JT "The Brick" - Hour 2

J.T. The Brick
Friday, May 19th

JT "The Brick" is joined by Jim Barnett (Warriors TV Pxp) and James Smitty Smith (Boxing Analyst). We do a deep dive on Warriors, recap Reggie McKenzie, touch on Giselle's claim that Tom Brady had a concussion last year, and hit on Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather.


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Live from big yeah dot com yeah it's fatigue and the brand. Business trip for the warriors as they roll into San Antonio we have collide Lander sound that just came and on his status stick around for that. Jim Barnett joins us in fifteen minutes we'll talk about the pleasure. Or no question. The plane went out for money what they need this week because LeBron is sweet and everybody. Less at a premium the warriors of pat. And they've played great when they arrested. They got to get out of San Antonio with two and why this series out on the flagship 95 point seven again. The conversation. The brick home for a week not 579570. 695795. And now he's JT didn't bring credit to him about last hour of the week. Good wake up here who got a lot of fun tremendous guest. Great energy from the callers every one tweeting really appreciate everybody stepping it up this week is the Western Conference finals are here. When you're talking about six more wins for a championship but there's a big test coming up what LeBron James. And still a test in San Antonio. A coli Leonard sound now quiet about the media availability supply Leonard. Is now talking about his status his ability to go play and it's important because if he doesn't play. They have no shot if he's ready to go the may be they can win now. Good broad range very very. Still if you remove it even. Of them are purchase homes he's worsens things through his courtroom. Here but that's. On Tuesday and there we see our troops from home. When that day to day not ten and no offense pop all let him say award. So it's game seven and console like it's game six or seven and it's game three and they need him to play. He's day today helping place is what my favorite players to watch and he won't be at a 100% but if he's out there. You know they'll give a 100%. It'll make the game more competitive I hope coli Leonard is ready to go wee and Reggie McKenzie on yesterday thanks everybody reach we did it at 957 again. We asked Reggie about the rumors all what he's hearing about frustration. If so would Derek Karr. Featured every day. That we have a great relationship between caper well now that's. That's not going to be an issue at all and a control of the contracts and then all of tools we. We can repeat. In public discussion contracts. To be you know from the these walls and coming. Keep that's kind of been monitored and kind of keep that person and how else. Bottom line is we we've there and we wanted to keep him and we don't do everything to. To make sure that this country can it done on the planet cone not so they're cars. I want there Colombia or greater. For his career so. That's on it and come demand. And we're and we give it to. We need to do it and so that's that's. We talk about negotiations and though there's. The negotiator put will. Make sure that. Whom they're cleared and a woman to be reader but he knows that we will remain in discussions. Leaving today and so. That's all our concern is and that Rico did we won't you can enter and should be here soon. That's that's kind of world regarded as. Sounds convincing to me the question is when will they negotiate and get the deal done what's the timeline. Where's the point where people get concerned are not from hearing Reggie is voice in talking to him Reggie doesn't seem to be concerned at all. On knowing Derek the way I do. I don't think he's really concerned either but there's agents involved in this NFL media and people like to stir the pot and they're wondering out loud which is all fair. The about the pay a quarterback this amount of money you gotta believe there's going to be a negotiation. Got to believe there's going to be. Giving tank in a negotiation that could take days weeks months. We'll see what happens in Reggie. We trust Warren Moon came on my show last that he wanted to talk about this. Is a big fan of Derek Carr he understands contracts but remember Warne was a big time player in this league he understands the process where you're. HE all these guys are gonna make a total money whether they would've Super Bowl and that's just where quarterback market is right now. If you're any type of starter went with the each cycle look at actually cheer right now you're gonna make at least twenty million dollars and moving slower. I just look at the quarterback would electorate can you Roy in the best position. Of any quarterback right now he's he's never won a playoff games so. Investors to invest in nature of the position which are going to be played very well Derek Karr is going to be played very well you got to remember Russell Wilson had gone to Super Bowl. There was still only make it less than a million dollars. So it just depends on when that contract comes up that first one comes up. And what it does come up you're gonna you're gonna regenerate so there's no question about because of where the quarterback market is Rex. I'm hoping like the sound we play on the show we really go out of our way to get it and captured the play of FOIA an album ladies. Lead the charge how about Gisele Bundchen who might of blew the roof off maybe the biggest conspiracy. Trade theory since I gave here's Gisele. I just have to say as a wise. I'm a little bit you know it's as you know it is not the most like. Let's say an aggressive sport right football like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much have and we don't talk about making it does have concussions in his. I don't you think it's a healthy thing for anybody to go to like. You know to that kind of aggression like all the time that cannot be healthy for you right now and I'm planning on having him be healthy and do a lot of fun things and like hundred and I hope. What does he got a concussion when he jumps off the back of the hot in central Paris and I watch all the games on C a concussion. And now his agent is saying you didn't have a concussion. So we'll see what happens there and finally. Another piece of sound which was really trending this week one Lavar ball one after Christine Leahy from fox sports Juan have you sold in the shoes yet. So a good amount to be considered different amounts how many. Staying only. When he went I got to kinda we were about or would it every time she isn't the kind of answers she says she skinned blondes don't novels did to me Cisco I. Can just walk in look and I don't look over the Gusinsky who knew how special all right now I'm just leave me alone ops could you for 500 here. And she's a reporter for job is to check your report to whoever she won't behind what I told you comment on what your what is your problem with me and my problem here is you are a picture. Why I would never Wear a Dick Pole for sure but I. Don't even hope to do by all heard your serial number what I but I said that I wouldn't Wear something real quick haulers the same thing all due respect your great reports it's not report it. I have a right to say when Harry wedeman in my whole welcome to big ball zone. FS one a wonderfully brought the big ball sharks into the studio. How many guys and gals would jump ball from one the free share. Everybody's talked around everyone's ripping on Lavar I don't wanna mom my show I wouldn't talk to a really. Wolf we have those 490 final sneakers right here would you look at them. Do wanna why don't we just try amonte would do what the triple BT shirt. Guys making money his son's gonna go number 20. Number two of the lakers and Magic Johnson. Like it was 67 years old leaves run around the backyard shoot jump shots with his dad for eleven hours today now he's go to the NBA. So who's right who's wrong Christian west Oakland wrap up political progress. Eight making. It free. Got. Big college here ultimately it wouldn't take one virtue that would appropriate I don't care what they caught flat out ugly Rangel and Eric are. Lately. Lately scrutiny that the cops separate player we know that. Late sportswriters and vote. Don't watch a lot of lawyer game that means that not all India. Again he's not more popular guys. One of three not quite taking your I mean Durant or curry might put you put clay. Washington clipper Memphis since that the 128. Point in court played out now. It eaten in the hearts Mike Scioscia isn't a simple want the Olympic and international eat that. There's probably why I in the NBA right now that are truly eat leak player odd ball as the courts. And later on met with Eddie might note that all out now or are we. Nearly what you work it like Warren Moon said let my outlet contract a lot. They're contract coming up. Perpich thought the I don't know exactly what we're but I do not want it. He'll make an eight in 1980 year there were almost doubled my aunt there. It still had the ultimate bargain Q you won an island that Cuba. When he went out. Promote global contender to a team that could compete and he took what you would wobble. To a you know we're on the part in the New England Patriots went at all electorate that evens L. What it probably art and yet so whatever Eric gets up and up 34. Million dollars. You're. Going over her tenure at the pro rates but whatever it. He worked every parent you don't believe me. Look at beat gap between enriched edit what we do what you got a quarter. You'd take. It one or the back. I agree we. To address and again and was held a player and watching Dan in from the inside of that organization and watching him get off the plane. At 2:3 in the morning and go right to the facility and stay there and look at film and be the first one in the last one out Deanna and set the tone for a long time in that organization with work ethic. Derrick Stewart in the same thing and Reggie made it clear that he wants him to be the quarterback for a long time. On the planet come about so they're cars alone there Colombia or greater force his career so. That's all the time come demand. And we have and we get it done. The numbers are enormous because the television contract continues to go up the salary cap continues to go up. The quarterback remains the most valuable position in all of professional sports. Even more so than the MBA. LeBron Doran staff OK I get three or four guys and you go right to the NFL and start knocking down the elite quarterbacks Derek won album. How cell Hayward on 957 again hello well. He can crop RB yeah I don't know what I would start the work and not a separate. You know our car our. Their car that is not a burden of them you wouldn't occur to you and good luck. And even in the Mac where the only bright spot there on the king. And I mean you know neighbors call on the negative herbs have been one more well known. They have carpet bombed and one more eaten there one or more. Well there's a lot of quarterbacks thanks for the call gonna make more than Derek is that once Super Bowls there Derek doesn't deserve more money than Eli Manning doesn't deserve more money than Tom Brady. He doesn't deserve more money than Aaron Rodgers. This is his first contract coming off his rookie contract I mean don't slot them over everybody has won a Super Bowl or the super early woody have a what Matt Ryan. What do you have what some other quarterbacks in this league that have played in championship games or gone to the Super Bowl. It's not that complicated because like a couple of caller said the quarterback's a slot that you know what the gonna make it's about the signing my bonus. And how you structure the contract long term. And how much money that you get up front. And you don't Derek gonna get all that is he deserves it pennies no matter what he mixed no matter what the number is he still gonna be the first guy and and the last got to leave that's what he's all about money I don't believe will change him Jonathan right here in the city hello. Eight up eight the other one and get in big ball and await their acting a bit ridiculous and. I remember about all it he got on it and V8 Portland and that is acting. Out. Which many championship. Or being an MVP I mean that don't doubt. Feature before they. Don't hurt people argue you've already there and human right. And that it that we. QB out. But you know movie stars as a movie stars or 910 years old child stars. There are people that start off they go right to the top of life and whatever they do an entertainment. A four Alonso ball what I like about him and at people comparing him to Jason Kidd. That's a comparison you guys know here in the Bay Area how great Jason Kidd wasn't high school. Alonso ball was talented enough to go from high school. To the NBA. Yet have a cup of coffee UCL a played at a very high level he did not play great in his last game where he got dominated by Kentucky's. I was one game he was brilliant. Brilliant UCLA. And I think he's gonna be really good. The NBA level it shifts incredible. With all the insanity that's going on with his dad. Lavar ball that no one thinks she's gonna drop passed the lakers. As we bring in Jim Barnett gym before you get to the warriors. Now just on lobbed a ball on his dad for a second to and it's a different world will live and and but no matter what people say don't number one are true. In the upcoming draft and that's pretty impressive bright. Very important as it's eagle at the water to he's obviously got talent. This troubling he got little back each and in the form of debt. Yeah and have you experienced that a supplier. And as an analyst who Wear family gets involved because typically we don't see that now. We don't see that at all this is so insane it's going on with Lamar ball because he Scholl involve what the son who's just coming out of college but once you get to the NBA. There's no more moms and dads holding your hand it's big boys going out there and make millions. Exactly it's rather an aberration I keep thinking on the show today. From Utah talked about Jerry Sloan. And remember how Jerry Sloan was when he was coach was coaching. In Utah and it's an agent ever called Jerry Sloan complained about not getting playing time player whatever he called one time. That's solid to that clinic rapid Jerry Sloan and so. I would I would love to meet Jerry Sloan coaching Mateen. Follows go to and and have a father try to implement until you right now it would be a battle right there he probably be traded it to. I've talked to me about the drama from first team second team third team all NBA clay be left off drain Mon. On the third team instead of the second on the first ran plate XT two games he's on the second team is it a big deal we make it too much of it. I don't think so I don't think so at all it kind of irks me a little. But I just happened to. You know and in the years that I have to compress it because of the bad taste I have from game six. We're in Houston played San Antonio and James Harden took a dive if you need to get guys. Like but so so that's a care in action that carry over effect would would. Would bother people. What Kevin Durant has been a fourth time in scoring champion and do you think he's the five best players. In the NBA until. And then you can make a case for step in Korea course to discuss second half of the what step has played so and the record that this team that they want to answer any games you can dot without too much effort. Are conceptually but. You know I haven't spoken to where practice right now and I accept something that dream on green and connect a the Phoenix Mercury were practicing in the game right here. And so on and brittney griner and she was kind of interesting and so she orbited tickets to have a dream on greens that doubles shot you can block she'd get their. Jim Barnett so our guests what do you expect to see from coli Leonard he's not talking and he's gonna try to given to go to you expect out and if he does. Or 80% 60% we don't know what we're gonna save it'll go all out. Yeah I'd I'd say yes you know it's hard that a person is like that but I think you could play. You can log jump in and move on an. You don't do and it's it's camping I think he's very very honorable and got to maintain you know is balanced and be careful how he plays the he's so good. And entered the iPad nowhere is that. You can play with the bank elected just you just do it again and so even if he's 89 are you about now. Mean not to eat whale by stretcher match but. I think Haiti to nine quarter one it would tell the story. But the two games in San Antonio. I think if the warriors come out with intensity. And and and do not give. San Antonio any light at all then you know and neglect when this game three Egypt and I think they'll I think it would gains or as well. I could be wrong about that but. If they come out and there are a little they're apathetic and they are not actor nested and that energy isn't there or something. And Alison essential attributes are rolling. That can change the series because even without collide this team is capable of beating the warriors because of who they are and Gregg Popovich is an. After giving back like 36 that's probably the best thing that happened to the going to lose rather than lose by rear porch because now they've got the rap. Our Greg Popovich on them and every one of those players LaMarcus Aldridge and almost coats set about LaMarcus and escort horse. Danny Green Patty Mills will shoot the ball better without question in my estimation tonight. So. How Gasol will be more job inside they're gonna be ready to play because they. They have they have fear in their in their bosses in the cougar coach and the pressure that he's gonna put on the way he doesn't. Jamar and that's our guests expect the wars to come out and really feed play. Try to get him in a rhythm quickly in the first few minutes. I ice up but Uga Uga last game and try to do it. I just can't see him putting two shots in the wrote. It I don't know what it is you know yet what you think that's gonna get going but I. I've never seen the second one dropped. And it and it's been sporadic. And so they're they're going to need coming. It will either be in the series we've notre and he in the dictionary that they do indeed go. The finals against Cleveland its Cleveland plain excellent basketball there really much of crude keep over the last year. I just I can't figure it out because. The other great players I just most LP. They might have a little slot but it doesn't extend and the heat just. For some reason that he's just he's been off I don't worry about it and I can't explain. Jim Barnett sword yes Jim I'm happy said at the Cleveland is better than last year I'm not hearing them enough. At all from the Bay Area media I don't know why not because everybody's waiting and I'm respecting San Antonio I get it. But the national media start to pick up on this we've been all over it for weeks here watched or how what Cleveland in your mind especially all these two race or knock him down. Are now that they've got going and that can a mother shooting so well you know they get JR Smith whose. Capel at you know six or seven year old can also shoot you out of the game. And the tire carrier ring. He's out there right when you need a basket you give mechanic and he can we get a shot organ to the rim and we know about LeBron is Albert. I don't know how all the sub LeBron has the shooting jets could battle has been called abacus and okay. You know pressure little bit not letting go around you and force in the taken outside shots. But he's been. Gangbusters this postseason. From three point range in they just got a lot of compliments they got their conference going on right now. And they've got. The Republican pitcher on the boards to Christen tops and you got to score a lot more but it didn't give them extra possessions and that kind of worries me because basketball abilities for the warriors such. They'll clean it much better team they're playing better they kicked up some you know. Couple of veterans. Is that gonna help that also. Down the line and so they got a deep bench got a great rotation and they have to be. Respectively have to be utmost respect. Jim last point to San Antonio feel desperate to you the fans the city. The coaching staff the players or as a kind of over for them they know what I know they're gonna play hard I really respect disorganization but after those two games I wonder how intense. That building's gonna because those fans can get really loud. Yes I I don't think they've resigned themselves at this year so that's why today. We're about find out a lot. In the first quarter because it. It dispersed Sheen that they Gibbons to cheer about. That's going to be raised considerably even thinking of this game. And then they say you know can we get this game now they think about the next game and then it's all even again and so. It that's like just the first quarter is extremely important and I and all the wars are great. Coming back you know they've acted in time they came back this year and deficits in fifteen or more. We know that came back. I think was march 29 journey got down by 22. And cricket club and ushered Kevin grading them play in the game but the warriors came back against them and our celebrity got the numbers there that. What was she had worked I just think that the first twelve minutes JK. Are going to be indicative. What's gonna remain in the series. You always bring us your a game we really appreciate it have a great calm again thank you jumbled talking Actuate. You've got to Jim Barnett a warriors TV and now radio with Tim and I'm excited to hear him the knowledge that he brings to this broadcast. Is really important to us she's telling ya watch that first twelve minutes let's see what happens that should be the firestorm. For San Antonio that should be everything they have they showed on low. Right there in the first five minutes of the game if not what's popular and the pop can't get a five minute window out of them in their building right out of the gate. Where they break a sweat near ready to play and get up and down. With the warriors this single and an able and ugly for San Antonio. Because I think the warriors are gonna stay up all from a quick early speed Brecht is gonna talked at by British ready he was in Vegas would boxing on the potential. Breaking news of Mayweather now. As Connor McGregor has agreed with Dana White to charms are waiting on Floyd. To put this fight together could it happen quickly. I don't think they can draw this out I don't think they can draw this out would triple. And global lab does a lot happening in boxing and Floyd once all that money and all that attention triple A 9579570. Get on deck now give me a prediction on the score of the warrior game is that a blowout what do you respect she and Antonio enough to say okay. They're gonna show up it could be a great game on 957 again. It is expected that right to meet you you Durant and one that's down the ground now. It implies that one historians pull up jumper over Aldridge took a big game like that circle at a wiretap authority portly. It got 72 on the board against this group that's rated pieces in the end of the day. You can't be timid in turn down shots in the first quarter can't do he's got to score on the U scores got to come from someplace. And I think he's got a major responsibility game three to come out. And to get something done whether it's for himself for teammates and they come after America thing to find somebody to not turn it over to give us good shots and take shots when there are open. It's got to do. Don't now practically JT the bridge on 95 point seven gain all that's so good from pop that's pop literally. Taking out Aldridge in front of these higher national local media say for himself. For his teammates he's got to show up then. Aldridge was great in the closeout game against Houston he was fantastic before get to the war as quickly the Buccaneers. Have reached an agreement would veteran. Back up now quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Team just announced that I like demo I think he's at right back up quarterback the guy started in this league he's really sharp he can put up big numbers when healthy. That's a good backup for Jamison wincing in that quarterback room. Well all the assets that they got in the draft and the way they were able to upgrade that offense that's. Really good offense and a pretty good backup quarterback bond day joins us now and no Aldridge we talked about that the other day maybe someone else now journal Lee's been quiet everybody's been quiet because they got boat raced in game two so I think all. Hands on deck of that entire team Simmons as you pointed out was the only guy who showed up so there's a lot of guys make you money in San Antonio including Powell. And got to play big this is their shot how do you say. There has to be audited Pao Gasol will be dad's team atomic descended on an offer gonna get a game out of Andy's gonna go art yeah he plays deep its lead off its we grow we. You know I got a problem was him as he's gonna give you everything he has I don't know how much you can. Expect from 39 year old Manu Ginobili he gave you aggregate data very good game to game one guy that was covers cardinals scored seventeen you know but he still he sold slowed you pits at least it's not the same guy so it it all go at all points back. LaMarcus Aldridge now does is it to see brick. If he does for a not these Western Conference finals he had to opt out. You can opt out of his deal after next season which makes me think that if he doesn't show up in these next two games Popovich who laugh yeah you're right look to trade him. He may be gone assault. Absolutely if he doesn't show up again Popovich it's tough to find a player like that before you get readable play all right dad in the opts out good luck fund and another guy that big that strong but. He showed the other day Patty Mills he's a little player when he gets in a rhythm 21 minutes two of six from the field one of four from three. For five points minus nine he's another player that starts at hasta have a big game in green and the last game seventy minutes five points or shut everybody down in that game so even. Fatigue isn't even an issue for San Antonio. Clay tarts has done a great job our guests had emails but I as Greg Papa. Yesterday essay you know. Would it be. What about who Patty Mills have come off the bench that's his comfort zone. Aren't used to starting may be Bergamo the bitch but I get a Popovich he can't going theirs are disarmed Amory biggest step carries just not ready at this point of his career Patty Mills has to show up in the week. Patty Mills calls himself a couple dollars note these first two games where he's played so poorly offensively Vontae joins us in studio is coming up McGregor at the top of the hour I got James Mindy Smith. Gonna come in here next to talk about the Floyd news potentially quickly coming about trying to. This fight together you really wanna hear that coming up here in about ten minutes one other thing when it comes to to rant I talked about a we Jim Barnett. We are featuring him on most of the showed today this is another game with zero pressure for him the plight member he came to the warriors to win a title. Injured 62 games. Second team all NBA everything's smooth. Not a lot of big pressure packed games a punt a great games as a warrior. But now it's night and day after this game if they win and they sweep. Postal rant and handled this we've seen him play in big games before now what's LeBron ready NBA finals I think the national media. Is gonna focus on Kevin Doran in this town. Every game it's gonna be enormous pressure on. Now that's a good call in the pressure will be on them but it helps to have a selfish teammates like Jerry Margaret how it helps to have stepped curry Klay Thompson and I bet you trademark green. Will talk to the media intake is much pressure offered to rent. As much as possible to make the reptile comparable period tell me look. We have a solid lock and here we have a solid culture here we've heard that we've heard 31 jokes all offseason we've heard people put Astros on their title for. In 2015 to rant just relax won't be that they put your right presser will be our because he's the one guy look of Ford's first read our this war stayed well there's a few other guys would direct as the guy who came here promote Casey let go Casey is old. Because when I checked each of Google street lawyers that he asked to deliver so you're right brick there will be pressure on home video this move because they've wiped out to eat what we see direct help. And gained three when everything's kind of offense bogged down two rats took over. Create absolutely though I thought I care about his defense though is he did a very volatile and Greg but the defense against. Tristan Thompson Kevin Love down on the perimeter I have to switch. And then the freight train could look bronze back and LeBron is back in people down at the top of the key. Expected people down and beaten the double team at the top of the key LeBron didn't always do that even when he was younger 67 years ago. With Miami played San Antonio if he didn't have a lame to go down. He always passed it he kicked it out to the corner and helped get the ball back now I'm starting to see the LeBron. That I always wanted to see the selfish LeBron taking over gamers playing at a very high level as Jim Barnett just said shooting over the top. And knocking down three cell. The defense to help defense for. Graeme on and to rant in the NBA final just gonna be beautiful to watch the gonna have to be at the best at the top of their game. But you can either really help off LeBron changed because as you mentioned. And the lows hit that three point six reminding game one gets a Celtics he's roll out roller first summit big in this Cleveland cavalier career he feels like he's a true cavalier what's the mellow for love talks died. Kevin Love took off a little bit more Kyra your team you can't help all these guys because he's surrounded himself. Part three point shooters. Including use our Tristan Thompson be keeping up the offer to glass kill Boston in that first and he killed the lawyers in the finals six offered to rebounds a game one I think you have to. You may have to put Iran on either. Kevin Love so he won't get out of this that's what concerns me more so about LeBron I would write about drama and I thought it was going to be in foul trouble against dispersed. In game I'd rather gonna attack him and go right out of my said the same thing about Utah you know technical here and and our the end of the world but I really thought train Mon to get in foul trouble against Utah. With their bigs attacking him and he was fine in that series he looks fine to technicals are fine he runs hot but you don't want children monocle a down because he thrives off running hot when he's a little ticked off than noise he plays better doubt extreme on green but I do worry about that hassle most. I so want the guy ever heard people talk about pre Kazaa cashier you look at those finals even the year before. It's always it's either Klay Thompson stepped Corey picked up two quick house we saw on Christmas Day when a lawyers with the crowd whistled for Bob green whether fouls were legit or not. He picks up two quick outs that's LeBron doce peak it's a team of foul trouble wrecks or rotations and that's what concerns me more so whether. I think he just had to let LeBron go out there give him a shot if he hits it you tip your cap. Which cannot let the other guys BG can let out church or talk to go when he and are you can't let Kevin love's. Or 321 what do you got coming up at the top of the hour and we were gonna finish a week off stronger pretend writes wolf the team wanted to go to C lawyers laps and bond since the Washington Post on the great job or you're covered a Golden State words we'll talk about the Eastern Conference finals. At all fortify will good Don Nelson on at some oil will be and that. Hawaii just how difficult is give you call I'll be ready to go so that'd be that'd be fun you know he's best friends yes we will Greg probably no doubt that we're gonna try to catch doubled the ball type was bought. We really we're really charming in principle it brought covet she's talking about aids I've -- across like a broom so what about your career here. Alex probably said that rights debuted at company where in New York after Jerry asked what are at Cincinnati. Maybe they can about start to make some moves here so the seven game road trip for charts is huge for the franchise. We'll be listening at the top of the hour markets in San Jose thanks all the markets go. Distraught when we come back James Randy Smith is gonna join us and a leak boxing insider in this corner TV. He's gotten news on Floyd Floyd. Verse Connor McGregor I want to think about this that's gonna happen it's about to happen. They're now talking in depth with Floyd to try to come to terms with this fight Connors did. Dana White sand now Dana stopping the Floyd I find that fascinating. He's coming up next to talk about this fight which we should have. What went on 957 again. The Macgregor side is done from start to work on the Mayweather side now pools until the blue and blue. So I'm not saying the fight will happen but. I got one side done now it's time to work on the others you know if we can come to a deal. With with with him and Mayweather. The fight's gonna happen with the rules be off the odds could be straight up boxing. Now practically JT the bridge on 95 point seven game. I was data lied on inside the MBA on TNT so Dana is out in front of this wanna bring and one of my premier boxing analyst James mini Smith. From in this corner TV and she ready this is getting close for Dana to go out there and say he has that side dawn. With Connor what do you believe that means because. We know Connor is not gonna make what Floyd's gonna make so does Dana really have him nestled into what number in your mind. Now let let the games beat yen. Now port Dana White. Lloyd is. That. That fight. That Mort really concerned about the business side that you know get certain side. The squared were no new business and it'll be a relic of late comparable IE. The largest payday at its career so what's more one boy its going to be out of copper mine. That he watched debate and he's a businessman he'd grow at at almost wrote it. It the year with boxing. In out time Maureen in mind yet a thing you buy it. Yeah week collapse that they're up by app that go outside how many rounds. Every thing that he is going to work on it it's going to be. Typical camp where you're just saying hey. It's you're baby we're all more money that we need for a one night so let's simply. Let more rapid weight but the economics of back there's also thing in mind like you know well beyond shelled chime Willie. How will the people UB handled the business and that I think about travel lot of bad. A pretty much handle or he beat at this point by the typical he's going to be. Everything Floyd Watson at what those machinations. Arab action out. James Ray Smith our guests about love about this fight when it happens as the promotion because again and you just mentioned the comfort. Of Floyd to beat Connor and not let congregate near on in congress gonna try to land. One big shot as he won't be able to land three or 46 does he just doesn't had to do what he's not a boxer he's never fought a fighter like Floyd but. I think Floyd we'll get on the private jets I think we'll go around the world because of Floyd Smart like the Pacquiao deal he understands the size and the putt of the pay per view so this isn't something you agree to terms you think Floyd's gonna actually go out there and work it hard and really try to promote. This is this one well there amber out. In Tripoli in got a bank on your stick oh now. Again speaking your opponent up career. Make the most money epic career. And in his career I. Am with the promotion because karma breaker. Tell open and then may Iger Utah. You know these are all right aperture by an amateur fights choir but oil lightly. On the marketing. And not how key is unbelievable and so all bets on a 1088. We've got a boxing fans we copy of them may ban. We're gonna howl how all of the sports world and the curiosity seekers it will shatter. The medic Pacquiao fight numbers would lord it biopic. It is just really that bad. And it it and I break all we've elected you've got to meet crowd and everybody is got out and albeit. At the 99 dollar and the like at nine dollar paper view at least. Germany's argue assets many boxing as many as we wrap this up what I also think is really important is the canal low. Triple G five is the best fight that you when I've been waiting for for a long time we've talked about it for years on my show and then we have Andre Ward. Fighting global athlete can have this one on the back and how important is the venue and the date for this fight able Jerry wanted in Dallas it could be a global fight. You have to Abbott in Vegas because all the gamblers in the Wales won a comment about the fight. Yeah and don't forget now what Harold and caught on next week that maybe the bats that all of them but I. I think LO. And errant trip witchy woman your bank yet. I don't Jerry's Powell when it would be quite right you know as well I'd view there's something about it and dollars at all. I think it'll be the key mobile reader that's my opinion are out so app. They're finally fight my earlier life quite like OG. My reward collapsed Bible were called lab. I Libya I don't eat your fight not what you did it against the beast like oh well. But a guy like Andre who that are about where Ralph you know twelfth India I out. Much trouble we Coke let described. And lap times about some reached up again Errol spins and killed were at a 47 o'clock on next week that it may impolite like. I'm here and that Dana's working hard on this as we speak. Trying to get in front of Floyd trying to get in front of my mean literally today and the days upcoming here do they make this fight quickly here in the next couple weeks. The boy eat out debated mind it at eight years probably. Figure out what's going on with aloe. It'll be I think it got app at all it's gonna happen at all. It'll be sometime in the fall. Like that need at least at least a ninety day. When go charts to really put all this one. On the way they want to because again exploits why it's on its McGregor biggest payday. And it's not war and war fought McGregor and then I'd wait. Thanks Greta good talking about it archer coming James many Smith that's midi boxing. Here he thinks it's a absolute bomb went in and Floyd's gonna take out Connor the problem is I haven't seen Floyd roll real hard power punch. In years to knock someone out Floyd's ahead and all of this fights. After seven rounds it's only seven not employed the fights over halfway through a but he never once a knock someone out will he won two. Punish common McGregor and go out and I mean punish him with the jab. And the counterpunch is where McGregor doesn't know where he is after two or three rounds so than Floyd in his mind. Can go out fifty you know. Making upwards to 200 million for one fight and ride off into the sunset and even Floyd. Can blow that type of money. All right really good week this week thanks everyone venom Bryant put the show together a Jim Barnett today she many Jim pose a more. By John Dickinson here's what happens Monday. I'm poach our host and coaches vs cancer a big event for Roy Williams and Lon Kruger I'm off on Monday on the back on Tuesday coming off. What should be. The ended the series but I wanna get this and here. But anything can happen it's going to be unbelievable tomorrow to see what San Antonio brings all of our guests including bill show owning. The voice of the sparks everybody thinks they're gonna come out. Do or die they give their best and really be in this game. Warriors are six point favorite on the road deep in the playoffs that's has a lot the respect that Vegas has in the gamblers for the warriors. To just Berrian if they don't. It's all about two to three weeks of coverage. Of LeBron. Verse the warriors and we will own it at this time every day chasing the NBA finals which is right around the corner all and also quickly. What you saw Damon Bruce yesterday. A 1% all of our audience Damon's doing much better he's thinking of every one. Everyone here at the station is fake and a Damon Bruce I gave me a big thumbs up yesterday says he can't wait to come back eventually. It was great to see. And get a gold again saw one of the sale app for a forgot Damon looked good. Was great to see him. The way back with him and I'm happy he's doing better for everyone here go dubs have a fun weekend on 957 again.