Levi Damien

Rick Tittle
Monday, September 4th

EIC/Lead Writer for Silver & Black Pride of SB Nation, Levi Damien, joined Rick Tittle


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Let's go to our good friend Levi Damien of course lead writer for sold firm black pride on SB nation and Levi would you say as we are now officially in week one. That the defense this year is worse that same or better than the defense last year. And looks little actual work. That point in the liked it when you have a linebacker. Situations though not fall and I didn't see any signs in the in the preceded and that the interior defense line was going to be improved from what it was. Last year. Than any active. That say that it looked for. What was it about LaTroy Lewis that they didn't lie because we've seen guys light the pre season on fire and we know they're not gonna make the team that I I think most of us thought the Lewis would. I think it seemed like I think they like about it. And why or I'd buy out was holed that they really wanted to add money to and that go get to waive it to bring him back on the practice squad. And the aspect that made him a better off. And day in and you take that risk. When you when you cut a player. That they're just not going to be able to come back. But the practice squad and you know yeah yeah I think it's one of those things we like while you're at the other player ago and there are frightened little. And we would run a greater risk that player getting picked you know it's kind of play the odds. When you look at Calhoun getting cut it generally surprised me of course he's back. With the the Packers squad I didn't know that Jenkins was out for the season until I heard you know he's IR and you know and he's IR and he is also by by the dark kind of surprising. All of a little surprising and they they already reached in very settlement with them which could suggest that maybe that's just the way that they. And they're just that means by which Spain and India. You know his time with the team make it any you might know they immediately reach reach the injury settlement could be just a week. We're paid a pain and that and then that player could be if they think that that prior injury is minor topic to beat back Al. And it's not necessarily that the way forward going to be operatives are easily could just be part of the season. And that doesn't mean coming back to raiders either because it does enter settlement. He didn't it's three weeks. Three weeks today but they're not allowed. Before they can come back they're the team that received injury settlement otherwise they go anywhere else immediately. When you look at Perry Ellis junior of course and got him off the street a do you think there's going to be few of those you know it's like K in week three in this guy's gonna get his chance and Mike linebacker week's seven week day now it's a new guy here. I mean yeah. It is expecting. That way again. And we're going to like just like. Like you know when they had Albanians. As the guy even though they unit didn't really make a whole lot of sense of failure. In one basket kind of doing that now. Or games and you know he definitely better than he did last year but there's certainly no guarantees in it yet I think their. There's definitely good chance but here a few weeks will be right back in that same situation. When he when they are they're in desperate need to bring it from somebody is actually true. Like Salome nerve Perry Riley would be good but beating guys yeah. It. I know I'd like kid and I am I don't know what the deal is there if they just drilled a line in the sand and said we're not gonna pay you or whatever it is Rick total with Levi Damien of silver and black pride. Covers the raiders oratory for seven basis he never sleeps. Bomb when I look at Echelon low on me and a late pick but he showed some flashes against other back up some pre season. Tom what I just wonder what you think about his upside is he could he be a guy that can end up. Starting and you know being in other van mount Corey do you think in in a perfect world you might end up just being kind of a Matt Giordano type again. I'll he's he's the luck and I wouldn't put them in the same sentence in that you're not I mean I. I actually and I don't wanna it has anything by. You know another and another guy who was an islander. Pacific islander tightly for the Hewlett for a little while. Polamalu. It. Seattle I mean and but they had it in the Pacific island there aren't yet able very similar demeanor off the field. Compared to a bigger on the field as well they're they're both very soft spoken quiet guys that you met that person you never know a million years. Expect them to get on the field and to be the kind of player that they are and you know some of these he think he's always in the right position to make the play. I think it's kind of normal but the raiders and they. An interesting precarious position does expect the round pick comes on the on the on Luke. Obama used that date is set the second round pick and non Null Odland and they get that done that around you who. Cuckoo who looked like he could come in review in the short term. We won't see any blue Lawny shampoo commercials in the near future though. Could a not a that you yeah navigating an error anywhere near like well mullah. Do you think that when Ken Norton junior turns around and sees John Tug on how he all he seizes the grim reaper there. Yeah yet and they do the little that you're here in the rumblings that. You might be Hillary taking it in or some of that play calling duties well. And and I think of the Smart thing you know not not necessarily to you know it. Think Ken Norton out of things right now but definitely you'd go with the the go to guy who gave you the best chance to land that they like saying if a government that dire right now I believe is. You guys you've got to start you know I'm you know delegate appropriately. And and he's definitely yeah. He's the he's cap and on the older but this time next year I would I think. Demonstrated that pretty high percentage than ever count in the. You mention know him off on a lot of UConn and and an absolute work out freak NN a guy that basically just destroyed the calm behind they yet. Not really on the field getting the reps he needed because of injury issues and we now. How just. Terrible the raiders are guarding tight ends gone back years now on we kind of figure that's why you brought in especially with his. His high eighties taller than a little Lawny but what what's his situation now have with his injury issue and how he fits in. You know that that's a good question as far as Anders concern at the bit of mystery at the moment yeah yeah yeah I mean that. Logical thought it would be that maybe is the same injury that Adam out. Which it gets an ankle Adam out training camp that maybe he just came back. And you be reactivated orchestra realized it was quite ready to come back. I think there's definitely the worry that he's at a company that's gonna happen not later for the season but what we could program. In the preceding game was positive he definitely still some some good signs. Of the in the kind of players they they they draft and then would be great it even appears ready to assume that all Chinese managed. Especially considering their prime and out of that money back position and at that position he never played before. That it's you know back kind of I think practice and yet and that practice. And so even if he is ready you know department apt to. Either to a little bit. Forties up to dispute that you want to be. And then are we gonna see Conley in week one and if we do what were we gonna see him is he gonna start is he going to be a nickel and dime when he was he gonna do. I and we may hear I had made him but it probably not a lot and it would be. Nick alert yeah Alec is a nickel or dime. And keep it carried definitely more ready at the moment. He's not that world beater. By any stretch but. But it easy and it's like a guy and like that makes that sound like right away. But he added that Iraq cannot structure something. You could be that he would and a pop and Connolly in there without a lot of practice but not when they're when talking about communication issues they've been having. Everything on the matter mental exceed our. Not the same as actually cracked think plucked the fact that you know that the whole football shape situation he's got to get him. When you look at the interior front seven and you look at a guy like jelly Alice's they wanted to hear run stopper but they've they got any manner dose to two of course stop around a may be. To get some pressure as well and we heard the story at a UCLA that that he got to the point or maybe he bloated and he got a little bit soft and then his last year he kind of turned and on and so far. Hearing a lot of rave reviews about his motor and his desire to get the to the quarterback I was kind of shocked at raider mini camp and how. And how slam he was and I asked them. Know how we lost the weight and he just said it was just discipline on on on what EA but I've talked other people that like him. At that way because they think maybe he's more add child how much are we gonna see Eddie. Our legal. In quite a bit because like that before that in your past record lacking in you pretty much been the only guy oh. This show that you might be an upgrade in that department said he has blocked a lot of weight and people think of them you know he's this big guy runs on top Burke. And everything but that's not how the card out. Indeed Hewlett after from the interior when he. And we would in the work out. Those are in the offseason. And is preparing for the draft and everything you've already cut down the weight. And after the but he was talked about was just like just how quick you. How much. How much it great earlier quick yet. For his side and that was. No court that weaponry or are you are on fire at a point now he hovered around 300. A little over an hour to end. What you said about. When Donnie. I concur with that I just the other day on and even look slimmer than the primary before. And then you do it I happened partly that and and you kind of the peca cripple it I think you misunderstood me when I asked them that limit to what you call the weight outlook the next. Stepped in that because you know the one thing it can be all the way to another thing once you get there and then you gotta gotta try to deal muscle literally. An eight year. It simply that he's already partnered I'll drink that he. It is. He was at about in the -- how about you at all at this point with share. They've created a dietitian and term nature of the actor that happened. And and he does look like he's got ultimately needs to rattle our children you. Finally leave Iowa one question about the offense now am I guess in other knock in expose cook. That's a waiver so I guess we'll go three quarterbacks in India the old Dow hockey healthy scratch and despite Connor cook in and sweats generator had as though they're gonna do. Yellow they have that lecture at the Dayton late in Albania. And then that third quarterback to make it actually 46 or whatever. And I'll how exactly how that whole thing works that yeah yeah. You'll. I don't expect to see a lot of common cause of this season. Are you gaze was clearly the security here. One game and there were no real clear to point out iconic Erica better. And and really if you look at that game carpet at one could rise. Like the entire crease he isn't I Liu and probably and that mostly into training camp as well. On Connor cook showed that little flashes the Anna. Quarterback and they thought he could be otherwise CJ treatment he's been common label content. Well they drafted and so they can trade them like the patriots dig Burress sat right and in the. Stellar year when you got the minute you trade up in the fourth round draft him in the bank. It developed one adult had cracker pick Ehrlich what are they doing all these easing quarterback who ought to do in trading up like well. I guess the only explanation of the and then they're they're trading up to try to find the future trade he. There aren't here and challenge and kind of potential that drop allowance on the limited time. Yet another. Middle linebacker they can pick right that's Levi name again I remembered you fall onto an early lead Damian Reid and silverback pride and SP nation and I get your hands full there so Dexter coming on all of them a friend appreciated. And Oprah.