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Kolsky and Urbs talk Golden State Warriors and the NBA Playoffs thus far with Baxter Holmes NBA Writer for Espn.


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Yes families you want Francisco. And downtown San Francisco. He's he's 957. The area I'm Michael Irvin I'm alongside Matthew coal fuel particularly at this. 3 o'clock three hours bears what's good this hour today match. I'm excellent so much to better after your. McConaughey hey ask introduction to the show yeah that's kind of my standards. Just real quick let's get the pleasantries that way you have had eight. Sinus. Surgery in your recent past yeah money down no worse for the Wear Redmond sound arrogant guy. The good India my hope is to sound good on my face is still a little sore but I am marginally operational and I'm ready to go you know there's. Bunch of really corny jokes there but my nose job your face might be her new return it to me our doors you know sure I did most of the jokes I've heard so far involved. A nose job rhino plastic jokes that's that's what I've been getting a lot of global we will were going to stay away from the juvenile cracks this just another Jude getting a nose job. New age too much stuff to get into today and I'm excited to be doing that would give Matt let's shut off by Latin fans know how they can join the conversation. AAA at 9579257. And that's the number you wanna dollar if you wanna join us again Tripoli at 957. 9570. If you want this up on the Penske on the system account excellent. Now B 95795. Again at 95795. You can also hit us on Twitter I am at bigger sports. He is how. The call skis yeah I am Matt Vogt coal ski I'm not not written it not that he thinks he's such a big deal that he decided to make it though. Cole ski nom I'm chagrined we've already had you lamenting this I'm scared just about twenty minutes ago yeah because our first guest today Baxter Holmes is just at Baxter and everytime I see someone with a great you know one name toward handle like that I get jealous because some gym mocha I've never heard of who doesn't tweet. Is just squatting on at cold skiing and I'm upset you know we are right. I'm gonna do my best to power through the no problems are. We had two hours and 59 minutes immediately get your best so it. Step up their game at the fine. In Tripoli 957957. Let's tell you what to expect at 1230 you can expect to hear from the aforementioned at Baxter. Brad Baxter Holmes is an NBA writer for ESP and round 12:50 or 1 o'clock we're going to be talking. To Bobby Evans the general manager of the cervix is a Mac Williamson's. That didn't share Francisco giants' Matt Williamson is up Matt Williamson is hitting bombs. And he's the greatest player ever calls its malpractice that he wasn't here earlier he's the best player ever. I will call Bobby denial called Bobby Evans but I do I do wanna ask well. Good all due respect to Gregor Blanco who has produced as a giant in the past and is producing as a giant right now and why a choose a 34 year old whose best days are likely behind him. For your opening day roster vs a 29 year old that you're hoping. Has an MLB career in front. Especially when there are there's three Gregor Blanco is on the roster entering you know I mean we hear about it. It's it's actually one of the phrases that popped up in the sport's lexicon actually like. There's redundancy on the roster I guess I heard until recently that word applied to anything sporting. But I do like it there is redundancy on that roster when it comes to known. Gregor Blanco is that he's times story on the roster and Matt Williamson. Is Matt Williams and alone there's nobody like him and and her team that has been desperately power star for as long as anyone can remember I mean since Barry Bonds this team. Does not hit for power you think you want decked out in I think for management and you know maybe we can asked by this I'll ask him out but I think the hope was probably. That the newcomers Longoria and McCutcheon we're gonna provide popped early. You know right away they're gonna provide putt to make it look like okay this is much better power hitter to and then you don't have people planning for Mac Williams and as much as they work as Longoria McCutcheon some kind of struggled advocates. Yeah yeah. That makes sense but I'm not sure it's a good reason to not have them on the opening day roster anomaly here and you and you know. Doug your eyes look. I thought Austin Jackson was going to be a pretty good pick maybe I overestimated I just thought okay he's. Doubt that works great because she's going to be able to give you enough of what you need so that if you are doing this because of service time. Or what have what what I'm with you with a darker because of the service time issue but also just player development wise and he never played triple. Being rushed there forever on the opening based nine it's it's more like. Room now or never for medical India which again is Wyatt and these are small things for a team that has bigger problems. But if it was me and I knew with the pitching I was counting on was depleted to start the year and I knew. Whatever I've gotten these new guys I know power is always a problem for this franchise I would have put that back on the that's. One of the first quotes I saw in relation to Williams and call up where is Williamson saying. I'm not the savior and that just made me chuckle and the emotional turnaround back Winston being the savior. Well you know by our team won there pursue the putting is enough so far so good again Bobby Evans can be about 12:50 or 1 o'clock. Baxter Holmes NBA writer for ESPN at 1230. And then of course we will not leave you wanting for NFL information we will have. Josh list to which she is an analyst for pro football focus Twitter at PFF underscore Josh will be talking with him. At about 130 and I believe in about 230 will be playing the greatest game in Sports Radio. Good football basketball he's I've not ready but excited I. I don't get ready to learn the number you want to Dow to start the conversation or join the conversation I'm sorry Tripoli 9579. To 570. You wanna hit is on the pentium system context I'm 95795. Right away that text line is correcting us. Williamson is 27 my bad between mild and I think 37 self. I would have been that much further off. My bad but I think the point stands that Mac Williamson is at the end of the line as a prospect. Whereas Stephen Douglas at the beginning of the line at the prospect so I understand. Saying with the dog her we've got outfielders. Let's let him progressing normally with Williamson I don't think that argument was never its. Let's haven't progressed the argument was let's make sure he's actually hitting arm. Wish he really was actually I mean he was as you know brought in 37 at bats I think he. Yeah and if this is. You know we've heard things about swing changes were we've heard about a great offseason for whatever reason everybody who hits for power earlier this year passed change their swing ala Justin Turner. Eight everywhere and if it works you know. Okay that's at least he default yes that's what that something tells it it's slightly more subtle and trying to be more like Justin Turner but hey. If Justin Turner is the role model that the giants need to start hitting home runs and. Regularly issues still panic hit a homer on each of the first two nights and the regular show me a tiny yeah and I hear you're sold on him now I am I like to hear that a mall and OK check slime him and give you two different ones different ends of the spectrum pay that cost you could hear you back I haven't heard for nuisance. Carty beating great album came out. You aren't. Five tell and same area code different text her time to switch stations urged his garbage garbage in all caps. I'm sorry you feel that way. Tough times where it is tough times but you know what's good times for the Golden State Warriors they're up three zip. The spurs I don't know ma'am I thought the game three was their only shot. It went in the game. I wouldn't be surprised if their Rina is less than full flow I don't know about that really. I mean. What if this is your last chance to watch Manu Ginobili good point did you call sweep dirt for a caribou scheck's groundbreaking article before the series started. IE I did old classic Sports Radio got to move which was I picked six men men I said if I had any courage whatsoever I would have picked force. I knew I picked the sweep then it was pretty simple. It was because as long as they're moving the ball. The lawyers without staffer still the lawyers doesn't matter what the spurs there during the spurs without why are not dispersed to its simplest. Yeah I mean I mean the spurs did to the lawyers last year with quiet when the case then what happened after and the reason without why this year done. I'm not prepared to engage in your small sample size theater from last season I don't think that means anything I think there did there. They may not have won that game but I absolutely believe they would of won that series. Without much extra difficulty last season I do not think the spurs wither without coli would have beat the wars last year I regardless of what happened in two and a half quarters. That being set. What are the spurs in general. Because like I just said that maybe Manu and Tony Parker have another year in a maybe not but they're very near the. And along Monaco was forever I can type I can be done with Tony Parker I just love and I I've I think they're both fun but. They're both push and forty Parker's younger and a minus forty. So. They are not long for these men and they're not long for the NBA quiet. I don't know how it goes back after what's happened. But we don't the thing is we don't know what happened and what we know does not fair but that's all we know. Like I I checked myself Thursday night met because I was. I was about to say. It just seems so out of character for a guy like why and that S not myself I like what we don't know is can we don't know his care know here's what he knows he's the least known I mean. The word enigma gets thrown out way too often in sports but this is words absolutely applicable co Y Leonard is an enigma. Note down up and about an. Doubt I think we thought of him as boring and straightforward but after what we've seen this year indeed what is absolutely the right word. I just can't get past the simple fact of if I care about my teammates. And the franchise. From a from not not even from like it elect no player should. Be expected to care about the health of the business. But if I care about the franchise the people. My care about Gregg Popovich and at Torrey Messina who's the head coach Byrd. What's likely to be the last two games of the series and about my teammates LaMarcus Aldridge and at how Gasol and Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili who I've played when my entire career. In the building there's nothing that would keep me out of that building. And the fact that he's not in the building and the fact that guys are talking about it in a not that excited way makes me think it's going to be. For an hour wind when Ginobili comes out and says what he said. That tells you that quiet kind of lost the locker room I mean here's here's the problem without us knowing so very little about the situation. Because I have heard and I don't know if this is true that. Obviously he's with his team of doctors in New York right and supposedly. That those are the only doctor that he can work with and that is the reason he staying in your it's crazy we'll get more into that. Of course I'm Michael Irvin. Q is Matt calls you were talking about the warriors and the spurs. What have you learned about each team during this series that's coming up next on I five points and the game. The cold feet. No he. What's happened. So much were still doing very well and we still have lawyers talked to get cute in advance of speaking with Baxter Holmes he's an NBA writer for ESPN you can fall on him on Twitter at Baxter I'm gonna mention that as many times as possible. Just about the match because I know bothers you. It doesn't. It's not Baxter's fault of course it's not voting he's his duel was right and got himself only one name Twitter. If Matt has his had his way he would be follow ball on Twitter at. Colts you know instead it's at the colts Q because somebody a squatting on pat colts I don't know squatting is the right term because I think. That suggests that. The putting thought in view right. Well it's almost definitely not putting thought to mean Amir I Amir called ski followed by 23 people following fourteen has not tweeted since. The 2 February 2015 before that is last week was 4 October 2013 so. Get out of here Amir give me in my give me my very notre fears alive about this on the on the totem pole of friendship. I'm gonna assume. Then here at the station on your friendship totem pole handgun. Middle to bottom third round lol we don't say the last time together. I mean do you if you think I'm just like chill and now back with Lucas after the shell is the picture of good point our area. I do have a couple of friends here but charity you print an analyst let's say are above the middle how many spots would I go up if I somehow got hold of this in your cat in got him to give up the Twitter handle. In you could be called ski there are only two people I can think of vet would remain above you and that's because I have extensive prior relationships with them okay. While there aren't enough and that means one of uncounted is the reason I have the show. Think generally that if it it gives it goes I'm Michael Irvin we would love for you join the conversation. What have you learned about the lawyers in these first three games. Are you convinced more now that they can. May be whether a little bit more storm without stiff curry maybe. In recent second round games without staff curry what have you learned about this purge I haven't didn't really know a lot about the spurs' other than. They're good with quiet and they're not so good without choir and you know what this is just really learn. Anything Simpson. What's this thing is that like everything you just said makes sense on its face. But. Factually speaking. They weren't it would uncle why this year and we're now or 850 gain recruited 47 wins and and coli played nine games and I don't. Actually think they had a great record in those games so for LaMarcus Aldridge played out of his tree mall or it was great Barrett also. This team is coached really well and plays really Smart and plays hard defense on a nightly basis move now. The warriors make a perfect example four of the point I'm about to make because of how bizarre and sort of questionable the intensity of the team was throughout the course of the year. The difference. In intensity level for the warriors one man to the playoffs is massive. Spurs. Have had the play like that pretty much all year long to be as competitive as they have so. I say all that just to say. The gap increases when you get to the playoffs between a team like the spurs at. I recognize this is it's what happens with every Tom Thibodeau team every year and you look at the wolves right now. They've got other problems he's for some reason decided not to give the ball to Carl Anthony Townsend Jimmy Butler is paying double play it. The reason they're getting slaughtered by Houston instead of just beaten by Houston is at least in part. They need that high intensity level their coach to that high intensity level every night all year long. And the rockets when they reach that. You intend to level of the playoffs a huge difference so look so I don't put words in your mouth but what I hear you suggesting is that for the warriors. It's a matter of stepping up your energy level there's a next level and what they've dime and for the spurs it's okay. You don't only have to maintain energy level and intensity level you've been at all season long. But you might have to go above that which is. Almost impossible there is no next level yeah I think they needed their necks leveled just to get the 47 and 35 the warriors clearly had not used. They're next level yet I will say this that. And and you know New Orleans only won one more game in San Antonio during the regular season. The way they're playing now. I believe the warriors need to be. Healthy and good to beat the pelicans. I mean I'm gonna think that oil. What a step curry isn't really not healthy or not ready to play right I think you've got a real problem. Are you of the mind that you don't play no matter how how ready he says he is or how ready the medical staff says if not playing staff until you lose a game I think that's an athlete and I totally disagree I think union game one bad you don't wanna get I do I don't think danger towed to port there too valuable export machine you know just give up a game. Let's just be completely honest. I'm not I'm not even going to talk about overall NBA player rankings but on any given night. It is very possible that the pelicans one of the best player on the floor. Anthony Davis is that good. I think Katie yes. Really potentially totally dissed again I'm not I'm not talking about NBA rankings right like if I'm breaking my top five NBA players it. It's gonna include both those guys who. Is one might be higher and the other one day one might be hired nearly the other day but that's my point is in any giving game. Anthony Davis can be the best player on the floor yeah. And it cannot and it it wouldn't take Kevin Durant going three for sixteen. Kevin direct a play pretty well and Anthony Davis could outplay Brett staff curry to play pretty well and Anthony Davis could outplay. So that alone. Is something that it doesn't make it doesn't. Making it scary or make them. You know the warriors should have no fear of anybody but it makes them very serious and it means that. It's not like this spurs series where. You look down the roster and it's like at the end of the day one after the war and who you look at the starting five. That New Orleans put out there and the way they're playing right now. Anthony Davis has played better than anybody in playoffs at this point. Drew holiday has been arguably the best guard in the playoffs and he doesn't on both ends and by the way. Playoff Rajon Rondo is on the Rondo is he sat down at a music capable defender and he makes their offense works so. You've seen how bad a matchup New Orleans is for Portland who ends in many ways. The warriors match up mirrors the Portland match up obviously the wars are much better. But nor the team that has answers at both guard positions defensively and that. They've certainly. Shown they're capable in this Portland serious and they've got a guy who's. One of the best players in the world so. You know when you say they have answers to both guard positions defensively. I understand what you mean what you mean by that like if it's if it comes down to an iso situation right went one on one each each of their guards can handle. Either of our guards in that situation but I I still say. If the lawyers in here's. Here's what was most disappointing for me about the warriors this year didn't matter who was on the floor. They got away from what made them awarded what made them so great which was ball movement and player movement off the ball. That when they're doing great there unstoppable so whether or not you have to guard sue individually. Kim can provide an answer for you your two guards individually it doesn't matter if the warriors are moving the ball and that's what the warriors got back pew. In this series against the spurs they got back to moving the ball around late in the season. You saw a way too much of TD in okay see mode lot of hero ball a lot iso ball. The ball just stopped and that's not who the warriors are when they're great when they move it around it doesn't matter who's on the floor. They're gonna kick your ass and that's why they're drilling at the spurs and I think they'll drill the pelicans have they continued to play that type of office. Yet again. The warriors shouldn't fear anybody. But to sit and yes if the ball improves their better than everybody and frankly. Rondo and holiday complete gray. And stepping claim might light on fire anyway right so that's that's true but. If we're comparing what's going on right now to what could go on next round. It frankly is just the difference to me between a series where. The other team is simply so overmatched. It's barely worth talking about in a series where although clearly the warriors. Or the most talented team in the league when their right and capable of playing at a level that no one else in the league can match. This is a real challenge it's a legitimate challenge that has legitimate reasons to look at it and say. Okay that's coming their story about. I think it's a much greater challenge at least in my mind. That it was two weeks ago I eyed when I looked at this pelicans. Blazers match up. I thought do I certainly didn't seek a sweeper anything close to a sweet pelicans dominant but. Who better to talk to about it then Baxter home she's an NBA writer for ESP ending even though this is the busiest time of his series been kind enough. To give us some of his time Baxter you don't meant thanks for joining us. So yeah do while I I am going to all just playoff those statement that I dismayed and see how you feel about it. Couple weeks ago a week ago when I saw the playoff matchup for said I looked at the pelicans. And the blazers. And I saw the potential seven game series I certainly didn't see. The pelican rolling the blazers the way they had did you. No. Even though that waited the blazers have played on the stretched hand. News that you really promising BI they. They're just completely are I guess you'll just a credit to New Orleans we know. Coming in this series obviously that did Eddie Davis shoots the best player on the court and just an absolute nightmare on both plans. Freddy's team in the league. But. You look at the performances of guys around him holidays Mirotic that's fantastic. Up playoffs Rondo looks like you know the longer that we think back. The Celtics are making do you crimes and he was putting up just great to triple doubles. So there are the other problem. In an anywhere you can say a lot I think. For the warriors. Is gonna depend on on steps being. Helped it whatever point it is during that next round but Gabby you know did in new world news. Is not going to be plenty for anyone. So let's get this is just. Just go straight to the staff thing. What have you heard where are we I know he resumed some practice activity is heavily it was the report does is it possible to be ready for game one of brown to. So your team was doing some five all know. Rules today. He seemed putting up a lot of shots. Towards the end of practice time by himself on the program with coaches but you know they are still being extremely cautious with him. I don't you know that the early word is not expected back from may be the beginning that series. But potentially some points or that conference semifinal series is the target. That you know they're not. I think the warriors are confident. That they should be that they have. The horses and the talent to be able to. Be anything we went out steps. Suggesting Kurz made that point time and again. They don't you know of the guiding they're also looking at like this at this time offer and it also. You know orbited a chance to rest and be freshen it go for. You know that people around the playoffs when now Christina teams can Cilic easterners or whoever comes out east. The voice she hears that a Baxter Holmes is an NBA writer for ESPN if you wanna follow on Twitter and I suggest you do it would be at Baxter DAX. TER Baxter. There's a lot of talk here in the Bay Area about Andre were dollar a lot of hand ringing throughout the regular season that it's just. It's not seem AG I can't believe they gave him that three year contract in the off season what the hell were they thinking he's done. And then what are you know not only is he. Finals MVP nest egg would dollar in the first round but he starting point guard. First step curried my thought was the brass knows. What they're paying Iguodala is they're paying him for. April may June they're not paying him for the regular season that's probably not some typical fan shells out all that money wants to hear but. Doesn't that make sense for you I can't see that led the warriors press. Swinging and missing that badly on a guy who's going to be losing a step right after he signed to big deal like that. Yeah and you bring a broad you know it's funny at you right earlier mentioned like playoff. Rondo I mean you know it would dollar you know you match. Books answered at that he had nor those play out here available to me either YouTube look at. When he won Arnold MVP during their first title run yet he's just been marvelous and you know not only. You don't opposite and hitting some open threes but he is just that it is. Covering units on defense he's got marble hander while he talks about that is just such a problem. On defense for you know really wrecking to opposing teams so yeah I mean he's. He's been fantastic and I think you know you bring it would be really good point. You know I'm not gonna put the judge him too hard on a regular season when he is not show. And at the time that they needed to show up is youngsters it would start being banged up. You know probably just pushing toward the end of regulation Vieira he's been. He's been fantastic you look like under it would all mobile. If you causing a little better what every like call during the regular cigarettes fine. This is the time when you have to show up and he has them. Speaking of guys showing up a car bomb looney I think has been a revelation for a lot of warrior fans and in a way I guess probably a revelation for the team because they've declined his option from the from not mistaken and is only making himself some money would always playing and and do you think he might be playing himself out of a warrior uniform. Our hatred question David going quickest and that's senator Bayh. Committee depending on the matchup or whatnot the guest on in the minutes she's gotten. Any guidance autonomy that he's averaging over when he minutes and in this series he's been fantastic you know he is. So it's a problem in terms of suit lying he Bergen thanks. And and made the most in the minutes and he's gotten even though you know toward integrators she's an account well. It's JaVale or have more you know going smaller lineup whatever the case may be that Jackie is you know he's played. They eat in the in in this post season they've given him. And impressed a lot of minutes and it could get a force them to make some kind of decision. But yeah I would say he's absolutely you know make some money up watching him. Toward the other regular season is kind of instincts for blocking shots and there's a lot of guys you're tall and long but his ability and has since that moment is is really impressed that. I'm Michael Irvin he is Mac call ski we are speaking out with Baxter Holmes he's in India writer for ESPN you can follow him on Twitter at Baxter. Baxter Quinn cook everybody expected him. To start what a great story he's been the two way contract and he gets his when he gets in new contract and make sure he's on the playoff roster and then all of a sudden he would dollars and starting point guard and it just kind of through all the through great stories through the curve ball into it. Do you think Quinn cook starts when it comes to the pelicans because. He's got better handle than it would dollar and playoff Rondo at the pelicans decide to pick up full court. I don't know they'd get big dollars can really handle that type of pressure what are your thoughts on that. They couldn't question I think adding a lot of Quinn could not starting it's really more match. Anything I mean it you know and it would dollar is so battle tested. In the postseason and against Iran really. Smart disciplined team. Like the spurs like you know I cola get I would see Kurt. He's doing air but I mean equipment and sold in the minutes it got off the bench kind of being a spark plug. You know it an interesting question. With regards to the pelicans because. The holiday or Rondo are going to owns pose a lot of problems that sensibly in terms of just being absolute best and so they're gonna need some. You know better and kind of ball handling and being able handle the pressure that those guys are gonna bring I think Quinn is is ready for that moment. But I wouldn't be surprised if if Andrei continues to get. Did several minutes is again considering that match up. But I don't the I would consider that diminishes. Our Quinn's roller you know he may get you know of that Haim I mean that's well because the next series there could be. First much is. In ninety davis' peace in the middle tibia. Very perimeter focused gain because of the guards but the perimeter kind of normal task. So bad as we sort of plan for the Portland series. Let me just ask you straight up if for whatever reason Stabenow are you serious what NASA Portland who. Definitely won't feel Portland series a for the excellent India that for the New Orleans series it. If staff curry does not play a minute in that series would you pick the warriors to win. Good question you know why I still worried I think with fear. With the pieces they have you without stepping it we're just saying that right there yet they're going to be missing their two time MVP but they don't have enough. You know very good team with. Which EL a top five player. I don't think that they have enough. They've they've had a it is funny if you look back could cut every time they played the pelicans. And gone down might double digits and it ended up winning by double digits it's a really unique. Record they have against that team that's what's going on these enormous. Run now the pelicans are playing very well right now. Even I want to know why Austin. Yeah yeah they had their number for awhile and and I think that they're probably competent. There as well but look they have you know three all stars still. Being Katie clay it and trademark at our very strong or I think. You know Anthony Davis will go off against them because that's PW everybody there's really nothing there's not much you can do against them. But I do think that either did as a whole. The warriors have the better team and should be able prevailed might be a really interesting. Long series potentially given how well there weren't playing that building Golden State even without curry would have enough come out on top. But surely appreciate your time and hopefully we can do it again between now and the the time malaria is handed out whoever might just went out. Absolutely got to thank Fred appreciate our I enjoy the risk your weekend that's Baxter Holmes is an NBA writer for ESPN you can follow him on Twitter that. Baxter. I as quickly on the Anthony Davis thing because people. On the text line and I think people in general purpose. Have this idea and and backs are just sort of explain why I have this idea because as a team the warriors have beaten Anthony davis' team. Routinely inconsistently. But as a text or put its. Anthony Davis has never been a big factor against the warriors let me correct that miss. That incorrect presumption. And they davis' career statistics 23 point four points per game at ten point three. Rebounds per game shooting 51. And a half percent against the warriors in his career. Anthony Davis. 25 point four points twelve point four rebounds shooting 54%. So he's been better against the warriors then he has in the rest of his career in in that one playoff series against the warriors. 31 and a half points eleven rebounds a game three blocks as well shot 54% from the field. In net four game sweep now that was a four game sweep for the warriors so I'm not sure this completely. Over. Rides the idea that they'll meet the pelicans but if we're talking specifically. About how Anthony Davis plays. Against the warriors the answer is well also. He's one of the few guys that dream on hasn't really difficult cause everyone does it's not scream on down has trouble with a dream on price defend them as well as anybody he he is indefensible. And thanks to Lucas the producer. Highest career playoff point per game averages right now from. Active players number one. Anthony Davis Wright thirty point one points per game. To appoint half had a Kevin Durant. Another few percentage points ahead of LeBron James and staff curry done to Mitchell's in the tube way to do a much. More samples as. Yeah I didn't you know the reason I bring that dream on is because you dream on seems to one not seems to he does he relishes. Every single matchup with some huge towers over him. I think. I think he's he's one of those guys he he doesn't relish that match because he knows a cute he can score on him almost well and that that's you know that's. There's no shame in that he can do that to anybody but when we're gonna try to put a 67 guy. On Lou's new unit brow it's just not gonna work it doesn't matter who you're gonna try to put on them I'm Michael Irvin he is Matt calls you we have got you until. 3 o'clock in there is. One name that we have not yet mentioned on the where's roster and I still think this can be heard from a big way you'll hear that next on 95 points and the dame signings prosecutor deposit. Welcome back and thanks for joining us I am Michael Irvin a long slide alongside Mac calls Q we've got you and self. 3 o'clock talking to play any of lawyers basketball we are of course the radio home for every single Warner's playoff game every single orders game. Period we're also of the radio home of Oakland a's will be getting into some baseball getting into some some days in some giants had about 1 o'clock. We talking with the giants general manager. Bobby Evans sped don't fret a's fans who get into a little bit green and gold. This much is day they deserve these days and there's there's there's a deserve scale that we take a look at one name that we have not mentioned. Call ski in relation to the warriors who are thinking is going to play a role I'm fascinated him around to. Is Zaza Pachulia. He is currently. Collecting cobwebs. At the end of the lawyers mentioned doing so wins with no complaints as we would expect from Zaza but when you look at who their look. There's no question that the number one you know. Point focused. You're gonna face when you take on the pelican is going to be Anthony Davis and it doesn't matter who you start it doesn't matter how well drain among green Campbell's him. I think you're gonna have to through this is when having fifteen senators on your roster is gonna payoff. Because you can throw all of them at ADM. Give him beating feet how well he hands up it's the. Chatted for a Trent edited you know we know we don't know exactly what's Gaza has is a basketball player at this point. We know he's got six fouls yet. And we know he can lay wood on screen that treasuries physical here's the problem he's gonna make his his presence felt physically by a deer and indeed look as much as. Like I mentioned during the break he's got. It's not just. Ridiculous skill that he brings. He now has NBA savvy under his belt well he's got in the league long enough to note tricks he's got a great offensive coach there in out and gentry and I think that's why. I expect Gaza continue collecting public because here's the pro. You put Zaza out there. You just move Anthony Davis to deal. It's over troop if he catches the ball at the elbow he Jeter shooting that is Gaza was trying to. Make sure he doesn't drive sport and he sprints listen usually go further out the neo are picky he's just typical of how Pella. What's kept him the ball at the elbow and driving right past us. Just physically. I hear you're saying and I think he'd be great gives us psychic touch him. To lay some wood did to Alter him physically you know and I don't mean hurt him but Tipton. Push him around as best teacher and the right. I literally think touching him would be a problem as they can move him around he can shoot out to the three point line. So if Zaza is in there. Let him in their lives to save give me an airlines have to take some film and look it is gonna have to shoot some free throws. That voluntary and I'm saying the lawyers need to beat up I think you need I think it has to be come on looney. Delivering those blows something to be a bunch of them and frankly like JaVale. Athletically. Is one of the best. Good to keep up with him there is got the best chance of doing it. Athletically athletically but still I think I think it does not get enough. Said well we'll see global get in this and another switch gears to what's going on on the diamond. Good enough to join us every time we ask you pretty much she's just great that way it has been with me forever we've been doing radio for a long long time together in never says no. Giants had a beautiful debut night last night from some Marge will not beautifully with a great but they got a W and match points and and there's a line up any hits a bomb everything you would have hoped for added yesterday's game you got and we've got. Giants general manager Bobby Evans Bobby you don't. Very good Michael thanks to hear from me tell you to let's get right into the Matt Williamson why now why not earlier. Yeah I mean I think part of what our roster. Situation where we you know we got every gay guys out there you know what pence down there's an everyday opportunity we don't want back up the bit about their day it. In the consistency that it should palatial it would be in the spring was real. And serious. Speaking of what he did in the spring I mean obviously everyone's excited to see a sort of a jump from Mac Williamson and one of the things we've heard in the aftermath of his impressive hitting is that he's. Made some adjustments to his swing and as herbs is pointed out a couple times today. Now in the modern baseball world anyone who makes an adjustment and starts hitting for power we say how well he adjusted like Justin Turner so. Can you tell us a little bit more about that what is Mac doing differently and and how it's benefiting from. Yeah remark collaborate on it more than then they are well choose to but I mean in general just. Just an approach it the way where each he's he's dropped this hand. Internet. A little differently chicken and you know load and it put it in a position for whatever reason you know he's just seen in the also much better I can. I can see how he's attacking the zone differently. He's not you know swing and out of his own. Near as much we're also seeing in you know at the minor league level right there are always walk in order to strike it out really good side or. Very guy with power and he always had power and that hasn't changed that you know what was what was struggle for him was getting into that power getting the pitch city could drive then. You know it can see in the ball as well as he is right now it is approach that we could do image still this carpet is also hitting the ball. You know in a position to drive it around. That's been shown not only in spring but it AAA and you know that's what he need to do and that's saying going to be successful it would level. You know he did get some ops he's an instruction I think that help. You know increase his confidence and then put him in a position where yet today and if you look at it Cindy's translate it's still early but out seek a great start former. The voice here is out of Bobby Evans she's giants general manager didn't have to. Spend some time this on Michael Irvin alongside Matt Coles he will be here till 3 o'clock Bobby I want you to. Well I'm guessing you're going to debunks this theory that I heard from somebody that you we have a locker room under the bus by giving him. You're by giving you his name but. The answer that he had to one of my co host question is why they keep running. Hunter Pence out there are wider may not sit him down and bring up Mac Williamson and even if he's healthy. The answer was because of the emotional tie he has done so much for the giants. And meant so much of the giants that the giants brass is reluctant to sit him down. Embarrass him I cannot imagine a Major League Baseball team and any team in big time pro sports it's about wins and losses I can't seem emotional time. Keeping a team run and a guy out there who's not produce. Now I mean I mean obviously. We do create strong ties and our players are everywhere everyone out and is expected to produce at a level that will allow. I asked to win it and helpless women and those guys don't wanna be out there they're not in and help us win that's that they're mentality to everywhere we're not. We're not put together. You know as a team you know to to just look at him we we we need to put runs on the board we need to find ways to win games and you know and for us you know our our confidence intense you know goes back to you know strong. You know. August and September last year and those are those her. You know not just just heard numbers but most recently as strong August September showed this city still got a mean even that any year where he each struggled. You know at a time when he was productive last year is very productive with the team and respect that says. You know that you know maybe maybe this is a time where you know it's gonna be harder or at all. Himself back into a consistent approach and it consists of put our production role and that's that's the case been. Maybe play more often mentioned maybe it's it's maxed out but right now. You know we're forced. Yesterday with the injury and at that time may be used for merit to it to show that people. Speaking of things you're forced to do with injury Bobby obviously we we know the pitching staff coming into the season was not quite. Physically. Health wise what you hoped it would be at the start of spring training but. In that two young guys in the starting rotation incur Stratton and tied block. I gotta say it early returns. You got a couple young guys keep them team in the game almost every time they're out there I imagine your very pleased of what you've seen from them. Well we have a need to needed to rely on our system for for starters are on target being imparted that is you know because of you know the long run out of chain lipscomb and that. Jonathan Sanchez and return a vocal song in the long archer Zito. And now apparently really have to turn to our system to produce. And and those guys stepped up and you know they very well could beat. You know the middle of rotation of any any team in baseball press that is. So create ad for us and the fact that they're able to you know and consistently produce and and critics in a position where we can win a game in India out of it's it's great for us you know we're gonna get by imperative that we haven't got sore back last night so. It has got to get healthy it's nice to have these guys to pull back. Bobby talked about bringing the shark back last night he got the victory got a lot of support from the offense obviously. He got roughed up in his rehab start who or what exactly. I know that you don't necessarily pay attention to the results for rehab start but what is the what's the overriding factor on deciding. When to bring somebody back from rehab assignment. Well I mean our our need was there I mean so we try not to get back as RE we try to picture like he's ready yet. You look at his first batting. You know you get a growing air at first base ultimately led that big any. But when he came back and pitched well in his second third inning in an aspect that would blow option in curtain. And Brian and I that we are discussed this week we looked at it Lisa you know it. He he's been throwing for awhile he's he's got a he's got to make disappears whether it AAA or big league level so the question most. Is indeed in the amp up the ramp up enough to be able to cut it loose. Not hold back at some times the benefit of rehab as it allowed. It took pitcher or player that edit 758595%. Level but that tactic at all loose. And yet you have the sense was it to eat eat is not hold back anyway. If he is good to go. And you know he feels great and so if there's always a risk communion Arctic Libby get a guy one more start to just make sure. That the need was there we had the spot open it was better for us to go with him rather than the polls somebody up in the minor leagues and and you know and I think I give curtain coach credit they had a decreed on at our medical staff decreed that as there's good call. Obviously a lot is being made in the early season over. You know low batting averages of the two new additions in Longoria and McCutcheon and I'm one who thinks that that will tend to work itself out over the course of the season or at least it will or won't we have to wait to decide but. A lot was made before the year about what great clubhouse presences the two of them all are and and I'm wondering and they may be struggling at the plate a little bit to start the season. Has the sort of fit. In as seamless and and and good to have they've been as positive presences as you guys hope when you made the deals.