported a welcome. It can't get them back the program so he'll why it was done and I don't know. But it's never too late in low and you don't got back in the building and glory years and get the fans back that were all those guys back in the eighty's and ninety's. It would be it would courses that they're doing a good job. Doug year the best good luck to all your clients this football season we'll have you on interest towns and show throughout the year. Down a prelude to a helmet meant to keep the good work and go raiders. Thanks buddy Doug Henderson with a top agents and all of the NFL.