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The Chris Townsend Podcast
Wednesday, August 23rd

Towny sits down with Levi Damien, editor & chief at Silver & Black Pride of SB Nation


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Mine is I'm saying is I understand you never want to go panic mode and pre season. But if you're having this same difficulties. And you're seeing the same issue right. That you had last season in this year's pre season when he had all our season to fix it. There's alarm well as Levi Damien air editor in chief lead writer at silver and black pride of SB nation. How we doing tonight leave you. I do pretty. Well before we get and I think that we're a well but the one point you know great to have Donald and back let's start with that we'll start would have positive. Talk to us about when you bring Donald and act. Understand as a veteran to veteran guys don't wanna go through camp now will Reggie give more money I hope so but just to have him back. And to be able to move. New house to right tackle with the dollar Alexander also there just the depth of your offensive line got so much better have in the big comeback. I saw it means absolutely like leaps and bounds and nine inches depth at just the fact is all the time you we have what I ETE. Eight now and even. You want to make sure I mean. Mark on the route came is that right tackle. And then country can't eat up an old elapsed. Which. There's all India that but it's you don't want that. Right tackle when he reps in practice. And beat the well worn out. The position he's supposed to be a thicket. Not I mean I'll be fine and yet this week. At the right tackle this net always been concerned and our main. And what you want to put it back or do you have. Practice time and and and gain experience you treat you to before that real. Levi this doesn't really have a whole lot to do with the what happens on the field but it is. It's about precedent and I've been hearing from a variety of media sources. Witt the raiders as long as he got his budding camp. Which is the only time they argue and discuss anything until they get camp but if you got his butt in camp. Did they were going to forgive. The daily fines that typical holdouts kit now I've heard that that has happened in the past in fact I've heard from some people that say it's more. More commonplace. Didn't you might suspect but boy it that seems like something you would not. Wanna give out publicly because what's to stop the next. The next guy to say well I I'm just not gonna show up to camp and I gonna hold me to fire. I'm. The other side you want to get out there at that you have kind of goodwill and cheer you like you know. We're not gonna be that were. Gonna beat those guys. Who who buying you like. Like that I need you might or somebody who you want it but you want him to be. Then you get one and the man. Is that here that you're not broke you not that being active users in like OK well forget that and and hopefully delegated yield. But it didn't bat all factors that you. You know where we we dealt with you in good shape eat it hold it that you come back. So that we can work something out what you get here we will try to work something out. And the in the hot seat and if you look at the situation which there are you remember. Like after that he was paying for the back Reggie told him. That unit attractive. At this person. And he didn't get right to it. And within a couple. Derek was a public about the fact that you like you know. Old. And in the draft was done it was might you know the open. Happened and other elements and I'll be dragging him maybe now and maybe you know chick bad in here and it just haven't happened yet. I opened you know it well. Now we have some young secondary guys that we haven't seen yet or dying to see but I want your impressions I know it's only two pre season games got the cowboys is Saturday. What are your impressions of the defense so far. Not good not good yummy obviously. Stated that the tree seed and they're kinda work and to retain their trying some things out to eat too much away all the but as you said they they're you were in the same type of and you could you could tell that they want to get it back in our animal work and burst pre game. They'd they kept the hell out most almost all. But first date they didn't call. Were the back in because they know that need the most work. And you expect to be a little bit maybe a little improvement in the back. And it just wasn't there like that. Hole and Anthony plug one hole opened up dot net with one. Not he was selling basically I think it. Issues that happened. Back in there and then keep it here again and cover. There copper yeah eastern. U. You. Our side. That that. Knew that I can look treat the issue. I that you can glean bumping on the there are not ignorant to be tried in the week and liquor they get a better eat do. There are she's there there. Levi twelve and four last year at the raiders appeared to for lack of a better term. Skip a couple of steps in in the the normal progression. From mediocrity. To joining the elite and it they did that in part because. Dare turn the offense worse so damn good Lleyton gains Armenia's captain comeback. Now. I say. I know there's two thirds of problems which tells me it and I don't think they're gone away I think they're going to be problems all year long. And I can't assume that car and the offense are going to be able to bail them out is free to ways they did last year so while. I see either raiders being a better team just because the core group is together longer and the offense can't get any worse I mean the defense. Take any worse I could see them being a better team with a worse record than last year that makes any sense. I mean that that war were calling it a better team because there even better. You look at and sure our last year. That make a lot. Yet that it. Seven game winning or. Like come back you are actually total eight. Being where they came back from at least six point out why. And I think what you eat here is. The offense will do more putting the other team bond yields. There will but he won't eat as much he'll be back here oh come out. Dale well they'll jump a little bit early on May not because they. So how about the map but in the end. It there will be some time at which it will. You know that you can't rely on each and go in every even thinking that they're gonna come back in it and if you don't mind. Whether or not gonna be a pull out and will probably end up. Resulting in via a couple you'll win. I'm glad you brought that out Levi Damien joins us here not in fat point seven yards 995 point seven game is Chris Townsend chow. I was talking about that in the post game you'll look back at a couple teams I think at Kurt Warner. And the greatest show on turf. And I think it Drew Brees in the New Orleans Saints to Wear their defense is were great. But those offenses got out on you so fast. It helps your defense to make the other team's offense one dimensional one of the reasons why. Derek Karr had those 74. Quarter comebacks last year one short only of Matthew Stafford who at eight. Is because the raiders offense. They didn't start well Damien Emmy when you looked at it car came out they they do they just weren't in saint sell if they can't get out boy. And it really helped as deep as porous defense. Here's what. They played and it. People all of that much more. Easily into it and you deal with it at that point in the draft. Maybe in the middle route to get about it eat that. And you look at these other they're always the obvious teams that have been beat both are certainly that Jane did you draft. The team that detected on the team that have. Really great op but because that makes the other taking off and desperate and they make mistake. And that when you get those. That you want introspection. Goes up forced fumble it like that so turtle eggs. And that's why don't he'd been provided it but that they get utterly put those other teams and desperation and all the rest of the game and it and it truly match. Apple. I think we'll be a little bit. I'm of course it. Levi not that a mark Cooper's been a disappointment in any way but when news coming out he was said to be the most polished and NFL ready receiver we've seen. In quite some time. Is this year that he finally bust out lives up to those crazy expectations. Well we've seen him up to them bit by packing heat it. You used to edit the year you today like he's six for eight. And usually think in terms are always potential they're always what is the whatever they do it because he got that when you get out and there are a lot. Of work. There was criticism about. Wicket outfield where dragon at the app. And knowing where. We put it. All it. Any and all of that it albeit about focusing on is. I'll grant that is somewhat but you know despite it got so great but he'd gotten beat up and take Oakland that my. Football and getting you're not gonna stop me. Clogging up the centers in fighting those ball and the if you look at what he's done in the improve the area. Bet you thought he would have right from the start. Every time he'd been working very good at. I think you bought one of the guys you don't need. As much work to get it. To look back like the equity. How hard worker what would it out worked anybody. He does want the guy who picked that up so quickly and it kind of put it in his body and made that major I think Marc Cooper ability. You wouldn't eat that it might prove it upping it and that it ought quickly. And even in the situation. He can still perform the way he wants to sell. Based on precedent. Seen him do it and I've I have full confidence that he didn't approve the regret that that that. I deleted. That separate it you want. There are trucked in more but even when he's not open to throwing the ball. Well yet. And I think you DHV. You know via computer scenery got to be able to catch and run good routes. He would have been really really good to be get it on those two things catching it all right here it is important for recent years. I've just added I think what they're yeah I just does saving her anger out Obama two guys. You know we got to look at we didn't get to see a whole heck of a lot. But I just want to see and and I know organizing and now is that how do you envision. Marshawn Lynch and cheered the helping really changed this up and and making arguably the most dynamic in the unit now. Well it's it's rather simple really looked at hey let's McMurray was able to accomplish behind it. I. You work really look at a few. Years there were content which you wonder why he'd made decisions to do. Those. Can't put it back and you do just pat green and you put that behind why. You have the force that and then you hear me. We need you look at it and. Or. Should. Or a lot and it would be guilt. Jerry look at I'm not saying Jerry just like all girl. Steal it even to the level jerk it back that was what. 2009. And it but I'm Zach Miller. But it an act or I might result Juan hitting back at that but that speed and ability that that Jerry had. And at that dot I expected it op Ed that at the very long time. Levi who's a raiders defensive coordinator in 2008 team. The it let go but got. That's a that's not juices. And maybe it may be in the first X amount elites who announced they leave I think he's so much for the time we truly appreciate it. Yeah.