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Sunday, June 24th
Dubs are looking for a big man in the offseason could Dwight Howard fill that need for the Warriors? Kolsky and Butcher Boy break down Brain Haywood's comments about the issue with Dwight Howard. Michael Lee Senior Writer for Yahoo Sports.com talks about the difficulty of keeping Dwight Howard happy on the offensive end. Matt and Joe ask Michael about Melo opting into his option in OKC.

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A documentary and then in the 85 they win this will 86 Joseph has back surgery didn't think he was gonna play again so he traded. In 87 for Steve young and Ron Amadon. Still want to give it a viking game get your facts straight before you come up with a well the match. His knowledge cut off populism and I'm 57 game tedium CFM an HD one KG and he sentences for the radio home of the 2018. And B eight champion Golden State Warriors and plenty of basketball talk upcoming we will have Michael Lee. Yahoo! Sports and NBA senior writer. Joining us in about thirty minutes but. To finish up on these giants subject first. I guessed it the two guys were looking at specifically right now. Our our Hunter Pence and Jeff so Marge isn't this a margin question. Has to just looking into the some larger question has convinced me that. If the giants. Do you consider themselves a contender and all are serious about being buyers that the trade deadline and look. We don't know that will largely be determined by what happens on the field over the next month but. For the sake of argument let's say they are interested in getting something to improve the team. Early on I think there was consensus solve all the injuries but these young guys having to get in there. Starting pitcher was the way to go. The law this goes on the last convinced I am that it would be worth. Because the starting pitchers you'd add don't super excite me. You're talking about either older mediocre basically Cole Hamels or Chris archer that's a reach call right and I like Cole Hamels and that's a reach targets and frankly are you sure Cole Hamels or Chris archer is going to be significantly better than Derek Rodriguez or Chris Stratton I'm not I'm not convinced either so. The more I think about it and you know. Brought up again with Hunter Pence getting the start today the more I believe that it's left field or outfield in general. That they would actually wanna go after. If they're trying to improve this team heading into the trade deadline so I have a few names for you I'd love to hear this now there's one name that in my mind stands way above the others. And I don't know how they get him. I don't know how they'd afford them because as. Ahmed Fareed told us and as everyone has said all year long they've really don't want to go over this luxury tax threshold in their very very close to it and I know it's your idea. Looks but we're talking about what the hell and now you I don't know what they should and now. So. I don't know how they would get him but. The number one top name on the list for me on 2% by a mile would be Adam Jones in Baltimore. Love that fire bet to me is probably the only established. Really high quality outfielder that's gonna be on the market. Again pride too expensive both in terms of prospects you'd have to give because the giants don't have much and in terms of money you'd have to pay so that's not especially likely. Here are some names that I think might actually be within reach if they want them. Have you heard of Derek Dietrich. He asks and doesn't excite me OK I understand none of these names are going to excite you hit. That's it's important you understand before we go through there to serve this list I'm I think not a single one of these names will be particularly exciting let me give you some information out there give me Dietrich 78 U games 280 plate appearances this year. Derek Dietrich is a 292 hitter with ten homers 27 RBIs fifteen doubles. And 35 runs court that's better than any outfielder we have right now on gore he's having a monster year that's right he's playing better than Gorky so far this year. In. Probably a little less opportunity I would guess and of Gorky stats in front me but. He would be an upgrade over Hunter Pence by a mile he's got more bats than Gorky east yet so. That's that's guys playing really well Miami's team trying to get rid of guys plus. That's a guy who you know most of the cheap players you'd be looking at are probably. 3032. Don't like that he's at 28 year old and Miami specifically has. Look up and down your farm system because you try to work a trade with stand so you would have to think there would be. At least intrigue and knowledge on the farm system on both offense and win in all likelihood Andrew McCutcheon leaves at the end of the year. Potential future like that part of the outfield and very very good I like that okay. Here's another guy who I'm very familiar with he's been hurt most of this year and relatively disappointing but. He did have a hit today if you were watching BA is a game and he had is an incredible year last year and that is obvious they'll Garcia. Not gonna be a very great defender but it's capable on defense and I'll just give you his. 2017. Line 330 average. 85 OP yes. Had eighteen homers and eighty driven in and a 136. Gain. He's a corner outfielder for the White Sox yes yet so my question do you is on the on the White Sox. What are they looking to get back in return for a player like this what do you think Demi and they'd searching for a top prospects because that's a name that I'm not up and probably not and snow pro. Only not for have a cell com he believed would be. You have one more year of arbitration eligibility. He's at 20/20 free agent and you know they were hoping for a good year from him this year after the break out year last year but. He's been hurt mostly and they got a lot of young players so I imagine he could be had relatively affordably and you know keys. Arbitration eligible so he wouldn't hurt them too much financially could he play right field and AT&T park if need be. Questionable podcasts play left the okay let's go nuts that have been left because right bill does that and Democrats it was a tough job but he's bad he's he's the little big of not not fat but. He's a big dudes who doesn't move great for somewhere like AT&T right feels he's not Dmitri and he has helped snuck. If it's certainly not post career Dmitri Young affect are. Nick Castellano does that mean anything I actually like this name OPEC policy in Detroit tiger. One of the youngest names on my list he's only 26 so he's. Also but also just one year of arbitration eligibility. And he so far this year 74 games 321 plate appearances 300 hitter nine homers 41 RBIs yes Detroit's looking. The sell off I mean Cabrera missing their lesson here they are resold JD Martinez last year at the deadline that would be very intriguing name. I like that and another guy arbitration eligible so I'm not going to. The smash your payroll cap. And the giants love those arbitration eligible guys they did it with Matt Moore if you remember and it. Bought out and then ask a cast so that that's that's something and they have done I think if it was Shea Hillenbrand and Ryan Garko even though they didn't take that those guys up on those offers have it why would those guys are also. Here's another younger guy you Domingo Santana. Of the Milwaukee Brewers now. It would not walking there's there's so good in the standing because they don't need to lock got you so. He's tank he's that having a down year compared to last year he has to 78 here last year we is thirty homers and 85 RBIs big breakout year. But he's on the bench a lot this year because he's not hitting the ball. So that is a situation where if you could pry him away. You wounded the. And again this is where the giants like her prospects is a problem but. If you could primal way you'd be thinking this is a guy with future potential who might be able to give us a little pop this year and I'd be willing to part with a B. Who I don't write seed making the rotation. Anytime soon so we just got a text from 510 forget about castle on us it would take too much to get him but. The thing about that is meaning meaning is enough via. And yak Hezbollah's also placed third but the players a lot of outfield. In fact I don't think he's played third at all this year. No yeah his last third base was was last year so. Capable outfielder younger player Detroit's trying to sell off and yeah he's at 26 year old. Future potential. Strong player at least if not all star future potential quality everyday player so don't want something form. But it is Tyler BD and off maybe is Kershaw I don't know yet or who said. It's not gonna bring him up maybe he's desirable in the American League and he totally fits that American League profile. That's a good point. I didn't think about that and did he has more value. Fern American League team and someone he exactly you know and I well you know I beat this thing with these first trap pitchers that the giants with pierce Johnson once Shura tapped first round pitcher. It kind of follows you around it everyone thinks that they can shine that thing up bright and making good again you know yeah that's true and beating. The look I think he came up too early I don't I don't feel I don't necessarily feel like we should judge how to be on what we saw in that one start. Either highly considered prospect so. The question is more whether you'd be willing to part with them I think. He certainly has some value maybe not the value he had a year and a half ago but some value in the trade market. And what if the giants were to trade a Suarez. Or dare Rodriguez for one of these guys I think. I think I'd I'd get you frustrated there yet until May will not so Marsha yes you would not wanna give up one of the one of the young pitchers that has played for you this year in exchange for cable outfielder he had no. Because I'm I'm growing and attach it to those guys are likely and seen I think that they're ready to contribute right now on the one flaw for this fraud for this giants team of the last years is. They have to go out free agency and dumped a ton of money into the starting pitching so if I can develop homegrown starting pitching that can get beat comparable output to the ninety million I gave. Some larger. I I just. Not to these guys are Lincecum and Cain but they're really solid and like I think there's a case could be made for. Developing that third fourth fifth starter and not overpaying for in free agency every year. I do wonder. If well see okay so here here's the thing about paying a guy like just the margin when you do it. You had enough via right so I like. It's not. Met ridiculous of a contract viewed in context what they gave some margin initially. It's just now home. She's now you've got the young guys down so. He's not war vet to you anymore he may very well be worth that to someone else maybe. Maybe you could get some form an offseason. I don't know that he's a trade deadline target for anybody now but it. But I think what if you could find a way to swap him for someone's fourth outfielder that would be the worst thing in the world that's why. If the giants and I am trying to do you got to try to mix of Marge did the most is Arab League possibly beat. Put the small winnable situations. Like out of the bullpen somebody has some. Goodwill built up in that equity department so that may be another team just hey you don't like how the giants you didn't create Z I know he's not the greatest but you'll help us who he thinks. It be great if they commit someone of that but I've a feeling you're gonna see him right back in the giants' starting rotation speaking of overpaid free agents. I think that's a category that Dwight Howard has fit in among more than one occasion in his NBA career he is not. Likely to be overpaid in his next freeagent spot. Could that spot being right here. With the Golden State Warriors. Michael leave of Yahoo! sports' NBA joins us coming up at 630 but we get back into it. Coming up next do you want to Dwight Howard on the Golden State Warriors if you can afford him assuming he's willing to stick the pay cut. Which you're welcome to whites into the war your family 888957957. He our phone number. 95795. As the Penske auto sales dot com text line it's Nichols in Jewish ASCII skating. And I if I said in the game. Now back at Comiskey is she asking me. On the whole 120 gay teen NBA champions tonight finds seventy. We are back so rankles me just ask Amanda Benson and again what's. This commercial that just ripped this just. Kendrick beat off San and also talking about. I forget what it is now if Perry but there's some commercial must be airing a lot in sports there's a stuck in my brain. Where they just do what is believed only a rip off of the humbled beat. Anyway. Back to the Golden State Warriors and we will talk MBA with Michael Lee of Yahoo! Sports and about ten minutes but we talked a little about yesterday am and bring it up again today. Old stay wars are looking for a big men. What do we need that big man to do well they need to play defense and rebound the basketball protect the rim a little bit. When a lot of the other guys on the floor are small provide the completes. Set of defensive center skills that no single player on their roster last year could offer. Now clearly they hope to get some of that from damion Jones they hope to get some. Undersized big minutes at the five out of Jordan bell. But that if they lose to Obama and that's really all they've got on the roster in terms of size so naturally when Dwight Howard is bought out. Dwight Howard is brought up as a potential Golden State warrior. If he's willing to take the pay cut which he has made comments suggesting he might being. You can understand obviously why he's an on court it still were having the conversation about Dwight primarily because. Nobody really likes this guy off the court. And and that applies to people like you and me who don't know him. But it apparently also applies to people who do know him and I think one of the most interesting things. Involving mrs. is hearing what other players think of Dwight so before. I get your take mr. chassis I wanna get the take a former NBA center Brendan hay would it. Who. Well let's just say he does not have very positive feelings about mr. Howard. This is this accident. Search teams that when I talk to people behind scenes but luckily I hated to an hour. I must you'll Charlotte is rebuilding. Or they're just trying to get Dwight Howard out of everybody was clear the locker room did not like Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard has the look at these trade look himself in the mirror. And realize. Why my guys there's averaged a double double every year my career Graham gave pass or probably my contracts run and it simply because. How he goes about his business database in deadlock when he's not the guy that's Ron Ross left people in the face but hard to deal with doesn't accept responsibility. Has bad tendencies awful body language and so all these things contribute to wide. He was shipped out of Charlotte. Guys were just sick and tired of is that our hope is the wake of corporate way I still think he has some good years left. But here's a look himself and Amir is a wide to all my team it's not like me what can I am different you know I can't always be. Is fearful. When you've been to three to fortify locker rooms and is the same story every time with fourteen to fifteen different guys every year did its. Something that jumps out to me about that I referenced this thing I heard many years ago lot. Scott Skiles as the coach of the Chicago Bulls. Indeed you're ever high horse comments. Yes I think is the third pick overall he was actually unbelievable and two K for his rookie year only. Yet while I was really he was out of LSU and absolute trampoline jumper there 124. I try to forget those days in the point is the center Seattle. He was never very good but that's actually as another dude it's just a name from the past the reason I bring up his name is because he is a guy. That Scott Skiles was talking about when he made these comments that I it was the first or second year for tires are never correct. And what's Scott Skiles said is. He thinks he's he thinks he's hustling. He thinks he's trying as hard as he can. But he'll learn that he's not. The concept being. Tyrus had not yet realized that being in shape means a different thing in the NBA and adamant in college that. Playing the right way means a different thing in the NBA that meant in college that. Closing out on a jumper that getting back on defense that all the little things. You take a whole other level seriously. There that much more difficult it that much harder to translate what you work on in practice the floor all that stuff. For obvious reasons it takes another level in the NBA. And I think you can apply that sort of thinking to Dwight Howard's attitude. He thinks. He's being better from an attitude perspective because he's. Keeping a positive. Because he's not bickering with the coach like maybe he did in Orlando or LA. Because he's not having active disagreements with teammates like maybe he did in Orlando or LA. What are doesn't realize is when he's being jovial and fun and silly to YE. A lot of the professionals. In the NBA look at that and say this guy doesn't care about the right things. And so he thinks he's doing a good job of keeping his nose clean and being good Dwight. Because he doesn't totally understand what the problem was in the first place. I would also add to that that this is the guys this is how good soulful yes yeah and help part of it and now like. I think NBA more so than any the other sports. When you get to the NBA level you have been coddled and and he comes from that original AA unification. That changed how we looking younger generations of sports on time you global sports and why it was one of those guys are member team on the cover ESPN magazine back when there were magazines and about how he was this kid from Atlanta I was going to be this huge rising star could go number one in the draft that was oak for enhancing drugs credit was good to light vs Okafor had well and it's just. I don't know it just wasn't the right pick by the line it would have been if it doesn't surprise me like you saw this is Darius Miles you've seen this with lots of different guys who. The really had a inflated self worth mama and what they what they believe in and this other thing how assays. How are these guys being challenged by teammates in their face like. Elisa bonds had a massive ego Jason Christiansen one of the few people that wanted to put is he has around its role in the last certainly and a at a cantor can sue how many guys have the guts to go to seven foot two guy that they don't think is you know. Maybe hustled all the way and and because everybody is getting paid like are you really gonna glide your way to really worry about him like I just think there's there's a lot to this yet and. And more the point what. Coaches historically have been unable to get what they want out of Dwight Howard because of all of the things they're talking about all these are the reasons. Why you might not want Dwight Howard on the warriors. All that being set. If you can get that kind. For the veteran minimum. What's the risk. What's really the risk the economy if you causes any serious problems but can even. If we think took the first of all the macondo. I don't think Dwight Howard's the worst in the league I think he's silly and goofy and a little bit of a space cadet and probably not the best teammate. I don't think he's a bad guy bit. It's impossible to be around that speculative but that's my judgment of Dwight Howard for whatever it's worth so. I don't think he's gonna come here and somehow ruined the warriors locker room but if he does anything that threatens it. And he's not giving you anything on the floor it's easy to cut a guy is making the veteran minimum my question to you when you say that. Would that preclude them from signing someone else though right you know not if they did not with the midlevel exception. But they would be in season and that other person that I guess hypothetically would take his spot would probably be on another team rank. Miller girl I'm saying. Veteran minimum for Dwight Howard I'm saying he's willing to take absolute minimum due not I'm not giving in the mid level exception. Because I believe they need to spend on someone making count got you okay what if Dwight Howard is willing to take the minimum after they already spend. Look here's the quote from Dwight Howard because that's I didn't want them to take a spot for him him not work out and then being left in the dark India roster spot but they have a few of them that's okay that's about it now. They've a few roster spots it's the financial spots. That are more sort of precious if you if you're a warrior and the worst. So there's that mid level exception number wearing give someone about five million a year and I'm not a guy I went back in I don't wanna give him yet exactly. But if you sign him. Just for the sake of argument Jamal Crawford we debt five million I don't think that but if it's Jamal Crawford of that five million. And Dwight wants to come play for the vet minimum one point three or whatever that dividends are being. Yeah and I would take at but I would also sail on the front and I'd like to see drain on to Iran Steve car. Have a conversation with them and say hey dude there's going to be nights you're gonna play the fourth quarter also that's what. Makes it like if they do it. You can trust it. 'cause you know those conversations are going on. At 314 text their dream model keep them in line if he sucks we off load of effort through the season. If for smaller would just be cutting and Katrina hit fifth is there's no offsetting model and unload them I'd dream almost human line maybe but at least if he. If they signed him. You know Bob Myers had a conversation with dream on and staff and Cady and clay and said. You guys wanna bring this guy and you think he'll be okay in the locker room and if they same old they're not sign in the play. It's like it's as intriguing as the player is as intriguing as the possibilities are. With him on the roster and what he can fulfill as far as their needs rebounding. You know some low post scoring from time to time provide better spacing I think he can give you a presence at the rim defensively and they need all those things. I would rather go the Ed Davis route the you know there. The last marquee unless proven to be it cancer type individual because I feel it once you allow that into the locker room. There might not be coming back from that and I would not want the end of this dynasty this run to beat remember when they brought in Jack you know Dwight Howard that was kind of the beginning at the end and they were all these chasm is in the in the locker room he's really things like hell cause problems that that to that degree. Feel like he has had a lot of success everywhere else he went out I don't think that's what he would do aren't fearful. Of that being the beginning if it ain't broke you hack gap but you know as I think people realize it broke. But that doesn't mean it doesn't need a little bit fix and around here. I do think however that we can ask someone with perhaps a little more knowledge of Dwight Howard the man at. About this very question as Michael Lee joins us NBA senior writer for Yahoo! Sports at mr. Michael Lee. On Twitter and Michael that Dwight how word it could he be a warrior conversation has really cropped up over the last couple days. Saul just ask you. Dwight Howard do you think he could be a warrior. Armed I don't know I'm on national that he would play wants right now first career. You know attract artificially now on how to record and it. He's not wanted this so he's in a ring chasing. But if he wouldn't let some outspoken you know. So I don't know if that's apparent that you wanted to do. To keep what he wants the opportunity. Which probably not the best paper and a at this stage of career might need to go some very. Is in Beijing and then you know become part of the team and actually except to roll. And that company yet and they would ever do that couple years though. Maybe you're straight maybe this experience and alternate. At stumbled on to the point where he might if perspective and where he has been in the past. So that they haven't opened it light it's the let's move from a short it is in terms of what he wants to do this career walk slower it. I know that he didn't want to ever be proceeded Reza reach age he wanted to play a prominent role. And now and whatever team EU on and take debt debt is rather like in situations because it's an entire. Well to let it keep me strong and a sort of makes him expendable. Though I can't I don't know. If you weren't take a lesser role he lamented. You know become you know that old and a contributor and just deep cancer rebound and except. And we're glad that's that's where he had been stated this career that maybe get a chance you know. I don't know if he can ever. Will be removed himself from being Superman it that they in his mind he still attack. Bush policy act and nab it yes it's about attic in any one that you know being in the and another. My Michael provide some clarity for me because I'm seeing a lot of speculation I don't know how to discern what the truth this why exactly was he traded. In this most recent deal to the net and why would they buy him out they could explain the logic behind both of those or the reasoning. For both of those moves. We're investing at great financial move on the chocolate test agent next summer test. Yet to next flat so they're real clear he's on the team and you know they don't I don't either and hammer haven't played important brokers in what he would just. Each shedding salary that I speak now. The problem they had in Atlanta gain. Charlie is that you know. Peace deal skills like cheap. Like Howard Superman you know. It and you need to get attached to its knees that it can inspect the bet it you know opportunities and. You know that's not Libya in being work now on day you know senate just remember armed and kitchen. And you know China is key a simple option that you want to be Opel. And out probably at Houston probably in Atlanta. That problem yet sure opportunity is where and then you know. He also look at election joke around at siren. And I so I'll wait that's what he does this sort of Matt is on its security. And it also matches. Accountability. Where he doesn't take things seriously when they need to be taken seriously. That they did that well the guys were all tickets. You know he'd demand that you should demand you know to be a focal point which inaccurate and actually be an injury. You know what you meant Specter or protected them you know to teach if he could spark. And so I think that there are a couple of days which is Charlie. Is seen it double act in in a world where out. And it literally cut it happening Charlie considering deep quicker. Well coached there and he was at the local Orlando days this might. That would be a pretty ideal situation for a minute limit and then he went to Atlanta is back in his hometown. Which seemed like and I guess situation and it wasn't so. On west well to be right situation for him take a lot of that depends. On where it like it is in what he wants to make edit his career I think you are a black and all saying he article that the numbers produced. Is that they keep leading active rebounder and NBA right now. So each in these very tidy cats at 230 years like she had a phenomenal. I'm Cory here. You know so that they can get ask themselves. What he want to make of this the latter part of his career because he will be very tree and December. And you know he's at dispute strict each season and had a chat let's figure out what they want the maker of arrest mr. weir because. What's what he's been asking himself what he wants him political year in atom and working with the changing. Yahoo! Sports senior NBA writer Michael Lee joining us on 9570 gaming will go from one highly paid individual with the aid questionable. Sense of self awareness to another in Carmelo Anthony who opted in to twenty million next year as anybody would in his position I'm short. If I am the thunder I am scandalized by that an incredibly frustrated by my decision to trade for him then and thinking about any. Possible way to get out from under that so my question to you is is there any possible way for the thunder. Say it. Rid themselves of Carmelo Anthony who. They may have wanted at one point but I have to imagine given his play and refusal to take a bench role they do not want anymore. Al thank you want to anymore either yeah that's what that money you know and I I cannot go forward you know your net Internet. Check worsened a pivotal. But that date dead key what you expect it to happen in Oklahoma City not accelerate what occurred. I don't think he understood the camps. Epstein there and that Caribbean my assistant to mr. rush. And you got to Canada it's getting hit and hit it this state history try to do a repeat it to accommodate. It you know come competition sort of some you wanna do an amber talk at 20 but it veteran NBA player. And you tell me that you know Carmelo will probably be well on the cost to pitch in certain cities and their situation. But it wasn't gonna do it in that city in that situation. So they're kind of at a place but he that they know that they're that they are neither chatted. You know and and it together they date it has to take that ties. Power that it either they stretch you know well they just buy them out and stretched. He dashed into Canada and Larry can't they had I don't believe there's anybody at the tape stretched. OK so they still have the stretch provision pitching you just explain that quickly for people who don't now. Stretched and true vision is that allows them. Basically stretch or contract. You know over think three years and then church for the capital are along. They want stretchers for it bet that little chopper salary will be on the cap competent they want to pay for salary I want she'd just stressed out work. A certain number years and the release of ms. part of into that they would release him as part of that issue be made and any but he would be on the payroll. That they can be five years noticed that in a ball they wanna be able. Pay you know. That to date twenty million or Friday restrictions and it Lugo. Order to discredit negotiate a buyout and at what point way it looked like Charles Opel. Week expect it to eight million dollars and that he wanted to it looked at Cleveland Cavaliers so. Actually that's try to the most like scenario should try to negotiate. Bio. We do expect a significant amount of money to the under maybe helped him. Larger text payment or whatever. They have to do it. And then he can become a free agent Goer he wants. I think actually woody eat Turkey. Key he gave it a chance and Oklahoma City it was a massive failure. I think at this stage is where you want to actually play presumptive. It Keiko assay. Lakers chemical or for the Broncos but beat Hewitt except that control. If you want to trade. With Golden State their puppet and it's got that natural you know. In Oklahoma City. And that roster that key piece like I'm not confident I'm dvds. There's somebody who'd already established who can play it position. It seems OK Alex at this world. Well two things on that one a password fans don't want to he I thought Harvey grant skid outplayed them to be totally honesty I thought. He provided a level does account in athletic schism that Carmelo couldn't match him. Against Italy. Typically they are trying to do much more Carmelo at the yeah they don't we mr. commotion is that you know you kill man you know happen learn. 1818 they're definitely in those we can we should now and it's he became that the data spit out would be at this. You know that they were like look at where Carmelo let's go let's go let you know. You know Internet happened to kind of realize that you know. Yeah you're eight are really there are kind of short name BA and you become exactly. People wanna attack and he can't do anything about it right now could. East peace and everybody can be LeBron in a year fifteen game we article. In a big C east she's a normal course in the broadest not. So eat at that figure out a way to adapt or adjust yeah elite you know to play without Harrison pros years endeavor. And you know in as Korea did he just couldn't accept. Intro it beat our it'd be. And our sins and come out cut so. Absolutely trait where east now that except. He's not mellow. You know he's Carmelo Anthony's he's a guy that has to exit row but I actually don't think there are certain players certain situations. We need to we'll call the Danish brewer Rebecca star. That they can eagle handily if there's somebody else who's Echostar. Jeremy Graham may have hit welcome to you want to do but he starts to come back off the page am. LOB more but ego blow but it actually get that back up the proper. Nobody else. You know a major star yet they keeping it a nickel content. Situation that just seems ridiculous to me regarding that Kohl eyeliner do it with that money. A lot of egos will no doubt but there's also father time was undefeated so. Bruce Paula seems to be jumping in on this call why Leonard situation and he's got things to say about Cole. I mean is this the end of collide with San Antonio or do you see him. Patching things up we'll probably it's because I just don't know where this is gonna. Lead to. I think tops the negative thing parent China you know it it is I'm addicted part of on the whole the whole fiasco are sort of cute and marine unit political candidates got to give them. Debt get fired it try to chipped up and down and try to make it work. Think that they are in position I think that. You know quiet the reason why he's been coaching longer there I mean after conductor retired. He would love the ads they record what Indians earth but it collaborated in mind that these are. Can now know what kind of indicating there's no magic tree picking it wouldn't change his mind Tina. They get. You know this a tough situation because I had a lot of questions about where collide motivation is. It is what he want to be just want a bigger market that seems I don't know. 'cause if you wanna win. I think senator is replaced the win but if you just wanna be home in your home it would be a bigger market that's something out but we have heard from care. So until he actually that's open to a we know for sure where it's come Islam come from him in LH is who is of course. New agent whatever. Actually artists today. I think this'll the spurs are gonna do it and it off every measure. To make sure. Dead if you try to keep him there there are no obligation to make a move you know. The trade him right now they have until the February. They trade deadline if you decided you know trapped in the Coca at least go to the contract in east of that we're true. You know you don't have to make any trade that they cavaliers showed early on. So carrier mimic if you just rushed to make a move to customize disgruntled. You now wanna hurt yourself a long run I think defected they just strategist to get rid of a distraction. On the wanna hurt you know and you know that option and it's that final. That it proto much or edit series did we need to keep more of what it deal or they just quit it way to carry out just caught as well. That is mr. Michael Lee and mr. mightily on Twitter he's a senior NBA writer for Yahoo! Sports Michael we always appreciate join us then. Thank you Michael. I am very interested in something he said for those of you who don't like the idea of Dwight Howard. As a Golden State warrior taking a cheap deals to come off the bench to us help elevate his ego. My idea what interests you and some Carmelo Anthony. 8889579257. Medical ski. Josie asked the united 57 again it'd digital partner you can trust high need Smart reached digital learn more at grow with Smart reits dot com. Now that calls. On the whole 120 gates in the NBA. 57. We are back Oracle's leadership and CD. A hundred bucks and again. We started. Actually started yesterday with Dwight Howard. Would you want him. On the Golden State Warriors now look anyone were talking about we're talking about cheap. Dwight Howard probably can make more than the warriors can pay him the question is. If he's serious when he says this quote my whole goal is to come back next season improve and try to win a championship for my team. Then maybe he's serious enough to take less money and sub elevate his G go to fit into the warriors locker room. He is probably about to be bought out by the where they play against the Brooklyn nets Iowa's one call managers can't give Adam Everett. The Brooklyn nets likely to buy him out so we've been talking about Dwight Howard potentially come and the warriors. And we were on the horn with Michael Leo of Yahoo! Sports just a few minutes ago. And we're talking about Carmelo Anthony opting in his twenty million dollars for next season and now. He may very well get a buy out or released from the Oklahoma City Thunder. And so the natural question is where will mellow and up and and Michael sets of in that I thought was very interesting. Which is. The that Carmelo although he refuses to come off the bench in a situation like Oklahoma City. He might be willing to you on the right team with a bright stars in front of them. Obviously the warriors have stars in front of them. The warriors have said they're in the market for a wing who can knock down some shots. They added Jacob Evans who's a primarily a defender in the draft. Maybe they can bolster the scoring with Carmelo Anthony who was primarily an offensive player would you want to see fifteen. And one minute to Carmelo again. No I'm not at all I'd never been a Carmelo like at all. I Obama but what about real fast guy. Whoa that was close. Now the days. He is he is such fool's gold but he truly is like. The guy I always think I never plays any defense is this is something new but I've always seen it plays no defense you know what I liked mellow. His freshman year at Syracuse would MacNamara at all those different guys and a match I think wore my 98. I have been out on Melo for years and my buddies are obsessed with him all he could stroke the three could be a scratch had he embraced the stretch for. Five years ago he didn't have revolutionary piece that evolutionary peace if you will as far as out perfect prototypical stretch for. I just I don't want an I would rather have Dwight Howard and Carmelo all day every day because he could fill some of the needs I'm looking for. Melo is all the drama and the headaches and that the self inflated work the way. Disproportionate self inflated worth and I just don't think it's her turn on the investor. Well I think here's the big problem. Is Carmelo Anthony last year shot a career low forty point 4%. From the field and day. Not a career low but certainly not good 35 and a half. From three point range and I mean there were a lot of open shots on net so. He's declining pretty severely. In the one skill he gave him. So no hope I to OK I want nothing to do with Carmelo Anthony but I. I just love that it's of tech just even if doubts way outside possibility I love the idea that it could be possible I think what Michael said about Melo that I think is much more likely. And serious. And I do think Howard thing is a little serious if we're talk about it I don't think Carmelo as I do think what is serious is he could end up. Back in up Paul George and LeBron in L. That's our ball Georgia's willing to share a locker with a McGann but. I wouldn't be surprised to see mellow and up in a place. Where he does have a reduced role but he's more willing to accept it because of who around him. He's taken the big girls. He's I don't know IG is different he's such a huge name. It's just so disproportionate to the return on his ass I don't know I feel I've been wasted as a as a basketball society. I feel like we wasted so much energy on Carmelo Anthony. Agree with that. As it frustrates me because I thought I say B I think you are selling Denver Mello a little short he was brilliant early was tremendous and and they had some failures that were thrown at his feet on his shoulders that probably. Should not have been and looked the knicks are cursed franchise so I am not prepared to put that whole thing on him either. I think he's a guy who has had sort of a bomber of a career given. His potential on what we thought he'd be coming into the league but I don't think it's like. I'm I'm actually less disappointed in. The career of Carmelo to this point that I am in the career Dwight Howard but I agree with you that if we're talking about what the warriors need and looking at next year. Howard makes more sense to consider than Melo does. The thing was mellow that it's just it was the breaking point for me was when he. And I don't mind him demanding the trade out of Denver but he had sucked all the assets out of New York in order to get there. He didn't have the long term like if you really wanted to win the signers of freeagent if you wanted to exactly and I understand his unhappiness and all that stuff I get all that but like. At some point there has to be a little compromise I feel like throughout his entire career he's never been willing to sacrifice or compromised. Even a little and all of the greats with a or talk about LeBron. Not he never took them actually went back to Cleveland the second time. Seth Curry Kevin Durant everyone has left a little out their web license right. And I feel like Melo is the only guy of all this generation of players act took every single penny to the bank. And he wants to be annexing categorize holding its fair while he's not a Mac category but he's also not the only guy who took every single penny of great I mean you know. Well Toby took every penny and killed his team for several years as a that's all that's true there's plenty of examples of that. However since I think we completely agree on Carmelo Anthony not being a part of the warriors future and I think it looked. I'm prepared to keep Dwight Howard in the conversation but let's open it up to people if not. Melo if not Dwight what is it that you still want the warriors have the mid level exception that's about five million a year to spend. And the warriors also can sign players to V veteran minimum above and beyond that. Who is on your shopping less or maybe more to the point what. What type of player. Are you looking for 88895795. Said it is their phone number Penske auto sales dot com techs on is 95795. That's where we got. From a 650 texture a really good name. I have mentioned Ed Davis a few times as a guy. Who why like a lot. For a cheap. Addition to the warriors that solves some of the problems. That lead us to talk about Dwight Howard we need and by we I of course mean the Golden State worst plan this radio station and I am definitely not a part of that franchise. The warriors need. Defense and rebounding from the center position. They hope to get some from damion Jones but they have nobody. With a full year of NBA experience in their front court positions I mean dream on and Katie fine but at a big bigs. They don't have anybody with a full year of NBA experience I think the need somebody in there I've mentioned Ed Davis a few times. In part because the as one of the best rebound rates in the league because he blocks shots because frankly he eats the warriors a lot of when they play Portland so. That's a benefit in and of itself and this is just somebody to help you deal with the click Capellas and Stephen Adams of the world. Here's a name mentioned by that aforementioned six final text or. Warriors will pass on poser Howard and go after a much better fit in Kyle oh Quinn. And I think that's another good name if were trying to look for a guy. Who's going to play high quality basketball as a big. Oakland's a nice option. He is lets the top 28 years old. He has been with the knicks the last three seasons and scorers. And removed five to seven points per game rebounds in the four to six rebounds per game in about fifteen minutes. Solid player solid defensive oriented rebound oriented big man. Those are the kind of names I think we're going to be talking about for much of the offseason so for you. You party at a Jacob Evans what else do you feel like the warriors. Really needed before you answer that let me just remind everybody that you're listening to 95 cent in the game. KG and CFM an HD one KG NG San Francisco the radio home. Of those very 2018 NBA champion Golden State Warriors what you want. Ideally I would like somebody who can. Play the one tool. Ian or three Democrat who can handle the ball who can shoot. And this end. A lot LeBron James yeah if an ad that's I would like another back up wing player who can defend dribble. Maybe knocked down a three give me an element that Shaun Livingston can't but the.