Kolsky and Keating Second Hour 5-19-18

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Saturday, May 19th
Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group joins Kolsky and Coach to recount the prelimary hearing for Reuben Foster. Cam Adresses the stragne dealings of the case and where it stands at this point in time. Coach K asks Cam what the protocol is for the NFL reviewing this case as well as how the Gun and Marijuanna charges relate to this case.

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Is from groundbreaking to playing inside the stadium that's what it took for the chase center I would imagine. A baseball stadium would be on a similar track so I look it's it's out there it's out. No they have not bought a site yet they have exclusive negotiating windows with two separate sites. And the shorter of those two windows is nine months which takes us it just happened last week. So the nine months takes us too early 2019. And if the decision is made by then. Realistically you could imagine breaking ground a year later. And playing in it two and a half years I. That seems like so far away. It is and that's why fourteen is when things when they got that site about the signed 2014. What does that have a lot of work to prep it before they found a lot of issues that you know that's right and presumably this window now is when the a's would find those issues so. Again not. I think vet when he fourteen to seventeen stretch was a little stalled delays and protests for the warriors that might not be as long for the days. When I aid sort of laid it out for by article I think the best case pie in the sky scenario is. Actually you could open by 20/20 two I don't think that's very realistic I think 20/20 three. Is reasonably realistic especially if the city is within. By the way you're listening to 957 again KG in the F emanates he won KG MZ San Francisco. The radio home for every warriors. Playoff. Game in them and that's right. 23. Hours now until we're back to warriors basketball. Com. Has your opinion of this series changed at any point during the series so far. I would say it's changed. And I'm in hindsight a little disappointed in in the warriors effort in. Team to right from the outset and I think they gave in to. The term there or lack of effort to easily. And maybe I was a little bit or open door open to making that they're rockets think that they were playing better than they actually weren't time will tell 23 hours from them. But I am I still think they have an end around to. Establish some dominance in this. Obviously it's on clay on Stefan all the talks been about staff put. I don't think it's changed too much say than do the rockets took their shot with with having someone else try to step up and it worked out with with Tucker now a series of but I do we talked to her in the open I think the three days. You're spending and essentially. A week before you go back. That's a long time for the rockets have to take care a lot of business to keep haven't shot at this you said this last night tonight. I thought the the desperate dog would be a better effort down 31 and then 10 and essentially went on tour home. But given the history of James Hardy and Chris Paul. 31 is that much closer to Cancun so. This is a big gainers this isn't a must win tomorrow and not enough is really a must win in every game you want is a must win essentially don't ever lose a game good. They evade the warriors that this'll tell you where this is all headed I think squarely tomorrow. Yet and they come out wall to answer my own question that's what would change my opinion of the C if they didn't come out smoking. Yeah yet not even just they wouldn't have to lose because I really don't think there will lose tomorrow I'd be better I mean if they lose I'll be shocked and mineral really changed my opinion and I'm I'm. Boy now really shake my entire understanding of this series I would know what to think but even if they come out and you know finish the first quarter and down for. That's all they start the same lineup they're down at the end of the first quarter at its skin of star casts some doubt in their own mind. If they can defend these guys yeah and frankly. I think deserved because we've been willing to I think fairly. Give essentially give them the benefit of the doubt all year long. We've assumed. Because we've seen them play so well in the past because. Heck we're still less than a year removed from them finishing off a sixteen and one run through the NBA playoffs like that. We saw it we know what they're capable of and so we've been willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Play it. And this sexism and we're talking off there on related Lee about that I think we've all learned over the last handful of years twenty years or so the sports world has learned a lot about. What character and emotion and and all these sort of soft things that. I think hard sports analyst wanna to cast aside for a long time. These things do that and I think. Even if it's an emotional or or approach or intensity or focus or whatever you wanna call it even if the problem is not. Pure ability. I don't think we can get them the benefit of the doubt anymore if they can't in a situation like tomorrow. Come out and blitz this team when they need. And that's to me that's effort based I go back to beginning in game two inches that they weren't connected. I always thought that Steve did a great job. Of connecting the guys in his connecting agent was. No doubt passing the ball more they were last in the league prior Steve coming in now obviously it's an emphasis. You you are what you emphasize in Steve policy emphasizes that. Passing the ball is is is. It's tiring to the defense if it's going side to side some of those some of those stats passing laws can be skewed because a lot of these passes for re post while Orwell or far or boomerang plays were around them thrown at you. And your flip and impact to Meeks and chase and it's just not get the defense to react. They're not really meaningful other than the defense has to move in theory whenever the ball moves all of the defense should move in some way shape or form and they have. This second spectrum stats today the wars are one of the early proponents of putting the cameras. In the arena the sport feel that now show you where you should be amiss hike. It's the bad defenders worst nightmare by. Not a coach I can get there well not according to this I just think says you're not where you're supposed to be in the shares over here so a lot of times it's just to get those sometimes it that you can use that against. Yourself and and everyone else is the kind of it not that it'll fleet the passing stats good. My point about being connected I think that's that has been lacking in the gotta we were bitten game one because the rockets played into their hands and really held the ball too long in the shot clock violations in that too many isolation plays that were at the end of the clock. In the second game was really born out of turn overs early on I just kind of put a sour taste in their mouth so. They have to be sharp tomorrow they had that no matter the starting lineup and whether it's looney whether it's your dollar. We talked about I'm sure we'll talk more. I pushed recession limit yourself and also bring a waiter about. Live Schreiber of room and I'll leave Shriver Annika as I'm and hockey. Winner classical world view on that later uncertainties. At a that as a radio tees ladies and gentleman called cold just let me know he's a usual from up there with the sleep with his point and I got him back. Thank goodness we can activity at this team has is something that I think oracle fans. Don't understand but really excites them when it's when it's really happening so I think whom will know. The level of excitement and oracle tomorrow the fear patients that can get going. And if the ball's moving aside aside as image we get Stefan clay involve use of some side to side movement and get that ball pop and I think that the rockets on the will be enforced or. One thing that I think ago a lot of fans have trouble with. Because that like you just said we all know it Steve Kerr prioritize is passing that. He's all about movement and rhythm and flow and it did you know we hear these things from him over and over again they're sort of almost stock lines at this point in. I certainly believe that he believes them and I don't believe for a second many stopped preaching those things are that he didn't mention them during timeouts in game two so. Well what I guess what goes wrong. Between. The moment he says that in a time out and the moment they get back on the floor and just don't move the way they do at their best. I think this is how powerful KD can be in that he's so dynamic in his ability to score when he has the ball. That sometimes you just it's it's easy to take that way out and it was a little bit of fools gold in game one. And and then in game two it became the only way because staffing Claiborne normal and we really got nothing else and and I mentioned this yesterday. That you dream on wasn't really at the center of the storm in ways that he can be where we're works. You know drama is not averaging a quiet triple double and I say quiet that it's not really ostentatious and it's you know it just happens within the flow. Then you got problems in and so I think account or two to win it's not happening. Sometimes we can get caught up in well are still OK because Katie scorer every step comes out of bonds and if you thirty footers. But there's got to be a healthy balance of that and that's that you know what that really comes down to that's where. That's where callais really counted shines what win this is really work him. Clay is really the guy that's why the coaches and I go back again always bring this point always comes back to this not this event last season. When San Antonio opened up here with coli. Popovich chose to put. Haiti's first the first game I'm puppet shows and put Hawaii on. Clay Wright so that he knows what it's really worked him. Kleiza beneficiary Dick is. All the attention gives drummer you guys clans of standalone and three point or move inside a SATA kind of on the screen in the you can't the ball is always fashion that a guy Ron Stephens is known that from day one really got that into these guys' heads so. You know it is there's two factors you look at for this is really work in Fremont and is doing when he needs to do in leading the team in assisting in play. Has his moments where it's within the flow in the always have Canadian staff to ultimately go you're on really what that's become his just Katie because stuff doesn't. Haven't yet been presume we will get it back on back home. Fingers crossed on that front ploy anymore. Western Conference finals talk coming up throughout the course of the evening now under 23 hours from game three tomorrow. In Oakland and we will talk to mark Medina who of course covers the team for her as the Bay Area news group. Coming up at seven to when he met in about ten minutes were going to do our best to figure out. Ms. Rubin Foster situation and I think. This whole story from beginning to end has been an insane one. I know for my part I certainly need. Tended to believe the alleged victim when I first heard the reports. Things got this year and I was forced to. Adjust my opinion and after we after what we got. From the actual hearing. A couple of days ago. I am. Completely spun around about how this case got that far. And what are we actually doing. With the American legal system which is probably a topic for different show but at least as much as it affects Ruben Foster in the San Francisco 49ers. Cam Inman has been all over it. Now do we know was he in the hearing on on Thursday. We do not now I know he has covered it certainly for the newspaper and has gotten to the bottom of what the likely. Forward moving process may be years so we will get to the bottom hopefully of the room in Foster legal situation. Coming up after this cam Inman joins us Michael scheme in Kerry Keating a manifesto in the game. 957. We are back Mac colts game carried heat and joined now. By cam Inman who covers the 49ers for the Bay Area news group but if you know anything about the forty niners you're very familiar with camp. Cam got familiar with the inside of a court room this weekend and let me be clear he was simply reporting from the inside of a courtroom he was not. Himself compelled to be in that courtroom for legal reasons but can I guess. The thing that I think a lot of people are talking about an and that. Jumps out to me at this point in this very. Convoluted story. That has developed to the last few months is. Based on everything that was reported by UN others from the hearing. It seems to me like we have a case where this accusation happened. It was recanted several days later. And there's a prior case of this woman Alyssa and as falsely accusing someone of domestic violence and the it seemed like the police statements in the preliminary hearing were the better for Rubin fostered then for the prosecution. How can we get to the point where were prosecuting a case that I think almost everyone. Who looks at it for me outside anyway seems to think there's no possibility of convincing a jury beyond a reasonable doubt I'll bet he's guilty. It out well first off thanks for having me on I would say. Like these that we we'd negotiate recanted her story. O'Leary lighter to date after the incident occurred and and issued a public statement recant event last month. We're expecting her but it meant that you acquire up you know. What we weren't expecting word how steep hill 200 wrote lies and how financed with voters motivated to explain that. And I and then the bomb shelters. That. Admission that she has tried to do that before and it ended up in jail because of it. I'm in Louisiana about seven years ago and I developed the lottery hysteria of market okay well that is. There's so much doubt now about this case where I like you said a lot of people are and how could they go forward with their. The judge is gonna come backgrounds I believe she's sort of a warm air that Southern Africa earlier. Give a ruling we're gonna go to trial and so. Like regular examiner elixir group and our doctors okayed interpret like he is back at it Arctic where diners stood by and they want. But still other issues here and in particular gun that you pick out there now that it count deliberately bought them whether. The last parliament or not registering now. Got a marijuana possession church had in over and an Alabama they are mature couple weeks now. You're not out to look at the terms of Vienna style or are well perhaps they're very serious it. Her aunt and purposes do look like error application. Yeah is that policy of the NFL maybe even for the individual teams is set themselves if not the overall policy to not he had preliminary hearings and curious. Why no warrant from the NFL or the team. Was that these preliminary hearings USS a positive way that at least the conversation between Rubin. His counsel and the niners has been truthful from there since they kind of trust that as a reason why no one was there. Now that's a great question because I would think the same exact thing earth probably about. Letting people maybe in the Arctic gallery idiotic rhetoric other clerk but we are obese parents. But apple on our government almost quarter and I'm looking around the room trying to figure out. Could any of these people. Sitting like among ST from the NFL under the recovery for the 49ers that I ever. That are couple standard and give them air. A few other people from the Jena that's as legal people were learned our I did not agree if they are felt so. Rely on street sense actually emailed the legal process and I asked them. Because there really serious cut money that that amateurs that he would take the about group that letter. How can only follow but I mean. Are they just take him cycle whatever happened here they get the court record the Koreans go out to them because they're in a lot of testimony and or that the league. He needs to review lyric comes down to practice of putting grip impostor. And the only response the lead paint back where that they're monitoring all developments in the they have investigators. The clearly protocol that I I does. Goalie handle that the niners are out of excitement because I regret like that out there in getting his let us start the Pittsburgh not looked back in the investigation. There's got to be independent rather it's a bigger straight to delete op their for the league offers higher than that and that is best job itself. And that's how they've former I'm not fly. The 49ers can't put on them the way that the league policy it's sort of what the bargaining agreement. It's believed that system players the smartest economists say a lot. But they can't they can't discipline and that kind of war. Came in and joining us of course covers 49 as the Bay Area news group and obviously the Rubin Foster situation is front of our minds when it comes the niners right now. Sort of two questions about let's say for the sake of argument bad. The domestic violence charges are either dropped or don't move forward meaningfully com. Brett what what's your understanding of the severity of the gun charge on its own and sort of what the prognosis is would that side of the case because. I guess one question I have about it is if their. If there are at the police are they air over a false accusation. Did it right it can you throw out the gun stuff under the under the also says that they never would have been inside. Now I don't think cam but the question is what what exactly. Is that there and it's interesting because both sides of the SBA the prosecutor in the that he had a selector or factors like here constitute felony. Now regarding redundant and Aaron Ruben criteria at all or. And the and the and the VA lovers are sure to bring out that this one. All wetlands has 31 bullets that Atlanta Bradford walked out there that the movie theater. To react quicker and there's you know 2% on increased security. I I don't know anything about come I'm not a preponderance. One of the same part of the effort you're gonna get your account and see where he put our. Although obviously that's not say. And that and in terms of their third but that's attorneys whether real particular outlook this. Wait that's the setup the way the law that this could be called a whopper we're. Not necessarily. Their starting could be a misdemeanor. That's the case may be a cycle Florida you'll have to pay how I have to say expire. And that's that's enough we are hearing that there are so gonna have to look at it. Our content you know you're that he gets. I cleared the domestic violence. The gun the gun charges sentiment you know may take a look at pictures that you just the way. The way society is right now and they may wanna come got a thicker example in terms. Can committee any indication on it sounds like we're not really sounds like Ruben hasn't spoken publicly about anything you write a sentence counsel's advice would. Any idea of how this is really affecting him having been inside the courtroom his body language as his demeanor where things get brought up his reaction possibly Urlacher reaction anything really kind of glean that may be affecting him one way or the other. Yeah not and that's really what I I hone in on when I'm in in his. Alter our court he he's taken very seriously our security. At a sport express an honest based. No smiling in our laps in. Understand what's going on there in the humbling and for anybody and especially pro athlete who's kind of flippant term like what he actually he album but I think he knows. How deep trouble because being. During the testimony. Leaked finally got somebody lightly and that's straight. A little better. Once you were describing the break open. And how went down I was locked in Berlin. You know he had one hand where terrorists in the other hand you have a pandemic and it was gonna happen it really hard on a legal out of them. Google didn't start out you're likely that you could help avert a lot of and to your frustration or nervousness there's you know coursing through things. And then later I wanted to return stability and Eritrea a police officer on the stand and sheets senate that it sure that the remembered advocated alternative currencies spoke with. On the day earlier last. And she turner hasn't hit a not short segments secret yeah. Am burger secretary were taken aback and says agitator literally. He sure route that you could well and occupy the cancer you know anybody got you know I must sit out the great about it. And I Arafat that would lead to much the blanket statement today and prevent. I don't look at it and hear it sickening Eric error and that's a cruel about it violently or just don't Atlanta nearly you get out here is that acquire that you sent out so. As far as recurrence. You know at their electric that was after the testimony of the accuser. You have figured there'd be part and champagne and going out and I expect laps after what she said that they actually sit in the corner what it would appear where are we are Rania. Salad and sandwich he had an attorney and a third no longer than Annika celebration. I'm wondering again sort of weather. Assume in his doesn't go far forward in a way that would end up with him not on the team anymore and and even if he essentially is found innocent of charges here. There has. In a handful of things as you pointed out there'll there'll still be at the very least the marijuana charge for the NFL for a select at and there was this stuff coming out of the com mine and so like. We have these. Policy black marks but put almost sort of not Jew eyes resonate red flags on his resume do you expect the niners to do anything to. To take any steps to. I don't know I don't know what they would be but dead give him extra. The personnel to it to spend time like I don't know what the step would be even do you think the niners try to do something to I guess keep him out of further suggestion of trouble. I don't think that they would do what was cowboys have a program in terms of signing him almost like a bodyguard DB that are. I think they've gotten about six through and accurately north east rely upon what I thought. You better watch to repair an area where what he's doing and I think you got that massacre the will to look at the other guy. And now I've been affiliated. I don't think the league get alert that go I think she's got a piece of it per game or two more. He uttered the word that the article is set up that the extent suspension even if you're not charged. He's been under the attic and commend our church last year it got dropped it in your standards so. It's it's so hard to predict how they'll leave your parents are opposed. And you know the art art tell you what you're gonna get artery. And the way that Rubens offers seemingly didn't attack on panel refused to hear that matter certainly is suffering. Why not add anything that's probably help that pointer. Very cam before lets you guys ask about the big soccer game in Berkeley my kids literally losing Hamachi in this morning up fourteen to six. Let's go for a victory duties. We're goals and learn weather go I don't know it was. Now it actually automatic when my daughter you know. Sees that I ever since then they're quite well received that morning and Syria are here oh earlier that there are so that her purse level alerted the IC's sports on support. How I will tell you I've played. Of pale imitation of basketball this morning and I'm may not be able to get up out of his chair when the show when an hour and a half so ode to be young again. And played two sports in one day that sounds like a political but oh well I do wanna ask you before we let you go. Fair this is not Foster related. Eric Reed. Anyone interest heap I mean this guy used to play football why I don't understand why he's unsigned. That's a lie I know Weiss and signed a minute. The riots. Yeah and and you know I I I actually part for every now and lastly I'm Eric felt it very well together and make it on our side. Obviously it is the sort through that ought to get back in action they still wanted to a lot of social activist. And I am I your paper a couple of other veterans and he's still out there are so I think right now he's nursing and we're gonna go to reluctant program. See what they've done and some of the younger guys. And that particular particularly their leader he got a better sixty. Yeah it is it is concerning marriage work onsite particularly are certainly in and I saw how Larry I'm but he is here starter. And I really enjoy my interaction at over the upside here that you're very well welcome error and error for the you know luckily. You had earlier that Clarence in or out for the last few years for the corner certain respect them a lot until. And I had a look back playing but then again what it's like he says he you can understand why I was somebody wanted to blocking oil. I don't understand the right words we are we got here. Yeah yeah I'm not saying that a year ago. I do that's our Patrick under the current situation and actually rather ridiculous you know they're building new quarterback so desperately and those guys Ruben and clay. May not be coming up through your result in terrible around them. I figured I'd look at urban training camp from those to come called the better we're back in the didn't. Actually Santa doesn't stands. Yeah and I don't think we're with the dictates what Erik Erik says Eric's not back to lighten our our burst your column so I have a lot more space but air Erica signing it back in the league. And let that stand out and brother got drafted by the tax. And her brother yeah he said doctor during an protesting by it anybody. You know you can have one of the pick grant charters that otherwise it's a stern look at where their Waterloo. That have some very controversial comments about that so there are going great. I taught in grade and I would compare pre got a spot somewhere. I certainly hope so because I agree he's seems like a great viewed in my interactions with them and he certainly is an NFL caliber player X. Thank you can't in NFL caliber reporter covers the 49ers for the Bay Area news group we appreciate the time and. And it banks that haven't been I don't really. In deed. So. Let me ask you as as the guy who coached in college and I'm shore had players at times who needed a little extra attention to stay out of trouble. What. If you if the niners came deal instead hey you know. If we got a guy who we think is basically a good kid. And the stuff he's actually done wrong has mostly been foolish not. Assuming this plays out the weight seems to be playing out right now and he actually never laid hands on this woman. Most of his mistakes are mistakes of foolishness and youth and an immaturity not violent. Horrible mistakes where you say well this seems like a bad person so what. What's the right approach to you don't wanna or or manage someone like that and drive them nuts but at the same time. Maybe he does need a little bit of guidance in some way to avoid these situations. Little bit different in the sense of the of the maturity level from high school kids going to college becoming young adults. And obviously collegiate or even. Young adults and after that level in the in the NFL or or any pro sport we had a kid when senate Clara made a mistake he's actually the school's all time we score. And we won a championship in his sophomore year. And we have pretty high expectations in his junior year and got off to a decent start. Not so much when the calendar turns in the conference season and he ended up getting the UY and fortunately wasn't a position where he could harm himself for others because he used basic stop to the green light. Now. That's irrelevant the point is I had no choice in the matter as to how to discipline Zora offered up every. Way possible to take full responsibility. To disappoint him so that I can control his rehabilitation and Brian both maybe off the floor and on the floor take them off the court. But the school's policy was and its antiquated and that's for all of the debate. He didn't play the rest of the year I'll and it kind of put them on a quarter school behind the eight ball because some problem with the being at a school where the basketball program doesn't pull in a few million a year I guess or doesn't marry anybody here unless phrase it. But the point being is right away. He was I didn't put him in that position to be on are all part of our program. If I didn't think that that he was raised properly or given the right guidance to at least understand right from wrong and he made a mistake. Now that ended well because we were able to remove him from the court put him in a program that. Helps families understand a little bit better what he needed to do. Now mind you. The court hearing for him was until after the season so he was so severe and if I'm a school faster and there's nothing I can do about it running the program. But knowing that I didn't have any power that it was all focused on him regardless and he came back and we have to do at least to this day still have the biggest turnaround NCAA history and wins the losses eight plus eighteen the next year and one of the championships so. I bring it up and in the case of Ruben Foster that. The niners didn't necessarily draft him. Only based on his talent because they're trying obviously to build a culture. So they put their work into it you have not everybody's perfect. You've got at least in this is uninteresting and I get a chance to test cam this. It's been kind of well documented it in and more are sticking point not on top of the incident with Rubin. Of how it's been covered and handled in the rush to judgment that we have. Seemingly press under pressure with with social media making in the judgments from any angle possible zero. As the niners see it day they have to take it for face value let let the process. Take care of itself but then. Bringing him back have to make sure that he understands that they have on their first talent. But how can we help you exercise at town and a way that it won't be did detracted from. By any off feel this is it instances and it's hard man it's hard for these guys. And balancing out alive for their if they're single even if if there are married with children because. The demands of that although there for four in terms of what their paid. Are high and there's a responsibility. To maintain that so you wanna make every. Effort possible as the organization. To maximize their ability to. You know exercise there talent on the field by not having distractions off to fill in the case of our kid. Were able to do that and bring him back I fully expect the niners and they've been patient with this seemingly. They have been and you know. One thing we. I think everybody who knows anything about the NFL and and the niners sister in particular has said all along is that the niners have always known more than we need. So when. The accuser recanted three days after the arrest and we didn't find out till a couple months later. I guarantee the niners were aware of that early on and were. I don't see that what gets murky to me is how much more they knew what Rubin Foster actually was able to tell them vs what they found out through. Relationship I'm sure they have with the DA and and police and no if there's anything to. Noteworthy about the niners approach it adds patients I mean did they really. In the face of fire by the way it has plenty of people were yelling at them that patience was the wrong approach here. Whether they that's because they were pretty darn sure they were gonna look good in the end or because they simply wanted to be be as patient as they could be with the talented player it's hard to say but. Either way. If you've been patient this long you're happy to wait another week or month or whatever it takes to sort this out especially if you think he'll essentially be vindicated. It's it's easy for fans. And anyone see fans for for people outside the organization whether it's fans and media casual whatever. Does this say remove the problem right and let the next wave of talent come in and fill the hole. Which you do have to realize at some point the responsibility that you have towards this person's life from and benefit of the doubt as who is one thing. Roof and obviously. You know. False accusations or another yet and end of the bigger issue and I'm really now becomes. How it gets covered because use me gosh you go on the social media now you really. It's hard to it to differentiate where they have a blue check mark next their name on Twitter or not it's not that hard to get it and now should not be the justification for this is an actual. Factual reporter that's you know. Reporting the facts reporting stories apologist trying to be one that they gets a story out for clicks in for people to follow them as its and it's. Hard because today to have success in the media world today is not a put that stuff out there you got up put yourself out there to some degree in my thing and I've said this several times before on this air about this story. My thing is fine that's the world we live in and if if we all. Are in a world were to be successful it's important to be fast at times then that's fine I can accept that and I can accept that sometimes people are gonna be wrong key is. When you're wrong you gotta eat at new got to admit it and you gotta say look I aide jumped to a conclusion or IA. Misinterpreted the facts are I somehow I blew this. And you know I don't know that I blew this one particularly hard I didn't. Trouble to understand what could have been the case that would've led. The 49ers to take Ruben foster's side or to believe him that he was innocent and now I certainly see what it was true I mean added that Dino and and look at. I think that's what it is we're gonna have to have opinions especially when your posting a Sports Radio show for instance but. Can you admit when it turns out it certainly appears at this point like Ruben Foster. Did not. Touched that woman in in in any sort of violent manner and I think as long as you're willing to accept when your wrong and apologize to someone you've offended if you did in fact offend someone and Soviet that's the world we live and might not be ideal. But. I think we just gotta adjust to it rather than complain about it at a certain point. We will adjust to basketball coming up next of course we'll talk warriors would mark Medina who covers them for the Mercury news that's coming up in about 35. Minutes or so but I wanna get into a little bit. Of something that did happen during this three day layoff from actual basketball which is the scouting combine in in the lottery and we got the NBA draft coming up and right in studio here I got a guy who knows a thing or two about college basketball. Michael skiing coach Gary keying on 957 game. Seven. We are back Mac coal steel alongside coach Terry seating and we will be heavy warriors for the final hour of our program talking to mark Medina who of course covers the team for the Mercury news. Coming up in about thirty minutes twenty after seven but before the top of the hour on. The your secondary NBA channel specifically NB ATV right now it's NBA draft Columbine time which. This is interesting because I'm a nerd and a junkie so I love this stuff but. Certainly. I had never even heard the words NBA draft and calm mind put in that order like six years ago. They just called it the pre draft camp in Chicago. And it's certainly wasn't on television and nobody really cared what happened and you'd get one report of a guy with a huge wingspan and and we move along. Clearly the interest in the NBA has gone up for this to be a televised event. But what strikes me as interesting about it and weak this stuff happens every year. Is so far. Even with a all the guys were playing in scrimmage isn't and potentially affecting their prospects significantly. The story out of the Columbine is all my god Mo Obama as wingspan the fifth. He's got the biggest wingspan and history of the draft come by and congratulations. Passing rarity go bear at 710 to Rudy governor is 78 and a half well. I don't know about you coach but I still think he's probably know Rudy go bear. I've personally had interaction with him coaching at these Adidas. Camp two Summers ago. And I still think he's missing something I think at best he is. I'm taller. Concord good good talkers by Clint capella. Which is just okay player but probably not a top ten player and I think what's happening now is who we do this is. To your point of why it's become more of a column by analysts of a pre draft because. It's a measurement that this whole thing is about measurement you might have. Wanting guys that maybe got undervalued it has a valuations throughout the league. And I did this for the rockets it in and watching some college guys. Friendly with her assistant GM. And in city with all of the masses of scouts are all looking at the same things matter how they assess the the actual talent and ability. I think bomb is. Going to pass the guy tests with the lane and a little media criticism. They it'd be pretty daunting transition right away could struggle appease our the right group and I think. You know it at best he's the legacy capella. Holler at worst maybe becomes the beef again but what's happened in though with the big guys is an and in look at. The preliminary list of guys all the really good big guys that have now made this adjustment to play more perimeter oriented. You gantry injured your Bagley. You're you're reporters. The good that the draft is really wing or having a super guard heavy super weighing heavy which. I think bodes well for the warriors because I think they're primed to bring in. Someone that doesn't need the player right away that certainly gonna pick at the end of the first round. There's going to be a really good when he available now. Whether it's a guy that's been pru like a Dante di Vincenzo feast days and draft which from all intents looks like he will. I think again like line walker can really shoot the ball kid at a Miami. I think they need to find someone that to have that shooting. Already there and just to go the rest of them as a defensive player. Make the mental transition. A lot of good wings a lot of good guards. We'll really find out how well. The warriors and they've they've done well obviously for the Irish standpoint of the past drafts of it. Historically figuring out that there are a little bit of abandoned in the second round by convincing some teams to sell their picks which I can't have had reset that last night someone else is gonna do again given their success. So far obviously in the second round and by the pick but it it's like there was a time. With. Brian CB in her very being because they kept getting fleeced I know little White Sox stopped wanted to trade with Billy bean because he group made him look like idiots repeatedly. That or is it into debt. Territory clearly a little bit and has certainly got sick around first ten picks the second round. Where. Look at you like Atlanta now this may be a little bit of a side deal Atlanta has got what 31 round picks. And has the 34 of so they have five picks in the first 34 now there are going through complete rebuild just hired Lloyd pierce. Santa Clara fellow senate are bronco as say Phil because he was coached there played they're really good guy's done is on his diligence and has shot to be head coach now but that could be something where. You know they don't necessarily wanna take that many young guys although there are and rebuild it. You know they'll be somebody there will to move written. Notwithstanding Sacramento working to parents who picks pass that you never know who you gonna do with their view front office restructuring. Who drafted the dressed become. Interest because I think for as many guys that have done right there's just has me I have I would say that wrong but not that it's so right. And you get enamored with the wrong person really quickly. And bad lottery picks can really come back to repeat argue. Especially in that seven to twelve range where. This probably a better player and a guy I think this is more indictment of their coaching staff other of their scouting staff anything else. Because it's like taking the best available the first fifteen and everybody thinks is the best available. Donovan Mitchell's a great example that. The jazz you know and it it's it's a little bit Democrat options and let's let's basis that you can't really put too much stock into nineteenth when your kids although. So great three. Put out by Tim Cahill Jason Tait is the best player professional vessel team and Eastern Conference finals games in Utah one. What were you really get at these toward you maybe think right. I don't know how much. Did nothing for me if Musharraf can relate when you relied on 1920 year old kids and that's why I think the package has some. Value the Slovenian Perot because he's a pro playing with older guys I think that's why it's easy for people who say he should be top. Two or three. Because is little bit more mature and have a little bit more battle tested with the older guys so. I think if it's pretty fast and viciously how how the that the draft shapes up but I think within it was all those guards or wings are mentioned I think you'll find. The year two from now some of them went late that will should have gone in the like every year should have gotten a lot of. One to your point about the group think. I think not only Donovan Mitchell and Dennis Lindsey who's the jazz GM has shown himself to be a very capable at that job. But also what Danny Ainge did and I think the proof is in the putting as far as James goes that this he is. As good or better as a general managers he was as a player which was pretty darn good and the fact that there was a consensus throughout the entire league except Boston that. The first picture be Marco Fultz and he said no I've done my own evaluation. And hey I think this guy's better and be well if everyone else is convinced fault is better I can get even more value moved down and still get the guy I want. Little bit of a combination that's what they needed to down the I didn't necessarily continue to bolts are ball yeah and probably weren't convinced that. Fultz was even a point guard for that matter what they were going to do. So. Yes they are evaluated properly because they ended up taking him with a picket three and they try would have taken it one because. That's what the you know but they got more value for traded down picked up some more picks again. And Tatum has made them look very very good guys I think that the guy that can be like that again and and not just because you just played here at duke is is backing anything bad part about it is getting overlooked because of age because a doc pitched. Because of baba. You know guys that. Book better I think Bagley is a gathered that some guys restarted sleek ice I think that Sacramento. If found Sacramento. Threatening to take if I don't if I can't get aid if if they take heed that one Phoenix wherever they trader with that you trade. I must say thank you may need dockets I like where DR fox can take them half with a guy like badly and they moved some of those pieces around that they have. They they can get something about it trading down and taking back because I don't think someone's gonna take Bakley tough too although I do believe people he belongs there. While the other thing with a team like Sacramento is if you can get value for that to pick whoever goes number one. Your far enough away from being competitive that the more assets you can compile at this point the batter I think if you're Sacramento. Other then Bagley is there's someone in the sort of lottery group that you think has a chance to be a real value I know a lot of people are looking at. Maybe Michael. Porter junior slips because of the injury because we don't really get to see him this year and maybe he actually could end up being one of the best in this draft is there anyone that you. Jumps out as may be a high end sleeper. That the highest rated guards are kind of intriguing that the train young college sexton debate. Because obviously trail though is gonna draw the cup.