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Sunday, April 22nd

Kolsky and Buther Boy break down why they think the Pelicans not the Rockets are the biggest challenge for the Golden State Warriors. Sussan Slusser Athletics beat writer for the San Fransisco Chronicle joins 95.7 the Game to talk about last nights historic performance for Sean Manaea. Susan also examines the struggles of Graveman as well as the outlook for the A's centerfield position moving forward.


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Candidate last even though about redemption of course Katie wanna pick edits are. First rings so there are motivated you in the season before. I let all. Proving totally dead there at. You know 2015. Championships up slope. And the year before that I was dressed very share an aide. Not a good idea exceed and do it well they could soak this year earlier that it they have not been like that. The motivated don't we've seen them. But. You know I stop worrying about them being able to turn on the switch. Following the the all star break when they came out against OKC. The candidate totally destroy that the first two games and beat them by thirty I knew then that when this came. Had a let's put let's say appropriate here that you know they'd be motivated and up the bring them bring their best game in the brain at swarming defense. To ratchet it up but I opted to go out to. Turning and that not. Not turn on the ball are and shoot well that's. To me that the really being into the game being motivated being energized. And focused I. I'm not. At all fearful but to get barring injuries at that not going to be able to go through and then when they're championship this year. Once again they'll. What is it when they when you appropriate here kicks and they'll bring their best and and you know in other championship. I agree Jeanne I. And Jeanne you know this a great minds think alike I'm. A Philly gene is a really Smart guy. It was in 957 game KG MZFM and hasty one San Francisco the radio home for every single warriors playoff game no matter how hard. The powers that be in San Antonio try to knock us off the air will be here can any game for you I promise. We're right on top of I'm really intrigued to see this New Orleans match up when we get on because I actually think this is going to be a tougher match up. Then Houston matchup I completely agree tell me why well. I'm watching Houston in their series and I know that it's not everything's not transferable to our series split but PJ Tucker gaining unbelievable amounts of minutes. I would treat him exactly like Tony Allen I wouldn't even guard him I would say you can stay in the corner with your Kanye he's he's on and and brick from three point land all day. And I like capella couples are very good player but I think we can compellent has put it on the warriors this year no doubt on both offense and on the defense aside in the opposite side. He got a ton of dunks. But that I so long that iso ball that brand that they play. It flows right in our defense I think that we're gonna shut that down New Orleans. Really plays a grind it out sound I know they run the score a lot of points but when they wanted to in the half court. They got a couple of different guys that can back into Rondo can get to the rim drew holiday can get a shot off whenever he wants it to me davis'. He's just an absolute freak. I'm more fearful of the totality of New Orleans that I am the James Harden shell and others in in Houston. I think I agree with the. I think my reasoning is slightly different. For me. I actually think the iso ball yet they are playing iso ball but it's worth noting that. It sent a sort of unique type of iso ball in that it's not a ball hog. It's James Harden and or Chris Paul. I sewing to score or pass it's not strictly Harden and Paul. Dominating the ball not getting other guys involved it's. Pardon and Paul. Holding the ball finding decrease driving the lane and then swinging it and they get a lot of open shots so. I'm not sure you know it's not the sort of iso ball like. We sometimes see in Oklahoma City where Victor early depot waste seared his career standing on the perimeter. It's. I think there's there it's us it's what's the word on what and where there's more new wants to what they're doing with iso ball but. I just think at some lean. We have to acknowledge that James Harden and Chris Paul. Are both at best. Incredibly inconsistent playoff performers. They just all our and that can change at any time. They're both. They did they both play some of the best regular season basketball I've ever seen. But in game two and again in the Houston one mind you budding game to. James Harden was two for eighteen. Two for eighteen. And Chris Paul was fired for fourteen in game one with a played down the stretch where almost mitigate what. And you know both those guys if you look at the aggregate statistics. They both are better in the playoffs than 90% of people ever to play the game of basketball. They also both have memorable failures. More than one memorable playoff failure. Who doesn't remember James Harden sitting on the bench while his team came back from a twenty point deficit against Chris Paul steam. Those things are real and I hate to be the guy that you know takes small sample size and says wake me up when something other than the small sample size happens but that's how I feel wake me up when these guys do something. That makes me think that over a seven game series they can consistently perform at the level to beat the warriors. I just watch true holiday dominate consistently for four straight games against one of the best backcourt in the India. Now. Talk about small sample size theater that's it as well but that scares me. James earning Chris Paul our guys I've watched get routinely worked by the warriors most of their careers. Grief. But but here's the thing that I'm watching with Minnesota and the way they're defending them they're allowing James Harden. It's just how to dribble dribble dribble get ahead of steam. And go to the rim and then he's out there finishing himself for stepping back always lob it up to cappella and he's not doing that maybe he's kicking out to CP three or or to a resent. I just think the way we have our defensive pieces. With two rant with collect with dream on May be it's David West maybe it's me Gere who never mind beat. I just think we have enough pieces to get right up in the hardened. And not allow him that freedom to dribble dribble dribble and step back and one of the things clay has done phenomenally well. He shut down Harden in the playoffs he's done that every time we played and he's completely shut him down and he's made him a very niche player now I know this is a different year and a police have the same pieces to defensively mark them up and now with the ring yet. You can do more things you can give clad couple possessions off throw him on the CP three if you need to put drain on on hard and put you know Kevin Durant out on Harden for a little while I just think art link. Is something people don't talk about you don't necessarily have to worry. So much about their role players there are a prototypical. U remind me so much of these. Classic NBA regular season teams work you play a one night and then they're out of your town and they give you fits but when you match up with them. In a seven game series. I think that there are drastically different team. Yeah and you know for what it's worth. First of all still to beat the wolves and I have to be a jazz team that well Russian says that have to be either the funder or jazz team that looked awfully good so far so you know that the weaving get. To that point were pretty sure they're gonna face the pelicans so. And and you know with a gene set appropriate fear several times when Greg problem it's his favorite phrases. There's going to be some appropriate fear here I don't think there's any doubt especially if Steffi is not playing the warriors. Know what the pelicans just did the warriors remember the pelicans beating this version of the warriors last day of the regular season so. If it's serious they don't they know what's going on. I'm glad you referenced the OKC match. And I saw a team get dominated by Oklahoma City multiple times this year and then. It was kind of like hey we're out to prove something were out to make a statement and when they do that. It's impressive you saw the first three games against San Antonio when they wanna lock teams down. Mean they are ask good at the rim on the perimeter getting out and running and that's it I think. Our defense fuels the offense with or without staff you know and that. Creates the pace and king BM UD talked about it Katie to get any shot he wants on anybody he wants. Like is Trevor recently listened for Tom he's a he's he really get a mark cup. Kevin Durant. Absolutely not and and Americans have even fewer options then than they did army nights you're talking about it's E'Twaun Moore is maybe Darius Miller or Solomon Hill off the bench. Not enough. I wonder if they might try to put Davis on at some point although I think to rent would probably driver it past him Matt. Davis may actually be their best option to try to slow down Kevin Durant and they certainly don't need Davis to defend. Warriors big soap. That can be interest and what they do he'd be in trouble I would go at them on the lock all day that's the problem that and the fact that. On approve are not sure he can stay in front of them that are both problems but could understand for all the matchup issues the pelicans present to the warriors certainly after watching. What they did the blazers you'd imagine that there are some matchup concerns. They got nothing for Kate just enough and if anything makes me confident. That's it let's quickly go to Robin in San Francisco who seems like maybe she thinks were being too hard on the does what's up Robin. Not here in. Girl. Talk radio factor and yet I listens look at this. I did aren't that I can't keep it secure ourselves. Aren't all cute like more accurate at all you know I. Want to stop what it. It I don't box yeah yeah pretty. Not a bit boring re not. For. Well we are we lost her. It was such a hot take she must the Blue Line out there had to be a hard line I think at notre where she was headed. This team lost forever yes enjoy yourself for sure. Yeah I get her out and you're right. The reason we talk about it is because you know it's our job effect on the but put I think a lot of warrior fans feel that way. And now I know you Jewish ask you to be a demanding sports fan so I know you're not. Prepared to settle for moderate success just because you lost for thirty years but I think a lot of warrior fans feel the way rod and no doubt. No doubt just just shut up we knew we lost her for 4050 years we've never been good except that one time Rick Barry was the best player in the league and it just enjoy it. We've already won two out of three titles and that's a first tournament but but that we've never had. Yes that's the thing about what Robin said it's I just don't buy eight if you get outplayed you get out played. Sometimes you get outplayed did you did at all. And I think that's kind of been one of the weird stories about this warriors year is since the arrival of Steve Kerr. I think we've all felt like they do it right. Almost all the time. Whether it's coaching decisions whether its roster moves whatever it is we feel like. Man is a team has been doing everything right basically since Joseph lake and on and off the core yeah and so. When there's a blip on that incredibly clean radar. I feel maybe you were over the top it is freaked out about it I don't think. We're really freaking out that ethic are trying to discuss in a reasonable manner but hey. I can understand the sentiment. Of I grew up with terrible basketball and I'm happy just to see us competing at this level. And which that's totally fair sentiment below IC Kevin Durant rolled his ankle late in the game three I see myself as a die hard work and this is so fragile and you still have the site yeah. Its longtime warrior fan I love it speaking of fragile psyches of various sports fans I think we know that the Oakland Athletics fan has. Been fragile for a variety of reasons over the past several years and and look right now. I think is baseball is as good and as exciting as it's been in a long time and last night was a fantastic. Example of bad. We'll talk about it next with the greatest source for ease of baseball information Susan slots are joining pulls you should ask you and I offense and again. Yeah. Now back in 95%. Of the game. & Associates Jules. And it's on the way and it's like yeah. In the end. All of this. There is no good now what. Amazon that's one you first of April of 2008 and. I. The seven no hitters. In Oakland a.'s history courtesy of Sean and I that of course. The golden pipes of Ken corps act one of the most wonderful men I've ever had a great pleasure of working with in this business. Similar talent and ability Susan slots or who's been covering the ease for twenty years. She's an MLB network correspondent of course you reader in the San Francisco chronicle and let's just go big picture on show on midnight and that is have said this is a guy they. Think has a.'s ability they hope to be an ace level pitcher in. Not just yesterday but throughout the course of this year he's been very very good. Yes I'm really putting it all together heat it in previous years we can get picked up. You know what I'd expected to get a terrific. Colleen left he and it. You'd need to throw kind of mid ninety's now in a little bit lower but billion. Account with obvious but he's good with his own worst enemy. You know he think a little bit too much he'd get a you know look any let's start to turn a little bit that it would snowball he kernel that. And he talked a lot about how it really meant to have an extra and it's like. Yeah its appeal a little bit have a little bit more killer instinct. He's been working on that hit Stewart said during the spring not really something we can teach you would in spring training. I hope that he did Pakistani and I and I'm Matt came out that ain't. I'm gonna have more ads and you can take you pitching with confidence he's pitching with conviction. And that makes all the difference in the world and you know it. Let's not forget something that Graham that's true. When he's behind the plate eight pictures are noticeably better for the most part I mean he's called I'm really really good game yesterday it was as good as well cult that game at that ever. Susan it's been an incredible week for the days I mean earlier this week you had. The three tick out. A free kicking game more and the place was absolutely packed you got shed Lowry just tearing the cover off the ball you might have the best third baseman in baseball. You got one of the that the best team how fields in baseball and then Sharma an idea throws the no hitter. What's the week been like inside that clubhouse and is there something special going on with these Oakland ace. I think Mike I think that he has what it could leak you now that it's their first home and with but the epic debt. And there are so many questions about the starting pitching. That's really the only real question are we had a bullpen would be. Vicente mega overworked real early. The road trip with kind of a man who opened as a result of bullpen being over or so so fast in the first week. But different market team I think said that the a's envisioned when they are cleaner and everything clicking when they do give them good starting pitching. As we today yesterday a couple of times on the homestand. Bill lineups certainly can compete with anybody in the game and you're talking taking to treat from Boston came and they've won seventeen of their immediately see. And you know. Opposite that the pitching obviously that category and I that was just a terrific pumped it and it security at this weekend due partly because about the Merrill with a good draw big crowds over 25000 and the 46000. Plus for that regain. So much fun they cut they're talking about maybe doing it again in the future probably not this year you know bumpy here really to plant for good. If you think about that amber is he basing integrated might come out as well we've had on that night could gain. You know I'm not that it would agree beatle. Yeah you know you you say marketing tool there and I think we can all plainly see that. Organizationally. The marketing approach and just maybe that sort of general approaches changed under Dave Campbell is this. Did you see this coming to some degree that that. A major shift in sort of operational philosophy in some respect was happening more or are you somewhat surprised to see all the innovation it's happening right now. A did those the states with a quick but they all the different apple. Ports and eight are well on sorry tech but the aide to have a history. Executives with a player Charlie Finley was only read it yet in the one of the and I really liked most about what they've apple Apple's doing is he's hearkened back to that Charlie related looking right it would cut. The rapid it back and I think they're going to be if you whether they Charlie Finley typed in a global city you've been racing Matt but really it. And certainly it's the Vietnam and the energy and other than a human speier and helping at. Byrd stadium location without getting kneel down urged. You know I think Clinton desperate and do you know don't end certainty. Our ballpark situation. But not been a lot of fun and couple that with our team that keeps going through roster turnover guy that. Spain and clearly he's getting traded it that's been. With what he has to work with anti gay couples and interpret them lead on that under the coliseum tree out there at that. Little farm area that would track. Almost like our haven't it'll bother me but at bell but it didn't happen and now they're I'll bet I think they'll really enjoy. Susan there's two guys that are going in completely opposite directions right now on one of them. Is jet Lowery he might be the hottest player in baseball he's definitely an Urban League MVP candidate. The other guy is Kendall great men. You know breakdown voltage these guys and where they're out right now and what what are they gonna do with Kendall grave and I guess is my question on him. You know you might be an. Over achieving but rather when you look at his numbers last year even the best all around player Le Petit the war. And he actually played better defensively than you want country that he would tell you very. Very compassionate care and healthy. Switch hitter. I really great idea really good at bats so all. When he gets hot he can that be and how it wouldn't surprise you know he's he's gonna paint that's your homers. That probably won't you know that that case certainly probably won't state. Throw the course and you can that he he's capable 30300. Plus app that's because it's a ticket header now. Can upgrade my. I don't know what to tell you I won't end up Dick Campbell great great supporter and the talent it's fantastic outfit and that the cutter. He just. Every month instead thank you only think maybe. Trying to heart out that the bad happening piled up. His last time that was really interesting to modify their delivery didn't corporate it Melinda. And the results with the exception of the one home run by check out a cheap. And he had a pretty easy game. He'll change his change up a little bit which. We happy with that and the public into another starter is. Another stinker too and you look at what it got up and left it. Potential that the billionaire Brett Anderson Dana cup but others came bill that you really really well now marriage so. He didn't have a lot more leeway I don't think I can get out there he just needs to. But the what's common I can look at it in only been doing that could get don't try to do so much you to go to defense work. Dan you remained in who you just mentioned is quickly becoming one of my favorite baseball players because on the sort of person who likes a guy who grizzled time mustache and pitches and an old time you sort of a wind up. I just this is a guy whose stuff. Jumps off the screen at me in part again because it looks like the stuff of a pitcher in the 1920s but also cause it's really sharp. When he has it working and and he seems to have found the strike zone a little more what what have you seen in the progress of mangan this year. Yes look man it can't you you know he's improving you're still very young of course in the last year with. With injury he didn't want to motivate you know what you typed last year let's try it for you need to be consistent so far he has showing you our market than bat I think theater really pleased with that development. He's always looking to concur. He's protecting the court he's a quirky fellow but that he can edit he can tell. Kind of the guy which it gets right in the few days and really. So wonderful I got from that standpoint he just needs to. I find that move and it looks like maybe that he has that when his location that good. I think she is a pretty solid no three Forestar or it could be further bury it. Suzanne I come look at it center field for this team and it just. I thought Smolinski was going to be a player I saw the square of a couple balls in the giants spring training they are no they played Powell there they picked up traced Thompson in. How Adam for a couple games and then I guess cut him. You know what is the long term prospects for center field and is there some sort of a move that might be made sure they get a ride this thing out with Powell. And Smolinski. It can't see it simply didn't want to make sure he's ready to go and we'll stay at your. Fairly clear when I need great deal was made that color the cut that they could be the everyday I feel. How healthy isn't scary good. Guide how about their state needs somebody else and that you know that one connector at the time just a couple last year or only entry and wanna kind of down but get this thing together. The palace that terrific option in indicates like that he's hurt now only eat little stretched to show that he can do against. Left handers in great hitters he just hasn't quite you know he meant problem last year due. All potentially so. He he you know I'm not quite sure what they have that it looked up the metrics are great and I am I keep clicking here solid and people. I wouldn't mind. Minded seeing them can concentrate on the big if you do a while but he's got a couple had a option to have to make. It. Mark Cuban is a complete surprise to me in China we know he can hit the very streaky hitter that's. Played better center than I ever expected in man I think. He might be the guy that is so well you like the hang onto that until they figure out that that that the outright. Speaking of guys that were a little more impressive than expected in the early season. I realize it was the White Sox and and as someone who it is a White Sox fan I'm well aware of the problems that club has but. Look seven shutout innings a seven shutout innings and Trevor Cahill looked pretty darn good and he only thirty years old after all did is there a feeling that. Maybe they could have struck gold almost accidentally here. Yet you know to what do you even need to look I he had such ticket here two years ago in the Balkans with the you know when the World Series. I'm Natalie back starting he did look very good he's got the experience that something that they're really lacking and that. Rotation with the exception of great man and and he seemed. Like it's such a warm mature pitcher now than when he was. We know on this person which of course you know obviously his seven years older than this year but he pitches like a savvy veteran. And perhaps that's still pretty good so happy it's my dad you know for a mid spring and I need it didn't cost them much about the atmosphere. He'll be a really terrific pickup for them and Greg Anderson particularly well natural itself but in the past they could OK keep and the joking like. You know maybe that you get in the barrel bath and celebrating come out of boot it at bat that. I think that look they licked it and Ilya united for Anderson's only one meter 2930. Variation so. It's like to say really liked the. Susan I'm really big Trevor Ximian fan I know he has our markets markets in an excuse me I know he had not literacy gap and I know he has certain flaws defensively but the guy can hit I just. I just like him as a player but I know that the a's also have Franklin Barreto they got this in the tail kid. Who at some points going to be coming up now I know they drafted shortstop slasher like the third round. I mean is there may be a a way that they can keep Ximian on the roster may be moved them over to second base or or someone else is clearly McEnroe play third base and it looks like shortstop he might not be the long term solution there. But are they gonna move Simien at some point this year or next or they gotta maybe switch positions with this guy kind of like. Well I think by the time the halo two basically sort our technique. I mean and probably close to create a seat so that might be current plan reckless bread so clearly will be the second baseman. Whenever champ Larry there is traded or even ahead. Had dolphins and created fiasco that's backed up isn't. And at the APEC contending in the middle of the the season at February they'll plant like that unlike past. Think they can that they you know electric and we all expected that they my trip Larry. There was much interest but he added that they were. That's spread out but I believe. That can be in a financial outfielder and certainly athletic enough. When there were some questions about an hour now that does seem to be answered that. I would because the guy they're really well there it they wanted to shoehorn an appeal and it and it worked out I think that I think that shortstop. But it hit through at least you know it's your lecture me on that. DA attacking him before last season about the long term deal. It didn't work out I think you know you know do you want it a little bit more immediately hotel. The old friend that her opinion can't quit or take. I think that it has probably built now so acting is the adult college at its. You know it's an innocent question because he's a guy who has a shortstop or or the infielder in general you're excited about how he hits as an outfielder you might not be quite as thrilled I guess. Yes that that's true that you know that he local state and that guy really key leader quiet acts nothing rattled and it's really am tonight. Calm cool present from the club out. Really a valuable guy and I think probably more so than most. The voice you're hearing is Susan slots are a's beat writer for the San Francisco Chronicle's Susan we always appreciate the time thanks so much thanks isn't on it yet. Susan's best and nobody knows more about is baseball than she does and look. County. I love tennis can think it happened on what Tony would tell you right now at Susan's Austin knows way more about as does all the need to let it go that have Tony call and he'll tell us. You promised what a week for them. Tremendous best best baseball team event. Right now definitely definitely and I like their prospects moving forward. I'm glad she brought Ximian movie maybe to be out to him being a local black. You know that his dad grew up in my neighborhood and excelsior can play ball my uncle they were giants fans original I'll watch wildly huge seeming guy. I I root for him are really do I like his bat I don't know about his glove with Jordan and you know you know about his glove at short he was workload Ron Washington a few years ago out you know. But put his dad used to the clay is claiming it captures glow checkered it's his dad to call into the post game with county defending his son so I dig that famine I root for guys like him. Now what our original White Sox prospects so I got I have some love as well really. Yeah trapped by the White Sox 2011. And alternately as she pointed out as you essentially pointed out Franklin Barreto is the not just said commissioner shortstop which severed ends appease the infielder. Middle infielder of the future here no he's he's potential star power there and if there. Within infield that has Olson Chatman and her toe. Then civilians can be thought to how do you think you'll live with Ximian yes Blu-ray. Chapman has been. Absolutely unbelievable so far this year and peck take it back to last year and Matt Olson starting to heat up until. And go ahead when's the last time. Any Bay Area team and a corner infielders to be this excited about. When they had Chavez and Jason Giambi did you price got to go back to vet is Steve Wright is with Eric Chavez and Jason Giambi and met and Honda. Am I away. No telling whether Chapman and Olson could go down as batteries then Giambi. And and whoever the heck else were just talking about it opt out as a terror Chavez losses created injury he was a phenomenal player apply it. Olson and Chapman both have tremendous potential. And both hit for power both. Played good defense at the very least jam and I think his elite defensively I think he's one of the best third baseman in the game already so. There's a lot to look forward to here and and as we just talked about their pitching which was the big question mark. Which are looking for when you're a team in the building process is a couple of building blocks and maybe it doesn't end up being Kendall grave men. But if you can get. Two or three of the six or seven young potentially promising starters you have. If two or three of those guys end up being legitimate long term parts of the rotation. That's what you're like this are 488. This is not a year word anyone's expecting is to contend for a World Series this is the year where they figure out. Who those two were three starting pitchers are who the three best outfielders they have right now art. Whether or not Franklin burritos ready to play in on these the sorts of things you figure out this year and frankly that's more exciting. To watch that be figured out. Then to watch a team like the giants where you're sort of just thinking. Boy I hope they can hold onto this for another season. Went in the a's have the luxury of realizing. Like. You look at the Astros in your division that's act hall fee to try to take them out in the realistically. You're not gonna take out the Astros anytime soon so why not slow cooked this thing like a crock pot and build that a lot of right front Faber crock pot mail. Brisket and Mimi I would source it's good I'm nick Ameen crock pot Kerney dismantle move out over for not just sometimes it just not sure it's. I'd like more than that. Well you know I guess we can do like tacos and burritos with the Cardenas GE U we can utilize the Carnie does however we want like that. Yet Cole you're invited to don't worry about it. Now tomorrow we can all at the I got a big crock but you know I mean. It hit it back now with literal I don't know why Olivia struggled and ornament if there's one big concern now with the ace for this year for this year it's the pitching I mean that that. Men Iowa's phenomenally yesterday he's been really good all year yet not just yesterday that needs to ascent because Newton Sean and I has been. Ace level this year the whole year. But they're they're number one prospect the big lefty got puke I think a puck past I think is a pretty announce it now he's he's hurt but yeah that's a big blown well. He's he was a big lefty I liked what I saw from him yeah put. This is 2018. Guys come back from arm injuries so have surgery ill bill gets fixed up now he'll be back you know price middle of next year. And really you're just save and another your service time to when you might actually be a competitive team. I'm not to say it's a good thing that your top pitching prospect blew out his elbow but it. It's not as bad as it would be. If you or a team that hoped to win a World Series this year and a techsters asking about that's specifically why can't they contend this year. All they have to do is solidify center field I acquired two starting pitchers let's watch naturally because it's not that hard to acquire two starting pitchers in the middle of a Major League Baseball season. It's not that easy to solidify center field when none of the guys you have have solidified yet all the camp has been amiga. I just don't think they quite have it to be a legitimate. Contender for a title this year but hey if they prove me wrong so much about. One and hearing Susan and she's got a good feel for but they're gonna move Lowrie at some point. I don't like greeted do you and that's the right thing you do probably as it probably has. I just look at thirteen milk matte and as a giant stand looking across debate the case then I'm very envious how they every year. They find guys that match. Olson Chapman. You got Chris Davis in the outfield your guy can't coming off the bench I mean. Joyce can hit bombs it's it's incredible how they find these guys and they make the most out enough and and I did rob really blown away. I I think the reports of Billy dean's death have been greatly exaggerated. A for sure. He is still ill eat at talent fine. They is have limitations that but plenty of conversations been had about the way they do business we need to get in all that aren't. Billy Beane is good it is yeah for sure I also think he loves to train. Speaking of general managers. Someone I know on Twitter. Who's a giant giants fan. Tweeted this week that he would like to see the entire front office cleaned house. That man was Joseph the butcher boy is she asking. And since then and other activists say it's an that is huge accomplishment but. The 13 of five looked pretty good in the series against the angels. Maybe things aren't such disaster after all. Take butcher boy temperature on where the giants are now right after the break pull ski and jet ski and on about seven game. Yeah in 97. Big yeah. He crushes yeah. Four days and or Al Brandon belt carrying the squad and if you're wondering exactly what Dave Fleming meant at the beginning of that when he said he's earned that today. Brandon belt set a record today. That record is the longest at bat in modern baseball history. 21 pitches twelve minutes 45 seconds. Yeah he lined out but still that is an impressive that that ladies and gentlemen and it shows you I think. What Brandon belt looks like when he's locked in which is look belts always going to struggle with certain pitch placement. Always locked Danny can fight it off and stay a lot and although he did make it out it was a line drive loud out so. This is a guy that will drive pitchers knots. When he's locked in because he spoils. Pitches until he gets when he can handle. And he's locked in right now man. Matt just he's just when the back. That's my biggest criticism. For Brant about his entire career and one of the things that like I feel like when we were discussing Brandon bell. There's actually no new wants whether it's on Twitter whether it's on air it's out there he's also he's one of the top 51 baseman in the game or he's terrible thing when in reality he's above average flyer that's right always has thirty years he's an above average player. Is he marrying Mattingly. Frustrating of course no doubt when each accept third strike. You tell it without swinging the bat never easy shoulder it's the most frustrating thing in the world. And I've said this before about a lot of people in fact I wish I thought of Brendan Bell yesterday when I was having this conversation with someone that. I think so much of the reaction. To that there's like a list of guys who fall into this category but Brandon doves definitely one of them. Jay Cutler's a ringing example. Staff Currie is an example in someone's. I think a huge part of the judgment of brand and build his face. I think it body language yet but yeah death phase is an oversimplification but that's the way he looks physically. Not as an athlete but as a human after that strike out you were just talking about. That is as much a driver of the built bash as anything that. He he takes that strike looking and then he looks like he sold his way back. To the dug out and I don't think that's necessarily true I think it might just be his face and posture. We can't help interpret it that way when we see no doubt and I also think that for the majority of fans. It's very gift it's difficult for them to see at first baseman not put up unbelievable Goldschmidt like numbers and I think that. That's not who he is he's not that type of a player can still be really good player for sure I think that the that the giants front office specifically. I think they're to blame because they miss cast him as a middle of the order guy when in reality he's support player he's a role guy and he miscast and so. Awful little bit bored with the PCL miscast him a little bit because he had that home run Stratton as a minor leaguer right before he got called up. To where I think people. When he arrived people believed Al we we got ourselves. Jason Giambi urged Jason. You know Jason and I chairman we got a so is Jason Giambi we got we got out slugging first baseman and he's a line drive hitting first baseman and which isn't. Totally different thing and and you know part of this. Gets back a little to that the thing that I said to Susan about Ximian about as an infield you like is offensive production you might not like it as much as an outfielder. And that's a thing in baseball right we we talk about how certain positions are expected to do certain things. I think more Morse time goes on and it's a silly way to look at the game. Not agree with that. But I also think he's been chasing ghosts similar to the 49ers quarterback or 49 or wide receiver position. Center field. And first base any left field you're always chasing the ghosts annex at first base specifically Willie McCovey. The greatest San Francisco Giants in many older fans eyes you know before bonds arrived and then it was will Clark is second. Willie Mays was not considered a San for Cisco giant he was considerably more on news of Francisco yeah I do things as I you know I don't wanna make sure they are now put that he had Jack the Ripper and then Jack would play also a little bit right field will Clark came up and everybody's favorite player in the eighties. Was will the thrill. Right yeah and then and then it was a couple years what we had mark carry on in JR Phillips and all these are there I had garbage first baseman but we we find JT said. We trade JT snow Allen Watson for JT snow so amen I say it. Bring about compares favorably duties. Yes overall you know I think that's fair but. JT has the benefit of not having every single moment of every single game he ever played televised dip into we did and all those and it picked big we did. He and that 2002 World Series she'd had fine except in so you know as there are those stodgy old population thirty during the regular season wolf wanna. And he couldn't bat right hinted toward the end so there's a lot of little things JT I think is the greatest defensive first baseman ball while. Bad that's why I said overall because defensively he's. He was unbelievable Brandon belt is a good defender but nothing no one's I'm in that he's a cluster found nobody's quite like JT snow on the defense event but a belt has been. Not only consistently pretty productive but in the sport frankly. This of trash lineup he's still been reasonably productive and and I think maybe people don't realize the value of someone. Because. On a micro level he goes to terrible stretches so you watch him look like trash for two weeks. But almost every season and he ends up in that 265 to 285 range with a bunch of doubles and a handful homers and his OPS has been top. 123 on the team most of his career like. Right now it's into appreciate him but I think people need to give bread to milk a little more credit than you know if you. If you don't like him that is 2017 you don't deserve minister when he eighteen you know hundred. That's fair one of the things I think this to working against him. Is obviously the lineup doesn't have that true for him or five hitter to set the tone for the rest perhaps no but I'm ladylike got. Brief period Hunter Pence did that you know no doubt Tony twelve to thirteen but. One of the things that's frustrating for me when they gave him the contract was that it isn't even adults' fault. Because buster hashed to get return on investment on that 200 million dollar deal the giants have to get our ally. You know that bluster at some point has to play 3040 games at first and because bell. Really can't play the outfield and again this is not his fault it's just frustrating. They lose a lot of value there and you know it says a lot less but. Admin DH like you should've done common sense was five years ago I'm anti. That's fine at everybody can be anti whatever they want and baseball fans can continue to be notoriously. Outdated and silly but there's no reason not to have a DH there's just no reason. Show you ties playing DH and he's a pitcher I love that so. But you can't have children at a time but I in Thailand and ultimately you're not allowed to have show Leila tonic because your dumb legal ad idea. I like our strategy feels good I like distract you know I hear I hear people say that all the time and I'm just so skeptical that the Stratton the level of strategy difference is. Even worth noting. No there's many times in 67 inning. Situations where you allow a pitcher in the American and to go back out there and you don't burn that pinch hitting spot. And in the National League you only have so many moves to make so I. I actually in this and that actually limit your strategic possibilities I think it makes them exponentially more important as opposed a parent that's what I think right. It doesn't make pinch hitting decisions more important on the other hand I'd rather just have my best hitters up there'll. And there's an argument you made and that's kind of why all the AL east teams have extremely high payrolls. Because they can afford these guys and give them those 8910 year deals knowing hey that was one of the cells to Pablo Pablo and way. You play third base for the Red Sox and when he gets in fact. It's America and horribly good. The whole heartedly. But honestly it's it's nice this year and look how it actually ballistic with urban earlier this week where I went crazy on the giant you know by now I want I want a went crazy could always very skeptical Longoria. And he's he's really adjusted he's had a great for five games here he's got an average from like 203 up like 250 to sixty. He's playing great he had a bomb again today. I don't think it. He noted with regards to Evan Longoria give it to me you do not become a likely first ballot hall of Famer for no reason. 32 is not that freaking old. And he was gonna figure it. Like the for I I know I'm sorry did this whole freaking out or Evan Longoria and Andrew McCutcheon the fine maybe they won't be what they've been. Maybe that warning be as good as they were last year. They're not going to hit to fifteen all year just not. I didn't think they were but I do think it was fair to be a little skeptical that saw. Because when you. When you traded at royal that was your one young piece that giants fans were so excited for six months another Tony this is the next Jeff K but it. I know that's what they were selling me on and then they told me offseason we're gonna get younger we're gonna get more athletic and there was this dangling of Giancarlo Stanton which was now we look back kind of was probably unrealistic I mean realist and into. Take a step back I want irreverent plaque. Because you Carla didn't wanna come here. But there's no way for them to know that without putting together a package that was capable of getting him you're listening by the way to 957 game KG MZFM mini HD one San Francisco. The radio home for every single warriors playoff game. IE. Christian Arroyo. Being touted as the next Jeff Kent is the same sort of nonsense that's led to people. Being.