Kirk Lacob joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, June 22nd
Warriors Assistant GM joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his initial thoughts on the Warriors selection of Jacob Evans and Draymond Green's impact in the Draft room. 

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He's the assistant general data your Golden State Warriors ladies gentlemen Kirk late give joining us here on 95 cent in the game what's up Eric how aria. Well thank you for your time this morning we appreciate it let's jump in the last night you guys are on the clock pick number 28. Had you been zeroing in on Jacob Evans the whole time was he essentially the guy. That when he got in its money is the 2223. Year old looking at each other saying look at Evans is there he's our man. Yeah we I'd take the guy we really like all year. An and we we've rademan twice or the draft prospects. We had a we had a number of guys who we we're really in statement but it against the draft started suited to try to continue to go on. It became pretty apparent to us bad a much but yet guys like we're not going to be there and we actually at one point try to trade up to get Jacob. We we're getting a little worried that he wasn't gonna get there but we're really happy that idiot up. Looked like it was a crazy run on Wayne starting in in the teens and run and all the way up the deer ticks that doesn't surprise me that you're. Looking to make that move tell me about that second work out. On the day of the parade how difficult was it from a front office standpoint to be able to focus on that work out knowing your about the party in front of a million people. On what I'm actually pretty easy. We. We did the parade in the morning and as soon as it was over would be we try to flip the switch and we are where we're all in the draft Oden. We're excited about that group which can come and anyway I remember correctly is a really good group. And saw it yeah it's you know what when you enjoy what you do and we really enjoyed a draft a lot it makes it pretty easy. Though was that by design he had the parades going on you bringing guys in to see let them see what kind of putt putt kind of or what kind of environment you guys have here. You know we we didn't plan it that way but I think we all realize that came up that morning. That is a pretty unique situation and and the guys who came in that they were very likely to want. Sure. Assistant general manager of the Golden State Warriors Kirk lake and joining us here on 95 cent in the game. Tell me about trade mine Greene's involvement in the process from all the reports we've been reading three months been at some of the work out he was in the draft room last night he was on the phone. We Jacob Evans after you work she tells a little bit about what it's like to have drain money involved. Yeah our world dream on is is just incredible it is in basketball and emotional IQ is just off the chart. We we love talking with him about basketball and about. Honestly everything to have you with its C he's got a really unique perspectives. Emerald and I think you wanted to be there we we can ask him yet. And the fact that he's going to put in the work and and be essentially out in the room. I numerous times during the week made it all the mortgage paper and the comment and be a part of the discussion on draft night. But what I think he's eager to learn he he loves this game he loves our team and having him involved in it is terrific for everybody. Kirk as we project drain money out to post career career is you better fit as a coach. As a general manager or maybe as a player agent. Well that's got up I honestly believe he's one of the few who could kind of do all of. I think in some ways it might be easier for him to be on profit by because. I think you'd be phenomenal coach but I think he'd get a little frustrated. That other people don't pick things up as quickly. But honestly if you want to be a coach I think he'd be fantastic. It's such a good field for forgot just how people play dot all the people in general on what makes them tick. And and he just he knows the sport so well and I think he's getting to know everybody keynotes. Every single player you know so many coaches so many GM agent aegis one of those unbelievably well connected people. Well you seem like you guys know pretty much about basketball the way it is being corn for the nation. When you think about what Steve Kerr you alluded to a wants to you know get younger and in electing our players you know for the pension different things. What does that consist of is that guys more guys that are. The. We really. We're going after players were really hungry. Who really wanna earn earn a spot in the league or on the spot with in a rotation with the team. I'm I think. You know. That is not eating fine in the NBA all the time everybody has their own personal agenda and they deserve to have it. But we need people who really just wanna grind everyday because we had players who now four years straight. Have played really really long even better they don't get a lot of part often they're back into it so we need people we're gonna try to pick a level content yup every single day at. A lot of time if the young players who were extra hungry or some that is the bet. Which is dying for that opportunity to play deep into the playoffs. I'm an incomplete per rink so we're really looking for that type of players are gonna help but. Get through the year push our push our core and it allows executives spent. Kirk we set an over under this morning on how many teams you guys called over the last few days or last night trying to acquire a second round pick. Would you be willing to share that information with a how many teams you made a phone call to trying to win a second round pick. I think you can assume are you can just go down to let that'll pick whoever at 631. Men and all the way down to pick 45 or so if not on draft night actually much further than that. We're we're really active but were Borough more than anything we we just never won and it's an opportunity. And if you don't if you don't call you don't know. I'm if you don't try. You never know and so we we even if we don't think something is likely we make sure call in and trying to find out keel feel the water. And and find out what's going on but yet we we've probably called. 2016. Yesterday as. Eddie over. At times is clearly set the over under ten like a bunch of morons and good output to six we should have justice don't. Think they wouldn't call for everyone right and how is that bird for Jones and Joseph lake of your father and you know the owner of the team when he's a guy who's used to. Not always getting what he wants but he's had a nice run of success there or the organization. Was there frustration. Being unable to find a partner somebody who would be willing to take your money in order to get their second round pick. Are eighteen to to a level areas I mean once the draft and we're we're all very happy we we are so I doubt about Jacob that you kind of forget about what dirt during the course event. And I yeah there there is frustration when you don't get what you really want when you you're you're being aggressive. When when you called many teams as we do it if not all of these you know either. And and sometimes we you know get that debt opportunity quality do we really wanna call these guys we know what you are two very good yesterday. And and Joseph vigorous one lot. It's a I. Weighed in and it. And so we separate the I knew what he did you say you know with the I notice that it at certainly give jedi is here at night by seven the game do you follow. I'm NBA beat writers during the draft to see them tipping picks may be to gain an advantage with us some of this Wheeling and dealing. Yeah it it's really insisting that he would it happen over the last few years and with the advent of the Twitter especially in sport. I know the NBA doesn't love it and I know it was pretty funny lot right away. Champion and flowed really went after it and and Loge using all sorts there. But it is helpful for us to know and sometimes we do know pick before. They're there we group chat a world where you know couple picks or what the public is but he can't help you you get in patient. I'm I know I think I heard Travis my my former friend and co worker I guess he's still my friend opens. A declared a at a I believe he said would you guys this morning dead that there were every union in where he was looking at a trade and you'd etiquette that that a player that they were gonna take any heat cited in the betrayed. I'm bit they're always something interest steam you can learn. Just by virtue in or probation or you have to be careful and Victor you cremation and make sure that what you're getting the sound. But to me more information is better and and we kind of split duty. You know one of my main gate he's won Johnny west main duties can. My Brothers duty is a moderate social media and into know what's going on in the league and into Marty Stewart checked. I'm and that way it allows off. GO Larry Harris to really think critically about how we want approached and movement to draft or treat their movie not a movie now. I'm calling brother kick in like that. Kirk before I let you go are you heading to Vegas for summer league. Of course. Every single year. I will be payable on. Beautiful releasing what we're trying to convince our superiors that it is essential we be there covering I had all that is happening obviously this is groundbreaking stuff Jolo and did need to be there so we're down there let you know let's all go grab a dinner over at the Cosmo or something. Absolutely yeah yeah you know what it is essential that you guys had it there's too many important things to cover there's the stock pick up basketball game really important. There's very good basketball. And that their all the other things that we want to talk about. As a great drop right there outlast you and I had a great chat when I was down there with John Davidson in Kerry Keating and I thought it was vital to the success not only of our station but the team yeah. Yet as absolutely thank you for that endorsement we're gonna send that audio right over to our bosses right now means the world to us Kirk.