Kolsky and Shasky First Hour

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Monday, July 16th
Matt Kolsky and Joe Shasky break down the Bay Bridge Series, and then talk to Kerry Crowley about the Giants ahead of the trade deadline.

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Well we got a power pack shadow of some fun tonight. It's that time in the sports calendar where if you don't have fun you falsely. So we're gonna have some fun we're gonna we're handouts and baseball awards later in the show and give you guys out there an opportunity to weigh in. With your baseball awards. We're gonna preview the Bryce Harper Arab. How many ailments thirteen thirteen and ground zero pago. Discount those is CEMEX is a giant homers that season. Get excited everybody. And also we're gonna talk about the first half of a baseball season where for the first time in at least 45 seasons both the a's and giants are competitive and hanging in the playoff race. It as much as this is the slowest time of the sports calendar on our year. This is a great time to be a Bay Area baseball fans. It really is I mean it really really isn't in both teams have legitimate chances. To not only upgrade. But make up a serious heart push at the playoffs and I think that that's a realistic assessment. Of both squads the days in the Jackson how can not be impressed by what DA's have done I mean. To be thirteen games over 500. Like I keep saying this because I think it's happened somewhat quietly. We looked at this he Kaczur 21 and six. In their last 27 games. Which is ridiculous. But just overall. Over at ninety what's 97 game stretch. To be thirteen games over 500 that's not. Playing pretty good baseball hanging in there you know impressive for young team forget that stuff this is we've really good baseball. They've the fifth best record in the American League but if they were in the National League they would be tied for the league lead in wins. And they would have a softer schedule 'cause there are one of the toughest divisions. I think we can say they're in the toughest division in baseball I mean even even though the AL east yes exactly it's the depth and a of the AL west that that I would say makes a little bit little better and there's no Orioles and activist Tim and others know Orioles so what aides have done and over the last. Tony that month where they went 21 and six they also started beating those teams in the division which was sort of the bugaboo for the first couple months as they were beating everybody except the division. Now out of those guys to end to have a young team. Performing at this level. I I I really think people need to stop and appreciate how impressive this is like a fairy has taken notice coupled this is where I think people haven't taken notice and that's the national scene the national media because how many different guise of we add on your map how many different guys we ask when he is questioned. Just kind of well you know the days there there are over a cheating in the plucky little truck that the end connect hood. And they don't really take them seriously don't think that they're gonna be a buyer they don't think they're gonna make some significant move nor do they think that they can make a push this is wild card spot. And I think that they're wrong. I think this team can't make a move this bit got all the right piece this well and the guide to home is ready to make a little. I think it's one of these and it's the same for the giants. There's really for both teams I think you can say. Unfortunately because of the circumstances of their leagues or divisions each team really only has one avenue to the playoffs. It's hard to pictured is catching the asterisk it's hard to picture the giants catching the wild card given the state of their division so the giants have to catch the Dodgers. And is up to catch the Mariners to there's really no one else in that wild card race right now one of Boston and New York is almost certainly gonna get it so it is that one wild card spot. That's right there noticed that what for backs for back from the Mariners now maybe even within 30 double check but it's a week's worth of game six quickly. This is this is a gap you could overcome in the last two weeks of the season nevermind the second half. No doubt I'm really I'm really excited to see. What kind of move they can make quite honestly or if they don't make a move because I think that sends a message in itself hey. We're gonna stick with this team where plant the flag where we're gonna try to move forward with this roster we're not gonna have singles scene mauled a sell off at the deadline. I was talking to noted 957 game aides fanned only in a Mets orcas earlier today. And she. Brought up the fact that as an a's fan. It's just becomes infuriating. That the first comment anybody makes any time in eight plays well. Is he's limited on a couple weeks seal warrior talk yeah it's like. And even if it's not totally true right it's just one of those things that. It's a new lean. It's annoying that your favorite team is known for getting rid of good players. And so every time there's a good player you're reminded of the fact that your team is known for getting rid of good players. Have to the point where even the last time they were buyers at the trade deadline. They didn't buy upgraded the pitching staff would Jon Lester but still traded an established player to do it. I cannot remember the last time the age traded. Minor leaguers prospects. To get an established player to improve the current team without taking anything away from. I I can't think of anything. I I really believe that's what they're gonna do this year. Because the principals have sort of put their backs against the wall both Billy and Dave Campbell have come out and made comments to the effect of we wanna go for it if it's there we wanna go for GC would Giles tweeted out. I saw a lot of things to oust rideau what is what I did very referring to. He was something about the mount Davidson have they gonna open it up India and this weekend they're gonna try to be something special in the gonna try to sell out that he was kind of sending out I guess cryptic isn't the word but. He was. Insinuating that they can try to go out. For the Oakland a's or I guess who beauty via the coliseum at ten record. Yeah after a tenants are excited to see if that can happen not just from Asean's but the giants and a's fans collectively I know earlier this year they gave away free tickets and they didn't. He hit that number but west let me ask you did they have now Davis opened when they did the free ticket there. That'd they didn't know they did Anna and what was the exact turnout are better. I yell what I think and it was open yeah because it was over like I think is right at fifty. Yeah it's you can get blood that's a lot of folks it is I will say this. Just the fact that they're doing that gimmick. Because like it's a gimmick right I'm in knee when when you're taught. Any time. You do a thing. Marketing wise that feels like it belongs in the Guinness book of world records it's a gimmick. But it. It's a gimmick they wouldn't even have dared to attempt any time in the last five years because it would have been embarrassed. They did anyone pulled the TARP supplement in the playoffs is that correct I think they can't alternately took the bottom ports some parts of the art software you're right yeah. Obviously attendance has been a huge issue at the coliseum over the last decade for the eighties and even if they're not going to sellout. Even if they don't break the attendance record the fact that they feel confident enough. To do this marketing ploy. Just says a ton about how for this team has come in the last few months. No doubt how how big turned out. At AT&T over the weekend I mean I was watching from my couch. And that place was packed not just a giants when he has his fans and have been columns of days since they took up a ton of seats. And good to them and you know what it was very one thing I gotta say about the Bay Area I think we get a bad. Knock for the eighties ray I mean Jimmy the raiders niner rivalry and how god violent though just a handful idiot fans. You know it really ticks me off that Baltimore fan bases get get out a black guy hanging get. You know kind of called out for that but in the giants a's relic how many games they played over the last how many years and we never married you have. Any incidents yes solos. You know I'm I'm sure they're little appearance in the stand there always and things but yet that's probably exists but but it's it's nice that we can have. You know just a peaceful less and the vibes begin and good race as they were coming out beyond its letter they were coming and the in my text message isn't good for them they deserve to have their head up high. You know because it. I got my wheel series trophies in the bank baby you can have at Bay Bridge Chelsea. So I'll dot that there. Did you see something I don't know if there was a Joker not but I like out of the corner my and I saw someone tweeting about apparently the managers are gonna have bronze busts that thing. What's like the winning managers and Arab some sort of bronze that it may have been a joke so does it have to do some resources are getting on the journal of had a season. Second Tommy call idea. Whole ex jocks fired I I really do. Being. That inventing a trophy. For a cross town rivalry is among the G easiest things I've ever heard of in my life. And the only thing cheesy than the idea is the trophy itself. It's it is Madeleine I don't spend a breath on RC I don't what is right on that bad we're gonna spend some breath. On Kerri Crowley coming up deaths in just a few minutes young Kerry giants beat writer joins us at 730. And spend a lot of the night tonight talking to use the fans about. Baseball's first had to specifically the Bay Area teams and and we look. We don't always prep the show but we do a great show prep today and we're going to present the first annual Treasure Island all star awards. We have all sorts of fun awards like the Rickey Henderson slack award that's just a preview. There's lots more and we're going to ask you out there to come up with your own awards have some fun with it. We'll talk to you about it much of the night frankly but best. Most creative fan award gets added to our list of nine awards for the awards show and it's very centric I wanna make sure when I don't care about what Orioles did this year yet but what that Tampa Bay Rays have done we are not able to I hearings we're not looking at the AL citing an important thing. Now we're not looking at NL MVP. Words just giving ridiculous awards to the Bay Area that is later Terry Crowley in about fifteen minutes. It's going to be fun and I folks ski team 957 game. How can hold our own own in 020 I can own. Now culture in 957. To gain from me. We are friends from mangled injured and ski team. How. People answering a question accidental Aston the first segment which was I. I can't remember the last time that is traded prospects to acquire an established player. Some says Alison Russell for Jeffs Marsha which is good but Russell was pretty close at that point I believe he had played right. He'd never been in the majors for days until a double life focus. Aren't that was the name you knew for sure. West the encyclopedia things knowledge I love it such I don't know why I would act like I might know something about the is instead of just ask west in the first place them my mistake. While life you're learning in a protective. I admit I. I'm a worldwide university. The eighth the other name that damages Jermaine Dye which is probably what I was thinking because. I don't know why don't wanna count Addison Russell he's felt more status to me at that point like we've really knew who Addison Russell was made because he was one of the top five pick. Is a very aipac. But Jermaine Dye was the guy they acquired from Kansas City for prospect she didn't really know if I remember correctly local boy we had this conversation of the deck. Yeah the great Jermaine got great White Sox and east at the ball idle thoughts on anybody who's won a World Series in 2005. Terry Crowley coming up about ten minutes. First annual Treasure Island all star awards show. Coming up later tonight. Let me just ask you this Jewish asking. If I made you bet try your best try your best to separate your giants phantom and home Ernest from the answer to this question but. If I made you bet on one or the other. Of the Bay Area baseball teams to make the playoffs. We got. I got the Oakland ace you know I got the Oakland a's a bite and bite the Mariners about. Second week of August 23 week of August its domination two things firming number one. And the Dodgers about a mariners yes number two. And B is a burden giants tactic and remain healthier like yeah I think moving slower I think the giants are gonna continue to get nicked up. And I think that that's just gonna end up being there they're unduly well and also with the giants you can much more easily see how one or two knicks just torpedo everything in already dead right or is there is. I mean they've already used twelve or thirteen starting pitchers in the thirteen games over 500 it seems like almost every position player has missed the week Brian I mean Lowry missed a week Chris Davis missed a wit like. They've had those Nixon scrapes as well. And they pretty much plowed right girl and their battle tested across our roster and they're young and theoretically getting better and better as time goes another don't have that playoff pedigree but as far as this season. I mean they've been kind of plug and play outside a center field back up you know I don't Canas played and backup center field and at Smolinski hair and Trace concept but Fowler I love what he brings them gotta love Davis to Scotty I mean they got. I ton of that outfield it's incredible all right so it's time for me to take my medicine because I smoke recklessly about the Bay Bridge Turkey which just seems cheesy is back to me and Scott Alameda. Disagrees with the Scott. They're both so I guess they weren't dead. Yeah I'm an ironworker OK and eighty years ago. When those guys build that bridge. There were loony you do spoke. That I think was bill written blow. Threaten death okay but do you still like to prevent the kind of part of the bridge that wedeman call me here he didn't cut out part of that bridge. And blow back from fort Wright he acts between Stanford cal. Is kind of a cool thing should be starting something cost. Now you guys that you know I'm engaged darting into the deal. Well I mean you could prove to run it are you want these guys said hey listen. That revenue ratio that's slapped around tonight and now you guys want to play games on the radio. I bet awards. Well I had to go back to get being people who work on the bridge and. And I got like they bridge to steer your radio it's current Sports Radio. I look I'm sorry if I offended metal workers I certainly didn't mean to suggest that the bridge was easy to construct just that. A small piece of the bridge being handed back and forth across the day for baseball teams. Doesn't move me. Yeah and NBC trying to they're strapped her likes and we sit and read tweets and and and then having honored for Reid who actually like I like Ahmed Fareed but it. It's rights and to have numbers point Brazil like it's ridiculous the hotel concept is ridiculous there's a trophy at the end that he had been handout it's couple series opening. OK the effect of professional sports is about all the series trophy not a stupid sheep logo with with. The sucker about well yeah. Real solid credible oval 95% of the giants never crossed the bridge and neglect are you kidding me like the whole of undecideds it's too. The all stupid I am thrilled with Powell fired up Jewish yes he is about the dumb trophy but here that that's what I was getting like. I and save the bridges dumb I said the trophies cheesy and to me any trophy. That is ostensibly. About. A matchup between two baseball teams but featured the logo of their television station is a cheesy trophy so I'm standing by that and here comes from the text line just providing absolute fire. I got a problem so the techs lancing not me. I got a problem metal workers and their grids comes in three oh yeah. And don't even work properly vetted Joseph the butcher Boris and eating that's. Running Mac calls he had nothing to deal with that disk of metal workers I'm not that they demand. I'm not interested in offending metal workers when they hand that trophy Iran and NBC I'm curious if they charge everyone eleven dollars what hurts oldest just bringing up a picture of a crash my computer so campy albeit let's go to Collin in San Francisco Oakland. Apparently haven't trophy talk now it's a Colin. All right let me dad it's. Broke in Iowa you know rub people the wrong way here on your one. What the best in ice hockey. The bat crop on growth in there agents started in nineteen did he do that today out into the car and trivia. Well I'm gonna guess Colin I would guess that whatever that trophy is it has to do with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadians. Battle. I mean I know I noticed innovation our belly and wrote in for the past me like five years but now the Beanpot. We're looking now we're looking at BUB. Owed to them about the college OK fine yes you're right right I thought you were saying National Hockey League gentlemen gentlemen let the public and let's put it a hair and move on because here's the point that I think both Collin and our us steelworkers drop the I. I'm I'm not who was a steelworker. I don't Oscar it's got that gets us out from Alameda and Colin both brought up summing that I think makes our point forests which is that. The only other two cross rivalry trophies they can come up with were both goofy college things. Great do you think college stuff bill that's what your dumb trophies to annex I'm into it the Beanpot great. When we get to the pros let's play for touch. Thank you Ann and acts if you actually watch. It's shouldn't courteous thing you've ever seen because. Stanford and now and you don't even know there are staring each other down in the final minute like if you've actually seen it's absolutely hilarious that is on brand for Stanford and count it this the Dolly's that he tremendous effort gaming at the girls the Dolly's that are like an action leaders are Dolly's Seattle. The Ellis to UMB marching band that's correct yeah see that's the knowledge on the Seattle in my view hardware out there he does is gone in the college sports if you thought trophy talk was turning off radios just wait till they hear started about college belt buckles next segment let's go to rob in San Bruno whatsoever out. Was bottled salad what that. It trawl it is a out of Bay Area ran the ball and that it's not that Rampage all you oh while. That the giants not the eight ball in Madison but the party's main objective in the eighth data that are wrecked. A hundred or so devastated upon that you won two out of three in a regular season series let me I didn't. I gonna sleep at night. With that this trophy because we had 23. And your cup people like Nixon one of my three World Series trophy maybe. All too little better after that you can tell when the giants fan brings up the World Series your views twice in five minutes he actually is salty I'm like man I don't care. Don't care who wins don't care about the trophy don't care. So you got me wrong on that one Joseph though I can tell. I under the skin not X stuff apprentice just stupid. You played for real trophies in pro sports. Participation era that prices could click submit it below two out of three from the regular sleep that. The prospect. That's fantastic. Last though he is a little too angry about the truth. It's clearly by the counselor power trophy presented by NBC and sponsored by Dunkin' Donuts it's I mean thinks the lady doth protest too much. Let's go to Darryl in Oakland we're gonna get all our trophy goals and now before Kerry has got forbidden waste anymore time later in the show wood his idea. What's up Darrell. And I got to go to their lives up. I ignited. Article and get on the trophy talk with me and I. Do you think your point about though you know in BC course being monitored can't make solo well quoted there. But there's some carnage in between the two you know cook bit. Being an age and then David eroded. You know but a giants dance stage you know obviously like you did it not. Not the World Series trophy pleasure that we both know when the road neutral vehicle we can angle reached advocate. You know. Good call. Good point I understand that's for bragging rights I get that. Hey what Barack hanging rights whether there's a dumb trove here or not that's my point and fill all well it's up all the time when we got a great game we have breaking news here the home run derby is over. Hello again. Again flag colors on his head hat on his sleeve. Member of the nationals a true American and a future San Francisco giant breasts are now there's a trophy I wanna get quote that's their trophies are contrary to stay with the national because he's got to DC and flat load that's a good point on crosses forehead please judge February. A process. At his locker and you think that Joseph is just speaking extemporaneous leave it in fact he's got a source with a camera inside the boom all star game locker room and we can confirm Bryce Harper's wearing giants and. It paid the Sydney text line 958. You know and this is exactly what I'm talking about. They Stan says since we are bringing up trophies how about that pays four game sweep of the giants in nineteen not pay. You'll case fans have that on me for eternity. There's no way checking account that you beat us in the real World Series that matters 89 trophy that's the trophy should be parading around I totally okay. No argument here. Aaron great. Let's take one more trophy call because David Martinez has been wait await us. It is Steven Martinez there's this Dave Martinez that we've got a lot left fielder I mean give me Martinez is gonna weigh in on the trophy which had a finalist and what's up Dave. There's no dogma that Jones writes however I I mean the Germans there aids and just like it data are you wearing a split. Yeah well aren't sure so what do. Think very much. And I was doing it would right now I'd like Chris Davis. Suck on my left leg might order to sock and rightly so there you go where you see the sense. No no I yeah. Now I want 28. Caliber out there. You got it guys I you know a couple of colors Gary Condit and on the heavier but you arm's gonna coming here reinforced you know I mean what law. About the whole concept of this trophies I mean that's exactly what this says it's it's just ignored an old war like bragging rights but you know. Because there's a case of the original gate bridge on the makes it a war. Lot more symbolic you know it is such a unique feature that we get to have this eerie experience because. Actually keep people can really say that you got a bridge. That's separate you know two stadiums when you think about it and actually have a physical piece of that as part of a trophy which you can not sturdy no tradition you know to go back and forth and whatnot. I interpret so. Our special gest and this whole Bay Bridge series. Match. I appreciate the call apparently there's a lot more Turkey's support benign noon which I guess means we have to ask Kerry who joins us now Terry Crowley. Of course giants beat writer find him on Twitter at tail underscore Crowley. Kerry how I feel about the Bay Bridge series trophy for against. I'm four in the sense that it really gets the fans and fault is definitely Bay Area need it brings. A that the passion and compelled. After all marriage. Or edgy about it you know he'd giants fans and they can't go back and forth on Twitter and I think that's good for the sport because baseball. Has been behind the NBA behind the NFL and social media and anything computer really energized they are especially young stands. Maybe they don't care that much about the trophy but it just adds another element to rival. Kerry you know the only trophy you care about the Bruce Mahoney why are you kidding yourself. Why are you kidding or some night on the giants' first half I am armed. I gotta say I don't know how they are aware they're at I still don't think that they're necessarily a playoff team. But you can't talk about the first half without bringing up Gorky Hernandez what is he meant. To this team. Well he's been tremendous and that are steal because. There was obviously in the evaluation with the Austin Jackson's dining Steven darker struggled to be getting that seat and even with jacks on the roster they they thought about bringing him up. In April but they just couldn't do doubt the way he was swinging the bat AAA. The government has bought them a heart attack in their best Al Q where do their best defensive outfielder and now that tiger upn has proven he's ready to play. For me this is giving them some flexibility out you can play left field and provide the source of power that's really that much needed for team that doesn't hit many home runs. You mentioned Austin Jackson Aaron obviously they've been more or less just dumped him on to the hands of the Rangers but. And look best save them some money that theoretically they can use. We'll get to the trade deadline thing in a second but what I'm wondering is. It is it are their options with regards to the 215. Plus million dollar man that I'm sure they'd like to dump but they could in Hunter Pence and Jeff Smart. Well I don't think the trade market anymore topic in any team can beat and going on the disabled list that are time and be willing you. Take him on even at the giant page like he can out of the remaining 45 million on the contract. No team is going to be that it's I think to that question. Africa repent you might get a flyer on it seemed willing to take on about eight million dollars but the giants still have to pay some of that. But at this point I don't see them trading pet he's got a no trade clause as long as they're in it or you know relatively speaking in exporting that the division. They say that he can be shipped out there and be all of Pratt he called out so I just don't see that happening but it's an opportunity does present itself. It wouldn't surprise that giants jumped on. Karina what are the guys who I think has evaded criticism for the majority of the last few years has been Buster Posey. And I think he's miscast as a traditional four address aren't as friendly as and they batted him in the five poll the other day Amy had a couple of RBIs in he had multiple RBIs situations late in the game just kind of how you draw up. Why aren't they putting him down in the order more and more you see them in the second half may be. Decide to go Longoria when he comes back in the four hole and push buster to that 56 line. Well that's a great question it's a point I've been asking all these I think that is natural spot in the order. He's not hitting powers step but you look if you look at the way the light it's constructed what Longoria come back probably slot in the sort of force to oppose you and RBIs situation because. Do not hitting it over the fence anymore and that really haven't spent his game the last three years what are you doing sitting U 9300. And for a team that struggles so much. With a runner in scoring position to me like a ton of sense to put him. In that spot in the order so we saw him have success there the other day when Longoria comes back I really would into deeper though he tried that more chef to get the offense skilling because. They've really been missing Longoria they can't hit lefties right now and they need to run producer in that spot lower down. So you just mentioned it and we're joined right now by Kerri Crowley who covers the giants for the Bay Area news group. Longoria but eventually come and back Joseph panic presumably. On his way back. But their fill ins Alan Hansen and Pablo cent of all have been providing an awful lot of offense to this team. What happens there. Well Longoria can apply it. And there's no doubt about that they need in the lap the and the ball hasn't been strong let people spooked the opportunities for him whether they sent belt out the last he'll repeat it's been able bat in the order put in the first space or spell Longoria more often than they did during the first half but I. I think the instant panic dilemma is going to be very interesting to see how it plays out because it didn't really strong against right into pitching lately he'd bring them an element of speed. They should have a patent recent years and so etiquette obviously the better defender of the giants heated gloves but at some point. You have to calculate what gets done for you acting bit. As long he continues to hit. Q 8293. Harder to get right hander pitching. Or that you might have to have an air letter they put him in left field put him at second base. There's going to be questioned when joke and it comes back it probably wraps Allen isn't done yet. That's a great point about explosion on the base paths and it's one of the things. I think we're all obsessed with home run numbers auto home runs yet AT&T park. I've been clamoring for guys that hit balls in the big gaps in who can run. And this team does not have any speeds there's. Yet they call of Stephen Gardner and what does he do well five doubles in his first couple games in showing explosion of scoring. Easily standing up from second base which is just such a breath of fresh share. What can he do in the second half to help this roster. Well I think that he's already. Outstanding center field or you watch him quite a bit different track he'd get on baseball are different than anything I've seen eighteen Parker the last two years keep Barry nearly rock hopped. Hobby by a home run to right center field. It was untouchable any player in the game Tucker gave it is that step yet such a good bead on the ball. And keep place a stronger field it's up to the giants will take till they get because. He's got that element speech could hit that the top the order against right handers dropping down. Against left handers and then move a guy like Gorky certainly in the leadoff spot so what. Duck or does he gives the giants. Different guys can answer in her native hasn't Decker who can hit a leadoff spot in the order hit number two and except able to these rum producers who need to have a better second. Or talk impose the Longoria McCutcheon bell. Do you think there's any chance Hanson might. And get some time in the outfield Justin get his bat in the lineup as you as you mentioned. Yeah I think there's that's a realistic possibility and you know if you got it right here on the mound in what you'd Gorky turn into today off because he's a righty righty matchup. And are they can out there in left field he got belt or space. You've got Crawford shortstop he got ticket technique now you're maximizing opportunities. -- that many left inner light at the possible. And you can get that leadoff element that you have. And and even a second look or even darker and better feel so you can stack the order and that it can give them a lot of flexibility to. Yeah great caught Kerry you know Brandon Crawford probably be in this team's MVP. Brandon belt right there with him be an actually awesome finally had the appendectomy. But to meet that they've totally fix this bullpen and you got Tony Watson who's got the second most holds in Major League Baseball and win. Strickland was healthy he was really really good I know the fan base wants to throw away. But I mean. When he comes back do you think he gets his closest party think Will Smith continues to take that role on or where does and believes in figuring all this. All star Lance and I don't think he'll beat the giants closer to the and he may never be giant closer peek not able to try to act back. I just don't see the resilient in his dark yet the giant global economies in the late and you looked a lot better. He's getting guys that he's getting ground ball stop what sharper. But you get that child back to back it hit me in the diet closer who can't do that so until he's able to be that that I I think it's. You really do need to heat will get in that role as long we keep going strong I don't believe he's blown stage yet. Gave up a run for the second time may twenty stepped begin the eighth. In a situation it was not a save opportunity. But it's got a short breaking ball at all touchy 95. Other than monologue that was not quite there yet it's me and he got the true what clothes are stopped and apple. He's it's like job better version of Jeremy I felt. Right like out there in the yeah I don't know Paris and I like him a lot he's nasty let's talk quickly about the trade deadline Kerry because that obviously I think. The giants are right in there competition wise for a playoff spot all they gotta do is catch those Dodgers. You would imagine the spot they could augment is starting pitching and the question is on two fronts how would they do it the first front being at. Cooled they have to offer someone with a legitimate starting pitcher that could get them that starting pitcher in return and second lien. Even with the Austin Jackson dump there still right at that luxury tax so are they willing to spend. Yet so that's the big question is will the giant steel with a lot treat ax in the east or Malia sound like they're not willing to do it so. In other multiple arguments and as from a fan base and you can say this guy should be it should always bat. Put up electric jacks and should be willing to do whatever takes to win it all caught completely understand that. And that standpoint but from the framework with which they're working itself like they're not gonna be willing to do so. At that point I don't think that they can attic guy unless they shed more salary whether that. Hunter Pence suggesting larger which we talked app that's probably unlikely they'd be in tight and the guy who goes. In Chile. But you're kind of limited in the guy's gambling on because. You can't really bring in anyone making more than seven million dollars this year just based on luxury tax calculations and so. It hit it really intriguing really complicated the breakdown and I think they were all kind of wondering what the giant shed more at more at this point. It's just absurd when you sit that out loud I want this team to go out and get a left fielder I want Adam Jones sell Baumann a draw that name putting your ear Adam Jones from Baltimore they're selling Carrey and he'd like fifty articles on Hank. I noticed your first. Six months of covering pro sports this way this die hard on the route. What's something you learn in the first half that maybe just didn't anticipate. Covering up professional team the team you grew up rooting for. That's the great question I think that the number one and I learned is that. And that is horrible talk radio but baseball is before we Egypt it really have a hot cakes. Because they're trying to come back to bite you you know if you apoplectic he gains and even the team could look completely different to gain 45 point you have something Knight became into the sea like the giant. Looked into death and and they look like they were out of it we're never gonna compete they can go on to win the World Series and you have. I really dig deep. And be stronger valuation because you're not gonna gain anyone's respect by going out there and that. Throw things around what you are gonna do a lot of people's respect with measured take them that some strong opinions about the way that things are going sell yet but it's the ticket that the talk radio but it is what makes baseball spotted in the it's it's so unpredictable abstract. That was a direct shot at mean you're dead to me browser that I don't want act I don't want easy and I want shows face developed over the course of that answer. From like sadness to deal that. You're all I've yeah. Totally yeah. Terry Mann thank you so much sincerely say something else are brick Willis really appreciate it. Often thank more proud you were proud you on series the city's Braude Joe's proud I respected like an adult team yup thank you sir Terry Crowley. Really is killing it for the San Jose Mercury news and we appreciate having a monster Kia more Bay Bridge series talk next no more trophy talk we're talking about what happened in the last three games. Giants verse disease ski team not if that's a mean. Faculty Jewish deaths this season. And yes sex or you can get this he sound effects you're welcome stuff. So you started some in an effort segment joke by a you know trumpeting the news. Your giants fan and got some a's fans angering. Called suits say we swept tubes and now we have someone on your team. Calling to defend you from the caller who attacked you he over the 89 sweep rob what are you got. Kate you know arm as a giant stand on kind of displaying airing say that the 89 Oakland is one of always count this week. To lord over you. Tell me what did open it dated 1989 during the one of our region's most. Horrible. And has disasters they go to charter plane and looted their training facility in Arizona. What a giant state packet poultry all of rubber bubble. A horse broke a sweat. I would be well rested. After a slide how much order plate. Yeah I don't think it's fair to critique that portion of it because that was clearly out of the I hear you and I hear you that's clearly ownership issue. And yes Dave Stewart being able to pitch twice in less than four games is. You know because of the seven day break its luck. I hear and that's be honest. Part of me not liking the trophy situation. Is the way we've completely overlooked. Just the tragedy of the earthquake itself because. Lots of people passed away lots of lives were ruined and sell the way we're kind of like laughing about I get to forty years is past thirty years is fast. But for me like Dallas still horrible day in my hands like that and everybody was around yourself this to see the way we've cute little cute fully created this trophy and a yes it was a great moment of coming together but it is also a horrific tragedy immaculate would completely forgotten about that. Yeah I've I've note takes on the earthquake sorry. And not try to screen children and all that's not it at all it's it's just. That sort of stuff by I don't know enough about. Frankly no one knows enough about how those decisions were mated. Criticizing guys thirty years later for flying to a different place to practice for baseball game they had to play act. Leave me out of it I do wanna talk about the baseball that was just played this past weekend. He's not the celebrity softball here that's going on right now. Tim correction looks bad and in uniform June. Axle also wants a Jessica Mendoza professional. Softball Olympic gold medalist yes. How like her actually and a lot of people don't like on air you mean yeah I think she's great I like garlic turning Iraq I thought I didn't I thought it took her a year to. Of course as as it does. But I knew anything about Danny were I had the A-Rod Mendoza. Analysts pairing is tremendously yeah I agree and I'm not even usually a person who likes a three person Booth like Jimmy just two people normally a great. Their fallen Newton and frankly for national. Sports broadcasts. There should be fun. And also. People who know what they're talking about and after watching seasonal playoff basketball hope. Iran and just commandos are are refreshing change in that department agreed totally agree. Let's talk about the baseball that just got played this past week. As a giants fan. Do you feel like. You know may be watching the is a little closer than you have been you'll learn anything about this team that you didn't know. About the Yankees again I did yeah I I'd. I watch what the computer on us and doing work when I'm flipping back and forth to the a's because I watched the giants are very intensely. When I'm watching it exactly you know what a what legal called alluded to her initiative to people don't want to be a.s and casual like I'm I'm doing other things I'm tweeting I am I am. Watching YouTube video silently or whatever. But man really hunkering down and watching Trevino and try and I'll have blown away at those two specifically I knew that the team could Max I did emigre and I got a lot of guys on the team like simian to local boy can't Kana is a local boy I root for those two. I wanted to see Fowler played a little because I haven't really had a chance to watch him because Scotty how could you not root for Greg in all Matt Olson is a mullets are standing next up. Buster Posey but specifically that bullpen and how explosive they are. And that's how you we don't win in the playoffs you wanna win down the stretch UN with a bullpen trust me that's the recipe. And with good late inning off sentence and yes the call it's so demoralizing. For the opposition. When you get a seventh inning he's homer. And they take the lead and then you're staring at turbine you know and trying to and to try to come back against him I think that's what has been. The key to this run is. It is had been frisky late on offense and completely. Locked down late. From the bullpen yes there was a blip on the radar the other night but generally speaking. Both trying to venture being of an unbelievable tried and you knew was pretty good although obviously better this year than in the past. Ter Reno comes out of nowhere and has been I mean look giants fans don't have to look past Tony Watson and know how valuable it is to have a dominant setup guy. No doubt and trivia now. Like just the way he has that little leg kick Abram our enemy Iraq met. It really did that it just think that heat giving us a leg kick and the slider yeah and the speed so if you're on a 92 mile an hour slider or breaking ball like. That's unbelievably difficult to hit especially righty into electing it's coming your knee caps. It's unreal and he's so deceptive with that leg kick you don't get a chance to see the spin off the hand so really elect the last second it it makes out and with China and try to got more Papelbon thing go already kind of hides the ball he's got the kind of hot leg kick query he kind of turns just enough to channel little you can kind of see the numbers just a little. And down man and both of those guys clearly throw really hard but it's the downward movement and its still be there is an app that brand Crawford had to do a Saturday night where he threw a breaking ball. Crawford had no chance we're blown a hundred miles an hour and you can locate the curve ball a little. You know. You're devastating and actually got to get that strike out was just filthy. Why Brandon Crawford is probably at the top analysts giants he trusts in that situation is that notion. Yeah exactly exactly no shot whatsoever in the other thing that I noticed from them and and now most. They're just they're very. No nonsense. Very greedy. The way they go up there they know who they are okay. They say they're swinging for the fences and that's kind of style. I don't know I'd really like the make up of their team and I think that they are. Did there are really fun team I'm not gonna say did their prewar years you know before they look as I don't know with the stars are the but they're just appropriate at least solid. Ballclub that I thinking content and I think what war. Move getting one more ace in this rotation one legitimate guy who can anchored on the staff until 780 means mean watch. And I mean. Yes because right now if you win in new playoff series as the Oakland Davis. Lol if mangan wasn't on the roster and in more trouble well let's just say you have an ion Manning didn't. Who's at third starter. You tell me I don't know I think probably right now would be Edwin Jackson which case he'll sign K hell maybe. Wolf I know Seattle thought president a's fans. It's Jackson. I hate I hate to tell you this but it's Edwin Jackson would be your third start right now on us now it too good to say nobody can they can do is boring committee. Yeah what are they didn't you Sergio Romo could start for you you know. Have trying to start. Trying to intervene on I don't know what you do for the last seven innings to get Bartolo. Dog and go oh yeah I know how to push my buttons they're gonna ask me. There and I know she like this is the thing we're gonna have to talk about today for both baseball team so news. They both need a starter. Yeah but the giants they heritage. Money. Well now you're now your way all the senders following their line now no I'm sick of hearing and that's written a tell me and I want out of monies. They have money of course they're planning money right. They have a desire not to spend their money that's what they have on certain things. That's its time baseball where he didn't. They do need to start. We're gonna get well that's the problem is I don't care which cited tiger on I mean it is a perfectly set up to make this sort of trade but who's at four. Not Cole Hamels I don't want Cole Hamels on the is awfully old and hasn't been especially good this year ran our stats in front a mile I don't think he's been negative and I don't think you need as much as the left is in vogue right now. I want to righty I needed dominant righty that's what I thinking yeah I leaned across. That's the one team on the market. Pitching wise who seems like he really is that guy. Who could change. The way irritation don't think he fits him like emotional why I've no idea why not character wise and he's at peace and he's under team control for a couple of more years because he came up ladies thirty. But he didn't get up to is maybe 2526. So he still is a couple more years of team control. Here's the thing with Cole Hamels man he's fine any with a 43. I've what. You'd think you started twelve pitchers better than Cole Hamels this year is once he's been a wash for healthcare center of the twelfth. I mean look good lidge comes available look at him go America is going to be it is going to be Cole Hamels and Myers will be Edwin Jackson. Yes that what's what's really the day and not Jackson's been better and not part with a with a prost and not give up a prospect exactly. I am not that's the thing about the a's yes they have the prospects to trade their good prospects. You wanna trade him for Cole Hamels. Not you would trade for Jacob to grow. Yeah I mean I think that's the guy. That I would imagine they'll be going after it's also the guy that anybody. In baseball wants a starting pitchers going to be going. Because all the the net it's a lot of guy is somewhere in the Cole Hamels rain toward either old or not pitching very well no doubt one of the two. We do a call from Gabriel though who has a different idea that Gabriel in Oakland you were. Got a different name you want creates. Men and they can market stroman keeping it thought that Lou JP called them terrible he will be a better so you. Stroman to credit that's a really good poll I don't act gave real soft sold what mark stroman says about the blue jays they were some expletives involved in now how bad he thinks his own team is right now. Yeah that's a 27 year old kid who I think probably still has three or four years of team control left the question is. Is he worth whatever it would cost again right now. He's been pitching terribly. So the so again. I like when you're set last year Mark Sherman was really good thirteen and 9309. ERA in 33 starts for 200 innings both the last two seasons 1617. Unfortunately he's got a five point 86 ERA right now. Now is that in part because he's plan on a terrible team may be his with a one and a half at a lot of base runners. So. If you get the best the market stroman great if you get Tony eighteen mark stroman. Again you'd rather have Edwin Jackson not and you don't have to give anything up to get it when Jackson. You know I'm getting blasted on the text line here for just being honest what I sex blaster yeah I'm getting absolutely blasted blue. To approach to go to the blood boat James West I want to get on the horn here you are the resident ace and although all hosts and all the different people who contribute on air. Who is the one talking about the case with you every single time I coming your in my picking your brain trying to get all the little nuggets in the diehards. Who was actually watching as it means that would be Julia thank you so why don't try to be at least knowledgeable of not just the team that's on the field. The minor league system as well don't always pick your brain you always make the effort jail thank you thank you it just kills me. Look at 234 year old fan base wasn't even watching you right west. I made no effort because I don't care. But I'm just gonna remind you not a giants fan you watch yes obviously I watch and I'm not a trial on May. It's a dumb it's a dumb complaint right now. Frankie mom tell us who was just mentioned by the text line hasn't guy who who bay thought. Would be the third starter and overall he has probably been the third best pitcher on the team the problem is. It was like four brilliant start since since. That's exciting. Hearsay.