Kolsky and Coach Keating First Hour 5-18-18

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Friday, May 18th
Kolsky and Coach Keating take the wheel on the Chris Townsend show and dive into the difference beetween Games 1 and 2 of the Western Conference Finals. Coach breaks down the Dubs turnover issues from Game 2. Plus the Rockets ability to take away energy from Steph Curry. The boys go to the listener and take some X's and O's questions for the Coach.

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It was CFM an easy. He won San Francisco. Did PGA DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco. Peace he's not behind 70 yeah. I know it is 957 the game iMac whole scheme. Break down the dial for me today. Coach Terry Keenan with the coach. And how much looking forward for the rebound on Sunday you know all this week man waiting to have the winning his hardest part right there yeah. Get on a call come on your job we use after the next you back there air Drummond during the breaks in neon and now he's taken I IA commented a couple times last weekend about. Kohl's imposing physical presence and so now he's threatening me with his guns at you know I have guns not not literal guns disorder when nose and safe. We obviously are going to talk a ton of hoops that that's the plan. Warriors rockets is Sunday game three. Split the first two in Houston which you know the easy way to talk about it is we got the job done so anyway and all that stuff but before we get in any of that. I have two on. Get coming off my chest in what may turn out to be an awkward turn that sort of torpedoes the program but I. I I have been thinking about this is not the first time we've worked together. At 957 but is the first time I've been driving the show on I didn't wanna torpedo someone else's shows so I've saved it. I wanna tell a story and I'm curious whether you remember about the first two times I met you. Because it was actually before 957 again oh boy nom. The don't worry do you come up fine in a story it is merely comes out looking like you do for us so. I was like fire my prior jobs yeah it wasn't at that job I knew it was that. Ironically you're the first time we met was that the prior job of mine where I was later unceremoniously dismissed. We don't need to be specific about what it was but let's just say we met. In that capacity not unlike this. Although I was not hosting a show I was in a radio building and you were hosting a show and we were introduced and and you know. I was one of many people that you met that damn short. Bomb later on doing a sort of off site job for my old station I knew I was. Ridiculously pleased with a couple of promotions interns at a train station I can't even remember where but it must've been now it. I'm I'm guessing it was the one right next to SAT in San Jose. It on the don't count transition. And it was some sort of count train ticket. Gimmick. The bad. What is the you know they had the idea was to send talent there but I was not at a level of talent where anyone really knew who I was so instead it was me awkwardly. Sort of stopping people on their way into and out of the train along with a couple promotions interns and trying to get them to buy and to some cal train set. The spare the air maybe I can't remember what it's maybe trying to keep convince people walking into the train not to ride the train it was very silly and I was. Rather tired of doing it by the time that you happen to walk in just by pure coincidence on your way to the train going. So more important in all likelihood. And my brain that. My brain did not handle the situation the way I would have liked it too. And what he didn't do was say you know that person. And what it also did what is identify. Something I love about your name which is a litter ration. I love the liberation in life I use over use it when Ira Wright and so that rang and your first name rang in my head Kerry. A liberation I know that guy. And I said. Hey. I don't know if you remember. But I'm Matt Coles ski and we met and somehow in the process of trying to reintroduce myself called you Kerry kittles. And you're like yeah. I remember. Its key bing put the bad nice to see Amanda and and like trying to game you look like did this dummy really just call me Kerri kittles. And before I even had the wherewithal. To say something like oh yes that's good point Kerry kittles would have been a very different. Run in for me. You were off on your train and sought I think I've thought about that part I think yes yes perhaps you're very clever Carter yes. Was I very there's a river now now you reminded me I do remember that. I got a Cooper car out of that which side now the last year's put too extensive use in my. Travels in my commuting into San Francisco from San Jose. So I think that was just a long way of means saying I still feel like an idiot for that moment and I'm gonna do my best not to call you Kerry kittles and his points. But this is used not told me that I never would remember this it's it it didn't do anything to talk to tarnish your reputation. Gotta feel so much better having done that. Off my chest okay so the good news for everybody is and we've got a coach in the building and there's been a lot of talk about. Coaching adjustments in this series and whether there even happening. Was one made in game two will ones being made in game three so. I'll offer to you the people of view San Francisco Bay Area. If you wanna talk to a coach here's one who knows what's going on and is following this series very closely. 8889579570. Is the phone number you of course. Can always get us on the Penske auto sales dot Comtex line which is 95795. We will also be speaking with a ten mic man who covers this series and and NBA in general for espn.com. That's at nine Tony Logan Murdock of the San Jose Mercury news joins us at 1020 in Christie Raikkonen who. Covers Houston fort AP in the 11 o'clock hour in the meantime. Since I do have you here coach. Let me start with what's already happened and Mike and Tony made a big show of wheat and change a thing. Everything was exactly the same we just played harder basically was what he said in his press conference are you buying that or did you see things that they did do differently. Well laid I was call on firm just to pull something out. By way of utilizing. Anderson more because you can make threes now. It wasn't a Sony Anderson it could have been Gerald Green it could have been Joseph justice someone else to make threes because that's what they need. The Antonin wants fifty threes a game he wants to make Taiwanese take fifty. If it helps his is mine says it helps their numbers. It spaces before they picked up Ryan Anderson and an error Eric Gordon a year prior to space of four to thirty feet to create more room for hard obviously picked up Paul. Things change slightly what it turned into was. The threes coming from an unlikely source in PJ Tucker by PJ Tucker playing that position. Something I didn't see coming because he made in score more points he's ever scored playoffs and made four threes and anyone expected and it it trickled over to transit Trevor reason so I don't think anything changer they adjust anything other than the fact that they got scoring from places where they didn't getting game one from Gordon. From Tucker from Marines. They didn't need hardened to go for forty Chris Paul was not. Extraordinary in numbers but was very good in that game. And did exactly I mean if you're Daryl Moret in in the front office or you're going back in the office after I came home and that's why we got Chris Paul. You could tell he was feeling it when he went for that ridiculous sort of fake pass dribble at midcourt during a fast break the the students are home which was nonsense it did nothing you know it was smooth but don't miss our group exactly yeah exactly that's his way of showing you this is a crisp ballgame even if the numbers don't exactly say soak. All right given met. The both coaches. I haven't listened to de Antonio all year but he certainly said it on Wednesday night. And Kurt has been talking about it all year. Bringing the right force and intensity and focus and I always try to sort of free apologize when I bring this up because I don't wanna suggest anyone's not trying heard dogging it or anything like that I don't think that's what it is. I do think like the coach is keep saying there's some things. In intensity level or focus leveled at just some nice you're more focused or. Bringing more forced of the game then others. When I see PJ Tucker hit eight of nine shots I'm not going well whoa that's because he really is that good to. He just finally got put in the right situation arms I'm seeing that as a result of the fact that from the very beginning of that game two it felt like the warriors were. Beaten him to the punch essentially. What they start out the game with some horrendous eternal just lob and it out of bounds. And you know we've been going through this in their running joke I was doing warriors warmup was keys of the game in and whoever was host would say. When we started off with one. No turnovers in LA via yet it were etching that one in stone it's just something about this team where when they get any comfort zone. Whether it's within a game we're certainly now within a series. They get careless with the ball they they that's their Achilles heel and a drive Steve nuts. And oftentimes it's a result of something good having already happened which in this case was game one when you look back on it. But it really was was unnecessary and in how those turnovers just throwing the ball out of bounds stepped thrown out. Bounce pass that you dollar on a back door the cut they didn't even attempt to make me. They just they were out of sorts and one of those terms that you brought up and Steve likes to use it in and it's a Popovich term the appropriate fear. It's almost like they need that because they do know that there that do they they can rely on TV now to be in this isolation mode. And I for one certainly bought. That staff would come back and not have two bad games in a row I. I don't think anyone and ending in a war uniform anticipate another struggle from staff and now here we are. For next three or four days and cost perhaps some of the wrong tweak the calf you know the what's wrong what's wrong it is he'll be fine you know like coming back and miss in that much time and having only played fifty games this year to. It's hardest as Steve percent it's hard to recover. From a lengthy time off in this game that late in the season in the playoffs. Where the basketball is different and and we can talk about that all night about this is complete two completely different deals that. The NBA regular season is now home and now with gambling. Pretty much legal eventually it's strictly entertainment purposes to. For that for the fans for the gamblers for the for the the media and the players and now the playoffs OK if you can have the talent to get to the entertainment now I actually play when you're playing for something so it's hard to recover. When you have guys that are playing better and teams are playing better because obviously there are the best team so. I think the turn overs are obviously always going to be an issue that just seem like they were just. I don't know it's it's one of those seniors got to keep Steve up in knighthood. He quickly takes the Nicor in the form of the fact that he is for all stars in three of the best scores on the planet seems so I'm sure we'll be fine. Right I mean I think in a way he probably goes through what a lot of warrior fans go through which is. Man that was ugly in and staff didn't look quite a ride it and I'm worried about a lot of things and men. And let them deal for all stars and 12 and three titles and you know let. So good. But to just go to TD one when I really need comfort. We've got a coach in the building so if you wanna know what's gonna happen if you wanna know. What the right coaching adjustments are mean now's the time to ask coach 8889579570. 95795. For the Penske auto sales dot com text Lyon and more. With coal ski in coach Keating coming up Brett if it is some ninth some game. Great yeah. Every work back there. I'm ankles his coach Kerry Keating alongside. Me and look we got lots of basketball to talk we got lots of basketball guests coming up Tim McMahon of ESPN Logan Murdock of the Merck. That kind of has a nice ring to increase he writes in who covers Houston for the AP but. Before we get there because Tim's coming up about an hour from now what the know is your chance at. Ask coach if we got a basketball coach in the house I got a lot of questions but. You know if you wanna get and we viewers 889579570. The phone number Penske auto sales are context lies not 5795. And that's. Is where we get this one. In which. Maybe laughter and the brake coach. Forgive me if purity answered this question just got into a call arm don't worry 95 we have not addressed this yet what would you do to free step up from getting his brains beat him. But that hasn't you know that's a good point and something that's kind of gone I would say unnoticed but I think it is a is it is a scouting. Emphasis for the rockets. Because I did notice I would step was off the ball he's walking he's. You know he's their dear biting him on every possible. Opportunity they get on offense and on defense. So so there's no escape from that and everyone's saying well he's really got to guard James Harden in the switches and that's gonna happen because there. They're gonna create those mismatches are gonna get what they want defensively. When they're trying to create the the match ups that they want for Harden. But Chris Paul is notorious for using his body. When you're watching the ball someplace else. Off the ball well on defense on offense he is it's like a championship fight woods' body blow body able waterborne. You don't want to let him get the ninth round because if you guess and ninth rounds in a knock you out so he got aware of down and obviously staff. Knock you out the third quarter past they're trying to beat him up. What I think I I'd like to see. Is it really depends on how the game formally its early as I I wanna step to come out in game two. And have house money with a 111 or no we and just let it rip yeah and I think he's a little bit beat up and tired of fatigue we talked after a little bit about how it's difficult to come back. From all that time off and you gotta get you ceilings on here. But I think you you this year return especially at home. So a lot more pin downs missed directions. Callais and staff involved in moving off the ball. Whether dream on his handling it or Andre whoever that may be if it's KD. Putting him in screening situations but also side to side movement so she can dictate his effort. You you mentioned and I'm sure we'll talk some more tonight about Kobe Bryant's new series within its hand in detail. And he just did a breakdown on tape you don't. And the one thing that I gleaned from that is Kobe talking about conserving energy yeah especially in the playoffs. I don't need to waste energy on this move is it struck me like how they. They're really good players that know they need to be on the floor 35 maybe even forty minutes because this into the season it's it's win or go home. They know how to conserve energy so with the rockets are doing is they're taking his energy away from him they're not letting him dictate that he's got to dictate. How he exerts his energy. Especially on the offensive and make them work just as hard. I'd I'd expect to see when Steffi doesn't have the ball on his hands. A lot more what we've been accustomed to elite over the last few years is him moving off the ball extensively. Need to have better screeners out there when Moody's in the game. With what even even if it's Andre. You certainly want to have the better players screened for each other cause confusion but those guys need to be good screeners I think one thing you do in the gate. What step has has not had a a lot of success with the making shots is move more and I think we'll see a lot more than once on that. You know you said in and I think everyone realizes this to use some degree that. Houston's going to get those mismatches of that's gonna end up guarding James Harden once in a lot there that being said it is he's guarded. Either Harden or Paul in isolation more in those first two games then he had to guard just about anyone all year long so obviously they're doing a really good job of that but. I think also. To some degree the warriors weren't necessarily trying not to have that happen they were saying. Wolf take these ice so's. At the cost of not letting other guys loose and hurt us now in game two they did anyway but I think there other reasons for that. My question regarding staff would be one thing that's been made of big point of with LeBron and the Celtics is. When the cavs hunt mismatches. The Celtics were really good job sort of tagging out of them. If for lack of a better well off the ball there really good at that it is that. And approach the warriors could take as their approach has just always been now we just switch everything and we'll take what we get. It's not out of the ordinary for the warriors. And much in the same way that Cleveland that boss Austin is switching. When they have switches back off the ball so they switched quick that's dream on sports that went when the warriors are really cook and on defense. Frame on his vocal whether hundreds on the floor or not he's vocal. He's a dictator out there. He calls plays and calls rotations. He will priest switch. Lazy actions before they have to be switched so that miss which essentially becomes exactly what you want Brett. We're not really seen that from dream on just yet and I think a large part of why that wasn't able to happen even though probably didn't matter hindsight is offense and just were not good. Was the rockets were moving the ball a little bit quicker. They did get I Sousa didn't. Dribble it lesser passive more than just more effective and when they did that. And they got there in their corner shooters are better rhythm earlier as opposed to lay where there's pressure because that time is on. Run down on the clock. This is the Celtics are doing a fairly decent job of early tags. And making sure that they have all arms and legs and lane and bodies in a bronze vision Cleveland a different animal cause they're essentially a one man show. But I think we need from the warriors is more of a return to dream on being the dictator out through the defense events. And whatever that needs whatever it doesn't matter really who starts in that fifth spot from that perspective. Because they need to be downed in three dream on so that. These rotations he's roles are doing a good job tagging capella early and that's why they've kind of limited and they stopped his progress. What that means a quarter threes are gonna be openly warn is good in game one I was seeking to. But I I think this is. As much as many steps to bounce back we need dream on really fully engaged in this want from a defense standpoint to help the team effort yet. And it's interesting you put it that way because obviously you'll all of that is from a technical aspect how he has to be engaged to help the team defensively but I think also. From an emotional aspects. Him being engaged in his normal feisty dream on the way from the opening tip of facts. The way the game plays out in in a bigger wave that I think most guys because. If he's playing that level of defense and he's barking at everybody in the first three minutes and it you know if the if there's a bad turn over he's yellen and someone's face who. He probably shouldn't be yelling at it. It gets the whole team in that rhythm which we never really saw in game two. He made me think it is and I'll throw this out there and never really said this before you really thought about it but as much as staff Kuwait keyed the effect transition. I think they got it affects the rough that do warriors transition office more than anybody else's drama. Because that all sorts starts in the defense of them right at any coach will tell you that. That transition. On both ways starts are obviously other ranks you go from one end to the other but from an offensive standpoint. That's why turnovers and our killer because especially eyeball term. Live ball turnovers are elected the death knell for any team China winning game went on championship because. In May I used to tell our guys and was coaching like if you don't have a choice. And and you and you you have to do it and have to turn over but if we're gonna turn over via aggressive. And let's let's not do it while the ball the clock or are in play right get it out of bounds the same thing when the clock was going down and you know I actually said is that it turn over I brought you turn your back to the basket closure eyes and roared overhead the device tell funny story about them at. Do those second year I was coach and actually did that and made the shot. There's like thirty feet where Michael don't turn the ball over I'd rather you stand here turnaround from a back investments through my head. Went right and and of course America's like well we can do with that in advance out of this is really he's you know I got crap Nextel got to throw like. Wade in my left out of bounds but my point was that has a chance to go India. Getting back personal point drain amount affects the warriors transition office. You we've seen in plenty of times here oracle where he goes coast to coast because the transition defense is so worried. About clay about staff about whoever's on the floor sometimes even and Andrei injury in my get uncontested dunks and layups. At the expense of the defense because they're worried about and we we knew that in the Cleveland Syria gas a couple of years ago. Their game plan was to let them get thoughts and fanned out to three his watch these guys go by. To your point drain drain mind to me is the key guy during our staff will be staff will come back his shots will go in he's not the greatest shooter for nothing. Clay and will find his rhythm but a dream on. Always really has been a really is the biggest key to this thing get this thing right on Sunday. Questions for coach coming in nice to have lots more written down so we're not going to run out those you wanna call 889579570. Is the number will get to a 12 here's one from the text line and I'm gonna change slightly hidden. What this 323 text your wrote was out of the dubs plan to make hard and work on defense like game one I'm not sure that's. Quite break as what I saw in game one was James Harden not doing anything on defense and just standing in the middle of the floor. I guess may be a different way of asking that question is how much of the warriors easy game one offense came from James Harden just not playing defense. It's well hardens look hardened players who relate to call scores the fan since improved and I as I mentioned. No it's a two way game and defense in effect offense but. Hope hard needs to be on the floor for them offensively so he knows it yet. And it's not just that the lower levels when you have the best kid on on Youth League team or even high scores a lot of times in college where. I know coach had taken me out because someone is score that's right he has that mentality and and that's kind of OK with the Ansonia. He's not can exert a lot of energy on defense now back to what I was saying earlier. I I think the movement from side to side that is as proficient in the war is when their paths the early averaged like 270 to pass and they're passing his low. It was a it was a byproduct of Katie cook an early get the passing was low in game two they just didn't play well. So two different ways to get to where they didn't need to be they need to be it to 3032 when he number. Where the ball's moving side to side. I think you'll see it early. You will go back to the the the I was the sooners at the games will be there on Sunday if the first play of the game. Isn't three or four passes and clay coming off of pinned down on the right side in the elbow jumper with three. Then I'll know we're in trouble if I see that earlier in the first very first play of the game were back through need to be and to get hardened to have to guard. Not a mismatch in the sense were hard Mike Hsu on the ball he can dance on your dues step backer drive you. Get him where he's got to guard staff for clay on the move. That's where you're gonna find these why gas open shots when it goes from once the other because as soon as there's a traffic cop switch where the defense doesn't touch each other or or talk it out or he gets hit by any type of contact. That ball gets whipped around because no one pressures the ball in the NBA on passes anymore not that they really did but they'll let you pass the ball. That's how you got to really get hardened. Ineffective on defense and maybe get Stefan or and or play in a better at them. Let's go to the phone lines ray in Oakland what's going on man. Hey guys great spirits and I. Just a couple things. I was. I would. Looking at this that and I think runaway fifteen games been awarded sixteen game. Home playoff winning streak so. And now what is that basically what a five game series coming up at the work site here's you know about that I've now are 13 win that thing and we have. Re edit the next four at home so we keep this streak going. And you know we get to move on we don't wanna get to the game seven you have to go to Houston so much collected for the coaches. Does he get these guys if you're the coach. And I'm a big leg you know history street guy so if you're the coach pat you. You get these guys come down they let you got three in the next four at oracle a few. You know you edit that that back in October. Everyone what it took it right so. There is an export UN three. You can applaud take one game at a time. Stayed focused. Play your game try to get he got it right now they're hearing people saying the other boys can't do Wear her cute and got in there add that Matt. I think I like CI. Syria and export home go to what he's seeing how are out and get those guys refocus to take it one game at a time and not hear all the noise coming from the media. I think given historical. Concert context that you put in where they're winning at home and oracle has now turned into a very formidable home court advantage in that sense. I would expect coming out of the game two loss that the fans and oracle. They'll be hyped you know they'll be ready the team deathly feeds off that news it's been now been said since they had role players in the Toyota senator. In PJ Tucker and Trevor res how role players play better at home yup but you'd expect everybody to play well maybe David West gets rejuvenated from coming back home and having his little. Comfort area over there in the tunnel winds off off Leo office floor killed by credit it the you have creature comforts of home. Staffs not taken. Hallway freeze that's right for the game and there are there a routines that happened at home not just from living in your own house and super your own bed. But your game day routine you dictate that and that's very important for these guys especially when you see a guy like staff. Who has a pretty extensive pregame routine. I think collar between the nail on the head leg lock out the noise. Which would that you know nowadays with three days it's hard. Sure we were we saw Stephen A Smith complaining ins. Accusing. Dre amount of sub tweeting through his mom about Qaeda he like Hamas like. It's it's never gonna end when you're at this point and they're trying to chop you down but you have the comfort of coming back home. And really is this comes down to the beginning of the game and I think you have to come out a good start the sense matter of not turning the ball over carelessly. Being aggressive on both then setting a physical tone because I'm sure there watching the film and seeing all the they'll break down a show on the physically how do you off the ball it's fish or stolen stuff. Finding better ways to put KD's and AKD's isolation game into the bag where it's not. Stand and watch at the expense of moving the ball making the defense worked. What about Katie isolation that that kind of goes unknown is. He's really good at it. Put all the things we just talked about it doesn't force the defense to to have to work yeah this is one of the reasons why Nick Young was able to play in the first game. And Steve roll the dice and kinda haze just in case players step for making threes because he knew he had to make this to counteract the fifty that are gonna go up the rockets. The rockets don't portion of making decisions on defense and they don't complain more on offense. It's kind of the same thing now you made it easier on the rockets by now move in the ball. You were relegated to TD going to isolation because he's the dad's gonna score 3540 maybe puts on his back needed shot. But the defense is a working. So now all that energy and again talking about Kobe conserve energy and power conserving energy for the rockets at home where they're making shots we're not make it work on defense they're going back down on offense. With seemingly more fresh legs and the result is a war is lost so. You gotta use that momentum the crowd at the creature comforts. The routine. The home buckets and maybe some bench guys. That are you able to play better because role players may play better at home but. Up Arthur in Antioch who seems to have a very very crazy idea our third go for a man. Bank. One particular part so the question I have is. I haven't Torre would decide if from a majority of being in this series. It's an orthodox. But I wonder just written series 20. Look and the fact that how much better. Curry makes other people on the floor. If there were being your value to bring him off the bench you know bring him with David West bring him whereas some of the other players. Make it no better at the same time keeping and also on the floor pretty much the entire course it. And win executions bring an end their you know I guess. Lester invests. You have curry and the DOT deceased. You know and you don't have to worry about any defense as we're seeing her there any Annika so anyway this one in which it got started on their. It's always like the the golden goose if you will like who we can bring stuff off the bench. It's really hard to bring one of the best players ever half of Paris I mean I get where a lot of fans are saying it it's it seems easy enough to do that. And I and I think also part of that is people look at staffer go I is a heck of a guy. If any Hillary okay with exactly if any of the fifteen greatest players of all time would be willing to attempt. You know I. I'd like to hear the Mike up conversation that TNT had between staff and error pregame. OK you know staff we're gonna have to bring our best tonight I'll be bleeping out everything the steps that have you lost your belief in my like molecular dispute all out assault but. I think keep the caller answered his own question staff makes everybody better. Then and into ways he makes everybody better because of his skill level because his ability stretch the floor. Obviously to make shots be a threat the defense and then draw the biggest thing is he draws attention we talked again do we mentioned about that. Game plan that Cleveland had two years ago where was fanned out to threes take away their threes at all costs even if it meant giving up dunks in transition which was just completely crazy. And I obviously didn't work. I think you have to put your best players in the floor we're gonna talk about this later about who. Kerr should star in how this starting rotation may have affected the psyche which I I think it has a little bit of something to do. With how the how the games get started and why he probably should stick with what he has now near. He got to put your best players before I think in this type of series when you get to this late in the game in the NBA in her purse say the better defense is usually win the championship because the offense is. Figure with a camps themselves out you gotta put your best team on the floor so. I don't think that's coming off the bench until he's in his last contract when he's he's mentoring tray young. As our next step Korean if he is on the warriors both he and trader whoever that may be I think steps probably gonna find himself starting for the rest his career. At I think stiff Currie is more likely to come off the bench when he is playing like Steve Kerr verses being coached by Steve car. We can have a Carmela reactions that. Food French. Rail like these guys 10 yeah I mean and that time is not just Carmelo that is. Between. My mind in looking at the history of basketball in my lifetime there's two different ways superstars age one is the Carmelo which you know Allen Iverson is another one that jumps to mind where it's just now I'm who I am and I'm gonna keep being that until I can't anymore and if that's the defense your attitude. It's an end a lot sooner. Or you're the guy like Vince Carter who says are well. I wanna hang around so ominous figure out how to knock down some threes and be valuable in fifteen minutes a game. As fund hypothetically say that you know what a pre brush stuff off the bench and what kind of threat would that be becomes and in the six minute mark of the first quarter of the we might have missed six minutes of Jamaican five reasons exactly is that staff will be starting for the rest whiskers it's. It's it's fun to speculate especially when you have a little turmoil in the 11 series right now with plenty of time to recover and two home games coming up. Well and it just it also I mean let's be honest it's speaks to how tremendous this team is. Vet. We would even be able to find anyone in the Bay Area to suggest. A lineup change that puts stuff on the bench after they literally went to Houston and got a split and took home court advantage back and if they'd. Take care of their home court will be sitting pretty and none of this will matter at all without stuff playing well that's right that's right and he has yet to actually. Have a good games so all of this at some level comes back to the fact that our standards. For this warrior team have just gotten so ridiculously high and a 95 text or speaks that this is madness. It's one game Maurice shot that from three but they still got the split he's coming off shooting 44% against the pelicans. This is all crazy talk there on the path to the finals pardon was three for sixteen from three. Everybody calm down everybody just calm down well. This is the problem was giving us four days in between games two and three of the Western Conference finals is well we can't help but get excited. Now is your chance to get in and get your questions to coach Keating we got a basketball coach in the building. Gonna have basketball guests throughout the evening but another forty minutes of or so of your calls magical ski Kerry Keating witty on 95 cent in the game. In 957. His return we are back. Tackles he and coach Kerry Keating and talked in the warriors with you. 888957957. The phone number you can always text us. Ahmet Penske auto sales duck context line 95795. And feel free to tweet if you like that better as well I'm doing my best to monitor. As he got questions for coach now's the time 'cause today gives guests heavy in not too long Tim McMahon of ESPN joins us. About thirty minutes from now he's covering. The Western Conference finals for ESPN. Before I go back out to the phone lines. You mentioned. Role players playing better at home I think that's something we hear a lot from Steve Kerr and and certainly a lot after game to win the rocket role players went often. One of the guys who played a key role all year long and hasn't gotten much in the way of meaningful minutes this series yet is David West. How much of that in your mind is the idea of Weill won't get home will be more comfortable that'll be a better spot Foreman how much is that these matchups make it tough physically. For them to find a spot form. Now for him he'd be the one exception to the role players as well as better at 08 years old Fiat. And he's an all star of former all star and really for a large part of the season was a key guy if not the key guy. Obviously not just off the bench but in general for the warriors and it's been strange ever since he went out desist. Situation I am just kinda has been the same me it's almost like he got removed from a rhythm that he's he was really in. Midrange shots really pass the ball well. I think he's a big key moving forward not just a series but hopefully pass it because. You need to place them inside out to counteract some of the defensive. Schemes you're gonna see in and bring the defense and it's it's easier to defend a team that shoots threes and plays outside in if you start outside. If you force defenses in the NBA to really sink inside. And be concerned with. The warrior at their best when they're cut the basket and getting lay ups and it was in the post is and agreeing cheerleader that's exactly where I'm headed with that I think he's a key player in this thing. It's easy to say that he that guy's arm plane because they can't defend the other team. Blair at some point you have to utilize what their offensive strength starters well and figure it out on the other random Nazi gang gone back to my initial point why I think dream on. Is so important thing you can do that. When dream runs on the floor. David West can play in this series when dream on is fully engaged. Playing the four spot and David that the five. Whether he ends up on an island with guys like to say guarding Chris Paul or James hard or not. They'll figure out ways that that doesn't happen there are physical ways to stop that from happening there are pre switches. That stop that from have a dream I can easily be in the offside and they seek appellate coming up and bring in. You know David West and he waves off the US takes it and Alec dream I go update you can hide daddy there with. Believe me there's ways to engage in that I think David West still hasn't had as a part in this. I need I hope that he does because I think he's a key part for the offense. And I don't think you need to worry about his defense he gave him in the minutes with the right lineup on the floor. I'll dream on being at his side. Let's go back out to the phone lines Eric in San Francisco. What do you forests. They were so guys I wanted to talk about. Toward. Adjustment he made yet seen in recent modern sports history come up a lot to get in the biggest factor. Well obviously you know stops were blown out by KP but. Can you can't let the rockets were all guys get off and specifically are talking about. You know Tucker got off to an arena but. To meet their biggest factor out aren't all the guys could drop thirty plus any time Eric Gordon so how do you need them. Trying to close out an air court not when you're all back guy. It is go and he you can incredibly dangerous and open up. You know everybody else including capella down low so hardy is Kirk and the coaching staff are gonna make sure that that game two was just a one time. Isolated moment and you're not gonna get off the rest of the series. Yeah and I would add to Eric's pointed. It's doubly important with a Gordon because we saw in game two once he hits a couple. He starts tossing and nonsense. Well he's I said after game one I thought it might be and Ryan Anderson resurgence but certainly came to Gordon to Gordon. Everyone say come to the playoffs coming series he's venture alleged Roland. Look he's put too much time in his body's gotten better. He's a six man. Of the year player. Especially on a roster that. It's funny your callers say puts stuff on the bench well Houston has its they got a guy can make six or seven on threes and Gordon himself and if he can't take that away is he's gonna back up he's gonna go out to thirty feet in that's gonna create more space. The only few can try to do is get some more length on him to make those shots a little bit more difficult. It's transition really is where you are concerned with them I think in half forty can be somewhat neutralize all though. The one shot he threw up on the merits a turnaround fadeaway three pointer and no one stop a match when the baskets five times as big because your confidence is so high right you know you're finally busted out of many slob everything's gonna go win. You gotta gotta get to him in transition that you are hard to neutralize a guy like that fully in the half court he's gonna get his shots maybe put some weight on them. But in transition really really had and that all goes back again to the other end where limit your turnovers. Limit your bad shots. Get better shot selection transition defense starts with taking care of the ball and the ball going in. Really is the biggest key to transition defense because now I have to take and actually take it out however fast they do that. It's fast it's it's less time. Then they turn over of course and of course it missed shot especially bad one. Where the other guys before aren't expecting any can't get back. You gotta let the he can't let Gordon get going transition he gets going and transition. It it gives the other team you know Paul Harden. That's a big key and steal the interest things that I found was Trevor Ariza had six assists someone get that. He's is the most assists he's had a game all season. He he he had five assists twice in the first time of those two in the prior 82 Reyes isn't sweltering night wars so don't. When Wendy weigh as much as Gordon is a key to making shots and maybe when his transition. It's the unadulterated passing and guys making shots through Trevor reason. More than anything else they're secondary got their dream my green if you dream I'll leave the wars and assess that's that makes sense and you have scores like this run get a facilitator of their. The guys skilled and can pass like coach Trevor you sit way. This is a personal here very always been a skilled player you know always had that link that ability to pass the ball so. Know you've gotta you gotta pressure the ball certainly but you gotta limit their transition because. You get them going in transition and shots are going to especially on the road. They're coming off a win. I can be Dicey. That is the voice coach Kerry Keating and if you wanna ask coach questions now is your time this one coming from the tax line 95795. If you wanna jump in there. And I'm gonna take this and run with Nik Aziz jumping right into my wheel house sees as coach I think Quinn cook is much better than Nick Young what do you think now. Before we get too dependent that. I kind of agree most importantly I feel like. Other than height. Which is just the number could. Quinn could gives you everything Nick Young gives you which may be more responsibility from a mental perspective. And in my mind. If Quinn cook misses his first few jumpers you don't immediately after pull off the floor like I feel you've got to do with Nick Young are you surprised that it's young they're going to for potentially a couple of bonus three pointers as opposed and queen cup. Fran not really because I think Nick's. Knowing this is properly. Defensive inadequacies. Of my but also mental. Free yes yes it is is a bonus for him and I Steve mentioned that. That. Nick can play anywhere at anytime any circumstance. And still shoot enact the same way right that's it let's term most of us who look at that as a detriment. And it is a lot of the time it is but in this case in what's he's doing and rightfully so one would make Steve. So good is he's he's taking his best strained and even his greatest weakness. And making industry keys to reverse Peter principle guy. He's right he's not gonna let his greatest strength become his greatest weakness he's in stevens' turn his greatest weakness into his greatest strength. We perceived weakness to be limited defensively. Someone out in left field. Yea can make shots if he's not then what uses it well he can make shots. So forget about all the other things and it worked in game one will happen again in game three. I don't I just don't see him putting Quinn cook much to the sense of of even Jordan bell. Putting putting rookies in that position. On the road in this in this type this late in the season is tough to do. Especially guy I was a two way player is picked up at the end because of injury to Patrick or call. Both of them can make shots I think that's their best to mention right now. And I think this series in particular with Chris Paul and James Harden up of course probably call for a little bit more of a defensive ability and size. If if you could quit coach guy James Harden CP three and it'll be like Romney and you know diligence especially CP three my goodness wouldn't that. That's very true go right to the post I think if he gets Quinn cook. Yeah that's it's not going to be good for anybody. One thing since you mentioned Jordan bell there. There's so much made of the switch ability. And how the warriors could use athletic schism in many ways he just seems like such a perfect. Option for this series do you think coming home. They will have the confidence to use them. I thought before the series started that they would use them and I and I I can see now why they did in the first two games especially on the road. I don't know we need to put too much into the home road thing MS Sheffield play breakfast you're gonna be a starter. Which looks like he may be that guy next year release is being great like him to be let out to be. It'll be easier to give him a little bit of burn depending on the score and circumstance and hype and for.