Jon Morosi talks Sonny Gray Trade

The Chris Townsend Podcast
Tuesday, June 20th

Fox Sports and MLB Networks Jon Morosi joins Towny to talk Sonny Gray and the chances of a trade.


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Should introducing me. The most interesting man on the radio how big ball or shot collar come player he's romantic. Sicker then a snicker everybody likes happy endings I lose romance. Easy eloquent. Orator and portrait sometimes on the Downey's got to be a little wrong candidate and and he knows his sports I source says there's smoking weed right now let it play out it's the twelfth man. Your. They are you kidding me crest. Podcast. I was really get on and on that now yeah. Yeah insane and a sales network as witnessed here in an on night live's and how we. John. I doubted they'd want to remember all my Brandon Knight. If they billions while I realize. Don't operate as well should have been the case yesterday but I'll. Those two games for well. James LaMont the June that's pretty good baseball problem there just broke out. Thursday to be there in the major leagues. Now the dogs over we need a lot more drama loving to I am out first but I want to talk deal. The Golden State Warriors are such an interesting organization because of just who they are the way they're built from the owners. To management. To the coach the coaching staff the players. Asia's they all love each other the communication. From the owners down is unbelievable they communicate better than any organization. I've ever been around one baseball would you compare the way they do business like the Golden State Warriors. Good question because they can based wallets. In some respects it's easier. Because there's no salary cap so Soviet the update we are due animal to go about about to rain and restructure his contract. Never happen baseball. Does does that ever happen in baseball per unit would not allow. As second there's no can do because those salary cap. So that story that the government doesn't does not happen in the in the in baseball that they get the very interesting dynamic. Whereas the fundamentally different sport. The party is in baseball. You have the minor leagues to worry about in a really big way in the sense that. In the NBA you may have a a couple of guys it and developmental league contractor that maybe media assignment there but for the part Eugene and Eugene. Or baseball. You have days at least five or six times. The number of players on your roster are somewhere in your employment somewhere there there either in the Dominican or maybe the most well partly depending on your organization. Or it through the applause cheers of minor leagues. In the in the US so this has its vast. System where you really have this sort of sink your your closet so to speak in the in the every aspect. All of the operation of the people would on the very first players that final Latin America at the ages sixteen. I think the cubs have done a phenomenal job of that that they develop a great culture. The Indians. Haven't won the World Series obviously since the 1950s or always actually but they have done a very good job of becoming an executive. Factory if you will where there are there executive tree of GM's is extremely fast very successful. Deliberate process and program around how that you business I think the cubs. First and foremost that would what they've been few Epstein Odyssey was voted the best leader in the world that believe. But by force of fortune magna carolco which what was earlier this year to be up there have been over the cubs. The Indians. Great track record there with that particular group I would put those two. The ones that come to mind probably the most in terms of being the most stable up to the giants if you look at what they did this this century. In this decade actually you win three. Championships in a single decade baseball right now that's extremely hard to do and the giant that note that over. Standing still look great right now over the giants but the big picture 30000 foot view of the franchise remains very very favorable. Well speaking of the giants' opponent you have told me before the season buddy black Scottish open Colorado. And they're gonna do that with a young pitching young bullpen. And they're gonna lead in more games on the road at. Then they do at home ice is said shot what are you smoking. But. It's it's it's crazy what's going on a Colorado. Welcome in Colorado with the very interesting story develop their approach for the Colorado Rockies because. They haven't viewpoint out relied on the likes of Antonio. Says as a talent out freely in the jet prop and in peril on market names or perhaps not well known to baseball and and certainly do it and probably nobody in June 50 based on the way. But this is of that orbit but that's only one. They've won that way there and get Jun grade back they believe here very soon and actually Chet that is who was one of the more dependable starters last year. Has missed this entire season. Only diagnosed with testicular cancer but he is coming back to your chemotherapy does some good signs there for Chad so. Really it's been and it's probable story more well spent or the batters signing an old baseball this year he has been a novel there they have to on this. Where it really able low average seasons. From Carlos Gonzales. Trevor story. Did you what may use the rating batting champ stood but they're human each year for Colorado but their bullpen is so much better and it's been in years past. Greg now has been in the anomalies some of the game council might see there is validity so I think it's been a very improbable run civil war. Back a bit on this season's to look at it and nothing in the NL was out by the doctors being there at the top. Has really gone according to plan and the big question now going to be can the Rockies keep winning. Do they have you know. Particularly innings Chris because of the various concerns we've seen now in the realm of pitching. Will close an injury analysis. Is that the hell is that you did curtailed because of course a lot of time last year. With they sure what type of a problem so what stage very closely at the in March. Nationally storyline in the second half. Do on the rock is control in the very important because they've been that important to their success you're so far in 20s70. John morose he would this year on 957 dubs a radio powered by Verizon. If I was run in the San Francisco Giants because I'm looking at what they got a minor leagues. Not all hackable lot. And they can get old real real fast they need to get younger they need to get more athletic. I would say this because they love their they're great players in the honor Mike nobody else so. Posey is off the list I would take Crawford off the list massive bomb garter off the list everybody else I'm put them on a menu and I'm shop and do you agree or disagree. But I think at the very prudent strategy and say for a couple reasons number one. We talked about the moment ago the people series street time of this decade handed. And once you've done. It's much easier to hit the reset button. It's much easier to be Bryant's they'd be in Bobby Evans Larry there. And set up at a press conference. Have been for which. Very well known players been trader at Brandon belt let's say it's. Just the Marcia. And people around you why isn't the right move for the giants and and the answer is that we we want we media payroll bit. Too high or or. Two walls. Fraud writing and that we got a bit carried away for a moment. And now we're going to correct ourselves and and that's the nice thing to say and it make. The problem is. I am not sure. Who has. Substantial value. To move that is now probably mention that as a contract that is no that's the key thing because. Tens span. Or players obviously in some respects Cain same thing it's you'll look at the big picture here and don't comments that you made about wanted to get younger. Wanted to get more athletic that's all true but by and large. The giants are breaking up and order and not terribly athletic roster so that this thing it did you want the giant agreement of the act criteria the report. There. Have been laws for this team and so. I think it's a very tricky thing. To get back really being meaningful pieces and quite that we've talked about the war part got it straight you don't orchard given up. You don't orchard Judy because the opt out so I did all of this strategy in the U outlined is completely. Legitimate and the fact that they could very well the giants are going to do but saying these players are available. And actually buy things so it's gonna take all of Britain belt money and do you prospect value back as well. That is a typical proposition right now I believe here in June 2070. Let's switch over what DA's food you want off their roster. Yeah Ottawa a pretty good. Right now and it will help well for him of course these kind of trickier. He should be at all but I think he's going to be an all star. Well see. There aren't that many seen Bonita first base right now the Yankees are one. The Yankees and ignorant is that for either under or. There are were in Kansas City. Which I believe it will ultimately be a song that not quite there yet. But I think eventually by July 31 the royals of course the world leadership at that point fifteen. Day it will be so there I believe that the deadline this year sold out his name. Very easily could be out there and got his name as well I look at the rest of the crypt and I would love to find a way to keep. But I really think that decision has to do it where these days NORAD is in their ballpark surged. If they scalability to extent of long term and give them the market that they could not feel comfortable giving just style and that they give them money. They should do it. If they can't then perhaps it becomes a trade chip setting. I have not seen candidly Chris not consistency from him. That tells me the days can ask and receive. The high price tag that they feel. Sonny gray deserves and actually cuts made that trade I have no doubt his name was going to be discussed. But I think there's a really big gap between how the UN. And the ways of the rest of the industry looks at them. After he really hasn't been as consistent help these cells is 2015 itself obviously about your nap right now. John you are the best have a great week and I get Father's Day we'll see you next late. All the plant and equipment and again congratulations the great thing in the Bay Area on the championship many champions of this decade there in the table is that one of the weakened their per unit when they're closed it. Awesome stuff take care. Father's Day ha.