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Saturday, July 14th
Jim and Urbs check in with Chris Haft Beat Writer for the SF Giants abou Game 2 of the Bay Bridge Series tonight.  

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Break pretty much at the all star break were more than halfway into the season. In this team is doing work they look they've got a legitimate chance to make in the post season I think that I think they're year had a sketch or an. You're listening tonight five point seven a game KG and CFM an HD one KGMC San Francisco a radio dot com station. All right so if you're a little bit ahead of yourself your in breathing distance of Seattle. You need to improve your pitching you can score runs you win late in need to improve your pitching. Ominous start throwing names utility found it makes sense that I know the one that I think they ought to go after and remember on the guy who said. Swing beg please tell me he's very in Emporia lean. First name on my list. From the Chicago White Sox. Jane shields. And in this contract you don't have to pay too much to get the guy you don't have to pay him into the future. James Shields is guy number one. Maybe. Tell you the nickname I think big I'm James hit it clouds my. Analysis of the pitcher because he's not big game James he had he pitched well in one big game. Along time ago in Tampa Bay and people started calling him big game James I'll bet you he hates. That nickname because since then when he's been in this situation in a big game he hasn't gotten it done. He's been small man in a big game James Shields. But as far as being a serviceable starter when I rather have him than Brad Anderson would rather have him than Trevor Cahill. Yes and yes but don't give up much to give him you don't. Have to you don't have to write music and the rest of his is contract for this year which at this point becomes affordable it's two months worth of what you're gonna paint or. You don't have to give up that much because he's gonna be a rental guy. Possible. Right he's better what you got the beckons right now yes in the White Sox but it's not like they're saying no no we got to hang on to James Shields ready they'll be ready for talk Zack Wheeler. Next name on the rule. Zack Wheeler that's why I said before he he's coming back around into the discussion because Wheeler. Was the phenom with the orange and gave up for Carlos Beltran exactly and that. Was considered an overpaid because you're renting bell Tron Wheeler was supposed to be the next Lincecum didn't happen that way. Serviceable and the Mets aren't sell mode Zack Wheeler. I like that on to again every name your throwing out I'm gonna immediately compare. Tim Cahill and Anderson it's that it's a nice cute little story that they came back you know they were. I actually I was covering the team has to be brighter when Anderson and Cahill. First came up. And look they were considered that was when that was the second or third group that was considered drew this is going to be the next Big Three which is ridiculous. They were all right for the a's but they are never as good. Is the front office would. I mean they were getting hugely hyped when they were in the high minors and they did nice work when their rookies sticking your guys but they haven't turned into the pitchers. That obviously Hudson Mulder and Zito or that's a high bar to set. I just think it. It's a cute story. But cute doesn't get you into the playoffs I think. A guy like James Shields Zack Wheeler better than both of those guys go ahead and direct just don't give up but state can't give up much of their firms system. These five guys Jay you finally got the appointment. But they used to be the envy of baseball and in early 2000 their NB a baseball because they're they're firm system was loaded. And then they started making. Deals that worked quite Billy Beane 80s deals in the eastern giving up pieces in the and they missed that's. We've always said. Billy when he got to give up guys and get us some real major leaguers Eagles and does it not criticizing the guy for gold and do what you want. Did because you need to have when your low when years in. I don't see market because this is a big market. If your payroll if you're marching orders are to keep your payroll. Weighed down your minor league system is more important than team like the giants that will spend very freely. They finally got back to the point again they went through a stretch where they traded two prospects and some of their draft picks didn't work out. They finally got back to where now. They are back to being a team that the rest of baseball looks set insist. That's a pretty good monitoring system keep building that don't give up pieces I understand Jim. They they've got depth in the minors they can afford to give some of them up. But don't give up any of those guys and let somebody better than James Shields or Zack Wheeler all right. Let me Matt Harvey. No all right you're down on him pitched well last time out you don't like him I don't like Kim if her 'cause he's crazy there's too much off the way he did he had what he did with the Mets it's not a good mix this again. They had the a's were always known for having a wonderful clubhouse right the cohesion was incredible you had twenty guys going out to dinner. On the road they lost that when they had who's that knucklehead that they have the third baseman they had ample here and then got rid of them. Yeah our armed. Handsome handsome bloke. You know harm to I do you like Kennedy checked Flanagan was even played first and third yeah mainly third but he was part of and so was Billy Butler. All of a sudden during that two year stretch. They're clubhouse was awful Valencia Danny Valencia he got punched. Billy Butler right because Butler was being a butthead and Butler in Valencia or both knuckle heads in they were a big part of why all of a sudden. The jays had a terrible clubhouse and Bob Melvin was public about he said. This is a bad clubhouse Regis something happened or he didn't have done so they cut vote that they let they got rid of elective they got rid of Billy Butler. They're finally back to having in part because that group has been playing together so long young guys. They've got a great clubhouse now that's where you can't bring in Matt. RV Fremont pat has a suggestion are right Fremont let's get a free month pat line one. 8889579570. Pat what do you say give me an idea. About and a couple props actually I mean maybe didn't or aim it gave no. Among all of the pilot Ed let court didn't say the glut. At about thirty seconds to be buried body blow earlier ability. Across the country who did this yep I got it up cute. All right ER 82 year arbitration. All try and cure that big seven million. Our rights are. Up after I appreciate that's a big swing I said the a's need to make a big swing it around. The Mets are given our objective to. Hi how about onstage that he's under club control for at least a couple of warriors Riley went amount Wyatt. You wanna start from scratch. You've got a guy whose value you can get on a number of good guys to rebuild your system for the New York Mets public knows in regard. Yeah I mean to grounds in regard he had taken by none of the line I know you said the debt to grounds gonna cost too much cynic art. I think senator a cautious about saying no and Chris archer. Tampa Bay rates Christchurch Chris archer like us that her name. That's a good name he would be a staff leader he'd be good in the clubhouse. Yeah I mean I love to pursuing it and it's a bigger swing you know it's it's bigger swing than I think. The certainly the casual fan knows and doesn't know how good Chris archer is and this guy. Is that dynamite starter he would be what numbered. One or two Campo. And that's big may not how has been I would be number one. Then we're ego. The chargers on your team Archer's remember larger Asian number one and i.'s number two downward you got what 345. Who's healthy idol right. Men didn't. I heard somebody I'm I'm amending god finally beyond they don't like him cause he was a ballerina and dancers as a child actually think it was more Danson is his Brothers and sisters were ballerina I can see you doing there. I can't dance I have no rhythm now I cannot dance my daughter's lovely dancers beautiful gorgeous that you're kind of built like a ballerina. Well they're pro quite beef up after having seen the ballerina is easy in the mail Mallory know why they're quite beat senior correct IE eight I caught a fine figure I might as. I guess I'm the last guy that should make comments about Allen's body ship. Fair look I I you know I heard on the way and I think it was during the press box and they talked about. On the debt the pitching depth that both the giants in the news hat and that's that's where maybe it's a semantics issue and I know you're a big fan. Of the word. So when you say they're deep. That can mean. What comes along with saying we have death is that that death is good. And I think in the case of the giants in the days they have depth but. They can if they can definitely use better debt I mean they're the debt that they had a lot of a lot of a lot of their debt this kind of and I just okay like they can step in and in give you a spot start not embarrassed themselves. But it's not the type of debt fit the Golden State orders have for instance you know that's that's like really really good debt I think the giants in the is just have yet. I think if I'm looking at the two teams. The he's got to take a big swing and if that means giving up a couple young guys to bring in an archer to bring in a cinder garden. I'm all for it because I think they can be special this year and I think you can have those guys for. You know worldwide Western Europe and up your Mike because wild ride west is a huge. Oakland a's fan rooted in Oakland throw the same question to west that you threw me. I asked a number of archer this in the guard those guys would do it. Going archer send the guard of your days guy you've got a team that remember you didn't think much is gonna happen this year you're now finding you're ahead of your curve. On where you should be and you've got a bunch of young bumpers out there. Why not give them an arm locks and at a club Pozen says I'm one or two let's go get him voice and it's cinder guard or it's archer you gotta give up on a red noted do. Cinder garden W the guy I mean of those three I like all three I'd go probably in the guard one. They're drawn to her departure three but it's pretty close archer thing you would not give up a guy like Barreto for that. To me yet you do because of the surplus you have your system you've got a surplus that's your so deeply you have a surplus to give up a guy for. For that. But this -- that works so hard to get to the point where there farm system but but I but then again I guess one of the reasons you build up farm system missy can make move together that the children noisy is blocked like he can't play he's placed first with thirty can't play. In the big leagues because seminal first and third is covered for the next decade thank you very much. I bombed you know what this is interesting they on this on the tax line. Archer get some votes here not so bad there. Mom like archer that we got mustang Maher he's. I like pretty shocking American we go to him. We can go to him mustang mark in Antioch welcome in the 95 cent in the game. And then looks and nothing. But I I think I've got I've got a name battle global. Right out of the water want to talk about a three way. I am talking about battered. Every. It would World Series agree and that I am not a number one follow me guys it's good news it. IMac thanks very much listen the Philadelphia Phillies. Need that guy as much as he hates his manager and they have openly feuded. The Phillies need her in first place exactly particularly China you know Jake Carey that's pious guys it's teams that are dead are. In a position where they need to hit reset. Or a team that just can't afford to continue to keep other guy like archer yeah. Our team that in this circumstance similar to the a's and giants were the front office has said you know weren't that it we're not gonna make this work. We're lucky to be here let's let's focus on next season. You know let's step aside when you mention the just written. Let's discuss what they need when we continue right and I know that. It's my understanding you talked to love Bruce poaching and Bob Melvin yesterday and show bump together back to back. Back to back her on one show and I guilt that Melvin and get this I called Mel I texted Melvin and vote she's early in the morning singing I am sorry its last minute but I'm in. Can you join me. Both she doesn't return the call until eleven but says I'm freeing fifteen minutes so we've covers books you. Melvin had already told me if you ask me an hour earlier I could come on but my mourning his fault. Both she comes on during the break I text Melvin hey Bob. Vote she just joined us in the a's fans are clamoring for you are you sure you can give me five minutes and you said. Comair right now. That's awesome with that is still Zoolander that is awesome trading you should be working in another industry were it matters. That was an outstanding pro moved 313. The time Chris Taft. Giants beat writer mlb.com. Giants stuff than what they could be looking to do when we continue on ID 57 again. Now back. 10957. Big game. Jim goes for Michael Irvin was view on 95 point seven again an acknowledged Jonas on the text line 957 and five freaking tennis of the donated 8957957. Hole. Com we should be pretty prepared for the show because I'm coming in. The people who work on the show text like seventh grade girls they're like 33 texts that you guys sent today regarding tenacious. I do make yeah. What is going. It's funny you say that because I used to go down and what you look it's his road because today. I should you know you realize you can you can express more than one thought before you hit sand. And I think a lot of I don't know if it's younger people who nickel addressed this but. Nick gives you one thought at a time. And I've actually come to appreciate that is our relationship has grown used to irritate me that I would giggling. Bullying bullying elected judges who dwindling stringing sentences together. I don't read. Herbs paragraphs from Houston and too hard. I'm just try and you know I hear you brother that like got out the figure like c'mon seriously you don't read my paragraphs. And at his heart our youth that is hurtful. Off the text line might fires from Detroit he's an innings eater. Anybody like Mike fires. How about bringing G Logan's attack. Urge is gone into the corner he is like Charlie Brown right now you should see him. He's like Charlie Brown after get a line drive it right back at him he is on dressed as a yard sale around his mound Lucy with the football exactly. Lucy with the football as you snatch it away. He got fooled again nick bros Lucy damn. Exposed back. GO Gonzales bring him back pool and cool. I would love McDonald's outlets to be back and says soldier of love nothing more than a soldier. It's not install. GO Gonzales would be a hell of a pitcher. You'd think yeah I think look come on Joseph Gonzales that was the that was maybe the deal outside assessments to. But letting GO Gonzales ago at that point in his career was baffling to me. And he was under control at all just under contract. Great dude great ambassador for the day is very good in the clubhouse. In you let that you'd go that was the most like for me take me out of the media insists that ace fan in me that was the gut punch I think that hurt the most. All right giants fan out there as wonder what the heck are we gonna. And I knowing your conversations yesterday with your good friend Bruce coaching Nicky you came up with something I understand about we might be tipped off to what what could. Be a need for for Bruce boat she's seen. Right in just a little bit on what you know urban speaking our shots and Lukas for helping me find this here we go this is a sub bullish on what the giants need. I think one area where we needed to help would beat. It would have been a right handed bat let screeners were Jewish being murdered her apartment membership astounded. And we we meaty you know just write about become turnout DiMarco a purely to at all. So you know oh we're going to be shrug armour pants and and power boat that is not shrink from the right charts are. You know that's what aborted. Our guests would statement we are gonna get Longo actually. Already sell may be DD DD tip his hand as far as what he would warrant or is he telling you. Not only is that we want it's coming back don't expect anything by saying along those coming back. I think a little bit of both and yeah I do. And you know drives me nuts. Is when people talk about your favorite team in running your stars. Is injured right now in earnings expected to come back. Let's say August 5 and a return date and fans say you. We're gonna get this is gonna be like acquiring an all star without having to give anything up. It's technology that's way oversimplifying. Things but I get it and to Bruce's point. I think Longoria comes back if he's healthy do you think Longoria. Would you would you did you meet your expectations before he dollar known. Mean they're very slow start in the National League got a little bit more hot moved very very slow start I know hole. He's gonna have a statue outside of former Tampa Bay's ball park ends up because he's mr. rate. And I'm not knocking the guy is a football coach was mr. potter at home I'm not knocking the guy and Hussein it was an unimpressive start. And I'm not so certain I would sit back and say Yemen now he's back off an injury. He's going to be even better. Me being a glass half full guy in an area which means you'll accept less than what we're what you deserve but go ahead not true I think Longoria comes back if he's healthy I think he plays the way Longoria played. For about two months I think you're gonna get really really good Evan Longoria you're gonna get that great at bat. That Bruce says the giants need and what it might well why do I suspect that because I know Longoria. I've heard talks from I've talked to scouts I've talked to guys that played with him guys that coached him actually one of hitting coaches. And they all talk about his baseball IQ you normally hear that and basketball more than in baseball. But everybody talks about what a Smart guy that is he is baseball wise I think. He's your right slow start in the National League but it's been four months now I think. He takes that acquired knowledge I think he's going to those incidents on the side and I think he's going to school during those two months she's watching everybody that he might face down the road and looking for their tendencies what do they threw on different counts. I think we get a better version and Evan Longoria when he comes back. I hear hi baseball IQ and I immediately say you know what I need to talk to Chris haft he's giants beat reporter for mlb.com. And he joins us right now here in 957 game Michael Irvin Jim goes more Chris haft Chris thanks for joining us here on any us Saturday afternoon we appreciate given us a couple minutes. And what's up. Okay. Seemed like the slighted and somehow we Lou we're gonna give you compliments. Hey Chris your phone sounds terrible listener anyway we can we can address that. Well wall where we are all the option of here and there will be here you. Let let's try that real quick you see I'm bad. So now he says gladness. Derek and gotten pregnant and I hear your questions. So or it will talk about order. All right sounds good Chris haft mlb.com joining us are on the giants' front we heard Bruce coaching tell Michael Irvin yesterday the right handed bat. Would be something that they could use but where would the giants use a right handed bowed out facing off the bench are they saying as another piece ordered the re arm and every day guide. Chris. We heard her talking about Longoria okay well don't hold right arm your Buehrle didn't. I don't you go to welding maybe keep principally in points offensively before we got hurt the guy hit like 1012 home runs. You know. The library he still took out on the left I think it is game and I can agree with Michael that. He'll be a big you know secret weapon so speak let them if you read there's a guy can really help them. You know help provide some populous church and it'll still have the you know that the incidence in the world and they're still in its arms and we're gonna need them. Chris Stephen Doug hurt certain center field last night he was one of the very few guys in the game that had a real nice offensive game. Is is this guy now cemented in center field. For the rest of the season please tell me yes. I had leaning toward your. Leaving yeah if you went to Robles slot sure people he's done right not done. Put your local factors and the I think we're most part yes. And I think that now people you know play article we like what they eat colonel what you are soaring Nittany. Yeah I don't mood he does and so does that mean Gorky Hernandez is going to be the everyday left fielder or they stood is not a platoon with underpants. That's our I think that's what it's gonna shake down bringing them or don't look Gartner talked and possible acquisitions. We were a little maybe you'll make any moves. Before deadline although they had a much excess it gear so which you see Mike you what you get. A lot to like the one thing that giant has. They're fourteen something. You really can't put anything past them but right now are so low in this session with the euros CDC text. Sharing in the states where they've been trying to cheer goes up. Threshold so low they they can make their move. Chris haft mlb.com joining us on 957 a game than what. What was the move with the Rangers. I immediately thought they're making that move with the Rangers to free up some money so that they can be flexible to do something and Michael I think you thought they made the move strictly. So that you get dug her up every day and now he's you know he's gonna be up here but Chris it what was the ranger move for than what I'd I don't understand that. Well I think we'll put vocal I think you're both right wing I mean are we don't Wear them both like yeah you put yes it's real so look. Potential. Economic groove so to speak for programs to do something and yet you want to get daughter appear in enough work to it was close to it. So the time it right so. That's an older situations situations where the congress right we'll move Morton one instance. Hey Chris these young starters for the giants the giants I mean. In particular Rodriguez and really impressed with him for as. It's been fantastic. Are. Any concerns among the giants brass about it's OK when we get into the dog days of progress when the Penner is really heats up. In September these guys are going to be far exceeding. Their career highs in terms of innings pitched so is there a way that they'll try to manage their workload. From this point forward likes that you got to lead and he's gone five. And you feel pretty good about your bullpen so in under different circumstances you would let the kid go out and continue to pitch but. With a night towards the penetration possibly the post season now you just take him out after five and trust Japan. I think they'll watch so and in total Eric quote in Michael you know were not a a competitive situation in. 2000. Seven with Tim Lincecum. They are sure don't that your honor its hearing. I wouldn't be surprised me you know the big meeting you know it will make your career that will work with them. Purdue with. Well re concerned. And Smart Flores put. They Arctic but watch we'll do it collapsed or any. Real closely right out of the gate in this in this after the all star break and then go to the room. Immediate row longer gains. Ulihrach in August and September if that's necessary. Chris haft covers the jazz for mlb.com joining us on a size seven a game. Tonight Jeff some margin goes and I still think that he's under the microscope for what he can do for the giants where for the rest of the season. So when we come back after the all star break Chris one through five tell me how Bruce coach he lines up his pitching staff right out of the gate. Coop board. The question. I'd I'd go well or. Deceit Eric rule that your who Bogor port number one that's in note ringer who you know I can answer awards. He might go where quality and I think what you believe them to. It out really well and so slip from their approach. But I personally. Would go review it. Well I read is number three and send them. God you're outlook when there at China and the way we're going right now. You're you're either a large number five. Thank you that's what he is he gives you about what an average number five guy gives except he's got long hair and he played football in college so let's give me eighteen million dollars. Now I'm not bitter about it that's Croatian Croatian crime right there I don't think I mean we all know that Bruce says his proclivity for trusting his veterans even in the face of you know. Statistical data that tells you is probably the best idea to trust that guy that. I have a feeling that it's it's some margin is going to be if it's number four it's going to be here's how many goats can go mad bump. Puerto so Marge yeah. Suarez I think they like Forrest just a little bit better and Rodriguez the five what do you think of that block by block Chris what do you think. What are our. Culture and heritage will probably be we know those three guys at the top. Well here and I'm sitting in the 45 is going to be Suarez and Rodriguez. With some margin the three because we all know. That Bruce will in logo this veterans must come to shove he's always gonna go with a vet. Probably well that's probably it will shake out here under. Bruce is an actual patent peace where there and having one of the quote poor kids and number number art spot. The other occasionally makes a program right another way to keep their workload down. The only signal skipped the principles. Gartner rotation out here Turkey it's easier to welcome. Pope regularly inning totals put them. We've been growing like they're earning poem. Where forums against you know the possibility. If the lord to draw world usually goes to pot put them. Given the waitress directly veterans that they'll probably stick with. So you know people murder acquittal vote Smart potato and. I'm telling Chris haft mlb.com joining us on 957 game Chris thanks forgiveness and time we do appreciate you at the yard tonight you often. Are murdered here and a boy nice real writers are there early thank you for your time Chris you're the best quote great art baker you're patient that's my baseball IQ Chris haft mlb.com you don't hear that very. Often in baseball it's always the best thing. I've asked because people come up in basketball league has come up with new phrases like on the bow like he doesn't dribble the ball he does something off the bounce up and everybody does something off the bounce and score the ball score more than half of baseball's golden ball guilty about this like. I don't hear it once it picks the ball. I hear them saying that he pitches downhill. Well again he's on the mound everybody pitches downhill he's a professional hitter boy yeah he gets paid everyone's professional hitter. And now we're getting the phrase professional hitter is one of the most abuse who's 230 my god and our getting a launch angle. Exit what is it exactly like little baby doesn't below the all that stuff. He lets the ball travel. He lets the ball come deet it's like we need to get things could throw me on because she's out and he's got a list of all these ridiculous baseball for a while. Since we should get him on he's as Ausmus a great guy you have to game tonight right here 957 game in crystal clear. A fan. You know Vince controlling. We are radio dot com station too soon if or act if you're not in front if you're not in your car you don't have a traditional radio right hand. You gotta download the radio dot com app because it used to be you could go to our own app or our website you can no longer get our stream that we got to go to radio dot com and you'll be glad when you do because. He got a whole bunch of other offerings as well. Way to supplement way to sell our that's Michael Irvin I am Jim Coe is a more here in 957 game we'll always take your calls or will take a look at what euros sending us via the text line. And I'm looking around here and I I mention Mike fires earlier when you are in the corner when Lucy pulled the ball away from you Mike fires in Detroit innings eater. You've fan. I'm not a fan of the phrase innings eater. That sets like launch angle now innings eater who is that's what they think about Georgia. That's what they sell it time and are guilty of saying they don't need innings Jeter's anymore cause more because. Last year. In I've worn this out but I word out because people need to understand the direction in the game is going. Last year that average Major League start was five and two thirds innings that was the lowest average in the history of the game. Which means on average. Every team was asking their bullpen. To get ten counts. Ten out for game which makes now you've got to pay a little bit more to your sixth and seventh inning guys. The setup guy is damn near a rock star and the closer. Al closer still the closer he's going to be the highest paid guy in the bullpen but all of a sudden. Because the game is going that direction where starters aren't expected to go deep we're looking at. All my god look at the batting average in his third trip through the order we gotta get him out before that happens. There's more attention paid to pitch counts. Then there was in the pretty recent past and you think Nolan Ryan was ever on a pitch count low I mean Jack Morris ever pitch count. No but. The game has changed it's all about bringing in a succession of guys starting in the sixth inning. They throw 959798. Here's our clothes were thrown hundreds. All right so there you have it there's a little. As a baseball beat hi baseball IQ I only had three and a half hours and enter. Are you done so this last half dollar is going to be a little shake I think we're gonna have some good for ball bat to ball I know that nick is been working tirelessly throughout the program to make sure that goes off. Without hits today I ash well actually maybe not because. I sentiment paragraph via text earlier saying what we should do in turn he doesn't read the note. So whether this could be a tougher half than you thought am I BR 335 the time on a real quick and we weren't gonna get deep into this. World Cup final Somalis the biggest event on the planet. Last World Cup final three billion. People. Watched it we're told. Three billion that's what we're told I don't know how they figure that out I don't know where some of these places that we always are so destitute. Have a television or electricity to get television. But three billion people. Have watch her do watch the last one. Any EU. Are very much tied into its. Yeah there's no doubt I mean I'm a huge soccer fan it's you are. According to us twenty years old mean every year I played until I was taught and back. As I got pregnant I started out as a sinner forward in the a couple of years later I got moved to the wind couple years later I got moved to the mid line and I and a couple of years later I got moved back because I was that talented of a soccer player. But. I gave effort I got stuck the laws and any feeder hustled off so I ended up being a sweeper my last couple nice elegant I'd so that's its yearly. I'm huge into World Cup registering to let these guys this is everything to them that's great to win the Euro league it's great to win that the champions league but. Nothing means more to a soccer player in the World Cup nothing. And it's the same original of the Olympics is just that that patriotism that your playing for something bigger than yourself or your club. Or your sponsors it's just it means everything to these guys and their quote quote unquote legacies. And that Croatia is the second smallest country ever to qualify for the World Cup final that I just love it man that's I don't get enough of it. I love as much the game I love that cutaway shots to every nation when that whether we're watching Poland to playing. Nigeria. I love when they get the cut away shot to town square in crack Al or place and Nigeria. In a show after their team scores a goal and how they celebrate. Or they were showing one I think it was a Saudi Arabia game. Whether the town square was packed an hour and a half before the match because they had set up screens and you see families in BC women and there weren't. And I don't know the proper name that the scarf on the head is and a a Jeep and he job I don't want and I don't know what her Amanda again there Pollard but I like people's I like seeing people. In their culture and how much it means that's their culture and I wanna see how they celebrate something that I also enjoyed. And how I celebrated my country a culture is it different are we that much more similar or dissimilar and one in the way we did that's what I'm most fasten. Yeah you know it give an example of how popular. Americans by and large are not in the soccer we already know that. But it is by far the most popular sport in the world it is the number one sport in the majority of countries. On this planet and I think it was it was the last World Cup. Who was the final last World Cup was Argentina inning. Argent. Argent Germany in germ. Germany went OK so I'm coaching a baseball team I have to buy more American half of them were Spanish so were and were playing in a tournament in Italy. And before the tournament we spend a week trying to hit the sites. We stayed at Lake Como for I don't know two or three days. Like you said the day of the World Cup final and at least not even playing and the town the small town square on the shores of Lake Como was transformed. Into a gigantic viewing party. I mean they had a big screen it's it's almost impossible to describe I can't believe how big it was in by the time the game came there were no less then. 2000 people milling about that square and stayed the entire time in just going bananas it was. Awesome you know what I'm gonna bring this back to American sports win the World Cup started. A lot of people's divorce cynical about the game. Say why are we watching this tournament when we know of the same fourteen to going to be unit in the and it's going to be Brazil's gonna be Germany's going to be Argentina it's going to be east I think Spain's famous saying Lou right. Those teams didn't get out of the knock out phase right. That's it now my question is that's good ball. Is it because when I watch the NCAA tournament and we see. Do get knocked out the first round were all you. Now look at this funny little team that right not the market Dei has lost sermon that we get to the final four minutes Saturday. I got something to do late night games on that's cool but I don't want a CD. I want to see Loyola Chicago last time but did the rest of America wanna see oil in Chicago merger rather seen Kansas would you rather seemed nuclear rising Michigan's right. Direct. Ties same thing tomorrow no because I think the American sports fan is so much different than the international sports fan I think like I said. We were in Italy Italy wasn't playing. But the passion for the sport of soccer. It didn't really matter who is in the game it was the World Cup final and so I think that's why Croatia. Look a lot of people look at him and say well that roster you know sure they have some guys playing in the leader Syria. I'm sure they're fine fine players but they're not a world power doesn't matter to the international. Football fan base will be watching and they'll be fired up for Croatian. All right so gimme gimme quick. Come on it lately Obama and Rick tells him he's no we're talking stock now is more well versed in what I'm talking about this now you and and I don't know if you heard my lead into debt and college basketball. We we think it's great in the first round and we see an upset and one of the name teams is not that. But in the end we kind of wanna seed duke in Kansas in the in the game right. In its final four it's a good story to begin with but in the would rather have du. In the World Cup a lot of people think oh well of course is why are we watching this tournament. Because I know Brazil and Germany and Spain and Argentina are gonna be the final four. And only one of the one of those teams made it in the knockout round is is soccer that much different in that it doesn't matter who's in the final four. It doesn't really matter I mean it really didn't go on all Netherlands didn't go at all those the two great powerhouses and and Croatia such a fantastic. Soccer pedigree most slept from Yugoslavia but I mean they got they got to the semifinals at France 98 the super mom Dahmer sukur won a golden boot they have so many fantastic players and before the term and I picked a Belgium Croatia final I don't think anybody's too surprised by this so it's it's kind of what really it's kind of what I think you pick that before you start before it started really. What I'm not a genius it's just you look at the Belgian roster and in and it was the most talented roster for the entire term golden arrow Belgian football. Right now yeah and it's the highest finish they ever happened to the highest ever was fourth I think and now Mexico 86. But some day out of a tremendous team they had two groups really had to first teams. While and their neck deep on there that deep for this craze I always look at the people that they cut like France and 98 I pick them to win because I looked at the guys they cut like Ebert combined David's in a lunge on pure pop and these guys would start for any other country that didn't cut. From the French team. So it's really not a surprise that croatians are all right fair enough on ease tomorrow would you like. You know it's funny a it's it's such an even match but I'll just say 51%. To 49 I'm gonna lead towards. Allow bill franks and all his Bastille day. All I will be rooting for Croatia. I love Hugo lorries of because gracious never won the script and by the way breaking news I hate to change the subject Santiago Casilla designated for assignment. Really thought that you guys can chew on now a little bit and I'll be back in here for war yet. Just you're so good with pronunciation the nineteen year old for France whose light and a menorah pronouncement and not de Kiely on mop thing. Other Hanson song am pop pop prop them Frisco it's been by way he's he's good as advertised. He's great he's a little bit of it all form ten ebitda if you liked about his job I just but that's German but it is a little. The Austrian and and I know you love tossing the Maher say as to force so we'll get them ready for Bastille day toward that. I love it your name guy come on top of the order top of the hour to your buddy here he's atop the order I'll be here after a four marching right sounds good that's the great richt it'll joining us here to kind of bring it all the other. Right on. So we you when he was sneak in a couple of calls is that I have should I have some football American football stuff out there now let's get these calls we're all rooting for Croatia. Let's go to we got we got Sheen in Livermore. Poisoning near Livermore what a shame. JUN us. Welcome Jane Jane. Changed how he don't tell moans San Francisco wants to talk world film I'll tell Mo not less Kilmer. Right tell -- got for his son non the World Cup. And a couple of days on the agreement thanks for joining us appreciate it. All right it's here you are together much but I have enjoyed yourself the day thank you burger undertow. Just kind of and I wanted to touch on the compare sent. Between the NCAA tournament and kind of you know a good in the beginning with the Cinderella story and as you get to that and you know you want the big powerhouses as well and soccer are the biggest difference what you have. There's even a team like Croatia that's not you know not all eleven starters or starters. But you're kind of like rocket pitch and Marc Rich which play on you know Real Madrid and Barcelona. Respectively. So even though the book that in itself isn't the best well own. Some of their starters are on the biggest soccer club in the world so that there. You know those can have banned in in Nigeria they have spent in Brazil have spent in Argentina. Politically or Croatia. And part of the respect and soccer is beating the bigger teams somewhat looking like Croatia huge down sugar and they saw so many people interest stated. And watching and tuning in because upstart got to work from players are well on club teams that are really well known. And in just a once again to see the beautiful game and to see if that they're small and could take it to the bigger guys. You know what I like when the little guy wins and some and some likeness. I mean if you think of Croatia then they're clearly I'm Rick pointed out did you have a rich history Dayton they do they do the little guys to us but not over there. But when you look at a size of their nation right sex assaults and it's the size of Los Angeles so if you're just to take players from LA. You've come up with guys good enough to win the world com the domain in the World Cup final. That's all that's how crazy amazing it is for Croatian war and then you take the population the United States and it makes us look even worse compared to. Country they're trying to scare the red white blue down under by the way I spent best vacation I've ever had was in Croatia phenomenal questions I've been told it is among the jams that people just don't realize don't waste my time in Zagreb the capital going in out there. Get the split get to the broke Hank get to the I'm trying to get to Poland. Next year language is very similar to Slovakian. Yes and now I know and so on tourney to Poland to crackle crack golf cart golf. A year and on 680. Because we can't get enough World Cup talk here at 957 a game and I'm a fan I'll be up early watching you tomorrow at least watching the first half before leads go which. It's the final fickle I think the ratings here in America Gergen to be higher than a lot of us expect him to be vigilant all right must turn off Ian what do you got force another World Cup. Odds are great big guys currently trigger a little bit and I'm talking I'm honored yesterday Eric Parker about the trophy between a giant. The most play you know irrelevant thing I imagined pat we've got the World Cup final tomorrow I'm art of being you know. We really really need to pay a lot of attention to it because it is going to be contacted. And Croatia. They basically made up of your small country a player. Racketeers. Are beating the best team in the world. Take a look at that broke out in general is in the big deal where he got deployed from Belgium you've got you know. Cops are welcome. Good player and an eventual World Cup. True bella become potentially pull all our boat. And they are going to crush. Karl while we but it. I like it Ian thank you very much for the call we appreciate it so I'm glad that you appreciate the fact we're talking about and I will say though. Where we are doesn't quite move in the Bay Bridge series is bigger area where where bigger jump the larger. Right that that tonight is a bigger story and if I can just double back on it the biggest single event in the US is the Super Bowl and I don't think. On French sports talk radio. The day before the game that they're breaking down the secondary of seat. Doing a patriots I will agree with so I mean I'd like the World Cup and I am a fan I'm alas it's on it. And and I appreciate that I know I wouldn't you know don't don't rip us for talking about the favorite series is our favorite series moves the needle here and that's a we're gonna finish in debate grandiose just a margin right hander who's a bigger for tonight. The giants or the F one. As vigor for the a's because they have all the momentum and all the talk going in to the series. And like I said they basically had it. The blueprint was playing out right in front of volume was right he got that seven thing okay here they ago that that ace. If if big if they're within striking distance. In the late innings that they will not only strike but they'll probably knock you out there done that so many times this year. Bases loaded nobody out in the seventh he didn't get it done so I think they're gonna arrive at the yard within even bigger chip. On their shoulder look any time his play the giants especially in San Francisco. The a's are gonna come in with a little bit of a chip on their shoulder I think last night makes the chip bigger and I expect. Brad Anderson tout pitched just some margin and. I think tonight only I'm only framing it in the form of tonight's game it's bigger for the giants because of Jeff's a margin. He has got to show them what they can expect the rest of the year. And for an individual effort let's I hope this is big is it can be for some margin. Because our guys tell me in some places you know what he just can't start anymore seeping in close games out. I'm telling you man I think back I would be as fantastic reliever I don't like him is he has a starter at all right is he in throw 95 miles an hour back in the sixth seventh or eighth inning. Yes he can do that and the beauty of that but Lincecum did in the 2014 playoffs right. And one of one of the reasons I've been told that they don't move some margin to the to the bullpen is because. He's got he's a routine guy. And this huge group is routinely glint in his career as a release exact cause I think our four years as an Lincecum had never leave and he figured it out. During the playoffs when the lights are the brightest in they don't win the Tony fourteen title without or Lincecum provided out of out of the bullpen now I agree. Just some margin he's. The biggest compliment I hear paid to him is he's an innings eater and our party talked about why innings eaters are of much value. Anymore but threats. I'm sorry just some margin as a reliever. You tell him I need you get three outs. Go out and blow it out which means instead of in the first second third inning. Sitting your fastball your view those and about ninety Q 93 because you've gotta save something got a keeps the tank for that six or seventh inning. You go out there as a reliever you can just blow it out give me 95 in nothing but. Aren't I gonna give you this NEA's front cause or a couple of minutes away from did not hear Rick chills going to be here you're gonna have to listen to him because of your earnings seniors are you guys. He came inning and gave us a teaser with Santiago Casilla had been the FA. The club also selected the contract. Of she'd be Wendell can. They optioned Ryan doll they pro mode in Franklin Beretta all reinstated Danieal Manning Dan. Barreto commons comes up who what does that tell you budget Lowery. Nothing. Were you thinking that underneath him or for him get going on all I as far as he had that tough. Oh sure yesterday when he's back and open a ball push guys coming in at all that's what I'm saying is if you bring it up Franklin Barreto. Who didn't just send him down a short time ago. And he's coming up I'm wondering I'm hoping. It's not worse which had Lori. There won't we thought yeah well I mean I was thinking more big picture like OK that's why don't listen Rick Moore out here come on put in Rick gone on radio dot com. That would be bad for ball yeah finished yet to have a win a minute to do bad for ball good from Germany topics Mickey good throwback for both. Not Harvey got it now target let's finish up the program we now have a title or bad for ball would be. But Lowery did you know me that all the roster moves to admit so us Santiago Casilla DF eight. They bring up GB Wendell can mean. Ryan dole goes down see that's that shot there. Ryan dole remember when he was like he was a rock star or employment and he had at orders it was a consecutive west help me out it was a consecutive. Career opening stretch of shutout innings correct. Inherited runners spousal any idea. And so he was viewed as like this guy's going to be a mainstay in our bullpen for a long time and boy he has fallen out of favor in a heartbeat day certainly has but then they promote. Franklin Barreto they reinstate Daniel Langdon a good sign like gambling amending guy I'm just nervous and that's why we're gonna listen to raise insurance writer. He's insurance for drifted down able to go to it but my goodness he. Now he's got a plane he'll start game one what a heart what heartbreak would be a flurry got hurts so bad he can't play while active at the very least she. By the way he should've gotten in Citic laboratories anyway and Larry's not in the line. And we just network worldwide Wes just broke means so do that on the hey you got a microphone. Turner that's why Barreto has been brought up. But again option in dole that's interesting to me in your basically saying we're finally done with Santiago. Can see here in UDF I am my god god bless Willie you said. Hell of a Ryan John the first DA's. As what was his name back then Jairo Garcia he was really. Yeah he was Jairo Garcia when he was three to four years younger on a fake birth certificate and then after 9/11 cracked down. He got exposed yet do admit he was on a fake birth certificate so now he's Santiago Casilla. David forced had a great line in response to release as well. Now we just feel like were our bullpen is that much more seasoned and Experian island it unlike those of the giants wins rings. Back to the days he's got a nice round. And I good for him and I agree he's EU get a good run like that so a's and giants tonight should be big for both sides and I can't wait to see more. Cafes have giant skier. And eighteen will you stop that you need to rock that had you can't talk about how much you love it not rocket well I'm just again. If I were aware something branded by a local team that would be it because I want nationally for its. You know because that's what I do. What you don't want he said I skyrocket and Irish immigrants here and I won clinic hyper. And do what you can't hurt pulled single parent whose things and do their opens that I would be that would be a fantastic. I would love to see that in my mind you got their number I got thrown into it I got their digits I can do but I'm not it I'm not I don't have votes you know I don't have bowled well you know. You'll get there someday in the I don't know I think if they're gonna keep me more than arms like I've baseball IQ they're both. Really nice guys you know he's been really really good today. Nick and that's thank you nick in west. Well I think everyone has been a part of the show Saturday. Nikki do we are outstanding and I said he was on wheels of steel because I was consider that to be that guy in charge. And then now long tall glass also known as. You play 31 worldwide Wes really a dirty white boy he slept here people don't notice he worked last night's. Game one of the Bay Bridge series. Brought a blank he. And a pillow. Finished the game. And in. Or call want to OS he's like 67. I'll tell you 65 X 56567. Or eight Afro and the challenges like it's 510 it is if it's 510. It's you know that is that close you are what six. Are you should be 6765. Nick. How tall are you six non. I gotta hurt. I am I am 59 in heels. Isn't that the littlest guy on the team. That's gonna do a great job by everyone today I hope you enjoyed of the four hour work day that we had chills up next yes we are gonna get. Let's go dugout chill. A stock ways done just about cherished and then that is not that's right dugout showed tonight it's a richt till next thanks to listen and on defense of the game. It. San Francisco showing us took game one of the favorites yeah. How restored to 96. Police station broadcast. The pain crystal clear. Big game.