Marcus Thompson on Warriors hoops & Raiders move

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Wednesday, March 29th
Sports columnist for the Bay Area News Group and Oakland native, Marcus Thompson, joins the Damon Bruce Show to talk Warriors in TX & Raiders relocation. 

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Always look talk a little basketball Marcus Thompson and after a wins in a row three of them coming over playoff teams the news on to rant today. Means this is officially pointed in the right direction again Marcus Thompson from the Bay Area news group speaking of being in the right direction. When I came in today markets went over to the mail room were my mail slot is an error is this envelope and it big Manila one eye open it up in here it is body I got it in my hand right here. I'll slap shots every knows. There it is when you slap shot. The miraculous rise of staff curry. Gold in by Marcus Thompson that's just what it sounds like I got your book body it's nice to see it congratulations. Thank you I don't know how you made to lift the oh got a look keep. Meant thank you very much I plan on actually may be even reading it too so there you go that's the highest compliment that I could possibly give yet. This is a warrior game that we're all expecting tonight to via a good one feels a little bit like a scheduled loss though it's kind of always how it always is and then to San Antonio. For this team. The good knows this is everyone's goal you know it seems like full bore your healthier planned no one's gonna hold anything back tonight what significance do you put in this. You know this is about the Western Conference finals that. If he did gains denied. Is that confidence thing it's it's a psychological. Warfare. Just in case they meet Pittsburgh in the Western Conference. Are you giving news about the one he which is kind of part of the winner where is the one he gets the games. At home. Mostly. Agents need to go bacon beats San Antonio and they for Santonio. That they can you be so I think they're gonna go. And really try to win you're the best and if they don't have the those that fail safe. We have during that they've they've yielded to spew it's that kind of like look if they though if they win it would out. That beat for the west finals. You know I think did the Los Angeles Clippers are pretty much bit you know when they see the warriors they know that they're gonna lose that night that's just kind of the way it is right now it's total pwnage. The Oklahoma City Thunder with their MVP candidate they can't beat the warriors last night with the rockets MVP candidate. You know I know it be in the warriors once already this year and they did it in Oakland and all give a mall that but you know nine out of the last ten in the regular season means the worst just infinitely better than you to that game last night that was so set up for Houston to win. You go to the line 39 times the war is issued and what's thirteen fourteen free throws the entire game. Like if I gonna be out one in wet and you're really have to worry about Houston. I don't think you do I mean they just don't plate beat trip. Has. It's going to be a problem because when you when they did win the award you know weren't playing well. They keep whether or not be worried and you beat them when they're playing where. Don't kept him on that one bad game there can't make. There. If they're playing way ago. And you beat there now you know you're in the game. And there are only about three teams that could say that and others don't think he's been at once they get hot they inability agree that in. Stealing game were to bring in the hand. They just don't play defense and you've got to play defense that's perhaps not the warriors. Marcus Thompson here on 957 again I'll tell you play great defense last night man. Klay Thompson was in James Harden too hip pocket all night long he rode him to the rim every single time Harden who's great finishing around the rim had a lot of roll off back guy and lay ups last night it's this Claes just put in on them keeping the pressure on. Stanton calls are going against you Harden still go to the line played and even hear it clay doesn't see defenders clay doesn't hear crowd's clay didn't even know what do whistle is siege he's a serial killer it was awesome last night. Is so so play when he was trying to you know they're all out. Hooper writes yeah along so eloquently. But whenever evidently gain art that name clay. And nobody credentials there Margarito. Though. Now that they've kind of like grown particularly if they do come back future. You know a moment ago. That you really heroes is those days are all of wherever you look at late news. Thought clay was just suburban view gladly let negative. He relishes. Opportunity to stick it back to them I'm not not really out of malice at the he grew up one dollar on the council now. And games art and we got his list whatever he played him hard you want to play welcome Birtley target if it really eat. Clay yeah it really let it frustrate that. Beat themselves and may he decades and you need bodies aren't so you can expect that every army built into. Now and that's just another reason why I guess are no longer worried about Houston for a minute there I really thought they might be mysterious team by. They got me they got because here's the bank. They pull shots like the warriors they just don't play. Jackal the threes you want if you play no defense the warriors gonna get jet. And yeah for a minute there the rockets had me worried. You or is there anyone beyond San Antonio I'm looking over at the Eastern Conference to apps are faltering. All of a sudden the bullets look like it might keep the team to beat. I'm a go where it's so obviously they're polio Cleveland. Balked in and meant it's an Al mare. I'll might roll in. Utah saw only a real outside. Those vehicles lol the Chia seeds. They make it kind of play the lawyers into form. Advocate or tool used to kind of played its battle it you can do that Israel grinding game is a lot of rabbit hole. Where ought to ask very. He's got well the ball a lot like though that means that rate you pay you know all the great properly they probably could do you call whit about it. There Memphis. And ball stand outside of the lobbyists. I think our team that. They've probably they've might now. Beat the warriors let it be proper attitude and it is the typical Syrian TV in at in the elderly resident resident being secretive about it. Do you think this is a night markets were we see Matt Barnes in the starting lineup to have a bigger body out there than Patrick who call. I know he's been playing really well you make shots. I think he I think he speaks with McAuliffe did keep it how it's been going they've developed some kind of low. And keep Matt Barnes off the bench. I think he might think that way. But if you could be your life might be out there. At a news the problem habits and he's won it goes. You know he company and whole paced changes they try to need to answer to that. It is the caloric I don't know if you put somebody on patty bail them might do to keep up with that do and it might be McCaw. He might be that bad day. For the that it like kind of slowdown in the money and so they have made my right about most the and yet he might just need to look at work in there and that in history. Marcus Thompson Bay Area news group you know that video that you did with Harrison Barnes two seasons ago. Was it was great and it not only showed us how kind of cool Harrison wise but it really showed us how much she loves. Your hometown of Oakland California for what's right for its faults. You kind of went through the whole tapestry of what makes up Oakland there and I thought it was a great honest video that you and our friend Courtney Cronin did together hoosiers make everything better. Eric your hometown team you're Oakland Raiders off to Las Vegas. 'cause I hate your heart you look at Dallack sports journalist and you look at a look at Sam. Speaking it from both perspective man under there along. Two. Mark David. And now where you better. Because you're you're one year and he sounded more power tool. I'd much rather I would much rather than being beat right. In Oakland the keypad and Oakley didn't lease back the some. Really what does that major. Big business corporations. Go by go gates accepted the I hope it worked out for you and yet let their body knows economic news out of it. There are no handouts we're now at a windy and would deny any time may nugget from 1990 not bomb on our peak it would do that everybody involved. That how this whole situation operate here in had to change and if that means the raiders that will be. Wow I'm kind of surprised because you seem to be concentrating purely on the mask. Not the identifying team that permeates that towns cultures just been written and again. I got a daughter in the PTA they need need that peculiar might occur. Why who have and that we we kind of got a farm that school. In the Pittsburgh that the funding is load. Stuff like that you know you start thinking about a it's just that it seemed that important to me I'd rather have my daughter's school that Lee on the mark David you'd figure. Okay I'm now that the raiders are moving do you think that the classrooms have facilities in the teacher role all improved dramatically Oakland will now spend her money. I don't think you'd be overnight absolutely not they can it implement upping the charters who are being do it. I want I want my senior leaders spoke on and not figure out how to market but now being hockey gear on them about that. Don't want him doing that I'd rather the billionaires bigger girl. And now hockey gear on the mayor. And the City Council about probably go make the move. That's where my heart is that you know like I have a daughter lives here in great here's a little bit for me. Our markets meant thank you very much great to talk to you is always good luck with the local keep on plugging it Soria. New York Times best seller list let's get their baby. On man don't be come on. But if you put that out users. Good for it it's good for a man deported out there see what happens like Lavar ball I will speak gates. Into existence at that. You're welcome our holidays are going better to sit here. Knowing it thank you very much grades doc DO. Mark is tops and from the Bay Area news group.