Jonas Jerebko joins Koz, Lo, and Dibs

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, July 20th
New Power Forward for the Golden State Warriors joins Jim Kozimor, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on getting the call from the Warriors to join the team, his NBA journey, his opinion of the Warriors when on the Jazz, and his involvement with the E-League. 

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Quarters continued to add pieces. One of those pieces who they added is going to be very beneficial especially for the 82 game grind he will spread the floor. Excellent three point shooter. Most importantly known as the Swedish Larry Bird. Jonas juror red coat joins us on 957 to game Jonas thank you for joining us we appreciated. And they'll welcome yes welcome to the lawyers I have to ask. How did you become known as the Swedish Larry Bird. I mean that's folded in Boston. Street you're happy to Larry. I got that shot the ball pretty well because that but you know I don't know if that's been my real nickname but I'll take it. Somewhere there's an American Jonas Jerebko that if there's a Swedish Larry Bird civil try to figure out who exactly that person has add the appropriate juncture. As you look at this team and joining it. EC championship team three and four years but Europe contributors so how are you going in and contribute to this team coming in this year. Mean that's you know. And I thought to speak there. I wanna help whenever we needed our daughter we got all. Are you don't or can't play like 48 minutes well commit now to help or whatever to being here. Like you they're shooting our our full defense rebound on this one got the movie ball and play basketball the right way. And in our own bodies and when you have guys like that around. Chose low Neil here. When you think about warriors and their tradition they have here. On the brink of being in debt dynasty. Fans want to know always jobs we know who wore you busy individual and as a player but what they are getting into what are they what are they getting. They did you are well. The bill would then that it. Salute to edit or in an area and make all of it. Not been ten years and believe I now. I feel like I'm going better every year elect pamphlet passed by what do you Wear at my movement of the pro Bono work no thought. I don't allow mortgage given and he and he knew more about it people that parents are well I'm on record holder you know I'm. And very proud moment from. I got cut out by the minute this they'll be there but you know adapting the world called when you're in our. Proud moment for me. Sweetie I'm excited about the opportunity. I'm probably gonna come into this is one of the boxes but evidently he'd be ready do you play. That's shaped my life got let's play a little getting to know you Jonas Jerebko and as member of the world champion Golden State Warriors here he's on 95 cent in the game. I'll when you tweet do you tweet primarily in English or Swedish. Try to mix it up a little bit yeah. Swedish forward the most meaningless there. Alrighty thank. I'm trying to translate some of your Swedish but there's no translate button how often do you swear or use curse words in your Swedish two tweets. Always that's what I like tier I and not in my weight battle where we know well like when I'm mid shadow government cracked the dark side where we'd both. You know nuclear referee you're practical or anything like that. All right. Are there any officials that are familiar with your Swedish chef profanity well there against. True it Warren. You know normal name but I know brazen and I'm really regret from the old elsewhere. So I'm I have to Joan Crawford asked him out there are Scott Foster the is that the secrets lead. Scott Foster. Jonas Jerebko here at 957 game wasn't underrated thing about Sweden. That we here in America probably wouldn't know what part of the greatness of Sweden it may be flies under the radar. And Rick the interest in general will be the ultimate you know not a lot of people's seat who had I get tourists that the most vulnerable in both the application. It's a beautiful Concord. It's cold in the room and comment beautiful book. Yes. As you haven't been we're on the barker went. Biggest moment whether it's high school. He but I school college are MBA in India biggest moment for you. Mom. Need to be done interest didn't grab that first alternate is that an MBA you know the parts he'd have a loose with a very proud moment on. And then you know that didn't anything conference finals when you're trying to trying to Wear long and that a bummer like man off you know and I am not ornery than. Obviously going to bat and in the world that there. The winner or win a championship ring connect Benadryl among my whole life well but I figured they're sitting draft that our original comic book William and and he. Just an opportunity to show it might now. Jonas Jerebko joining us on a 57 game the great Swedish Larry Bird. I keel was founded in Sweden being the greatest Swedish basketball player ever do you get discounts at IKEA. And can you name of the different things at the IKEA stores are those actual Swedish words or they for us. None other not fooling with boat there and her Meyer my wife loved it you know but I am not a lot but. Unfortunately. Not they have not given any bit of both and your wallet you know not look me up or. I lost Oakley or written on city. Bomb while you're there. What is easier to do knock down NBA three pointer put together a twelve piece desks at the the. I don't put on none of that. Well data it is reported. You and iron lockstep Jonas because my wife we have a ton of IKEA stuff at home and she does all the assembly I can't do without words. Pictures all about it you're. Bo it. All right I'm gonna move onto a new phase of Jonas Jerebko he's not just Jonas Jerebko the player he's also the man because he's an owner of any sports team known as the renegades. All right Detroit renegade so. Now you're the man keep it as down as an owner Jonas. I'll what are you what got you involved in. Or a few. Different title on where we're gonna say we're not really connect the return in order all or convert coal all law. Thank you don't dwell on got a Twitter page then you got a sixty Twitter page. There are McGinn on right now right now and what we're done here yet gotten I've. It's. Her record where there's a lot of millions and millions of people are watching him. Didn't really competitive. Are. Good one there and reminder today in London of that great it's great. Congratulations on that and now you know the warriors have an. By the conflict of interest or can these two. Our commitment to our border where I'm very into. But I'm looking and we're going to do so and he saw a lot. At the map but. It will lock on and younger and bigger. It opens in more seriously if we you know how much of a third and old out. Well like that. I think it it was ordered you are. But it's it's awesome that your your man in the many talents that you you feel that you can invest in. He sports and have success what Teva borrow why is it good investment to get in and in what would kind of push into that direction. I mean you don't need to be within our growing up her you're there and lamb basketball. At the net like a drawn out on a variety. Out out in the gym and out what an expired for which there with my friend and all of our you know outside actually got a fourth thanks a lot it's I mean that they'll look out Egypt itself. Night it's the thing and it's all it's been very during. You know it's hard to get there not been an effort to learn them. To want. New lawyer Jonas Jerebko here on 957 the game yet you're joining a team with a ton of talent some have called it a super team some even say. It's quote bad for the NBA when you work on the warriors and you look at this team. Did you look at this collection of players and think that having this many good players together was quote bad for the league. I'm not really on and everybody got their right to go wherever it on and on Larry and you know the order it at the right word of draft that are wired on the AP it but. You know the bomb went for the lakers everybody gets their own right there and do whatever they want a serial. I don't see any any problem where their own. You know in my leg and anybody that bit about my thought about it then go. On the show them that there are they're wrong. All right Jonas thanks for joining us and I'm just checking out the renegades on back on the I'm not continued this is the future oval we're gonna all be talking about ten years from now. Kids playing these games and they're gonna be mega celebrities. You're you could be on the forefront of some that and one of the games you guys par participate in. Jonas. Where and counter strike halo Paladin all evil and ordinary. And I might be put Hugo I. It was put on the spot but are not your left and right on your already I don't aren't. There notable book on in the room airport are filled and Renault were built so are you already have superstar mom and we'll put it. It's certain public why they had a better start watching them cannot go to stay up even more. Well it's Monday that do you put that in you know I'd say a dollar figure. But as you being an owner you put a lot of money into it. I mean obviously acquiring the team and stuff like that. A double my money and that both. I'm investment in and were well you that I think if part of the future and I don't mean. People can I promise no more or. I'm about The Who the. I totally agree Q I would love to be investments like that that would be phenomenal deal what what fort night dance will you do when you hit a three. At. At oracle. I have not played ordinary yeah okay. Where Allegheny. Got a daughter not burdened player on my older daughter. You didn't. OK she's almost ready to start doing the fort I dance ghastly ready for you know I'd say have to look at her there halo now guided tour you know get started out battle among super lawyer from all of you have the rights to your daughter already is there's some type of local rights deal that you have or is she a free agent and when it comes to the gaming world. Chief reissue really didn't know hybrid you're agent right group of autocratic. Where a guy he's now I love it keep it an in house to do we need more women owners and he sports don't wait. I've always had a physical ought to I've Tommy John as you've been a great guest. I hope we can have got a bunch if ever there's a big tournament the renegades are on are gonna be you know if you wanna talk about it. Call us we'll put you want and we'll talk about the tournament is that cool. They're not over all problem bigger. I'm a Patriot Act and you're there. Welcome to the day John Campbell a lot of they've got eight hey you might not notice that there are a lot of kids who gained here in the bay area of the San Francisco. Area would not believe it believe it or not I'm not yet they're still my man would go thanks Joseph does every weekend we'll see you thank you very much art.