Levi Damien

Rick Tittle
Saturday, August 5th

Lead Writer of Silver and Black Pride joins Rick Tittle to give his impressions of Raiders Training Camp.


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Chief of silver and black Pratt on SB nation and he covers the raiders like big love. And Levi. Before we get into the nitty gritty just viscerally who's been pop and out action had at camp so far. Well I'd like. The day that the two up at the deepen our ball like on the opposite side of the ball like that on people doing you generic kind of I wouldn't say he's the he's been human the only one last year that work with and I think is. A bit. And like his part under. And while back at anybody it talk about Cadillac but I came from I think Whitney. The US the kid eat. He impressed me as. The I think at that point it would be I would say now but more. There but bobbled that he would have been that he would he would have been trapped in the ground and just haven't that we looked. Like a mid round at a picky dropped couple at the actual things like that. They are media. The defensive side of the ball I feel like when a team from shalom. Lonnie you played pretty well. Any battered Milledge stepped up anecdote he stepped up lately the last couple of days which. You know he was output but the entire oh absolutely the entire off season was it which is graduation obligations. After a few days they kind of get back in the mix usually is very powerfully Malia is given date Jack can only can handle that which is. And that's definitely impressive. Let's get to the bottom and is now as a vendor dozer standard does. Oh. It is doze OK now we've got it no more standard goes aren't we got it down plaster I'll Auburn is so okay we got. I'm tell us more about the guy who I gases the new nickel back and Sean Smith is going to watch because he wasn't even drafted. Oh yeah I mean I think I chipped it by any party that oh wait I forgot about that green on borders. He let. This entire off season if your company they camp and the only guys that I had mine it's funny because he would be right. I like him last time it was such a hard thing to come up with somebody who. Stood out among active region you ever been we've got the I was like that I like Korea mortars and and I want line when the other guys are picked him and I'm like well. Like pick somebody out. To them but. He's pretty much its part the undrafted guys he's. It looked bad for sure and he obviously she really liked him as well play him in the slot there. Wall camp that switch up the app and on that. And that was prescribing bird from most remote and that he can jump up there in which is well he's played. And you can always say we used to say about you now live. Anybody that goes to duke it's like Smart kid do. Yeah. And northwestern. Writer staffer they always throw that in Smart kid went to do it aren't. On we have a new offensive coordinator and in Todd downing here in Oakland and of course the quarterback coach someone that. Had a good relationship with. With Derek Carr and there were thoughts that maybe someone would steal him away. Musgrave is offense was productive I thought it was very prosaic with a million hitches and screens and fades. Please tell me as employment along this second really tell please tell me there's not a hitch a screener a fade 50% of the time. I don't know the percentages are but. That was it and put the ball on the built up today for instance. What would al-Qaeda Brett with not a guy he typically expect to go deep ball yet. You broke open right across the middle of the field there are put up perfect path right there like that they dropped a dime. On a ride over whether the raiders secondary or eighty yard touchdown. And you see that. You know fairly. Fairly regularly I would say I'm working on those the go routes and what not hold and their pull out one every now and then in the yeah that they say you know they did it targeted because and training camp sometimes like they just working on this stuff. And then come regular season and they can put away. Because they're scared either but that the supposedly. But they're talking. About saying that the eleven letter that you don't you let Derek comet wild. It lacked the south. And we'll state. A total Levi Damien of course from children like Prada SP nation a more questions for Leo I. I I really like KJ Brent last year and as sort of like maybe the Andrei homes role because he's so tall. And it kind of got down to him and Holden and we know that speed kills and Johnny being a track star. He kind of moved ahead. It is KJ Brennan guys that you see on the practice squad and just sort of wait maybe if there's an injury or some like them who love. Well. I think it needed depth on the bubble guy. I think it will come down you mentioned old beatle Mitt it'll come down to blatantly did last year. Hold gonna make I think hole and make the squad sure you. A lot to do with it special teams ability. But whenever you you. And only guys that. That it doesn't matter what position they play normally there on the team. That back on the team and a lot to do to a special solid state that they evil war. A guy. Value especially maybe they'd think they like yours sixers and that they do located Britain really good shot in the for the reason that bad because. They don't have that and complicated brain is able to do that to be bought in to do. Is to go up and change pull out if he's if he's all you need to red zone target and I always. Mean there was a time in which our own show and look like he could be like consistently act but. You know luckily these delicate game that comes a little bit short like okay really paid he really tall you know their but he. But he just never quite. He never quite that it view you hold peak and the not if not they are not the body's not. Is not yet and make the best use of the side. You think that's at this point Seth Robertson is on the bubble. I don't think so they they still and you feel like to cook and he's in that slot it. Party. Third receiver in the slot day yeah even with Patterson on the team. Patterson bill wind almost exclusively with the second team I think it like Paterson mostly. And and for his return ability to get him in there every now and urged it. That stretch the defense. And it may I think they'd buy it like without rob Roberts brings from that flop positions with the first game I think he's the around. Finally leave by any chance the speaking of another demon deacon mark I'll leave starting Mike linebacker week one any chance of them. I think that target chip that. What they're on right now at that point looked like his job to lose. In the court game like inside linebackers on this team right now and we have looked pretty good memory one of the Avant reports. Came out on him from college. I read that our report I looked at him and I thought bit. Our report what you really old because one of the main criticism was that he was huge like that he needed to apple. Or whatever like he hear the word like unit and yeah it is not like he. Thank you yeah oh yeah. I would less solid rookie minicamp he had big guns out sun's out guns out. Yeah definitely need need need not is not Smart guy he's. He's much you're so that you look at that you think well if that's what the criticism was well of him and keys. He's he's not back in warm maybe. Maybe they got in the capital. And we'll see but that's what paid. But it was all a couple days in the camp and look like that was what they were out what they're planning on all along was eventually Mark Foley stepping in the air. And being at starting middle linebacker. And that's what he did in the one thing I'm. You know aside all of that I'm a little shocked about it that's a lot inject it hasn't. Band brought up to the first game at all I relate but that being that he was there one. Free agent acquisition. At such a need position that it would be. Bet you know maybe today. That people mark Kelly in the air and the guy next on the. Jenkins but Jenkins has not moved up from the packaging that Ben Cora Jane's all the way and that's what looks like where we're look like edit. Well you look did did you look at Jenkins and and Smith guys who make money go to I brother athletic guys who were effective and that's Levi Damien that are in chief. Silver and black product SB nation foam onto literally by damion they write thanks you're time and in such a friend Aussie open up. Outgrew it here all right stick with us pays baseball next how the Dow.