Kevin Kurz previews Sharks – Oilers first round playoff series

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, April 11th
Sharks beat writer for NBC Sports California, Kevin Kurz, discusses Joe Thornton’s injury & previews Sharks & Oilers first round playoff series with Papa & Bonta on the Afternoon Delight.

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Game one tomorrow night against the Edmonton Oilers will they have joked sort rule they have Logan to tour. I don't know we have Kevin pairs of covers the sharks as those anybody for. And BC sports California dot com Kevin welcome to the afternoon electric Koppen Don take you there in 95 towards heaven again so give us the the very latest with the injured Cherokee starting with Jumbo Joseph what what do they tell you guys today. Well at the sound like he. Is exactly so sure about mark. And you know based on practice today. It looks like that that means Clayton I you know it's not a certainty that the Indian elections Keating scored on guys or even been applied and look at Tom with a couple of guys that. Probably ought to be. Tomorrow so. You know look future looks like. He's a little bit closer. He was eating in a regular position they would joke Belsky and opera also which is really where. Orton would be one that top one of the most you know most has been somewhat so. You know Justin just eight days now so you know morrow. You know just looking at them don't look like he's. Doing those hard. Stops those side by turns and looks like and he'd get up in them yet pretty well he goes straight line and mobile unit so. Know we'll see if he healed up by tomorrow night but. Right now there's some looks they picture a little bit more important. Now we heard in the media scrum of April the fifth day reporters saying it to Jeremy Roenick is saying it's it's a sprained MCL in RJR's former shark over the I don't know staying so there's about Joseph or petty or however. I know they don't want to divulge the nature and injuries in hockey that is even nosing around is it an MC LA medial collateral ligament. Injury for show which would you know compromise his lateral movement teachers saying that he is not exhibiting right now. It would yeah it would make sense and nobody said that has to be clear by now the world a mild sprain. It would be probably two week injury we're going on about a week and incurred and Cooper on April 2 believe so. You know would make sense in the timeline that he might not quite ready but he also right two days after the injury so right there. It is a pretty good indication that it wasn't overly curious because you know something Micah. You know what war. A significant green I just can't imagine they would even take a chance of putting them on the right student leader even if they were just trying to you know that the uses the current Eric tactic here. Well which teams have been known to do by. You know it is it's clearly something with the you know not be gone after that figure. You just look at the replays either way that are current equity. I'll collided with the Vancouver players so calm you know no one can just say officially what is it. Again it it's pretty obvious that that let me. Until we see him out there on the right. Or participant taken contact. You know going side to side doing those parts. Do. You know I'm not sure we're gonna declare him as being. In the lineup and we'll see tomorrow the warnings ski. But again no it actually says specifically what it is. Kevin carriers are sharks insider from NBC sports California dot com joining us on the after an eleven pop in bunting you're not a five point seven again when I saw you at the NBC sports. Studios last week I told Joes on the shark and that that against image and you said oh good one to seek kind of McCain evidently impressed for the man. There watching the sharks that night the power play was really. Lacking. And important is such a big part of their chances Logan. Could they could they give a role for Jumbo early in the series. Camp where he's just on the power play and does not take a regular shift when they ever do that. I would think that would be more likely. The power play has actually been effective this year and it while the and that's really the biggest question mark in biggest. You know factor there Jean Marie just kind of shake your head because it was so good last year and finished third in the league. This can they finish when he set him. For some reason in the coaching staff didn't change of the units at all popular now that sort picture Marla about you Greenberg's and they just never. Or do you think she'll be viewed so. You know if that had been unit that was firing on all so there may consider. Just an ordinary and go out there are played mediate even that probably be stretched. Around I don't see why that would make any sense now because. You know some people thought that. Watching the sharks' power play forward and was actually an issue that was part of the reason why. Wasn't producing. You know he's 37 years old slowed down oh. I think you can have made a pretty strong case they should've tried someone else they're a patient at least. Mixed up the and tried to spark something that never happens so special he wouldn't. Will be huge in the series. And how close we're definitely set a league the penalty killing was about the same both teams that. You know the charge penalty killing finished eighteenth. In. Out of thirty teams so they didn't act and it didn't exactly light it up either. Com and Milan Lucic is the big guy we saw scorer Hatcher against the shark recently. I'm not sure the sharks have enough big body to defend him on the panel which also they get pierce you know that you replace the series that even strength is our. You know natural hat trick against the sharks he also had a Gordy highly tricky and we'll fight anyone next Friday Nancy Lee fumbled a big. You know shocking is stature given about the power play with the skill. The sharks can throw out there and I also on old Chevy tell me what's going out of Logan Couture. And it's just the nature of the danger he dear lord. And at what what kind of a facial cage. If he does play in this series and Kevin how the hell does he go under the corners first and have an oiler come in behind him. And chicken under the glass semi hot as he played his savage game. With that kind of an injury and it can headgear. Yeah that. The big question and even that yesterday. He had any contact yet. He's entertained a question still union has scored ordeal are you lost. I think he says it was salary he's. When that popular in the piece had to go to the hospital late they put you know some protection is now. Just to see that he's for now and you can at. Least in the offseason so he's got a whole lot of trip to the dentist. In his future by. You know in the meantime he's trying to play Rudy really seen him wearing this siege. You know which which is obviously. Necessary because he doesn't want to take another there Doctor Who scene between gamba. He'd Wear in the cage if it does. Impeded vision a little bit talked about how harder to see the puck harder to look down. Obsolete getting used to that he has worn that since these teenager. Like yep you're right Greg immune I don't know how you know. They're gonna come after a minute mile loops each hour. They had a bit at running in the past few kinks so that exactly guy eagerly color that you went and it looked like these guys are gonna be aware that are now and the elegant. Couple shot so. He has been there. It just probably going to be a matter of playing through pain. But it. You know it it's certainly again way to quite an ordeal you went through without injury mean it was significant and he's not done that it. It can be summed need further surgery and there summer. So Kevin. How to they do this KK and they do this against hotter team with not only that the head coach. How being a former shark with a whole staff Jay would craft and in Jim Johnson as well Todd McLellan they had community. How hot they do this without a fully healthy Jumbo Joseph and a fully healthy Logan Couture. Against a coaching staff that no I mean economic have a chance to get them in the series. Yeah well you know like it said they played even strength play. If you look at Edmonton talk and they really do look up that top line and kind of repeat it is obviously that snake there but he's got. Patrick prudently on right final round. At the top of the opposite and if you go back to last season sharks really get a good job on the league. The top scorers on the other teens and and that that market are classic and just abroad. The means shut down pairs are probably unique. You know if you're paid to bore you get those two guys out against McCain of lines are a little harder on the road because you change by. You know the shark and at least contain dictating and in outline that series at even strength and you know Martin jailed we also X-Factor. We saw what you can do it in the playoffs and steel beams and o's he's. He's going up against him tablet who has played just you know we had an X regular season yet to gain a playoff experience. Both been relief when he was the old Rangers so that could be one you know position sharks. Particularly enjoy other active again have to you know I'll go and the Oilers cut. You know it classics on even just in the wrong to it and they aborted the defensive mistakes. Of the infrastructure in most such strength. Through march. Through the beginning of march and then it just kind of fell a clip so that they can on that or other game again. And hope that these schemes are low scoring. And again played five on by than they do have which is still a team that went to the Stanley Cup final last year's bringing back. Just about every piece com from that seems so you know they've been holding something back up the regular season the playoffs just because they are Albertine. I think that's comparable find out. Yes sharks are common ain't cold Kevin for a six our last ten and M and beat Edmonton beat them twice and David obviously leading the league in points I mean how tough. Is this going to be peace foresee this hurt is it to stop because store and army she's entered he's not going to be a 100% as you mentioned couture he's got to go back to the dentist app today and the season. I mean how big of a task and a feast on and it says an experience here in May be still a couple games up there. Hope you know because up here in Edmonton and they ever play out ten years going to be playing here. And it hit the younger team and you know you're going into they're first. Playoff games they're going in their first playoff game here ten years with a younger team and inexperienced team. Maybe their field a few jitters Ehrlich about these Billings can be rocking appear. Com. And I don't think that's something that relief phase of the sharks you know they've been in this situation for armed most of them. Plead you know dozens of playoff games especially in the key guys here so. You know you can come up here and you can heal first name pilot who don't want auto but it changed the whole. You know outlook and in terms of if you're Edmonton. Maybe get her to get the jitter so that maybe the pressure gets turned out they start to fade a little bit. Again I go back to the goaltending you know can't help it. Regular season but he's not tested now school we've seen some quite well as some racial goalies in the past. I have great regular seasons and then made the playoffs I think sharks fans are well aware that. We'll get a guy like you're getting off who just now getting regular season and playoffs roll around new litter collection level and really painting that not yet so. You know that's to me that's going to be the keeper and into their gonna eat out which and now show that he's a playoff goal Ian. Show that he can win in the post season because the sharks already the other guy can Mark Jones. You set up here twice so you RD in Edmonton. Yeah I'm Marty area yet miserly 630. What's a city like had never been there. What's that what's Edmonton light Gretzky pictures there you know select. Yeah it posting record Gretzky. Stop any other man on the elevator for Gretzky whiskey so. It's. An uphill and 99 proof that he can I think that the Mark Messier says they're. Your him that the guy didn't bring it around December it was a place. Do you you know that the the new arena is beautiful mind at least Pittsburgh a little bit and they are building stuff around it. Yet not I wouldn't say most exciting Canadian city. It you know who actually do that. You know I think hockey wise I think it it's going to be great hockey wise because this town has been waiting for team. That seems like forever that is finally coming around me they are just as some years. He cried so. It should be pretty exciting out there tomorrow on the. Back in the playoffs for the first time since those six I can't thank you so much for your insight it's your time of the year now that they are able tune into watch playoff hockey you don't watch the regular season and annualized play it. Italy. Well it. We got all the news on our area so yeah. Perfect for a particular camp thanks Kevin. Yeah haven't cares from a NBC sports California and they will. And the doc avenue they relive every game Wednesday and Friday from Edmonton comes back to as Sapient Sunday.