Kelenna Azubuike

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, November 14th

Warriors TV Analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss Lebron's performance against the Knicks last night and how the Warriors fared against the Orlando Magic without Stephen Curry in the lineup. 


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Joseph lo and did deliver all the warrior info thanks to JB LB officials sound a little seed warriors and we're now joined by former warrior Kelenna Azubuike bookie good morning how are you. Riviera. You look good last night on warriors outsiders the loose tie. Actually do it yet well what do we do cannot go back and forth. Turn had a car that. I tell you what they mean. And punt we made it far. As a solvent world that she's ever there. We are. All right so. We'll jump and the warriors in just a moment the last night did you see any of that has Knick game between the Brian can't terror probably not the best idea to rile up the big mayor as he either scored or assisted on 28 of 434. Quarter points to complete a 23 point combat what you think that performance. I did he thought of that way over in Europe came that I cannot. Our president is in there and they can't they've been known to. Think our rob people remember when you are in great. Kevin Durant when you on the bench agenda but I I don't worry about people on the bench I don't know why Eric Cantor. Is about the only good. There will. Almost hit a good win by the next. Almost very etiquette they're playing well for being good or equal input and morally juniors playing pretty welcome them. Like Jerry Jack for men Courtney Lee is news good good veteran player but. And cavaliers came back and got the job done about Kyle Korver to banish equally big commitment. There's still struggling defensively. And they still have some issues where they're currently does not have interest in Thompson. Is is definitely been tough for them defensively and they even got to bring our energy it. But. It's it could grind out win for them and they invariably get the job done that I don't think going forward defense to a bigger faster. They have to get a lot better there at their defense to principled legal make a lot of mistakes. She doesn't get hung up on screens. So got to improve matter that they're not going to be out of I have to think we're talking about but there they were buying coming in the last night. They're out of the playoffs but Soviet web I still think that makes me all out and and drop I think the Milwaukee Bucks. Will probably. Move out a little bit would do it in addition and Eric Bledsoe. Isn't good playing well right now obviously bot who got them thrown out. They're number one defense that looked very basics that is all about the ball about defensively they've been given yes perched. 600 carrier been Nady bay hot tube. Not happening and they beat Serrano are one. There are concrete team and yet your carrier ring credit to not only do on the opposite side when he's been in their defense to believe given the effort and I dined on screen he used you really brought in to Brad what Brad Stevens is trying to do they got some like them because society. Jim Brown along did you guys who are or through your veins. So you gotta love what they're doing defensively and that's really why there are success. Should be a fun one on Thursday Reuters and Celtics Sudbury glass smoking are not if I seventy game warriors are twelve. Point six plus margin. In the third quarter Tawana what happens in the locker room what do they do in the third quarter again last night to jumpstart just went over Orlando. Well lit it actually have usually figure out of turn over getting turnovers nonchalant look first. Last night in the mid in my church throughout the second half. We talked about. A lot of times teams come out and made his arms toward monopoly and give the award of a bad shot. And they're all hyped up to play the borders and come out strong and give users can happen first fab. And it can be demoralizing that a lot are divorced a lot of perhaps Carmen and the coaching ball bounded. I would actually do play who we will have to. And the warriors. Talking who has are in the count they didn't go out ABC would turn it into dorms at all actually. And they come out of my game plan that I. Okay we five don't know all the players Cleveland's. Take care are all here if they're getting beat up on the board that amount play you know it's what our problems China gives you defense period out here that was an issue flat error on the board of our way David west was readout Sheen well let reduction and dialogue rebounded well that was an issue but maybe. They went down on defensively. They guard the three point line well all of thing Orlando child it would take a weighted through ball which. They guard the three ball pretty well. In the warrior which you are there IQ offensively air India triple obviously in English and we high. And their desire OK we're just gonna cut back to Richard anywhere from a ignorant jumpers. Shop lifting game out there inflation and we well he was aggressive. Has been really nice drives. Iran and beautiful offense equate Thompson. Played well you know you have a huge often to gain. You see your respect that he that he garnered just because you jump shot everybody came up a screen very candid exchange Putin who just about ten. A couple of times he made great pocket Patton. Or capacity coming from the top. And whoever was that certain screening prone to embarrassing getting even by the court is so many easy bucket to reduce. And Google would be tricky to play good defense and have a good game plan the waters come out and you can get some air and that there was they didn't. General played well even though. You have a huge big times scored a game like we don't care they're 21 points and she's amazing. But either fit with what out of it. Impressed with some of the patent you may simply Kevin Durant. He's an all around player he's a great actor great great read by night. And more elusive not announces news another really good team comes in the warriors. Kendall pretty easily and it would have been. Even bigger when there's a war hurt. The catchy fourth quarter but the good work. Follow him on Twitter at K Azubuike seven former warrior catch him now. As a pre and postgame analyst on NBC sports Bay Area climb not as a bookie would Jolo and heads. On 95 cent in the game good stuff is always bookie thank you for your time we'll catch up with the later this week. Are bigger.