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Bobby Evans stops by to talk Giants Baseball with Urbs and Kolsky.


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Anybody before you answer this just one let Iran know they're listening to nine to 57 a game eight KG MC FM and HQ one singer for Cisco the radio for every single lawyers. Playoff can chart Bobby just had to get the legal stuff out of the way. You know I I appreciate it in I think it from our standpoint. You know that the main the main reason to add you know Evan Longoria and a and McCutcheon. Andrew McCutcheon is because of what they can produce on the deal how they can deal. Played both sides of the ball those he principally offensively and and and because of who they are you know that your adding. You know and net add to your club. You know in more ways than just what they can do on the field you know that they present in the clubhouse they have a professional approach and what they we they carry themselves and how they. Patting me and is their gated beam routine in the example that they set for others around them and how to handle. Adversity of the game as well as in how to handle the success of the game and so those are the older the older. Are absolutely. Huge posits trust in in what they bring in either club and you know we've got a number of guys who have. You've been to the finish line and back and it had that option that they announce that when you look at these two guys and what they've accomplished in their career and how they. You have handled the pluses and minuses that ups and downs of a career. If there there admire immediately but just from the time they walk in the door and yet at the same time their truly respectful of the veterans in the present so we have in the clubhouse ready yet. And they've really yeah I think they've really made it huge investment. Innate in their teammates around and as well as it bites Ers. You know I've enjoyed you know just simple things and I you know. This spring just walking in the clubhouse in Scottsdale. NCAA and you McCutcheon sitting there were really amazed. Talking the game with them and and I think it. I think that that's really you know Powell. You know I picture. You know the whole team coming together to spend time with each other in the papers there's an mutual admiration not just for all of the neighbors each other. We are joined by giants general manager Bobby Evans Bobby M I'll let you bounce from this one what do you need to see what is the staff need to see. For mr. dug her before he gets his first call two big weeks. I mean we're we're we're always working on things mechanically you're looking at a consistent approach play. We're looking it is you know that in the mechanics of swing pass and approach. Well we are you know what he's capable of these essentially. Give up her base an opinion that that's having missed so much of last year. Having some yes some ups and downs are since the spring and you know I think he's awful close something like trumpet be. Like from to be able to come you know at at the time that he's most ready as opposed to when we most speed of you know attack our circumstances may dictate as well but. If so far I think she's showing good progress coming out of spring training and I think he's he's made adjustments and it continued at that. You know it and it in the role that he'd play our club be likened to be excited you know at least an on base rather. Is is not you know. We're not seeing a lot of cheap street investor were Edward Dorsey and do it. You know good that reached pitched a Pitt even in. You know getting on base and so those are those are some of the things but again. In my trip to tell us what he's ready as I assessed at the Paloma. And Bobby thank you so much free time hour so gracious within enjoy there is your weekend. Thank you. Of Bobby Evans giants general manager if you're just now joining us if you missed any of our interviews including. Baxter Holmes and NBA writer for ESP NE joined us at 1230 just head on over to. 957. The game dot com we put all of our great interviews not just the weekend interviews but Monday through Friday we have fantastic guests and they get those up. Awfully quick should check it out at 957 the game dot con anything jump out at you than mr. Evans says. The darker thing that I'm and I think. That's who we are talking about that makes sense they want it's the last thing he said Darian ouster with say I like they would want put him. The tell tell them when he's ready verses and and they don't mean he does and obviously doesn't mean he wants Stephen Doug to come into his office and I'm ready to call Bobby Evans Labonte and ready. Now but I will say this you know he also talked about. Getting on base being an important part of what. Frankly it makes cents a guy is playing center and it has some speed you want among the base past. They right now twelve games at the PCL he's hit just 250 but OBP 345 so right you know these keys. Obviously taking. What they've told him into his approach. And you don't 44 year old kid had a good spring training this year. Could very easily be a starting center fielder 25 next year and I think that would make a lot of giants fans happy with the under is that you said and 365345. OK but the current 250 batting average is pretty good. So we don't we don't know each other that well. How much how how how big are you into Saber metrics advanced. I'm like let me living Ali can you GI news but yeah you think batting average means nothing. Because that kind of what to electricians will tell you. I'm only means nothing. But I also don't think it means as much as these sort of common baseball consciousness illusion meant yeah. Yeah I think if you got it tells you something. You can't tell me this guy batting. Three each Corning doesn't mean some I think that means something I think if you're hit number 300 that means it's certainly mean something but did to sort of take that. To its logical conclusion if he's hitting three twining and is on Adobe reader for and then you know something he's not doing now I get that yet again. So I'm with you I think I don't like the idea. And frankly I think it's just it's part and parcel of baseball which is part of the problem because it baseball is a sport of big number of individual. Buying hairy in directions are so. It's easy to apply statistics to it and it's easy to convince yourself that statistics. Mean everything now. I I don't buy that and it may be just that. I feel like it takes all the fun out of sports I don't want to buy it but. I do think you have to watch. You know I've even in baseball certainly basketball and football we don't have the analytics to move to judge without watching completely but. Baseball some people think you can and I think that's dome and even if it's not dumb. It sucks so I don't wanna do right now I got. That format was that's what I think it's even done. Hard to ignore me now is as it relates to bring up dug her. He can't come out soon enough for my money in him and here's why it's not so much about wins and losses and thinking he's gonna make them. A much better team in this day and he might know they'll have an impact if he plays well of course. A lead off center fielder is gonna have an impact on your winning percentage if he comes up get enough frightened but. I'm at the same place already. That I got two pretty quickly last year when it comes to Bay Area based I think it's too early. I'm a fan of both teams you know I grew up that way I'm a fan of both football teams and very I'm not dire but he likes that. Not everybody but some people come down my road for being back gotten but it's not gonna change I am that guy. You don't have one of those split now that in the first question that I get all of them ought to do our topic did give me a split Jersey a split AAA Jersey. Half green and gold half orange and black. With 75 Zito on the back because he did play for ball Triplett clubs that's not it's not a cat pan out doesn't fit any fuel senior Robert didn't. But here here's where I am as a sports fan. I'm I'm as much in entertainment as anything else I want you entertain a war or to be interest in if you're not good. Then you better be interesting and fun to watch are we sure. They can't. Jets had good. I don't drink I can't I'm just saying right now as currently constructed. They're not as entertaining to watch as the Oakland days. And that was the case last year. The giants were terrible when an old team they were just born. The a's were in the standings they're terrible. But the edge young guys who were getting after that and get after it. That's entertaining for me to watch so fragrant event from entertainment dollar and at that I'm spending them part of the media. I I would far rather watch the eighties last year OK I've already gotten to that point. This year looked at giant to the big dog we talk about the giants because there's more interest in the job and she can't deny that but the giants are boring to watch right. These are not. Okay well let me throw a few things ash. Would you find it more exciting. Now to Matt Williams and his in the lineup which Bobby heaven just that every day he's an every day left field. That's better right yeah okay that's a slight improvement. Do you think you'll be more entertained. If and when Evan Longoria and Andrew McCutcheon start hitting something like they've hit harder tire iron absolutely I mean cut a check my first thought the hang with me my first MLB man crush on him I will give him all the time and he's a beautiful men and wonderful baseball player but. If Madison bum garner comes back and stars performing is that going to be something that you'll find a detained. If he's good and if Chris stays healthy is young starters Chris Stratton entire block continue. To produce attic capable Major League level below that entertain you all. You're asking me why I'm asking you win them team be more interesting TV set a winning team is more to do I'm saying. They're both bad right now they're both bad right now and so I NG OS which is more entertaining the days or more entertaining and you're right. And the ease. Our building for the future and wins and losses this year don't mean a whole lot. But the way the guys play means a ton and look metals and a mansion governor just fun to watch Chris Davis is a fun guy to watch and he beat for a breath you know so your your point Longoria and McCutcheon or fund a watching I only out of the fact that their old doesn't make them let's find out if there are little plane. The fact that they are. Veterans that doesn't make them less on the young guys if they're playing. Okay. By the same token. Austin Jackson is actually a guy who's been a capable Major League player. And a productive major player Erica almost every year. You want him the best version of the Tony eighteen giants. Have Austin Jackson playing center field and playing well. I think. Boom the net and end it may be the biggest point at which I'm saving for last is. I don't really care about Stephen dog or today. What I care about is five years from now what's the best Stephen Doug maybe three years from now. When he's 20/20. 72829. How do I get the best when he 72829. Year old Stephen dug her and I think the answer to that might be. Letting him play a full season AAA this year instead of throwing him into a non consistent starting situation. With a Major League team that's losing a lot of base. Well you don't bring them up unless she's gonna play every day he's at that he's they're gonna bench Austin Jackson for good. Austin Jackson's gonna become or you gonna take some starts with the Mac Williamson you're not taken more from McCutcheon. I don't know what you're gonna do with the rest of the roster I'm saying if you're gonna bring up Tucker you have to bring him you can't bring up a guy at that stage and this development and have him not people and that's exactly why I don't think mr. Bernama. You know it Matt Coles ski my partner here he's got an interesting strategy when it comes to the NFL draft and it's either really stupid. Or it's absolute genius. You me to judge next. Alongside Mac. Coal fuel we wish you all the way up until 3 o'clock if you like to join the conversation and we would love it. If you would do that. The members AAA 957957. Me. Again 8889579570. If you wanted us on the Penske I was so stuck contacts on it's 95795. Somebody on the text line. 67 year old man says Michael. Enough of your man crushes you have Mormon crashes then I've. Ever had a girlfriend and I'm 67 years ago. How many are we to interpret then that he's been a lifelong bachelor and he's been having girlfriends for that entire 67 years or. Or is he. I mean if he's been married for forty years that's not that he's not saying much I don't know but. I don't feel like I've thrown out a whole lot of man crushed I only remember the one you said in an hour ago but to be fair I have a terrible memory McCutcheon was my first ever public man crush on. Then I didn't check the record. And the days but right now game one last year and order a get a 45 minutes sit down with them and whom I hadn't extended it didn't weird. Now he just impressed the hell out of me for being who is articulate and is poised is he is hidden for a young man I mean he broke eye contact maybe wants. In the entire interview seasoning you sort of mesmerized. Yeah a little bit hypnotized. But OK I guess I have a lot of man crush fine. But well leads to that we can count more important. Far more important. Is. Europe you're gonna break some serious ground but your thoughts on NFL draft it's. And believe me we're going to be thrown it out at a draft expert we got just aren't attached to stop you be joining us at 130 the tax line made a great point young hi nick. The producer also when human crush. No I never said he's a man crush your mind. It's IJ just as Daniel hi nick only because. I always called him young man. And then my fourteen year old daughter saw a picture of him and say he's cotton and so I had hot just to embarrass I mean. I appreciate that but I don't believe that you needed your daughter to tell you that nick is hot. These gentlemen and welcome back to sports style. He's very radio man crush and I did that there seek. They were right after all there was a mantra all along to. And adjusting strategy when it comes the NFL draft I do released Jupiter genius I do off the tees and I'm not. I'm not gonna lie ahead breaking us up to you again yeah I'm pleased spirited you five times this is and exercising their aggression earlier. On the program I think we may have been like five minutes and them somebody. You'll always get this as soon as you start to show him the audience learn to bear listening to for the next whatever hours. I'm. Then we'll let you know whether they like preparing whether my like half the pairing of that like none of the pairing. Somebody actually said that they think you and hire the two funniest personalities. I'm 957 again. I'm someone's Smart man I was kind of fired up by that because I thought that maybe some may be your humor. Much like Rich Little humor I think goes over people's heads you can have a Dennis Miller who. Best sense of humor. Your very well read your your very well spoken. And I think some people just might miss south funny. Some the things you say our I appreciate that from you very much and I also appreciate that from the texture. I I also would like to request boiling never again to be compared to Dennis Miller. And the props to Rick tittle who does. But he's a little more just busted me he said you have sit on the air my radio man crushes richter I have said that rank it. Rich Hill. Is. I think even more subtle than me and yes there's deserves credit for. As far as my crazy draft idea I'll be totally honest and and this really stupid or its genius and this is an idea that I heard. I didn't completely self generated a good client. Here you lighter. I'm a boy later I think it's a unique idea. That it's it's been out there this has been mentioned so people may not be hearing it from me the first time I just wanna say there. I liked about I am. Embracing. And that it is if you are the Cleveland Browns as Digital Underground execution. I did not. I never never miss I mean title in an era you're in one segment. We have freaks of the industry as a rejoin later in the curious. If you're the browns. You've the first and fourth overall NFL draft pick correct the common. Knowledge the the general plan I think most people would have is we're gonna get a quarterback with a one alone. And we're gonna get either someone to help that quarterback like sick on Barkley as a running back or some to protect that quarterback. Like maybe Quinn Nelson or may be a pass rusher right you're gonna you're gonna get your quarterback an inning and get. Another big time player if you have one in four and you don't take sequel on Barkley. With a one of those unity. I disagree on meth for variety re okay but first. My argument would be. Take a quarterback would both picks. Explain please pick one and pick for. Because. The hit rate on quarterbacks I mean it is common knowledge it's obvious look at the record. Human beings can't scout quarterbacks we don't know how to do it right. Nobody does even the people who we think know how to do it right and something or don't and hurt us though he's quarterbacks to stop it vigorous stop it. The New England Patriots actually I think have an argument to say we do a really good job at this rain they got Brady and in late rounds that'd be. Have slowly picked up. Back ups for Brady who have ended up starting elsewhere in the league throughout Brady's career. Jim I will also recorder rescuers are and that it lets besides it. You quit that silliness right now are are now this is the issue. It's. So hard it's almost impossible to properly scout the quarterback position right you've got four guys right now. Were being tossed around as top five or six or seven. Draft that actually heard respectable. NFL draft Munich favorite quarterbacks and go one through four. Yeah and it's very possible I think their problems and yes. Hurried to increase the giants probably will not take your quarterback but if they traded down to Denver where you've got half of them going already just from the browns. And four that's right here and act and not right now. And I would say. OK so forget what I would say let's just. So with facts you're doubling your odds of getting a franchise quarterback if you use two of your top four picks period that's that's affect your doubling the odds of finding one really great quarterback. Hit rate. On top ten quarterbacks. I don't know exactly what it is I'm pretty sure it's below 50% Melbourne now it is so. Even with two shots. You're not guaranteed to find a franchise quarterback but you're doubling. The chance that you might but it and twice as a lot of tea look he used he just say if you greatest lesson if you wish that place that stinks. Boy it. It's a much lower chance of whipping overall right that's that's all saying with that now here's the second part. No one's going to be able to say for sure whether you with twice after one season. So whoever loses the battle over the course of that one season and maybe that's a battle that takes place exclusively in training camp on the other hand. You're testing can browns let two quarterbacks play all year if you want. Let them get equal practice reps all year long. A year of NFL coaching in development to two top five quarterback prospects and see which one you like better at the end of the season. And then you can trade the other one you're not going to get the value. OK so you're gonna draft two quarterbacks on top problem hold on you draft two quarterbacks in the top four. You're deathly not getting a top four pick back for one of them but to try to get a second rounder you might even get a first round you might not get anything close to that I totally disagree. All it takes is one of the 32. NFL teams. To be willing to trade Jennifer and decent draft pick what Ford emblems Tebow. And in just makes it clear from the get go you cannot claim only you don't think an NFL team would have traded a second rounder for Tebow after after one playoff hero maybe that's a bad example because of what is the point is off the field there is no. Good example. Because there she is there is no top five quarterback prospect who would not still have been somewhat attractive to someone after one season. It takes longer than that in order mayfield could be a bust right off the bat. Immediately he can be a bust immediately if he was the boss right off the bat. How would anyone know he couldn't bounce back teams are watching Johnny Intel work are right now. You're telling me after one year you couldn't get some trade value third Josh Allen or bigger may feel you can get something probably again. A high second rounder may be some like that it's gonna it's going to decrease the value. But what's the point of football. Roster management there's only really one thing everyone's trying to deal. It's find a quarterback a franchise quarterback. So. If you use those two picks on quarterbacks. And you get a guy who turns out to be. The first franchise quarterback v.s Cleveland Browns have ever had the right. No one's going to care used to picks up no one's going to remember that you turn the fourth overall pick in the fourth pick in the second round in the process of what I live your guy. Beg to differ what if the guy who ends up being the first franchise quarterback you've ever had is the guy you spent pick number one on. And for the guy you pick with four ends up being. The bust in U try to trading you get no work close to the value you would have gotten pre trade for the number four pick in the draft describes him mean. Want a box. Looks like after one year. What has happened over the course of that one year to make that player a boss you opened up the competition at the start a campaign and he was just absolutely drummed out of a job and then never got off the bench in the regulations. And heads out among only you know what. Let's ask somebody that knows far more about football than it seems like a Smart idea to use numerical ski I'm Michael Irvin we are joined now by Josh Briscoe is she's an an analyst. For pro football focus pro football focus is always very very good to us. And we are going to be hearing from many of their experts between now and the draft and there after you can follow Josh at PFF. Underscore Josh Josh thanks for joining us man I don't today. Hurry get. Don't do her well no look I know that a big part of what you do is is looking at tape and grating and out all that but I'm I'm gonna I don't know how much have you heard. What Matt marriages chop and apple commitment that has this crazy idea that maybe the browns. One in four should take. Two quarterbacks given the hit parade with first round quarterbacks. He thinks it wouldn't be insane to take two quarterbacks that one in four. Even if one of them doesn't pan out because you're gonna be able to trade the one who doesn't end up being your starter and still get decent value. I basically meant a great idea but I do know I look at Dallas had a little bit of a caveat here. If you ask anyone else PS sat. If they would do this they would do and hearty and could do it this year. I don't know that I would do it this year because I'm not sold on more than one QB at the top of the strap however. I think there are three guys that are probably gonna go either in the back in the first round or early second round. At least one little guy who's going to be there when they when they pick but that first pick in the second round. That I would take one and number one overall and one and number 33 overall instead. Just because there's only one of those top four guys I personally trust. That works to talk to me about Lamar Jackson who I am assuming you're talking about the all. Types of more than two quarterbacks in the the second round range that you. I'll Luke talking. It's. The main guy I I know everyone wants to Dana and him gonna don't have have a huge army and there will be out mantra this last year but reality was he played. Mostly entire season went. Broken and it's a little less and that's really had a broken and that batters mechanics that are getting out to do an end a bum ankle. Argue look at what he did the year prior I thought he was fantastic. I thought just and is critical mindset. It's is already there in terms of ability to work to progression to understand defenses. Able to work off safeties how to the throat collection in areas as opposed to destruct as they have been there all the time. I think he has all the schools already in everything you hear about in intangible wise. I was completely chart and Trent dilfer's gone to bat for him quite a bit that's a guy I would definitely on top. And also. I'd look I love Mike White from western Kentucky. I think he's a great player. Com another guy they had a better point sixteen to twelve to seventeen but. His head coach what's produced this past year. So we didn't get that working against imminent and the new scheme just load it really fitting in at all. Or really once they got about mid year they've disparity can figure out what is skills that was. And it. Played much much better down stretched and he's a guy that's super accurate downfield. And the intermediate and I think upload anything else it's if you're able to be accurate to those Parsons field. That translates very well so the next level. The bush years that have Josh Briscoe is he's an analyst for pro football focus should join a follow on on Twitter and I suggest you do that would be at the FF. Underscore the Josh Josh another name that we're secure a little bit earlier sickle on Barkley I think you would be. Negligent if you had two of the top five picks in the draft and did not take this guy. Order your thoughts on him. I would not take him. It's not really much to yes now must to do against him as a player I think he's gonna be an excellent player. He can do. Pretty much everything you want him although I am a little bit worried about his. Tendency to try and bouncing outside it console is not to be able to get away with and well. But side inability to help and passing game news is just here and obviously we saw this seat and with the output a rookie of the year. Are coming on nor own that and I can be a huge huge factor. Per right back but that being said I just don't seem to value in doing that at that position. Granted there's a lot of calendar clash or may not be quite opposite is global but. And it's a really deep class here you're going to be center in the second round and there might not be another back taken before. Buczek around and and I believe they have now only pick number 33 pick the 35 as well. So they could conceivably go. You know. Better position Morelli made everything in our past structural debt or take or even trade down. That's all right what is probably gonna end up happening. And and being on that second round you take second quarterback we talked about and then eight a running back like there is always sore or maybe one of the two dork you guys. Yeah Josh you're certainly not the first gotta warn against over valuing. Our running back we haven't seen a lot of running backs taken high in the draft and when it happened a lot of times you don't get when you want it is this. This is betraying you see continuing to the point where it's not a trend it just is. Where. The running back position just isn't going to be that value vis a vis the draft. I think you hit the nail on the head and I think in general when you look at the only analytic summit to run again just isn't that important anymore it's more about. You don't pass the ball creating. Mr. hatchet and you can do that would get back in the patent it for sure undoing them on forever. And more more into certain to adopt is certainly a New Orleans last year. But it just in terms of running back production I mean the you look through the years last year was bloated running back class. Had several go on the first round and the two that really stood out. They workers from scream hold a third round pick. So I did adjust policy to value in doing it especially in such a deep class yet. So talking about this class obviously the quarterbacks. Up top obviously sick on Barkley up top. This all pans out really well for both Bay Area teams because neither of them are really looking for quarterbacks or running backs. Both of them may end up getting players. I guess you could say are better then where they're drafting so let's start with the niners. Do you see them going defensive line linebacker what what do you think is the Smart move for San Francisco. That's a tough call it that just because. I don't know I don't think they cannot just pick up. I mean they could get totally nickel guy and let's be honest. Nickel corners they're playing 60% of the time now they're starters selected takes. Amicus Fitzpatrick at a dental war. From Ohio State or. They could go to the other side they could take wrote on Smith took into a little bit of everything. Toward a linebacker. They can go there when gene that he's available which for some reason it looks like he might be back I call. He does part about being able to do everything. That's as close to. Can cancer kind of player is as we see instant cancer came out. That's a guy I would target although it for whatever reason this seems like you might be on a few more spots. The bush years out of Josh Liss who is she's an analyst for pro football focus you can follow him that. PFF underscore. Josh. Josh. Take a look at the Oakland Raiders roster. They had big time linebacker problems going into last season and did nothing to address and he seemed trying to do that here. That is good and this is a great year and obviously that we talk tomorrow. Oakmont Smith already gone you have league and dressed up there. If you come if you like Smith does he grade out I'm curious. I would say it's. Let me put it this way it's on the ground for and I can't move. And I have for whatever reason decided that so I don't need and it's defensive line in terms of and in another interior guy picks. Or just pure rusher. Mom and I don't want Derwin James because I just drafted. Peppers last year. Then I would I would probably take Brooke wants it to airport feel pretty good about that I I think he's that dynamic a player I understand you're a little bit undersized but. That's today's game today's game is it's changed and it for all the ball linebackers. You have to be able to defend the pass and it just none of those guys are. At the same level broke wants net dollars a bunch of good guys. In that this year and that's why you're gonna see three on the top fifteen top wanting in terms of all the ball maybe even pork. With flowers on Evans from Alabama. But side if it exists I just think records meant at all. Josh I appreciate Tyler notes are very busy time of year for you I'm sure will be talking review in the very near future and probably after the draft as well. Thanks in your address your weekend that's Josh Liss Kuwait's of pro football focus you can follow him. On Twitter at PFF underscore Josh she does not think you're crazy Kofsky. I believe he said that's a great idea how to Flickr we grab the audio heavily woody so was that's a great idea. And again it did not my original idea in my decision stole it from clay Travis clearly I wasn't listening to clay Travis but again. It's been mentioned. Plenty of places I just haven't I think it's a really really good idea just although I like what I like which are set because if if you decide that one of the two QB's just you like as a potential franchise guy is gonna be there at the top the second round and the great news pic number four on. Bradley Chela bore or does take on bark or whoever you want but. I love the idea of taking two quarterbacks you believe could be a franchise quarterback. I love that I got to take as many bites at the apple is you can. Zero point Smith wearing she'd claimed Sunday isn't there I sure hope so 'cause here's my thing and and I think Josh is gonna say in this two and trap football players who thirst paralysis by analysis every NFL draft and somebody like wrote on Smith gets downgraded because. Is not quite as big as we want he's not played under this is it that. I watched him he's great football player I keep heat more wind deems at Georgia. I don't know why you wouldn't want that guy at frankly the niners and raiders could use him so either one will begin the other. There are certain positions and quarterbacks at the top of the list where you can't always believe what you're seeing at the college level in terms that translating to the NFL. At linebacker are I think if you're looking at a direct shot every time he's on the field I think he can assume he's gonna play at the next level. I agree and I and I don't understand it again it seems to me like this sort of thing happens every year. That there's some guy who always does is produce only does is play well the college level all he doesn't look like a monster right and then somehow between the Carmine in the draft people decide he's not as good as we thought yeah. And idiots and I just I can't see this is the first time a long time. Then I've had a lot of faith in the decision making. With both teams I think the addition of John gruden makes the raiders are much smarter team and I think the niners have already become a very Smart imam Michael Irvin. He's not post you will get back into the Golden State lawyers in find out what's after the close at the sweep the spurs on 957 and rebates all 36 months 101000 miles a year lease 500 plus first thing to do was signings or she can deposit. Now back. In 957. To gain. Why you're probably happy. Are we playing. There are many out there right now while we're playing this because. We're watching joy OMB played basketball hidden from producer Lucas came and asked us what you think of joy OMB to mask. And mr. Coles he didn't answer he just didn't play fair to the opera. But just in case you missed it we've been playing at VT coming out of every break. Will be achieved pastime yesterday. And I guess we were honoring him in some way I guess. Cost you said please stop and think well that you have to help me for being crass and I love you Jesus death but mine kind of being. Grass I was. I was all fair and now you know I'm out of guilty as charged I don't care parent. You care about the warriors in pelicans both sweeping. Both. Morgan gets some wading right. Reading it from winning before that here's yeah. Did you think per stuffy I don't think I've asked you this pretty shocked at the pelicans are handling the blazers as easily as they have yes. I'm not shocked owned by the when the series is over. Probably in a couple of hours. I will say. I'm not shocked the pelicans one. I am shocked. Bet they won so convincingly into going to Portland in games one and to improve that not just didn't look that difficult today and exactly. That's what's shocking honestly if it would if it have been for close schemes. Where it's like you know he just for tough breaks in those games and you lose four straight even that would have made more sense to me. I just never imagined. That Portland was this vulnerable. Anybody besides the rockets or warriors like I didn't think. I think any of that group from three to nine in the Western Conference was this much better than any of the rain and Niger. Yet they you know what that Portland is having now all of preface this by saying I'm review I certainly did not think that it was going to be. This is easy is it to look for Norton. I wouldn't have been surprised that New Orleans won the series and if it was for close games OK fine but here's why I don't believe. In the Toronto Raptors well because. What what are what are the blazers they're heavily depend not on their back court correct yeah it in the have two studs in the backcourt right. Two of the study yes yes. Toronto Raptors heavily dependent on their back court they've got two studs in the back court. I just think that is exhausting. If you're gonna lean on your back court. Almost exclusively. In the NFL playoffs those dudes are gonna get worn down quickly. It's widely Toronto Raptors backcourt this not look good in the policies I just don't think you are here in the NCAA tournament. If you've got two senior guards. You can ride them all the way to the title game ranked Georgia wanna have because you need their leadership and who has the ball on their hands of time to lean on of that court rating im. NCAA tournament in the NBA playoffs it's not in we're seeing that important. I mean I think that. You know to. Chicago Bulls of the ninety's we disagree with you pretty strong have your talking about the best player ever is on the roster and their they're not even I think that come off Miami Heat of the twenty tends would disagree with you pretty strongly but again. And on the bronze bill big wing but he's a wing player nonetheless didn't and LeBron and wade were leading that team and I'm about cards true. No bronze I'm stretching it a little bit I think of the net a lot the. And. Joseph do Mars would would have something to say I just saying it's possible job if it's possible however three terrible and I have I think their only terrible Dennis Rodman will endear online stream for. Bill William don't limit your was bill I'm beer was nothing but a close it was important to that I kinda dirty piece that anyway does. Well if people think Zaza was dirty they should go watch some land here hazard on the same nice and easy not the easy way where I have something for this. A former world. Com. He falls on the ground oh. We've got sound I hate real quick announces kind of you know off the beaten path that Kevin Durant is not on the injury list and Kevin Durant would've been a surprise to him if you is on the injury is for media emphasis. Cool I'm good should McLaren the bar anywhere else sort of compliment myself. We did not need that sound I have been spoon in my I'm good yeah I saw a good. Are you have that for like months ago we could just so good stuff Karuna so good. We're get ago it would mean any of that and a new stuff. Will guard driven basketball. Guard driven NBA basketball NBA I would I'm basketball I. I would argue that the lead remains. A guards league small guards. Yeah the Lee alum the league is a small guards league right now. I mean Anthony Davis notwithstanding. Staff curry. Carrier ring. Damian Miller. At the point guard is as strong as it's ever been. Shooting guard maybe not appoint an artist Sean has never been beating that I'm saying I know you're gonna rely on not getting more than two in the post season. If that's what you're gonna rely on the most heavily you'll not be along for the NBA playoffs. I hear what you're saying I think in this case it comes down to one of two things well won adds definitely teacher. Which is this is a brutal match. For the Portland trail as soon as we talked about earlier with what Rondo and holiday do defensively. I think because of the work. Of drew holidays career. People forgot or slept on how good he really is capable of being the guy's been injured a lot today so actors he better now than he's ever been. As you can make that case it's both. It's both it's both because he's always been he really solid and good a really good two way player. And I think people slept a little concede had injuries could he took time off to. Care for his wife who's going through brain cancer and it it's very strange early career for your holiday. But what he's doing right now. Yeah it's probably the best he's ever played but it's only a slightly better version of what I think we should have known his his best basketball looked like OK and so. Just talking about the fact that you've got. Two tenacious guard defenders. Against the team as you said built entirely around two guards creating offense. And then. Anthony Davis is a problem for everybody but especially when. Portland would like to have markets out there. Doing things being helpful being a positive presence and Davis basically chased them off the floor where he he's almost useless in this series it's just. It's a brutal brutal brutal matchup now that being said if you're counting on to guards to self create all the offense and and there's not as much. Ball and player movement and by the way a couple Texas mentioned the warriors are also a good example of a guard driven team winning a title before or not the Durant titled the other one. Definitely driven by two guards at the dream on but definitely driven by two guards. Years of playing MVP of the finals is swing. Yeah but that's the that's still guard driven team that blasted through the playoffs. There's guard driven in the regular season in the final anyway anyway word. About a guy defending LeBron and winning MVP that's fine it's still just as important to that team is their two guards and very mongering bad that is knock her act now there are very was infinitely more important than anyone else on that T he guys that you tell me because first but I'm so clay was not the second most important player on that came in intensity was tough. Let's say was ties and putting that aside this matchup to specifically bad. For the blazers you're really years and I also think. There's this idea that happened where the blazers won a ton down the stretch a lot against not so good teams but they did when those are wins on the schedule they won a tonic games. They climbed up into that three seeding kinda held it for awhile after it seemed like anyone could have it for right most of the season. They held it for awhile so I think we entered the playoffs thinking. Blazers have a third seed they're playing really well and because they've played so well against the warriors Arctic locally we thought their better than that as well and and you look 36 and you think well the blazers should be a lot better and their plans so well down the stretch but in reality they're like two games different in the standings. And frankly. New Orleans. Was only really finding this version of their team over the last couple months of the season because they had to learn how to do things differently without the markets cousins and so. I think it's that it's more bad circumstance for the blazers and tough match up for the blazers then it is. You know guards can't do it. How about this. I've heard multiple places. That the pelicans are better off without the he cuts. There are better team. Without DeMarcus Cousins I I could not disagree with that anymore. That you're telling me you put DeMarcus Cousins on that team and it's not better. Yeah you're gonna have to play a little bit different but my god DeMarcus Cousins when he's right. There's a top ten NBA guy he's ridiculously skilled big man in here any. So the question and part of that is. In response to a question do they want volume back mixture of course it is what do you think I can see you disagreement no. I think it's one of the toughest calls in basketball right now because. Are they better without bode I don't think so I think that's silly. I don't think anyone's better without a top ten talent as you set. Does boogie improve this team as much as he might improve other teams and is he when is he enough. All of a boon to the pelicans to be worth a Max contract to the pelicans I think those are tougher questions. But on the other side that is. What other options are they gonna have here's a guy that they can afford to keep because they already have number it did. You know the cap rules will allow them to sign him to a Max deal where they wouldn't be able to sign a normal freeagent to a Max deal I'm pretty sure. And at some point you have to convince Anthony Davis that you're doing everything you can to build a winner around him so he stays around so. The considerations are bigger than basketball frankly. As for the pelicans if you're just timeout remaining competitive in keeping your. Potential dominant force potentially the best player in the league for the next decade is on your team right now. And the biggest priority has to be keeping him and so I think. Even though there might be better ways to ultimately build a champion. They'll be so focused on building a legit competitor now that I think that kind of half who signed and bode if he's willing to sign with the. Yeah. But it will be interesting I mean if if somehow the pelicans pull off what would be one of the biggest upsets in recent NBA history and knock off the lawyers.