Kirk Morrison preps for Raiders training camp

Former Raider linebacker & Oakland native, Kirk Morrison, will be at Raiders training camp in Napa next week, and he joins Bonta & Guru to preview the NFL season!

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I think we're all really taken back by with Michael Vick it's more of the messenger. That delivered the message. I think had have been someone else may be a worn mold or. Doug Williams giggled other black quarterbacks that have played the National Football League has signaled may be Colin. Let's think about if you wanna get negatively is maybe try to change up the look because the look that you have right now some people. Our freight they've never seen this look before so they're afraid. But when Michael Vick makes this message air bodies look at that. Michael lightly how can you tell this man what to do with Cuban convicted Ford dog fight you're the one that had braids when you came to the National Football League. No one told you hate you need to cut to break it you won't be a quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons I don't want him to cut this here beetle you walk remember what looked at him now. But how is that that training camp last year. When he had braids when he had his hair out and he was compete for a starting job vs Blaine Gabbert wasn't a problem then so why would it be a problem now. Course ever skirt more Sonoma make surrogate their rights and only him coming up to the studio to beat me up. For Doyle Bruce Allen did to Kirk cousins the other day Turk he said Kurt six times do you disrespect to franchise quarterback bells Kirk. Morse in there. On first take ESPN's first take Monday he was on their Monday Tuesday and Wednesday talking about Colin captivate. Whether or not he should cut his hair nails of course Michael Vick. Many big star running back Kirk Morrison LA rams radio analyst go to our first thing as a mission here too and as chairman Greg puppet show afternoon delight during guru Johnson. And Vontae hill here on a five point seven a game Kurt how you doing man good to hear from you in less Hamas are you as a draft party to fox weirder when Gregor start to Gary Connolly to speak though about collar cavern Aiken and express your thoughts there about. Why Michael vehicle sort of wrong nearby speaking about Colin Kapanen cutting his Afro. What think but all of the appellate doorman. And so when eight beautiful day up here you guys are one down in Los Angeles but the big thing is. That over this week those comments by Michael. We're just one that. I'm I'll take him back box so. To impact more because of the messenger like that war. And the way that Michael Vick look when he came into the National Football League. Was wondering which corners and Clinton in in people that he is this guy's going to be the exit reference. And being what it looked like the normal back at the time. He didn't look like all war. You know Tom Brady over the start the compliment to prominent. It was like Peyton Manning you'd look god of war. Obviously. But Greg. Keep the way where. Do the school may look like life. Yet the thing swagger. In the but then he was convicted of hand. It though so maybe that some work. His comments. Q what we're trying to say trying to create it but he said it is wrong manner that is in all of our first call columnist is Kutcher in their first blow in what should the senate would won't work from me. That I had to cope with the wasn't that person I had changed my outlook technical work ethical corporate like just to be honest. It was because. Port for cuteness. Some people. That he would commit a killing at. The sailors and put that perspective. Content and he's leading peaceful protest. Don't eat his power. In the film money to cheer ease into people's war fighting for justice. For example the African American community and others who feel like the police brutality. Is changing you know in their communities are a lot. So that war started with Colin happening is that I don't want the credit here want him and we use it sure wouldn't want. Because look like he doesn't cut it here now he'd be conforming. To basically say we he's won against what he's preacher for which is equality. Which is just that it would no matter how you. What did you think Kirk of Michael vick's back and ought thought he had a better back pedal to Deion Sanders in this crime. Don't they were you apologizing did you take you to take that with a grain of sought an easy being Mike Vick realize that there are problems in this that. I think the root root but that didn't realize how much for all black political chromatic. We're kind of Twitter your. Topic a lot of people it is war you know Twitter like what are what are called the just the upgrade you know outpouring of Rachel would say it. I think a lot of people literally were offended more or less and like that before. Like you'd understand someone else. But not Michael picked Mike Vogel Michael much you. Guys epic 800 million dollars. Atlanta I'll have been cut it here. Totally different dot org it would make more money Simon archer. So help you beat old body make it there you can either though is that not the case with color can read more layers to that. He doesn't cut it here now so. Can it go. And going to be in the you know I don't know topping that route. Why he is comments back. Because I think he realized what he did. And at the time he will not be able to like while our in all the that you guys though this. Whenever somebody says or partner comment or statement opposite. I am not going to be equally politically correct what it and so they might spark now. They're trying to be politically correct. So that's how we start in that league contractors. That we approve. Hurt not only did you. Play defense in the NFL you played for the raiders. And I'm just wondering with O'Donnell coming in. How does that limit for Kim Norton junior. And and have the players look at that dad dynamic talk to me about that dynamic now in regard to. Who's who Hulu only listen to regarded the deep it's a coordinator now that you got a new set dies. A key in Norton junior who to me it looks like he's been bumped to the Beckett tad bit the keeps the name. Yeah yeah I've said that should be given to borrowers opera novel from. But its partner in the now wildly. You know John and how long time. And support ought a great addition to the coaches step in here lies here that it coached with a bit and you know the players he knows that. No just in the quarterbacks. So you can. Someone who's been a full. Viewers now be in the Alpine optic that day Corey will bring you more step in now. It really have to be sort of the chain and who was on of people or. It is you know you know obviously can't Norton's what is at these critical year. More to come more from McConnell will come more from bill you know we will picturing it. Only on one call and shot at me to have more. You know mind set more. Well in the chain is only help our defense that if you shoot one industry. Really need to work on Wednesday off and when they'll be fine but McConnell to meet I think is gonna be. He until. This football team changed its fortunes and the. Her enormous Kirk Morrison's run this year immigrant publisher of the afternoon later to develop on the day when I turn out aim and I almost went through solid job. Had to catch us so we've been planned out audio all of wicca let's transition their for a second there will get back on generators in their defense. And so bizarre situation in Washington. Kirk cousins franchise tag for a second you're in a row first quarterback to give franchise tag for the second year in a row and Bruce Allen to sell their column Kurt. Going out their Blaine out to. 53 million. And basically. Haney Kirk cousins. To be selfish that is just a bizarre bizarre situation out there in DC. Did those are about optimal with two possible decrease. Mop theory that 2012. Reds instructed to quarterbacks. Are equally. From the other and Kirk. Outlook that the orgy three was more people lose Monday nighter. You wrap it. Okay what they traded 31 round pick sector. So that was. They're crap. But I felt that the head coach in the opposite coordinator Mike. Shanahan and outstanding respectively. Were really like Kirk cousins and that's what major. And I think that we don't like they have not reward him when he kidnapped two years ago was that they will end date meaning. Salant and Snyder would be at dating to the fact. Bet Mike Shanahan and policy look art but the correct and captain Kirk cousins. And I while they are right. These guys drafted the quarterback that we should really invested it. And so the article yet despite despite an outstanding rookie year ever really conform to being. The quarterback never took the time understood the position not or to listen. Really be coached to do things his own way. And that's reflected on earnings right now it does say that sector on the technical topic is well. Not Indian right now I think that you want they haven't rewarded Kirk cousins because for the simple fact that it's really. Validating that hey I action and it by odd ball Shanahan. Kirk and that's the one thing also to. They'd been burned before. With quarterbacks throughout their history. And I think now they just got sort of cold for no other way mirror ball right. There like we wanna Miriam. One. Let you have no choice you have no leverage and so what would you do if you look gold. You know another five seniors look around for their quarterback COLT because. You can't did not make NAFTA and that is true. You know. Try to trap he should work or Arnold and let our Patrick Graham. It could be. Whirlpool like Olympia Brett Johnson. In gospel rock me like your history of yours has proved it. You just know that he's and other people leftovers you've got to trapped it ought to reward ago. I'm with you Kurt and make some great points there in units in the Shanahan. And seeing right cousins there's a lot of noise coming out here assumptions that I. Foreigners were looking in the cousins because Kyle Shanahan he knows Kirk cousins that it seems like that is inevitable inevitable at this point that. Cousins will end up as a forty niner and is he that dude is that do current pitching wanna pay. Point four million dollars a year given sixteen million dollars guaranteed is Kirk cousins Eric I'd like to lead your franchise. Deep into the pilot play also possibly a super ball. Let utility payment rate was it that you got a quarterback that a lot of pro ball from what made the point being. More consistent and been in there and things like vPro the hot percentage. It is going to be bidding war burqa. You know and people people in the 49ers but. You know what about the technology war of public order to have and you're. You'll pay Google pack a Brinks truck bring in a quarterback with stability. Pact you know pro football to their receivers on the you suck on the national football in if you got a team win right now. Quarterback played with a pension. Upbringing perk up and yeah he won't work that clip there are extract. Because it's so or defying these quarterback what keeps and that man is typical I'm looking equally well and we can look at the quarterbacks they stripped it so. Well you have a quarterback EC want I think Kirk cousins orthopedic guy and they cheered but it's not just gonna be the where there will be multiple teams may drop in war. Ford got acute in the can come in and just to be too. It may not have to be great but he does not peaking you choose a team that greatly right now he can give it to a suitable thing. When you look at the situation in Dallas would seek Elliott everybody was sitting back I know I was waiting for him to get suspended we saw Adam and Jones gets suspended today. And now reports are route that he may not get suspended. Is Jerry Jones worked in his magic and Zeke Elliott out of control. Yeah I think he's got to control actual point on. Where opting used. I'll help ward so happy that they start tree in the next couple days as. Finally they do they can monitor him he'd kill. With little more easily if he can't get to throw. Not nor has practiced practiced practiced. But I think it will rule one where. You know he's he's just don't understand it and it is it is without a couple as he's an outstanding running back but he's also a target. Maybe I can understand it who was one incident may be two incidents what he keeps seen multiple incidents keep coming up. With these GQ if I have to scratch mine isn't so it doesn't it. And what will have to happen for him to give it an epic in its path to be conjured deal took it upon himself. In the league suspended him for one game to sit him down because the only one to it. You won't let you talk a lot bill and shield. Process not to expect an acute right now and disrespect in the store. Just a very powerful at spa. A bit. Alter don't buy property Maceda. Omar. That much heat about organization popular. That inspector general will be inducted into Opel all the same bubble about two weeks from today actually look look over two weeks. And questions aren't being right now partnered to what bill does. Hard on the jelly bean ball that caught and that's something where you don't look at sort of younger Rahal can I help this young man. But I do give him credit it has. Happened before. What did Brian early in his career they were it would help him out. And get them you know those security guard body org he's since changed his his lack. Kirk Morrison an eight year NFL veteran former. Oakland Raiders linebacker Odland radio and radio analyst with LA rams will talk about those rooms in the second car but I wanna give back to careers here. Because where are a lot of expectations around here. Operation Minnesota's what guru called it. Agile I look at it look we know the offense is gonna score points they have weapons and injured could of course they're brilliant piece -- workshop when it's the dolphins will do its job but his defense. Especially the first round pick a corner gearing Colin we know it's tough. To adjust to the NFL cornerback position he's gonna season physical athletes on the outside there. What do you expect from his defense with a gun when Norton in Del Rio can improve and help this offense out become real legit championship contender. Well I think. Probably. Everybody's record to the back on the sneak up on anybody like India felt last year we do their record beats. What good football team we've got to be effective. But steal some balls today at the robotic you know chapter the Kansas City. They got some things that work on but at the same time the foundation has been here. You mentioned you know addition of cook and lynch. They're one on the prince. But it doesn't they got to figure out they took up the middle and back again after. How to give more sex out had a little back so there's some things that you promote some people are called in the experts. In the AFC west two that could possibly meet with the patriots need AFC championship game the government should there out of order. And on one continue to monitor. How things are gonna happen torturing an agent who was gonna be the RT merchant and abuse start middle linebacker you know the mean political team as well so it's. You know like everybody thought about missing operation. So there some hurdles listing what you know the first of four can only bought into them. I think championship contender now doesn't look promising yet absolutely. But I'm not ready to display and crowd them put them and if you championship game just yet. Monta and I discussed. The possible. The raiders. Players. Being affected by this relocation in you know you played I didn't play and I just I'm like there's no way that's creeping in their mind some in this three years down the road. Do you think there's anything to that there's no way these guys are thinking about that come training camp and with all this expected of him this season. Yeah I've been happy about that it will all come about the mean. Word about art this season and that's what they'll do I think that applies to them it occurred that they've been here. Since projector. In over on the relocate to talk and change them all out there ought to meet last year when it was being talked about. So they had Google would they put more high level playing well a lot of it is the credit goes to object you know real what he's done. A subjective regional. Has page or he kept our focus. And and and that the mindset a lot of veteran players about what. I don't get into the problem they understand the article move forward and you know trot when workflow when this year. Kirk Morrison a year NFL veteran joining us here immigrant puppet show afternoon delight. Party in order to glory Johnson here and in five point seven a game and talk about a team doing with relocation of rams. Back in LA last year moving off from Saint Louis ITC the year to a plane are from LA rams are their Kirk. I think. Your twos it is really more popular of the star quarterback. I was drafted number one overall the that they treated multiple pick you up to. Cool and he would answer the call will see where. His progression in the year two double as a rookie year always year. Under jet that your all of coordinator Scott or as well as. Quarterbacks coach Chris Weinke I mean it took about a people and and alcohol. A little coaching talent. Shot the victim in that difficult to the National Football League. He comes and that it's been a different mindset and acting. And I think you'll you'll see it in the board that is wanting to be. Well when your patent born you know it's almost I'm not include the. It there's nothing to lose you about the race last year Kurt. It was bad import and when you're not entertaining and also and that's what being. If you GoDaddy got him to be entertaining and they were neither last year so home that's why and that. Which some say comes in he brings in this excitement currency known. You can order. They brought in some. He'll keep talent left tackle and while wide receivers. Did bring a Wade Phillips got who. That down to the especially with criminal division of the raiders are happy to see him. Division between a quarter for the Denver Broncos. The last couple seasons but. I think it's a promising thing mean occupant. You know towards the playoffs this year about the you'll see a lot of that it it will really want to Wear your call your. You know you're you're you're exactly right I'm not sold on coffee of the Woolsey was Sean McVeigh and exciting. Young bright offensive mind of those kids right here with these two questions Kurt. You're from Oakland you know he's been around here for you know you grew up here. Was your feelings about the raiders moved to Vegas and oyster years down alive to personally you know haven't played here where that silver and black. With it was your fillings on his biggest move. Yeah it hurts you know it's not an appeal the Communist front line when it came back in 95 now first one in mind you know them in my to have. Season tickets and no war everything praying. Small or no matter where we were in raider game and I think it hurts more because. Just when the team starts to. Be seen that you envisioned for many years but they're going. You know decide league and that's part that hurts the most because. The fans and Oakland have been so loyal day although they're imperial. Teen. Even with some down years. And just when they start to. Become the team that we all it isn't for many years it's and they're up group and Goldman lost that you're the last four I think hurts the most. But I think former player mean the businessman in me understands that somebody in authority that company the new stadium. And to make this more vocal global brand. But you gotta take that deal that's where people. No look at port hope he comes in when it comes of fans who comes owners this is that the business this is their best. He can answer that he's got a there was this. Were you hoping that we're thinking about the pains. But at the same time if you go be a greater say in the race so to get himself what point together. The law. Maybe I'll I'll like it spears there. Paula no doubt this. So the spear the got to have our readers you know me you know they charge a bag I'll let you know you gotta make the most out of it is going to be a pop that that the raiders. The global brand torture raider fan you always appear raider fan brought where they are. On the dispute for you Americas and though you're not serious about the spear airlines raider fans not Xperia line it is the worst of the worst airline. I appeared to do is selfless and I. Managed to pick up logical water. Follow the charges for bottled water and elves the repeat nice on the old flight. Are we feel picked up eight dollars for bottled water we'll get your earlier would discourage your big who fan the lawyers who you know broken basketball and I know you've just seen the news if I were your ease requested a trade. He basically wants to go and on the San Antonio was your thoughts about that. And verbal about it the bigger bigger thing is understandable promptly the next year so if you don't pick. Eagle in the right that all Kabul where total spotted probably leaving. Received early. So now you look at the Cleveland Cavaliers. And all we the NBA to dispute I can awards ankle. At least bank of pop idol out by the letter to Edgar Hoover know like. That is to give them op art every. Because that hole and our team has changed the equity MBA ways that other teams where there's the San Antonio Spurs are market Oil City under. The way they eat is now dismantled. Warriors were the windy MBA is now because everybody's chasing everybody kind of formed new teams. And awarded the won't work sit back at the feet kicked up. Watch in the net attack this of people opening now I'm doing. It is part of the Warner's legacy as they continue to keep winning keep building and I don't see anybody coming close to what they go on an Oakland right now towards. Kirk Morrison's former raider linebacker LA Grande radio analyst who was off first take looking dapper Kirk thank you so much for your time this Friday after no ma'am we have to do this against soon as we get a football season. All this that I think actually the Osce a portrait campaign you know mark hello. Oakland Raiders alone not so beat down their training camp while the almonds sweet. Was she in that occurred thanks so much for your time Kirk Morrison tournament chairman Greg Papa show afternoon delight.