Jordan Bell

The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, October 11th

The newest Golden State Warrior, rookie Jordan Bell, joins the Damon Bruce Show!


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Warriors second round draft pick the only draft pick that they made is Jordan bell. The reigning pac twelve defensive player of the year out or again and he is now a Golden State warrior Jordan how are you. I'm Rory donor to a great man doing really good thanks so much for joining me. Just four months ago you're a college kid. You're hanging out in Eugene your with your friends your order in pizza you're watching football on the couch and there are now you're on an NBA team. Debt is as big is the New York Yankees have never bend. How much civil war wins is this Ben for you. Com or moved up a bit of a pick or low and I'll I'll want EG Norton. Oakland California Arnold the third term without them and also hurts. And BP you know but the play that here code that only a bit ago period actually goats. You stepped into that practice gym you're surrounded by future hall of famers you're sure her by some of the great basketball players living and playing today. Is it intimidating. Is it something that you have like where Bayesian blend for a little while you don't wanna show too much your personality. Your weight net. Asserted to pick your moments like what is it like to be. With these guys and you know fitting end to a hall of fame caliber team. Our home won't all of we will totals are shown no goal marginal player and Arnold. No I ask you might be on the same order of both our modern deferred their part wake you right are we got all the guard the other ones are. Other desolate at the moment came to realize our relies not on to your ally I was on the heroic how would an article to a data points are much. But I wanna do to shut down and so you are coming to fight so back within you get over it and the couple police. He beat my whole adult group Buick I know each other are black. So often looked around like the third part guard or really comfortable being around him on all of them mullet lives been like. Combat yeah bark. I would I report or am I got girls. Bought to open quite. Oh that organ an on popping up in 13 countries can work cut open not open close. Everything is so it really moved you right now I don't. I don't know what not covered not an arm type economic gooch you don't play until market low very much in the. Nice did you take a stealthy would anyone in shooting down to your friends like how you like me now. Not out there I don't wanna beat another album out but I so he comes off the fashion she moves well I'm definitely not on the auto I don't put out mono are back. It is bigger picture. On Myanmar girlfriend our time. Oh we know. You make him Oklahoma how proud of the poker girl might make our players a book out of order. Very nice Jordan built her other Golden State Warriors and you just answered one of my questions I was gonna ask you do you have a girlfriend if you got kids and you just said to you brought your girlfriend to China what was that experience like. Oh didn't even though with a triple like you and your own ballot where. A lot of mud down farm but though he had a lot of mount laurel and kudos bunkers you are there arguing it. Could really be goto a lot of parents waited outside. So there are rumors so word talk here in a row one on one arm and could of been quicker so what will be the dark also votes. While Washington ordered blue governor good. Exert. What was the biggest culture shock to being in China. All probably have been people of other regard our record like there are a lot of people of their boys. You don't notice board does she get there are from you about all fairly short period they're over what it there's quite. Three. White. Are you doing in the eye or Craig Conroy among people on the matter can't you do it let it W buck or are they out their all. Of about all of quite a while Lloyd diplomatic perspectives. Yeah someone told me Dylan you don't know what crowded is until you know I don't Beijing. Trip a purpose and renew your Circuit Court ordered a record. So Jordan take me back to draft day. You're sitting around do you know that you have warriors targeting URRRR. Are you regretting your choice to come out thinking like. I might not go here I might not get picked I I don't know what what was that daylight for you and then to finally. Like come out of it was that the best golden ticket in the entire crowd glass like you get to jump right to the front of the line. Yeah so perimeter plus a slight my had a a not very America very what are folks. Ordered all lewd and all the police are you like yet about the car market out there that relate to working now we're like the people early to be I'll keep working out. Yeah like a hard work are quite good meal like all the teams can watch or electrical load centers. We're sort of not or would you go and you don't know light. They want a beer audit us live round draft pick on who they wanna be growing body you know you never know Mario don't think I'm gonna. Somewhere in the late twenties probably don't want you. And so got my when I found though. I think around 22 great battle them on the first round third monitor you wanna read. Alone might be called you lord appeared on appeared to doubt or to order a big one of them Obama might get picked and I don't say you. So I'm just waiting in my garage like out completely left my job or does it matter and quite frustrated with and and our own. Look at Google the third seventh pick I do powdered. And my agent called me you'll like them sorry Columbia white while but it's got the putter. All so I got a little garlic that I like that commitment and we barely. Yeah yeah seasons or goblins while more of what we. I felt like go to billions of oppression quite unique. Five years who ordered the float on water but I do quite well respect but it you know what are dropping. He totally backfired. And you like arm of the devastated California might want to talk about I. Why would Bono do like our albeit not to use open and they elected but they'll look at mark article or in a much wired. I'm not on the output of one computer governor go on the political angle or you're not like. They don't they weren't recruited pretty strict art under drama phone crisis. And I go on the run around the garden Gillard of our school coach coach go to vote. Like I don't speaker waters you know where to try to you know there are. The that they like the that there are really good complement around. They're very thought that it Ballmer arm might or might think you presume Obama. And there are. I go back at the deduct part of our whole our leader. And I got a cool but the thirty pick an item on Everett and whether they're very. Our own code they go. And then we agreement on display in I don't know was up after the white out there actually go where our New York so I everybody excited polite. Utility weren't as the classic regardless both of them are our flow when and I'm white collar choir acquire without introduce. Knowing what I liked what murdered contracted. Out might rule on a double BP put the lord is what the draft pick it like that when they waited so record. Mom I cry and brother Edward oatmeal and all that both of those well that would look. Odds fantastic earlier it's a great story you'd ended up. In such a great situation I'm sure your fully aware of what this is from a basketball standpoint you're learning the personalities in Utah have been working. In and around the warriors for the better part of like 1215 years. Raymond Ridder Steve Kerr Bob Myers these guys are rare like to be that cool and calm and be able to talk about just about anything like we are. I'm wildly impressed with how cool. The decision makers are and how relatable and normal Steve current Bob Myers can be. And I hope you lose your finding out all this to let you tell someone. Is cool or Jack off within about terror too doggone much tell your good laid back guy I'm guessing you're picking out all of that from them aria. When everybody here where we've where you are remote. Simple lie. Third in here like nobody thinks they're like the man or bloody muddy don't care what. But anyone who worked on the train or plane so they're like these bears are who are on the court. You know like we want our opinion on everything was measured and like it's what because it is quite clear that we're at our way. All right Bob what you train and wake him talk about your solo third. And you know it is just it is definitely be blood or other over immigration bar. Lien would love being quite that boat that we could spark her. Jordan bell. Rookie for the Golden State Warriors had Steve or Bob Orr coach Adams anybody on this he told you about how you're going to be phased in to. A rotation and they told you like be ready at the end of the first quarter be ready to beginning of the second quarter like patty how do you expect to be used to hearing your rookie year on such a talented and loaded team. Oh you have no idea what you yet or are ordered the boy. I mean you have plenty more Mara. You're quite the I get by the real party gave up or fourth quarter computer. So our own hopefully you know the Buick are you gaining more and more minutes. All of by the word Lugar. Yeah impunity paying I didn't look at it that you're both playing time or are speaking like that a duke always make sure Martin vertigo or where but they're both. Conference defensive player of the year Jordan you if you don't shoot a single shot your rookie year. And just rebound and play defense like you're gonna be in the perfect situation. You've already shown. If I can call it the rapid law would want your summer league games we'll get five points eleven boards five assist by steal six blocks like that's a little bit everywhere man. Yeah that grew up without a flood got a great group anyway. What everything you need at the moment I think that's what I try to do. Own other we are and my I don't bit at a certain player book. Amid ongoing mortar fire I had to do score card not your garden but where rather Picard are very. Our own borders been vocal leader and it is an energy we do whatever they in the Islamic hypocritical thing why. The bomb do you make it my god made that shot I'm an Olympic although the blockers like put. If bill to direct impact with the leaders unquote almost a mile road to a good do you want. You in dram on green have a lot in common you excelled in your. Owned conferences you were passed over by a lot of NBA teams he got that second rounder chip on your shoulder decent defense first player there ever was one is that is he a guy who you really pattern. What you wanna be after like it if if at the end of the rookie season. People like you know one man he's dream on green light he's eastern and these other dream on green like that would be awesome if that's what happened to what are you want to see happen. Call me unpalatable of that book well where Carl mark MB ER and other food. You know are there compared to their market where our. I mean I know about a betting had always very hurtful guard what do. I handled the ball great they're. A blue book about our Q so. Obviously to be electronic so long armed. But army or other BR how long I'll order. Our we're we're similar players brought different thing done so alone I can complement the end. Lamar wiped out your current period but I made Trinidad wanna do what are the general in the limo Marco who do you know what that I kind of where. Do you ever find yourself at the end of practice. Just watching staff go through his own personal three point shooting drill and they can yourself AM. Near record price. Record my career out of luck you Kevin do you lose by one don't want some regard. That is gonna drug and probably didn't look like they're a bit about who walked Nomar. These dejudder picnic and it didn't look I believe more what you go to. Jordan go the Golden State Warriors here on the Damon Bruce show but he got a lot of friends and family coming out for opening night. Very. You're we'll be more southern Dugard. They don't vote taking a cheap way off or brother or alert go a couple of from the Peter Carter you know record. Well hey man we really enjoyed meeting you for the first time we look forward to following your entire career here may and we look forward to what your rookie season I think you're and a better situation. Than anybody else in the NBA as far as stepping into the NBA situations dictate careers as much his talent as much as coaching and you're in an awesome situation you seem like two great young man Jordan were excited for you thank you very much for coming on the show today. Best to lock. Thank you preserve our creditor. That's a bright future right there.