Kolsky & Butcher Boy - Hour 2

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Sunday, July 15th
Kolsky and Butcher Boy discuss sports fandom, specifically the use of "we", and how baseball can take a page from the NBA's book when it come to marketing its stars to a younger demographic.

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But at this highlights the problem perfectly. It when he says. And I quote. Do you guys think it's just me 85%. Minimum of people involved and MLB think the way idea. That's exactly why we're aware or that's exactly the pro. 85% of people in baseball think that way and 90% of the rest of the world. Doesn't care. And that's the per. And if you look at the stadium attendance numbers. You can see eight tangible effect they are down numbers are down yes viewing habits are down get document the NFL. Has the top ten programs all year every year and literally if you look at all their different time slots there on the top ten. Baseball couldn't even eclipse the first round of the NBA play offs. Credit to a 95 text their re mistress obviously. Mental was so big because he would be against a Graham following you idiots strikes at Texas funny very brilliant mantle was big. Frank actually. Mickey Mantle would be. How to put this. Klay Thompson ask yes when it comes and program. Yes so so that's a good call by the 95 have you ever heard Damon Bruce's statement on baseball Dan his wrist OK so I think itself. Spot on baseball's the only sport. Where it's past means more than its future yet. Yeah and net and any time. And this it's not just sports any time you value of the past more than the future you were headed. For a bad situation that's all and again if if maybe it's not a bad situation maybe you prefer to be a fan of any sport. And if you want baseball to the common his sport and great it's headed that way. Stay on course stick with the same rules. Avoided. Robot umpires like the plague all that that's fine but understand you're gonna be a niche sport and again. I don't want to angry text in ten years when we're not talking about you and people are saying all that tennis is down in every sport not and soccer. Check the MLS it's way way way way up it's become a drink of bond they have giant beer guardians and it is the place to be for a lot of the young people look I get it's cyclical it comes in goes in waves I understand that and AT&T park. It draws so many three and a half million fans a year that's that's brilliant. That's right there's not enough of those types of draws in baseball. And there's not enough national recognition there's yankees Sox. And and everybody else amid the cubs I'll say the cubs general really well I want to gain the street cub fans were everywhere. But you don't see that in emotion evoked not like they're you bring up LeBron it's not the same or Tom Brady that's right. That's right an end to your point earlier about. I hate to use just your wife and mother because they know visit yeah personal examples that are true but it would men as well. They don't know who baseball players are the casual fan the pitch you rating of baseball players. It's problematic. Did you get to have a successful sport look at how the NBA is thriving right now because it has focused on promoting players and those players have embraced that. And helped to drum up interest and and doing silly things. You know. That that create attention Kevin Durant and instead Graham comments still. In my way. Mostly baseball today but if anyone wants to find me on the street. I'm happy to give you five minutes I'm why Kevin Durant should get in as many incidents comments that he wants and live his life the way he feels like it and I hadn't seen nothing to indicate. That his fury at random teenagers. Degrade his basketball and anyway if anything I think it fires them up. Back to baseball though. Mode from 510 missed all there is a sign of a declining civilizations. I love that and no I don't think Damon Bruce came up with that statement but I think it's a good statement and highlights of Reagor agitated but here's where it came from. I mean come on. It summing Damon's at one time and we just wanna get credit for bringing it to our attention and again I. I absolutely love baseball I watch every pitch essentially a giants baseball that I possibly can I am tweeting about it. I'm watching I'm texting my friends I'm getting phone calls from my family. But there aren't enough of me. Types in mind viewing types out there for people to really gravitate to national. Reduce got a text that says I give Mike Trout and Derrek Richards an override on opening day and I didn't know who they were even after they told me their names wow now that may be a joke. But nevertheless. Mike Trout. Most baseball fans will know but very few G casual sports fans Garrett Richards most baseball fans won't know now. And that's a pretty good baseball player the Shia. Article that was written about. Top most recognizable faces across sports. Miss basically they had fifty to a hundred different people based not one baseball player was on the lest they don't want. In all sports worldwide not one baseball player was even on most now this was 1999. Tony Gwynn. Wade Boggs Barry Bonds and you can go Mark McGwire eagle ray Douglas go to the 99 all star game OK we're going to be all star game this week. Go back to the 1989 all star game in Boston where Ted Williams came out one of the heroes of sports one of the heroes of America fought in World War II as a fighter pilot. There are more stars at. Every single position with Pedro Martinez at the apex of his powers. Pitching you could name ever even a casual baseball fan could name every player on both sides of the diamond. This year I don't think half the people even know some of these guys where. Yeah and to the text or who said the casual fan wouldn't recognize players in any sport you're just wrong. The casual fan knows who LeBron James is a casual sports fan knows who Tom Brady he's knows who Aaron Rodgers is probably men they are. Two of the five players in the major sports. Historically speaking. That. Are recognizable. To my mother who doesn't care at all and that's. I know baseball fans are like what like care your mother recognizes Mike Trout and and again if you want a group for niche sport then that's then fine. You don't. My mom doesn't even know who any of the guys in the league dark but. She Newbury gondolas. No doubt and there I think there is any reason that this area has caught warrior fever. Like not only is the game of basketball more quote on quote exciting in terms of the pace of play. But the recognition. Of the of the names in the faces in the way they're marketed in your watching television and he got Kevin Durant on YouTube took a commercials and stepped Curry's playing golf and does. Like the way the NBA has market itself is absolutely brilliant and is there a segment of people that don't like the NBA of course there is of course areas. All of sane is that. Nationally. It is a proven formula baseball does not market its own stars that's also realistic expect. Assessment and I wish they did a better job because I love the game. Six viva Dexter said it's such as baseball our work of the early twenty somethings in May after Google who won the civil war. I agree that our society is falling apart without having a conversation for different radio station. Bitten. All our problem is more of a baseball problem and again at people or are bringing up great points about the name and face recognition stuff a 510 techs are saying. And this is relevant because he's playing baseball now although not the Major League level if Tim Tebow is more recognizable than Mike Trout satellite so sad. They look kind of shockingly similar. You'll notice that they both look like war hero dismal first of all they both don't have a knack. And second of all the they know they they kind of do look similar but. Yeah that's true a guy who now grant it one of the great college football players and however. Washed out of the NFL in a year and a half or so might that. And has been playing minor league for two years isn't and he really is more nationally recognizable than my Trout I don't think there's any question about that. There VD the thing about like that where you get the casual fans right. Everybody plays this football now. Even if you're not even a diehard football fan you play fantasy football and another Wear helmets and whatnot but you know all the players you see the picture of their face accurate switching your lineup be doing my wife knows who Big Ben yes she knows how Antonio Brown as she plays Tennessee pulled through I Tennessee baseball's way too big of by and for casual observer exactly but. The element I would love to see the MLB channel just tried to incorporate a couple times a week. Do something like the reds and I know they spin around and watch differing gains the rundown but they needed to a quicker and easier quicker pace in the bounce around. I need to see better app that's like how does the MLB network not half. Mike Trout versed in overtly and her on. And we'll be there or hate you got to watch is now breaking news like they used to jump in to bonds at bat yes yes yes and I'm mass media. I am all about that they are on Barry's front yard yet they need to do some form of the red zone to. To draw in the fringe people is that tiger sport really blows up it's the fringe people as what Super Bowl such a big thing because not a football fans are still gonna gathering go and watch it because it's a party. The World Series is it like that it's a different dynamic is it's over seven games yeah 408 text makes a great point locally the giants are really good about getting the casual fan and that's true hall. Perhaps I bet at. The league could learn from the giants. Sell more panda hats I heard argument when. What's the guy who's now that the rob Manfred was going to get us commissioner. Larry Baer should have a committee would have been because big guy knows how to market it's gimmicky it's yeah I hate the the pain and that's an old. Diehards don't like. Stuff and this goes for every sport yet diehards don't like the stuff that gets you the people you need to succeed but the exact effect is. To succeed as a sports. On the level that sports operate now of hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. You have to draw people who don't especially care. You gotta read attacks 51 now I've been to every home game this season I sit directly above center field in the treehouse and I still wouldn't recognize cannot Fowler or Smolinski on the street. Yeah it's it's incredible and some say no it's called quick pitch yes I've watched quick pitch. And it still there's nothing quick about there's absolutely. Nothing quick about that and and that doesn't mean. You're low it doesn't mean crook and kite are gonna start playing weird sound Earl and light. Doing dances on the broadcast they'll still sit back relax and have a good old time and and I loved her and cut and again they're big guys still that's baseball. We still love this sport. Were frustrated by things in it yeah but more than anything were frustrated that it's heading down a path to irrelevance would sucks because. It's a big part of my life I love playing I love coaching I love watching I love talking baseball and any in my day that's all we would. It's all it would do is talk baseball like an out and look or other things I hate about the NBA and NFL I've. Away when we were talking about. The in this state ball game and going through the whole lineup of stances yes I got it's a series of text from my father yes you should see my Asus Alou I agree Morris a high kick it tee on Ted Turner also all the files that you Rick Barry foul shots ache my dad would be complaining to the high school coach over Reardon with some of our guys couldn't shoot 50% need to be doing Rick Perry underhand shot. He says that all the time yeah. Rick Perry was my father's favorite player when he was when he was a youth perhaps because he also was named Rick. And was the white shooter. I think it is a hypocrite and you know the thing is is that. If you look like giants baseball for example before they went on the World Series run. You can make an argument it own 910. The most popular giants. Entities work crew can cut were the broadcast team. That's not right. That's not good and I know Lincecum was doing his thing but who is more valuable to the franchise at that particular point in time. Was a big guys drawing people in to it to be in their living room every single night for a 162 days those guys. Weren't as big of the giant experience. As going to the games asked the hitters Pedro Feliz or whomever was in the line about the particular time in triple BP to happy. A misty that Dow's big happy fan who wasn't Scott put every position on the interesting question written in a rundown by producer neck hair a he wrote this the giants are veteran team. Is that in an advantage. Or disadvantage. As we head down the stretch. We'll try to answer that next full scheme chest and on present in the game. Saying that. B 957 game board up crew has learned that you suggest you states. Early ninety's Bay Area hip hop in the small baby. With the red cover knowed it very I think media's role all right so that Mick or down. Question that I find particularly interesting because this is sort of the crux of the giants. Franchise as a whole how we think about the giants game. Whether what they're doing makes any sense as a bigger picture what did you examine it. You know David David try to win ball games and that's fine there and play out punt but broadly speaking. Being. As veteran team is they are making the moves they made in this off season to become more veteran and instead of younger. Here's the question occurred down the giants are a veteran team is that an advantage or disadvantage down the stretch because. On one hand lot of guys with a World Series experience. Lot of guys you know high leverage situations and have succeeded in them before. On the other hand. Lot of thirty plus players. Lot of guys with a lot of mileage on the tires Buster Posey he's been in the squat for god knows how long. Are you worried about this team holding up. I mean now that they're actually playing pretty well. Are you worried about the giants holding up for the short truck. Certain players yes and other players now are I haven't isn't it are you bright on the razors edge you'll need everybody know now Lexmark I don't need. The march as a certainly I don't wanna see him. He needs media help he needs is just what that whatever they gotta do to wink wink not not get him out the way I look at my Lansing is signed for 62 million he's not giving her closer right now. All right the president has been set when aero struggling you rip them out of senator field. All right so if you overpay for someone you don't necessarily have to continue to force the triangle into the circle peg. Smart is not a starter anymore it's got a 605 ERA he's won in five NBC ten starts and his shoulder hurts after four innings every time I mean does not work him they're generally get warm up bright and get out here just like it's just ridiculous I've bought that in spring training. Were almost a hundred games in. Yes and he's pitched forty innings that's very like he's not even gonna cook did to order any brighter and that was the one thing you didn't exactly it's ridiculous it's actually serve so. Guys like him it'll and even post because he is being dealt with that hip I am worried about making it to belong. Through that did that the dog days of August in the summer. But a lot of young guys that they are playing now dug her hands in. Gorky seems somewhat younger if you will. I'm not worried about and then there's obviously. You know Brandon belt he got hit on the wrist the other night he has an injury history he's had a great year this could be his best overall season. Ever for this guy we've been waiting and waiting and waiting for their career year. Can he avoid the debilitating injury and can Brandon Crawford avoid the debilitating slump that always brings his batting average down around 26 year which he I hate to say he slowly slowly starting to it to creep back down toward. Young people are still scared of another walk the last yeah they pitched around him and it does great at bat you know mom did this just. I don't know I am I and I'm 5050 on the giants right now I really am I think. I don't even know how to assess this team because I could see them and make an argument for them winning seven of the next ten and I can also. Make that same argue of them losing seven out of an accent or split he going five and five they feel like a 500 club. Interesting you say that I'm I'm not I don't think I disagree. What does that view of the team affect how you want them to behave at the trade deadline. No I still want them to be aggressive EU you showed in. The offseason heading into this year that you're going to be aggressive and you're gonna go all in. And one other options do you have now I don't know and I'm hearing all you Longoria seven to ten days away. OK. I guess you know but it's. I don't know I I can't foresee problems continue to play. Third base defensively he's given it to me I know he lined a couple balls out yesterday's bid up the boy he's good at bats but they're not. Horrible at bats he's not swinging at the first pitch was Monday yesterday when he was supposed to play right and he looked really good itself I don't know I just. There's a lot up in the air are you gonna continue to put duck or Horry getting yelled you're this young player like he's clearly. Needs to apply and I wanna see what he can bring and how we can infuse this line up early and often in every single game his dynamic speed. Coupled with Alan Hanson's explosive speed. It's something that we haven't seen in a giant seen in my lifetime I haven't seen multiple guys that can run the bases the way he can. Ever in my lifetime watching the giants so I don't know what to make them an end and like. You know is court he's gonna continue this hot. Season that he's added I don't know I can't necessarily bank on him batting 275. And it is another eleven Jackson the second half rise. I feel like he's Max out. OK but he's plaintively really slips right yeah no doubt he's in there no doubt the darker thing and let's let let's get to the darker thing. Yeah let's the end because. I mean lock. We don't know what's even doubters it's important we say that at the front of this conference which is Grady Sizemore. And Betty great outlook I I thought Grady Sizemore was a wonderful player for that two year period off who did Wyatt. We don't know we don't we don't we don't know aunt and so. Yes some of what we're saying. Is speculative. But the fact of the matter is we know what the other options. We watched the other options we've watched Gregor bako hit 300 for the first month. And what good did that doing nothing nothing. Now daughter. Has only been here for 25 at bats. But easy for 25 baton three Tony. He's got. Four RBIs. And six runs scored in 25 at bats five doubles. Like. And and again we saw that in spring training. They saw it last year. In the minors they saw it you didn't need 76. More games in the minors this year he just didn't mean it. I was your argument on my Twitter feed that he just wasn't ready could set me. Meet five days ago he would have been so mentally fragile he would have been able to bat. At 180 which is what Austin Jackson was batting for six million dollars over two years he was so mentally fragile that it be slipped up a little he wouldn't have been able to contribute ever again like. Yeah I hear with that narrative I know he got here and metal that is the narrative the giants have pushed to keep Gary Brown in the minor leagues and again. I'm not saying I think handled differently Gary Brown is an all star that's not what I'm sent. I'm just saying we never even saw the guy no one ever even saw the ya when you invest a first round pick. You should at least see him play a little faster that's right and end. The daughter was a 261 hitter in the PCL last season when he seventeen. He's a 272 later this year. It's the same thing exactly its price you know to to hit different over over an equal number of at bats and the fact of the matter is you know why you find out if a guy's ready. Promote him yeah agreed. You know Matt I wanna I wanna dig in on this one particular thing. Giants fans media the teen covering him every where obsession with the power numbers fret bought the giants can't afford power hitters blah blah blah blah blah. Myanmar boys have always set. Yes steamy home runs of course but there is a not there away to have an explosive offense at eighteenth tee and eighteen GAAP. Ball speed wind speed okay. And when you have EG the you know center fielder year after year the Kenny Lofton marquis Grissom Steve Finley you know Dave Roberts. When you hit a ball into the gap you're only gonna go to first okay because of 3839. Flower who was at last night you had three foot away from homer single with a tender yeah. Exactly Labatt played AT&T just crossed it off the front of the big wall yeah. McCutchen kept it on one bounce but. Like we saw the all star game in 07 when Ichiro came here this what we all wanted to Ichiro type he hits a ball off the wall it takes a funky bounce. Solo home run you know inside the Parker easy bunker early in his career out here it is done the same thing. Stretching out singles into doubles putting himself and his scoring position on a team that can he get big hits is absolutely. Huge. We saw he hits in just a couple nights ago go from first hole. It was a Little League play the ball from down the line but. We are scraping for runs were the exact. Act opposite with a 180 degree difference of the Oakland a's who hit the long ball a guy so if you're not gonna hit the long ball to a bush athletic fast guys who go first to third and aren't instinctual base runners. Taking that extra bag that you just. This is how this team should have been built. And as good as their homegrown infield is not one problem is that guy you'd just as I know and panic I would say when healthy is the fact closes regular but not a speed yeah. Well no but a Smart instinctual based try to base our belt really good base runner. He is so slow is not fat he's so slow he's been thrown at home so many times I mean you need honestly you almost need three hits to get him home from second. Yeah he tries though. Yeah he knows what would be I give I give Brandon belt some credit for the way around the bases because given his speed should not be as good as he has now now put it again. This is why I bought yes yeah. It's that it's a team built the strange waiting for word plays and in the silent plea isn't exactly and that's why and the other part about this I I kind of like Doug your senator Cortese and left. Tiger reminds me of Steve Finley he he's got a lot of Steve Finley traits when it's up those long long strides yet long stride runner. That play he made running into the gap last night play and great it's one of those plays that I think the casual baseball fan is like parents are you ran and caught it but the degree to track that and catch it on the were on the way he did that's a really tough player and he made it look easy and he's got a plus arm when it was the last time a giant senator Phil at a plus some what's the numbers and names you just said. Loft. In the Denard Span Denard Span literally a tyrannosaurus Rex the candidate controllable farther here guided new alarm the only got a missing is Coco Crisp. For Ken Dorsey to play center field capacity that's a that's what I'm waiting for that tell batted it. One Pierre on deck yet Heatley swampy or got on pace unity means well wouldn't it be fun while he was so much fun couple when he got. Corky who left. Dump her in center field that gives me a great defensive yeah outfit McCutcheon has the best crew content we're talking about this last night. McCutcheon has really picked up right field he has in which is up. Most typical right field outside of San Diego and a couple there's what there's a big ones own defense is. Is you don't mean going gavel at I would think boss also salute waiter cuts off because the walls like two feet tall dad always made me very weird but it's very difficult to play right field in our ballpark and out and you have to shade over to triples Alley so. How did a solid defensive line up. That was the recipe for 20142012. Winning championships because block go stepped in for Miguel Cabrera are up Melky Cabrera excuse me after the suspension. And he also played to a fourteen now here and it knows the other guy number two misplayed the ball out there in in game seven. Nineteen I can't remember maiden. Not I wanna see Emanuel Burress but that was a short and a half we got so many bad. Wasn't Marvin Menard and admit it anyway. It regardless peach season Joseph I don't even now don't bring up the worst kind giants history I. If audits Galarraga was it having cancer in 2000 into treatment. He would have been the DH it would have been shinjo we would one that's the big cats. Cat because of Diego. And how do you. How do you not assess that tiger is on his way up in Q Austin Jackson a two year deal. Right an internal scouting has been a consistent issue big test so. To me and and we've sort of addressed this before to meet them the there's symptoms and there is root causes rank one Kurz who usually lives thank you. Of trying to think that was there are there are symptoms and then there's the disease ranked. Daughter is a symptom. To mean. The jets a margin situation. Is a different. Generally on related symptom of the same disease. And follow me. They were more comfortable re embracing Gregor Blanco. Who they knew to be a mediocre outfielder. Then a given a try to the young kid who showed a ton of promise in spring. There are more comfortable. Given the ball to Jeff some margin. Despite the fact that he's barely been able to pitch this year despite the fact that his shoulder is clearly messed up. Despite the fact that when he has been on the mound he's been terrible this year. They are more comfortable given it back to that guy who had a five and a half ERA last year in his 200 innings. Then they are letting someone like Derek Rodriguez continue to roll then they are giving Andy Suarez the ball again. And that to me. It's it's just it it's shenanigans malpractice and negligence yep because. We know what Jeff's a margin is right now and you're not go anywhere without you guys soul. Give me the young guys and may be some of them fall on their face that's what happens sometimes but. If they can't do what happened in any way. Out so so to me and it's the same thing with doctor. If you needed it if you war. System was in a place where you're going to have to have belonged go and Hernandez on the roster all year. That teams a loser sorry if you think that the that they write is Zell right so why bother. Maybe if you put dug her on the team at the beginning of the year maybe he does hit 200 for the first month. But maybe he ends up to seven the on the year and had a center fielder playing plus defense in the U seventy on the year. And you got your center fielder of the future ready to go unit and and here's the other little tiny detail that continues to get product Matt luxury tax. Who is more. Expensive Austin Jackson on a two year six million dollar deal that's right. Gregor block what making act his age veteran and a veteran you know much more than government export darker exactly it's so. Just all of the pluses the pros and cons we wait them out Atlantis is and plus arm range defense of glove yes speed on the base pass like duck or checks all the boxes. If he struggles a little at the plate. Letters yeah. Who can't. Exactly Willie Mays came up went back now pregnant came back up to get okay. That's why let the guy played for two or three weeks if he doesn't work out they could send him back when he you'll die annually give my beautiful opportunities. That's what happened would need sheer Holtz Matt Williams in ger par three player all of these guys bosses say there's another great example I mean awesome Slater to get. These teen at bats a week final way to make you haven't giants like I don't need to see Hunter Pence at bats anymore you 100 should be should be became. Of the promo videos like he cut would dare call it when they're making that still put all star ballot. Belting it was hilarious and funny whose biggest contribution to be here but locker depending on the field Hunter Pence who is one of my favorite baseball players ever. A guy who I've met and is as delightful in person as he is on your television. Would make a great assistant hitting coach right now. To teach that quirky sting Ahmadinejad is at the end of the line I'll put him in a managing uniform. Can we got the picks up baseball can do whatever he wants he's earned it he's earned the right to do whatever ridiculous thing he wants to do you get my lifetime contract with the franchise as far as I'm concerned. Don't have it be to play because that's one thing he's not capable of at this point now. Again I love Hunter Pence it be great if you could recapture something find a way to continue his career I'm all for that. It's not it's not happening right now. And if I'm looking at the way the team is constructed look at how the aids look what they have on their backs of sick ballot play center field. I have Mark Hanna coming in off the bench hinder pin there that's has got his. You got. All guys who are younger than what the giants would bring in and can go yard wide her back yeah. And so like if underpants steps up in Italy game situation was gonna do Drupal one to the shortstop and hoping beats it out which he doesn't do anymore so sick like in the kidney some options off the bench that can put the ball over the fence and that's. That's words like. What what are we doing with this roster makeup look how look how valuable as silly as it is problems animal's been to you need more guys on your bench like that they can contribute look how valuable Alan Hansen has been yes and some of that has been duty injury but. Even with the infield healthy Alan Hansen as a super utility is. Ultra valuable wouldn't you rather see what Chris shot house have so this didn't triple a good place or some outfield. Who's getting comparisons physically to Mark Teixeira knows little older he's not the prospect his daughter or a share no I'm not what I heard it looks like he's big and strong and plays first base and outfield he's young. Yeah and under team control. On a cheap contract by an. I don't get what this obsession with veterans who don't have anything left in the tank yes and here's the other thing about the Chris Shaw's of the world is. If you all are interested. In making a move at the deadline. That's what you got. So. Put it on display a little bit. Not that could go bad for your well could I've recognized that quiet. This this giants life of putting the prospect off another year and another year and another year it doesn't just slow the development of the prospects it hurts the team dramatically and it gives you the staying. That the giants have had probably since built in Crawford came up where every guy they bring ops already 27 exactly. And you heard Bob garner this week bringing up actually nice to have these rookies around. You know because that gives you a diversified clubhouse and gives you different chemistry I would sell the people around here but I'm older than a lot of the producers here. They keep me young they give me new fresh ideas they tell me what's happened what's in style managers feel doing hip hop music from the ninety's but otherwise that's pretty true that's an expected to play but like the in the ears and I think on the tax on Jesus. They say all this guy keeps saying we meet as in meet same week there are so many different people who. Are on the radio covering this team that are quote unquote traditional journalists who are gonna be as neutral as possible. That's not what I am I'm a diehard fans and the reason I say we is because. I will be a giants fan narrator Fannie warrior fan my whole life players can coming golf. But I'm gonna support the team the entire way so I can't give us a week because I've been here since the beginning and I will be here till the end. So I will always say we never understood the whining about week. All way you play on the team now. So exactly. Right we of course I'm not much Stephen A Smith over here that's right you ship well. Stephen A Smith isn't Stephen a Smith if you know him in but yeah. A very clearly are not a journalist no offense you don't. I don't ever want to protect the feet but they gave me media credentials is my favorite to give me could you imagine me showing up in my Siemens shared my giants have good. Let's go down maybe you could go to a sharks game with media credentials me maybe maybe well I think maybe you could behave yourself and sharks game there's no way it giants are niners there's no way you can go with a press. And egg I don't wanna. What BM I don't want to be able to root and screaming yelling boo when I got a whole point of going to the game. You know it's just. I don't know man I find interest in and ace Chris have to feel the same way with the revolving door. Up of players have come and gone through that organization what's the one constant variable. The fans the fans you are a part of the organization whether spiritually. You know emotionally how are you wanna make the connection to your part of it. Yeah I see nothing wrong with worrying your favorite sports teams hadn't written that well but here's the thing. I don't think. Joseph was saying we need. Is gonna actually confused and thinking if a guy like that thing out or you're on the team now. No now did you really think I was yeah when I sit week due to confusion. I'm forty man you didn't know let. It's pretty clear. That when I say we signed Jabari Parker today I'm not a member of the Chicago Bulls. I had no one's confused about that now there's there's no debate there there's. I'm not misleading anyone it's okay that no I'm not on the team that I've been rooting for the since I was five years old and and that gives me a sense of belonging exactly. That's what fan that is my gang yeah right and so it's like people are telling you. Well. Love your gang but you're not actually. No I mean I know I'm never gonna play for the Chicago polls you're well aware of the fact that you're never suiting up now 401. Of the 162. Is not happening now. What you post you. Both the team and you've rooted for the your whole life so why not exactly and the exact especially in the day of player movement in the gonna come and go. We stated rooting for laundry league if we can't hear besides don't we can't call it our laundry what are we doing here yeah now I've and you preach at the choir ought to know today though a.'s stance today. Racing's giants fans. Processor bigger shake itself out now I prediction time and it might not never swore as this is an important match provoke a little young lefties going at it. Both teams need this win a Sugar Bowl teams really need this league heading into this big break you at the all star game coming up and I think. I think a win in a series win especially when you guys both play each other coming out of the break a lot for both franchises have to. Here once again who would not just what people wanted the trade deadline because I actually think both teams probably wants starting pitching not sure either team has. Much of anywhere else to put someone. Against the giants could be in the market for closer that's to be tough though. So I think both teams will be looking for starting pitching the question is what will either teen diva. So really it costs a giants fan is fans. What are you willing to part with from your team or what do you think you can use. From your franchise to get that starting pitcher you want. 888957957. Is the phone number pets yellow cells dot Comtex line 95795. We'll talk to Alex Pamela bitch about forty minutes but. Next the ski team on 957 yen. Our bats this crackles Egypt chassis. 95% in the game. World Cup final joined to a close looks like France gonna hold on. And win the World Cup with us live with Francis won in my lifetime maybe early two thousands David wanna know wore us. Missed on Nana yeah. Well maybe you should give us the World Cup so this is written Billy out of World War II RA. Africa. Yes severed Cisco giants and Oakland Athletics back at it today wrapping up the first of 23 game series that book end the all star break. And says should be a good one tonight show Allman Diana. Indy Suarez it's. Yeah I'm excited to see soar as am and I am and I have. Like I had brought up a couple of different times is on pace for sixteen wins which would be very big Goodyear last serial solid twelve wins but. Do you have big boost not only for his confidence but for the organization to have a homegrown guy. Get you know over fifteen wins it's the first time a long time I think Bartolo Colmes last gotta go over sixteenth holes five years ago it's so. Crazy to me that we're told Cologne one met many games as an athletic five years ago. And still pitching he's still pitching and got away. We we we do this thing where we talk about. Guy is did that changing their game adapting to their aides and Bartolo so old I don't think people remember what it was like in Cleveland back in the day. He but he was a fireball. He he he was a horrid throw. And to transition to a point where he's pitching. At age 45. Of move and at her pound the strike zone. Using what Guile he has now granted as Ares four point six but still. Good for you part. Definitely and it seems like a fund I root for any pudgy deeds and sports. Can't hear it as the live for obvious reasons exactly. 510 text there. The only true. Solid bullpen guys are a team and teacher being on China and maybe if Andrew Triggs is healthy he can be a long term reliever but the main thing this Texas saying is the I'd like to see John Fisher willing to spend a little more to help the team get a few solid rental starters are solid relievers. Yeah we'd all like to see John Fisher spend more it would improve baseball in the Bay Area. I'm not sure there's any reason to believe that spending patterns will change before there's at least. A formalized agreement on a stadium and probably until ground is broken. That being said there's a difference between willing to spend the and willing to spend more than 63 million dollars which is the lowest payroll in baseball so the thing is Ers. Old far down on the payroll latter at this point bad. They can add anything and they still won't be spending much. He literally at any player in baseball and they'll still have one of the lowest five or six payrolls in the weeks. I'm curious if that I mean I know they've always had a low payroll but how much this quote unquote revenue sharing. Welfare check if they've been receiving like how much that is dictating how much or how little they spent like that check going away how does that. Really hamper them doing business moving forward. Zack that's Oreo that's changed how to do business owners and a lot of times they just important that check right in the pocket. If they were spending that chick every year be different conversation but they weren't so at bat and others weren't even that's why the checks are getting ticket elected. But it don't do this that's the problem they're doing it route where we're giving you money so you could compete despite not. Drawing as many fans as the Yankees despite not selling as many hats as the Yankees we wanna you to be able to compete if you just take the money we're giving you to compete and pocketed. That's really defeated the purpose it's it's pretty bad it's bad news as we asked you before the break and I'm still interest. 888957957. He is our phone number Penske auto sales dot Comtex line is 95795. Obviously both of these baseball teams are in the playoff race as it stands today. I think both of these teams could probably use additional starting pitching. You can make an argument they could each use a little bit a bullpen help but they've both at least have a couple of guys out there they can really count on and they've. Both of these baseball teams in the Bay Area right now have lineups that. While you could certainly upgrade positions. Your problem now is more than you have too many guys further positions that are open vs not enough guys so. I don't necessarily think either team needs a position player but both of them could use a starting pitcher. Certainly. Because of all the injuries but even without the injuries both teams could probably use a more reliable starter and another reliable starter to the rotation so. I think we can mostly agree on that part. What I'm just not sure how to answer is what would you give up. You're an eighty's if you're the giants the different types of questions if you're at is the question is. Which of the prospects you spent all this time collecting are you willing to part ways of and if you're the giants it's how do you put together a package that's intriguing to any. Doesn't involve prospects do you have to move off a veteran player how would that even work. If you have a thought it 89579578. You also at the Penske also stuck Comtex line and it 95795. Egan a payroll Matty I I'm looking here at the a's payroll for this particular year. We know Hunter Pence makes for the giants eighteen point five million shares hope for just a little more couple million more. The days this combination is them getting paid the most Chris Davis. Jonathan Lu Croix and did Larry think of that three all three per Hunter Pence this contract or just a little bit more. Yeah it's incredible value we got a couple nuggets and Julian Williams one of them. Was that Chris Davis is talking about a contract extension right now which really surprised me meet him. Meet you. But again. I I. This is wishful thinking I'm acknowledging it's wishful thinking but I'm talent yet I really think now's the time for a's fans to start to get attached. I really think at least a handful of these guys. Are going to be around. And now look no one's no baseball team keeps everyone around all the time. And frankly the number prospects DA's have is untenable like eventually some of those will be traded for proven players. Buy it. If were just go and. I am I mean look. These guys allow armor already under team control through 20/20 two or 23. Some for 20/20 four. And if you can lock down Chris Davis who as we keep saying doesn't have the national profile he should. He can get him relatively affordably forty home runs a year out of the DH spot. Great. Extent a little bit I think this was his last arbitration year you may have one more technically. Still buy out a couple extra years. How much would you takers there. He's making ten point five million right now urged him. Fifteen year for three yeah I would especially when I'm blue thirty million on Billy Butler and gaming NAFTA and you're really use you can't let that go now because I saw Billy Butler in the World Series he was gardens and couldn't run couldn't move in the attic easiest. He's so weak and bad body guy. Which is fine you could be a bike publish a bad body guide when my body. You know at least he runs like a right now like Billy Butler the only thing he runs to is the breakfast line. You know it's like gimme a break and that thing is like. I can I can remember a handful of free agents that have been signed by the excess that is for example blew me away when they first got him. And then EEE gift. Pig was a big country big breakfast whatever the heck is name was doctor breakfast and whatever and Billy Butler netted him thirty million dollars it just seemed ridiculous especially. Given at the exact same time you're like well can't afford Donaldson right at what was weird about that signing is it it seemed to run counter to everything else that's the franchise had done that off season. So yes that that was weird that's in the rear view Mir now we're not talking about are dollar anymore I wish you'd stop bringing them all I would put up a season as a frame of reference for spending. I would give him about 1415 million dog idea I think you overpay him to stay here. To prove to your fans like hey we're we're gonna try everything we can't to retain certain guys is a guy fits this area. And his value here is I think more than anywhere else and he loves it here ask embrace the the sort of ease attitude thing for sure knicks uniform. Everybody looks and Kelly green but he does with the hair and the Sox like heat he. At the flair I you know all I gotta say it if if we're gonna get into the aesthetics of Chris Davis I like the way blows the hair out. And embraced are cool I understand prior pain and it's to have the fro with the hats. But looks sharp well he looks good look. Cotto did that first Alice when co well rock that why knows him years back when compared to Cotto had acting rocking dude. Yet know the cocoa for a was was money. Coke Chris. Did a lot for this franchise he's really get ahead as our resident to go too deep bonnet buy it. Just. I mean from the Bernie leaned to the roads are things like energizing the fan base that addict cocoa diddle lot. For this a's franchise.