Marquette King w/ TJ Carrie

Raider swaggy punter, Marquette King, joins Bonta & Guru with TJ Carrie to preview the Raiders season & training camp which starts next week in Napa!

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Other game and he always or did. Gotta be. It's funny because all the Wear and and everyone you'd be keyed attitude and we. We had fun with it you know Joe Brown witty now he's he's funny funny guys. I was you talking about the slight east fighter in the NFL market keen. Where is never said about a way to greatest number one of the greatest members ever he's upon your market king joins us here McGregor publish O I five point seven game would your degree Johnson bond sale in TJ care here in studio market can you do your students geez. Despite the next week in that book. That was doesn't matter what had become but also certainly a marked with the others. On the mark but not alone and then. You won't be until we're so what's happening here. We're a week in. Few poorly to it with Scotty made that all over the place is number this offseason necessarily. They're not in China and upon his more status in the same. Now a lot of people mad at Obama and the is. It was a blunt object it was like when I told him at Hitler's. And the ability of the year so mad I'll there are like a it was such overdosing them as corner my allies. The. And where there's this sort of match on the view. The disenchantment. With accessible almost all of it and. So anyway and curls and coming. Apart. You have to expect that so with a leg curls he doing leading the leg the leg press or doing attribute that leg right. All of the older two minute lecture at this book right. Mean we'll have your range of motion disaster and so over the and so that would. So is not good to lift weights with two legs is upon you wanna just. Could the arms right borrow to stretch their legs out. It. It weighs all of at a cost of flexibility. Announcer on Arnold as a. What's it like four runner how long do you just leave the game. Can't preserve your leg and don't kick or do you do you have any downtime or you just keep going through the whole offseason. Certain what had to land. A couple of little bit of hardly. Alone. In a disciplined well restarted. And it was wasn't it him couldn't play somewhere somewhere Dennis. Determine what is open now an. What's on the Tom. And the rights like. As a person gospel of or other planets like of game you can do it until lightly. On the late in. And it is almost like a relief that it's not a consulate it was this year. Anyway look Butler than usual and out of us thought that part in. Who Santiago Calatrava Tom and I've noticed a lot of pluses. Assault on the story. We have seen in the lifeboat can disclose what it. Certain birds six. It doesn't go do your lava. Too difficult to hear a lot of credit too yeah yeah that's about. It's the obeying punts man who looks like kids in a market upcoming plot pavement the he does a lot of title has Waldman. Calls. When he. We got to if you are not big cutter our. It that. Blood. I think. Is this admittedly hard man because he has a couple of different balls he can some practice so. Seeking in he takes on a regular basis and it's. I wanted to punts in practice man you know you ginkgo style but it coaches and in things like that I don't really like take that too lightly but. What was that little. You hear that and market's gonna debts are you doing it he's an election Obama as well yeah he's he's doing them for you to drop in solar just an old. Well all is what you Qichen birthday cakes in the pies and in the game the same man and own up on the tournament would give me a look at Lee's mind that. Men noble try to do and that's and the search and look to the preferred days and little while we do it and let users moment but what got to. The raiders put their market Keane joins us here immigrant publish a weapon in the light haired guru Johnson Phil and for Greg Papa bouncing over here and I'm five point seven game. TJ carry live in studio and you know what's it like playing market king we saw last year dances you flags on the market reach gets a little bit of bad news service skills he scenario there. It's a viable market keen it's. As we look at on his or like other boring yes it off to decide markets complete opposite of that definitely. Well you anything as a partner you know you see a guy I think what made him a warning arms he was a big Eagles back east pundits always immediate punt. And so I mean I was thrown off Monday in the first place. But did you know I think Leckey I think he really huge is really let's head down and and you you know you you you beat you was used in who you was. On and off the field and I think man you know I think we had a kick woody everybody had a Kate would you just being so thin. And B non not afraid to really be himself you know and I mean in having fun on the feel dancing and those would make great players great man when they can't really be themselves in and do whatever they was thinking in. On the field. And and have a kick wood in and I think his his play speaks for self you know let him keep dancing into always dog but he's Kagan isn't pious man and we're good at you know having. Hooted marked it and the lovely oil when it came. Up. You selling human weakness and battles back and Dave it's. Done. About these kind of like us you know you yankees up and it's my main lesson it going to be out man arch how to make this lives but and you go back EC's plan is on our. Okay you want about it but any chicks are on and it's like. Is there anybody in the league who can get this I never had a kid is this out before and so you get a good respectable. Way you know as is great practicing would have because. He's got he's the best that we does you know and I mean Soviet kids in his punts he be doing the things that you do with him when you won't play on Sundays it's alive he's. Marquette last time I seen you in studio you were dealing with two Kim K rumors. And I see Twitter have been treat you okay dot com. Although it. Then a dual mode. It's a good thing what it does tell us about hanging out or slightly Peta and it was lawyer slash it's wacky PAK nick now on. Did note Boris. And that is what. But. He's here is about like. Bob and in you know. Should cut sit back. There's who would put in wherever. Root rooted body and I would nick young and toughly we're gonna see any cameos some videos and Ellison collaborations between YouTube and I would have. Really like Bay Area our fire here are Marquette. Months ago since slow news this could do receive a commercial on LA and brisk which I would say get ready for the season type exhaustion and so that is so don't go. Now market last year you guys had a great season at all before you make the first round of the playoffs. Lot of expectations coming into this year but I got to ask you about your buddy Sebastian genachowski. He's coming back for what the thirtieth year of his NFL there's been a league forever. Putting. Actually won a little bit as he does he talked to a B tech in Jersey Utah Jim tackle little bit so when guys are telling our skills coming down coming down filled you got to lay some wood on. The message seemed to know about Obama tackles. Because it's not permanently cut their units. All well we're strong. Low tech what to do what is art burn. A highlight them and appreciates her. Got an art. And it also public order and so. Missing is so this is is funny though. You they are always Steve as a win when he's going to our new let me and I never return you enemies so. Just to see Amanda you know issel was I was in the game he east do delivery Harlow will messiah. I like to pick his brain you know in and. He he's determined and what is he like playing with and he seems like he's quiet he's pudgy looks like he's doesn't work out all well and I'm sure. Frequently. Blow to all yards it's a bit of oil spill like what do you like better. Yeah glared glared more. Not to say I'll do lots of chances roads and like that's. That's all the buses torsos are good and you can demolish even yours. Not at that you guys about peace Mo oh yeah Marshawn Lynch. Actually that news when a guy first report it was here on this show. Yeah who we gave some little hint science intense tennis headsets and sit sources as they say yeah. Now you got be small and a full we saw that video of him on the field looking good run at the decrease we saw the beach workouts I ask you first market in a go to UTJ it was like heaven Marshawn Lynch and how does he looked. Here in a raider uniform. Do you think you can offer some distance if that. Well oh over the that was elected to review before you immediately gained so it comes sort of triggered by threefold. What about military base. Oh it would. A man. In. Other parts of the dormitory and so. We'll look forward to recover well. If yes we may get it looks amazing man you know are being a thing com. I'm excited leg everyone's excited but you know just the city of Oakland to have him. In in oh win and have the city behind him man it. It makes it that more interest in for him to come on him play it in play for his hometown in. You know he does a Latin community tools so always is room big fat and he's excited to be around man a lot of knowledge that you savvy guy. Understands the game and definitely on you was at peace office. Marquette or getting questions here and we do have more kicking your immigrant published joke and any five point seven game on a PC I also stock context slime Marquette. The fans wanna know who parties harder you or receive gas. Rock duo or did you know portable is. But it they got them and it's also important that careless was awful a lot of it is a big party so walk around me supported and was served. That attitude to catch that today that your party was seen as you've been here for years it. And I don't know don't doesn't you don't go with a lot of what you. I don't yeah I know he likes his cars though. A league licensed growers Nancy because slices cars so so as the agency legal pull out men. Now Marc yeah this is for UN TJ I mean expectations. Are through the roof for the raiders. Does that just I know this is you guys career job but does that dismay. They can about the season about to start knowing that people pick in the raiders did you know not only go to the playoffs but you know fight for a appearance in the Super Bowl. Yeah all. No well it's sort of I'm not sort of treat their returning theater. To put the marker of bone. Well you know it does look currently suitable. In. Regard. Which. Every day just so let everybody. Did better. And buildup and we. We'll catch of which you next week market sounds like a phone line is going down the drain. Here blossom recession and market keen kind of to join us here today immigrant pop show may five point seven game.