Kevon Looney exclusive w/ Towny, Steiny & Guru at Championship Parade

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, June 12th
Kevon Looney exclusive w/ Towny, Steiny & Guru at Championship Parade!

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C'mon a little bit sorry my store to sign it creates champion has that sound great growth over in ways that. And you think about your role just talk about your season where all the sudden it seemed like your health street and the light clicks. And next you know you're playing a huge part in this championship. Deals but now she's sort of been how excited commit to see her new my body so great and those of you sixty's performance so. For all or pay off than you Carter's team is pictured it to us when it senses and made it through and as always it would. Do you remember how you were told that. That the warriors were picking up your option next season and then how did you respond. Yeah Steve some governments in LA clinic clippers and forty games so mean. If they want to give them option religious business. Good that I mean player and I'll tell gotta gotta hurt his. I know and he also that security we go out there playing without. Hoffa called them also found no spun off the operation view their body a chance of thought to improve yourself so. That's new and got out there on the court they're figuring Mosul opportunity in my events. And it's great season yes they do so that says sumo sumo gave him cliff it's. Trust that he took made it Carl Lewis Jesse always cries and it was like night day about no on the off season you have some issues with your hips. You've got there and you got that rectified did you know the light would come on as fast. You don't come training camp did you deal would produce the way you have. That did. Within the last he's just that is my first summer that you set or broke my game to come and not rehash in. From. Locked in. And lost thirty pounds up folks Greg Owen is trying to cam in. And I felt so there's a whole new players so they root paid off in the I got a lot of confidence Google used reminded the US is out Acadia practices out so good I was Lovett played just OK yours Illinois played Kramer thereby newly. Talk about being kind of on the train guys like James Harden Chris Paul who you talk about the surge is that you lose the weight. Passing you know you're in the Western Conference finals start CP three and James are you talk about that soon. How is so but there on that island. There's argument iso or you could close some good. Best players in the world well lost grownups though. Of those little. I've read more inducted in a month seem yet to make plays in the thin those guys and take reprise China's hostess Acadia click. So let's double immune to either over to the game in. And I'd remind everybody behind you talk with a million motivation and it gives you toughness that press up and they really do my job so I did it pretty good job in. That another lots of stop and it. Mean these stairs are my beauty for reasons so meet don't mind my thing is tough no news. The book before if it looks like the leaks going more and more that everybody switching. Do you feel like he. This could be my foundation. That I can do that this may be something that you can be one of the best in the league and a big man guarding a little moment. Yeah. I think in the last season on these Anita Foster the Stephane what we get minutes on this team in and yes and best scores dead that's. Shooters and their delight vessels and a decent you might call cause that's enough folk stories. An off season slow lost the weight. And you know the league must have delighted you came in my outlook three years ago Libya it voted in many different types citizens play in enough. They're violet play smaller company caviar south solo to do is give me enough Tutsi markets and they're slowly and that. Good in the foundation of Spears' ex came along way. What is it still like to be in the NBA champ. C'mon I'm sure if those Mazen. You know usually the first month fortunately we lost in the finals thousand. A child outside the experience but to come back went back to back titles maintained. And this time we really need to actually go to Jessica lake Tribune has been in the north of me and there Russo Davies fossil ought to lower debt being put me in my whole life is all paid off for this moment. Well got to ask you and your freeagent. And warriors can only go so high with zero what's your approach to free agency. I mean. This is my first hour of experiencing this so some lists of people around me production Griffith and it's in a file suit has been through this situation and and where Leno minimizes the select edit to do with that story would there's been a great thing for me. I've which are clearly stated in there was sensitive years so that's some of the talk turned down so. That fits in a Japanese and all that assist us in the hearts of some tough is that the seller of it. But there have sevens and I'm sure do things. It's tough tough and good way it is it's what is this drama David less was talking about after this series managers dramas there was only a lot of drama what does this. Me isn't that was dollars and drama here in there without the usenet news Mort in the other in the locker room. The US always lessons to miss the musical. Yet thanks to what would emit flu is always a private jungle known within condemned his locker room to tell latest on this list watching shall try. You know you talk about your free agency upcoming free agency to bond. You're here play of the judges who worked for all stars. You know help fan. Head coach Steve Kerr did great system here. How much is championships and playing for championships factor and to save puts it Tbilisi get a deal from. They go team lose maybe a couple years away from contending here these kind of look at that situation like kind of rhetoric over to go to state and played out over gander illegal I do approach that. Me. So this is Emily I've with a final they're viewed solo home phone and political. When you're lucky guy I don't know how proud I think the parts that I I hit Attica looked utility with a talks about then everything else they say. Always the cherished moment that this thing does this not through brigade have their first round like this never review rounds with guys like this ever gave so. There's such aggressive. The moments of no Wimbledon and it seems in. That that fact is that I know I notice notice is the here no. There's also be a great environment in it got great hair closing great great owners the grace great organization that can definitively. Now do get some typical assignments. That your young in NBA career who have you seen play on an opposing team to where when you get your car to drive home that night like. Boy that's a bad way. Com. Got a lot of me this playoff let alone at all as Jews that the day was hard to piece of the Gaza itself. This go to want to quit. The media DeMarcus Cousins so flow before ya heard is that got me to hope. And then you get a big minutes it's not to cause let's root cause of me so fast and athletic so he's yet to gain as a reason. DF five all forty that I got Buckley of that stuff. Public float mixed up. Well Iowa. We hope that you're going to be back here next year and we'll be doing this again our thanks hey thank you so much that's not going to join with your teammates that they are presented.