Kerith Burke recaps Game 1 of the WCF with Gianna Franco

Gianna Franco
Tuesday, May 15th
Golden State Warriors sideline reporter Kerith Burke joins Gianna Franco with a recap of Game 1 of Western Confernce Finals. 

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My guest today is Golden State where sideline reporter Carrie at Bert joining me from Houston and hate carrot house and so far. I don't agree that I love that he actually buried in giants. They need to do to brighten late. Is it ninety degrees and humid. I got. Yeah pick out what went quietly go outside but because it how about whether in the decade that act like it's adequate for a couple of appointment comes cup home it'll make him. Just a couple days can you know they say I humidity the hair on notes for it yeah. So you obviously with the lawyers do you sidelined stuff for them supreme post game as well but with no games on Comcast right now our NBC sports. What you do and besides pre imposed game like you're out there. Well what the could have been uncovered some really cramped up so it on and maybe one hit treat anyone hurt and you light pre. And the nor are they think the lives of people can enact are after practice. We have that every single day because they know lawyers and cannot get. I'm not so what I'm not with the team I mean they're out there about guys he thought that stay want to know everything there and it Smart and he's like second gold at. The basketball. If they want that we're giving him yeah going all out on their. Now that's her because they think fans ski used to have mean it there you know local reporters cover the team who knows so much about them so that's thanks to you guys doing it Aniston on social media as well. So let's talk about the game last night warriors with a win over the rockets taking game one in the Western Conference finals it was kinda even OnStar terrible even for the warriors at first I didn't think it was gonna go that direction. Oh how how it got so bad luck can not be there and then Warner brother sealed at. Ers I think they're the little feeling out period and the warriors battled and and and there are. The top of the firepower took over and he got a rocket had no answer for Kevin Durant. Steady and the point I'm 27 shots and it just acting kiddies can cover a popular series here because if they double team him. Or and that leads players stopped and if they don't double he'd KD did you do you stop. You know I don't either and it's gotten out there so I think Iraq if you're going to have in trouble defensively with orders. Yet watching TD it almost felt effortless does it feel the same way when he see him in person because. You're right the rockets really struggle to defend him. One bindle and Bert like he doesn't like certain launch a pretty yellow as Eric Packers did. His midrange game upgraded jumpers are great so they're giving them back you could pass the shot legally and try to seek stardom or next game but. I think I don't think I have a solution color Claire city. So dream on green with a technical what about 67 seconds into game wine. I mean I say I thought it was going to get chippy knock back quickly and what do you think about seen a more matured dream on because I Philip could have gotten even worse. They hand and I. That was also feeling out period weekly drama and there I'd like I even the company and the content could there. In game one right away like. Yet dry on the exceptionally. Smart and he's very good at walking that line of playing. What fire and easily opponent and then gone back especially in the playoffs he says it is pretty obvious. In his knowledge and you're gonna have somebody like Chris I'll turn it is that they can't ordered James Harden itself. There's going to be back in court I'm chipping eating them either. In game here at the sick and tired. Yeah yeah. I think you don't hear about players. And yet it hurts our that I'm here you just wanna knock there opponent you don't wanna waste time you know I'm not around and when you have those five on the court. It started game day that he didn't count. And they're trapped in cry yourself I think. And handwritten note I've. The warriors like how exactly. So scared it's called Merkel for a reason how is divide though in the TO as senator compared to our fans here or call. That. And about not black and in the warriors took out some of the battered city that you know that the ordered carton thick black and I'm the kind of moment I'm. You know like we did something about back into the shot and a stream for the hearing impaired. Where I'm looking at bay in game announcers saying it is translated on reports Arabic I think it's gone hot. And I took a picture about about one minute for the game and the people know about the hardware and eat and a lot of people are joking like. Is it that that box and the band nerd like Victoria we're not sure enough aren't aren't you talk a reputation apple app because I thought we gave lap I let. They were initially stated they are lowering their honest he tried he did the rockets some sort of stealing the Concord. Average that's what I've heard his blood that they don't show up that there always kind of laid the maybe that's not that you're a regular season not the playoffs right. You have got to play out I I I really don't know what he's eager listeners apparently. You know not understand what's. Did you see that huge massive blow up odd statue thing and James Harden Infrant. Yes indeed the Harden had heart and it didn't like you are. Are a little weird. It was like legacy I'm saying and that and actually there's the door already like walking through eight years and stand inside a bit tired. Although I decline yeah. Think big I probably would decline I don't wanna be and James are in that you especially not after last night's game when they lost to the lawyers are right note. How Justine to the Bay Area so far are you originally from the East Coast and this is your first move out west. Yeah I would I am internal records and I had seen jobs I was a happy one and loudly and then to New York City separate eight years I was Angela starts. But Benn Miami boy and got a job and start. We did we met in New York City until he came up to debate first and after here on that than. Ala send. Other coffee blood my license my fiancee now. Chile Sharon's. We happen here so. He's not out there that it's nice to be on the team I'm done on my parents like I know that the simple saying that it. They're you don't want to look quickly hone in. It intricate I can look at look at her and I'm happy about it. So you obviously love it here do you have any favorite spots yet. On my limit the mission. I go to Dolores park a lot is so nice and such and Syrian city. I really like at the plate called moms who he has and then you know dumps saying you know exploring new areas that are straddling. Do you have any like specific to diss you haven't done yet since you've been here in the Bay Area. Again he walked across the building a bridge to be done out the tries he checked up on a like Kirstie boxed up at bat. Yeah and I need a bigger electorate for the excuse to do like it really wanted to go out and they get it going myself as a mom actually it wouldn't be that guy was better than it it's. We don't have but credit card and the blue and great way to take a look at it that it's gorgeous. And then learn what I like a lot bigger and I went temporarily without a Latin. So what is the best part of your job so far what do you love most about being a sideline reporter for the Golden State lawyers. It's covering so moment in time in order to me because you know the warriors want to talk about our. And goes say they share their opinion bond. Society Lleyton in the lead author of the important things it is the luck streak to have achieved. If they have need players to wanna talk about everything. And I think. We don't know it in the moment kind of hot I think I'm in the country are not historical theme. In that moment I don't know who it is with increasing power. Good this structure top to bottom. And you've got four MVP is none policy matters and it's. Into those Ashley a program. It is such electric presses fans for the team to have that this star power on name basketball team and it really I think is setting the tone for excellence which is. Nice to see that are all seen it and living here in the Bay Area and now with the move coming to chase in which will be better because that's an easier commute. It does not while I'm going over the bridge having achieved yet hound them. You know not a ally in in traffic maybe it's an imminent and you wonder how long aren't you I'm helping Oakland fan he goes. Certainly here so orders and those bands that there's violence and Nicholas that your over the bears and notes a couple miles. I'm what I hope that you editor thirteen match. The favorite of the. I'm of those I am I thought everybody filled our air like apartments now. I don't sit too because they really do make a difference being over in Oakland and there's some to be said like the vibe when your incite oracle watching in gaming it's says there's nothing like it and I hope that translates when they move. Yes and it can it be important and I haven't learned particularly manner it's why. Like it could but it could look at it I don't want Alec Skelton here but the. I think it could be a building our logical thing so how teachers start and sports broadcasting. Aren't there weren't. There reporter in fourth grade. Like I was but you do me you know radio in my bedroom I have the bunkers are inserted here practicing my and. I get a little better credit card Vancouver area that he. I was the last eight university. Are there on a program yeah so quite and I did not already. Yeah a little bit younger than I am. We we claim on the respect go crude over. All. Yeah and all you know Pollack in my background. I competed and Trenton and radio when they announce you as he hires these. So it was David Levy and iron and they'll go public careers that end. Oh you're doing a fantastic jobs here in the Bay Area with the lawyers they fear any advice for up and coming sports broadcasters. Now women are really making waves and getting some really high profile jobs which is great. Yeah I'd feel like a drop of under one being an award like I climbed a ladder into the either restart on the record and you guys. However it works or not. Pass because you empower yourself and having your own show you can do that on YouTube. Immediately you could have a podcast in college you could have a blog. Without a blatant and you can get combat experience in right away but at the end go there. And then there. I don't you know I tried to be eaten I've been paired on line and they like export options you know and not just bear. Papers already here I am worried about morning news lately the mind that at all. So if you want to or you can't just know what's going on the key in your area you know big picture. Story line is as part of mortality is is sharing an educated opinion about actually will be encouraged here. It's a great colander to do TV appearance since Larry you gotta talk about a little that's a little. Problem why did Iraq if you wanna covers sports here and I'll. Very good advice so what do you think we'll see in game two warriors and rockets tomorrow night on Wednesday when it. And he. Yeah I think and they're much more aggressive rocket did I think they got knocked on the on their heels let because the pressure was. That this is the question going in as is the one that they were talking the most that I wanted to win the championship. Yuck you know they're warriors do that they're home court advantage. And have ordered. I'm a little bit in the end game 10. The water they're comfortable enough to know that those rockets are going to come out artists that come out and do. Note here is the better ones in the first game so. I loved watching my my right eye and I have a contract up watching and that's when I'm picking mixed I think that I am so I think. That sort of experience and gave want to amplifier that you disputed the neat thing. Personally I feel like it's. Even a little more exciting than what we could potentially see in the finals not that the finals which it's another cab and warriors wouldn't be intercede or maybe they shake it up at the Celtics move forward but. Everyone's had their eyes on this series it's sort of been that. Rocket's lawyers a rivalry now and you know here in a scene played out we were just counting down the clock to game one yesterday now it's like a kicking game to get here please. After that passport ready. We all are as you ever prayed before we could potentially have 1 why am I covet the college championships or. Especially with the UConn women they want Ford championship enforce even so I might not have that create. I wondered why don't visit the final hole so poor yes. And I have a little bit of rain but I think the warriors would be Nextel Cup. Well last year was my first experience it was very very fine you'll have a really really good time and really quick when's the wedding wins the big day did I said today. America and that's your so right before your next week. Good timing good timing and I totally understand Karen I met my husband. He was from the Bay Area that we got engage in I'm in tears well on it all kind of work out so good choice but this and are volatile corner. Get on that happening Houston try not to get on. Two was sucked in with that heat and humidity but injury time and any good restaurants are gonna hit up for anything fun while you're there aren't. And Mexican. But are there Adrian Talbott left everything you're walking that the data at a record. Alerts in you know I can't eat I'm really. Glad outs everything intact if they get they get aren't eager export. True and then if it will testify Jon social media what is your around Twitter handle. What are iron app as there. Very creative that you need an on in the ground I'm warriors. Are. And of course you can finder on FaceBook because she's doing hits from a Houston to get you guys are ready for the rockets where series game two and of course on NBC sports Bay Area care at this with such a pleasure talking to thank you for joining me. Thank you let it really are how funny is sin. By.