Kolsky and Urbs Third Hour 8-19-18

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Sunday, August 19th
The boys switch gears to Football and the 49ers preseason loss to the Houston Texans. Kolsky and Urbs take a look at what makes Jimmy G a good quarterback. It all starts with his anticipation of pressure and movement within the pocket. Rob Lowder of Ninners Nation calls in and takes a look at the running back situation and the potential of the wide reciever group. Plus the boys wrap up with some good for ball bad for ball.

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Don't forget about the radio dot com map where. You to listen to us. View your various devices that's really quite nice. Do we ever get you'd be bigger than your Jersey right the other through those called from. High school if they did this in the NFL actually doesn't have an assignment they've got added to Durban as Scott added to a post college in radio for some. So you are B I was always bigger. While you're bigger now. We like it or not. Or so I'll probably hear herbs more often now than there ever bigger Q yesterday we had a guy and attacks like calling your big curves are get that all the time higher VE RV. It's that are considered. By the way we're show battery of pop members from either. Elected text before that though is stands no better than to put any Jersey within came on it unless it's a retired player. Now energy apologizes forgiveness better bench under the yet. Are. The giants fans texting about how a's players are gonna get traded away. Full time a multi. I was which gives the football part of what Simms is go 49ers. Lost pre season game. So you had your chance to finally condemn the niners pre season victory chances yesterday you refused to do it and you're wrong again. We should do funeral for the niners should do right now. Terrible horrible awful pre season lost so many serious through an interception. Well organized. Right off the hands Dante had a slow high. As long life but I watched the first half again I'd add in March is a and in open at a time that a watched two series. So we both watched Jimmy left I left. Now here's a question and by the way we will talk to rob louder of niners wire in about fifteen minutes about that stuff. Anything is related Kurt louder than TV news fan rob loud Milligan of that IE. High he wondered. If I let you put a nickname. On number ten. In Redding goal last night. What would it be it players is so to players and game type of thing. Jimmy Jesus. We go and beyond Gucci drop. I said. Can happy because they're good they're the adult film star's name that you could just be regulation GD media tilts film's stars and I don't do no such thing sir what was your name. I don't know. Darn near. Key Armey. Of here's the point no pun intended whatever it is. The niners really got something. And I I'm eager. He is really really good and it jumps off the screen. Every time I've watched and don't give me this so it's only pre season football last year their plan no we don't want it but that went seven for seven on third and fourth downs. That's right. Seven for seven on third and fourth and an end. That's valuable. But also those people right. It doesn't necessarily mean. Anything what we've seen in the pre season. It's not of doubt that though. It's him out but I test in this case after you signed that contract well I understand and and we still don't know what. Jimmie to rob Lowe's career is going to be like he can get. Tragically injured in the next pre season game and never play another regular season based calls he could knock. Whoa I'm not that was close my point is. We don't know what is careers going to be we don't know whether that contract is gonna look good in retrospect six years down maligned because. There are so many things that can derail an NFL career from coaching to you roster did you film stars. Injuries. Jimmy G spot is the suggestion ormat sports in the southern Minnesota. The point is. What you can. Immediately see about Jimmy drop below is how phenomenal. His pocket presence. And it doesn't that has nothing to do is pre season or not pre season. It may be that he's under more duress when the regular season comes around you know it may be. That the niners offensive line doesn't hold up as well as you'd like it too. Just Daley's old they got a rookie right tackle he might be under more pressure. It's what happens when he is under pressure. That jumps off the screen he's one of those guys that had been in their such different body types it's difficult to make this comparison but it. I'd like in his escape ability or just his subtle movement inside the pocket. To Ben Roethlisberger believing that I mean he's got he's got that. That fault work that you don't you gotta slow it down and really pay attention to it to appreciate it because it's it's such. A short little step this way or that way or hip turn this where that way I think dollars in perceptible I think he's even better than that. Ben Roethlisberger. Has utilized his size and strength. As much as his pocket awareness. To get away from guys were around his legs were agreed but he did I good footwork for big due course but the guy he looks just like to me is Brady. And it's no wonder. It was their three years watch and again I current Bryant. The way he's he's not athletic. If Jimmy drop I mean compared to medias but did Jimmy droplet gets out of the pocket and is trying to run that's that's not a good situation. Same thing with Tom Brady. But it's that footwork it's shuffling your feet it's the one step back into the left it's that. The attention to detail those little things they give you an extra split second to make that throw. And repeatedly whether unmet seven for seven in third or fourth downs or the other what five for seven. Four for six that he had over the course of the night. He's a dying who. Any time you. Pressure is coming. He seems to have that knack for making the one small movement that gives him just enough time to get the throw off end. The first accurate. I can't tell you that and listen this is not to pile on a guy who. Is currently black balled and and it being treated or leave by the league but. We watched several years of Colin Capra nick unable to make crisp accurate throughs with consistency and so I know how hard it is. To do that prime I don't know little athlete who never was able to develop any sort of pocket presence right. I've watched bears quarterbacks for thirty years. So I know how hard it is. Has seen a quarterback. Have that sort of pocket presence and the guys in the NFL right now. Who I feel like fit in that pocket presence category. Our Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Maybe Drew Brees. Like that's the level of awareness doesn't mean he's going to be a hall of fame quarterback and doesn't mean you gonna play at the level of those guys. But that's a thing date. You can measured by the I test. It's very. Easy to see someone would either great or terrible pocket presence now there's a whole strata in between great and terrible where. Someone like me is gonna have a harder time telling who's got better pocket presence then you know an NFL scout. Life for the guys who were great or terrible. Any NFL fan can see. It and it's it's hard to measure it but it's plain to the guy. And it's almost impossible to teach it because a lot of it is me when you watch Jimmy gee when you watch Brady when he's on fire these guys that you talked about. Date they seemed to sense where the rush is coming from how close it is and what that. Tiny subtle movement when this book or your hips opening up this way is going to allude that pressure but it's it's not something you can. Go out on the field and work on because that means you'd have to have three. 345. Pounder running you to simulate what you're gonna station in the sixth sense element exactly exactly and and danger they have that I feel like your current loss that last year well. There is okay here how to that we Jimmie has it but he. Had it right and that lost it well that's kind of what I mean is there subtleties in the middle right. You know Derek Karr looked like a guy with pretty solid pocket presence a couple years ago. Last year playing with a broken back he did not I'm not sure that's saying that much negatively about Derek cards that because the fact of the matter is. Yeah shouldn't be scared playing with a broken back. I think. Whether he does that. This year when hopefully his offensive line is back at a higher level when hopefully his receivers are dropping the ball constantly. This year will be eight BD step. In whether Derek Karr is it top level pocket presence guy or not but. I just gotta say that's the thing you can't avoid when you watch the niners and over the last. 56 in the last season and first you know couple series of these pre season games is. Even when he's not. Playing perfect. Rob Lowe has a confidence and a presence about him that makes it clear he is he someone you haven't had a around here don't want. And you know what that does for the fan base is you have that same feeling you feel like this is all under control I mean when Jimmy breaks the huddle. And we haven't seen this since I think Jeff Garcia who I don't I never felt like got enough credit facilities and it still doesn't. But it's it's the first time since Garcia that one no huddle breaks I feel like I know exactly who's in charge and that everybody. In that cholera specs that guy is gonna do whatever they can to protect him and things are going to be OK there's just something about certain guys. Under center that you think you know he has complete command of this situation. And Jimmy G had that from day one with the niners and number three games into it. I think it was NBC sports Bay Area but member of that package ended that include video and included him talking to teammates and linemen yup. And all it just I was blown away I was like. That's what it was it was Tennessee game that's what a leader looks it was. The tell NFL turning point and it was the last is two minute drive in the Tennessee game and not only. Did he called those blaze. He went up to these guys who made the catches before the drive on the sideline and told them. Specifics. He told mark he's Goodwin which way to turn his hips forgot six. And it. That tracks with the pocket presence is that leadership presence on the sideline and it and I. Think I know Goodwin walks away thinking after that he's like amnesty opposite end all right now I know what I need to do now and then he did it. So look. I know there's the is deliberate five games at all how dare you anoint him at not saying he's anointed. I'm just saying he has a thing. That you need to be a great quarterback and I think their. Is immediately identifiable when someone really has it and not that many guys have it like that. Totally agree 415 good point difference and it's the difference between watching rush and watching downfield and play develop. Exactly I get exactly what he's saying earth she is saying. When that text because I felt like again going back to their car last year I think he stopped. Watching downfield and you're right you got a broken back I'm going to be watching your question. We will talk more niners coming up next rob louder. From niners wire joins us Michael's Michael heard and face of the game. Calls you Michael Irvin and rob louder joins us momentarily but before. That Michael Irvin do you know what that music is from. Yesterday. You did not know the music from the whole song. I am a real Americans can you identify the source of this soon Mission Impossible. Not quite James Bond. In a way yes. Specifically. This comes from the video game goldeneye for N 64. I've heard it's many many top ten year T shirt today has there's the suggestion of of it is bond and I had a suggestion yes it's a bond. Sort of it it's making fun of the bond style logo right but it's for the Monty Python sketch the Ministry of Silly Walks in on my way home last Sunday I neglected I realized that I neglected to thank you for making my day by wearing the little about skis urban and wasn't achievers and there we are terrible all of them thank you Michael Irvin for thanking me. And now we must thank rob louder for joining us he covers the 49ers. For the niners wire and let's just start with the thing I've sort of diatribe on last segment. This drop below Fella his pocket presence just screams. Off the TV screen. Oh real yeah are you was impressed as we are. I have I am yeah I want it but it and maybe it's a it becomes a reporting on her outlook with quarterback and kind of your liquidity to catch like you know what the problem what what is weakness what is sure he'll have wanted to become little more Larry feature but. We want to kind of keep the NY training camp and he is and used it and what we are deeply into another gear and again you know public these are Oprah broke that we're active we'd all be right and a look at each other and allow you know okay. I yet I'm Betty I mean just keep your early in the game and it. He did you don't cold he took it there and kind of you know during equally deserving Edmund and everything were competent but it is pretty impressive you know I got it they will tell you does. Ordered that a regular speed and Wendy and literature really gonna form but is it enough about the. Rob it it's such a nice tidy understandable. Reasonable narrative that the time Jimmy G spent. Playing the backup to Tom Brady is the reason he is the player he is today is it is it that simple or is it I mean look Tom Brady clearly. Had something special that he brought to the patriots that nobody taught him he'd just had it. And I have to believe that there's some things that Jimmy gee just has that didn't come from Tom Brady and the patriots. Right no I think though absolutely immediate not like once you get beat that for such a leader you can't make change is due to growing motion. Anger your arm strength and stuff like that lead to immediate release. And that is is patient in the pocket and it kind of just you you either Ito you know you can only be when a quarterback feel comfortable back there. And then be released this just spending that comes genetically like incredible a bit early in the Vatican that you get rid of the ball bat bat and I get Aaron Rodgers but there. And we brought it back in the league but it's your point yeah. You know a lot of really really really good quarterback sweep Simi and well done what. What Tom Brady did and that it but I didn't have a quarterback for years and about you know Tom Brady that larger but though Aaron Rodgers. That mine Brett Favre and you know Jimmy looked at aren't. Tom Brady in one of the greatest coaches in NFL history to be worked out. You know not debated Jimmie over the brilliant don't have to open table like we like you got to be done. It just seemed like. Drafting a quarterback. You know everybody's so ready to start a first round pick quarterback you mentioned rubble a second round pick everybody ready to release quarterback in the fire. Seemed like the directly to success is fighting a decent quarterback and you're gonna grab new won a welcome to everything else for awhile and learn that. The intricate either out of play quarterback and mapping beater that he's success and that. Rob latter covers the 49 us for nine years wire find him on Twitter at rob underscore louder. And if Jimmy gee is that you know we're feeling confident. I guess the next question becomes how confident are we that he will be protected and I. I I believe. That was these sort of top of the depth chart offensive line that we saw correct yesterday and and so what are the early returns. Your hand you have the city ever so reliable and that the veteran Joseph Bailey let faculty currently in arm and an outlet guard. Free agent and it's an upbeat and weaponry spurred a better yet his own little little meltdown there but I mean I guess I want older audience he's too much. And then we all got started in and it right Darby you actually a pretty you looked a lot better that I would have expected of them you know coming off it is knee bothering him and stuff like that. And then Mike Quincy eagle holder's gonna what are you went into the wind and it's like yeah. He went about it on what you get sick because you know you're not getting beat up no one really calling you out that you must be doing your jobs though. It seem like it is all right Mac to your question. That is probably the closest we're going to get at the start not a wide the only question mark really outlined is the right art spot. And Cooper still to come along from me in the breeze so just chronic going to be into the aren't you getting a first team reps so he looked like you can of one. Like right now you can be earmarked that starting spot going forward so. Down people are like that went next week you know that are pretty easy game where it startled by play an entire app or at least the majority of the app I think that regular peppers. Real glimpse at what they're planning on doing a yacht in the blinded and all of that and there. They're Brothers and a featured back in town and he's not going to play at all in the pre season after suffering an injury last Sunday in practice and talking about McCarron of course the contract. Raised a lot of eyebrows some people think well we're clearly share a hand sees something that not everybody. In the league season and how much you think it's gonna hurt that he's not planning any of these pre season game for the new squad. Well a little bit of an impact I think her now like him who's just brought in everything outs right now especially getting in that any game action. I think it is team and how were finally beat L but he learned throughout training camps so I think and it is that a little bit of an impact now. Supporting shuttle Columbia on these important and it will be able to Molina Mabry who's been in the system through last year and did well. So but as far as you can go to that it has a little bit of an impact. During that time ought to be can be learning more about the team they'll come into mental aspect sharply just a matter of putting it out on the field. It been hard to say exactly how much it's holding him back. But you looked pretty good in training camp we never got a real good equipment eagerness for receiving game reflects the negative yardage not really silly through don't all but. Is a little bit but they were gonna get out right now but empirical that he you can mentally prepared and on and let them build. All right so let's go to be wide receiver position where. There is a lot of I'm the right way to put it because none of them have done anything but there are a lot of guys down the depth charge that our interest thing for lack of better. Phrase I suppose Kendrick Bourne Victor Bolden Richie genes. Obviously Dante pettis is gonna make the team based on where he was drafted Bulger Robinson Trent Taylor. Do you see someone emerging out of that group below peer her son in March he's good win as. Is sort of a surprise or or potentially. Stepping up into that number three year old ahead of Trent Taylor. You know I don't I don't necessarily think so at least not early on I think supporting her and go to Q what he set up when they're and three wide receiver sets will be. You're on marquis in my entrance Taylor and the net. You know going to be your basic Marie and I think they're gonna try and hating on it as much as and median or right receivers that. He rotating and won the other guys. I'm but it sparked rallies aren't gonna you know four or debt limit and rocker. Get the other key spot that certain assuming they're gonna keep that from your. Doctor they're willing to keep that wide receivers. That particular scorn and Richie being ground out the rest of the group. Ricky can't poorly edited early and in Iraq are well entrance and started. Because you either either good or are you a little guys. You didn't have barely bring any special inside the table he can't return. We're going to be called on. Saturday would get like twenty yard punt return so now but he doesn't bring that means value but it and it is just a little and Aaron Burr ridge used. We'd even knowing that slapped he's in he's one of the more respected guys on the team it's our special teams coverage so. Bigger that they are gonna get that aren't earned brokerage but Ricky and kind of an ordinance also organ to much yet they haven't met our return. I know lean toward them giving him a spot. I read that and what that would betray the ball got there but it's it's really target date Mikey didn't like competition there and a Colombian toward right now. Rob what do we Sheehan on the defensive side of the football the first series of both of the pre season games were obviously nothing you're gonna. Send to the defensive. No Pulitzer Prize committee headed to speak they looked. So far they've looked like there. They're just to team trying to find themselves defensively and I guess that's kind of what they are but for the fans and understand that are listening give them. A positive to look at it as as it pertains the defense side of the ball. I think I'm the most part it is you can. You can take on the defense right now they have encouraging speakers that literally every level to be spent now the only thing I realized. Is. Area like normal every single standout player on the 49ers defense is young you'd been in the league maybe 23. Forty years Mac. There's there's not really a better and Earl Mitchell as I know Aqua most veteran guy let me read and but. All that well in irons standout player whether beat force Buttner Rubin officer and Billy were to turn it but he did you know. But if he's there Boone. Adrian Colbert to quit keep art all these guys and you know and acting on rookie Ed Warner is gonna work its way into the starting lineup. But Boehner realizes. I wouldn't really expect maybe. A pot and I think the peace and become a top in defense really expect that out of them. Or maybe a year acute because girl so young but I have a little bit of a growing out process and I you'd think that the team and an incredible job. Trapped in the count and they need bringing in Albania is just a matter and then finding your. Your group. I didn't really seemed barely any weaknesses aren't king go to think that even they're running it down it's just been a while pretty young got the kind of are you wonderment and be confident what they're gonna. Do you get the sense and we're talking rob louder by the way who covers the niners for the niners wire is do you get the sense that. Richard Sherman. Is going to be expected to you. Get on the field for the very first time and played at above average level in week one of the regular season. The question you know and is it a little. You know he's capable up but it bit. What are we capable of now at least you admit their sheer. A play during training camp when you look on appeal but didn't play much. And then when it started to increase the workload a little bit but he ended up with tea and strings strings so at the bit of a question market or Italian you. Probably going to the very final stages appoint recovering from that actually there. I hope alleviate the answering even nagged him too much and it's you know what to expect hardly know what to expect from a guy. And he's Jimmy ward the third answer if Sherman can't go. I think he's between your opener but he'd be amber ice so it. It's been pretty disappointing what we've seen a more so are now exactly and you play like fourteen different conditions and he got the 49ers. He never really been given the opportunity just stay at what we find it group. But you haven't gone well as a quarterback you would earn quite burned but beaten quiet you are in lap during Saturday game. Oh is it. You know you're going to be area there. But I am stated that he answered it that that he needs it's that they're really hoping to Richard Sherman going to be able to go. Rob sitting on the defensive side of the ball where they can get and now we note that stood at my board room is going to be out for a couple of games. He's obviously you know a pass rusher and a linebacker army and it's it's similar to. Not similar player to clear a Mac but you could you could put him linebacker you can have and be an edge rusher I think he's gonna put some pressure. On the passer when he gets cut loose but I. Who's going to be playing next door and then is she gonna have to do everything at that level of the defense you mentioned there is a nice player at every level of defense and clearly. He's the guy at that level but is there anybody else at that level that you think is kind of solidifying their spot on the squad. Boy because government barker you you are at a pretty easily these are people like you said he commitment to gains from the yet from the suspension so he. Do you live by it. Solidified his spot we linebacker don't really mean much for the first few games and water and the 49ers third round pick this year and I'm putting the audit Mike linebacker which is next to Ruben sponsors so it's not like you can barely stepped into play I'm Turkey is needed here. Am I harp on the point that both linebacker spot or kind of interchangeable. So I'm not really sure exactly you're gonna step in Oregon sponsor stickers beat Warner. Rockwell who plays the Mike linebacker spot next to Rubin boxer. He should be back I think he even back in action this week. I'm so you know but it I'm not sure that we are gonna put that we have but linebacker spot. First few weeks. Now it could be inaccurate but you haven't been able to you don't feel reporting as whatsoever. He did you know he's he seems practices here and there but he he hasn't been able on the field but our net employment current spot when he. Yeah BLP since being about a forty niners so if it yet but wanted to week one on our pride they Britain Warner and Rockwell. I think Brock well he's definitely for awhile he's what he Seattle you know he backward and forward. They caught it earlier that we let linebacker in place the ribbon sponsor. Certainly not have a liability you can be anywhere near the Elmer player sponsor it but I think at least to give all that well down the ought to get back. Rob latter of niners wire is our guest before let's go our rob I aimed remain moderately obsessed with the fate of Joseph Williams. I I just don't totally understand what happened to a guy that the the team. Made such a point of raving about behind the scenes and and even in front of the scenes despite the fact that we never seen him. And now dead not only is he not really getting a lot of opportunity but he's shown me exactly none of what made him so attractive. Two of them it. Is this is he pretty much out here is he going to be given a chance and one of these pre season games to two shows something where are they at would you Williams. Walked mark Terry quiet during that irked you preceding game. I think they're corporate profits are the number of Kerry he's perceive now he hasn't really done anything with you you scored. And repeat in opener against the cowboys but it is an animal little I was little and I and I think he averaged. Not 2.3. Yards per carry. With duke game combines that is correct really done everything and it is out in her. And kraus didn't mention that and the warrants have been given a much and we really and we buried very few plays. Where there's all around through and I'm right back to choose the wrong one that's been great in regards to run game that kind of a big concern go on in the regular season because he got guys. Let jerked in and a map reader who are really known for being an every down back between about that in itself means he's going for the back to William. I really don't know I don't think. It has brought bought it is definitely on the bubble there's no way. He guaranteed one especially when the guy and you're completely better anymore he marker operas that are looking value and now and more there. Yeah yeah Albert Moore is dirtier and and I know couch and a lot of respect for guy like that. And you wouldn't bring him in that much he would bring amendment because I can make the roster so. Maybe the 49ers are planning on keeping her running back. Which would be one more in the last year you know you got here we can and map reader. Maybe Rickie mock dirt and then more so is that what they're white and I'm doing. But no matter which way you looked at it there's no way. But Joseph Williams wanted to hear roster spot in two shouldn't be considered a disappointment at this point because he's finally gotten his opportunity after the Cadillac even. He's done almost nothing leaked at the law again. That it is a small victory. Big victory for a seven rob Lara we appreciate you taking time and thanks rob rob allowed her aunt rob underscore louder LO WD ER on Twitter. Covers the niners a 49ers liar. Do you follow him on Twitter you get great niners stuff and nice tweets of video segments and gifts and whatnot so that we can. See with the niners have been doing and yeah the Joseph Williams. Hype train that I've been driving is running low on steam moms like we rent goes I'm still a good. What are my guys are. He did things in college that. Made him look like a guy who would be able to succeed at the NFL of the game against UCL there was one of the most impressive single game performances I've seen. Not a phenomenal but he chests. Nothing is what he's shown here and and rob was right it's it's combined. Under two and a half yards per carry. In the first two pre season games. Against the Texans. It war is. Boy eight carries for eighteen yards against the geez you'd even play in week one it was eleven for Tony said. Cowboys. As bad. That's nineteen carries heard you do the math it's bad it's under two and a half yards for carry and it's. And as rob said it's as much opportunity as anybody has had. In the first two pre season games and let me just read off the running back depth chart to you because. The problem here is that there's too many dudes. Jarrett McKinnon and Matt breed are your top two ready posters or making the roster move he brings too much special teams value not tip. And after that the first well they may not keep more than that that might be bowl running back or they've already got how are you shake no matter what. So that's four guys that can carry the ball. If they keep a fourth running back. Now you're deciding between Alfred Morris Jeremy make Nickels and Joseph Williams and. I don't know. What Joseph Williams has done to put himself in even the number two slot on that list because. Alfred Morris is had a productive career in Shanahan and that I wouldn't have brought him here if I didn't think he could make this team yeah. And it's you know if we're talking about. Potential to eventually develop into some thing. I don't know that I have Joseph Williams at this point ranked ahead of Jeremy make Nichols why should I. They're what I think what you've done it shouldn't aren't I get it. But the all important third pre season game is text to just point it out from the five time. He's still way because he's on Joseph lawyer and I'm still with the U2 and I think it's possible that the if he can get it going to. We could see the guy we saw it right thigh and and people would understand why the niners made a big deal about last year and wide essentially. Red shirt did him to hold on to a minute like. And why we're still in his corner thinking something's gonna happen to make. It obvious joy and belongs on the niners and union FL yeah and cold just set in my area he's not wrong it looks like he's afraid of contact. And especially for a guy who fumbled the ball fifteen times last year's pre season you wonder if there's some and do that. Could you know all he heard all yearlong last year on trial at her yeah security exactly. Hold the ball three point depression. So is that this head I don't know. And Izzy just not as good as we thought that's certainly possible it's been wrong before Bryant. I am worried that. The end is nine. For Joseph Williams in a 49ers uniform and I I don't know what I'd I don't know the worries the right word who cares. He's never been on the field for them or regular season game or if he's gonna get run in battle important third pre season game against ones and twos that he's gonna have to do some I'd like to see a half each of Mick vehicles and Williams probably right I guess maybe Alfred Morris get some care or you gotta be in their little. Maybe although I can't bring the guy and then not play well except that you know what he is and that's and I think men have. It's possible not playing is the best thing that can happen. Our rob Morrison nuts yeah that's a good point. If you know what you've got wife why a run the risk of injury. And B why give reps to a guy that you know I'm right here writes if you know what he's capable of and and Shanahan certainly does you could probably get a pretty good idea of how is bodies hanging in there from cracked future. The joint practices through break I I think. For me what I wanna see in games three and four is as much Joseph Williams in Germany and connect nick Nichols easy for me to say as possible. That's what I want. What you see the defense actually play well well that's the other thing because if if I have to take aways from niners pre season football so far it is a Jimmy drop a loose pocket presence is noteworthy and beat. If there's a problem here it's gonna be the defense and I have enough confidence figure out a little can do the job that. It's hard for me to see offense being below average. Even if the receivers are great anger problem makes them better even if the offensive line is not a lead I think a problem makes them look better in the dark moves so. It's hard for me to see that side of the ball fail. And the way. He is able to extend drives which is another thing that hadn't had in recent years that's gonna help the defense or I mean it's it will we joke about it and say oh Jimmy Jean makes everybody better or what they do. Across the board you know the rise entire bridge raise all ships all that but it's true that defense it doesn't have to spend as much time on the field. You're less fatigued you should be a better defense all factual but let me play a little game with other than rookies whose names we've heard recently. And removing the three guys who I presume rob latter was referring to when he said the niners have at least one exciting young or in highly level player each level. Those players in my mind he's timeout to force Buckner on the line. Ruben Foster at linebacker and Richard chairman. Playing quarterback. Can you tell me another player on this defense that you feel like is better than average. Oh. Now certainly you hope. That. The Fred Warner's the Julian tailors the other young guys Solomon Thomas. Maybe maybe some people still have hope for our arms that you hope these guys develop into better than average Solomon Thomas has got to be a player. But he wasn't. Cole mentioned brought Coyle who. Yeah he's had his moments but I think he's backed up I think he's an NFL back up. Thomas' backup. I think he played like a back up last year did. I think Eric Armstead has flashed but most of his career played like a back up. Malcolm Smith has had some big moments he made some big hits for the raiders but. Lot of his career played like a back arms kids got to be the most frustrating they're building now I would say horror. There you go would be the guy I would have mentioned. And I think I have high hopes for callow Witherspoon. And I actually thought Adrian Colbert for a safety that came out of nowhere. I'm pretty get Wyatt your viewers know when you're. I mean this is the point there're a lot of names that you look at on this list. And niner fans will have the cringing response of another belt if I am an Iraq. Eric Armstead looks like another bout if there Eli Harold looks like. Not a great bulky situation. Now Solomon Thomas is not entree and bulky but. Not playing great Jimmy award bulky fair. What happen to get rid of all the balcony while they were they around there was only so much you can do you are on their where there's only so much meat. But. I'm more about the defense. It's interesting. I think. In our minds we had this idea of the niners being the more well rounded team the raiders being a team met the offense is gonna be really good of defense not as good. I think really having wash go pre season games these teams are in similar scenario dreamed. Where. They both have the ability to be very good offensive teams but they're gonna need their young quarterbacks to play like it and some other skill position players to step up. And then on defense they've both have the potential. To be really bad. If their milk from their their big linebacker in the niners case it's Ruben Foster dealing with a suspension and and can get back from that. In the raiders' case its colonial Mac. The pass rusher but I think still technically a linebacker dealing with the the contract issue right so in order to be good you're gonna need. Your big man in the middle to be there. And you're gonna need a lot of young players. To improve significantly and for both teams at least some of those young players are guys who have had opportunities and failed. Solomon Thomas it and Eric Armstead our examples for the niners with a raiders it's a second there. You've seen some of these guys and they haven't gotten the job done others Gary Connolly he's mostly been injured and so. But but nevertheless both of these defense is an in the Bay Area in football. Mean young players to step up and play at the level for which they were drafted. And not at the level they've played so far in their NFL careers are. Greed and when I look at the two teams directorship situations are similar but. I have. Infinitely more faith and John Lynch's ability to eventually. Put together real good defense. I don't know. What they have an Oakland bit win. Suggest. They have someone there that knows exactly what they need and how to go about putting on the other senator quality defensive coordinator. But doesn't have any sort of input on the personnel I mean it just don't have the personnel to be good defense. Well. It's that simple as she I don't know if I agree I think it gets much like the niners they do the personalities that. Corners in safety they drafted in the first two rounds pain out. Those are tough to round draft picks. On the Thomas is number three overall it's a safe and if Solomon Thomas performs. Adam top three pick level. And to force but they're performs at a top ten pick level and our cars that performs at a top ten to bow then all of a sudden you got three top ten picks under offensive line. All I'm saying and defensive lines aren't. Given the choice having the most faith in one or the other I got more faith and John Lynch being able eventually put together real solid defense and Gunther or bridging the Reggie McKenzie just doesn't I still don't know how this terrorist jobs that are their defense because he inherited wealth. Reggie McKenzie inherited a team with the worst cap situation in the history of the national full thank you. Move on. Thanks for helping us get out of it Mubarak. That's not how I would do business I would say hey guys that helped us get out of the worst situation in league history and then actually put together a winning team in drafted a quarterback that we. Are also excited about. Watch stay around and help us getting better that's how I'd feel but different purchase I look at him. Look Jon Gruden is community can all the significant cooperating got a hundred million dollar contract you think he cares about the defense. Well he should. I mean it that way I mean do you think he really feels like he wants to make defense a draft picks. Now okay so that's our Reggie McKenzie. And I feel like originate and he's and he won't Jack Del Rio were packaged thank you guys for what you do in reverse and they weren't sure. No I know I sit in my mind JR I I feel like. Jack Del Rio did something tangible for raider nation he reversed the losing culture. He got them on the doorstep of being a team on the come he's not the guy. To get him to the next level the raiders knew that they replaced them with a guy they think will do it. Just like the warriors replace Mark Jackson and brought in a guy. Who they thought would take him to the next level I think Reggie is I've in my mind I lump Reggie and would jacked your Ryo thank you Reggie for what you've done for the franchise but I think we need something else to get over the hump. Yeah I don't think I agree I Reggie McKenzie was there before Jack Del Rio is thereafter and hopefully he can. Do the job of defense of drafting that he did in Green Day. To get himself higher here. They just crossed did you see the Solomon Thomas nickname. Text that's it's rude and I will not read aloud. It's time now for. Segment brought to you but title one and only Michael Irvin. It's good for ball bat for ball. Time for. Or bad for. You say yes. Here's Michael her dad and. Hi we're drug kind of flying from this you are parents right now. As you know everything in life can be labeled one of two ways we stick to sports here but we typically. Give you an example of how simple this game really is turning. Everything. Can be labeled good for ball or bad for ball four instant last night. I didn't think I had a whole lot in the fridge for dinner in which is bad for ball on my part for being too lazy to go to the store. But then I noticed hidden behind the eggs. A fresh packaged cheese that was not open yet I didn't know was in there. So I just made cheesy eggs in had a great dinner that's good for ball that simple. So. The first thing on the list prepared by producer. Lucas Alexander is. Said I was reading verbatim colts Q what did you do on Friday night. Here's what I did on Friday night I I went to a place called the speak easy in San Francisco. And where experience party well Lucas wrote parties he's convinced he's really attach the word party but it's it's a place not a party. And essentially. You pay a large amount of money. To buy a ticket to this night and you get a password to meet a guy on the corner in a trench coat. And you meet him on the corner in Andy's. You know sort of doing 1920s permission type thing. And you like this really mentioned something to nominees send you over to another lady in transco decision a third do you. No and you fake prescription which you then take down the street to the clock shop. And go downstairs into the clock shop and then the clock guy looks to prescription and says come right here and come right this way it would meet. Watch you directly through the center of a grandfather clock into a seeker bar. Beneath north beach. Wow and then it's a whole thing there are. People around who taught her seven masking the same there're there are. There's a narrative happening. A Vancouver that goes beyond like there's a stage in one of the rooms but for the most part you're wandering around and you're in this casino bar speak easy prohibition setting and you have to dress up to go to no jeans situation I'm jealous. And basically like. Different story lines are playing out around you and in the various rooms and if you happen to be in a room. While one starts the play out you see it if not you miss it it's just your wandering around the night. And you see different parts of the different story lines of some of the different characters that are involved so it's like your your in this old speak easy but there's also. Presumably actors playing parts within. And you know one point I got dragged. Into answering a phone call and then running into the Alley and taking an illicit shipment of cigars for the owner and I've spent some time in the owner's office talking about Cuba over a glass of whiskey. It was very elaborate why a lot of fun and I think it's probably worth doing once. The cost more than 500 dollars you know on and I know so this wasn't allowed Russia to push him all told. Tickets plus drinks which are expensive cocktails for the most part for myself and my lady friend moved it was. A total. Did did break three act. Rebels what did you where I wore just that I happen have a crappy old suit that's like double breasted and a bad Fedora. I was gonna say you had to go corner nickel yes absolutely. Absolutely. It was a good time it was a good time. It was a little pricey for my tastes and I. But it was fun to do once I can't imagine there being any thing lingered for ball it was pretty good for ball the idea of an immersive party experience sort of deal. I think it's good for ball he's got to find your right. You're right emergency he's got to talk to three different people in trench coats that was fun you don't you don't talk to a lot of people entrenched at these there's no doubt about it. Any any foreign accents among the three trench. No more layer around saying oh really is yet. I have sort of a 1920s feel mark. All right back to sports we see nothing has become much more active on Twitter in the last few years. Now we moved instead Graham. The kids call it. I GIG did for the Graham program this is what. Andrew. Zoom. McCutcheon. Is posting on his IG. Really grinds my gears and I did not come out that there is something they got different so yeah but. Well yeah out villas in between pitches or something and I'm just children excellent screeners. Touch career I want to just be like. Her heartbeat so. I'm glad they're network president art looks like I mean career that I would you got this bit. Obviously we do you expect to be like it leave from the media outlets just enough time that is. Yes I know I know that he played maniac. What's all the way up Parton the footloose soundtrack. Don't walk run to stores and by the footloose soundtrack come you never cease to amaze me. This is an epithet is it footloose are the flash stance it's quite a splash here by mistake footloose is Kevin Bacon. Dancing with type letting stuff. In a warehouse my bad you guys. Walk don't run back. To the record store to return your copy of folders for flash dance which is a much better soundtrack now don't listen. The bad for ball. Stop it. What that's a bad comedy set by Andrew McCutcheon that's open Mike comedy by Andrew McCullough yeah. Residents to Graham didn't started Tim basically commenting on and Hundley and found different video. Oh was a guest. I liked that one because he's basically saying it was ridiculous thing acknowledged. It scared the hell out of him feeling like this rush of white jerseys coming from the dodger bullpen to yeah I want you to tackle the nearest outfielder. But this is an exam this is an example of why we have sports media and media in general is to carry content for you. So that we can get the answer about the. Brawler who and we don't have to watch. Five minutes of the bed we'll open right her comedy about. The phrase look alive which by the way. Every baseball coach has used. Since time I'm more hmm so the idea that Andrew McCutcheon has never heard of baseball coach say look alive to him. And that he needs to breakdown. The actual living vs dead of look alive on an answer Graham story. It's just bad open Mike comedy. Respect to Koch. Attributed to those basketball no doubt about it by the way in 95 they've got the simplicity here. Chocolate milk good for ball strawberry milk is bad for ball I disagree bird yeah me too. I'm a big strawberry milk for wouldn't go big fan but is that enough bad from strawberry quick. AZT it without milk. Well that's not strawberry milk that's just pouring sugar powder and a half a that is definitely bad for Paul no question about it. While we're here let's do one more it's Graham before we get out of here. And to answer the question lucas' posed to us did I see the Jimmy Butler Dwyane Wade every our union story now. But here's what happened jab really union. Posted a risque photo on instead Graham. Deborah union if you don't know or Google or. Jimmy Butler. NBA player. Also an MBA player ever or unions husband Dwyane Wade. By the way they are former teammates. Jimmie those comment well damn. Wade's response. Marlene. Exclamation point the question Lucas asks is hitting on ex teammates wife on social media. Good for ball bad for ball I don't think he was hitting on next teammates wife OK a lascivious Lee commenting on sixty minutes life. Don't know that I agree it was the citizens this'll damn. All right so he's clearly I clearly think it's good for ball. I I don't really care I don't know if it's good for ball I just don't feel like I could slap bad for ball on you know little slap bad for ball lot of all caps Mayan exclamation point on Illinois photographed yeah hash tag me too. Thanks whoever we're joined us tonight Bob May well and that he would try to rob louder and of course. Punting enjoy chest in of course to you Michael Irvin. A pleasure at all we will see you next weekend Marek. My office you first manifest and again.