Marcus Thompson II

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, May 19th

Sports Columnist for the Bay Area News Group joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss the how the Warriors-Spurs series will pan out if Kawhi doesn't pla. He also shares his views on all the blowouts in the Playoffs so far. 


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And then eventually both quest to look like Leonard did not practice yesterday he still questionable with an ankle injury. Where is one of starts for a thirty tomorrow here on that facet of the game three warriors made the all NBA team stepped curry Kevin Durant. Made second teenager among green made thirteen clay was a laughed off and received fourteen votes drama on the snub. Things. On they saw this letter rest are from Saudi Greg he picked up his first win of the year a's bats came alive with a trio of homers. 83 win over the red sex series continues dug out shows 635 here on nine by seven games. Giants in Saint Louis at 515. And is is not abiding Dina manic and nineties that's attending now. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven games. Hey you bum there was a time when the spurs are one and it's a formats of state kind of guard you better and most teams. Lately Houston you've been pretty golden it's been like him Iraq. Rise. I'm not into the the good throughout the next question next question. While. Journalism. Where they gun. Where president dawn. The empty too isn't as world markets styles in the second you heard him there the voice in the Q&A posed. Game two couldn't even get his own plug out without cracking up markets tops in the second. All third. Bay Area in 51 L legend was pretty mom properly. Let's bring him and because we need to address this MTU its own theme music and his own both plugs. What got India market sandy and how unbelievably proud of yourself are you forget to book plug in in the postgame presser. Are I blame you I'll just got here. Please explain girl music and all that Hamas out of there about well do admire you you give it well. Well first of all you do manager on intro music. You're able I had to know. As a dove track again teach you how much did a book sales surged after you hijacked at press conference. I haven't got much sick so it's. Now I get a check. All the very proud about that it'll be Vietnam. Made it further through that I know I don't know the degree. I'm not not a good poker face having got that goes out and account and lead the most most of all I made it there hiccup which which will go. That was awesome if it was awesome in TO one under and you always come and show your great friend of the show you do such an amazing job. You love listening to show what I have to came to us to say you Wendell book on us I mean we'll pretty unique characters. Well you know part of it because I have not had a miraculous rise here right now. I don't mediocre Wright that. Rack in the app that big. You wait and did you react all right. I'm afraid of so it's time for for the final time I guarantee you that your time I step. He's got to give you another plug for gold in the miraculous rises staff curry had to go with me on vacation Jerry to Mexico. It was an outstanding read and I'm not gonna even mention Mexico spent half I got to one five minutes former small miracles don't. The Iowa rebook Mexico. That's I. NC Karrie here miraculously filling in for the apps and Joseph Fort Lauderdale with you with the legends in the studio saw. It'll be a miracle if I make it's it's 15 more minutes I get home safely down the down to eighty let me ask a question got a chance to read your Oakley did on KD and it is this is this your personal seat quell and what are we gonna name the book the end of doing on KD a few so graces us by sticking around the Bay Area we. Are we set ourselves up for a book about Katie now. You know better than that I didn't peca. It took people started saying that brown he did okay like Oprah or I don't. I don't know Katie. Got to spend some time around the you know. If he is. It is anticipated that to change it if you will that at all in the air but it VH yeah I'll buy an apartment that. I can see it now gold in the miraculous field trip today Hamptons by Marcus Thompson the second. Whatever it is you'll coupled with the title. As you are created. I appreciate that MC to joining us on 957 the game in Kauai Leonard questionable for game three tomorrow. It looks by my eyes that he's unlikely to play. If he plays or he doesn't play is this thing a rap and are we all just wait for June 1 in the NBA finals. I mean basically it that that have absolutely I would feel. Wins San Antonio fans are like is around. There is it probably Iraq is it any mandate. Hit the light. They're seeing kids who you know Emeka apple rockers. But I mean the word just go do it. And there's so much better. Than. Their opponent especially without coli. Maybe it does take competent actor on April outlook senatorial could score on the bottom line. It papal aides spent quietly excellent DC you know awards to are elderly or hunter went up clock they'll beat you might be a rat. Maybe he content that is Willis Reed. That mode show and polio and Canada the word has struggled there in recent history but I. I mean we're region now we're hole pretty good look at a competitive in Libya they analytic that but he. And team. An oval and on the final since the chasm that does it trilogy greens are probably going to be an all time high even though everyone thinks that the dubs are favored by. A landslide. What we've seen now is it that for basketball meaning the second year. A warrior fan and you might love it interviewer has fan and use all the boxing game you might love it just for the casual fan in the fans I was there and just checked out at that a third quarter checked out wanna watch to cat visited the boss implant there a quarter checked out. Because it's it's you do there's no the moment did you say wow that was the shot that won the game well that was a defensive play. Because it would they got both teams are small boat. So is that part the playoffs itself has it been good when you just think about the matches these two teams in the past that bad. You know I'll have being an on. Quote good for basketball being like all season and everybody say it is bad there right now of the outcome. The regular season opener and then outbreak updated back. Play out of there. This drama that that the NBA playoffs are sold mold or is yet apps that it would be good gains were like oh era. Look at what we got here. At it like it actual well. The way the lawyers and Cleveland are. And maybe maybe be the height and that burger from when they actually meet kind of makes up for all what about that. Not too aware of that. The series. You know back before blow. How big is due out bought it and I'm not compare it'll. And on the probably would be basketball is there is just not compelling because there's no problem. No they hand and the playoffs are supposed to beat the way they did agent Abbott unit there that one knee I like her editor audio. Kirk recently are you competitive. Enacted. It has been bad all way around. I break in all all play out of the park. MC. I don't know if I can do anything reckless to warn a book by you. But I like you Jeff you want arrived the way the youth. All the way to the finals. AB CI get my media plug in my shameless plug out LaMarcus Thompson. Because I'll be on the ABC set post game. They did you may have the pedigree we yank and wrote me. I'm getting in right now Marcus I'm I'm I'm utilizing your your your leadership and the media right now to get my shameless plug him. While I get kicked out of the show after the next play minutes for the rest of my life. So Mardy just. All you. Am I got all his. So we can promote goat and that makes it easier argument I see you on to. A new go watch out for me started you'll watch out for me. I shadow foreign markets market clubs and I appreciate you joining us and that any other. And on any of the side teases you are gone forward it's ago his that would Katie. I'm still trying to go to sleep I have split apart the book says oddly it's here on need be text. Our growth and in part Omar you have somewhere and Blondie. Just head down to river walk to Jason flip flops and post up right there about that take you reverend enjoin Nash. Long lines Marcus. It's like you went out here too with it is this it. Out man I really was open we want to use deadly bacteria and family as well but Antonio does not hobbies. Houston Davey you see you right here here I know he soon milieu like Denmark. And TJ thanks for joining us markets and now we'll keep an eye out for your work from San Antonio we'll talk to you soon.