Lincoln Kennedy

Rick Tittle
Thursday, May 11th



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As advertised very happy new welcome back our good buddy Lincoln Kennedy of course the color commentator for the raiders on the sidelines right united front seven the game your home of the silver and black also does work for the pac twelve network being that he was a star. As you'd back in the day and and make other start with this I mean I don't I can't remember a draft. Where offensive linemen were virtually ignored I think to. Two went late and it and I think it was the first time in the history of the draft that you had the first fifteen mix without a tackle. What I what what was the deal this years and just about free agency now. Well it's all personal Buick figures you know secondly it's it's a little bit but is it ships the the talent pool was not there are. It's called what is can't sugarcoat it wasn't as good as it's an animal animal's parts of the teams in the top ten they had a lot of all of line and should handle the last couple years you know Ian Ian so. Among union address. When your bag. It picked first and boasting that the church or all of life issues on the task that attracted to very slim Alex. Coming out this year or early in sword you know hide I was on Apple's. All of them they built the latter. Of the first tackles. Rather than the Euro changed. That's 'cause there was no big lake in the draft that's why nobody in early this big. Well as some network so all. Easily out. No the boys did hear your voice longtime notes are a wanna ask you about. The first round pick Gary Connolly now I get Al. I I asked Reggie McKenzie went to one of the press as I said look give you draft all defense I joked about it on air I wouldn't be Matty look to me and laughed and said. Don't be surprised by draft all offense now he did go to defense in the first round and I'm sure this is the case where. They didn't think Dave Connolly would fall as far as 24 but were you surprised based on the raiders history of not really drafting controversial guys that they rolled the dice on on on Gary and. You know what here's what mark over a year or allergies so closely. Large trucks is discretion you had a top ten talent. All of your hands in so many ways what it was were Foster. Or poly or you know double no name's Phil coming out this year struck a peek at impact players. Sheldon Williams waves so our trust discretion at our discretion currently done homework. So they trust it will be completely exonerated of these charges and look what's basic. Eulogies putting a lot of state and as it is step bulwark depicted the market it. Because you don't want your unit you know it's clear talk about all for the comes down to a you know mostly all you talk couple picks in the draft because goals were true. Impact players are probably won't be in the immediate starter on an adult the flight to the Opel. Lake in talking about that David sharp fourth round pick out of Florida than the tackle and as soon as he was drafted are the stories that. He's legally blind like making it sound like it's both eyes actually a dinner gimbal for the draft turns out the raiders. Took them I talked to him after the draft he had had a cataract when he was three years old it was removed he said the sold at foggy. Everybody made a big deal out of that and I think about the responsibilities of attack all neat thing about Jeff Fisher who is the safety Wesley walker attic how he had won nine he was literally double those guys legally blind and when I can they didn't. Even how two lines. Has attacked all. It does it matter if it's your good iron that I when your plan laughter right tackle I asked them about the footwork he says he can play either left or right of course she's gonna say that. How do you think that's gonna affect them because I think since he's seen that way his whole life it that he doesn't even know what 220 vision looks like anyway so I think he's going to be fine. I do think he's going to be our I'm taken back to my. I plan. One tackle poster to play alongside the ball with about Stanford had a very long illustrious career Bob. For static are one of the largest respect I think it. Obama it wasn't like our Ali could have been much Obama about one of those puzzles process there in law where hysterical but the thing is you position yourself in which use polls to. No matter what your vision is being shadowed the center to intersect. That you ought to be our employee an actual call fall below. A full vote Albano we will have will be reviewed it so all's well. Guess you could imagine the picture on the and so I think you won't find the greatest political track or picnic champ and sharp you know that Portland. Now the one position that I've been screaming about since Nick Roach went out with unfortunately concussions is the linebacker position I consider that. The quarterback of the defense we all know Jack Del Rio was a linebacker Ken Norton junior was a linebacker I was actually surprised to see JD. Charlie call out. Bomb to Reggie McKenzie but he did say that that position still needs to be addressed they did draft one in the fifth round more kill leak out of Wake Forest but how important is that position what do you think silver black are gonna do with that. Well I mean look at a picnic at wrote jab guys are wrote in big sleeper mark Jolie he was one I watched Obama burst. What is in transition from one of the past. More pressed about more importantly being pressed with a purpose but Arctic she's going to be good after the crane operators are doing such a position. They have to have someone so well. I know it was a load and you talk about it. First well were all those guys. There was some issues about shoulder. Problem went to the world the guys but. Did well actually calling up more importantly. Marc Eliot related that got it jumped out completely eclipsed. I really like the way to waiters dressed in the one B that's all that straight he'd. Quarterback and the lab acquisition and duke gives credence to detour to tackle so I think the view of the job mr. Ernst. Got more questions for Lincoln Kennedy of course Lincoln with 957 game also the Oakland Raiders traded on our park home network. I got a chance that I was a rookie mini camp in and got to ask questions the first five picks and one of them was that he banner does that a UCLA. Somewhat local class are high and in Auburn. And at the C a Mike may I had had trashed the pick a little bit because he had ballooned up and kind of got serious and near the end and got kind of his fire back they said. Some scouting report tees are just reports now that he was kind of hobbled at UCLA he didn't get proper coaching they are the thing that struck me when I some in person. Link is how little they guy is he looked like he weighed about 260. When he was at 340 and so I asked him I said. EU really slammed down. Was that a hard and he said now I'm discipline not think about a guy that needs them the play were Dan royals plan I almost want it taken in and out and start feed them again. Well I don't know looked like he cared what you put 1213 it was a work force are well. So. Any balloon and a bigger commitment problem so note that used by the the weight which people who duct and so it's better start and now. And worked his way. The muscles support that we can wait for doing it out in our border are much more tax loop. You have your college. So you gotta be careful it's about couched in understanding and while I think he can be a world could force. And it's not so much almost as a bloc leader and we laws we sometimes need that presence would be talks tackle industrial. Really first talking pocket or a pocket and unfortunately it was definitely the terms are only. You've got an outside urban back he got hurt somebody take the quarterbacks all this spot inside really force and so. Let's get to my favorite sound byte in the history of players when it comes to the media more than TERRELL OWENS more than Chad Johnson more than Deion Sanders more than Michael Irvin. The one the only Oakland's finest Marshawn Lynch come into the silver and black I think it's not only perfect from a PR standpoint for the raiders. After announcing that they're moving to Vegas having the hometown. Kid come back and play but I also think for the team link when you complement to guys like we're starting in Washington cutting Marshawn Lynch is not only gonna be great off the field for the silver and black but also on the field. Well I agree tutors say you know you'd put to rest or need for power packed somebody to run between the tackles on any given day out. Someone assault or Charlie catching on the ballot so. Now they've got re consistent back I think the orders that we need to play. Some arch of the screen the belt is strained it a little transition but their car. You can do that now back to chill factor. But also as he says that he needed epic you know you have march colleges and looked like a war because certainly contract will go at it you do what you make more money of course as you know gold partner and bill while. But more importantly that you did that change that's where you did have to address and in the direct you are addressed Cole will all normal and create that somebody's all grown. What should be their conduct and what's deal later when. They get I want to ask is too because I'm a what you had to say about that Evander does make you fill up a lot better now. What when you're playing at tackle and let's say you were at 320s and now like we need yet 335. Could you feel. The difference between a 332 with 315 did it affect the way you played how how much is that I knew on surreal thing. It effects of longevity field structure ability clay it happens well. Heavy laws of war where tricks on your body wrapped she's a wider war is going to be well guys because perception. It doesn't necessarily equate to reality so. When you look at it got chetniks extra super well. He should probably be out while the target. Reality I can't be. Just won't buy it make up whatever it is I'm you might call. Our guys and play too heavy rebel as a player a lot of years and years a plea to any that were not now because I wasn't talking much used so yeah. The weight does affect you but the most important inspection. Throughout the four quarters and more importantly she's going to be a good. We want hope going to be that we want it sort which strategy that's what it's called you know who corporation bite back. To normal twenty. When you don't want blown up and you know low cost up now too much stress on our. Giggling talk about how the game has changed from the times it dead dead that you played my house grown up. Our remembers all about one in the ball now defense is a change to the point where you not only need one safety but to say he's never really go high and the draft now. Did they're going early the raiders spent their second pick. Com auto safety OB Belafonte who and terror to match him along with Carl Joseph talk about how the game has changed and how important is that not only one but two safeties now. Well I mean it's so it's still you know vital part I have trichet played basically like soccer field. Sideline to sideline cover some sort or. The reason why they went oh sort collapse was more important like this first round talent who followed to the short while because you know the import of mr. masters each. And credibility will ship respectable but oldies one doubles tallest tree you look back last year actually the last couple years especially in the division. What has played the raiders were all tight ends they didn't have a ability to cover at all I think effectively. He could put a lot. On institutional too small and if you put the fate. Question why there box that you can take on what it will call can also let you get short Specter wouldn't you know really entered. Can be effective. So open with armed. It was a topic for this. Six foot four. Apple has the athleticism. To cover the mall fighting at one Arab national book. Hopefully have more importantly a great tragedy in that you saw each of war. Or you don't like it that way it's. Yet that LB kid I got the talk them and Alameda very convivial affable young man work out freak in. And I said I know it's simplistic but you're here to guard the tight ends and he says that's what everyone GM's me every team Alley goes I'm learning the entire scheme but he knows that there are Travis kell sees. Sent this division. One more question for you Lincoln I don't know if you know about this or not but that does embryos Irvin wanna beat mark can't market kings but is that real. I didn't hear anything about what you guys here. Well it was it was this Twitter thing where I'm at the pro ball. Marquette had a like a necklace on and Aqib Talib pretended to pull on it may take a picture. And sort of like to mock what he did a crowd. That game in Denver. And soul. Then you had urban sand you know shaking my head no loyalty and and someone tweeted I guess yesterday. That about playing both ways in and he said I complaining I can even play upon turn I want take pictures with the enemy. And then Marquette king tweeted out I know so the will the world we live and he points out. Permit drank in. You know lab did the key now mob business Fiat and then mark and then Aaron comes back with aloe well don't get your ass beat trying to make your followers laugh that's where we stand right now. Well here's the thing you know look at noble. Just ought to be out. Our chair there there are armed sorties ego monster like the trip so developers. The fact that he was aware when championships so all the public yet on where people marched. And these little what that Marco Robles wouldn't be on Twitter war. Because this race that this does the world that it all but it is here is that. If they have any B Campbell in the lark or oh why don't want. Basically let me give out there social media does not this not cheap air want trio were. Great points by a Lincoln Kennedy remembered a follow him on Twitter at L Kennedy 72 big leg man always aggregate your insights thanks you're time friend. Pleasure is mine all league leader. Market averages.