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In the final hour Josh Liskiewitz analyst for Pro Football Focus joins the program to talk the NFL Draft and schedule release. Kolsky and Urbs wrap up with some Good for Ball Bad for Ball.


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What are the pelicans do with the volume then. You are listening to 95 point seven the game KG MZFM. In HD one in San Francisco we are the home of every single warriors playoff game I'm Michael Irvin his Mac calls keep. Will be with you until 3 o'clock talk a little bit about the borders and there we assumed their upcoming opponent. Which is going to. We're gonna assume that either of these team blows a three nothing lead. I do that she's somewhere to a 132 a no no you saw 127 an owner that's very close to 132 yeah I will be. It'll be 129. Within a couple of days in all likelihood this oil now do you think that it. The spurs I felt like their best shot at winning game in the series is going to be game three because of all the emotional. You know went with Popovich wife passing on you had that emotional lift which cannot often. I I basically felt like. They're gonna come out gangbusters in game three in all the lawyers have to do is weather the storm because that can be an exhausting thing to ride on a motion. No question especially when you're running on emotion would. Our two best player we talk about Al lockdown right now whether that first quarter storm and then you're just a better team right so. I. I really think orders are gonna this is going to be a laugher this is going to be the most lopsided game this series wouldn't. Too much pride on this first card or. I just don't I'm not as a matter. Didn't matter deserved for no and no I don't mean if it matters whether they win Berrian is dispersed pride matter. I think there is pride and that teams certainly with the veterans like. It Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker under wanna go out of all I mean and get what you know we may never play again after tomorrow in the NBA. Tomorrow can be manage you know these last NBA basketball game I don't think. There's going to be any shortage of intensity on the spurs part. The hall of Famer by the way are totally bald but it's that'd. Yes I don't know if there was an NBA only hall of fame I'm not shore but since it's a basketball hall of fame he's a first out. Your thoughts on that I love that about. The basketball hall of fame and it's not just MB that a guy like to nobody does it recognizes the hall of Famer cal lecturing his martial owners. Right recognized as a whole affair RV to sabonis. Ya. Yet I I this college I feel both ways about it college its international. And it's in the NBA is. The greatest lead in the world in my opinion of many sports league with my favorite and suffered the greatest there in my mind it's. I kind of wish it had its own hall of fame but IE also do I do enjoy the college health let me think what this Bill Walton would not be a hall of Famer. If it was just an Emmy jail finger and that he would our champion John Wooden wouldn't be well he'd be in the college basketball hall of fame but yeah I kind. I'm split on kind of Indy I wish we had a thing. Where we could be like he's a hall of Famer and we were specifically talking about his NBA career and we don't have that which kind of is the annoying to me what do wing satisfy you. I mean I think that's what it is during that Israel and the veteran all engineering you have got thorn have been. Cool. Not a big hall of fame down especially now compared to the baseball fan bigger smaller. Smaller smaller. Cooler. Different mood of baseball is such a history focused game. Basketball not as much the best part of the Baseball Hall of Fame is the the exhibits that get rotated in and now right because if you go to that if you go to the hall of fame in Cooperstown. Austin is a boss every year. You're there are certain things that you're gonna see every time you go. But there's also going to be some things that you've never seen before because they rotate them and I think that's a Smart thing today via the area. Anyway at the of them the point of all this is. I don't think the spurs will show up on interest in. I just don't know that it matters they don't have the horses there's no talent on this team right now. What's the worst case scenario for you is abort if you're wars fan. I want a law and any laws that I mean rule you don't wanna play extra games Richard Zacks opportunity let's injured let's take the loss. Let's assume they're gonna win but. What do you see. In this game that would be the last thing you wanna see from the quarters on me to go first. And in short of injury I don't care cheaper for me it's if if if there's any drop off whatsoever in defensive intensity. Then I'm bummed because that's what makes them special when they when we talk about this proverbial. Switch to date flipped. They did flippant they're getting after it on defense like we didn't see him get after. On a 48 minute basis during the regular season very often here's my point who's the second best player on the spurs right now. Who are you giving passports. Marks on the. At the top four and I mean that's my point there there isn't one and there's nobody any good. And all due respect. To veteran and then I dream before this play out there I mean look I below. Manage you know he's one of my favorite basketball players of all time I love the creative. They're weird. Love lemon and you meet key lefty huge Tony Parker fans love Tony Parker people forget. Tony Parker led the league and heat field goal percentage for much of his career and amazing basketball player. Not these guys. Still have it again with all due respect. Tony Parker is 35 years old he's been playing in the NBA since he was eighteen or nineteen has been playing professional basketball for more than twenty years. He's physically not there anymore right. Rudy gate. There we go there's a second missed four easy there I mean Pao Gasol might be in that conversation I'm surprised power hasn't played more and that's. 'cause she's thirty so happen. And he's been playing in the NBA for well I seventeen year it bike that's what this. When power is on the floor he was he was doing some positive things he still effective on. Day to day basis in the regular season I don't think he gets enough credit for the career he's what he's an amazing career another hall of Famer but again this is this comes back to my point about the intensity level that the spurs played with all year long and the level of precision they played with the execution. That they had how well coached they worked all season long and how. There's really not an extra gear for them to go to in the playoffs. There's just not right and it that it's it's a question of talent. And it's a question of what it took to get you where you all are and all year long I think some part of this team. Was thinking. We just got a hold on. Until we get coli back current. And it never happened and I I think that's just. Tough to take and I don't think they've been able to recover I'd I'd just. There's nothing they have there's no there there for the spurs and so to meet what's the worst thing that could happen. It's just injury just don't get hurt. 'cause you're not losing this series. Yes then no that's obvious but put the demurred on saying I mean the warriors but if they could flip the switch coming into this round why can't they do it again going in the next round. If they take one game off from a defensive perspective what makes you think they won't find it again. When they're faced with a capable opponent to good point but I still believe in him in the power of habits and I think they have through the first three games this series gotten back into the habit. Of treating every single defensive possession. As if it's everything is if everything's on the line I end it but when the lawyers are digging up the way video in moving the ball the way they're moving the ball. Nobody nobody can come close to beating them in the seven games here's the greens have gotten some bad habits in the rigorously. But nerves that's exactly my point. When they lost 11979. To the jazz on the last day of the regular season now the most predictable blah yeah how was a defensive effort. Is nothing there's no effort and yet game one against the spurs looked pretty good did not have a great so between game 82 of the regular season in game one of the playoffs. Boom. The defense showed up. If it's not there in game four of us complete mismatch playoff series and where and with the whole thing has just been sad. Yeah I literally couldn't enjoy game three at all felt terrible. This this spurs' dynasty that whatever age you may folks thought it was boring you may have thought. It was not the level of entertainment you wanted for your NBA basketball but it's it's impressive. It's. One of the most sort of sparkling examples of doing business the right way as a sports franchise like it's. It's hard not to respected at least. And there are worth watching if I hadn't yet you're just wrong what are you respect your jag if you don't respect it and end. You're watching it dying. With its best player not even in the building win the head coach that's defined Ara. Not here because his wife passed away tragically we have. Grew with a whimper you're watching it and with a whimper and it's depressing to me. NBA fan as much as I am. You know I I love the whole league and and watching. One of the great success stories in the league seemed to fizzle out in this upsetting anti climactic. Frankly death filled the scenario is just unpleasant. For me you know I listened to game three on the radio rather than watch it a great thing to do right here on the home. For every single worst play Afghan and that wasn't just a gratuitous plug but it was because. OK in my really going to sit down and invest four hour yeah watching this and a lot of people are going four hours or what basketball game last four hours. When you're watching with a mean it would remove my hand to jump back yeah it last for hours so I'm like okay do I have four hours to devote to a a game that I already know the outcome and advanced now or do I listened to the sultry tones of orders fox. LM 95 from the game and just enjoy it that way I did and I'm gonna tell you American beat. Dramatically altering my schedule to watch you know. The last game of the series tomorrow at 1230. A listen to it again on the radio among likely mean. The yeah I'm tired MBA fan you don't hear me say I'm gonna stick to the NBA playoff game. I have plans to watch Temares gain specifically but otherwise I'm with the you know I just it's. Again it's it's not even just that I don't know that'll be super entertaining it's that it literally is making me sent here at. When's the last time I I don't know that I can actually remember watching the spurs game without Gregg Popovich involved. And in where you left last year after the warriors closed out disperse the playoffs. I was kind of bummed that alone while that's how Ginobili is gonna go out yes and then when I heard he was coming back I was like awesome. 'cause I wanna seem not only do or wanna see more of them. But I don't wanna see him go out like that well here we are it's if he's going out like that it's even worse than what. Yeah yeah probably is and look even in this series where the spurs have never had a shot and any game that you've seen some moments from an originally words like. Men at school why was healthy in any of it personally I don't want him on myself dill and does things and and it would have been great to see them means something but that's not where we are. Art or you turn the page we're gonna get back to bass I'm sorry to baseball and observed Cisco giant. They just brought a newcomer and he's Justin Turner Justin Turner Justin Turner are mercy school scheme and I've certainly. With wrinkled guy. That's one are part mention nine innings actual. Yeah. Fighters welcome because you know we looked and talked. Ali dudes were much tough guys here wanna fight not a little. Extra protection. All right well that fitness. Encouraged beautiful sounds confusing couldn't put him in good shape are they up at all that Allen is in good shape. Now back in 957. Big game. Just a bunch of philadelphians and how does that mean it's always sunny in Philadelphia. In honor of your Philadelphia 76ers. Returning home within a 31. Series lead Miami Heat did you trust the process I did I can win the Eastern Conference. But this year really you wanna. I am waiting Illini within their way people thank you. People are picking the Toronto Raptors and it's driving me crazy I think that not just because I don't think. A team that relies so heavily on their back court. Just like the Portland trailblazers don't receive it if your best two players are your one and two. You're not going very far in the underclass that is my thing again your opinion is incorrect but in this particular case I agree with you. My opinion is incorrect at the very well I mean. Maybe it's an opinion let me refer it there's just such a wrong opinion math that's sure. Your your opinion either is for any act. On according to the text line anyway. Your opinion while valid because it is in fact and opinion and you are an adult human capable of forming them. It disregards. Significant. Literal actual history that is happened. If it throughout the course of the NBA there's like a color wheel of condescension including you literally would have every color Harvard because I think I've been. The target of calls he condescension. In about 31 different flavors. Just don't get it clear. That's I don't I have my special condescension sound but I mean NBA champions whose best two players were there warning their team again the Golden State Warriors in 2015. The Detroit Pistons in the early 1990s. I disagree with you that their best two players were there warning they're to the fifteen orders the both Paul in my domain they got. Well I'd. I love Dre mongering or put me in a tough spot but in 2015 I I think. Attempts to argue that dream on green was better than Klay Thompson in 2015. It's tough men it's tough to make that argument I think there are mainly their clothing are equal all. I don't think they win and how about this their three best players that you're there to them. Were there starting our own Syria and clearly the best give me another clearly the best you rather wanted to guard your Golden State orders. I'd as I mentioned the Detroit Pistons of the early ninety's I went through a bunch of these earlier I'm just gonna pulp list of NBA champions. And will just take a quick gander at how many of them we think. Had no you're saying specifically. The one in the two as the two best players as institute guys you meant the most to your playoff for a spoke. So again I think between fifteen warriors are pretty good example of that. The going back known not lakers not spurs I'll tell you the X. Heat you have would have Shaq. The pistons. Detroit Pistons I wouldn't argue had the two guards as the best so that doesn't count. You don't. Scottie Pippen technically was a small forward but really need Jordan and picked up were they were go words they were certainly wing leaning towards title any team has Jordan or LeBron honor is you can't bring them. Well you're making a lot of rules here I guess we got to go to the 89 and ninety these very pistons. Where do Marsden and Isaiah are the best two players. I wouldn't say they're the most important players for their playoff run well I would disagree we can and you know as as a welcoming points out and fit into the text or point out that that European brawl Lewis. And as us. I agree with this text or liberal point guard he's and he's playing the three in a way but who was the point guard if not LeBron. Who's the player on the when he twelve Miami. Really knew this was magical point guard. Was LeBron listed as a one earth to meaning was listed as a three I think blankplay you have to you can't. You can't use LeBron any team LeBron plays on or MJ for that matter. I think couldn't you say any team staff curry plays on doesn't nothing cal guys are there I don't put stiff during the same category as they're put MJ LeBron nobody started worst fans I'm a die hard work for him to vote. LeBron I'm. MJ there are there and separately. OK I mean I'm not gonna disagree with that but I'm just saying obviously if you wanna win a title with your guards as your best players they got to be super special guards. But yeah I think it can be done. Not right now because the best team doesn't have the tuba players as guards if it's going to be done them they're gonna be that like. Ungodly good guards I mean and I'm for nothing but what about this year's Houston Rockets. I don't think they're going to win a title. But there's certainly. In any argument. For a title contender so down on Chris Paul like I can I am too but I'm just make in the way they hear the number one seed a team that's running over the timberwolves as we speak and looks to have a pretty clear path at least to the conference finals. By two guards and no slowing them down or you might just another when they may not. But I think to your point about Portland what's happening to them as more specific then. It's hard to win in the playoffs with guards your best players it's specifically about the match. And it's it's it's specific to we don't have anybody who can handle Anthony Davis no but no one does. He's a young guys see that stat that they brought in to us about the playoff scoring averages him. Like on paper and that's what we got a gun on paper and it looked pretty good but things she Donovan Mitchell at number four. He's played and whether that's a small sample size show our programs but. Don't think you should use that as a reason not to respect the accomplish I think ultimately like that they should have minimum twenty games Ireland Davis would not be met us. If you play. Seven. Seven that it it was swept by the warriors and now this news he's won three okay thirty plus. That's yeah I mean look telling us and have a role in that series. He's going to be told to go in just pound on Anthony Davis I agree with you I just don't know how successful it's going to. Now how do you measure success. Because I'm not saying he's gonna go out there and stop AD from getting his bucket I'm saying he is going to beat on a deed to where. The cumulative effect of him beating on him JaVale beating on him. Maybe Jordan bell comes in specifically to beat on him. Maybe dream on does a little beating on him I think you the cumulative. Effect of that. You mean that Seton tell games 456. Of the series if it goes that far. But I think if one of your priorities. Is to make things very physically difficult. On a deep make him absorbing a lot of contact look he's a big strong dude I get it. But if you're gonna use 181000 gain on him. And make him beat you at the line as opposed to wood down oops I'm OK with that. Is it crazy for me to say I think. I would rather have damion Jones and a pencil. If I mean if we're really talking about Zaza has real potential impact is just. Physical there's nothing physical about gaming jones' game at this. But seeking go out there it is if you tell Damien don't easier put him I'm thinking that maybe he can keep up for them athletically from orbit right well what I'm thinking is he's capable of being physical. He's bigger than Zaza. But at least years a chance of keeping up athletically where Zaza has no chance yet and you might also take California some action and Zaza out there for any reason other then. Hope I'm on this dude perfume and why no but if you're gonna send someone out there to just go pound on that dude. Shoot them wouldn't you just just as well like to have that someone who has a chance to keep up physically is what are athletically as well. Well what I'm saying is you've got six centers on your roster I'm saying use every one of them how many center minutes I'm. And be played in the sear on here I mean I think more often than not by that they have six senators on their house now but I think I'm repentant and reading a lot adding more often than not where you're really going to be looking at is dream on playing center against Davis. And Kevin Durant at the four against Mirotic I don't think you'll ever hear me say this about another matchup being a part of which dream on green is. I don't like that match. At all now noted dream on has a 741 wing span he can guard anybody but I just think. One on one page he's skinny turn month's launch of sorrow that's only gal ever say that about I'm not sure that there is anyone. Who do you whose launch he won't eat. Right so 6772. Whatever you. He's got his very good chance as anyone to defendant and I think more to the point. It's. What value you get from mismatch is the other. Your you wanna get him out of a land on defense as much as possible to right. And the more you're using eight death type lineup which is to save. Streamlined its center Acadia the four whoever else is filling in 2123 based on who's healthy. Part of the point that is too. Reduce the effectiveness of a defensive big for the other team. And that's going to be a big part of the series is reducing the defensive effectiveness of Anthony Davis and and part of doing man and one way to do that is to. Go small and try to defend draw him. Maybe maybe put Katie and sometimes because of the true centers I think maybe would you agree with this maybe David West is the guy that makes the most sense because he can't hit that elbow to 1718 foot jumper and he might. Have the most. He might be the only guy that AD is really gonna go out and pay a whole lot of attention outside. That's for that's probably true he's gonna have a lot of the same problems and Zaza. Which is to say. On defense as tough as it is our editors at the elbow ADs gonna look at him like okay beat me that all day. No and on psalms and on the other end on the other end I interpreted data was gonna have some of the same problems as Zaza and terms of the candidates to run right as a response to impair. Why it. I actually think Davis is going to hurt Davis and west is going to make his money where he always does fifteen minutes against reserve's move. That that's. That's his role he's done it all year with great success I don't expect that to change I think it's more likely to see. The approach change. With the starter level minutes from the guys playing against the number one's more often and honestly. If it's not c'mon looney I think it's available. I think those are your to use to best starting center options your two best. If you will true center options in this series damion Jones is doesn't have the experience to me sounds a dozen of the F lettuce isn't so. If I'm talking about real centers to be on the floor to try to deal would Davis is gonna be combined loony who in addition to seeing. Young and spry a relative to the other warriors big men. Has shown a remarkable ability to stay in front of guys who were good ball handlers he's been switched on to some twos and threes throughout the course in this playoffs. Any moves his feet great either really Smart capable defenders so. Angle to the extent that they player real center it's trying to be loony Woodson JaVale may extend and then. It's gonna be a lot of small. He's Mikulski a Michael Irvin we're going to be taking up until 3 o'clock if you wanna join the conversation we would love for you to do that. Triple A 95792578889579570. If you wanted to on the Penske and Lesotho content excellent. That B 95795. We're going to be getting too good for ball. Bad for ball in mere moments but before we go their calls get wanna ask you. Two of the narratives that we heard throughout the regular season were Andrei would dollar is done almighty god and the bench is done oh my god. Okay nobody saying those things in this series. And I have a very simple explanation for both of them while I'm in I'm not sure if you heard this months ago. I basically said what Andre Iguodala is doing right now. Is he is running the longest long time in the history of the NBA. There's no way that warriors brass signed second with three year deal. Mean. You're giving them zero benefit of the doubt if you really think. He would've lost that stepped after signing a three year deal. I have no doubt in my mind that all along they're telling Andre and their all and honor you this money were paying you it's for April main engine. We don't we don't need you to be great during the regular season we need to be healthy and productive and April may and June. I think that's pretty much exactly. What has happened I don't know that it's reclusive. I'm not sure and I think. Quite frankly. They got you the last turn and in a regular season and expected that I really indicated. Com. Problem with a under is when he's not in playoff pondering mood it's not just that he's not as good. It's that. He whip it seems to willfully do some things that might hurt the team. Not in a broad sense Madonna played a play basis like he kept the ball three feet from the are among guarded and just not shoot. MM and a gamer put 29 minutes and didn't take it shot us and some stuff like that right it's bizarre but Oregon weird dude don't you follow us Twitter like he had. He's the most cryptic follow in Twitter history absolutely. He he also just. He seems to as often as he says something. Useful and interesting and post game comments he seems to say things that are completely cryptic but that clearly mean something yeah. He's just yeah an Al they're sort of a guy and I think when he gets a kick out of it too he does he enjoy is being the smartest guy in the room. Or the craziest. Well I think I think what he enjoys his being the smartest guy in the room and having people think he's crazy time. And he's good he's good about it and he is Smart and use the you know one of the most eye opening things actually had a conversation with Jim Burnett about this. One the most eye opening things this year was Andrei did sidelines. At the there was a rookie sophomore game at all star weekend. Like some lesser broadcast right he was the sideline reporter and you know because all star we can broadcasts are so goofy anyway at a certain point you just became like a third commentator. And he's inside the way he sees the team to the questions you noticed. I mean the guy could be the best broad can he could be later Tony Roma earth like the way Romo came in and blew my mind he's a million times better than any football on us ever heard in my life this year do you just. He sharing more information about the game than anyone I've ever watched it that was what it was like watching entree and it was. Revelatory in a way that when he's in this circumstance where his job is to give. This may comments about the game that it's easy for early in person understand but there are also illuminating it was it was while he was great he can. Take anyone's job they wanna do and so. I do you think. There was whether spoken or not there was clearly an agreement. That this money is for April may and there. There's there's just there's no doubt in my mind that that was there now did they probably hope he looked a little better during the regular season I imagine they did. But I don't think there was a lot of fear. That he had lost that entire. Now let's get back to the other narrative that we heard a lot of oh my god the debt. The bench got old and heard the bench isn't nearly as good as he used to be but if you're just paying even the slightest bit of attention Matt. You see that. The way Steve Kerr likes to use his bench in his rotations. What percentage of the season do you think he got to use his bench him in his rotations the way you would ideally like to do it yes social at all. All 5% really really that's the only thing that was wrong with a bench. It just wasn't being used to optimum efficiency. Kurt knows how to use it to optimum efficiency bit because of all the different injuries. He couldn't do it now now that there are only dealing really with one injury stiff Currie in May have. Quinn cook and Andre Iguodala has stepped in there and I'm really used part of the bench by. When you have 23 guys that are out and it dramatically changes your bench rotation that's why the bench looked bad. Now the bench looked pretty damn good again it's just they're being used the way he likes to use. That is somewhat sure I'm not willing to go all the way they were the on this one now because. I don't think you can ignore a handful of things for instance. Quinn cook was not supposed to be part of this to not part of the reason he's here is because. Seth Curry was hurt. But a bigger reason Quinn cook had to be the part of his team that he was is that the Nick Young signing with a complete failure. And Patrick McCall was either hurt or wildly under performing for most of the right so. We're just looking at what to the warriors think the bench is gonna be before the season. Vs what it became. I think what you said is true of guys like west and Iguodala and Livingston where. They were put in roles they probably shouldn't have been throughout the course of the year because of injuries and the bench is depleted because of injuries because it wasn't that he allowed to be used the way it it they wanted to be conservative and anybody who didn't start which includes Nick Young Patrick McCullough yeah but nick young's been a disaster and how can I get off. Came into the year and played might scare boy. Yes after last year being. An impressive assertive player throughout. Every time it was on the floor frankly he looked like a different guy the start of the season so if you're talking about they put this bench together thinking Nick Young would contribute he did not. Thinking Patrick McCall would be an important backup of the guard position he was not thinking that Andre Iguodala. Probably. Would shoot better than twenty something percent on three points and and would do it consistently look like he wanted to be on the floor he did not. Thinking only recast beat would be sort of Jack of all trades contributor who would knock down threes for them glue which she did not. Thinking Jordan bell would be huge part of their. Rotation this year which mostly because of injuries he was not thinking to bomb looney. Might not be a part of irritation at all. And yet they desperately needed and so I actually think. The bench now yes has gotten much better and it does seem to be. In working order and all of a level that won't get them where they wanna go but I think it's actually they've gotten some market. They got lucky that Quinn cook is this good. I don't think they knew. Or they wouldn't of bothered me Nick Young they commit to a contract an idea. They had no idea he had potential I don't think they thought he was a guy who could you know come in and scored double digits economic yet and I think nick young's worse than they thought bomber cast these worse than they thought it. Exactly Quinn cook is much better than I thought come on loonie is much better than they thought and then McCall on bail I think. You know if we're talking about what the warriors hoped. Starting the season what are the warriors hope to see. I think both Jordan bill. And Patrick McCaw have been disappointments as well. Not when he won so the bench to me it's like. Yes it's back but it's they got a little lucky. I could argue that I just think that we're going into the season Steve had an idea of exactly how his communion suspect but come document I'm not in dispute. At least a couple of your claims and one of them that. Sway you he has been an abject fear there's just and they like him. You know I love them so that teammate right so maybe it's not there's a guy so maybe it's not a disaster but. Basketball wise he's broad enough and that's exactly what I thought he'd bring an assignment so. I don't tell I still don't totally understand that one of our colleagues still. Believes that he is gonna have one game in this playoff round that can make it all worthwhile I don't want a cast aspersions and any of our public I don't either hey you know what it is time. Four and I know that uncle Tony will not agree with this phenomena say it's the greatest game in Sports Radio. You don't have a prize that's the only problem when that but it is one hell of a game it's good for ball back affable. Time tour. Outstanding toward bad through. Yeah. Here's Michael herb and all right. You probably know this but I'm giving you your refresher course anyway everything in life can be labeled one of two ways good for ball good or bad for ball. Everything in life I'll give you a non sports example. Mum and Matt calls you just told me in my opinion was wrong I did. That's fashionable yet you're. Dubious charged as an. Good fur ball would be. The breeze at Starbucks seeing you reverse pivot out of line we have New York. You think your beverage is capped and she didn't capped it. Well enough on now and it blows up and you get stuff all over you and hurt copping to having not secured the lid and not only giving me. A refill giving me my beverage back she gave me a five dollar gift card that's good for what that's just professional service that's the way you do business. But we try to keep it to sports net believe Lucas is going to be throwing the topic saddest. Is that correct Lucas. Lucas has it's gonna play host Lucas is a producer and Lucas will. Throw us the topics and we. Mean Mac calls you'll tell you whether it's good for ball or bad for ball if you wanted to join him. Triple A 957957. Year I'd just like that Lucas has the self confidence to quietly saying. I can do it when you ask if he's ready I would make it happen. Okay ready we're ready answer question number one. Anthony Rizzo said earlier this week. That he would like to play less baseball then you know I mean if he didn't know he's a professional baseball player wants to do less of that. It's playing less baseball. If you did know they play under 62 games playing less baseball good for ball. However great can you give us some context they're shortening demeaning someone asked if they should shorten the season. Well OK any said he'd take less money. So the words I wanna play less baseball actually came out of your mouth death while. I'm gonna say that's bad for ball a professional baseball player singer wanna play less baseball just clear this is great for ball okay. There's no way. You'll not hear me say your opinions from him the only professional season that's not too long is football. Every other major American professional sport could stand to give some games back to the obstacle is obvious. To sharing correct. If Anthony Rizzo is going to lead the charge of baseball players saying I'll gladly take twenty million instead of 22 so that you have a better season. God bless and congress like say there needs to be a lot more context given them the two sentence. Lay out that I have in front. Anthony ray is close Rizzo strongly stating he wants to play less baseball unless you give me a ton of context. All the politics this guy I'm gonna say bad for ball and I understand that and I respect that as you wanna see more baseball on that's fine but a 162 was too many. I agree completely a 150 would be plenty. 140 be good a hundred is fine with me. Pulled it and their record vocal about a record. What what. Problem in baseball doesn't start with Edie it's worried about the record and then honestly the entire sport. Has been ruined repeatedly. By idiots who care about dumb numbers there's a lot of payers actually hold that up as for a reason why baseball's better than other sports I'm. I don't get that I don't get it that concept is like we're not capable of undersea you talked about context. It's not like we wouldn't be capable of understanding context right if the best home run hitter in the 162 game arrow hit 73. Or seven however many. I don't count well. It may be or may. The best home run hitter in the hundred game Meryl whoa Max out at 45 greats we can appreciate the context it doesn't matter right. And I realized Nia. And really if you're gonna compare guy who played ball in the forties right with a guy who played in the 2000 lot of other problems you don't even need context you just need a brain that's her. All right next Lucas next. In all but two games so far in the post season whoever has made the most three pointers in that game has want. Is that good for bone graft while being so it's so reliant on the three pointers and nothing kind of that the judge of who wins the game so far mr. Kowalski you go first. This tough yeah I mean to you. A sudden. I'm gonna say good for ball. What I really mean is neutral for ball cause I don't think it's good or not an answer well but bad for ball is taking a stance against the three point shot you have to see either good or bad for boy you can't seem OK it's good for ball got. One reason it's good for ball is because it's not bad for ball on I only have two choices and the reason it's not bad for ball. It's because. I don't actually make anything in this. Who's the better three point shooting team on the season between the pelicans and the blazers. Blazers I would imagine without even having to it's definitely the blazers. So yep pelicans Hammond to a shot a better as they beat them. In part because they're defending the blazers well. In part because Rajon Rondo suddenly apparently knows how to shoot a three point or not I don't quite know what to make event but like. MI. The reason this would be bad for ball on my mind is it that meant that kind of lesser teams were winning on the strength of three point shooting and I just don't see that. I'm going to say that it is bad for ball an American and out this year any qualifiers here's why he's back at the ball give him an anecdote OK so why it's bad for ball. Okay we don't even mean this debt to trickle down to the high school or middle school level. Some note high schoolers in middle schoolers are practicing the threes now more than they used to practice in my day to try to dunk right mr. Because. At the club that I belong to that my daughter swims that we have the best bulletin. And I go in there and because my knees don't let me do anything but shoot free throws are going there and issued under free throws everyday and the other day I went in there and I got there at the tail end of the two hours they've blocked off for their morning run then and there were ten players on the court. And none of them I would guess were middle school to high school for one guy I was in his forties. The first eight shots I shot taken while I was in that gem worth reporters. Former miss the rim entirely. And then finally they dump the ball into the forty year old who was playing exclusively on the block. Needle up and under and scored the first bucket the entire time I did in the gym. It's bad for ball because. Kids you don't have this kind of talent all their worry about is jacking up three's. And it's you who was that announcer that took a whole lot of heat last year pursue instead of Korea's ruling India I don't think Steffi is ruining the NBA. But I think. When you hear that the three point her. Is that end all be all of NBA game. If it's gonna get youngsters if it's gonna make youngsters. Do nothing but shoot three pointers when they're practicing then it's bad for ball I'd like to see guys develop an all court game. Not just shoot the three and that's from seeing when I see kids on the hardwood Tuesday. Yeah but you started that by comparing what kids are doing now with reporters to a kids were doing back in your day would docs. How many of those kids were dunking in an Ambien. How many of those cadaver dog how many kids ever use that Duncan any productive way. But they say they would be like buying issues out of the back of a magazine I know I know I didn't increase your Burton on the port deal to dunk that was. To be great three point shooter now to bigger deal to be a great three point shooter. I'm not totally sure that's true but I see your point and I agree with a when I'm standing to the kids the New York that's clear there's no question about that. What I'm saying though is. The type of basketball you're talking about has always been played poorly and ill advised that. The fact that they're now taking bad threes instead of throwing up garbage lay ups doesn't make a huge difference to me. Threes worth more than two their for a three pointers a better shot than a two pointer all things being equal. That's just the fact. And I don't know why it should be a problem like no it's only if you're proficient three point shooter that's a better shot if interact shooter what your bad shooter nothing's good show. Right that you're singing at three point is intrinsically a better shot than a tomb yeah. So your sense worth more you'd rather have a guy taken open 25 footer than opened five footer then he's gonna make 80% of the time verses 20% of the time. This kid can hit that 25 footer no I mean obviously their specific situations where you'd rather have guys choosing just can't throw out your statement was thrown out with a blank I'm just saying you can't blanket like my blanket statement is all things being equal. A three is better than two it's pretty simple. I made three is than the made to give you that correct and. Whoa you or you. Like conceptually I curious saying because it's hideous to watch a bunch of sixteen year old has launched ill advised reporters and pick up game. I wanna play in that pickup game. But pick up basketball's always been trash and I'm not shore this idea that people having your not alone by any stretch a lot of people think this way. 00 to three point just become so popular now we got kids doing nothing but jacking up threes like. The group of kids that wrongly interprets NBA basketball into playing bad basketball. They've always been. Maybe they're doing different things now but it's not actually hurting the game kids that wanna be grade are learning how to play properly stay right. And the fact that they may shoot more threes while they learn to play properly. At doesn't bother me at all but there. OK let's go let's go rapid fire thirtieth. We got more. Cavaliers on the verge of being bounced from the NBA playoffs by a team no one knew anything about the Indiana Pacers mostly LeBron James being bounced out of the playoffs and yeah. That's central to share and you don't mean to say cavaliers LeBron James and LeBron James going out in the first round is no doubt bad for ball in my opinion. Agreed although if you were a fan of save the lakers. You might think this is awfully good football Gloria there's no doubt if you're a fan of the team that might be able to get LeBron and this is what you want to to seriously think that LeBron can end up anywhere other than the lakers fixture. Yes I think they're I think it's at least. It's at least equally possible we'll stay in Cleveland market. Yes so easily although if I can they lose in the first round that does not bode well for Cleveland art let's go next yesterday was for Tony we should mention. Yes it was and sticking with that Matt Barnes said yesterday on four try and he played every game that his NBA career. Hi and actually goes all the way back to I'll marijuana is yes but Kenyon Martin also said this was in a sit down Bleacher Report really good if you should go check that out. Can you Martins that 85% of NBA players. Now smoke weed regularly. If the NBA allowed the use of marijuana is that good for ball. Classic quickly return. Matt Barnes is Matt Barnes. I know for a fact. Of multiple hall of fame players. Who played at least 85% of their NBA basketball games. While under the influence of merit for fact I notice. Not enough affect to report it but I notice it. It's part of the game you have blanket. It's part of the game the question is is it good for more ram for all out it's obviously good for herbal. And what possible purpose stick to her prohibition. It's do you like. If a guy wants to smoke and it makes them worse basketball player fine let him let guys hurt their careers in no way is why not would this illegal drug to do with alcohol. The entire league was hurt by cocaine in the eighties marijuana is legal. In a lot of places certainly is legal here so I say good for. And look. Steve Kerr thinks they should allow marijuana in the NBA error grow I think they should allow marijuana in the NBA I think it's good for ball if they'll aren't we got time for one more. Okay last one. High school baseball coach refusing to forfeit the game down 82 to nothing. And mommy let me give you quote here this is this is what this is old Rochester high school. In Massachusetts. Wanna game 82 to nothing this is what the head coach of rocks at old Rochester high school set and sick to my stomach over this. We really tried everything possible we told the kids to to stop taking extra bases no sprinting we even I kids bunting and they couldn't make the routine plays. We've kids hitting balls 300 feet and jogging to first week even after they stopped the game after four innings. Miss Edna believe me we exhausted all options in our car good from bad ball that team down 82 to nothing would not forfeit big. Good for ball near what are you teaching your kids it depends to me at the kids voted or not. If that code it's don't have a vote if the coach made that decision coaches to see if he made that decision unilaterally without checking with his team that's terrible I don't know this is teaching moment known as the collegiate and nothing is not a teaching moment is it's teaching how to finish what you start are you getting just give up. You can do about because you get beaten so bad. Or did you see it through to the better and so do you think the what are you think the mercy rules totally inappropriate. I don't think it's inappropriate apparel and the should be immersed in rural situation. If they have the mercy rule obviously it wouldn't have gone to 82 to nothing they had a reason for not having Mercer. I think I understand you're teaching your kids to quit when you get your ass kicked at a that does not how I see it at all. That's how I see it if it ever baseball coach do well that makes you more qualified to speak to this I will say that but here's the problem for me. There's what are you learning after fifty. Truly would have what do you learned between fifteen and nothing in 82 and but I don't know depends on how many mistake and not a damn thing now probably not. All right we got thirty seconds left we can go back and forth I just don't like the idea of first often do not give your players say on this thing. You're the authority figure it is your decision in your decision only. Okay that's that's the one thing the other thing is I don't like the idea of teaching players to quit when your game and that's philosophically understand you in this case. Let him go Matt I had a great time not as good a time machine in the air with me out we've got tittle and butcher boy they're coming up next summer if I certainly didn't.