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Saturday, May 19th
Kolsky and Coach Keating join forces once again to wrap up the weekened here at 95.7 the Game. John Heyman insider for the MLB Network joins us to talk some Bay-Area Baseball. Up for debate; are the Giants going to survive until Cueto and more importantly Bumgarner return, are the A's a good team that is doomed by being in such a deep divison and how both of these teams will approach trades for starting pitching.

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Cold War usually. She gives. GMC San Francisco. Didn't PGA DG dot. Come studios in downtown San Francisco our peace he's not besides seven. IMac colts sitting alongside. Coach Kerry Keating and we are here for years. Preakness post game show three hours of horse racing coverage here now I'm sorry which were not. Oh we're not doing the predispose game show that I proposed OK. Fair enough. Justify the clear winner and heavy fog at preakness day ago. That's all you get a force racing so I guess we gotta talk basketball what a coach. Now my actually went to the their reward Soria animal kingdom 2011. The only time pick the winner. Nice two grams who nice hit on the day and us now did you when did you end up up on the date well after the I'd say within three were three guys I was with maybe the forty Middleton car bombs. Following that ended up evens out sounds about right so he's doing you spend your investment that's right. On site that's what sports investing is about they realize that like what you don't wanna do is walk away down significantly obviously but if if you. Brought in an amount of money you're comfortable spending and either break he'd been no word you know spend a few bucks to have a few drinks I think you feel good about the debt and a little bit more capital went that's right. All right. The exit it would have been five car bombs it's not that for that we are sad to actor underwent either drown your misery or you. Get excited about you winning so either way that's true that's the beauty of gamble they go it always ends and drinking. And unfortunately didn't there's usually more gambling after that which doesn't go as. Well as the original gambling we're getting off point. The Golden State Warriors are still old 24 hours away or so. Not exactly I think it's 5 o'clock tomorrow and we had a 5 o'clock tip tomorrow 24 hours from basketball we get the 24 sound again Cole is just count us down over the course of the afternoon that they could. Yeah I guess we call it a man and I wish it was at 1230 game not nice yeah who needs a 5 PM Sunday. I understand on weekdays the 6 o'clock standard try to get as many people from each coast but. Wanna give us the Noonan that we're used to most of us have to win three days. Let me ask you this since you bring it up. You think that affects one team or the other more or is it just at this point it's everyone's pretty used to the way the playoffs go. I do you think at this point this season that momentum does play a parole and obviously Houston traveling with that momentum coming off the big game to win the has it whether or not they can keep it because now your essentially in a new place you know your plan halfway across the country. Worries other hand may benefit from this obviously if Steffi does need time to get his legs under him obviously notes and Cade the and and staff. The scores even play the shooters that they are at this level. They don't practice during the year they get reps in any time they have a chance to get the jamming get reps especially coming off sub par performances. It always makes me feel better. About teens and about players because especially when they're shooting their shots and a familiar area. Whether it's the racquets in practice senator or getting into oracle. Hopefully that does play a factor in a positive way and obviously. 23 hours and 57 minutes from now we'll find out. Yes and also I think just in general if there's anything to the comfort of being at home was a thing for a lot of these guys there is. It's not just you flew in last night and you gotta get up tomorrow and get to the game it's you've sort of been relaxing you've you've. And at home chill. Well that's why these these games at home are really important because I think the way the schedule lays out games 56 or seven or a lot tighter. Obviously the finals game one is on the 31 so. They're running out of time. You take advantage of time and obviously this three daybreak over the last we wanna have before potential finals Rick's saying oh goodness because. I aid and don't need. Anymore three day breaks they really stretch it out and it's it's funny that they said they set the finals days way way in advance they're set up for TV infer. Advertise themselves and all that stuff I get it. But this really strange how they're able to shift some of these these games in these dates in the earlier rounds and now this big break. I actually think it's a mistake because what they do is. Move up start times of the conference finals based on how early third. Previous round ends right is why the warriors to third started sooners because both they and the rockets had five game series. And in my mind. You're better off waiting to start and having less time in between games then. Starting earlier and having more time in two Indians is that you point out the finals data set so we know when that's happening I'd rather take my breaks if the series ends early. Fine then you get a few days extra off before you start the next series but I just feel like for the whole experience hit it it takes me out of the series a little it. We have for the eight year old there are raking against my Little League team this morning after having two weeks off and we played at three a game and we. They certainly take imagine the sigh also fit. I think you wanna keep the interest and obviously the finals will will generate interest depending on who's in it. But there there is a cadence that you wanna get in with these guys and and not just with how they're playing but when the games come up to keep the interest and is only so much you can do with two series left. If the Celtics win and they get really tip off looks like in about half an hour less if variable to win and pretend I can't even imagine saying this sweep. The cavaliers which would be amazing only ask you one. Give us a prediction for today for the game actually starts I I'd have to think Cleveland wins this game is based in the fact that they're desperate they know they have to get this one. To have any shot and all the bras got too much pride. In the united nick or tuck and before we came on about Kevin Love and inconsistencies. Again coming home and we said this yesterday. Yes great for the role players is great for everybody community really is different when you're at home you're you're copper zone. And you know what to expect when they have been good at home I I don't post season there their due for better game now. The wolf find out about where the momentum is in that series if if the south has come out no. Without any any fear of playing on the road they've been a little inconsistent on the road as is going to be the case with the majority of the team being young. But they got a lot of confidence going right now now Jason Taylor has Kobe Bryant behind a city much I think 25. I know I thought that line and you know what I believed. That these at four days. And if Kobe Bryant gonna give you some detailed advice. By all means at least listen for a second you a deal that take all of his advice necessarily. Lead. Especially if you're trying to score. That guy knows a thing to. Of output and the biscuit in the basket and you would do well to listen to his strategy is especially for about conserving energy he's got a he's got to be thinking about that at this point. I'll be really curious to see how Coby evolves into. This next phase of his career obviously being a venture capitalists being a media mogul of sorts not a video of what LeBron has restarted to do with the full on production company and producing different elements uninterrupted and what have you good. I kind of think that Kobe doesn't want a coach because of that the that the rigors of that. But wants to be involved in helping develop. Players like Jason Tait and where he he'll he'll take the the the fatherly role of seeing these guys involving feel like he's obligated to bridge the gap between generations because. You know he believe me now and Coby is we know is competitive. And you're you mentioned this about him break and how LeBron ya it's almost like when we break down a brats I can take veiled shot someone he should exist renamed that whole thing from detailed in the shade. Did you just say this is as good shade alien. On and it's one thing when it's Tatum. It's like. Here's the young kid who will pick this stuff up and so it doesn't come off quite the same way when it's LeBron. It really is like here's why I would've been better if I was in his eyes like that's what it feels like is likely done this yes I would've done this that it would work out better for everybody. And I love the first person view he's taking units to yeah I was an hour with a because. If it's a coaching thing like she's tasty back to your teaching young kids. The pitch this season footwork in and speak seeing just little things that can give you an advantage in and for me personally it kind of brought me back you're trying to teach the college kids who need every advantage they can get even the good players. Let alone year old guys and it always done the walk on just trying to help them get better. He still doing that at this level past his time and his career and it's the same thing it's just kind of shows you that. And we'll talk later today about maybe what's going on some of these kids in the com I'm not in their careers and how those all involved with the NBA scouts and front offices. It's it's all the same it's just a matter of attention to detail and ability. An ability to take those details and force them in part to help your ability become a little bit better. A Coby consulting business where he just charges. Young players. He would all you have to be at a certain level to get him to look each tape I think. But young. Guys here here's how here's CoBiz. I'm I'm getting to business Coby is consulting service. It's available exclusively to guys who appear in the rising stars challenge at all star weekend. He's gonna charge you a cool one million dollars to analyze tape. And send you basically had detailed video of him. Sort of shading you and talking about what he would have done better in your position in various situations. And that's gonna yet tyranny a million. Who Larry Fisher this I think the guys like that he's he's chosen the right guy sends he seized. Who will appreciate it and take it to heart the Donna Mitchell and you see relatives of the world. The LeBron thing I was an outstanding we saw the ad before the game if we came on and there's another one coming teachers who chooses but it. I think those guys will appreciate it and let's face it 34 years from now there's going to be kids in this league dad don't know who Coby was the night but they won't really know him Kobe who they want Vienna. Yet grasp on now while he can they won't be the kids who fell in love with the NBA while Kuby was the best player and it rat is that this generation right now so yeah and now and and you're right it. Those are the two most idea it just so happens that the two. Best rookies in the league this year are the two perfect guy asks for him. To sort of give that kind of advice do know that they'll take it well and potentially learn from it. We will get into. All of that and more will follow along. Quietly with the Eastern Conference finals game and obviously playing a warriors talk coming up later mark Medina will join us at 720 but we think the hoop train for a little bit today as well on that starts. About twenty minutes from now with the Jon Heyman talked baseball with him we'll get into the Rubin Foster issues. With cam in men met at 620. Snow. Baseball talk coming up next it's cold skiing coach Keating on 957 the game. Now back to 957. Game. We are back. So I asked her to his face permanent collect could not figure out a way to work in the acting like they forgot about it now I couldn't come up with a didn't. Doctors grade transitions into the segment. I guess maybe the transition now I didn't find it. If we're talking about them people we kind of forgot about me don't we talk a little bit about Brendan Bell who I was making this point to nick. Our producer. Before we walked into the studio that. Brandon bell for all of the belt bashing debt has gone on around here and and look. Some of that in my mind is this an unfortunate consequence of over the high expectations. Created by a his. You know brief. Appearance in the power he showed in very limited. Time in his first year and also what he did in the minors I mean he was not actually supposed to be a big power prospect but he hit a ton homers and in the PCL which is a place where a lot of people. He a lot of homers and I think that created unrealistic expectations forgot oh he's a new slugging first baseman remember will Clark it's going to be like that. And he's not that. He is however a capable defender and a guy who from an OPS perspective and let's save the argument about. Whether that's the right and judged by it's a thing that a lot of people do judged by in terms of overall. How to we judge how good a hitter is he's been one of the top OPS guys on the giants move. Still his career. His last 162. Pretty pretty damn productive yeah he's. Noted the recent explosion of the four home runs in four days with. Today now we're standing pinch hit today try to humid day off but put him on pace for 37. For the year. And obviously he's been them the the leader mostly offensive categories and has had a good. Goodyear at glove or maybe on pace for a long way shortstop Brent Crawford and a goal glow although they the giants do have a capacity for committing errors. Those two guys so they're number two I think in the lead fulfilled. And the one thing I found about bill which I thought was that you're seeing. In light of the other night when he struck out on the called. Ball. He's since 2015. Has had the most called strike threes on pitches outside the zone. Which I'm looking forward asking and our guest here John came in about and we talked about this too you know at and how far he has as a national writer thinks we're away from having digitize strike zone. With the umpire behind the plate basin is calling out or safe on plays at the plate. Because obviously these stats are available. And Howard they really know that without the aid of the did you do as a nation that we're in right now. Yeah I mean we have the technology that that is not the issue. Unfortunately. That has never been enough to convince baseball people that we should use the technology. I I will stay away from that question because I a will lose my temper. If I get too far into it I just don't understand it the the attachment and baseball as the serial the most serial of offenders in this respect the attachment to old things because we've had them for a long time. Is so silly to me. Well speaking of attachment to all things. The giants being the oldest one of the oldest teams in the league on how how much attachment would you feel to Brandon belts. Yeah you mention now that he's put himself screw in a position to be. Prayer pretty good bargaining chip for potentially adding pieces immediately as opposed to letting this run out with this. This roster and and and retooling with the young one that supposedly. Also Miley will keep. Buster around forever as the as the Guiding Light as he fades off his career is over but do you. Bringing up belt do you do you potentially dangle belt. You know to to bring in some pieces while people were really want him on the roster right now. So here's the track and and this is were I mean look writes I just honestly. Don't have a great answer for this I wish I did. Buy it. I feel like look trading Brandon belt and now wish which is what you're talking about essentially if if if you wanna get maximum value for the production that he's given you so far casino who knows how long this lasts. In a lot of ways I think it's the right it would be the right thing to do if they can get. Value which I don't know about obvious thing task John payment about whether. People around the league would have interest in at thirty some thirty year old who's Macon seventeen million a year. But if you could yet legitimate prospects for him in my mind. Anyone else on the team you could get legitimate prospects for. It would be much harder teacher. They'll be much harder I think. I guess I'm looking at this from a fan perspective but even even if you timeout. How to build your team it feels like a first baseman who's capable. Defensively and has a little pop offensively is he's a fun and now Brandon belt might be a little better than both of those things in both of those categories but. You could find it reasonable facsimile of Brandon belt it's gonna be harder to find a brand in Crawford I think in terms of defense. It's going to be. Impossible to replace a massive bomb garner or Buster Posey. And I don't know who else has any value whatsoever. As the panic the buster become a full time first baseman as he gets all the well that's the other thing. I I think his value was greatly diminished. As a first base especially now. He's not gonna start hitting for power if you move him now and that ship has sailed Buster Posey is never gonna hit twenty home runs again. Wyatt. As a catcher he's hitting 300 some them and reasonably productive RBI wise and he's a really good defensive catcher who. If we're to believe what we're told hasn't huge positive effect on the pitching staff. And so if he's a first baseman nations the first baseman without power hitting you know 315. Which again feels like a thing you can find. You think so do you think you can find it and I I just think the value of and you you mentioned the point I was thinking of the value of of catchers on a pitching staff. Goes. Unnoticed a lot of times. Yeah I think a huge part of that is. Though it's very hard for us to tell exactly what that affect its. By Buster Posey is the somewhat rare catcher who has been around long enough and had. Enough pitchers perform well with him as the catcher that the evidence is pretty overwhelming that he has a very positive for. You think now it's time. I took my kids in his camp back in November got a chance to be around him he's. I can see how he has he's got that type of person honest personality went to his. Fund raiser that he did actually in the stadium the week before that. And he and his wife me I think they have. Does did the giants about us he put value much like the warriors have now all championship programs and and franchises do put a lot of value into having leaders like that and that's why I said. If his days get numbered is in a portion of the age but not that you be DH and he could be a first baseman in the sense that maybe. Moving belt doesn't hurt you as much as you keep it he keep his ability to be around the young talent you're gonna eventually. The overall rust or CF and the best case scenario for the giants is obviously he's going to play more first base or else just take more days off as he gets older. So ideally you wanna find someone who. Who can play first base and outfield well and I think they may think they have that dying Chris shot. I don't know that I've seen enough from him to make a judgment one way or the other certainly not to make a good judgment. But. You know belt is always Jim young comfortable in the outfield even though they have. Put him out there. And again it's it's less a ballot that to me than about just here's maybe the one guy on the roster you can stomach moving and also get value for. That that's might take and because. Right now I don't think you wanna totally go in the tank. 'cause if they wanted to do that they would have done in the offseason they want to stay old because they want to stay with bomb garner and Posey and sort of that group of guys. And look at you know they remain in this position where. If bomb garner comes back hot and Milan sin contributes in panic comes back and is hitting and Elton. Crawford keep hitting. You know that they could very easily be a playoff team on the other side today. There is have a chance to finish attending East Coast road trip against the east which is a good division. 73 if they can get a win tomorrow which right now after the win today they are fifteen and five. Outside of their division. Which. You know my big thing for them as Walt talked to Johnny in and few minutes is. They might just be a really good baseball team that's kind of screwed because their division is vicious. Yeah and and cats in the wild card would be tough I don't see too hard with yankees and the Red Sox. Central division doesn't look we threw formidable right now but their division is an all I can speak as a White Sox fan the AL central is an apocalypse. That IPO the NFC or Nancy Wesley and this is 500 right. It's a terrible division you have nothing to worry about from any of those teams. Just Italian at least Cleveland has some talent no one else in the division even as talent on the roster it's it's an embarrassment. But. You know look even if the Mariners slip a bit as as they are dealing with their various issues. The angels are really tough they probably have the two best players in baseball on their team right now. And Houston obviously we know how good they are it's hard to imagine. One of Boston or New York whoever doesn't win the division not being in that mix for the wild card so. It's just an off till an uphill climb and maybe more the point at. They've got to play those teams an inordinate amount of times and that has obviously if the fifteen and five out of the division that tells you there's significantly under 500 in the division so. That's the trick for the eighties. But it does is. It does by the same token that I look at Brandon belt on the giants it does make. Chad Larry just stand out like a sore thumb on the eighties because. Look on one hand. It's it's hard to imagine whether they'll keep. Having this success if they unloaded him on the other hand with the path the playoffs is so typical. How can you not so I guess that is the first question outpost our first guest Jon Heyman a writer for ever as baseball insider MLB network joins us and we're sort of talking about the local squads and with the eighty's they are absolutely a flame on there East Coast road trip I just put this stat out which I'm guessing you have an idea of their fifteen in five outside. Of the AL west and maybe the first question is is this just a pretty darn good baseball team that has the bad luck of being in a division with a lot of other good baseball teams. Yeah I mean it is a good team I does appear that way I know we didn't expect them to be visiting this good you've got to give them credit and I have a clip of star and Pitt sure tried in excellent that bullpen. Lowry having a fantastic year underrated player. Obviously a lot of young home run hitters they have some decent things go forms so. You know I think. Now they don't look like a team that's going to be trading pieces that they can they'll be acquiring pieces. I understand they're in deep in that division but. You know I see no reason for them to become sellers. Down which division race I know it's really early and obviously a lot can change. Which one of these division races I guess outside of the Yankees and Boston really excites you in terms of providing some some thrill for us as we get closer to the all star written beyond. Just after the NL central and sustain it and go before teams there that are pretty good I think. You know Milwaukee played well lately I think year old girl pretty good any of them can win it so. That's interesting for me that there's some division they're two really good teams would be as you mentioned Boston yankees. And of course you've got via western shouldn't you know I would literally give Oakland short trip but. You know angels and and and the Astros are probably better I think you have chosen best here and bears also. You know. And there are at least two good teams probably three there but I like that division and is the central when you have four really good teams and anyone can win. So I was just looking at the overall standings. In the National League especially ten of the fifteen National League teams at this point of today anyway are between 23 and 27 wins which is ridiculous and just would you saying just now the a's could potentially be buyers the thing that jumps out to me is it who the heck. Is gonna be sellers because a lot of the teams that are on the downside don't have much in the way of veterans to sell winner and the reason they're bad it's of their building around. A whole bunch of young players and it. I guess. The way to tie that some of both local teams is both of these teams the giants and a's if they have any notion of competing they both probably need starting pitching. Where would they find it at this. Other than going to be a lot of great starting pitching out there. I do think there will be a lot of teams looking for starting pitching to a supply and demand. It's going to be rough there and demand too little far exceed the supply in terms starting pitching. There are some pretty terrible teams that will be sellers so. You know he's he could be better than we think. You know as of now it looks like archer could be out there Hamels. Duffy is not really pitching particularly well but I mean you never know Baltimore could expand the sale they they could put Bundy and Goldman out there that they're clearly that. In the race this year Soviet they really need to consider any thing. You're right there are teams that really don't have much to sell. I like to whites on this earth and somebody wants him what do you look you're gonna get there and so. But I you know their their work probably more pictures than what they give up you know Miami's got a couple guys that they could. Potentially trade. You know San Diego's got a couple guys that detention Ross's pitching well. Now so you know there will be they'll be guys out there it's not going to be easy is fantastic let's go ahead as of today probably. Cole Hamels is probably the best pitchers who will be available at his place dig in salary very high so that's probably not going to be effective for that to the giants were. Right on the cusp of the luxury tax so. Is going to be limited teams that could could go for him and celery. It if you won't Wear the Oakland Athletics and you were in this spot where your your hanging around the division race even and you know if you. Sort of made a move he may be can climb up those rankings especially with the Mariners dealing with some issues that. Would you consider trying to talk someone into giving you a starter today essentially to but basically get a jump on this thing before the market heats up a little bit. Man I don't think there's some preliminary talks going on now would seem so you know certainly the better the sooner the better there aren't usually many. Good players straight in May teams don't like to. Show that they're giving up before memorial that is that's kind of the first time where they really. Will start to give up you know even if you're fourteen and thirty you don't you don't like to do that I mean I remember sabathia. Was traded to the brewers out about ten years ago and that was a very early trade. I don't remember the exact time of that but that was probably early June. I don't think that's right and worked out great for the brewers. I was ready to great trade for the brewers. We've got to be in the playoff seed did fantastic. So you know today it. Certainly along you get somebody for the better off you are but. You know I'm not sure that anybody's doing any trading at least until Memorial Day so here at point two weeks away. Yeah we're gonna. He's now with the giants now see Longoria McCutcheon started level factory expected to be in. How is he bongo are getting closer to being back rash of injuries could be back in and there's maybe. Panic pans is it time suits. Overall older roster forty kind of lit led Brandon belt run. With these guys get from our back and take one last go with this core then and then start the process after the season or can you. Can you get something for belt now that maybe you move room and put some decent prospects in with a roster intact as it is. I know right you know I think in the summer to me in the winter than they've pretty well committed to going forth this year and I would have anticipated. Any trading on their part if they were. The reasonable. If we threw in there and they're doing okay they're they're not they have. I would say there in the race some degree I mean optimistically speaking of an app that far out of it. You know the Baumgartner will be coming back. Certainly had some hopes to some point for quick don't come back to look at. Like it's going to be a wild well. You know and as you mentioned they've got panic coming back in the and so on the other guys potentially coming back. You know it was it looks like they've improved a lot you know that you have a long way to go that the worst record in the league last year. We thought they would probably be around 500 but they've they are and that's without Bob Gardner. So. You know why I think she's been in there and to win it that's the limo that's the way they are they don't like to rebuild they don't like to do that in. And it's probably a long rebuilds with a hammer at least it's people want it's not going to be easy so. To do that now I think you'd then have to really have a terrible record do you continue that. They got them Longoria and in the country did to go forward to cheering and they and they will do that I mean the National League. There is no one's particular team. The division looks much weaker today. In the hall on the whole than it did a month ago. The Dodgers certainly are sucking wind they're looking not too good to be a little better the last couple days but. I did a lot of reason to think that. You know it's giants have some cancer Colorado was gonna choose their own saw. It's come back to the back. The other is not a super team in the National League you know where an area Arizona Atlanta Milwaukee on top but could be anything that happened there rather than Miami since they are seeing. Basically. It's. John Kaman joining us as far as beast all right are also an insider at MLB network and Brandon bell. Lost his temper in a post game interview the other night and made some I guess strong statements about. Umpires potentially making calls to eight get themselves. Out of the stadium as opposed to the right call and it. In my mind that was a player who. Got a little bit frustrated and and vented and probably if you ask demented in a cooler moment would have said he doesn't really. Think umpires are doing that all that often nerd at that even really a real thing but. Then I see today he's talking to Joseph Torre and I just wonder what are they talking about did does he think that Brandon belt has a meaningful criticism here because. If that was mean as the league office I'd wanna say a black I'd lost his temper but clearly he's wrong and there's nothing to talk about. I'm my assumption that he just thought he'd have to remind him not to cast aspersions on the umpire suggesting that. They're unethical I mean obviously. He was upset. He doesn't strike zone really well as a lot of guys do were playing now and probably better than many or most of the umpire did. Those pitches were outside that I saw and did offer one of them throw the ball the last pitch was outside a little bit. Wasn't as dead it's probably made out to be bit. I think the reality is that do you have some very good umpires some OK a partisan some not so good umpires and that's really the whole story it's not a matter of one day get out of there and you know. And that's a joke that goes around in the Lee. And you that the club out sometime but. I really. Shouldn't be sell our masseuse who collect evidence hovered I don't believe that numbers do that is. One strike to go and you I don't think anybody that anxious. So. You know I think that's part of what he's talking about I don't know on the privy to conversations but they don't like to have any suggestion that the umpires. Our ethical. So I want to say the approached things. That throw that either but you know in the reality of it is some of the sub par which is due stink and that's it. And on that note John and it pains me actually ask you this week is although not a baby boomer I'm also not a more O'Neill and I still have an affinity for it. Poetic justice of based. All argued that generating also I don't know because I don't like to generalize sorry baby boomer I don't think. Coached a lot of millennial so I can relate to them but I also have a respect for the boomers as a as a my parents so. I don't know what that generation is a question why maybe and I I've. Multi generational while one of the production staff look that up but I. Are we going to see digital strike zone in this lifetime I mean is it is it it's very pretty much happening I mentioned that Brandon belt. Has fifty. Non. Strike called three called third strike strike outs leading the lease is 2015 so that there's the ability to do it is there but. Can baseball get over itself and really take out these aspersions as you mentioned by at least creating a digital strike zone. I don't think it's gonna happen in my lifetime maybe in your lifetime. It's possible. You know I'm not seeing any big movement of that. You know even then they'll be complaints that does that. Machinery is also something. So Jeremy is obviously the numbers aren't perfect. You know I've heard that Brandon belt maybe and usually are lucky that covered up big numbers are sure to keep thinking about I don't know. You know and they I know that catchers and have raided by eight. Whoever's best that stealing. Not strikes and make them strike so obviously everybody is aware that that happens to a lot of you know and we Schiavo plays that are bang bang they basically get fifty person writes seems like now that we have replay it. It's not it's not an easy job playing the Japanese sport I think mostly umpires. Are decent or good. There are some who are not good. And they I think what they need to do is probably. Having stricter standards for keep their jobs. The ones who aren't good that might be be it started anyway. I I don't see that your electronic strike zone happening any time the next. Few years but there may be in your lifetime if you know we haven't figured out which group you're in that as these seem very young so I could see within the next thirty some years. I stay that's right or commit through generation that's Smart that's Smart I'm just gonna tell people gamble money on now so that I can sort of commit to a younger generation Johnny Damon. Thank you so much for joining us we appreciate the time. All right we don't need to. That is John came in baseball writer fur fan or exports insider at MLB network and man he basically said he expects both a's and giants to be buyers so I'm wondering from the people. What are you wanna buy I assume it's starting pitching you have names in mind 889579570. What are your giants fan or an a's fan. What's on your wish list is both teams deserve hanging around but both probably need more room to really compete for playoff spot. The Penske auto sales duck contacts on his 95795. The phone number is 8889579. To 570 its goals in coach keeping in mind if I said in the game. In 95 C. We are back to back calls the alongside coach Kerry Keating. And talking a little bit of baseball coming out of John Hayman interview I was surprised. To hear him it's. And by the way if anyone wants to weigh in on the baseball discussion 88957970. Is the phone number Penske auto sales dot com Tex line is 95795. That's where someone suggested RA Dickey for the Oakland Athletics and sir or ma'am I don't know why you would suggest that that man has not been in baseball this season knees like 44 years old enough I don't know why adding and over cooked knuckleballer would do anybody any good nom but I do think philosophically. There's an interest in question about. If you are the ages. I mean it's easy to look at the starting pitching the you have right now and say. Are we to release more that. However. You've got a lot of it coming in in your minor league system. And you know hopefully Andrew Triggs isn't. That badly injured I mean it if you need another guy technically Kendall grieve and still down in the minor leagues like. You can cobble this together so. In my mind. I certainly wouldn't wanna sacrifice any piece of my future which are from the a's I feel is very very rights. To try to compete in a year where you've got a major uphill climb and frankly maybe you compete just by young guys over perform and. Well I think the big thing is if they can bring the bats back from the East Coast and before they made this trip they warrants morons that think. But they've. 33 runs in six games joins EST today that the Grand Slam semi that they're they're hitting the ball and they have a few. You guys that are or. If they can stay that way you can keep score runs we can let the pitching come along in the united. Yeah but I and that's why you go get the pitcher right is so that. When you stop scoring runs for awhile you don't then go on an idea what losing Gloria exactly. And I so I can understand that thought process that really can but you have Sean and I am who is. You know buzz go to stoppers anyone in the league right now Daniel mangan has actually been coming along nicely lately see your top two isn't the worst. Now again if if you're talking about your actual actual playoff chances. Then jet you're gonna need a third quality starter probably one better than manga and even. But it. I'm not sure that's even worth talking about right now I'm at times yes time this year but also. Oh it's gonna be dumping a good pitcher I mean there's always somebody when it when I'm like which alassane maybe. I the giants and maybe in his holder pat but. So I was gonna dump some good they'll be someone out there again it is just a matter whether they're going to be striking distance from not in effect I want to. Put him over the top or be that third guy. Well but I do think the other question is let's say even even. Let's say they're about where they are now not two games over 500 but. You know three to five games back in the division similar number of games back in the wild card. And we were at the trade deadline that's about where you are now I can see how you would saying. Hey we get another starter were right in this thing and met that might be true. Piet my problem is. At what cost to the future when you expect to be in this thing consistently every year because of all the talented young guys you've got coming up through the system. So I just don't know at this stage of sort of overall franchise development. Especially based on DA's. Well they history and and willingness to to spend money when they're ourselves and yeah I want me hopefully it's not bad. And I wrote about the is this week for the examiner so I I've looked at their. Contractual situation and one of the coolest things about what's happening right now is a lot of the guys who are contributing. Will still be under contract when their aides hope to open a new ballpark in 20/20 three. Okay suspense or five years away Matt Chapman and Matt Olson to name to very potentially great hitters who. Are under contract through the 20/20 four cedar toward 43 seasons. They don't become free agents until 20/20 four so pay without a new contract. They could potentially play in opening season of the new coliseum or whatever it's going to be. That is the exciting part so. I can understand choosing not to trade jet Larry because you wanna ride this thing through. But if you're talking about adding a legitimate. You know playoff level starting pitcher you're probably tired about moving off of a guy who. Right now is part of that picture of the future. Let's say you wrote a great point to 25 year old that are obviously a big part of that move for at least on paper now. And can they legitimately catch Houston. Let alone. The wildcard spots which race at this point doesn't look that way immunity be daunting tasks so. Why not build around those guys. Which means maybe in I don't know I don't know if you if you as you're able to add a third starter can you can't be a guy young enough that can still be there when those guys come around. And then get into that sweet spot and a year to where there hopefully contending for the west. Do you think that's where if you're doing that you're talking about trading a guy who at least has the potential. To be even better than whoever you're getting back cramped or two guys with potential near that or something. I think the that that's the problem with the position there and and on the other side and that. By a similar token I think really the smartest thing. Would be for them whether they appear to be in under nine. If Chandler ariz hidden currently thirty. And you can get another. Potential part of your future and I can understand why is fans will be frustrated would that but I guess the thing I would say to them is. You've come this far forgot six pack like at this point when you vote what's one more year. You're still gonna watch the exciting guys Chatman Olson met nine out of that manga and hopefully guys who were part of your future. Someone's mentioning Paul black burn it yeah again they have a lot of options to throw into potential starting irritations I think they'd still want another really good one if they were. Looking at a playoff run and and that's issue I just don't I think you have to put playoffs in the backseat. If you're the Oakland a's who had to mortgage your. Future again and again. Or mortgage your current time again and again to put things off into the future now that that future finally looks like it's in place. To sort of prematurely go to reversed direction all of a sudden feels like you would be counterproductive to. Do you think Larry is the guy given his success so far this year that can be apiece for somebody that that someone will take that on and you would get a return. Maybe yeah he's the best option. Right now. I don't I don't know who else. Honestly it's it's remarkable how much of this roster is just Joan and might continue to be or become quite good so. He really is the deity jumps off the screen 'cause he's been performing at a near MVP level over the course of the season and you know if you ask him his nasal surgery is a huge part of that and as someone had nasal surgery a month ago I've I've identified with that terrified. And who's who takes is. We're really giving is the chance to take his load is there won't hinder can play second base so where we were just looking off fair it howled. The outfield rotation has got a little more complicated with a dozen Fowler up and I think ultimately want. Fowler playing every day aren't you guys know I feel like maybe they're just trying to ease him in because he's coming off of the major knee injury. So I think at some point you want him to be your everyday center fielder and you've got. A lot of outfielders now so maybe tender becomes. Your second baseman if if Lowery. Is out the door she. And you have a radio is if frank number I don't who. Hasn't totally shown it at the Major League level but it according to. Very many prospect lists around baseball he isn't just about ready and he certainly has the tools to be a very impressive power hitting infielder and on I think we get that. See an awful lot of so yeah I mean that's that's what keeps coming back to is almost anywhere you'd trade a guy. Pretty is right now they got a guy who even if he's not ready right now he's a year or two away and they think he's gonna be really good. And I wouldn't I at after all is waiting for a team that you might be able to allowed to grow. They're finally in a position where and no to the text and they've not broken ground on a new stadium but. They have announced Steve Campbell the president has said they hope to you had a new stadium. And be playing in it by 20/20 3COM. And if you sort of go by the warriors timeline. That's perfectly realistic. The warriors. Bought the chase banner. Site in 2014. They had a lot of challenges and problems and they still broke ground in 2017 and they'll be opening in 2019 so if you follow that. The a's right now have an exclusive negotiating window for the two sites if they choose one in the next nine months which is the length of the shorter window. They could theoretically break ground sometime in 2019 even if you build in a couple of delays may be late 20s19 early 20/20. And don't two and a half yeah.