Ladainian Tomlinson

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, January 19th

NFL Hall of Famer & NFL Network Analyst joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on the injury to Tom Brady's hand, Jimmy Garoppolo's effect on the 49ers, the future for the NFL Hall of Fame, and who he would pick in the NBA All Star Draft.


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And the reunite him he's an. Hall of fame running back 181006. NFL MVP gets now is a terrific analysts on the NFL network ladies and gentlemen LaDainian Tomlinson joining Jolo and heads on 95. Seven the game what's up LT how aria. Craig Morton. Are going. We're doing great revenue would build great these guys they kill me every single day they always take under and all were how many times and then in music LT reference so. And it's going to get that out imagine because we talk about different greatness and what it takes NBA superstar. And we're talking amount right now on the dubs and and you've basketball beautiful ball to let struggle Basque only you look at KB look at LeBron you think about the different guys that make up and NBA. And then look at this war your team how dominant this. Do you think they KD he's up next year do you think this guy's a remain a warrior are here in a situation like that. It would behoove him to go out to another team and start building again. You're conducting your question. And followed people who who aren't their lift me. Are not just a football gods saw played basketball you know my whole body so I've become comic qualifier to talk about basketball a little bitch especially their gold mill can talk about best. I'm the best argument you make the car. Yeah Joseph barker. Ask your question are think KB does stay there are would Golden State's I think. You know the Corbett basketball team meaning Golden State target our go to state if it's really guys it's their roster and and KP. That's decorum between now and they made it you know that they obviously when they make their decision to go after him and he he came there. I think she was saying that listen this is what I wanna finish our career. If you think about it as a professional athlete most retarded or got to leave. The team that we got you know what that attracted us. And go to another team. More more likely after king that we're gonna finish our career whip meaning. Like he same company and bad team which got carried that he felt like he can build. You know a dime speedway and Drake Margaret gonna beat their courage Garrett talkative Barclay. I think I believe that they will eventually go somewhere else are you know are at stake bet he'd break out of jail right. Maybe you dog man now. Egg quiet got a heck of a basketball where Larry he can go somewhere out. And possibly can import championship what are you went OK see you know better you know we're also told. You know Beckett Beckett have been cannot think it's if he'd be at that he was Phil why let's say. You talk outlook of great chance that what an Accenture just slide toward used to joke. Yeah I think Katie Douglas stayed there. LC what's it like when you're getting toward the tail end your career do you start thinking about things like legacy and place in the game and where you are. Historically we've talked a lot about these NBA players like LeBron James and. His legacy and. Where he thinks this place will be is that something that you started pondering toward the end your career. Well I think you actually do you actually do because you hear. All the talks about a year people you know what the media talking are you play in history could everybody trying to anticipate. You know where and when someone's lawn is comic Joey hand at Napoli. You know you kind of anticipated anything you can see it happening as as big push eight golds. Bobbitt however aren't defeated no we we hear that a lot enlisted troops don't start to see guy. You know when they were when they are age do a little bit and so naturally I think. You start debate about like man OK to home plate 22 more years. You know are really small lawn tennis Armstrong no you know. I wanna beat up by him brushing all wanna be you know talk very volatile score or whatever it might beat every. Individual. As there on you know mark that they want it football they were our. And and so I think what brought this is obviously at that stage where he's probably looking edit. Man I have three or more years left maybe. And do I wanna you know beat all arm they score are sure he's thought about. But this place and let it go in yesteryear are actually submitted applauded going to be. You know they mark you got very greater so all of our. Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson would Jolo and heads on 957. Big game. How much you think the patriots are wishing they had Jimmy go rob a low right now based on the news that Tom Brady missed practice yesterday with a hand injury LT. Well you know pages don't pick apart there's you know they're bigger bar. You know their big about this week and and you know lifted. I eight. Because the big deal could it be obviously you I don't think Brady handed it going to be a problem at all Hart guaranteed. I'd be will make cute but all along great got a grip they've already dark girl like you always yeah and it's not going to be a problem. This might be dead you know the patriot beer the pictures. Out of storage had to play you know good pitching from. Other things then at best bet that's what they do. I don't think great payment of problem at all. I'm when Dion now and I think we're we're talking about that and discuss now on the show as well as go lower to a different bars who saw went down to the wire and lost a tough one. Does this hurt his legacy Drew Brees and about what happened. Last week in Minnesota in does this hurt his legacy and how do you see this game shape enough to be with Minnesota in the in the eagles'. Not a I don't did you hurt germs legacy at all I update it every game it. It straight and then turn it. What drew great all about they were down seven and zero. The box buried the best director of the national football debate RG it's built right up there which are superior. But surely come back and fight and you know show so they career that that you know or I think that. You know really submit it here lately. He can't throw and make tackled at the same car. You know. If the young kid just sitting right cobalt waive their man. We're talking about a different story right now we're talking a larger breed back in the championship game. So art yet auto picture arts and at all but if match up. I think you're gonna be all about the defense and which quarterback. We'll be able to make a couple of plays and what quarter because ball change in my charter established a running game try to Wear each other out. Met a hard dock but don't be that the quarterback can make a mistake. And let their defense played football there's value there's going to be new to me that this is gonna be one of those. All who are due out nineteen. Every need type who can't. Is this final forum gonna help change perception about what you need. In the NFL there really be a good team everyone talks about yet I'm the elite quarterback yet you look around and it's polls Keenan and portals. Three of the final four no it would confuse them with Roethlisberger. And Manning is football changing ware made the quarterbacks becoming. Are because you have these different waves. You know big game. Though the way it goes sometimes they're announced a great they've got off to a ball in and the parity debt in the National Football League right now of but one thing that I'll I'll always believes. A trial the defense well always keep in the game and give you an opportunity. To win. So what happened here. Things you know over the years there hasn't been a lot of great defense is. We think about it on the way you know we pick a body everything history. You know the Baltimore ray Graham. You know seeing slight net debt that has sold restored defense is there were able to lead their teams to championships. But it. You know what that says that's far you have between so what do you do. To you know kind of comeback that would try to build these great Altria today and scored at all about the quarterbacks and strong on the ball and all that kind of stuff. And what happened here it is going back chewed the way it it has always been in which you could feel it already good defense and a solid run gain. You can William whitbeck you don't need. You know are evenly quarterback. Because think about it. Many elite quarterbacks are very the National Football League not many and so all these things he'd think you're making get greatly quarterback. They're just not out there so bill already good defense which has you can do now. Have a solid road game if you can look at where a lot of quarterbacks that apparently now on the National Football League. LT and that same vein in your the 49ers front office right now how are you gonna approach to Jimmy G contract situation this offseason are you getting given the huge pay today. Apps loner. A 'cause it's good Jimmie to me I think he had a chance to the to be bleak he had an opportunity. You know to be water goes quart bag state. Can get waited on his right all I really believe that you show me guys I mean. You think about how. 49ers struggled before he got spirited and ultra good good good game he. He when he had. They are they they have lost again how do you explain that. And so that to me contribute to. What can we go Rob Lowe had been Carpio. His understanding how to land gains so you have to pay they got you have to build that pinging around you know. Yeah I totally agree LT eight and then excluding yourself. Give me like your top three vaccines she thought of all time did guys you've mimic your game after or guys who just thought they were probably did some of the greatest that ever played just your three. Yeah well I think first and foremost. Our you know this guy someone not our Mullah Omar came out here because cheap you know he looks there are. Bodies are in the invest you know Jim borrow. But Jim is you know he's the guy out on the matter I mean these. You know people don't want that camera. Autumn Andre most broad impacts. County looked at as big guy that you wanted. Be like can emulate and I'll try and chart the success. On and off the field you know being in the movies are stuck. So he's the godfather. Well being partial leak the guys that I looked up to it and I'm inspired me. I'll walk to pay was what my guy he was a reason not want to play football to redevelop want to build on it. And being buried. Milbury was slows one must favorites. Obviously electrical runner put the ball and has barely manage some special was gonna have have every single car. And then mr. consistency to me was Emmitt Smith you know deter them maker. You know the guy was just incredible been it's actually the guy grownup cowboy fan of watching those games they're on demand amid. You know he was he was the bachelor and then did it for long army was steady. On that and just was a one that are are really enjoyed getting to know. And glad to calm forum. LaDainian Tomlinson here on I 570 gain in can you get your gold jacket your buddy low O'Neal by your side. We were all super proud if you're a voter for the hall of fame and this year is finalists come up. Randy Moss TERRELL OWENS. Do you vote for both of 01 or the other or neither one LT. Yeah you know that trigger one man's. Ideology is what I do I ask hard questions no more cupcakes for our former teammate here we want already getting answers that's an extremely unseen guess they do god. No man that could stop though but be cured detained thumb. You know GO Leo he's gonna give me and he into the hall of Famer no question about it but it it comes down to the numbers it's a numbers game minute and I think what Brady has time. You know not only. Like over his it career of the player and the way I started out and just. What do you what you have afraid. Attached to your name like you got ball everybody kind of knows that strayed quite that bad. A pastor Randy Moss and what he did it in this in this career. I think that's speaks force shelves so Randy his guard giving him why he's got and what he's done on the last few years panel television boots. You know he's gonna give me and that's just what video I don't think. I don't think she'll get camp this year com. But bandage it's going to be tough third. Both guys were definitely not giving. This year just because you got right Lola got blood Urlacher. Still got some. To guide their ban on the way a little bit that deserve to be an edgy jangled. Prayer can be and how law deserves to be here. You know those guys you just can't forget about Durham. Our big groups you know deserves to be hands so. It's got to be taught by a big one receiver good came out the best Randy Moss. Loyalty would appreciate you joining show and he got a call time they appreciated tell the wife kids everything a solo love you guys better be good. Aware of god thank you all declared he's great show.