Kerry Eggers

NBA This Week
Sunday, April 16th
Portland Tribune sports columnist Kerry Eggers joins JD and Steiny to preview Warriors-Blazers


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We're joined in our number two with a program Bob by Portland Tribune columnist. Carrie acres he joins us on nine fives that indicate Karrie thanks for coming on a John nice to be with you and Matt and Matt. Have known each other just let's might when he thought what year did you start a. And warden the year that they really started to get bad 1995. Okay you missed it DNC that's correct K that's. I was in the area but yet I've stayed over Kerry's house a bunch of times that his Bentley. We go way back. Packets that Philip let's start when markets. You know we were that that's the big question I think for Portland committed to this series. Will he or won't he what kind of impact can he have that there's a part of be carried it that asks myself. Is it worth playing him at all when you can't feel any kind of way injury with a big man. And in this guy's that it gold mine for the blazers in your right. If there's any danger to his legs don't plan but there must not be John because I think they're gonna plan. It's a stress fracture. That he's it bothered him for a couple weeks he played on it and finally got a little too painful it took an MRI that you cited. Let's sit him out the last seven games I think he's got to play but I don't have any inside information on that. Some people think they'll wait and play in game three but I think if they're gonna plan and plan in the first game. And what a difference he makes I mean I heard you guys coming in and you're right man he's. He's 22 years old the seventh week and Ronald little bit like it's a bonus before her jail before hers like now he's not as good as suppliers don't get me wrong he's still learning. He he's still got some things to alarm but he gives them a different element that they've not had a long time. Yeah I mean it just seems like. Portland turn around its season without trade and it felt like. They were headed toward maybe be one of the biggest disappointments in the league with their payroll teams like these salvage something and then maybe they found a part of their future core. Point and there's no I wrote that column in mid season where they were eleven point Levin games under 500 they had paid out. Half a billion dollars in salary now that security now that's including CJ McCollum getting his. Max extension next year but that's unprecedented so they did have any money that's how they got there pitches they had to get rid diploma anymore gonna be elected like Islam is good player. So they go to Denver Denver was having trouble with their case Yokich was too good Hewitt they didn't play together so really they get what they were trying to get it was a draft that. And the and then they took you in her kitchen propped up the B drive better player the public was. John Dickinson next time it's NBA this week and 957 the game jump like Kerry acres of the Portland Tribune. Yet I watched Portland a lot of them outlines of a lot of on off nights to get that 7 o'clock game it's fun to do. And it was amazing how bad they work defensively over the they couldn't hold the lead they get off these great starts in the in the game would go away how how things change. And shore up some of the defense issues. Well let's make no bones about it there's still a sub par defensive team in most defensive team sport offensive teams don't go far in the playoffs that's the biggest issue but they are better Aminu came back. The media as their best big defender. He'll probably guard Durant now vote they'll have to do is switch them heartless probably have to take greenback. So that helped a little bit and you know they'd they emphasize that morbid let's face it their guards there. Sub par defensively what they're two of the best guards in the league offensively but not that good defense. Kerry go back to Portland's championship in the mid seventies. Do you think and you've seen the blazers for decades and decades. Long term do you think McCollum and Willard can play together and essentially. Go far in the Western Conference finals of the finals down the road. Well if they're gonna live with those two guys defensively they need to have better Frontline guys in their pitches a good step. I don't at the rest of the guys I'm not sure if they get there so they need to keep building on what they got but those two guys are first of all. Really quality people right and that helps and then and then and leadership and then secondly they're very very good offensive image. I heard you guys talk and I do think that there'll be games with the in this series with a be better than where your guards and act the where your guards are as good as anybody so. But the other part is where goal Gholston has an edge and I'm I'm amazed at the worries you look at the stats how much heat stats they lead the league and its humble and not just office. That's the thing where they they're better defensively right to prior. They have they have been down the stretch out there there's a lot of games are they just they're they're not really engaged they know they can when weather profits and they do. But when they want a lock in and he really made a concerted effort when Kevin Durant went down to blocking and they were shut down anybody want it to real and if they wouldn't have lost around data have been a seventy win team again right amicus pop and that little. I have two and volume. The one thing that you care I think extremely well is that they have a defensive line up that they know is their defense of lineup. And they they know it's time to shut people down if clay tops it'll floor drain in my greeted with dollar and live. So that's the one area though where I always worry about Willard and McCollum because if Klay Thompson can turn one of them into volume shooter. Then it's really tough for Portland when the game. Laird somehow finds a way to score even on the nights when he's for 21 and noticed. And I didn't realize this until the day he shot 36% last year but he averaged 31 points against so he's ready to the line. He he he finds a way to score and he's gonna get his points in the column to my column I mean this kid is a great midrange shooter reminds me of I mean he's he's better than rod Strickland that I think rod Strickland might be in the greatest player ever to play the blazers on that little floater yeah and McCollum is the same line. Yes he's I I really like column I mean he here's what I say about McCollum you could tell me if you disagree. I think ideally he would be the sixth man coming off the bench but you can't ask him to be a sixth man right now at this point of his careers too good. So you're kind of in between a little bit because. This is his priority should be a score so I was just kind of wonder how that's gonna play out with. You guys yeah and the difference when I look at the two back courts is tops that's a terrific defender and and he's gonna have his moments where they'll shut those guys down back. It isn't gonna happen the other way I would say C gets a little better defender than Damien that you guys who watched him enough EC. I just blown buying up and then there was no real protection until their he showed up right now that helps if he plays it'll be a little different though this is scary real quick as you you cover the pac twelve to. Did you think Klay Thompson was going to be this type of pro or what did you think when he was a Washington you know I've values and nice college player and but you know I've missed that a lot of guys and I am you know I had no idea he was going to be like he has that. Indeed became the best place when he went into Washington State he was even if he was okay player he developed through that it and then by the time he. That is rookie year he was it tactical error. Gary acres joining us here in 957 game if you look at. Willard and McCollum obviously that's that's part of the corner it's now it's part of the core I like immediately I think he's. And good to when he scores it seems like the blazers are really in it he doesn't always make shots when he can and he's healthy. I like him what type of fifth guy do they need if that's your four. Best players let's say where is what. What are they missing that they could try and. Fine well first of all crab as a very good player off the mansion and the cal bear fans remembered them eat. He's become. Guy you can count on to score most nights. Probably a better defender than he starter so he's a guy. They can be that type of player parked buses into intriguing player he's he's 23 years old fairly athletic. Can shoot sometimes although he's like Aminu he doesn't he's not consistent on his officer shot but. Those are guys that they need to step up in this there's I heard you seem out all these balls have to fought fit into the right you know. Basket forward to working and I I think that's what they have to do is get all those guys playing well same time. I got to ask you about. So that he told me you're working on. A scary the first 100 books have you written 66 books from Cary diggers in the next one apparently is going to be on the jail blazers. Wow. And I love I gotta tell you that's gonna be. That's going to be something a bit reside on cited up for the advanced nice right now they get a guy's job that you of those Isaiah rider Rasheed Wallace Bonzi Wells that Randolph when he was a bad guy but right you know Stacey Augmon Gary Trent I mean there's there's a list of twenty or thirty guys they brought in their day character issues and they are pretty good area where they hated to Vegas conference files that should have beat the lakers in 2000. But you know the Bob what's it said that he didn't major chemistry in college if that you know he had worried about that our our producer RC Davis wanna be to throw Qyntel Woods yeah Qyntel with his dog. It's his pit bull dog fighting yeah. What so you are you're the process to try to get in touch with these players well I think by the brewers JR rider these you know I have his phone number that's a lot of pride a I think he's got in this area I don't think so too yeah I think so too those are well of course we have PJ Carla Simone years ago they were coaching after his run. It now that you coach Portland during netter with them Mike Dunleavy. Two lane album and I and Maurice Cheeks is an assistant at Oklahoma and they should've won a championship they they melted down in the fourth quarter right away at it for a date. They should want it all over the numbers that I can remember they were up seventeen right at the end of the third quarter and the I think the lakers went on like a 220 run to turn around and that's the game wore at the OB at the popular cash checks that's for sure yeah yeah now it states started their reign in if I would have been. I that's one of the more disappointing series that could've been I really wanted to see Indiana like pork when I got that that was still evenly not to go back to 2000 but it was that was a series of all the series never happen. That's one minute they get you know in BA fans wouldn't would have liked to. How many. But he stories you get here for the first time to think about the jail blazers. When you have a lot of stuff to bring out you know there's guys like Damon Stoudamire and Brian grant and Steve Smith who I have a good relationship with them but you know what I'm gonna ask other people around the league coaches ran for re doing a lot of these outraged at Wallace. 41 tactical fight in what he is so funny I just look that up a little while ago. Guys legally you know sixty. Every other. And every other gay and Matt I really think a lot of the officials were intimidated a way forgiving he could add eighty technicals I can't think straight my agreed to say why I think he could have a few more but I think given the benefit. Your relationship Rasheed Wallace that you have well early on he was a great interview in any piece I was doing in her views with this and he wouldn't talk at all so not do it. If they carry acres of the Portland Tribune joining us here on 95 point seven a game where did and look at it Steve Kerr because I know he was there are 010 yeah it would. Was that still. Still yes you run what I O three I'll definitely talk to Steve for the book for sharing in what it. Fantastic got you right away you knew John that he was out of his element with that team. But he was a great guy to have in the locker one of the few guys you go to the next you know we just hope you wish he played a little bit more than a year you know as you go to them more. Just wrapping things up here Kerry acres Portland Tribune John Dick to Mets sent it to be this week here on I 95 point seven the game. How the blazers. Extend this series what has to go right what in a perfect world would they do well to what's saying make this city six games here. Get the guys pot that need to be hot the two guards Dirk a chance to play I just I mean. Look their their their odds are so slim anyway if markets had a tremendous series and they've got an advantage there right one thing that they would have and so. And then like we talked about have have you know. What they talked about is withstanding the runs the warriors are great team runs so when they have their run don't let him get too far ahead and state you know and and overcome that that's why and and they also talk about the defense of and we've got to focus on not letting curry it is forty or Berkeley tossing it is 35 or. But I you know the one thing I I I I agree with you guys I don't know how they match up with during that to me and directly terrific against Portland and all four. He did the one game out curry he was to rip down and change that game it just it seems like the warriors for whatever reason and we we've seen this with other teams. When they kind of figure you out. It's that they just go on a long run where they beat you and they keep the yet. And from the moment that they Corey went off and game in the playoffs when he came back in the overtime the warriors to just they they've been able to score will. On the blazers in a lot of games of wound up not close you know what's funny if if Memphis what do lost one more team and they just slid off the table that. They finally I think they beat the knicks descent but if they wouldn't of won that game the players who would've gone in the last season with a chance of time and they had a tiebreaker. They could have played San Antonio and I think that's a pretty good was but they don't match up good with the worries nobody. Now Kerry Wood would then. And gamble while tot he can as the series continues. Thanks down the stretch here thinks like Kerry acre Portland Tribune.