Mark Ibanez

Rick Tittle
Saturday, August 5th

KTVU Sports Anchor joins Rick Tittle to talk about all things Bay Area sports.


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All right and as I mentioned were very fortunate ought to be joined by good friend of the station market Bosnia is if you've been on the Bay Area. For a long time you know that he has been the sports anchor for channel two fox over and now Oakland and it's always great to talk to. Mark talk a little bit about the niners and obviously. Colin Capra nick is not a forty niner anymore but it's such national story with the local band does well. And you know I always think there's two conversations going on there's a conversation in public about in the social ramifications of all this but I think the other conversation with personnel people. They just way can he help us win or not and we've seen over the years people put up with a almost anything if they think you can really help them win. Where do you think it's it's right now what we're with cap and do you think he's gonna find himself on on on a roster mark. Well though lightning rod is being out for me you say anything one where other. You're gonna draw interest that you're gonna probably trot. Various opinions that outlook in the show earlier are really well. Michael Herbert had to say what it was docket in the guru about this subject. And and hear that. The same hat. On Capra. This guy is protests. Where eight mantra or our guy like area Dallek Edwards. I don't think that they would have been able to stop them from wanting to protest. And expressing themselves but there's nothing wrong with that at all. We all have our opinions but you know I think the missing ingredient here that they didn't catch up on the previous show it is. Element like that and explain and so okay there's no right way to promote as doctor Edwards has got. Eight but. What you need it I believe it is for someone that straight. On what the ramifications. Would be. As and it's okay you approach to that column but are you aware of the fact that like that are the NFL owners. R.s seventy year old white go in the air or not gonna take in. And you may run the risk of being black ball and and lay it out four and if you are. You can accept those ramifications. Than when I don't think column was ready for was the backlash. And the feeling I mean Ricky albeit that they'll forever are you surprised. That NFL ownership without this kind of a reaction. Of course should not. Of course we know he's basically beat up black ball and I think. Really a missing ingredient here I don't think Colin expected. That this thing would run so deep ocean would be so hot. That it would actually cost him his job which could out. Yeah or on the Q what have opted out and I also think it's just. People in sports will put up with a outside noise you know Barry Bonds if you had 73 home runs will put up with all that you know you jogging to first on a ground ball things like that led. I look at Michael Sam. And you know and all that noise it's like yeah he's probably better than our 53 guy. Mean as such empty bowl win a playoff game against the Super Bowl champs you tell me where he can't play there's all that noise with him so if you show up. In a regimented sport like football January at Shea boulevard shirt and piggy Sox with a you know the top big Sox. I think they will put up with the U if you are an amazing extraordinary talent but if you're not there like you know what let's just move wrong. Yeah I I think you're right and I've heard various comments about. In the previous week about. A lot of teams. Just aren't going to want to distraction they are gonna want that circuits that no doubt well around whatever anti war side. And and I can understand that I kind of feel belt way. With regard to win Barry Bonds at the end of the line with a giant. I've felt like. Obviously yet guilt. Yeah remaining. But I felt like nobody wanted to sign and be debated why 3040. Admit to reporters in their clubhouse slash locker room. Every day. And forcing teammates answered the same question that you know again Rick you've been around that locker room and one thing about coaches. There just hyper sensitive. To any say. That would distract. Their players. From the business the casket and and not have a o.s in the playbook and she and I I think that the big part of it like it or. I think a lot of these coaches. Don't want to deal with a look at what that niners. Last year when the ball always the first few weeks. Every should it go to its new barrage of the same question. Yeah and and also for cap to explain you know the reason I did it was to highlight the disparity with the law enforcement an American community which. Of course you know every American has a right to. To do that but when you Neil for the National Anthem people think it's you know baseball hot dogs apple pie Chevrolet in the Marine Corps. Again hate everything and so he had the kind you damage control to say no I'm not anti military and then. The message message got misconstrued. Yeah there was a lot of ambiguity out in the personal example you know ideas I am partly Cuban. And if rendered me when I saw where it built character sure you know and his explanation. Given. You know you kind of overlook all the negative. And the strong emotions that are all over. Florida. By Cuban immigrant. Are you aware of the fact that Cuba has the highest literacy rate in the world. Looked like. That's your answer man it don't like it and I think the level of education. About some of the things that state. Are subject to control and and I think that's what's frustrating it and it and it law that Matt has been a lot. Out by the lack of back up. With that and the lack of knowing what is the end game and I don't think is good real. Strong in that regard like you sit there has a lot of misconstrue that. An ambiguity with regards to everything. You probably like it then went Ozzie Guillen manager of the Marlins in Miami said Castro was a great man and I think he was surprised at the art class as well. He. Should audited you know I grew up. For a very early age. I'm gonna put it nicely and save my father was at. A I'm gonna leave it at that. All right ferret out for with market bond is Raton with united 57 again let's talk about. What's going on between the lines because in the grand scheme of things winning and losing is what's it what matters and we know that. So far so good that the GM who woke up called up and apply for the job himself a good hire looks like they have a good head coach. And I thought the matters are very Smart on draft night not just fleecing. The the Chicago Bears but not falling for attribute a skier Keyser I think if you look at the next year's draft. There are five guys like that are the Louisville quarterback wash and wash and stay UCLA UUSC all those guys are better than anyone in this draft. So you bring in a guy like a lawyer who you know won't embarrass you day and he he actually played OK for Kyle and in Cleveland and you you work on things one. Moment in time and I know Beth it was a third round pick which have been a bit surprising but at least they didn't fall for oh my gosh we have to have Mitchell Drabinsky. Yeah I couldn't agree with you more what I really like among many things I like about the John Lynch Shanahan. Sheen dares get lynch whose I would say you'd be hard to argue a fact he had a deep offensive. And genius with regard to his knowledge of what it takes to. To build a defense having experienced and and you get Shanahan. Who gets very high marks from everybody. And I like the fact that he has them very very. Strong opinions about what she walks. Out of a quarterback. And who he can bolt and I think you're right. I think they were wise enough ago that their rage at quarterback of the future will not in this year's stretch out. Potentially in the upcoming draft and they do. The band back on the dribble and act on that play out that your their their success will be. I quantify. It and upward trajectory. This year they can show some improvement and then start thinking about their quarterback of the future and I really like the way they're going about it and yes they do have a lecture at both having six year contract let. I mean I don't know if you've been down their wrecked I mean stage just out. Statute completely. The effort by go in on. And you know I had a pretty highly placed employee tell me that the buyer it was terrible down there forty matter headquarters. Even when they were waiting and are there. There was just as certain. Error about the place. And but the other few times and interviewed John Lynch one on one. And he kind of reminds me in in a way replica. Steve Kerr in that big guy has tasted success in every endeavor he's ever encountered in taken on. And and why would that change now and he's got some very strong at specific ideas. About how to guard or six. I just really for the first time along on a lot of optimism about where the 49ers edit. Yet again trivia question John Lynch also threw the first pitch in the history in the marlins' organization. I mean it's a critical. One more question for you mark. And the real and Foster is a guy that. Despite. Some injury concerns and may be a little bit being in full himself I really want of the raiders. Draft this kid in and from what I'm hearing down and niners can't think guys just infectious you all over the place he looks great. And it you know we we think about the quarterback obviously it's most important position especially a team that doesn't have one. But we kind of forget sometimes that while the niners couldn't score any points date they hemorrhage points on the other side they gave up seven straight 100 yard rusher is. And you're not gonna beat anybody whoever the quarterback is if you can't stop the other team cell. That's why three years and around now with a pac twelve defensive linemen in her Reagan and Foster I mean dead and the you know new coordinators how's it looking. Yeah outlaw. I get to that question but I live sync and have it because you mentioned the raiders and you know I know from listening to your for a long time. You're into the raiders. Let me ask you that if you have a reaction to got bombarded this past week. Bob operator. Ticket holders buddy's work literally into the raiders where you have banded. In any way shape or form by the fact that this season ticket holders were sent out those little. Pins that that. Loyalty. And family this week. Yeah that it it it is of course a hypocritical and if you just look at it as as an Oakland guy like me but I guess what they're trying to say is hey. You'll follow lasted Timbuktu. Euro are real family you're the ones who are loyal and it's just another stab in my Blatter. Yeah I'm glad you're saying that because the Miette that was well. Transparent. And that it's so obvious the company line when he hears somebody's. Old time raiders being interviewed they've all been at the same line like. The real plan aren't gonna jump while the best at Oriole fans are gonna all of Oakland. And you know I feel pretty strongly about a real fan. Are right here at Oakland estimated there dammit team right here. In Oakland. And Ed you know that that's really Specter my crop that. That bothered paper you know we dagger like that I had been here later. Long time fan like yourself put. You know Rupert Oster. Dude you wrapped artery that story in the chronicle this week about his. The stuff that this guy has overcome. I mean. I guess he was in his mother's are an eighty which you shot. I. You know herb are murdered at his father I mean just. Just incredible stuff that he is he dealt Andy he's an action is character. And like you. And I think they got he'll obviously help. Hold up or but. I really. Really like. Everything I've seen from government luster and guess what for a self partially wrecked. You're going to be great inner. We've talked a couple of times and that is got a personality. And and you will be inspection without emotion. And that I think is is something that's been lacking for the 49ers. You know when you have that are on and off the field. As has been the case are so much of the last couple years you know intro real. Vocal guy making noise and these guys together I think eventually. Buster you know will create that type guy. Is going to be interest. Yeah I'd say on the they're not a success is going to be measured in wins and losses will set out to 46 it's about the culture and just changing. You know as dean Lombardi once said about the sharks get the sting of losing out of the Jersey. And did turning it around in knowing that there's a plan we've been speaking with mark a body is of course has been at channel two forever still doing a great job over their key TV you fox. In Jack London square mark thanks you're time especially on a weekend my friend and we'll catch up with the real soon. Always a pleasure let's say it to keep up the good work in. Go you're 38. Wow amazing thanks art. It Feyerick.