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Monday, July 16th
Filling in for Chris Townsend and Butcher Boy play Bay Area Awards at the midpoint of the MLB season.

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And question on the text line guys what are you willing to part with for a do gram or stroke and I got so that Dexter I I'm we have vet text her. I'll get to that the second the limit quickly finish my Frankie mountainous point. First three starts he was spectacular allowed a whole of three earned runs in 21 and two thirds innings. His last five starts 26 and two thirds innings fifteen earned runs furious five. And the team. Is three and two so. Well in my tests Jackson either way you'd like a better third start splitting hairs between us right. And and so maybe it would be mocked us and obviously that'll depend on who pitches. Better down the stretch and by the way all those appearances will be her right here on 957 again KG and CFM an HD one KG and he severed Cisco. A radio dot com station. But even whether its Mon tasks or Jackson who's the guy. If there three and four could you Prine before pitchers if you're gonna actually have a full series. You want one of those guys you want the best. Hope of of Mon tasks or Jackson being the fourth guy you used as a starter that third guy. You'd rather have somebody better it's just. They may not be somebody better what was puck more are supposed to be in the equation because I don't know what was what was the thought process going into the season I'll 'cause puck was 0%. Part of the equation before spring training. So I don't think he did quite enough that spring to become part of the five man rotation there. Given the fact there have been twelve starters I'm sure it would have been called ethnic and right so I think he probably would have eventually factored in I think they would have preferred to keep him in the minors this year regardless if the only thing I saw him was YouTube's announced because the last you know. Team teaching me up on getting back to you or her. Tex that you're about tree from iron to five guys what are you willing to part with for drew gram or stroman please don't say Sean Murphy. Funny you put it that way 95 text or because I didn't just happen to have done a fairly significant amount of research. On the a's farm system in the last month and a half four. Now for this job because again. I'm not a professional and I'm not attempting to is it to actually know what I'm talking about I just come on here and talk directly at a Mirant the amateur hour but for my other job where I'm responsible professional I'd give it up. Do some research on the a's minor league system and Sean Murphy is the long guy. For me. He's the one guy wouldn't touch. You're talking about a twelve what is he 2324. Year old catcher. Who's murdering double play who all the reports say they expect to be in spring training and competing for the starting catching job next season. He's. Plus hitter. He is allegedly and we never really know this but allegedly applause deem caller you've got to hold on to that otherwise. Almost all of the players in the a's minor league system as much as you may like what you've heard about them there's depth and every other position. I mean we just got a text don't get rid of Asus was art oh okay but you've got pocket you've got James to trillion allegedly coming you've got. I think three other top 150 pitching prospects. There's a lot of pitching depth plus Maine and him and I are both under 26 and in the major leaks. So I understand some people may be its nationals art or others may be attached park others may be attached to pour him a tale. But if you trade war material you've got Franklin Barreto you've got Dustin Fowler you have all their prospects. That do the things they do the one guy you don't have someone to replace Sean. And it looked just ask the people across the bay what do top notch catcher does. Yeah when they have Maxwell on the bench and they have Lou cry. Carla has fallen out of favor and he's in a one year deal well Lou cry progress on a one year deal yeah my Hillary sign him you know meant it was due to the finger goods there was no market form when he did sign and this year they got it takes you just face vaguely he played the other night apps former White Sox just figuring I would not count him as a viable option for starting catcher and he's your backup catcher. So to mean. You've got an unsettled catcher situation us a potential stud catcher on both sides of the ball ready as soon as next year that's the guy you cannot trade some Murphy's copilot is Jason Kendall Mike Piazza said Charles Johnson led what's. Was what players. I mean he hits for a little bit of power to key I'm not sure there's a great he's Buster Posey is the calm while I mean I don't did what he is Buster Posey is a huge question mark but that's a cop he's got faster. That's the thing it's well as one of these hard things words like he's a great defensive catcher and he spoke to have power so it's hard to really like equate that. The problem is every time that guy comes up to the major leagues the power fades and a couple of years to Joe -- Buster Posey and that may happen with him to reason. But a 300 hitter for a lot of his Miami career Lysol you'll knock really play out of Wright State he was not supposed to be eight. Quote unquote great hitter but he's proven that the minor leagues that he's morally good hitter yeah. Yet so bad I would not trade in 95 Texas and never trade Bazardo he's better than Parker's Romania's Kershaw upside and and look. That may be the reports on them and that may be with that may be the case. I remember people in spring training talking about how puck as Randy Johnson 768 or whatever and I'd. Look they just drafted another guy who. All the time they're going to be adding prospect pitchers that's the Oakland Athletics. The point is. Maybe it was art is the guy you value more than park or more than two trillion who probably can't trade because he still hasn't pitched since his senses. Arm surgery. But and I don't have the names and try enemy but if I pulled up the list I would remember the other there's three more. Starting pitching prospects. Within two years of professional baseball are in the a's system you know and is off and west. There's a guy like. You know yet you have guys like. Logan shore not a flu insures one he is a good is good ball player and he got Dylan Jefferson hasn't pitched since I watched him themselves aged blonde as arm which was ugly down by Dahlia and in those two guys were. Or in the first three rounds the MLB draft in those are they've got guys slide Mike Hsu to me. They're gonna give up. Guys for McGraw it's got to be one ovals are no or pock pick one and one of one of Barreto or Helms did you say that I did not say a thing or another guy who ran. Homes Logan shore. Like that the pitching depth in the system is absurd. So. I understand if people become attached towards art or because you've heard the most about him but frankly. Even people who have watched these guys have no idea which one is going to end up being the best so. It's kinda six of one half a dozen of the other to me in hazel ultimately make a decision about who they value most and who they're willing to trade the point is. Every position besides catcher has depth in the system. I'm curious to see if Billy is actually willing to part with an everyday player who's on the regular roster. The 25 man Oakland a's roster right now what would he treats Internet I know I'm asking the would don't do that that's exactly what a's fans are sick I know they are but that's at. I think that's one of the things that most people are monitoring you know what though. If you're gonna trade on the roster it's just pick the right guys Ximian I think so too I came east portal as been up he looks he looks like he complained in jet Larry's been playing out of position. I love is back in the he's better. Short Barry would be better shortstop Pennsylvania. Now to. Don't know yeah I don't know and the armed and now. And right now market Ximian going left these Ximian has a tough time assist that's flight is there was a if there was a part of market Ximian name that rhymes with error that would be is nickname that time release them in that range the he does he's. Hopefully that's not a good shortstop remote I didn't have Fowler I would seriously consider putting him in center field next year that's that's the move I thought they might do last year. So I instead the 95 she accepts that softball gas and als watching film yeah. Odor you see there's another name someone mentioned as a potential so of course people weighing in on the all the pitching they have. Told Jeffries who who Wes mentioned grant Holmes who I mentioned. I totally forgot your old cotton also theoretically coming back next year also I believe how just 26. And that's the guy who when they initially acquired him was are really highly rated prospect and looked phenomenal in his first few starts for VA's. Up and down since then but a guy with a ton of potential so again the point is like there's just a ton of depth and a lot of places in the system. But that first tax about don't trade Sean Murphy I completely agree with he's the one guy if I was VA's that are considered untouchable let's go to Salant belated though. Who has a thought on an ease trade what's ups now. They would have got so you know what I've been that long long longtime aide and and I did you guys about the cheating. An everyday player how that could be betting but it he would build a lot it just because if you'd like although she. All these guys you young guys that we have on the eve. I feel like all of them have somewhat handout as some might be doable expectation that might. I remember Chapman that we're talking about an interactive and he would you know you've forgotten to and could probably come in. And pitcher whatever and or you know there have been examined hot corner. Especially would be able to do just fine and sure enough right now that's quite clear that I'd like watching. And all these other guys that I was getting so why not look into next year like it doesn't just saying. I feel like we haven't had a legitimate short substance we've got a pot. Oh why not treat you like loudly from a guy with a bat which I understand that it may not be. You know us and they've removed but at least we can get something in return up an everyday player that he can. That I don't know like Daniel Roberts in for example we gave him up Andy yeah you got it abate so I just collectively can act alike. And not being so much about it here for apple like let's hear what puck would vote Clark though we're all these other guys that we have come about I I'm more excited about negative and I am. I like it call salad two things first of all. That's why you build a minor league system not because every single one of the guys is gonna be on your team eventually. Because some of them are going to be used to get established players that's just that's what the purpose. Because you have two main threat is so silly to say but she got too many prospects for them all to ever be on the Major League team at the same time anyway. Here's number two why that's not going to happen and one answer that question with a quote from Billy being quote. The idea that we can sort of push off an opportunity because we think will be better next year. Is just a bad approach from our standpoint we've got to do everything we can't I agree with. I yeah I do too. You never next year is not promise that they say you never know what's going to happen at their bid enough problems this year you've had used twelve starting pitchers and yet you remain. Thirteen games over 500 and that was five games over and you were still eight games behind the Mariners. Then I understand that point then I think cells right you don't mortgaged. Potential pieces of your future for a long shot chance to make in the playoffs that's not what this is this a team that was gone 21 in six over the last month. They've been one of the best teams in baseball over the last month they've been as good as any National League team over the course of the year. You gotta push. And especially when your system has so much depth and you have the assets to acquire someone and you of the payroll they're taking on a contract. Of some size won't actually hurt you that much I mean what they get it now it'll be 73 million instead a 65 great. That's still one of the cheapest barrels in the league. Now's the time you go for thank you definitely go for. And even if you go into a wildcard situation right. One game scenario. Beat Chris Sale on the road beat one of the Yankee starters on the road and who says you can't knock someone off a five game sat all take these back all day plus this bullpen. Some and I had no hit the Red Sox earlier this year you may remember all take him in a wild card game and and feel pretty good about my chances. We are going to do. An awards show tonight. We're through the I don't know what's called the unofficial first I guess that's the official first half even though mathematically it's like the first two thirds. We're through its all star break time it's time to present senseless halfway point awards. And we've made up some really fun awards the first annual Treasure Island all star awards show next to the ski team and on if I sentiment and where I'm. Shame. Yeah yeah. Stevie Mac for. Monday night. Just watch and a softball also our replay Watson mayor is pitched a Jennie Finch times ago. We're going back to break to watch this Jennie Finch a babble back and five. I'm kept. We're giving away the first annual Treasure Island all Star Wars now why the Treasure Island all Star Wars well. We sat around in the hub for fifteen minutes before the show and try to come up with a name that accurately reflected both sides of the bag Treasure Island. We're in the middle Allen called the Shas peace. Yet he did propose that it has indicated that at at at at at it is not the only nanos the tune but what if one of the names. That was vetoed silly idea here is. Ever likes to delayed. The halfway point Cy Young got halfway point MVP it is our position. The coordinated and gum. Synergistic. Opinion of the ski team that these are stupid things to do midway through season Kerri Crowley told us why. It's baseball you can't have hot takes not at the fifteen games not after a hundred games just the way. And that's annoying so we decided to give away different it's nobody wants the weight. We ought to hold a week of doing nothing if we gotta talk about something so we made up awards but that we want our awards to be. Don't her then. Major League Baseball warts yeah I'm 36 leave me alone I said Dover it's okay. So we made up some dope warts. The river theme song to start a whole business off the Treasure Island the all star awards show begins now. This is hosting theme music if you wonder. Sammy I mean long John Silver. He wishes too long John Silver I don't. I don't know if you want to be long John Silver is the piglet worth the sort of bad ass a reputation for all you got to see black sales support. We've still up both whites and blacks LB does initial how he loses in what yes and Billy ball and parent he's an actor okay and are highly recommend that three seasons OnStar she should like it. Stars underrated very underrated through your what's that old Camelot show on stars know we're a little corny but I liked it. It's more about that game could only if it doesn't dragons I didn't do XX at the white plugs in and I'm watching death. David drones it's like the imp in a bridle and you what are you know people born what is happening here. You know itself that themes on sister took us down a strain drill. It is the first annual Treasure Island all star awards show when and we begin things where it. The Ricki Henderson's web award now what are we talking about here. Joseph just popped a scholar but it's an audio medium. It's the Ricky Henderson popped collars like who looks the sauce yes. Mean in there game day uniform so for each of these awards. Each of Joseph and I picked one giant and one athletics and that we had the same one conservatives that we don't have four for everyone but. In this particular category give me your Ricki Henderson's leg award winner. Well I gotta go with one from the a's and giants on my side I'm gonna go with Randy Crawford he's got the Debbie Debbie hare but he's got to Jerry curled locks would you call that the Bret Hart looking. Ooh gas that is the shades U minus the Sierra Brandon does. Horrible the water on his head just like Bret Hart before every event I'm expecting that to pick the razor Ramon Chico folk all right solid and he's my he's got the baggy pants are a lot Barry Bonds with a high tops. You know he wears his Jersey a little a little pop because she's kind of got a little pot belly like me. So you know I'm very partial to him Brandon Brandon the that was Joseph Shea asking. Yeah act butcher boy 4150. I think you look beautiful so does your wife and for the case I'm gonna go Chris Davis this got oozes confidence oozes flag he wears the stir up Sox they're super suite of standards all the way here than anywhere isn't how. I any wears the Jersey just right when he's got the hat in the throw out he looks super dapper Ullman a goalie Chris Davis today is a little grainy profit tax. If he had the fro all the time. I'd be with you. I love the Chris Davis thorough look however. I'm gonna go with a guy who had its way all the time and that's Danieal Manning the choice. Whether he's on the mound whether he's just walking around with a beautiful mustache the old school wind up the high socks. The entire Daniel Maine didn't aesthetic appeals to me tremendously. I like the fact that if you your TV with having reception trouble and suddenly started coming in in black and white someone could walk by and be like wow why are you watching a game from the 1920s. Because that's what the enemy and it looks like it makes me so happy. I don't really know how to talk about it and aunt or an old school on the giants side here. I know he hasn't contributed much in a while. I don't even have a picture of what he looks like off the field. But any man who get on button in the top two buttons of his Jersey has slacks on ticket Hunter Pence. On button. Look with the Jersey is just phenomenal gone back to black and white comment he could he looks like from the colleagues could be playing in the 1920s complete with the goofy right now he's running in swinging all goofy. Like dated back tonight he's putting the court to learn how to play sports. Hunter Pence also add to me all sweat blood are a war number two. We're calling this the face by postgame audio wars. Greeks on fields. Accomplishments. Are rewarded with a post game face time even. So naturally the best post game audio gets our face time award facetime face I award. We got. A little I got it until mark can over the weekend can we hear the audio please. Let's turn now black journalists. Sure. A lot of San Franciscans are offended by them and so. You know what. Doubt that people getting offended by about foot two so facility I'm not sorry really sorry. Sorry I'm not sorry absolutely genius Debbie CAL Goldman's own San Jose native mark cannot I'm rooting for you bro I love it I'm all about the back flipped a back flip pop ups I don't care anymore gay ghetto. Over at America. I wanna see my guys having fun. Did you seek house Korver went bad foot in the home run derby tonight yeah I did. We view that slip away the more bad flips the better. I'm into it somewhere hunter Strickland is saying I want to. What a moment ago that and a if he's gonna cut that would double cast because he broke his other wrist. Getting angry at himself watching in the in the dugout I don't know why it took till now for me to have this sort of flash in my brain but you know who hunter Strickland did us. I'd just just occurred to me the no fun police is the reincarnation Kyle Farnsworth you guys remember why aren't god Kyle Farnsworth side. Throws hard looks like a linebacker has no sense of humor in giants' Lawrence Jason Christiansen. Okay who went after very bots and producer who again that's a pretty I don't want any reply urgent my dog out there to be very fair. Almost everyone took a shot at Perry at some point after. That's right only Jeff Kent hit it had the stones to do it in the dug out plenty of people took shots at vary over time to think. Do we have another eighties. I don't know if we I think that we don't talk collided on the is because the problem is there's just. Yet they don't seem to their backs do the talking they don't there is though. A political comment that I really want to draw attention to you. That is mine best post game audio Brendan Bell. Look man he was in the all star final vote saying he didn't win. Why he want the people to know what really happened and I appreciate his commitment to the church that I believe I was told us. Russia after this election. Shenanigans. Ran a bill should be in the all star and here we have once again Vladimir prudent. Interfering. With the American elections and instead Brandon belt. It's a different guy that's all it. I look fat though and we could find the audio but I'm 90% sure that at some point after that Russia comment Brandon belt. Commented on the fact that the media didn't really laugh at his present Jovi and was like. Guys that I really thought the Bay Area was a perfect spot for that humor and it didn't really hit but it it was me. For any bill number one in my heart we also wanna get honorable mention to every time restored she talks definitely my favorite posted on this. Some of that. Yeah I think yeah. That mill it's. Look. It's all lovers. At the OT notices that's the real MVP of post game audio. Never it's funny in it as a man who's worked. Every level of radio in the Bay Area I have had to edit the audio of many of booty press conference. And deciding. Which and how many of the boats you know is is to cut out to like leave. The essence of Bruce coach in taxes but also not make one sentence last fifteen minutes it's our it's it's challenge that. It's just so funny he really itself he's the crossed. I keep thinking he's like 75 because he's such across the old man but he's only like 63. He's got ahead oval warlock Phillies guy like that nine inch had duties if he literally wears like a size nine and a half had. The vikings. A low of Bruce coach. I love it. But he makes ridiculous noises every single time he talks yes he does. Number three on our awards list by the way we have it awards. And we figure baseball needs nine awards of those have you with a good award ideas we wanna hear me aided 9579570. You also text does that 95795. The Penske auto sales dot com text line. 51 dose at hunter Strickland is John Rocker that's a little unfair. Accurate. I've met owner Strickland and spoken to him and he's a good dude to talk to he's not. Off like a piece of human garbage in person so he's not John Rocker I'm going to defend him. On that one but I will say him and Bob garner. Or the no fun police thought police and that's that they share cautious but in addition to being obnoxious John Rocker is a piece of garbage human being. OK and I wonder Strickland deserves better that line of demarcation no question that. The third or were going to give away though is the Dallas Braden Lackey this moment and all the oil I'm. Repeatedly and offensively compared to Dallas Braden. I stand by this he's a wacky dude and he's like hang out on the dugout saying strange things on his broadcast which I find delightful. But he's definitely wacky doesn't look like William Shakespeare. The look it up next sunny she'll want to look at Dallas Braden said look like you could draw like the famous drawings this. She really doesn't appear hair the hair is very Shakespeare in the beard is too big chicken in the that's probably true. The Dallas Braden what ideas moment we got for the giants. I'm gonna go with Pablo Sandoval pitching this was a fun moment for giants fans and who doesn't love seen a panda pitch are you on board for the panda plays all nine positions in one game thing that once were knocked out of the plastic. Don't talk about that what you're still not quote unquote mathematically alive but five window text her first priority has cotton mouth. Now it down final in the woods it would he likes red wine and you know we like fox the I will not read the 415 text deeply insulting Brandon belt. It. Athletics. Obviously the Lackey is moment. That the the swinging bunt. Do we have the audio that. We don't have the audio that. You basically go back to the Houston late game situation yes where the guy takes a big hack it it's a slinging about who great picks it up tries to tag them. And it's Oswald alone didn't work out great now that was a Lackey known yet and pop pitching to me like we get this a few times every year right. Somebody. Who's not a pitcher pitches and game that's a horrible blow like Jose Canseco Jose Canseco did it. I can think of a lot of guys have done and we've had at least two or three this year no Zimmerman are out Ryan ran it's Mark Reynolds excuse me did it earlier this year. It's incredible sequence. Ryan Zimmerman no Ryan Reynolds. On the red pick a lot of yes. It's always fun. But somehow when it was panday it was more fun than usual. Like panda was on the Canseco farm level. Not everyone is that exciting when they pit stop that the position player just through as a few strikes and it doesn't seem that interest thing Pablo. I wanna see it again they all think they can pitch if you talk to all positional players with all the guys I look at my knuckle look at ice clear they all pitched at some point exactly. They all were. Really good pitchers in Little League or high school or whatever was so they all think they could do it. They're all thinking to themselves. Oh yeah I mean amount of practice but if I had a month to get my pitching arm together I'd give peonies exactly it's like a mean golf I can she scratched. 51 doses can national won the Ricky swipe awards for the for the chops alone won't look at OK I mean I like a good facial hair I'm not gonna. That being said. He needs to give a guy who looks like mark cannot slack award I don't know. My street I did love when he did it this house. I was a giants fan ladies and gentlemen I'm sad that I did I did I like that duke could understand if you're in the WC AL youth. You've been up and down the coast claim baseball your whole life you know he grew up but it's not a giants Citigroup and chase and salts. So many games everybody's been able stadiums the group look horse and so for him to have all those people that were part of this family is friends I'm sure definitely high school. Coaches or what not came to the game. That was that's. That's probably his signature moment in the day as the course moment from the Bellman bell pepper. Thank pat Burl brow how dare you sleep ball cap pearl for a barrel slipped on some things are those the moment you're talking to hit the marina good. Yeah. 510 Dexter wants an award for best batting stance I like dominating Matt Olson like. Act yeah add metals and does have that all right look about him I'm always a fan of the the open front foot guys OK if we're going weird batting stance alike and AJ Pierzynski was like turning his chest to the pitcher now while the pitch is being thrown. On Internet I know. And I'm not supposed to mention an image appears it's in the bay area of my escape caught he's done. Don't worry it's a cat but also it is the worst batting stance ever is Denard Span starts at the foot inside. With the public that you know that the shoulder turned looking back at the catcher I don't even know how he hit the ball. My got 9595. Did get a life. Stop texting. Which we have named. After the one and only Jose Canseco. Tremendous. Oakland athletic. Mediocre or whoever else. And perhaps as famous. For almost anything most famous for steroids. Possibly second most famous for this moment. All of the ball read. That is. One of the best home run calls you'll ever hear. Boy and it's out of here so naturally this is the Jose Canseco off the head award for the worst moment of. Now let's get the giants nomination for new giants fans it's got to be an entire week's work the Hunter Pence a Jimmy Carter Strickland. Shenanigans. First him blowing a save a Miami and blaming it on Louis prince in a rookie was value once every six then allowing Willis prince and get totally in who has had. Beat him again five days later here AT&T park and then going into the dugout after getting removed from the game. Breaking his arm on a wall you my friend are morons. Well put the low moment for that is an actual baseball moment because it's harder remembered now. But a month ago. A month ago. Friday June 15 the a's lost their fourth straight game. They gave up six or more runs in all four of those games they were against the Astros and angels and they were two games under 500. After that fourth straight loss low point of the season since. When he won in six court or full. I think crowd if against primarily AL west that's right after or after struggling all year in the division this last month. The laser show and everybody by the way on me batting stance toward we were just. We're talking about the two local teams but I have to mention this because he's absolutely right from the 510. Arguably the best batting stance of all time. But greats and needless. Julio. Franco looked literally points against the top of the barrel of the bat and at the picture over his head and wave it around now deal lose not. Moist this but the previous generation of lose all had fun batting stances if we're going way back in the day but man. Julio Franco pointing the data the pitcher is one. Every single. Kid who watched Julio Franco. Imitated bad batting stance at some point until you've figured out it's impossible to actually hit the ball when your way to the batter around over your head like that when the pitchers in his windup and totally and then there was the red yeah. Seeing her street will bring out in front of the year Reggie dance more than any and all my guy will how more as to how Morse would move defeat in in the batter's box here is my favorite one. Aaron Rowand who batted like he was constipated my dad said when -- Roland got to the giants that he would stand there like ECB on the throne the oil thrown out of the bathroom. Hold the lead giant sword like he's gonna go into battle I sort of got you know what it was based on. He was based on a man who. Played for the giants have very similar stance whose name actually mentioned a mere seconds ago. Who's probably more famous for what he did it was hands before he got the play than for his actual batting stance but more is just looked just as uncomfortable the act Weis is known that he was. Knock kneed at the any sort of in a weird squad knew it was bad yet Erin relic famously would take pitches during batting practice the thing I heard the coaching staff. He did you should have been an Oakland athletic instead of a giant. We also have a honorable mention for Ryan Shealy with a weird stance Carney transferred. Some good names we could we can do for hours on batting stances but here. We got to get to the next award in the turnaround awards show and this one also named after a former Bay Area baseball players specifically. Jeff Kent the all class movie of the year because nobody says class like Jeff Kent. Speaking of sheriffs who don't like anyone Jeff can't plan one that it beat it beat new party of one your tables ready Jeff can't jerk of the year who is your giants nominee for all class move of the year. The all class. Jeff Kent man of the year it. Ask them to bomb garner has sickened him. Just bark at people over having fun he was barking at Lewis brings him he's Labarca people for years you know what. I love you Bob garner I'm so grateful for what she did for the organization that dude. I mean read the rule you fell off of a motorcycle or whatever last year and you rule the giants' season this year he took a one off the hand I mean I know that's an accident but I mean. Just dial it down and pitched fifteen starts before you go yell at Lewis prince and I know but the thing about. Madison bomb burner and I'm with you I've. I love this guy as an athlete I love the whole Madison Bogart or sing a love the six fears that once I love the going back to his farm and not talking anybody for three months in the offseason I'm in middle Mattison boomer thing. And I'm so into it bet if you ask me three years ago about his. Self appointed sheriff position. I would've said that whatever I'm OK would it. Here's the problem since the start of 2018. Or two then seventeen rather he's only made 25 starts. That's crazy. So that's a year and two thirds of baseball and he's made less than a year of starts so. You gotta be there to be the police. Availability is the best ability it's a pretty important 1 although I am I wouldn't draw your attention to Jeff's a margin to convince you it's not a I don't feel all availability can be a problem as well. I'm one of the few people on the die hard giants camp how wanted to see. I wanted to simply get him go out because to be honest deal as much as I love bomb garter. I don't think he's taken plea down and I'm being dead series I think leagues knocking him out country strength vs pure athletic strength is an interesting question and we had to fight for his life to get here match we was from the like that. Personally Shiva. Do you literally swim would alligators like Annie was carrying his moniker of serious doubt part of the story. Running from the cartel is that right that all verified thank you yes no yes Neil we use certified yeah yes also is crazy you don't wanna fight the crazy. Thank you that's important. Now I don't bomb I felt like we both want a bum but. There you. Read the room was the perfect way of saying I think it indicated that it no no we are here and it and exactly what you're standing is before you try to be the police it was just the look I'm sure you were just as critical Brian McCann when he trapeze at least five years ago it. Guys in baseball. It's a game where this happens all the time and it's very dumb to think you it's very dumb a one last one for my Jeff can't. You know all I. Ass man the adult steal the base for their pop up store and Wallace creek I thought it was my early guess I thought it was tremendous and I stand by it and am very into it and I hope they do it again. But it definitely deserves the Jeff's class Jeff Kent all class award there's no question about that I can't I can't say it was classy I'd love it. I can't say it was a classy move we have three. More awards coming up next plus. Your thoughts what are ward would you like to see given out please don't say Cy Young child and have fun. Aided 957957. In phone arm Penske auto sales dot com Tex on keep rolling in a 95795. Ski team with a first annual Treasure Island all star award show. More next on and about seven game. Now back in 957. Could gain. We are maxed 18957. Game. Can't the first annual Treasure Island all star awards now what in the heck are we talking about you may wonder I can answer that question. Mean ankle ski and the guy with the San Cisco seals shirt on across from me Jewish asking. Decided we need a different set of awards for mid season and getting out mid season MVP and Cy Young is just an opportunity to look like immediately. Plus season's not over they don't count for anything and I do a good a good enough job of that on a daily basis. And Joe's given out fake awards all the time so we decided we're gonna do fake awards on the radio they better be realistic yup so we went. First war we gave away the Ricki Henderson's wag ward who whose look in the best. In the face by postgame audio award for best post game audio we have to Dallas Braden whacky this moment Jose Canseco off the head worst moment. Well let me just one more time. You'll never hear better home run call the man. Point and it's out of here and you can hear the hollered I'll laughing in the background tremendous tremendous baseball moment. We Eddie Jeff Kent all class movie a year give and a Madison dom garner for. Unnecessarily screaming at Lewis Princeton and to the eighty's for there Alter classy Walnut Creek pop up store. And that brings us to award number six. We're gonna speak Cody Ross out of left field award and now we each have a nominee for each team for this one. And this goes to the player who came out of nowhere much like a young Cody Ross. To contribute big time for their team so far this season we got for the giants. I'm gonna look cork eastern and as this is a guy that I have personally roasted editor for. That's I mean actually months it was like a running joke it's the butcher boy made a Colquitt tore it yes and you know what. Or he's I'm sorry you have not only had one of the best first task. For this year. It's been one of the most pleasant surprises in the last six or seven years for me I think you deserve the Willie Mac award I know you can't win that award in the first six months. But if I can give it to somebody right now us from spring training to now it's it's going to Gorky because I don't know where this team would be without him. And if I'm going to the days I'm gonna go. Without injured Larry he was an MVP candidate for the first let's say two months of the season I know his his numbers have kinda dipped a little. You saw when he almost got hurt the other night and how scary this team needs him jet Larry has been an unbelievable anchor. On the field in the locker room you know the you don't have a lot less superstar. Who from a veterans that are that are seasoned if you will on this a's roster. Gimme jet Larry. And give me Gorky Hernandez. Yes I'm Lowry for I mean Ortiz is obvious that nobody thought I could do this over an extended period time and in an outfield where I heard a martyr but he also struggled for the most part and he's been critically important everybody except Stephen daughter who of course they waited seven against mode. Lauer read. The degree to which. The the degree to. Which it's important for the means veteran on your offense. To set the tone the way he did when you have a young unproven team when you got a book I mean look who else in that lineup is established. Gas market Ximian is established as okay. Chapman defensively short but I'm talking MSF. The plea in half you came into the season. With a bunch of needling the role players and some young guys who you hope to be good down the road but I haven't really done it yet. And jets allow reading. Look saying come out and nowhere is a little weird cause we Nugent Lowry wasn't we knew it was pretty good but the play at the level he did Adam virtually an MVP level for the first few months of the season. The way that set the tone for young team that came into the season zero X. Vacations and frankly rated as clearly under 500 by most of the national media. It's it's incalculable effect that the big veteran playing that well has on everybody else there's no doubt said Larry go into this season when I didn't ESPN fantasy baseball draft. Was like a 410. Overall selection right OK he's on pace for 25 home runs in forty doubles with a 300 batting average. That's incredible. For a guy who's 34 years old in an era where all the guys over thirty years old are struggling. So you've got a phenomenal phenomenal first half from jet so it comes out and or even if it doesn't technically come totally out of no more that being said. For mine Cody Ross out of left field award I pick two guys who I literally had not heard of a year ago. Alan Hansen. Who even though he was a White Sox prospect at one point I barely knew we was down and has been unbelievable for the giants. Do truth you know great call. Let me ask you vote on as the a's fan did you know literature vina was a year ago. I did only because of impotence Stockton that ultimately real federal so don't know yet even a's fans if you or go to a bunch of Stockton games. Don't know who this guy is any hasn't just been good. He's been one of the best relievers in baseball. And any area of one point 22. He's. What words as holds. I'm terrible looking up the stat I put it twelve holes right exiles look at that whole numbers in the death the guy's been phenomenal on it's because on as minor league stats page is very confusing his era this year is one point 22 he somehow seven he has a 2.2 war already. Out of the bullpen act's incredible and for you butcher boy you'll love this so re black your boil it act. He's of Yemen lure held tight at the reason why Lou actually improved his games 'cause of Roy Black hawk. Interesting. West she got such deep knowledge really a lot of lot of nuggets come from he progressive stuff is there's gotta be eleventh and here we go literature being known. Eight games finish in four saves but the real stats are 44 and a third innings and allowed just 23. Hits his whip is under one. His war as I said for relief pitcher. 97 games into the season is a 2.2 war if realized that accounting statistic that means it goes up and up over the course of the year for guy. Pitching one inning every time he shows up. To have. Up 2.2 wars ridiculous and in 44 to third innings he is fifty strikeouts to nineteen walks the guy. Has been better than anyone possibly could have imagined truly came out and our two and a half the one that's incredible ratio ten that's really and really need any blowing chatter. All man. Oh man it's fun to watch eighth and ninth inning is spirited there's no question about that. Let's go to award number seven. I got a lot honorable mention though oh please publish Sandoval yes we got text about I. I think he deserves a little recognition and going into the season I personally as the resident giant fan said hey over 350 app batch of people thought I was crazy that they thought I was crazy except. I just got to stealing public gonna get a lot of opportunities as an older team. He's been a really really really good without incident without quirk he's without Pablo this team's fifteen games under 500. Yeah I think that's right. That's right and boy if you had told people before the season that Alan Hansen Pablo sent him on Gorky Hernandez are going to be tremendously important to the first 95 games you thought they were thirty and sixty thought. And I would set stop insulting my intelligence isn't it. In an award number seven is for best. Moment. Just what has been the best overall moment. For each team this year and I believe we have audio for all four moments that correct. All right so you first Joseph your best moment for the giants so far. I'm gonna go with the early season because obviously this source so I. Got goosebumps. And Joseph McCutcheon. Game winning home run walk off against the Dodgers. It. That was such a good moment and call that I already had cut part of it for my own personal sound board. When I loved Lincoln and when he turned to that entire fan base was like Scott Hoch. Man how vigilant and word out but it's OK I'd fly have to have that a bit. Now we go to the case my particular favorite moment I don't Asean's gonna have their own good it's very personable but for me for me. That mark can a bomb. In the heavy fog against the giants at home the Bay Area native to keep you grew up the giants stand. That was that was really special in me the marking a home run Saturday and Arnaud near the line at third behind the back and here's a 32 slotted ever did you. Lap Mark Penn knows. A events remarked cannot. Easier to drive 43. It's home run. Against nobody wants it. This is my house. Because you play again. Arnaud near the line at third behind the bag and here's a 32 slotted ever did. You've lap Mark Penn knows. All of events remark cannot be easier to drive. On Amanda home run against nobody wants it. That's a tremendous tremendous moment I'm wish you great job Mark Hanna but can we just for a second. Applaud the real superstar of that play Vince dutrow real. Week. No new. The night yes sir wordsmith. Cornucopia of color combinations I am events future O'Neal families gentleman and I will not apologize for it. I follows kid on Twitter is a big golf fans are into the could Shania fans week two thumbs up he and unload want to get into unaudited at at at at Sean and I has no hitter for the days and honorable mention from a five and call pastor for color best moment of the year and it just speaks to how incredible this year has been in that neither of us had them and I am no hitter. At our best moment for the a's is you have the big channel home run but what can also point out. Fellas back and behind the glass and and as those of you war fans of Joseph the butcher bush ASCII and want to understand him better. Can we just. Notice that both of the moments. Butcher boy chose involve the player in question screaming and expletive. That's all about beds I think they've. Both guys in these situations crossed home plate. We've been their arms around like a maniac and screaming obscenities and those were Joe's best moments of the I just want I just want everybody to understand who Joseph is a McKiver real I was I don't Saturday night watching that game and we need you bet I jumped up to catch us at all. Yeah look how high up that went because. It was crushed. With a head full of coming up but over the stadium doesn't happen a white dot. That was an absolute bomb in the way he cross hall Emmys this you have very few players play if the first or second one more time to crack of the bat. Arnaud near the line at third behind the back and here's the three too slow I bet it's hard. His car rush to act and it did it I don't know how far. Over. It went in terms of how for a little while I don't know if it was second deck and remember gonna stop watching after I was like dancing around after flipped the bat in his tremendous moment. But right off the bat it was like true. He got all of that one to cheeks and off Tony Watson the best giants closer reliever excuse me this year. So I mean that's and they gave them the lead in that game I thought that was an exclamation point on the first half.