Marc Spears

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, November 21st

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Marc Spears (Senior NBA Writer for ESPN’s The Undefeated) to preview the Warriors/Thunder game in OKC. We talk about the relationship between Westbrook and Durant, and Marc doesn’t think it’s really all good between them.


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So we don't wanna bring in Marc spears and they asked an eleventh hour and Vontae here and any size seven again and he is. He has school his chance and he always gets the coolest assignments so mark welcome to the show and tell me about this sit down and reading this really fascinating. Well all for a small man I've been on to talk to you on the air for years man you're gonna quote I had good order. You know your Bay Area legend so it's a pleasure to finally be on there which you and this is. I guess the first time we get this the first time ever that on the air together. On the radio. On the radio I guess yeah I guess and we could TV together and eventually they'll let you know so I guess you know all overdue rather. Yeah pleasure. Question. I actually know rep for mark so it pretty well armed madam. And early 2000 had a team game and we have ignore all of its ties to. You know he got to be firm will then proceeded GM. Other thunder and code should. Billy Donovan is not the biggest jerk saying but he just thought went Marsalis was brilliant when he talked about a correlation between exports and the music in a team work within a jazz band and our way and always says fast break is a fighter jet you know. Open GM of the post world able to speak to our ground sort of written Marsalis to jazz legends. And pick their brain and how they can incorporate. What is used to have success in a dead man. To have success on the basketball court. Yeah it's fascinating yet again to. Mark sick column the undefeated check it out you know warriors guess all interviews Rajiv Rajiv the other officials sound. By the warriors should I just love the edges team other column along with you know trying to get this just flow. On the basketball court and other worries are gonna play that's under. And they are struggling that we all kind of thought it would take a little bit it's time marches figured out bringing in Paul George and Carmelo Anthony with Russell Westbrook went. Late game execution has been poor. They are merely seven and nine what what are the head coach tell you about what's going out on the floor wanna be seen from your own eyes from the thunder this earlier mark. Oh and that I had talked to own just hours. Before it gets a block in Sacramento against Cain recently. I put it in no problem MB if I how late do you do we wait before we panic and everybody keeps saying it's early it's early it's early it is earlier. Not even Thanksgiving yet. A lot of basketball to be played and you know but thought our common err on the side of caution. I do think they're gonna get destroyed tomorrow Obama error on the side of caution. And I expected rented get motivated by cupcake and quite. But I yeah T-Mobile for us by the time to play outcome problem is there's seeding could be a detriment to them because of early. MR Calabasas and maybe yesterday about this question as well Paul George who has the rights of the gulf search for another team after a season that you mentioned a word patience how patient can they beat when they get to the trading deadline and we all star break this team is still. Outside looking in what do you think Paul George representatives shall say hey you know what Sam. We we tried to make this work. It's probably best we move on we're not gonna sign at the season and maybe Sampras deep and got their packaging choice Paul George and sound that's a nine but that's the situation and right now mark. Yeah I think they got a road diet and stay wooded hope that it all worked out and can't unmanned. Stated if you trade policy George at the trade deadline if a fire sale. Either run over somebody. And you don't know which you get you my have a attracted older. But. I expect and I'm I'm not gonna let you know I'm not gonna give up on just yet. I'm await you need it come around I think they're ordered that took a little bit better. Com. Russell had to be rough and everybody is also need to be brought global well being brought oh. Doesn't allow. Although the two got the floors of the moment is so once told me. You can only have so many McDonald all Americans to make you work warriors are special case. I'm more broad Miami Heat were special case. Time will tell if the thunder is put our special Kapler. And they're just too many superstars who can't figure out. Martina you are as connected to NBA players is as much as anybody I've met and you hang well you get inside to them you spent a lot of time to cultivate your relationship so you know what's going on here. I'd last year was hostile and Kevin Durant went back to the T can you mention the cup Paul the second time they've the second time they went back he didn't play the warriors one. The relationship between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant is set where would you say right now. You know let. You know blue radical like talking about it me but it wolf say that they're called now McCorkel not I don't believe it. I think there's certainly some hard feelings that I think he's still out that. And should be upset that after everything he's done that and honor him when he went back there like the king did. For content or or Indiana believe differ are followed George certain you know to me right. They say whoa we hadn't done that from past players these different. I know does that that they had a big league player. Wears his uniform that there's still around somebody else where 35. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't go at all arraignment remember as a hundred I don't know. Who have or ever be on the same page so I expected body to fill a lot better than mall. And I expect a crowd would be crazy. And I expect him to come but then with the same force. That he did not first game it it will always be. Goodman Carter told me he was able to catch up on make up would put the raptors. I think if it would take a long time for Cady and it sounded good and click OK discussion we brought it. Yeah and I think he will play tomorrow night warriors are flying as we speak spent the days in new York and aggregates Oklahoma city of a later on in. Go to brick town he's as smooth as the Marsalis Brothers and NSA first time on Radio Marti got a handed backhand on the Internet having. The fact that I to me I'd Indiana every day and an Emmy and every day. At a perfect let's do it happy Thanksgiving rather Pataki did. Happy Thanksgiving to you both Desmond. But you creek. Nice benchmark CR during taxpayers. So cool.