Marc Spears

The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, October 18th

Senior NBA writer for ESPN's The Undefeated, Marc Spears, joins the Damon Bruce Show to discuss the Warriors season opener loss to the Rockets. 


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An awful lot to talk about and certainly the right person to talk about it we did here on the Damon Bruce show his they warriors Wednesday brought to you by Porsche Wal-Mart 12017 premier portion dealer and by Freeman's appliance a trusted name in the basins in 1922. Very trusted name in the bay. Is Marc spears he is a senior NBA writer. With ESPN's the undefeated new couple years ago we used to do this and then all of a sudden for whatever reason we weren't doing that what are. Or no and then again how are you a march. We really didn't. You. You know what's going on brother. I was about to say in my peaches or herb. I. I'll take you very much and still peachy today I really am and some people are down in the dumps about a warriors loss I heard people talking about China. I've heard people talking about need to offer people talked about conditioning. And if Iran gets that shot off one millisecond before he guys were talking about any of that. He never visited like Iowa all of stapled all of them without. One game body to one day about a bonded and that it appeared that include good. In the playoff that did it then that doing that Brett irritating. Certain model if you'd rather play. Rotation is not afraid to the beginning. A lot of guys in the playbook that the bill but pretty even gave the warriors what the minute guys wait but not as it. We're into march you know well warranted your boss is that you lost your second best player in game one yeah. But it took a bullet what do what do thought that a done. One of the things that I think a lot of people are bringing up is that the warriors really did sort of treat it like a pre season game you conceded Steve Kerr was. Fiddling with all his new toys just wants to get them all out there wrapping paper and play with them once before he decides what his favorite toys. He coached that game light. He was trying to get to the sweet sixteen like you are you cutting edge back to eight. And PJ Tucker like played a game of his life. He know what date they needed that confidence boost they needed to be that they could see what employers. That game meant more of them and for the fight even a bit but the order a better way to warriors would have been good but it. If you could see how excited they were after the game that. You know you'd I was looking earlier your bit of PJ Tucker. Has got one at popped out ability. He's not here to guard Kevin Durant he's not did it but it Chet. It is gonna get a New Year's Day and invite Rodman but like. On steroids you know. And you do not know we're here because he's been an Easter but ultimately where did you stood at football player played the bass boat so it. By the way. I don't wanna say he's my guy your buddy did go to Indiana. How about Eric Gordon throwing down a dunk of the year candidate like all right in a long term. He looks like he's OK for the lower yet he's healthy for the first time in maybe four years. In the hope that Jordan build toward that but NBA about a cue that'd be good government. Went down the middle lot of idiot haven't done quite dead in India. Now honestly not even against Illinois and that was a blood feud I've I've honestly I've never seen him throw it down quite like that. Well you know that is the thing that. But we'll see how that played doubt what you want the person. Abatement reject the no trade from happening. That that next would've done it and RB do belong to go to guy Eric Gordon. The rocket. Would not do it they would not include Ben Gordon Jeff trying to include right hand in. So next also wanted to ever read in Iraq it wouldn't do it and blow would that be it. You know Eric Gordon stage but I UC YD day BP at the very year in that very point. It is going to be electric sports event so ultimately got they doubled to right mow our prerogative to keep their court. Marc spears senior writer for ESPN's. Undefeated here on 95 point seven the game. I saw you talking with KD in the players hallway after the game last night what were you going over. It's. Only been talking about most likely get a ring. He. You know he had everything that the mounties but by house shall be paid back home in Maryland it's filled let beat you needed to get. And you know even though they lost he would not let that night. Be a damper on the moment it momma there's that would by the voting there. You know move the go without you there was a lot of people there to support Conan. Finally he had that they're saying that you're you know there's going to be a people talk about well you gotta be you weigh in does that square but he never had that nonetheless. And you know. I think it was a moment that he'll cherish the rest of the life. Being able to finally put it what a ring and also being able to raise be better or five years earlier. Out of the only other fare that well other law that would. Page 26 minutes of basketball on a brand new setting tells us almost nothing about a player. Where is the truth though on nick young and easy breezy 23 off the bench or minus ten in the plus minus. The boats. In the bucket thought the player you're not you know you're not gonna know to nugget from that every game that it's going to be fascinating unit that be disappointed played it. Not gonna wanna be felt the player of the year rewarded so. But. Because of the war is just so talented offensively. He's gonna get the best look of his life. The look that Kevin Durant got let people first album life. And you know one thing that can do we get knocked down and opened great. So get used to it you might have to get them on your credit became. Six birdies and it outfit jamaat you know I've been a little ways abroad and an ability gave much. My credit he did what my buddy and beat buddy be derided but quite bad. We'll be a good save off. By the way all NBA. Player and all NBA beat writer CNBC league I bet that's pretty cutthroat. Yeah until forgot the down draft prior. Sunday night and he dirt not a blow to hold me back to say hey man hey man act. And and and I have a number one pick. You don't. No doubt the number one pick nobody's got sympathy for the none on pitch. Saw them but I'll let it out figure out on May have addressed or all of a solid start did not bode about it though right. Oh he or won't we could tell your model fit we just noticed you get drafted real threat the McDonald's are jerks but guard. A day popular. So why won't say it is LeBron the number one overall on the auto draft. Fairly interpreter but what you know he's a good player too I think you'll like what he does civilians. He JaVale picked up the DNP is that a just secure rockets went small matchup issue or do you ever see that being. A little bit in the theme we might see throughout the season is as soon current company become enamored. Wins Jordan belt. Well our I think it'd what the rockets do it doesn't fit. Maybe they put forward small little bit out there individual right and an infrastructure for a bit odd. Global. Little surprise that the the warriors seemed to conform more commitments. That are. You know trying to force them to play their ball. Some of the plug they gave it back quickly. Followed. But the rockets you know like it and one makes state go to NBA. There's no play man to do follow the ball out. Might what might as well places sweet Georgia brown apartment. You know. They're gonna go and Ed and I think current. But maybe your when your point earlier I'll know that you really want them to believe there are all transition. He might not safety bill I'm about what you've got some stuff out Popovich sometimes. Not been invited haven't sword belt from and so earlier that it's what you eat them and saw earlier playing ten guys in the first order. Of what kind of a pop moved. Loony in crunch time I wasn't expecting that. I mean look you guys are welcome. Shook download nonunion huge leg maybe David West. Perhaps I don't know voted so certainly very curious then. I think sometimes the blood Popovich. Tried the midpoint of a fun day and and that was laudable but then talk about condition. Marc spears could dad yacht again right before we let you go have you talked to any of your contacts back in Boston Howard the Celtics dealing with the same word injury. Bob I have not work and you know keep a nine on your local boy Jalen brown talk about it out of senate dealer quote. You have a sensational you've been picking up Gordon. Yet 45 he's in yes today. I think he's got a chance to be a star honestly getting the man among boys in the summer Greta they're on a cardboard. Jerry Brown is gonna keep this team competitive whether Chad region job I don't know what the juvenile jail on ground become what it was dark about it. Hey good to talk T Denmark they should come and I'm glad we got you on the bench all season long meant. You got it Marc spears senior writer for the ESPN. Undefeated. Here on 95 point seven a game.