Kolsky and Keating Third Hour 5-19-18

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Saturday, May 19th
Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury News joins us to help wrap up the final hour of the show with a look ahead at Sunday's heavy weight bout of Dubs vs Rockets. Mark highlights the importance of Draymond Green and debates when or if Steph might get going. In the final half  hour of the show the boys spread some love for Liev Schrieber and Mullets and review all the stories we have missed in the week of sports.

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Arsons to staff for what he's done in moll whose game after staff and somebody's gonna feel like why can't miss on this if you happens and India's close to that he's thirty out there talking and it. That's funny here is do so on the best player in the draft. You know that there's an agent speak now is is is. And real you know they're on their on brand there on program all the time. They're they're being toyed with you know say just say this and say say it. I sex sexton has has some tools of physical tools that translate in this league did not. In that help them overcome his size he's not the prototypical Lane Bryant. At 62 but he he's got some ability. Athletically to it's a really moved the ball. And if he's with the right teams that can really push it run. Now I don't know if they'll move up because again I think both he. Scares itself with a thinking that okay the first set of picks have to be the best seven guys that are 69 a bigger. And that's why the rest of the stress is really kind of chock full wings so. They'll be somebody that'll move up they'll be someone that'll that'll. Kind of fit that. Donovan Mitchell mauled that'll that'll have a great work out. And we'll see if they can keep it bugged out the kid from Texas taxpayers Smith is really urged. Athletically into being a prototypical two guard now well this is and can score it can defend on the perimeter different positions. There's a lot of good names in this draft there there's. There's there's definite at the top with the big kids. But I I think the guards really someone really evolve and any UB USB before we came back who who the warriors may end up with. There's a plethora of guys and I I just think it needs to be a big shooting wing. I don't know if they can find another big they can stash like they do with Davy Jones just yet. Like hot. Lot of big steel especially anchoring looney back while they may not think anybody right away next year so maybe they wanted they wanna get another big they can develop. Behind Jones if when he sticks around which obviously talked about affect you happen contractually. But but there are some this this is gonna really show you whose evaluated a lot of these guys because there are some older players and strapped to their superiors and see you yes you distress I am an. Game that I wanna throw at you but first you're listening to 957 the game KG MZFM and HD one KG MZ San Francisco. The radio home for every warriors playoff games so as we get into the warriors and specifically this is it. Much less important to warriors fans and it was ten years ago but. Picking near the end of the first round a name that I have seen down in that area that certainly everyone is familiar with the who's capable of shooting the ball at the level the warriors would like. Who would bring some toughness and is probably bigger than he appears a lot of people's brains. Is Kris and now this I think that that every area the player he loves and hates. I loved to hate him among well established due cater and I think his tripping people is hot garbage in every the gets under my skin. However. I think it also reflects a higher level of competitiveness which is usually a good thing in terms of NBA development and I think also. He's a surprising athlete who can do a lot of things on the floor and look. Shaun Livingston is getting older Andre Iguodala is getting older Patrick McCall we have no idea where he stands. Nick Young probably not back Omri Casspi didn't work out they need guys on the wing. And you see here I guess now variance I think that experience can help the team. That doesn't either right away but can rely on it if it's called the pilot you know. In activists that should guard you're gonna put him on the roster is. He's going to be in that fold because I think he's been maligned a little bit and spent a little bit of all the red flag. And how his maturity if you wanna call that has evolved and Ghana cyclical. It's cyclical ways from tripping people to just having tantrums but. Gosh if he would come out after his freshman year. He would have probably been if not in the same position higher C gotta give a little bit credit for sticking it out and the other thing too you talk about the come by me here's the guy that. Is taking that on head on a really utilizing it to his advantage she's got some of the highest marks in the agility and speed I think he's probably proving. A lot of that is kind of helps. Disseminate the noise if you will. From actually watching him play a practice when you're going scattered throughout the year. He'll be there and you know they certainly a late first early second by way of how the mocs are looking. But yeah the warriors stores where you gonna get a good player scores are gonna get a player I think back and help them. You know. They're all exceed three you'd be like a played plays big threes and play defense will however wants to do that now that's right so everyone's three C east I north size yourself. I don't mind of I think. He definitely has talent and deathly belongs in the league. And the team that that has Abel that is able to to mentally digging into how he's put together is gonna pull the trigger on an obviously that's going to be deciding factor. Our consulates shuffled back on to. Tomorrow's actual basketball action which we are now 22. Hours from Golden State Warriors playoff basketball. And the thank you right here. On 957 game by the way 5 o'clock tip tomorrow. Our coverage all afternoon long and and if you're coaching this team coming off of that game two performance heading into. The game which I think in my mind and probably most people's minds is this the game that determines how this series really is going to go because so far. It's sort of we've gotten preliminary punches from both sides neither of the losing teams played particularly well in their losses and we still I think don't have any proof to say. When they both play well what happens so what's your message if you or Steve Kerr heading into this ball game. Well keep it tighten let's not have the same start that we had in game two we can't. Can't have to careless turnovers I mean it can't be said in emphasize enough and mentioned last night trying to think about you know how Steele get that message across so find a different way. This is voices and he's he's he said and yeah yeah it's getting to doubt so. I I think kill hill turned toward what every great coach doesn't have a great team. Let the team figured out you know noise you heard some of the players and while we're not gonna change staff we don't need to motivate staff for me they were great players they they understand that they understand how to. To get themselves back ready to be. It's the bench of the role players that I think you know David West is really big concern and hope we come back home helps him get right. You know Sean has always been a little bit of of that the standard bearer for that that bench unit and it's going to be bigger match I think that it's all hands on deck no matter who starts. And I still I still kind of thing where we may seek a little. We'll Jordan bell this can't you know we we talked about that before it's been discussed that he would fit in this especially when they go small potentially put Tucker back at the five and we'll see how much trust that Stephens and company hasn't been maybe come back home helps to rebel you'll shot in the arm a lot Nick Young give a shot nobody wants. While posting about this. Vis a vis JaVale McGee because we we have a couple techsters to. Are really on the bill McGee train so I see his name pop up on our our text scroll periodically is have they were so good when he started this year how do you not. Jim attract. And thank you and I've talked about the reasons not to start JaVale on the series and by no means less suggest that but. One thing JaVale did and the thing I think most notably that JaVale brought to this team and the reason he's been so impact full for this team for a couple years now. Is. Energy and the enthusiasm. And they did get off to their best starts of the year when JaVale was in the starting lineup because this is a great stat that nick pulled for us. The rockets were the best first quarter team in basketball all year long. Plus 360. In the regular season and first quarters over over there 82 game season the war if we're actually minus four. For the season in the first quarter now a lot of those bad first quarters were the zombie warriors that you know win in March 2. None of the stars were on the team and so it it's understandable it's not so much criticism of the warriors as. Taking note of the fact that Houston did a lot of their best work in first quarters over the course of the season coming out. And kicking teams in the face to open it up basically and debt. Has been a struggle at times for this warriors team and that was what JaVale did. The reason he got inserted into the starting lineup was to get them energized from the starting games and it worked over that stretch that he started. And so even though. Jim Vilma and he is probably not an option in this series. May be Jordan bell as that guy who if you trust him. Can bring some of that same energy and athleticism and exuberance to the floor. Were maybe you're willing to accept a couple rookie mistakes because he's bringing that level. Of intensity that might get going early in a way you couldn't in game two. It's a delicate balance his Javelle certainly has an effect on the oracle crowd yet no question question that he's got an effect on their level of intensity. The off the floor. The problem becomes do you get captivated by the match ups. Are you so are you social Rangel by the match ups he's just can't get him on the floor you don't wanna to have. Three bad minutes where this could be a close game. And those possessions go against you and all the sudden you can't recover right that day also may be why he doesn't play Jordan Bellamy may be shorten the rotation in this game. And go seven or eight it's not what he's done before bird. I think a lot of that has to do with how well the big four. Are taking care of the ball or moving it and there were shot selection who's really in all honesty. Clay in Cady and staff should give you 75 to eighty. And drain Monfils in the blanks with another ten and he would you don't feel much and we now. That's hypothetical and yes it's it's wishful thinking doesn't always work out that way. What if they are going and then you just you you've plugged in at key spots that you Dolly plug in. You know you're Bure whether it's looney whether it's whether it's McGee. It's just so hard because there's a group that such a fine allowing your playing the other team that could be the second best team in the entire league. At this point it's not the file is not a go for broke he still got to get the next. Spot but you don't sacrifice what you're doing now because you have to get the next when you have to take care of this one well and I do not think the rockets. Are so unique. That what you show against this rockets team is not necessarily giving anything away for the fun especially if it's Boston. If it's Boston in the finals you've really got a team that looks more like yourself than anywhere else. And that's going to be a very different approach and the way you're attacking the rockets. So. You know I I just I do wonder with Steve whether there is a sort of he's got a number in mind. And that number whatever it is twenty years something is sort of the sum of minutes he can put guys like young and McGee and bell out there who he's afraid might hurt him with the mental errors. And it you know if Nick Young ceemea twenty minutes that means bell and the gear kind of out of luck. The faster the game is the more it may help getting those guys some time Lester this defense of decisions of saying carry the ball good shots that they get the pace of the game really going early then you might see a cameo in the second quarter. At some point depending on obviously at the foul trouble the flow of the game for one of those guys. Well we won't get into all of that and more with mark Medina and covers the warriors for the Mercury news he joins us next right after this is Matt Goldstein Kerry Keating a 957 the game. 57. We are back Mac tools U alongside just Kerry Keating and they'll give it to. I was there's a way to tie X don't give a Tia into mark Medina. Being about to give us warrior updates but I guess that's the best of do win it. We're still here trying to recover from just seemed to buck a courtside at the Eastern Conference finals game mark sought us what you take over and tell us if we learned anything from warrior practice today any news notes of interest coming out of that event. Welcome to buckle up America about a mobile wants the bill. And there was Intersil when he talked to love the warriors problem. They were talking about Klay Thompson has you know where. Portrait of performance today he would appoint strict beloved shooting in game two and he's currently I am Margaret were both saying it's out of all of them. Can or give him easier walks in terms are getting defense that stopped at that allow them to have to run out transition. Sporty talk to address in my brain about stepped curry he's saddened. It's on him to get himself going meant so I think it really is returning to America the kind of a different. Without her mongering is accused Lotta Brothers. Are solid bounce back in third. How are straight months and I'm curious what he's like in practices in between if he's a matter of fact if you feel a sense of urgency in him personally. I thought he was that much. Would say blame but just in the middle of of what happened in game two and how it shows how important he is. How is he today you gotta get a feeling like she's she's obviously rip ratings go for tomorrow. Yeah I keep seemed very businesslike or automatic parallel was very Cambodia for the events or something he was honest and college he wasn't. Answering them but he was getting to the point am. He also was banned the idea that they have seen so many days in between games 33 days he did early tingle like that seemed like you really wanted. To be chomping at the bit that you understand that the warriors lost game two he himself was an asteroid point that has battled. Me or he was different foul trouble he wasn't really. You know showing the kind of defense and intensity that he had for most of the playoffs. So far. All bought. I think on top of that do you. Was really reiterating and Steve the first point about the need to play with four problematic out of the the Baltimore that's been born on in the playoffs you hear about from Steve Kirk. Digger rapper Mike and Toni heard that a lot about the players and I think. That's the theme basically illustrates you know how it pans the warriors play when they try to come out. In game two like they did were there kind of bored through the motions are having a lot of turnovers. I think it's based real short of that they can BP bought it they've locket with full intensity. I think the talent disparity is pretty wide even against. But he Michael rockets that it has been all the offseason trying to stockpile hopes of not indelible words of tiger took. You know you mentioned a couple things that dominant tied together their mark and it is mark Medina warriors writer for the Mercury news joining us now on 957 big game. You say dream on mentioned he feels like it's on essentially the team as a whole to help clay get the looks he's accustomed to. You also mentioned the force thing which we've heard over and over from both coaches really. Isn't dream on himself. May be if if you had to identify. A force guide for the warriors that is. One of dream on many hats is being the force guys so how much. Of getting them started with the force we keep hearing about is on dream on bringing vet frenetic. That the sort of playoff dream on that I feel like we saw most nights of the first couple series but did not really see in game two of. Yeah I think you know really great point and is this might sound pats correction on the surface. Because stepped curry shot seven and ninety permit steal little wanted to date from three point range quiet real eleven to a four. But they want the primary reasons why they lost I think that. Blame model is one of the primary reasons why that loss I think that illustrates that even if that's careers as are most valuable player of the bass player playing modern green and so many instances it is your most important player because. All what you just said he used the guy that can really dictate how energetic. The warriors can be a block this is the maker of metal weeks will be even guys like Seth Curry Klay Thompson. Mike Schmidt shot in your bare their human even if they are dispatched black Brothers bought. The idea of you know porting in that the kind of defense of intensity that you need. That's something that doesn't shout shouldn't replicate or shouldn't hinge on. Making shots it really just calms down energy that's so weird thing to say but. And today's NBA having that kind of mentality is a skill like not everyone always brings therefore operative because the Powell. Sort of a defender draped Mark Green has helped physical and intimidating he can be. How he plays he can basically provide the trickled out factor as farce everyone else goes. And along those lines what I think to start this game is is as important as any that the worries have had recently. How how much of drain minds effectiveness. Is affected by cruise stars whether he's at the five rat before. This this so somewhat of a revolving door starting fives with the other big force NC all star break. Feel like sometimes it affects stream mama but specifically now coming back off the loss. Obviously given PJ Tucker is affected his plane small you know they're gonna start capella. Do you think that has an effect on dream on in terms of his focus. From a defense of standpoint it really an overall standpoint move forward who starts alongside him in that front court. No I'm not necessarily. Because. I think war what's been the main thing with withdrawing wanna most of them most of his teammates there's just how all. Engaged there are and you sit on the on the head as far thirty shark terrorist. Palm Bay had seven turnovers in the first quarter of Big Five in the in the first five minutes. Don't let meltdown earlier plug and above they decided to start the cut line up I think about was illustrator before we saw the regular seasonal work. They were apathetic they like to be a little bit fancy and they felt like they could get away with a because they have so much talent so I think that's. Kind of the common denominator and as weird as it sounds because it is the post season because that is the western proper final. They treat the game to kind of wait wait pursuing game because it felt like Varity did what they need to do in terms of stealing. A road game to get home court advantage back and they're kind of player what else money. And I'll they have found earlier good reflection on bought. They got a real treatment they feel like I say they they have a security blanket I think that's the main issue going forward but I think the cooperative thanks. Pro lawyer says they they feel a little bit of a sense of urgency because. It is infuriated the hide and if they win this game it's only lose home court advantage as lost control this series I think. The worst I have shown when they feel like Erin that pressure situation may they rise vacation just like they did. India one of the Sears where they felt like they would they wanted to step at all because how good he says isn't him. Following up on the line up issued did do you think. There's a potential change in the starting line up and I lean towards not and and I've a feeling you will as well and that's why math my follow question right now which is. Do you think even if Steve Kirk kind of wanted to change the lineup he'd hesitate to do so given that. The death lineup this comedy ace in the hole and authority in the air and moving often it would sort of be admitting defeat. Yeah it's you know it's really hard to receive curb because com I think one and with the dust water temperature gonna analyze that it hasn't it didn't do well in game two is an expert but I don't think that was the primary reason why they lost but again I had to do with. Well we're talking about earlier with just their effort level. I don't think it's about conceding defeat I think especially at this point it's about what's what's gonna give it my best chance to win. The fire at a gas. They're gonna go to does apply because Israel or five best players brought. It helped compile when he starts I don't know I'm not gonna really be surprised the warriors have been very happy with how he's been quiet. Having such a move when you look at his game one performance. He really took on the challenge. Of there's a crisis situations against James Harden I mean there's no other way to put it. James Carter was Coca what 41 point sport there are a lot of possessions if you look at a lot of birdies specifically work force. Dreams too to make a passer Mexican president shot that kind of a what missed about which musical really good scores of how well can Wear them down. How can make it difficult how well can you make sure that no one else is getting fault so. With all that being that I I think it's going to be a tossup between those two guys simply because. Keep current always wanted to have better as a trump card of making any kind of adjustment bought. Are divided yes I think it will be you. Those. Five. Guys with a four all stars Sam if you had a formal sort factory Waddell. Get a sense is a better chance of David West and north staff courage getting back to normal or. Steve Kerr is a genius to zero the war and he played Greg cook then joined bell in this game. These guys I think it definitely will be fine David allowed some of having questions about we just haven't been. Himself this does retire well on. And he alluded to. The possibility of him. Indymac federal rotation spot in the in the background. Safire I guess letting your decision toward bell minutes did he was floated that idea before. This series started I think with. Quinn cook. That's a little less certain he's all show all of income because of the experience to try to guess that's gonna be stuff. Clay is going to be quiet pray about it and be drier marvel how the dust lineup you'll see some more toward belt. As opposed to David West spot as far as Quinn cook getting some minutes. I would be surprised if that happened. I've think you'd probably be even more surprised if JaVale McGee got minutes but let me make a devil's advocate case for JaVale McGee. Let's say warriors come out and over the first. Seven minutes. Don't look like they came to play a Western Conference finals game and again have that kind of this isn't quite right regular season feeling that we got so many times throughout this regular season. Isn't JaVale one of the guys on the roster who. At least in terms of getting everybody fired up and energized. That is may need. The best thing he brings at times to this team. You think there's a possibility there's a JaVale sighting at home in game for. You never say never but I'll be surprised for tourism he got a DMP in game two. And he could've gotten garbage minutes away but I didn't have that shows a signal that they're not really high. Honest player right now and I think when he looks specifically at this match up. You could make a case that hey you energetic and energized the team especially as dark. Home crowd but did the rockets have demanded the warriors to switch a lot and I don't think of Bell's release. Equipped to do that Nadal. Again never saying never Steve Kerr played a lot of those guys but that would be one option I would be surprised. In a market may ask your question better on the team all year this really having come up at all and I I just for some lotteries and taught us out of left field. But we haven't heard a lot about Steve's health and I'm not bring up the fact that something's wrong she's been handling it very well it seems there almost have been recovered. You know Horry had a stroll in the past and and and and I just I wonder if if you. If that's ever come up as anyone ever ask my no we got really. Upset about people keep continuing asked about a foot seems like his health is okay seems likes he's in pretty good shape when you get the impression he's. Almost recovered from this police found a good group to attempt to manage the issue with the back. I would say look forward as a strong word Obama mean it's a thing many contend it continues to have to deal with put your point it out like we're. And give him for half an update because I'll put you know he's disrespectful way after about a likable witty and a potential story I think. The actions speak louder than words if if this wasn't seriously do you wanna be Cogent and I think what you look at flashier. The fact that he hasn't had to take any games often had some had to have Mike Brown stepped in I think that shows you an off. That he's improved but did you see an affront to sovereignty is sometimes ships. It sometimes looked uncomfortable body language block. Prevent side got him in the top of sums him some of the moments worse he's talked about respect and just people around the team. It's the thing that you know he manages throughout the season he had some good days and get some bad days but it never got to the point work it affects. His job and there are responsibilities not just with visibility goes to coach every game. Bomb you know that I had to minute thing but as far as just how it's affecting his overall performance. And availability. On you know within the game itself solve. But without its that I wanted to register. It mark Medina warriors writer for the Bay Area news group joining us on 957 the game and on the topic of of Kerr and I know you mentioned earlier he said it's sort of on the squad. You get. Klay Thompson the open looks he was getting in game one vs the performance in game two and the thing that jumped out to mean about clay is. Game two stance. Is the fact that he only attempted 43. Pointers which is remarkably low. By his standards and a lot of that in my mind just comes down to the fact that that their offense was stagnant in there wasn't as much player movement in general. Did Steve talk at all about. Yeah we've heard him say his voice doesn't resonate the way it once did and and obviously. I don't think he stops telling them to keep moving themselves in the ball in the in the second half of game two but. It just sometimes hasn't showed up this year did you talk about. I will either what he says now or what the key to making sure they do that is there. Like what. Has he been able to say anything about the difference between the games where they don't do it verses the ones where they do and is there anything anyone can do besides threaten them too to make him do what they're supposed to I guess. Yeah I think that par play it goes and applies I think what we're looking at Houston adjustments. Are based felt the urgency so they kind of had this game kind of lackadaisical energy in game one at a worse had a game two and it just kind of what they themselves. With with the rockets' offense speed more effective that there be more ball movement about it many isolation but the fact that the warriors have a pretty boy out of the basket. That's daunted of their can't as a kind of moving out in transition or Matt a lot of times worse staff curry and Klay Thompson get there's reporters. That kept him going but that I think it also illustrated the war of the rockets improved. Defensive. Rotations because. They've had the philosophy ever since Federer in this series so there's going to be inevitable Kevin Durant can score points c.'s Kevin Durant. And they've made it a very deliberate attempt not to double team on. Because then stepped occurring quite Thompson and maybe some others like have opened walks that it's a problem because are so much offensive depth. At a game one they want literally covering quieter leaving a wide open and here I think we're much more of an emphasis of walk. Except the reality that Kevin Durant is gonna have thirty points 37 points there's nothing you can do they can make him work hard. They can scroll ball to different defenders out of what they did. By Kevin Durant squash court siding that was the main difference and then the fact that though the warriors weren't able to get to stop that kind of affected. The way they rant or offense because they they kind of went to war the natural tendency. Of getting the ball to Kevin Durant had to be honest I don't fault Kevin Durant at all for a fact yet zero Serbs I think. When you look at the game itself he was very deliberative style like he was just trying to shoot anytime you have. The ball that lot of ought to be in the cage bought he was trying to Canaccord you're trying to find an open to email when that didn't happen. He decided to take matters into his own hands. Yahoo! I agree with that it it was a bit of a chicken and egg thing in terms of who who stopped first was that the movement that stopped or was it Kevin Durant. Passing it to moving players and I think it was in this case the movement that stopped first and and to rant sort of reacting to that can we get a quick prediction on your way out the door mark. I think whoever's winning game three the little local law as we said before what mayfield add up fractured it at horizon the occasion so I think there's still one. Control of the series obviously is still have a home court of milk to make good use of its tomorrow. Or Warren. Sounds good to have fun of the game we always appreciate your time. Yeah ought. And that it is mark Medina warriors writer for a Bay Area news group and the San Jose Mercury news and I think we were both on that page as well. Warriors. Probably feel the pressure more or at least enough. To show up for this one in a way they didn't for game two I think we we all expect a relatively easy victory would you say. Last twelve games good stat here to kind in the frame of mind where the words into being. Last twelve games reach team Warners are averaged 315. And a half passes per game the rockets 227. Serial almost almost nine. 87 more pounds now. 27 and a half fellow board twice and half assists for the war for the warriors twenty for the rockets. The big thing is the 52 potential assists. For the warriors in the 38 potential for the rockets now. It's just kind of gives you an idea of the differences in style and when I bring that back Gupta is. This game tomorrow needs to be. You know. The regardless what the score is in the first quarter whether it's close wither up. 510 down you know hopefully not double digits yeah maybe a bucket here America's young guy you respect for the rocket threat short of their ability but. If they game is going go to the pace of the game is going the orders way. And they have you know 678 assists. If they're moving the ball in their utilizes screens first whether they. You know post up comedian and post split or they pinned down or move the ball side decides she's stepping clay now when same put Stefan ball screens to get him on earlier and that's that's easier said than done I think he answered this team. Because you don't wanna shoot your way out of it that quickly like you did get an all or nothing deal I think that. You get to that if staff is able to get free and you get some transition looks where it's a kick ahead and passed back to him. Or if they just fall asleep in transition defense and he. You know pulls up for thirty and that little Japanese feel that he's gonna probably test that out early. But not at the expense though of getting the ball moves side to side have every touch it. Get into the posted the dream on or special KB. They get claim move inside decide if the pace is good. And the potential assists through there and the shots are or are good shots in terms of selection right giving up transition. And those who live ball turnovers. I think you're in for a good game tomorrow. Like the wars tomorrow like the worry is because of the day's offerings actually helps them more than a dozen rockets. I agree with the all that and I think certainly what we have seen over the course of the year is that. That's when the warriors are at their best when and clay and step remove inside decide when the ball's hopping around and that's what Steve Kerr wants to do. Those of the games where they really run away from teams short they can win on the strength of staff or TD or even clay just out scoring people. But the team is at its best and frankly pretty unbeatable. When they're getting all that movement and in terms of getting off to make good start and sort of showing up with the appropriate motivation or whatever we've we've talked about how they seemed to only do it when they feel little pressure and dream on actually basically said that much at practice today. We were on our vessels vote for a little bit more we've both burden we came up with the source mercy. Game two we know we didn't feel less threatened they're just listeners who are there so. Do you allow one of those series. We one on top of the locker room servicers. To. You can get used for it enough but of course those visa or you don't learn news events on his car users aren't gonna use Chris flaws of our users. Snowstorm in new bit and the beat goes wrong. You can't but not brute force of this one. You're so. Everybody is going news. Well of course. But pretty simple it seems pretty straightforward that audio is courtesy of ESPN. Did that sounds like a dream on who's going to bring that folks. Series in pro sports are fascinating to me saying that chance through the draw up and that. With the that's more than one and done writing college although we did have a post he's determined that we won. That the files was best of 3COM where she won the first one loss the second one a 13 to win in both the second third were on the road a lot. And it was is unique in your approach is totally changed my approach of how. To coach game two or not that we didn't. Care that we had a house money tree had one win. But you didn't feel like oh my goodness if we lose this game it's over and you can you can tweak a few things which we did in that winning game three. I bring that up because Imus who live Shriver early. Earlier this year rhesus I've. I grew up on Long Island when the islanders were just killed everybody and Mike Bossy was a fifty goal scoring Ken morrow and it was the islanders and there's it's clear delineation between outer ranger fans in New York one out of course Wayne Gretzky through my. Affordable years and now I hear it's a sharks what's happening now a TV in the winter classic and HBO and aha. Great Little League Shriver doesn't get us in the news. It never feels as perfect. Bond is strong. As one that compels Brothers to bleed through. This group's. Not many pursuits. Evoked such patients who do. This is why I've heard so much. Still falls short of what the real desire. This is why so on. US open. Still just the start. Beautiful so nothing ratchets up the excitement like a little we have Shriver when I got unceremoniously let go my job. Spent the latter part of cup weeks walking around with Bobby Shriver in my head dictating every term I was thinking and doing. Like I totally dig the hole Vila and and the series. That was based on the winter classic was kind of behind the scenes of the Hong. The whole hockey thing just completely fascinates me having coached a sport that has dead stops. And timeouts it's of the solutions. The flow hockey uses tremendous yeah my love go one of the games and get a chance to go usually after the season's over as playoffs are common. Randomized entreaties right in the corner on the the home home goals a year you close the action. But the but the point or bring it up is it seems like every team. And I don't know fish she's haven't paid as much attention to outside of the obvious all star type guys. They either do you know what they let the coach come in right before they go out for ice announced the whole group that the starting lineup. And I I was trying to find ways to do this like. Where you can hat and the warriors can essentially do this with their five man yeah. And going to say you know they have all the nicknames for all the guys you know again whatever it may be okay is that we have staff at the garden all the guys say some day you know it. And we act play we got we got KD we got them on and de villiers tonight it's like everybody dispose children and I just. You know Javelle it and George bell and you know now. To have that ability just to go in and and and have their their attention captivated right up until the time they go on to who's going to be on the first and of course hockey is different because. Mine shooter and every other centers anyway so really doesn't matter I mean it does but it doesn't buy it. Just have the locker room scene where Steve comes in mid may have everyone liked to have. Pound dominant who's a senator gonna. You. It's. And you know who had spoke of on and you know you get focused you really go like there's something through that and hockey fascinates me that way and in every time that. Winter classic was on me and our watches that I have Shriver in my head now watch and ES PM plus. Of the quest for the cup and unfortunately Shriver is not dictating app but it's a lot of sentiment Yahoo! user for that cold guy back there. Yeah it's it's not 200 dollars I'll go. There are some Joe Schmo doing that voice over I'm sure it's one obvious against hockey people ranked great voice John Fisher and unavailable. Too soon sorry to these festivities. The voice of NFL and it's that that time in the air and made sense you know of them look at me like I'm. I like Barry Melrose you leave them alone. Lets see I think real I think hockey nerds are upset with the Barry Melrose for some reason. Price eased cry like selling out down too much yet he sell out. You mean as of Cruz mountains Jim why now cold just not a fan okay fine cheese cause I like mullets. Now something tells me Cole loves a good melt under the ball narrative is the idea how recently did you have a mode is the question. It kidded that much to turn your microphone on and tell the people about your moment. How. I was ten years old and it was glee bond and it was a bit of all around so dog on the cause of the IS amoled around us how many mullets around were there at that time. In my group there was probably two or three others go well competition Kohler has its hands are really bullet though. I had a rat tail at that point in my allow us now Ali's show us show you picks coach I didn't. Appreciate it in the obviously don't facial hair it's a copy no that's true that's your couldn't have a lesson is don't have a whole different story attend his old wow. What worried you wouldn't. Now I. My parents may be wait until eighth grade I think they thought I'd griner the idea. Too bad mom and dad to get that didn't work out. But yeah I had a red tails I feel like mull it is fully acceptable on a ten year old. If I if I went rat tail who grew to a Midas stop you from going moment. Hourly six minutes left in the shows there's a time for a little pick up the pieces so to get to some of the stuff we've missed get into the issues we haven't had time to discuss and discuss them in a very short amount of time. Speaking of the pieces. I mean really you feel the judge if this is a legitimate radio segment or just an excuse for me to play my favorite song by the average white band every so often. Mitt. Our producer will be throwing topics at a us the stuff we miss in the sports world today. And we will give our thoughts as quickly as we can we never get to all of the things on knicks less because my thoughts always take too long so let's get to make. Picking it up Thursday it was announced the Cleveland Browns will focus on the thirteenth season of H meals ground breaking NFL documentary hard knocks. Coming off only sixteen the browns have revamped the front office coaching staff. And the Rosser. Phyllis I don't feel about it. IE. For selfish reasons and because I think their legitimate lead one of the most uninteresting teams in football I wish it was the niners. I know the niners are glad it's not them. And I guests. Should be fun paper may feels fun right. It's gotta all be about me feel otherwise it's about only seventeen year. He but then none and no one from a 117 dribble I guess you still there aren't. Since none of his assistants are around anymore and I always use a fund. So and a guy who. Never Medicare Emery didn't like so I think it should be interest in and let's be serious one is hard knocks not amazing. Well since they give you some Rex Ryan don't want to get a sand wedge you know given. Yeah so I used to have a doubt audio Banco gimme gimme something and I mean screw. Haters I don't know. Are you a little activity inside and you know we can elicits emotion what I've just Gordon Josh Gordon beat. He's personality if he's not. Arrested or suspended that's that's what I was gonna say he's not on charges yet. I know what I'm talking myself and the browns I wish it was the niners though because. I gotta say. Basically all I've seen. Behind the scenes of Jimmy drop below is that two minute. Video from the Tennessee game where he came back and led the drive to win it and I want more a lot more behind the scenes Jimmy G. Is is is we have picked the disease narrated you know he's still on I know I'm still and that's all in Israel and that's really something out of you real quick let's go to the NBA offseason pettiness has already begun starting point guard for the Atlanta Hawks finish Hoover has on follow the team on all social media accounts he won his party even take every picture off its rim that do with the hawks. In addition and my Amanda marketability cousins who's looking to return strong next year. Decides to do the same thing with the pelicans and on the same day let me add. He decide to follow Julius Randall Paul George and Isiah thomas' well let me ask guys who. Wow do we read it to any of this or is this just the new passive aggressive no way to get some attention front offices there I was being run through social media now so I would go lakers I guess the market stinks the lakers are interest. Boy if they can get LeBron I can't imagine they'd also be able. To get bogie but. Boy if you're the lakers would use dying in bogey and Paul George. Career. You think that makes you it contender. With with what you've got our room Randall. It's certainly gives you it is certainly makes you competitive while you wait for Ingram men and bowl to be. Better. We need to know a lot worse. Now did hindsight if this actually does happen. This commission to see what front offices are now gonna sign people adjust to monitor their current players' social media feeds. I mean that's that's insane. Now shooters. On the heels obviously avoid peers get the job and obviously they're gonna or Lee re the with a four draft picks in the top thirty four's you know that's tough for Lloyd pierce I guess to have your best player on follow the team but if Dennis Schroeder your best player you've got bigger problems does that really I'd does that really mean something now like is it is it if you're not following your team is that it is an issue is that is that a real legitimate shot. Who knows and that's why I. That's why I have to say I am not a millennial you cut deals I don't understand this stuff I'd like I barely know how to use Twitter. There have been tweeting a mood season following an on calling people on answer Graham I can't keep up this is. It's beyond my capabilities. Here's who had four info read out to put the eyeballs out. No islet but I I get that yet there's a few go to a no geez I have like when I don't really know what's going on let's just jump in with the is sort of nondescript big emerging in the forty so far prize you can show that your woke it can mean any number that's going on revisited our eyes open eyes are all inclusive useful and almost any scenario speaking of which it's been a pusher. Absolutely love it back to back days how are you back on before game time call. I know I'll be at the games arts and and I am fresh and back Monday night with Roxy post post game proposed the next day after I'm going I'm going warriors. By eight. I'm gone big on the say it's double digits somewhere near money let's say eighteen and make it a nice symmetry with your eight. Thanks to our guests today who were John Hammond cam Inman and of course mark Medina. Go warriors pull skiing Kerry weed out.