Kingsford Kirk from the Bad Boyz of BBQ!

Gianna Franco
Tuesday, August 29th
Are you ready for the biggest and best tailgate party in the Bay? It happens every Raider home game thanks to Kingsford Kirk and the Bad Boyz of BBQ, who is this week's guest on the Sports Dish! 

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NFL season is just around the corner and thousands of people staked their claim early in stadium parking lots and we are talking tail gating and we are joined by the bad boys of barbecue I'm out of Franca and this is the sports. It's time to turn up heat appears this sports dish. Which she honor for uncle. Joining me thinking of the Grail heat its record for the bad boys of Barbeque hurt a pregame party out there raiders game it's like no other I've ever seen before. Yeah we are one of the most extreme tailgate in the country so she can do well at all stark. When the raiders came back in 1995 there was just myself and you guys. And now or the point where between three and 400 people every game. Wow and this is plague your average pick up truck that you guys take out to the game you have like a full on arrayed like stacked with everything you need for tailgating. Yeah we have actually two enclosed trailers. The trailer that night so we call a party in a box only need as a location. We have everything you can imagine we have grills. Smokers cookers tense cables we have a refrigerator. We don't have that you probably don't need it and our second trailer. Is immediate trailer that in every home game would bring about ten televisions. And we set those up so we can watch all of pregame early games while Warren join our barbecue. So what's it like when you had to a raider game like this Sunday do you wake up at 5 in the morning load everything up and go stake your claim. Are you always in the same spot every weekend. While we can wake up at 5 in the morning but the trailers are pre loaded the night before which makes a whole lot easier we do you have the same spot. It's one of the benefits that we've been given from the raiders organization. For all we used to help promote. Happy atmosphere. Out there. So when you say there's Warren to people that had a tear tailgate did you know. These Bieber they just friends of family they hear about you and they just come up and they just they wanna participate. Know people actually come from all over the world they come from Canada Scotland England Australia Japan Mexico. And of course all of the United States. So it's like he's selling ticket and then they'd get feud fur tail gating prior to the game or is it just kind of whoever comes up it's a plate. Well actually what we. I'll networks about we have wrist bands and you can open you up portraits or wrist band will put it on you so it makes it real easy to identify who's part of the parties who has sent because. There's so much going on all the food to keep these we have an easy out there are so the party gets rocket and I mean assist. Really a lot of fun because people bring their kids their wives or girlfriends. That's the kind of outlets are we created out here. And so what do you surfer typical game day spread. Well we start with an important start with a sword sausages hot links pineapple plot that could be kebab. Or whatever else could buy an unduly sausage to give the party go on while they are cook and we have our ever. Famous grilled chicken. If you could come with a plastic fork try to get that the staple that they they come from everywhere awesome games will do Ramsey could be pulled pork could be Boris get. We do grilled salmon we have fresh oysters we get from Washington State tonight before. We do have our side issues beans Celtics center we'd ever main state we're I would try to mix it up a little bit just to keep people guessing. Any of the step that you just named it could be something you're eating at a tailgate party before it. Oh absolutely and we provide all the sodas and water you possibly can handle. How much is a typical risk and cost are supporting organ donation. That's actually pretty fair I think even gonna hang up for a couple hours and party with your friends with drinks and shoot twenty FedEx is a really good deal. You know we're out there you know why are try to make it very affordable for everybody because as we know law it's getting more and more expensive to do anything these days so. And it works out volume basis where Evelyn do a lot for a little too that everybody have a good jobs. So really come as Anders standing at the best tale attitudes are ones you can hold with one hand. In theory that's correct but we've taken it to another level all the things we do it. In the past people will be like Barbour a hot daughter saw something you can older sandwiched. We upped the game a little bit you know wanted to. These are little different so we give you a small plate put everything on you can sit down and relax a little bit socialize yeah have a good I'm. Mason I'm a begin Aaron I'm heading out to tailgate and I want that you know. A stop at a barbecue and you know makes MP what is the best advice you have for beginners. Simple foods especially you know that your early knew that it because. It takes a little bit odd percent of your grown on everything and there's only a few hours before game time so you don't want to elaborate with things that the other good thing it's a pre prepared we think at home so here you are site initiatives and your confidence already ago he consult on a backer whatever. And have a right there make it as simple as possible. Cancer Kirk of bad boys a barbecue joint team right now on the sports dish so. I have to ask you then so with the raiders leading to Las Vegas what does this mean for you what does this mean for your tail eighteen. Well guess. Meet the second time in my lifetime that detainment. Moved to another location right now I'm not really got to worry about it they're here for this year. Next year possibly one more we also armed and we'll just keep doing what we goes on between here at Oakland. Especially with this team this year there's a lot of buzz that they could potentially be heading to AC approval that's got to be exciting especially with all the fans out there didn't get ready for a new raiders season. Oh absolutely and offer quite a few years we've been and a darkness and now we get a lot of people coming out to gain on the team has struggled there like I'm not going no wait I. I'm bill I'm not miss out on the tailgate so that's another thing that we try to do is just put a great atmosphere to make people want to come the game and yet now that they turned the corner I mean everybody's on the wagon wants to be raider fan it would be a part of winning tradition. Now you've also been featured on the Food Network a number of times and in fact that because they want chopped. Yeah I was we're fortunate they came to me and asked me if I'd like beyond shocked and I said. Sure why not I mean who wouldn't work given the opportunity. What is that experience like for you I'm obsessed which shopped at Texas how I found out about you outside of eat annuity couple things here and there rat tail gating the what I saw on ethical honest I have to talk to this guy for my show how was it was a fine. It has a lot bought. It's really what you see on TV all the behind the scenes stuff you know the camera crews and everything McEachern. Is right there and you really don't know what you're gonna get it until you stand there like trust that was open ice yes I mean normally have a basket rabbit yet you open it up to you look at there wouldn't be welcome look on your face and go oh my god one can do it. It now do you do any other competitive. Tailed eighteen or barbecuing. We have we have found some national tailgate championships we've one out a few times that it got to the point. Where we kind of became a draw for people because we're so that's what what we do against secular right act and put it there are many people crazy science. There are a lot of lot of people out there we've traveled to Arizona we've grow to that Tampa Florida in 2009 for forty tailgate competition absolutely a lot of aren't we due competitive barbecue we were on the circuit for a little while that a lot of great people out there and learned a lot so yeah we're out here sometimes we'll do a sensible here and there are we do a lot of catering now in which came from mark tailgating. People or joy in our food somebody else want to hate you you parties and and looked around I'm like. Sure. Why are trying to. So people IDF they wanna come out for game day or if they meet you wanna maybe easier service your key services. What we do have a website which is bad boy is what is the of the BU dot com you can find is there you can look us up on YouTube they're so much so out there. War on Yelp. I mean almost anything else social media FaceBook world are also. In that stadium we are in the lot. Beef which is the RP bought slot in the back corner and we tried also the stadium onetime that we yes get over rough and so we kind of had to try and hide a little bit because. Here is a limit to what we can actually boring to the stage. Sure I am going to be out there for the raiders home opener. I am looking for you I am excited that tries some of the student. Yeah absolutely we look forward out there policies children was all about the home openers always an exceptional party kicks off this season. A lot of our friends we haven't seen it also has he commanded for a last December and a it's really good time sometimes. You know we'll try and we've got a whole big stir opening day we don't know what we're there yet this year we're trying to sort that out. I can't wait I look forward to it. Our pleasure look forward to seeing at the home opener he. Go raiders.