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The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, August 11th

Fox Sports & MLB Network analyst, Jon Morosi, joins the Damon Bruce Show as playoff races beign to heat up. 


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Oh yeah it got nasty between Bryce Harper and hunter Strickland we talked about what Posey didn't do in that instance but really what they're was was a ton of bone age. On Strickland by harper and you just heard the big montage of it and it all boiled over and we thought we might get some more but what do you know before anyone could have a chance to charge the mound and it. We got rain in our nation's capital that is where the giants are there going to be taking on the nationals if the rain ends up blowing at a town manages blew into town once again. Is our buddy John Rosie Donald B network and fox sports. You think we're gonna get till around 20 next time these guys each other more bad blood horror it's all water under the bridge now. Dave I doubt it I really view I think that we acknowledged an oak or. Any Al. By the purpose which borders against harper and that will of course it is one area action followed. To meet. The book is well. Then again name of the book was close in the month of October. But who. Is. You'd go that notoriety. That suspension. Also for the giants are understanding that this system deal like. Not the right time. I had it to do it and you've got the nationals trying to ago were division title obviously the critical plays there that are going out the giants aren't. This its seems to me to be trying to close the book and I guess should keep I'll graduate what perceive actually begin their. Our nation's capital. John not the day were waiting for my green light but I'm officially now declaring that Madison bomb garner is back whenever a guy has an elbow a wrist or shoulder injury. Or combination of several of those. Who knows damaged goods until proven otherwise I think we've now had enough in the sample size to where we can say a 138 ERA over his last four starts. With a whole bunch of punch outs in a whole bunch of clean effort listen looks just like he used to endings. Bum garner is back which is may be why the giants' fancy themselves. Quick to turn this around next year. I agree Damon Barbara recovery given the dire nature of the prognosis after the accident. To me what has done the most impressive thing we have seen these. Are really feel that way. Physically he would back demeanor is back there. After the summit that game you know lately these new great game and of course with another walk out and about 30 July. But it took me as a bunker yet. I'm really exceptional last several weeks and in the giant in the that there are at least. Depart this these. Even with the knowledge that there age is still there age and that is. Very consequential. As the team put a lot of work to do and we know offensively. A major makeovers needed for a team that is by far. At the bottom of the Major League in home runs. When he seventeen. They don't know what's going at quail way to of course all the help. Questions surrounding him he probably. Won't opt out the end of the season perk and that actually. In in many respects complicate matters there has never Cisco giant so. This is at least one. Rate of productivity for them. That ball garner will be at doppler rotation starting on opening day and 28 scene. The one copilot cater. I get recalled that it of course at this in the final guaranteed year contract giant to the collapse in on him. When he 182019. Could there and bring him back for 2018. The overall overarching question Damon is going to beat they've got a lot of money acquittal of its going to be the case and a lot of money on some large. Exactly how much can they give. Tibet as a bomber. If they want it slide album multi year agreement with them. This wintertime I give any madam our books occasions like a lot of big decision made there coming for Bobby at the office. That I'm a lot of must remain as well. Day need and Major League outfield which they do not have. They need a Major League third race in which they do not have I don't care what Pablo does the rest of the way I think Brandon belt is alternately upgrade able are really not among chief of their problems even though is can cuss and out right now. They just need. In London this 13 base right field center field left field. And oh yeah a little bit more pitching but I tell you what they do god. And by the way what they paid Matt Cain you better open up the text did the checkbook for Madison borrow and but it's tied block. I think that's the most amount of value you're gonna see out of giants next year. This guy. Isn't throw a ball through a fence or anything like dad but he can spotted anywhere on the fence and for a team that rushes left handed pitching. The Chicago Cubs just got shut down by in this week. Your pocket is the man who used to press exceed. The expectations placed on them. It goes back to last year members of the game yet down church giant well. We've been very impressive. Part block that one out on strikes very well. Actually command so at least give them one more. On. For next year some Georgia. Obviously the record as it is. And you've been interpreted as bleak. Oddly no mark we ain't. We know what they'd go block it on Carter's back quite no question mark estimated that the way to get one more starting pitcher. And as you point out they can do it was some of the money saving on the likes of Matt Cain it's it's that. Robert King money on somewhat difficult start paying red belt technical next year you're right about the questions third page. It's interesting to me because. She. Was free agent and jobs stopped luckily going to be available in trade. You have to move players who are. Great accurate and advocates for the launch an old school baseball will. It has become so popular in the game right now. And I think in the case of Donaldson and Judy Martinez. If you bring those players to your club house and also to hear I think. A book for the games. They have always an impact in the rest of your group asserts that jays looked at. And and it's all that it. So the other players on to Ronald roster. Want to swing like Josh batter wars and that the tigers and edgy yet to have that same respect as well so. I think the giant to be selective. But very competitive in the way they handled the results. But ring and the player. Is not just a great hitter but someone who could help change the entire. Year. And always keep all of your lineup but I do believe ball Judy Martinez and just doubled and would do that. John morrow see here on 957 the game it is now time to announce new ownership for the Marlins. Nobody. From it's. Shows. All right John in my little bit of an exaggeration. I know he's in 125 million and the gentleman named Bruce Sherman is putting up the lion's share of the money it takes the by the Marlins but. What do you think of this and they probably aren't gonna go on a pro Fidel Castro campaign like Ozzie Guillen did any time soon. Well first saw him and I should know. The great native gimmick in New York the Sheppard intro Q well. But it means the future and tomorrow. First of all significant report today and it's a little surprising. That you Oreo. Wasn't noted that Yankee and yet. New Yorker himself. All along wanted to try to sell this franchise to Derek Jeter in its eco it and I think he knows the couple number one. It's sort of it's Lori actually want to view. But also oh. Can name it hasn't really positive thing you know you re energize. And be able raw Derek Jeter. Is an American sports icon and economics and history at general poured out today. That we have urged an American leader reg guide in the based all. Sides the presumptive CEO the stretch part of this orders or should do circuit gonna make history. I think you're going to really change the culture there. And and you point out. Bruce Sherman it is in many respects at the big money and and in the control person has detonated by MLB. Because the word investment. Derek is going to be in many respects the face of this group unity of the celebrity Ian eighties seminary a lot of great business idea of these businessman. We've seen it except the players Tribune. Already in his post baseball playing career so. I think it's as Derek as one of for a long time of one OT. It was players so. I were to see it in between now a lot of credibility on this this person. MLB archer won all of us could Jeffrey Loria wanted to involvement and now it appears it's a reality and it's going to be very interesting. Damon to see how the initial days of Derek Jeter's ownership an executive order go to. Major League Baseball. I bet he's really good at the plate but not a lot of ownership range you know I mean. John rose C box sports MLB network joining us look I was gonna ask you about Chris Davis emerging as one of the premier power hitters in the game I was gonna ask you about boom howl for Yonder. I was gonna ask you about bonds hit 756. And ten year anniversary coming gone and how quickly people fall out of favor and at a site but since you wrote about it today. I got to wrap up with. So hey 02 or not he. Always a Japanese rising superstar. Who what is gonna come saved baseball for the giants are razors unthinkable what do you think this guy you run right about them what can you tell us about them. We'll show on the very interesting case and there's a lot of question right now Damon about exactly. Where he is going to be playing next year if he's coming in Major League Baseball when I can tell you right now is in the back to. Throwing ball concessions which of course and very necessary step if you wanna be Japanese they've become the Major League. And Dougal jobs. Actually that now and February he'd done it all. Pitcher and hitter which to me out point that you toward the American. On dollar sounds like we got sniped in disconnected from John morrow C. We are about to learn a little bit about a guy wants can be a pitcher and hitter we got him back fantastic. Jobs are we got disconnected as you were saying that. He wants to be a pitcher. And the player. I did to me that sounds like career suicide I mean if you pick one and master one why do what try to be the master of both. And want to try to change the game bet that it is goal. What change maybe the ways that Americans think about. The sport right now and the you'd done it successfully in Japan actually last year he was basically the player of the year. Also a picture of the year it'd be out like BP. And he also the actively their eerie chip as well so. Yet doubled to well this year he's been sidelined by a number of injuries. But mostly to do it like at least that's what has been announced so far by as well be oak I don't people and players I support Japan so. All though you're still wanted to come here. Two Major League Baseball after this season but in the budget in costs in the dark about. Players are not posted. Following suit when their team struggles. So that. Users to a year. After which there at a currencies and to their what Thursday Thursday basically an obligation to the band the mandate has been. Oh local or become straight so a lot of questions right now. A lot about what we want to duplicate value to one become the US he wants to completely based policy question. The timing is actually willing like I can help him. Except in Google. News and MLB. Just want to come and Obi you want to change the way that we view sport. About that the lack of being able to do all levels so we will say we have changed the game. And right now sorted out among a number on the extremes and just. Former teammate. Dark. Always good talking to you John thank you so much we look forward to doing it again next week have a good week and enjoy yourself and we're gonna start counting down magic numbers here soon enough. Yes it is bad timing here and again David have a house any week and might that. Shepherd drop was on the east and again. I should note governor agreed that. Unit that. While it could be in the week. John wrote see. Her iPod seven games he's a much buddy. Arbor. Day you very much always good to talk to you.