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Sunday, April 22nd

Kolsky and The Butcher Boy break down the aftermath of the Warriors game 4 loss against the Spurs. Logan Murdock of the San Jose Mercury News checks in with Matt and Joe and states how the Warriors were never able to recover from their slow start. Also on the topic list is the future of Kevon Looney who might be playing his way to a big contract, but on another team.


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Can Golden State Warriors. Price at the pain from. Did DG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco Paris peace he's not besides seven. A medical student. Sitting directly across me right now is the one and only butcher boy yeah. And we're gonna do today is attempt to process what we all watched this afternoon. I think I wrote this down arrow down a three word phrase. Exercise and interpretation. Because that's what the whole year has been really win this warriors team is also trying to figure out. What it means. Bet there are playing the way they're playing that they haven't run through the league. And cruised to 65 or seventy wins like a lot of us thought they would. And today is. Another. Entry in that diary of a that's not the warriors team that we all paid for basically right that's what we're saying so what does it all mean I think is our goal that. Yeah I. I think today Khamese summarized. Pretty easily. The spurs hit buckets I thought they out executed the warriors are thought they just played a better brand of basketball on today. And it doesn't mean that the effort wasn't there from the warriors I just thought they were sloppy early on. They didn't hit a lot of shots end. I I think that they had dug himself a 910 point hole that they really just couldn't get out of today because they weren't shooting well I was thinking about. Something today. Because. As they kick. The ball all over the floor in that first quarter and a let me just referenced my game books 71 quarter turn. That's really add and and they would end up further deem where it is eighteen and actually. After those seven in the first quarter I'd say about half of the rest of the eleven were. Offensive thousand and there are some bad calls or some weird things so. They actually held onto the ball reasonably well for the remainder of the game after that first quarter. And at the at the first quarter thirty to 22 it was certainly not out of reach. But it got me thinking about how when you make those mistakes in the first quarter. Even if the spurs don't fully capitalize and they. The capitalist pretty well we scored ten points off the seven turnovers but even if they're not up to when he after that first quarter. You just put yourself in a situation where you have to be so much better than them the rest of the game that it's a much harder job than it was when you showed at the theory. And that's that's kind of what happened today but. If we're interpreting it. I do think we kinda have to ask these same questions again about. You're right it was sloppy but the warriors. Shouldn't just be sloppy in the first quarter there there's not. Really of politics use for vet is there while I thought that the spurs. Did a tactic that I thought they should have employed earlier and that is pressuring it would Dolly in the backcourt. Early early in that game which forced a couple of quick turn rollers and I thought that there'd defensive switch Sheen. And and just how they defended the pick and roll up top. They got their hands on the ball that kicked a couple balls and I thought that it got the warriors a little flustered and not allowing them that free release up top. It really stymied the offense I also thought the warriors just played at a slow pace well but that's that he this is what I mean yeah that's within their control that I agreement yes. And I think we saw a threat to deem today every time the pace ticked up just. A little. They were wrong ran off of used few consecutive buckets you could you can clearly see. Any time he even starts to roll a little bit for the warriors. They're just so much better than the spurs team right now talent lies that have been GAAP. Without staff Currie the gap is. Probably bigger than any other playoff sinners in terms of town. So. Yeah now you can save the spurs played better defense and I don't think there's any question that they did you can say. The spurs got phenomenal shooting and and clutch jumped Emery is a 26%. Three point shooter who was three for four today. Now he was standing by himself for approximately five seconds each time he made a three but but. That was strategic the worst deliberately left the mope because he doesn't usually hit that shot. So there's some stuff like that. But so much of it is within the warriors control and so win may have a game like this against but clearly inferior opponent from a talent perspective. I think we find ourselves asking the questions we asked all year which is why don't they just play warriors basketball like we remember it from last year. And it's interest in our. I think today though. One of my big takeaways was was clay looked real sloppy he was a little hesitant on pulling the trigger from three point land he put the ball on the floor and -- dream was all over him. The other thing is. How should a guy's done not seen in this series scored ten points today Manu Ginobili who we've pretty much kind of contain I think he scored ten in just the fourth quarter alone. Classic who hope we performance aids forty unbelievable and his unorthodox finishing app the rim I mean. The guy somehow can still do it at the rim it's pretty impressive. Yeah. It's interesting to me that Manu Ginobili at forty. Seems to have held up better athletically than Tony Parker at 35 interest in the like Tony Parker looks older than Manu on the floor there but Parker got to him a couple times that he still finishes in the paint like nobody else am I thought some Livingston there was a couple of plays I'm nitpicking but they're up 31. But there was a couple of place declare the gonna win a series Uygur again but but Parker. To the rim he'd he'd beat his man off the dribble and David western Judeo McGhee whoever was trying to slide over to help. On defense just didn't they didn't attack improperly. And and you don't what the hardest part for today to swallow the disappointing game was thought drain on plane out of his mind. I really did he didn't dream on things I mean it. As it often is the offense was a bit of a struggle from a shooting perspective. Moved there when they were mostly decent shots and he was open for a reason but he was open that three in the corner that's tough. It didn't stop you know you don't like to see your you're all star air balling shots but. You know that's gonna happen we dream on sometimes nevertheless. He would eat offensive. Rebounds. Eight offensive rebounds. 99 and eighteen. For dream on today and he he did seem to be everywhere. But when you shoot 37. And a half percent for the game. When Klay Thompson injury among green and our combined eight for thirty. You know ensemble is it's amazing that they hung around as long as they did in this game on the other hand if it gets back to the pace argument for me what I think. In this kind of goes with that pace. There was a play today that I was metaphor of just the whole day in general a microcosm if you great call thank you clay gets a pass on the wing he's wide open for a three he passes it up he takes a hard dribble Dini green goals with them. And then click travels these flat out travels and it was like it's just not our debt adding that that. Credit spurs I do I do I think we need to give this person cry and I hate to in the might cuckoo tip your cap who but they they played really well today they hit shots all other role players contributed and then. Outsider come on Rooney. We didn't get a lottery and and contributions that we're gonna talk Marco harmony today because. What he's done down the stretch and this season is both wonderful and I think potentially unfortunate for the warriors in a broader sense because I don't know they're going to be able to retain. Me too because I can't tell you how many times. Somebody in the room more I watch the game today went on there's only again. You know it just a man there is again is there is again. Am I being too hyper critical of Steve Kerr I hate bashing speaker even a little bit but. I thought he should have pulled the key out of that game today a little earlier and golf with Kamal movie sooner because I felt like come on. Whether it's catching balls in the paint being able to turn pivot past make the right play defensively he was playing great defense on the switch. I just like JaVale didn't have it today and I don't think current. Pulled the trigger quick enough what got the. The full JaVale experience today I mean you did have seven rebounds in seventeen minutes. He was three for six which is not the end of the world he had that one. Move worry caught it elbow and took a dribble and and sort of Euro stepped around a guy and dunked it I mean he he makes plays where. You think to yourself. Man if he just had a slightly different basketball brain he could be one of the great superstars in the game because physically. I Arnold who you can even compare to. The F lettuce is an act I've possesses at his height it is phenomenal. But he is going to take a bad foul here and there he is gonna miss a defensive assignment here and there. And awaited the loonie is the opposite you know he looks a little stiff out there. He's not he doesn't he doesn't jump off of your television screen as a dominant NBA athlete. But I the way he keeps his feet in front of ball handlers the way he's. Able to switch on defense and and maintain the integrity of the defense he makes all the right places he's not going to have one of those crazy step around dunks. But he had five offensive rebounds and he seems to make. All. The please you want him to Mickey seems to be exactly were supposed to be. All the time makes the Smart he does he does and and that's impressive for a kid who's the point you're 21 and boy Eric. I'm hoping to find a way to keep him but he keeps do in this someone's gonna give money that that. Makes him out of the warriors price range this offseason and that will be an interesting story I think we got a lot of interesting stories today. We're gonna break down this game would Logan Murdoch who covers the warriors for the San Jose Mercury news coming up. Less than ten minutes from now later on in the program we'll talk to season's loss or did you know is through no hitter last night. Course and so on the baseman Nile will talk about that was Susan at six Tony then. We'll spurs insider at 720 Andrew Monaco from a spurs TV. Will join us. Michael skiing Joshi asking. Talking depths on 957 game. We call our fast miracles here blitzer more right across from comedians joining us. Courtesy of the phone lines. Logan Murdoch the best dressed man on warriors ground what's up Logan. Well it's ignorant and should the councilman. Of course you know I I think I've probably at this point every Saddam noxious level are saying that's so much when I see you at the arena event like it's it's you're starting to wonder if there's something wrong with me but we're gonna move on from Matt. Today's bizarre basketball game and this may be a weird question that definitely is a weird question but. It's so interesting to me when you've seen the sloppy performance in the first quarter. And which is something we've seen a lot throughout the year. Has there been whether it was today or anytime this year anything that you sort of being around the team you notice in the pregame you know what they don't seem totally locked in today or did they catch you just as much by surprise is it does us. I won't comment but surprised the most today loans that they don't expect a seemingly tried to bounce back in this. Slow start and talk about Spoelstra they're Arab immigrant history excavate what they were seven entry in the over the last days are a lot of those times they would about Specter will be a lot of partly they would jump despite overall. Prominent big bell that differs nowadays the bar while they did it Q what they did so that part of it could have won that game but the belt the most don't work in about this'll start to day. Logan what did you think about the strategy in the very first quarter to defend Iguodala. The length of the court in the backcourt specifically. Because I thought that kind of flustered the early offense for the warriors. And then really fueled the fire for the spurs to create that nice that nicely they had gone. Well definite big bed quit with. Are your New Orleans unit or analyst is not a he would not just ours or more circumspect so immediately it does. Couple origin that they went in their offense went. Someone is picking him up full court dark side to. I think because our Gerri is there while he had a lot of point our ability is not in Niger where guard I think they had to historic so memorably did follow. And a crowd affect how well it's. Nick Young played 31 seconds in the first three orders and eight minutes in the fourth quarter did anyone ask Steve Kerr of specifically strategically what he was doing there. I didn't added I didn't hear that at a hearing Nick Young questions posted I don't think it showed that any bearing on the major and haven't really. Played much this. And the playoffs and in Canada to do to stop the game probably it was. Had any bearing on whether they were you know good or bad to start this would make at the plate and had a nearly. And he bit about their post it. Logan did you notice that JaVale McGee. Maybe I'm reading too much in this but I feel like JaVale McGee has been kind of figured out by the spurs and they've adjusted now to him. Did you hear anything that may be Steve Kerr might wanna roll with gloomy a little more army be tinker with the starting line up. You know how would you go about game five if you're the warriors when it comes to JaVale geek McGee's minute allocation. Well aren't I don't. Won the miss Stevenson made it admit made eight made a promise to do it not told anything about lineups he is back. Throughout the playoff you're not gonna continue to think about that but how aware I wouldn't. I would say that we just played a really good really good this does not edit series but the these bad but I think that you are also search engine there on the but he also quoted by Bloomberg the Brentwood the spurs this season of the Gilligan ninety. The integrating. But it be good that this series has shown us that he didn't do that Obama has played very well. Our majority which you shut out scene also needed for commodities that he did really great. Switching page in match a lot to do it. You know we've played a lot of all opposition and it looks beak in the capable of that and I don't think that. It out think that just next game you're gonna see you know a lot of combined big throughout the here throughout the rest of the playoffs. I'll they're gonna see a lot of him just because he can't switching that plus eighteen the other the other night of Basra and really. Kabob is really good and I expect to see you know you know what get a little bit more under cup. Well all. What do you expect for him heading into the future because they declined his option come an end of the year he's Jameer freeagent at the end of the season and Ott and you know not that the bomb and he is the end all be killed anything for this warriors team but I'm starting a worry keeps playing like this someone's gonna given too much money and he he's not coming back. But the big biggest and evidently he try to round it's what the the modern NBA want to out of you update is that someone in Alba can guard multiple system not only do that but it switched and it could switch on the particular roles and guard that debt. Guard localization but it that's going to be a stock commodity in the league right now aren't. He might display himself out of town and a good way. What that all see what happens but I think that he's really. I think that he really showing that you know maybe they should of picked it up sent out the better opinion Jones went back aboard. Nick. Klay Thompson came Logan excuse me I'm sorry Nanette. Like topsy came into this series averaging 26 points over the last three games and today he just. He wasn't pulled the trigger and I noticed Danny green was really getting up into a but I also felt like likely it was a little bit tentative deal he had anything and post game. To sit at the spurs did something different and there are running two guys Adam every time he caught the ball on the perimeter and he was really. Play making for others you know with his passing which was opening up more shots for him but today just. He just didn't seem to have it go. Well do I mean we'll agree with you they didn't have it going but it did put up sixty shots that. Maybe. Epic shots weren't all in the best matches to date with with clay have a dog that soda. As represented at the with a whole team not made parent aren't shot didn't fall for this team and I think that's. It that they were due to think that the warriors would do were relieved you know Betsy and I because they always you know they've they they're great cheating couple with wit. The other great shooter and ability you're duped or badge united whit clay he was there are so there that day and don't but I I do think. Nobel expect gold cup game. So you know yes you just said I think we all expect a bounce back in general for game five I don't think anybody after watching this game today is starting to worry about the results of the series. But if we're projecting forward there are much bigger challenges to comment and one of the things that was interesting to meet tonight it is. As you mentioned the warriors weren't really hitting shots but so often they've been able to stretch their edge with the bench. And today of the spurs' bench is what actually hurt them I mean spurs' reserves are fourteen for 24 on the game and just lit up. The warriors reserves is there is there any concern in that respect especially with staff now looking like he's out at least a couple games the next round that. Maybe we're starting to see the bench exposes as thinner than it has been in past years. I'd bigot if you look at didn't score and Europe this season is pretty what's been all par will. What's occurred at all barrier been a little pact. And they've done really well that because there's such a topic in this team this team undercurrent of release on merit at all. On. Very very great good performance is what Debbie aides say they're at it what is case can be concerned that they don't have a view organ adore how quickly did they pop off the bit. That's ornate giant comes and that's where other other people come in but I think this game also had. A bit of and you've built at a little changed as far as like other other other guys that spurts that she would admit there early to step up step up and by that I mean you know the job they've buried in the shot that he did when lawyers are seemingly just giving him all reportedly make it. You know and and also. Matt you have an advantage performance advocate and end at the delicate way to act that put exclamation point on by LaMarcus Aldridge shot when. When you know. What does very modest draped all over every disposable desperate shot that goes under the old pretty much story of the game was just a lot of paying. That could go right Google. Spurs did involvement would go wall programs are the warriors did so. The Eagles were sold that and indeed. Maybe maybe stood disparity in this way. Yeah I thought drama played out of his mind today was some manned disaster intent. On the go on the offensive side of the ball game and now all those rebounds and defensively the way he was switching his awareness was incredible. But I guess one of my concerns with Kevin Durant watching him play because he's amazingly and get a shot off whenever he wants on anyone he wants. They were really putting him in the post and I and I'd like to see him go into the post. Have you heard anything as far as stylistically how they're gonna try to. You know get him to the free throw line early in games especially now that we're we got an eye on the pelicans they wanna close out this series they're gonna be back at home. In game five DC there's stylistically getting away from some of the high pick and roll stuff where the spurs really adjusted and played good defense and get. Kevin Durant the ball down on the post. I think doubt though it does require around just another bought and stepping up and it beat that someone else spectrum. Maybe so that the opera about a quid pro didn't know it had targeted out quite frankly who can bring the ball up then you. Let that happen a lot of times tonight are Kevin Rose. Initiated often aren't alone taken the ball to court and encouraged to check it out don't let beat you Warren. If you can wanted to Kevin Durant and the polls have been in America but the bottom facilitate that. Logan Murdoch joining us the wars reporter for the Mercury news Bay Area news group and I. I was watching the Cady and dream on post game press there and it. I guess if there's one take away from it it's that they were both very relaxed and seemed very confident coming home so it. I imagine that was the vibe in the locker room that hey. Yes. We lost today but this is a professional team on their home floor and will take care business on Tuesday. Ever had a dispersant story movement of that seniority dispute around them they're really competent march immediately after some velocity concede. There's just say they're confident that they have on the lark oral. I want our signal the play and I think that kind of show through and be an oppressor. You know I think that they. Did they while there are disappointed that they you know. That they're going to be playing games game filed Tuesday I think they have they have what they're competent that they're gonna did take care that the that that's the group they seem for the. Who Logan Murdoch want more on your way out the door staff status move if you had to guess. How far into the next series will we see curry Beckham awful. Are I'm not Russia every termite I think that you know it ought to do is in this reevaluation prior. Well you know I think the biggest been met the biggest take away out gotten promoted. Well Steve terrorist religious Chara what a given a date. Well it seems like you know you Doris progress in the rehab they really don't put pressure on a date specific date so. I'd be out of the decade that they give really hinges on a Friday or evaluation. Which doesn't. Our while wall be holding our breath until Friday the 27 Logan Murdoch always appreciate your time a man season. Look it's right on top of that and I may say too much but he legitimately is the precious men on warriors ground and on the column Nicklaus is such a fail such a fail on. Multiple levels he's right I mean. I feel like the staff evaluation process. One day it's like always he's he's looking good he's gonna join three on threes flawed forced on us and then at the very next day. The report is always three weeks there is no timetable. It's crazy well. I think there is a goal for good reason to not put pressure on him to return by any specific date because. All you do by giving a sort of returned by date is allowed a date to expire and people to be discipline and that's the point so I get that. I read tend to think he'll be ready by age two to three games into the next series based on everything I've seen. With the three haven't and all the reporting that's been done around it. But I am speculating. There's no way to know and based on what I've seen in the first round. I feel confident saying. They need him to be propelled I agree. Now I don't know if they need. Need him for game one. Anti tank they definitely don't need to have him for game one to beat the pelicans. But I think your staff curry were to miss the entire second round. They have a real fight and yet and. Think the first two games at oracle. It again we're we're getting ahead of ourselves to a stop to close up the spurs with Charlie though a war I think we both agree they're gonna do that kind of closer and closer now but. Those first two games are. Absolutely huge. Burst of pelicans and if they can get a split if you're the pelicans that's huge win and then that puts. So much more pressure on staff to return to come back in to be an impact player right away. That's just a lot to ask from a I know everyone's all what he did a few years ago in the last time he returned yet. Was 249 points and sixteen in the third quarter report JaVale. Slipped in and fell onto one button puts a lot of pressure to ask from them. Also I think it's worth noting last injury was an ankle injury which he's very used to in continues to practice shooting. Pretty normally throughout the recovery from he has not been shooting normally for the last few weeks and that's a so so as. Whether his shot is. I mean he staff Kirk so they shot him the okay. But is it going to be staff curry. Apprised gonna take him a few games get back and that sort of read and I do think. We talk about gravity with staff and that's just always. So even if his shots not it's not like people are gonna leave them open and I misses a couple of threes and that's the part the sea changes the shape of the full no question and it enables them to do things. Because of the threat of him being on the court was a Mark Jackson many years ago. He was even playing in the game he was hurt any room in the corner for an inbound play late in the game just to BA Decourt. Now that's an extreme example but that's what he can do. That's right he changes the shape of the flow. So. That'd Danny Green Orton you know it'll end up being true holiday and Rajon Rondo. Are gonna have a tougher time with clay because clay is gonna have more space because staff is sucking the defense away Kevin Durant. Whoever's trying to defend him in any given series good luck by the way. They are going to have a tougher job just with stuff on the floor and to the point we've discussed several times already today. He could still dribble even if he shots not at mid season form PE is the best ball handler on the team and ball in Lee's been a problem. During this stretch. And I also think that the second unit. A lot stronger with a Andre it is a lot stronger with Andre and I just think that there's such a better cohesion and I think. That looney benefits so much from playing with Andre because of the way he passes. And I just think it makes everything he talked about Nicki on like. I don't wanna see Nick Young in the pelican series I don't wanna see him play any minutes to be honest with you and because your depleted. You have to trotted out there even for a handful of minutes and that's to me that's just too many to allocate to him. Yeah of the Nick Young the whole season of Nick Young has been curious. And I think often frustrating. I don't. I never understood the signing reeling agreed. And I think the proof is kind of in the putting him in his first. Real minutes this. Playoffs were in the fourth quarter today and the best thing you can say about him is the only shot the ball once and it meant. When he got attacked by a mom who multiple times going to the ram and a eat slow footed to move the one time the worst guard defender on the team 180. Obama gets stretch but there's an urban centers in the discussion he has the other part was there was a play late in the game I think they're gonna win today's game I really don't. But this is a subtle nuance. He's in the corner boat the ball gets one to Iguodala eagle dolls wide open he's been hitting the three I want him to take that shot and you. Commented on it calling it that's regular season on drink he dashed up the shot he sold it to Nick Young in the corner in the completely wrecked that was one of the most. Concerning things to me today actually was and it's a small thing but then again that's what we do because thirst warriors and if they play the way they're supposed to do pat. Then they're gonna beat everybody anyway yeah. When Andre does stuff like that. It's not that it's not when he misses the shot it's only makes a bad pass its when he chooses not to shoot the reluctance to yeah. That doesn't. It's very hard for me to understand and in the regular season I understand it better because it's quite clear that under your dollar does not care about the regular season. But. In a playoff game where that three would have made a big difference. It didn't feel like him to pass it up for nick young and maybe more to the point like. Maybe. Pass that up. Without thinking about the fact that that's Nick Young over there instead of I don't know even Quinn cook. I would rather have cleaned cooked at sunset is like you. Maybe Andre is moot in the Balkans he's thinking well where the warriors so the next guy's gonna have a better jumper than me but the next guy I happen to be nick young and Isner. You don't want one little nuance about as we kind of look followed him and I don't wanna do this but we have to as you look forward to New Orleans. Having jewel holiday and Rondo pressure the ball if curry does come back in those two physical. Half. Dudes that are going to be banging with him what if stuff doesn't last. That's how deep and I that's my point worst case scenario. Look what those two guards just did to an incredibly capable pair. Important. They abused them. I mean I don't think I don't think you could've found an NBA analyst. To take the pelicans back court over the blazers backcourt going into the series. And not only was the pelicans backcourt better they have used them they were a whole lot better. They won't Metz said drew holiday won that series we knew Anthony Davis was going to be nuts he's been nuts. Pretty much every game since he got a little weak if he's on the floor. Odds are he's one of the best guys on the flow. But I don't think people remembered what jrue holiday's capable he's got a weird career there have been some injuries he took. Most of the year off to take care of his wife when she had brain cancer which I think. We can all. Appreciate and I think. The ceiling of his ability has been underestimated because of how little we've seen that. Totally fair and all their role players are playing really good right now to that they have very clearly define roles Ian Clark ex warrior I'm. Rooting for Ian Clark and he's making contributions yeah you're guy who has. You know Owen and Mirotic although he looks I look at looks like he can barely run he still make him play east and then here's the big question. Who's gonna guard Anthony Davis I know we just assume drain Mazda lockdown anyone I'd like to see Kevin Correia. Mark up Anthony Davis and and he. Kevin has had the luxury in this series to kind of take possessions off defensively. Because he's not being asked to guard the best player on the other team. Is he ready to take on Anthony Davis and how will that affect his offensive repertoire how will that affect his his energy his efficiency on the offensive side of the ball. I don't know. I think it's the second part that worries me. He might be. In Auckland. Not let's separate this because one thing we've talked about a few times that is gone loony and I think he's their best offensive option against Anthony Davis he's. Not the athlete that JaVale is. So you know we smaller and marginally less athletic than Davis. And he's not employee. They need. Defensive genius that during Monday's. But he somewhere in between both of those things. He's a pretty darn good athlete as I've said a few times the way he moves his feet defensively is wildly impressive to me so I do things. He can stay in front of Anthony Davis from say an elbow the wings much better than other big guys can. And he's much bigger than drama so. Think he's your best option I think available start though so I think it's going to be JaVale at the beginning of the gay people that's ugly. And what I was gonna say about their it is there. You can make an argument that physically he's about as good an option as they happen. But when you see what happens. Just as an example and it you can pick almost any player we see specifically. What happens with clay. When he has the toughest defensive assignments. The offense sometimes fades and especially if Curry's are you cannot afford. Kevin Durant to have any offensive. Downgrade at all you gotta have the best possible offensive side Kevin Durant and so I think he goes Amir. One the other of these center on the programs not that that's a maybe put money you talk more they may want to have to do when and how effective can David West be in a series against New Orleans see like that that's a great question there's certain matchups where I don't know all of David West and I love David he's been one of our best players all year. Hasn't been the same guy since the the Sistani arm but. You know how does he fit in the mashups specifically against New Orleans. Is I got to see I don't know if he can be as effective as you can Versa slower team like San Antonio pretty darn good today as far as there either three rebounds fourteen minutes. And it's David West is just that I love beautiful man who. Is is a force for nothing but good on this basketball team and I do believe he'll be a factor in that series he comes up eventual try to avoid putting him in there would Davis as much as possible I think is is the way to fix that issue. So here's wanna know from people. Get to a loss today I don't think any of us or worried. That the warriors might lose the Sears. But my question would be. Watching them lose this game today which I think most people expected them to win especially after game three. You know I think you go into these two road games thinking if the spurs are gonna rally for a win it's gonna be game three so after that. We didn't expect this but after watching this. Does it. Did you do you feel like you learned something you feel like you're more concerned about the future than you were or is this just another example of when the warriors aren't properly motivated sometimes they slip up. Phone number 8889579570. Penske auto sales data Comtex line is 95795. And I want to hear from you do we learn anything today or heard. Did we just get one extra basketball game. Polls in jest the united thoughts and tonight's vice. Got to double time they get down back. Activision over bring about a job. They controlled the pace and the force of the game the right from the beginning. Might get them to her credit I mean it's not surprising you know this is a championship organization. Coached by pop the last twenty years should be. Toughest smartest team from the floor night in and night out no matter the circumstances of Rio Del Rio and you know what this version and do. And they did to us. They did to him tonight he's right. They got it done to him that's what interesting things you know 'cause I was the government isn't there and that well you know we don't have the talk about. The fact that it's obviously a horrible tragedy that. A man lost his wife and it's much bigger than basketball he should take all the time he needs and and frankly I would not blame him in the slightest if he passed on. An extra flight to the Bay Area as well. But. It does just for you heard Steve Kerr sailor. Gregg Popovich has coached the spurs play. Hard every night and to defend at a high level every night. And it just brings me back to I don't think Steve is trying to sub tweed this point but. Doesn't matter if he's there. This is Gregg Popovich is team the reason they play the way they do. The reason they've executed in one at the level they have this season despite. When you completely C is not a talented roster. It's it's all Gregg Popovich and the fact that he's not there. Thursday and today. Doesn't make it any less esteem just like Steve Kerr being out would back surgery while Luke Walton one point four straight games that was Steve Kirstie. Totally totally him and Manning Ginobili having one of those throwback game. I mean there's a guy he's a guy that what are fans we can't stand Ginobili he's killed us for ever obviously that playoff series in 2013 he was. Monumental but. To have him have that throwback game that might be his last game in San Antonio I think there's a pretty good chance it's his last game in San Antonio 41 is not an age where people usually complainant in the National Basketball Association and although. Again athletically. It's like check the birth certificate time. I just I. Who knows we'll see we'll see whatever is a man who no need to speculate. I will say this. Secret they are gave the spurs a lot of credit and rightfully so. He also said things his team did wrong in his press conference I'm not saying you didn't come to that but I. They were so many things that day that quite obviously we're warrior problems not. Spur problems in other words the warriors created certain problems for themselves. That we're not purely the creation of dispersant that's why I'm asking people. That's why we wanna know from you. And if you wanna join us at 88957957. To the phone number it's got to says that context on his 95795. Do you feel like you learned anything about the team tonight do you feel like it change your outlook moving forward not about the series. But about the playoff run. And there are two things that jumped out to mean one Steve are mentioned in that somebody which is the pace issue. Any time the warriors. Got it moving today. They controlled the game over a short stretch. The comeback had a lot to do with the pace increased. The other thing that jumped out at me and and again I see that something within the warriors control the dispersed work to slow them down yes but if the warriors play warriors basketball move the ball movement in the way they have at their best. They can increase the pace whether the spurs like it or not it's possible. The other thing is specifically Kevin Durant it jumps out because what he's capable but in general today there was a lot of us and our shot settle. There was Klay Thompson dribbling into a mediocre shot instead of moving the ball and moving himself around to catch and shoot from better location there was Kevin Durant who. I'm sorry in this series he can get a thirteen to fifteen foot jumper when ever he wants. And ultimately today. He shot 213 three pointers. Four for thirteen from three. And look Kevin Durant usually agree three point period 34 points in the game he he was the best warrior in the game probably thirteen rebounds as well as. I'm not downing Kevin Durant by. When you can get a fifteen footer any time. Shooting thirteen three point is a little suspect. Any when he drives the ball in and he crosses over on his defender it sucks the entire defense into the key which opens up. Everything getting into Arafat yup and again it's a free throw line jump shot anytime he wants everything so. Those things to meet on one hand are concerning because I do think there within the warriors control. On the other hand. Those things are kind of why I am not concerned. 'cause to me and I said this earlier. It's just another example oh we've seen all year long. One they went into the all star break and everybody was having a panic. And actually started to feel that maybe the team was starting to feel it like no this really isn't right we're really not playing the way we can. They came out of the break and for a couple of few games. We started to see more glimpses of peak warriors then we've seen all year. And then you sort of got the feeling that they were like all right we proved to ourselves that we're capable of turning on. And then down the stretch with injuries things slipped again. First two games certainly but really first three games of this series we saw a playoff Borders Group we really bit. And we saw just how big talent gap is between them in the spurs we saw all the things that they're capable of doing against. Lesser competition which is what San Antonio is in the state. And then today we saw. The sloppy first court that we saw during their worst regular season games we saw the sort of settling for shots that we saw. During their worst regular season games the lack of pace that we saw during their worst regular season games and to me it's. We may not love it but this is just more evidence. That when they are. I'm gonna choose the phrase properly motivated. There are different team than when they are not accurate. But the other little subtle nuance between this series and the regular season that I noticed today specifically. Was when the officiating wasn't going their way. They didn't just tuck tail and try to get ejected is that that wasn't very. Key part of the regular site had been a lot of big did it happen a lot and the only technical today was the weird one on David West and I'm glad you brought that up because. Toll Brothers was awful and I thought he was actually awful he was making calls. You know halfway across the court that he had no business making that call I thought there was a lot of inconsistency on the amount of musicality allowed on one end vs the other end. There's no consistency whatsoever and the technical and David West Scott was actually considered and it was a short it was CYL style where all somewhat in the stands says something. Brush up on the wrote yeah. The road you're gonna attack up the bench and the crowd are you kidding me. The last time a neat person on the bench got a technical in San Antonio I believe that referee was suspended for reader Joey Crawford Todd and a that's right. Predict now this was not mad but it is it is that it's not a good look yeah and you show. It's it's it makes Tony Brothers look. Like overly sensitive as it makes him look what he's got rabbit ears because there's. An argument to be made like. Why do you even know what David West is doing forty feet away. Oh like your eyes should not be over that it's a great play your focus shouldn't be anywhere near him. And not like just the basics Matt. Like the way he defends okay the way Denny Green defending clay he's literally all up in him now. On every possession whether he's got the ball or not. And they're allowing basically it's like off a left tackle trying to guard idea and that's the way he's he's holding them up he's got his arms underneath his arm pits he's going Chris Paul defense it's blue book. But yet when people on board to agree a breach on LaMarcus Aldridge he's got fourteen opry house it's that's the part that's maddening to me is. If you're gonna allow this account on one and allow. For both teams shot. The body cut of the sorry it's a look at it like that. I seen. I don't know how to explain some of the whistles but I I will say and I am not. Conspiracy theory I I don't believe there's any funny business happening year by a if you would do believe that any one of those guys who likes to argue that the NBA league office is making calls to officials getting them to extend series well. Today it would've been an awfully good test case for your argument that being said. War is to plant stuff themselves they lost by thirteen in this is not Tony Brothers fault he did have eight terrible ball game. I would say just watch the third quarter when the wars were trying to mount a come back. And and into the fourth quarter and at this game this little one this game and you were within five there within seven within aren't any just. They just never couldn't get going but I would just say. The way the pace was stopping Gaal stopping go in the third quarter with all of the whistles. It was maddening to watch and from a fan perspective from a from an optics a watch ability. Like allow them to play a little let let not everything there was a play at the rim warming and you gotta charge I forget on let me was to Rihanna McGee. If it was up prototypical just no call didn't know call and I think you build missile. Yeah he didn't spell out it just have to blow the whistle every time it just I don't like that credible. I tend to agree especially MM and I think most people tend to agree when he gets the playoffs a letter role little bit too quickly and maybe more of the point as you mentioned earlier that. This was no worthy referee wise because Tony Brothers was all over the put it's making calls on the opposite side of the floor just like. He made himself a huge part of that team which is never a good look. Let's go on. We got gene in Oakland to restore I'm Jean in Oakland what's up Jeanne. Yeah outdoor fair thanks taken McCaw. Yet I I agree with the guys I didn't I don't feel as though we learned anything about it. Vera further validated. The point that yes these guys really do need motivation. It's you know they haven't been elected there aren't through the scene than you could see that. It'll aspirin.