Kolsky and Coach Keating Fourth Hour 5-18-18

The Chris Townsend Show
Saturday, May 19th
Kristen Rieken of the AP helps us wrap up the final hour with the view from Houston. Kristen breaks down PJ Tucker's stellar game 2, plus the Rockets emphasis on shutting down Klay Thompson after Game 1. Kolsky and Coach delve into the chess match that is created by trying to attempt to guard Durant and Harden. To wrap up the show Coach Keating regales us with some basketball stories. 

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And take good shots I mentioned before the final C staff or or clay come off of pinned down early in this came. Maybe even the first play. Then it's gonna be reliant upon a lot of TV and hopefully step making shots and you know the rockets missed him. You're listening to 95 cent in the game KG and ZFM and HD one KG and he severed Cisco the radio home for every warriors playoff game game three of course coming up Sunday evening. Right now. A medical skiing next to me is coach Kerry Keating and on the phone lines John from San Francisco who gives us call at 8889579570. What's up John. They're out you don't guys did a little off subject but I. I was so wondering what you guys out of two Jamont mum. But a lot. Now okay thank you for the call John I want I want to just edit your question a little bit. Because I don't believe that Mary beavers green. Did blame. TD. For the loss per say. I'm going to try to find the specific tweet which obviously. Drew a lot of attention because. Well first of all. She draws plenty of attention on her own but even more so because Stephen A Smith decided to you well over interpreted and suggests that and collect. Anyone who has paid attention to the NBA. And to dream on and his mom over the past four years. Is well aware that no one is telling Mary beavers green what to tweet. She tweets what she wants when she wants she's critical of dream on she's critical of the coaching staff. She says what she wants. Pitcher rule yeah. She sure does. She also tweeted today for the record Ahmad Kevin Durant fanatic I've enjoyed him since his Texas days love him even more when he became a warrior. All this here ready knows though because I've told him there's plenty of time so please stop trying to make a story where there isn't one. And that was my response from the very beginning on this but maybe even more to the point. I don't think what she said. Was an attack. On KD. I think she was speaking to what we've been talking about a lot of the show today which is. It's not that Katie selfish. Or that he's doing things wrong he's a dominant. Isolation player who when no one's moving around and ball movement is not happening and player movement is not happening to deserve ball movement. He can go one on one and get buckets and that's what he did he didn't deliberately take them out of their offense it's it's what happened. Go back earlier tie my shoes critical drama not shoot the ball passing within three feet of the basket though tactically and also a valid criticism I think. Merrier. His MB GSC's offense and notorious MDC and she's just she's she's a hoop mom and she yeses and and believe me. Trim Ron's passion and ability to play if play. Basketball. Has as much to do with his upbringing in our ever one has influences in your lives and obviously. Mary's a big part of the basketball part I mean it's. She's. He Twitter or social media empower anybody to say. Whatever the hell they want so I mean trying to decipher what's would most of it is 90% of it is his crazy. She's out there it is being honest is she's a fans she's a mom heard suns one of the best players in the team and he. Believe me dream on and Katie have a great relationship yes how much during the they actually business partners and a few endeavors and oh the drama is actually business partisan. LeBron and some you have I think actually turn reminders on LeBron is on her on and erupted is that a bronze and DeLia. Yeah you're Iran is a decade he has his own YouTube networked into veils. Parking my chronicle is on the is yet part out of the Ritz but every marriage this. But you can't she's not criticized now all region's total way she's criticizing anyone else on the team that he's not dream I would let that happen and she Spartan she's much smarter than man and here's what she says the first ball she's analyzing the basketball game correctly that's the real point I wanna make here is. He there was a conversation about. TD playing a lot of ice so someone said people are gonna look at this game and say Katie was great but he took every damn shot and ultimately in the course this conversation here's the tweet to people freaked out about. Merry neighbors green says. Someone says what are you talking about Katie took twenty shots and had 38 point sounds like to be a good game to me the problem was everybody else. And Mary says what are you talking about it's more good game then shots. It left everyone else standing around never to get into position swing the ball pass the ball and then around the 72 mark take the shot not at the 212 mark. I so I saw eyes that he beat us at our own game. We were just saying happy assessing the thing that's exactly right she's just analyzing the basketball game and did to your point. Dream on has certainly had the conversation with his mother hey. I love you on Twitter but let's not get me into trouble and she's too Smart. To go overboard in any way criticizing his teammates in a way that would make things awkward or bad it's just it's a non story. It's a lady who knows a lot about basketball tweeting about basketball. So there wanna set knowing Katie scorers with 38 or more it's very undefeated when drama got a triple double. I believe they are I believe they are I think that they are playoffs are in the playoffs and has a triple double yes of the guy who led them and assess then it's not a secret. The passing stats the passing numbers over 30315320. The thirty assess the potential assists. It's it's how they've develop this is this game. That's successful for them this ability to to to to run their offense side to side and then add the ultimate. Closer. An emergency switch if you needing KD because. You can always thrown the ball we just mentioned in a couple of spots of not just the three point line can get a basket so. They she's diseases keep in a real man she's just tell like it is unfortunate Kruup according to someone in the form five who claims and your friend of Mary. He was Regis knowledge not listening yeah because she's under religious observations so which I didn't. I did not know that she was Jewish because it is the Jewish Sabbath so I don't know maybe she is maybe I and it's so. I'd love to join your synagogue marriages Disney Channel and at times focusing on basketball this Mets sure it's ready for the maybe that's what it is she can't go to church Sunday because she's busy would dream on on the floor so she's got to get it in now. I don't so be in the temple known as the oracle that threat has Alia. Thank. You would agree that oracle is in fact at temple one of the things that jumps out to me when we're having this conversation about comedian and again a lot of this is chicken in the attic did they stop moving first or did he start I suing first I think it's small were the former I think it's more. They were stagnant and so. Their left with Katie iso is often when their stagnant but. If we're looking at sort of how do we identify that the ball didn't move around enough the thing that jumped off of this. Bach scored to mean is Klay Thompson it's not that he had a bad shooting game because that happens. He only had 43 point attempts. In fifteen inning game one yes and and that's the thing is. Something went wrong if clay only has four attempts from three point range because we know if he has looks he's getting up attempt. It's the difference in that the iso four. The rockets. Especially for James Harden is they will play with that until they get the matchup that they want. Right the ice so for a TD doesn't matter who's guarding key because nobody can so they don't have this get any switches onto a Macon just let them do it and again. Not to belabor the point but that's what Mary is basically saying is Larry King get Katie and I so. Anytime we want it doesn't have to be it when he wanna can be at seven can be a furry. But we can make them work it may be getting better shots ads and shared a little bit get more guys involved as we know Katie can go for 38. Forty feet needs to. You know I I I think clay is key and always has been a key in this deal. RC staff getting back to his ways and get in his legs under him and hopefully hitting threes early and not waiting for the third quarter of they need it. We we need to CO a more warrior like effort on both ends of the floor. Goes back to Dray mind setting the tone of the defense events. And that defense relieved him on offense getting stops him getting your rebound and then a bust out toward their obsessed with the three point line he gets coast to coast. But he throws a lot on traders able to kick it out. Transition. And momentum shifting shots. So where is forces that timeouts. How we always fascinate on Gregg Popovich. Would not let two plays in a row happened from a mental standpoint in oracle the Big Three timeout. Staff makes a great shock crowd goes nuts he's doing his deal timeout. You know fuel burn those timeouts to try to stop it as best he can before is while his team figures up before gets out of hand. My skin tone in my opinion that same position this is a in an unenviable position from nineteen Tony having gained home court advantage. Now lost it and coming back for two and game where there is that appropriate fear now like Steve. I believe me this in some ways Steve is. Is that happy there loss came to. But I think he feels good to end and what you mentioned earlier Matt is now he can get their attention whatever in whatever medium he decides to use. They get there really focused for game three. If his if more of game two trickles in the game three at home then there's legitimate concern has to Wear this may have. You know it it's interesting we've we've spent a lot of time sort of not to diminish our program but going in circles today and and it reminded me that the yesterday. I had Kurt Zealand NBC sports. Hoop guy on. The show and he actually had in his article. I can't find it now because I don't know how to use the Internet apparently but if what are you guys could find it's I can actually say what specifically was on it but had a great. Very straightforward and simple diagram that was literally just a circle with like six stops on that and the stops were basically. You know warriors fall into isolate since we've. Kevin Durant offense stagnate it's. And bad shots Lee. You can kind of see it during the course of the game meant. As they're stuck on this wheel it starts to spin faster and faster and it's harder and harder to hop off and and in many ways that was essentially the story of their game. I think. The rocket as they were they needed to do. And did change a lot like Antonio said that you know watch a Soyuz is what we do know. In the Alison they were fortunate that three guys that basically that nothing in game one step though because it is. What Paul had sixteen. Our deficit now 41 Marriott twentysomething and is shooting percent of awfully Austria fifteen from three point range and you know defensively he's always going to be a little bit of a liability so they'll they'll try to overcome with scoring wise in question really for his defense is is he trying to. And I would say he tried a lot harder in game two winning game one is never going to be great defensively but he can be present. Which he wasn't game to be more engaged defensive yes. You know he doesn't wanna get himself without trouble and he he's he's a conservative in terms of his effort because he wants to use all that for offense is much as possible. And it's reasonable three I always think that particular. Criticism of James Harden is tough it's. The plays where he's literally standing in the middle of the floor wall played shines shoes before taking a three pointer that that make him look bad. Let's get into the rocket side of things though and let's do it with someone who's been covering this team all year long her name is Christie right again. She's also a Houston hip hop fans won't get in the summit that's coming up next. It is it's coach Keating mag calls the united front seven the game. We are bad Mac calls easier alongside. Kerry Keating on 957. From the game. Joined now by. Christie right Ginn who covers the rockets for a about PJ Tucker. About sort of a style that we're seeing from him which. I have other questions about the will want to get back to that because of what's with PJ Tucker on the floor. I think obviously eight of nine is a lot to ask any game but at. How big is him contributing at some level to this Houston Rockets team. I keep lake. If the thing that they always talk about seagate tracker is he's he's the caddick got it done a lot of ink it doesn't and I actually saw on the actually. So he's always valuable just for being out there is event regret trying to I keep bring the routine I ever. We need happened that or wait viewpoint. It's amazing because you are AD such a great contributor and not actually ready for the that the phone. The Christie Klay Thompson out here in at least for me is is. The leader in the clubhouse for the vicarious. Yeah I carries this that well we all carry we all wish to accumulate clay maybe PGA becomes that oh I'm curious about how. Houston views callais going into game three obviously a big game out of him in game one. There and a little bit of a down falling in game two with the rest of his teammates fans can be. Where do you think the rockets stand from him from a defensive standpoint where where's their focus on clay can be I've always felt that. At least Gregg Popovich in the past is always thought clay was the guy had to shut down and couldn't stop clay couldn't stop KB. The recession the rockets as how they view Klain who they wanna have on him especially if they have a choice. I mean that's that's exactly rightly that like they've said they're buying it during at that point having other any if any get a point than. That's calling it is it that you can't leave clay opened for those ED buried it we can make cart series. I believe in the opening you're done you're likely behind game line I think RB like. Trevor Ariza blather about tendered PGA does a lot but I think the biggest thing is whoever it is due to not let him in open glut because this is your time. Christie right and joining us now she covers the Houston Rockets for AP and a lot. Of talk from both coaches about force in bringing the right forced to the game and focus and energy. And these sorts of things and when I look at these two teams obviously. We talk a ton about the future hall of famers in the lineups but the two guys you just mentioned. And a reason and Tucker and on the other side really dream mind and and to some extent it a dollar for looking at that starting lineup. And those seem to meet and beat the guys who were kind of responsible for bringing that force of how much of this series is. Which of those pairs of guys. Comes out we event level of intensity that the coaches keep talking about from the beginning of the game. Yeah I completely agree with you because I think we all know that you can't really. Not games you can't really thought Kevin. I have BD other people and what they do they determine a theory that it I think we RD being back in game going and if you get back I really think that during my got a battery that had in the first game. Because he let them. Like he doesn't get those stupid Al that he got in that first game and the way like the way he was able to. Flight there and not let Kerry might get you know I think Belichick Ian attacking and because everything is so important. At that attacker unit together corgi so important speculated for Canada added to eat bring the eighteenth Belk. I think. I cannot be an or more apart economically game and Katie had to do their thing but exceptionally very important that theory. Secrecy so much was made especially by GM Daryl Moret as much as it was maybe tongue in cheek about the obsession with the warriors and remember when should be. Or at least so when they're trying to chase through the they'd defending champs could. To establish home court advantage to to get the number one seed to put a lot of effort into it. And then basically having neutralized with one loss and it in the first two games at home. He get any sense of of a shift in attitude or maybe an elevated sense urgency that. They really have to get one of these two games. Since three of the next four will be here in oracle that it's not one of these next two obviously we know historical context of 31. Good or bad good did you get any sense from from the front office the coaches the team in general that. There's an elevated sense of urgency coming into Oracle's sun there I was Hutus they have to get one of these. I think out obviously they RDL could say they've spent the whole. Play out that it's here it's very that are article someone went on the other part on court about party happened. And now I'm in order to even try to stay afloat that theory they're gonna have to win. In Oakland and I think obviously Pete. Better for them sooner rather than later but I I don't know it elevate and they always do it. They were so deflated after that Kurt locked at home because they worked all these an Ali like I was getting at home court advantage and they. Basically really did an effort game but it I ain't being able to win it went but I currently in that pecking game gave him credit. Maybe a little bit of momentum going into Oakland where everyone knows that very very happy so whenever. All right Christy saw wanna jump back to this article you wrote about PJ Tucker and what's funny to me is you know I think obviously he's spending a lot of money on fashion and obviously his fashion is. I mean inhibit the headline of the article is unique style and yet it it is unique but I wonder with a guy like Tucker is he actually. Following fashion trends in any way or does he just walk into stores and say that looks pretty wild I think that'll be fun and just go that way. No he's definitely calling back and translate. I've been watching it president urged here with the paint a very into action are written several other articles about. Different baseball players that are very accessible I'm really into this on though from the moment I started being him. Walked into the locker room day after day out like it I looked like he got it right away here like he. It's not that he's not wearing red ink beware of heat wearing black. Outfit that you would be on a model or eat eat eat like David Beckham wearing not not a big EP from you know. I want an act and not mean like some might be a factory not like at restarting not. Game art and he's not well Brian Gay he's he's great in out that local guy and bring him to be coming and day after day. I heard green. Back then it was black I would like Wyatt is not a hot yet acted very got it done that but I would split all year. I think we're happy that week that I was able actually is at and I doubt about it is. Is it with his ballot on another level. I am my other question is did you get a look at his shoe collection because he has some. Unbelievable. Basketball shoes and he actually wears a mean game sometimes. I've never seen anything quite like that. Yeah I would tightly funny that they did actually started because he apparently would like. Everywhere talked about my huge collection that. I actually you know attract wealthy but no one cared because he you know Larry let I think most people agree you Ali that up ala in BA he had. That the Billy get any issue popped the ball. They'll actually. Purposely didn't focus on the acreage because that's been done to death and how I actually. You know Ewing new angle to it don't really written about the rest of about the only issue at. All right Chris had a propensity for fashion now say weighs into the Houston rap scene where we know your pin tweet that the first question they came off my cohost is palaces and sideways and sixty. My question is how many of these 64 or not chopped and screwed you know the end of the hour. I'm actually very happy the dollar on top then lake. Knowing all about not infuriate. Well I recruiters few echoes caused Rouse the point three years thanks to recruit Houston has at Tulsa. My all time leading scorer at Santa Clara Kevin Foster from Morton ranching Katie. 2500 points so. Even before you see either group or MP3 players I had to make mixed case CD's I thought the kids out of Houston. Two kids Marcus slaughter with the TCU now Murray that of gonna sit that's also in the in early two thousands. I have them on an official visit I thought the CD and it was all this chalked his true music. Just get them at ease and their other visits so if I know that they'd call me out I'd be united and lose my card so. Bigger that that Beatty. Actually there are a lot of talk in very I'm not there but I did another story that we correlate with Gerald indicated hair braided. And down he actually he'd been lucky to Fernando black patent bill out on you strap bracket because. I mean why not and we actually had a debate because they're under they're called article done by you can't. And we had a debate because. We would like played at went by eight literate played the talking group urgent. Palate like I actually like it did not talking buried alive he like that so what Ben did ask me. Careful you can only if you're you're not from you then if you don't like it looked like wow like Europe on a farm and are nowhere that's true it. Honestly act that I like Nancy boy now when they topic are you can't really it is the sort that boy now. Maybe got everything. It's ten seed to win the whole thing I don't know why I'm not sure about his although maybe the CD with stuff than we realized some of the penned by the way it was his. Was is winner. Wow yeah he loved it and I every penny yet because like you let anything out on. So many at each other on the bracket actually report or not are they get they sampled it felt like so he had the each gave it credit for it. Basically it per capita cap and figure out. I like that I like that all right so who wins it for you. I can't damage it led by UK. I'd like an ad notable for emigrate to his feet and and I interviewed him at present all of your quarry guy and he only outfit favorite. It was good or bad are packing it it would kind of take. That could be got a couple years later that that's the way they don't let it be remembered all I found out. You know I had epic that. Yet a you know I'm a ghetto boys guy at and I think I like the upset a little bit so I like damn it feels good to be gangster knee and from the three C. That's I mean that's high quality stuff in my mind Christie we really appreciate the time thanks so much for joining us. And if we had been prepared we could have played Christie out with some UGK but oh well opportunity lost I suppose or some you know why you shaking your head like that way Unita you GK fence. Wow. Coles the slow shake to yikes I don't think we start to show his friends call but yeah threaten me early. And now Huck and now you're. And throwing UG KM of the bus. And see rest in peace for God's sakes aren't. So far tonight coached. And it is coach Keating alongside myself medical ski we have heard about the Houston hip hop. CDs you put together for recruits. You you slipped in knee. Inside Trevor reason knowledge from UCLA days so. You know we got about twenty minutes left in the shell and of course still taking calls from those who wanna ask actual basketball questions and dated 89579570. Or text 95795. For the Penske auto sales that context slime but I. Wanna get into those story time with coach Keating because. Trevor Ariza obviously is a name we already know. Those UCLA teams you were coaching with put that know our guys in the NBA and our. Then we are fortunate at that time we needed well we need a good players we got that are horrid. Jordan far more ended up getting drafted after his sophomore year and a follow after his junior year. Russell Westbrook after his sophomore easily you were there or with with Russell now so they're for the beginning of the Russell. That's one of the things I wanna ask you about did GU. Two parts. Basketball wise did you recognize in college I don't think most people watching didn't vet. This was possible what we've seen from him at the pro level and also just from me. Who is this viewed as a person stand point is he as. Constantly intents and sort of I don't of abrasive is the right word but but is it as tough as it looks like to be on Ross's team. Well that's involved because he's gotten better and stronger now certainly you thought it was a good player I didn't think he'd be a hall of fame player and back to back carries triple double in the NBA player and a but this that was also one of the reasons why I thought he was really here is because he had a great competitive streak in him. I've always said that. People were trying to figure him out as he was starting to evolve a little bit late in his senior year that the misconstrue that as some immaturity. Just didn't know how to handle like that he's had he's got an innate competitiveness that's always been there yet. I don't think it started the I'm pretty close with. Three you might actually for the okay see coaches or one. I group down history with Billy Donovan we are on the same street back and Long Island while. He's a little bit older but it seemed locked in Harvard avenue. And Bart Bryant and Adrian Griffin to assistance in okay see our both see all mom's I coached injury has seen all of market graduated you before I got there a hawk. So in a dreams it is going to be echoed pretty soon. Yes he deserves it he's he was the guy alone does a player dirty guy who did the dirty working needed to be done that I was always bigotry are very unheralded recruit. Believe wanna see. Kansas. Season midwestern kid I'm not exactly a terrorist hometown. But the great demeanor and in agreed teammate and and thus the president will be of a good head coach in this in the NBA. Their point about Russell went on out there to disarm before last. Just to visit watched summer league training camp and they ended June. Was out Russell actually get better as he gets older when the game really slows down he has to slow down the had a choice he's going to be. His though his old Ming game will be pretty good at least that's remarks demise of mark's been in the league for years. And seen those type guys. Of the Russell's little misunderstood. That viewers at UCLA coach talent really. Then how didn't really know what he had with them early him mind you resource we also Darren Collison now Kevin Lowe right. Kevin came his size is a year after bird. We had we had. A good rotation of four guards five gores actually ready sir Russell is essentially the six cars yeah freshman. And then evolved a little bit more he benefited from all the pros playing pickup and LA used to weigh and he just saws and opportunity get better. They saw his competitiveness his fearlessness and really became one of the better players in the for those pick up games and although they're not as structured do you have field of play against those guys. And I think he gave Mac confidence that you know was a spring boarded a sophomore year. I still don't think they really do exactly what they had with the mentally was gone but to his credit that all of us really on him he's really developed himself into a total player I. On how hard it really is to play with them. Because he's he's he's demanding. Young lady by the way that they let them play can be difficult to well that's the tough part. That's one of the things I want to ask you about because at and you say you know Donovan to I'm sure there are times just based on. Watching I'm sure there are times where Billy has a real good idea of what he'd like to see happen and he makes his team aware of what he'd like to see happen and Ross doesn't do those things now. I don't even. When I watch him I don't see that as. A disrespect issue I see that as. Russell deciding in the moment that no actually this is the better way for us to win is for me to just go dessert and and I guess the problem with a guy like that is. He's right often enough that how do you tell him to us top Dillon net. Well especially in this league where do you ask players rule the roost. In elm. Billy is not gonna. Change things and those lepers aren't aren't changing their spots are and he's he knows what he has with Russell and it's very difficult to even get that so he's gonna take death would it is. The the bigger issue they probably have is that they may aid in attempts by having Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. That didn't work. And whether it I guess Carmelo is an updated take is twenty million weather comes off the bench or not. But that was a little bit of a gamble that was seen as as a big time move those are big time players and didn't really work out and obviously. Didn't get past the point where they did and now you have Brosseau gone back and saying well now what knowing I know he's got a great relationship repressed the end. You know it's an interesting dynamic and it kind of shows you how fragile the balance between. The players the coaching staff and the management. And obviously the coaching staff gravitate more towards the front office on the players and in the decisions of the franchise. But it shows you gonna make you appreciate what's happening here for sure even more so. The judge how fragile can be because in the day it's about the players. And if you don't put the right ones around they're all very intelligent they all have relationships with each other they see right through that. And they know for its not gonna work they all signed off on I'm sure that is sore today Russell we're not produced as you say it's okay but. He knew it was common enemy he tried HI early in the season he was defer to those guys he sure was spinach makes the triple W and more it's amazing because he didn't. Have that mindset like you did the year before it was like that all the time Kennedy evolved as it may actually happened earlier than it was somewhat forced him but he still did it. He did it this year defer to those guys are really trying to make of it and so you're almost asked him to change what he's really get that. And you don't wanna take that away from so so they they need to make some some different. And they did find some different guys around him moving forward. Well I think what's interesting about that and what hurts them so much is I think they actually did find the perfect guy in Paul George. 'cause. He doesn't cave when you're not forcing him into the offense he's gonna defend at a high level all the time and he's. Talented enough offensively that he can get it going sometimes and Brussels is not a selfish player exactly he'd just honestly believes he's the best option most of the time and again. Often he's right I think the irony of what happened would this team is they found the right guy. They make the trade for Paul George they have what they need. And then. The Carmelo thing is really tough because on its face. You say oh Carmelo is available to an all it takes is Doug McDermott and Enes Kanter and it seems like a no brainer but in the end. They have been better would just make Dermot instead of. Carmelo. He certainly remain more corn through exactly. If I Carmelo gonna defend anybody know it has a lot of money twenty million effect McDermott. Is going to be better because at least he's good. Try real hard to defend people in you know in Carmel as of the end of his career yuppie terrorists trying to fit in a duty Ken as a role players are. And obviously the whole thing when old people is really just you know kind of put a different light on the Paul George thing because he's become an all star in his own right. And someone that's really put Indiana in a position to have top four type ability now moving forward so. No Casey's kind of stayed out of the picture if if you think can pick up somebody. In this off season depending on who happens and certainly they're gonna do that they're gonna make her run. At LeBron. Whoever that that freeagent might be yeah they can add to to the mix with Chris and. And Jermaine and the tough spot for Oklahoma City is as long as you have. Westbrook you're not tankan. You're not gonna bottom now he's gonna win you forty some games a year minimum he would be in the playoffs you're going to be in the playoffs. In all likelihood and if you're not it's going to be because the western covers playoff standard was just ridiculously high. And boy that means you're kind of on this merry go round of bottom four playoff seeds with a guy who. I don't imagine will be very happy in that circumstance for very long time it it puts that franchise and a tough tough spot. That's and they can hope for is that Adam silver loses its mining changes in the playoff format receipts it. Which has come up before and had yeah I've point has come of are receding assessed with the west being top and even go on one through sixteen further for the loud he's he's it be hard to do because of the scheduling. Actually went through this with Larry last year will be flying her back and Barth. There's the travel involved and the and the competitive balance in trying to everybody has that if you're gonna make at all for wind and wants to play the way it same and now. You can do it a certain way with the divisions in the west in the east and maybe. They're not gonna lessen the problem is you can't lessen 82 games because that product is entrenched in. In their business they're not they're not handing you cash rack and activist yeah exactly there's no cash back options amid the caucus in the NBA office at all. Boyd if it's that. Especially if LeBron does end up in Houston did down and figures okay the best way for me get this done it in the my career. Is you know beat beat the worries before we get to the finals then we'll just go take on the Celtics whoever gets through. Whatever the reasoning is now the west holy cow as much as they they can infiltrated this year with a bunch of guys. Now it's even different on a whole other level and it always just drive the argument but I don't think it'll ever happen they won't they won't go through receding like that. Yeah probably not it is in May be that those things are all meaningless now conferences and divisions would would. The way the Internet works and the global economy works and the way flight is pretty easy for these dudes on charter planes where they can. Leave fully down and all of their chairs but. There are these attachments to things like that and leagues don't like to make those league major shifts if they don't absolutely have to. Our rights we've heard Westbrook. A reason. Alison Collison was my was my favorite Darren. It is at that time Greg Paulus was the point go badly want duke. And he was a McDonald's all American and Kyle lives later would go on to play football at Syracuse and I was dying to be head coaching cows mass or you. He. Darren was was not heavily recruited and we actually signed him in the summer the spring before his senior year summer. And everyone around California and on the wholly taken him for right taken him. Well crazy story real quick is his parents were Olympics predators who both met at a school called adelphi in Long Island far the city that might that was athletic director. I mean so I've known June Collison June Griffith there maiden name. Since I was pass on a 56 years old can suited she knew that I showed interest in Darren seabees who wanted to commit on this I. I accuse image or record and talked service you like lost wrestler you know Larry king of my guess potentially all the silly with. And I like I really am ally of the talk about it now but here's my card and so that was an easy one and Darren turned out to be great and obviously Darren I think Darren. Has the most wins and you silly history now we can play more games and obviously did back in the sixties and seventies but US's face the ones them. In fifteen beaten them through most successful you said the vessel player by way of wins ever. And gay yet given that there were some Jews who basically didn't news in their entire college career is ever very impressive statistic and by the way you talk about a guy who was under recruited and and showed up in college he has I think you could apply that same analysis to his NBA career he's been under wanted. And everywhere he goes he seems to have a positive effect whether it's that again this year in Indiana right if any did it with the kings. And he has one point guards starting jobs over guys who were brought into being the starter on multiple occasions he's. He's a fighter. Very businesslike in and could have left there through junior year we decide to come back finished his degree. Let them mention his mom and had great people and if she sees throughout his mom was who set the world record at the time and in any guy track meet in Idaho when the Russians had just set the record this is like him on Saturdays and eighties. The track communities very frightful and if you don't make it out of heats and finish in the top of your she's running with flo Jo and Ryan Morris in. Mosier there a famous one with that the than the nails yet I Decker Decker is a sheet June Griffin was one of the elite sprinters in the world. As she took this team will walk ons for Delphi went out to distract me and in Idaho. And they were trying to lose. And ended up winning in them when they got to the final heat. They're like right now they were here they were trying data wanna get embarrassing ready okay we'll just bow out gracefully Linda went in the heats. And that break in the world record in the coming it was a four bounce in the four by 100 maybe you for yeah for about 100 says so he's got you can tell where it gets it from the blood lines is that was a spreader the mom was really elite. And a great person and tied into a lot of high level people. In the track communities and parents always had that speed but just understand us like to be a pro and not surprisingly has made a great career for himself and housing great position to finish it out if he needs to. You know if you can in Indiana with old people crew. Vet whole Indiana situation in what is. Look at I understand why doesn't get the attention of OKC or Houston or golden Stater Cleveland or even Boston by it. What they were able to do as a team what all the people did to sort of resurrect isn't even the right word originally racked there was no read about it he was just building his career really for the first time. And becoming essentially a star in a matter of one year going from a guy who couldn't figure out how to affecting game. To the lead on a playoff team and Nate McMillan was a guy who I think caught a lot of flak for his previous coaching stops who showed himself to be very very capable this year and a whole Indiana situation was a bra. Of this mess when he mentioned David Miller in the coaching style it it blew Knowles or discuss the body's job. In this is the MBA is such an essential group is its in its crazy how a guy can get fired from one job. It hire another one and a multiyear deal. They they are there. They protect themselves so much and this is goes back to a point before it really about the players who can tolerate. The coaching style what fits and they. They don't let any outsiders and without having run the gamut of all the jobs have to be done up to that point when sure at that point. You're good. I mean I'm Mike Brown can speak to them or anybody else yeah he's had two of the greatest jobs ever coaching Kobe. And passed out three really is not the head coach but he's he's he is having Kobe and LeBron step team PD. I mean there was says it will go back to being head coach and then obviously is a lot more money involved in that foot. Oh wonder when asked Mike I see him next time or world where there. Maybe mention the priest is if you still here like I wonder if you really wants to go back to being a head coach sure he's got. No I was so the NBA assistant was the best fastball down in the world you paid great and you don't really do anything but coach. Especially when you get that assistant head coach designation which usually means there couple extra hundred thou a year that are I think Mike's done pretty well in his career and has called just pointed out I believe he is still being paid multi million dollars or so a year by the cavaliers. Larry Brown set that's there we got fired from the next and I always joke in my staff when we got to get a job we get fired get paid more yes get the job yeah I guess is great work if you can get it means he'll do nothing and now what's happening is all of Popovich is stable is start to slowly. Venture out to become head coaches break or discount to the the Charlotte. Obviously I think Google whose booed booed the holes are criminals they are all there is a spurs got its music. Popovich guy he is the Pomona College guy and my alma mater might prudent holes there was a basketball star under Gregg Popovich. At. A little time division three Pomona pits there were so small we have to combine to colleges and make one basketball team. And yeah that's the start of the spurs machine was little old Pomona College in Claremont California us and winners and yet it's out east of Pasadena there. It is always. Yes it is it is inland empire adjacent. So to consider the IE I think we're considered not the I think Claremont is to lake. It's it's the best way I can describe it is to say it's a town that when I got there had multiple wicker stores. Double Columbia coaches. And yet and now we're a veritable. Where we're like the east and I don't know way is to. NFL quarterbacks in quarterback coaches Pomona colleges to the Gregg Popovich coaching tree. Has hit our mascot is the stage hand which is an extinct bird. Yeah that's right to be untrue or nick. It's bad it's the reread the really bad mascot. We were a bad sports school even four division three although basketball. Even still in my time was hanging on okay. How a couple of decent players who won on the plane Europe anyway let's get back to the warriors quickly can we got about five minutes before we go on one thing. That I wanted to throw it shoot the jump and in my mind that maybe it's a little counterintuitive. But you know we talked about help a lot of this is. A lot of the things that went wrong feed themselves and each other's eyes so which leads to ads. Transition. Defense which leads to. The rockets getting easy shots which leads the warriors not getting on transition and so on and so forth but I was wondering too if is there something to the idea of when the offense starts to stagnate. Getting back on defense is a tougher proposition Kaiser kind of starting from standing. On offense running back on defense verses. When your everyone moving around on offense in the ball bounces off the conscious move with your guy running back on the is that may be playing into it as well. Little bit there there's a float to the game policy where you get up and down the floor back and forth it did in fury actually. May help you because that is the idea of cross matching which was big when transition became big with the with the lakers showtime where they're forcing you into matchups that you weren't a so regarding your own Davidge Brad too so there are forced. Into what they call these cross matches where your guard different guys. So. It may not be as much as you think in terms of just sexy get started in transition. You know where your going use garrison known shots going a part of the problem taken bad shots is this year. Moving off the boy you're not aware of that or your movement and some sort of action in a bad shot goes up they even worse position they were having maybe stood there and watched it. The F I don't wanna be standing around watching one guy. You know doing does a whiskey he's gonna go Coby on him put up 81 which by the way because we talked about cold reading is the telltale sure talk a lot more about that tomorrow yes we're back on this deal. Oh 58. Let me back sold seventeen hours from now we can just again I gotta squeeze in a Little League playoff in between now and I'm gonna go play basketball with some of the production staff from the station I'm very excited to see on court abilities of Lucas Alexander and Tommy call out the list right now and about how it's gonna rip Lucas in basketball that's right I am going to see what Lucas has to offer tomorrow I expected to be very little I'm telling you right now. If it it it fees. If his basketball game is better than his mustache I will be surprised. But at a that's little say about that Tommy is a little big a little more worried about Tommy host Hugh. Tommy could post me up that is a fact Lucas could not and actually very confident. That. I will be able to take him to the hole if necessary that that's on to say about that. Coming back to the warriors ultimately I think you know this is what we keep circling back to all night I'm sure we'll circle around a few more times tomorrow that. This is a bell what does it look like in the first five minutes is dream on and on his dream on stuff. Going crazy covering multiple positions keeping his energy and intensity high. Do you stepping clay get a couple good looks coming off the screen you were talking about earlier in the first few possessions of the game. And frankly if they do and they get rolling a little bit early in oracle gets into it. I have a lot of trouble seeing Houston. Get back into. The biggest difference defense is from Houston game one game to. Was they were able to contest. Another 14% of the shots so they they contested about 42% the first game saying game 56 tell us for the iso. You gotta make you gotta make Houston work on the on defense whether its early transition to get open shots or moving it side to side. More screens I'm sure you have Steve stress in the 303 in fifteen passes the assist totals are indicative that the shots are going in and the ball's moving. It's got to be shared and then as. Our assistant coach Mary B review greens Moynihan who can. Then we can get to the iso for Katie can't much to dismay over the text your from the four or five who thought we're being upstream on apologists and our kissing up to his mom now Andre you want to call apologist I just think it was a good point and then we'll see if you're rings true on Sunday we'll talk a lot more about tomorrow five day. No doubt about it I guess that guy wasn't listening when we. Actually made the same point she made before even reading her tweets so if we may have been kissing up Durbin only because she thought about the game the same way we did and yes that is correct if you'd like to hear more. Catch a seventeen hours from now five to eight tomorrow for now thanks coach has been a blast that confer tomorrow. Can't Coles he's not about seven game we out.