Lo is a Fan as well as a Veteran Athlete

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, March 29th
A caller made a point that Lo's opinion on the Raiders relocation is different because he's a 16-year NFL Veteran - But Lo also understands what it means to be fan. 

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Your hard work that all our partner with rape and are the league huge. Strain on our air we'll Liddy. Or at you deducted hated RB you know greater effort toward your deducted it on that they. Are the equator than what was stated. They dropped it like it is topic we've talked argued that were spotted. Partners quiet dark that's what the talk about that topic did what and that probably. Leaders that are so what all the talk about the outlook now we need it yet are not where I doubt. Because I don't want it to about being well liked a lot. A lot of targeted at what age and the Libby may well it does it blindly follow. Don't need to in the it is that there are a great. It looked at our web it'll be got a statement to be where I don't want to hear the market may well look if but. While the stadium open. Don't doubt about it what. I'll call 840. Miles way oh we can't it work. Who. Are all. I'll look forward you doubt that in the arc and he argues don't believe. That it may well. Bullpen war. Well. Well. Out here are you you're back all of the ball out. So Ortiz. And support the open. And no you're not gonna go to games so sold the stadium's going to be empty so everyone believes this and I and so call me crazy call would anyone say so the state and must admit because of no one believes in the team anymore. In no one sand because I understand it's horrible and it's painful I give him. In no one's trying to minimize this in all this is you disposal up only I get it I'm the I've been sanded it all the things that upset talked about what this team. I want her to stay here I love for the stay here but it's not happened that's reality. Let's not good let's give them a reality so if you believe in this so strongly let's see if those stadiums mouthful of I can tell you right now. It is going to be sold out every single game even though they jacked up the price 300 to 300 Brett 300% 7080%. Y. Because the product is good and there's a lot of people better steel raider fans. I know people allowed to set. And used in rightfully so you should breed I did that but I'm telling him the stadium's going to be full read you come back and had. I understand you can be upset and beat. But there the raider nation is huge telling them and. Let's see what happens if and I I don't want this to happen I don't think it will happen but if they come out of the gate two and five in might be a different story low if if Derek targets knocked out her face struggled mightily in their all the sudden not this winning team anymore you'll see a lot of those casual fans following I predict. Amid the outside but none at a place that I've seen this team lose. And I CNET seems to for why it's something about the raider nation Borough I understand these people are upset. I played in seeing any of a five years and I've seen LT make a cry out to the the fans of San Diego quit selling tickets. I've been around I've played in Baltimore in game with the ravens in steel for getting huge amount raider fans. I'm just saying that the nation is bigger and bigger and hope and I did the people are mad and they hate mark Davis and I understand they want their team here. I'm telling you at the raider nation itself. You know what you guys think it is you guys who doubted if you think that people are gonna show up and gonna sell this thing and I just did the people are upset. Did I did share the taxpayer and the taxpayers spoke data what does this say it. I have a certain about a disposable income. I'm not gonna pay my tax Altidore a billionaire to build a new stadium which this guy we know everyone in every let's mark this the team because he did them. Even though he's supposed to be rich he does not have the minute those stadium so what does he do legal counsel. No matter what how the people still hear my point is this stadium is still going to be solar. I disagree I've I was here for the black out slow five or six years ago when they lost all their games and in half the games were blacked out so I don't think that this raider nation. Is totally impervious. To failure. Preventing people from goal and I hope we don't see that. And I don't think we will causes team's going to be good this year.