Louis Murphy

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, December 14th

Wide reciever for the 49ers, formerly Raiders, Louis Murphy, joins Papa & Bonta on the Afternoon Delight!


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He is back Louis Murphy is back in the Bay Area former raider few steps in between it and now forty data we welcome back go to the Bay Area and on the afternoon I was up and Vontae. Here on 957. Game Murphy how are your brother had an issue. A pot men dead and won't come AA committee voiced man. They sat me on the show manual but they. Failure a lot of catching up to you first of all how are you feeling I know you're under the weather had a hard time practitioners can you back on the practice Jody good to go for Sunday. Yeah it would get to go man we could go did have a little Bo had so many do you cleared up and again ready for the workweek. You have not departed here shortly. Erik so tell me about cheer your nine year adventure here they hedging can't they let you go and can they cut down they had some injuries they brought you back in your back in the mix just tell me about. I know the playbook and being around the team in training camp and being re inserted back into the wide receiving corps Merv. Live in apartment just you know being among ninth season and then and it and then drink they bring you the edge here and training camp and I've developed a good relationship with. Colin and I and John it and NRC quote might. You know so. Though it namely those are real men and blue globe. No it didn't happen you know they'll definitely get Randy back. And so that Latin man and Anna McCoy had to be denied their own gravity vacuum and gravity in the Nixon. Know that. Most of quarterback and you know team is I don't good about being back you know it in from Wall Street gangs they withdrew one sort of always loved here in. You know you got it and it ended you know now at a premium gunman you know that out now and then coast tomorrow and it has been been been a blessing. Nonetheless. Their first game wasn't Jiang came when you guys got the first victory of the year than you were there for she had only Jimmie your outlook touchdown any obviously the two games on the road in Chicago and Houston Lois Murphy. Joining us on the have to live with up and Daunte here on out that if I said again I said take this to the end that Seattle game CJ bastard gets gets hit. He's out and then you know Jimmy comes in and you know other times where look like he's looking over to dial the sideline like what they held a light due to a spike it too I run the play. You know I'm just throwing you a touchdown tell me about. His level of comfort that very first game when he came back in before three the touchdown pass her. And you know it they're a unique situation you know unique situation and getting traded. Kind of paycheck coming in and I don't know. That would extend the playbook are home but now he's got that can kind of like a pro in every day then barely beat LA. Our instead he talked to guys you know coaching Gaza only want to see you know what it would start to build that chemistry you know it doesn't happen overnight. Military common then the policy will be very critical throws. So home you know man eat the pros pro man yeah there's talk that way it. And wideout look at home and found there are a few this feature in their bark and. Cano so much was talked about Murphy let leading up to him making the start of how could he do it Lemony insert him you know he's got to learn in this three paragraph. Per call. West coat of offense six I don't Shanahan. How is he been pared down a little bit how was he picked it up I did notice that. No the first game he was looking at the wrist band in Chicago but the last game. He didn't have to do that he was look at all you guys right knee it looked like he had already gotten a terminology down just talk about the evolution how he's learned the language. A Kyle Shanahan as West Coast offense merge. Oh man I think you to look at the process you know every day you know they're they are just you know I can't miss people quarterback. You guys perspective just from what I've seen and it did begin to become a more comfortable with the play call and that and that and all that. They did in the that the ball is now and then then that'll make an explosive. Oh I do know that it you know trying the commander in book you know first two games don't mind you know more yards and elite force not. I'd already done in the first tee to gain them. You know it and the economy and happily due to even mention that certainly a town cannot open dedication and our work in the and that calm that you could end. A home. So I did but I got there early I'd be getting better and better from here. Merck drug benefit and yours since your lighten up my Florida State Seminoles way back when and where I BCS Chevy Chase here. Now you're back plant is Jimmy garage located in in our look at his leadership it kind of in I don't wanna say he's. I think he's more polished and Tebow has a quarterback puts people had his leadership when you're a Florida he guys kind of gravitated towards and they his energy powerfully fall off you guys that. Do grapple seems to be doing the same thing diesels everybody's bought into this charge is a model leadership standpoint from Jimmy grapple owner Merv. We have men and net and that's you know I think the new testament to his career and and and and its family unit and they got ideas that came in any. You know capable bought on the notes if not you know any quarterback you've got to get the wanna get all all these new dolphins you know what to coordinator. You know I have no. 23 years and that they'll know what there hearted Tom Brady's you know can become men and happily do season. And I think overall sense you know just speak volumes on on his character. And that leadership skills you know I think you do. You just are watching them. The wages and I'm looking like a natural born leader of men are what is earth people aren't in New England you don't agree here. On the word came from what you know about you gravitate around and humble guy and you know he's easy to talk to no end. So just from being a bit main goal that you need but you know what you see murder terror and you know that you could be bad. You know whatever you won't June you know so. It is and is a unique situation and how did he get better better these east peace their practice that we go well. You know get better and better and that we could have parted the concern. You know watching film what woman another huge. Development group and only see them and talk in Italian granite back O line you know just. Maybe get a hold on it and and and being yeah hello. What they do because I think we'll be grateful. Am Merv frankly around watching him when his ball placement and that I wouldn't even say he's accurate I would use the word precise. Where he puts the ball right where you guys want it. That that third down throw he had in Chicago and Taylor on this and the third and long when he had an unedited skinny post and whenever she couldn't handle them any better. That touchdown pass CE through Austin at the boat action go onto his left. How would you guys gotten down the rhythm of the passing game so quickly leave the execution of the offense has been really impressive tell me how you've taken had. From the practice field. To the games on Sunday with his quarterback you guys just mad about a month ago. Yeah it's managed. It's it is the car and you all worried it may you know for him to come in and do what you don't want here home. You know it is steady lead in the years you leave court I'm happily. Yeah it is not really successful but home you know underneath it all working men and he had a unique talent you know he kicked the ball out of and it really quick it ends that ball around he. He's you know what anybody sport here so we've seen a lot to me has been pleased that it happened at the Tom Brady and alms. So when you send me and mean. He only go to treat bald man if it's a great ball man made machine that we love it you know in that. And it leadership so. You won't rally behind him and it beat the best Katherine couldn't notice situation that he's and then the policy even that will be very critical for us. And I believe that you know god limit. And shouting. Louis Murphy joining us here in the afterglow thought involuntary 957 game Murphy of course began his career is there raiders' first three years in a knuckle number stops along the way Carolina is Eli in new York and Tampa which Jamison now. 49ers and just you know this injury gets it to Victor Bolden. Edgy feel like you'll get more reps I mean they're kind of giving it up you know round mark he's good when you guys are rotating what you get about thirty snaps a game they kind of rotating it. Did you feel like he'll get more more playing time Sunday against Tennessee with the Boldin injury Murphy. Old yeah I don't know mayor Paulo Politico is what he called game plan is all right now you know the organs go out. Obviously not started each game then. And they trust me man it's our. There's been a bit especially in the run game to block you get an online game really opened during the running backs so home. No whatever moral movement could see fit for me they are that's you know whatever they bought from the young woman to do it whether they're content downloaded block and when it you know the quality auto play. No whatever it is usually walk in the homeowner and indeed you know all and the Latin injuries and this and whatnot let it go home. I'm ready for whatever man ball stay ready we'll have to get ready so that's that's come our motto. And that I won't. Yes you know you go forward quick you know or Enron that played pat McMahon. Yeah hey you've always been a good blocker and I could see your big body in ATP inside the emotion inside for a little crack actionable it's not technically legal anymore. But and if you want to play for Kyle Shanahan as a wide receiver you gotta be able to block the run game and blocked for other wide receivers that that fits your skill set perfectly. And that's what I love man because he wanted ran you know Leo at. While the mood in total total government in if you watched that film without them watch a lot of credit you know that's a lot of plays that we have Mandel got to blocking for each other and that's the outlook although the block low. You know if you can honestly be in the end and in the running back he knows state prequel another twenty yards. And the authority to the team effort so yeah and then like he says in child well then he got to know he's got a viewer see that want the bought. And I likeable off ten and could a lot of that there are game it bonus receivers can soon get multiple warrants float. A home. And then it brings the unique dynamic and director pat game because you know about you coming in and we're did you say beat out. And until you're going to end you were taken on the great game go off for a pad so the front of the packed game as low as aggregate. Sounds like you're around your teammates you guys you know I hit the practice field here a few minutes. He had me everybody get on our about the goat ball aren't prepared me the last what it one look quickly but the bombers are. Well look the thirty year old body that's. You're Xavier and they got sold to see what I think all men you know about what I came out why we're lucky we large you know it'd be yeah. Right now let it not only the raiders are playing at 530 on Sunday if I said you look tired you what a dual double header right out of the shower come on over wash their Asian cowboys are. Vehicle moment and it should inform the SS FSX affect flights but let's get you back you guys can vote jump for the black gold together. I'm about to pay unified if you're late for practice or get the hell out of here go practice Murdoch. Are more men say they chairman art pop art book but you know talk which you just got loose mercy.