Jon Morosi

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, November 21st

Matt Steinmetz and Daryle “The Guru” Johnson are joined by Jon Morosi (MLB Reporter for Fox and MLB Network) to ask if the Giants really could sign Giancarlo Stanton. We get into whether or not steroid users should be allowed in the Hall of Fame. 


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John writes you can follow on Twitter yeah John morose and John thank you so much for joining us and we'll just start out with a big question. What are the odds that Giancarlo Stanton. Is a San Francisco giant in the next couple weeks. About their epic Thanksgiving first and foremost I don't think thank you. The chances again the report they're barred marked by Jen today about. That the giants and Marlins having deeper discussions. I think is is valid. And I believe the giants if you look at the landscape right now. They have probably as good of a chance if not better. Did anyone else that did to get John gross debt netted the reason. Is a couple things number one and they are clearly motivated to do so based on the word they were this year and all stands the home run. List as a team. And I also Stanton does have reportedly is first play on the West Coast now. You grow up a dodger fan I think you would in the West Coast you would look at the Dodgers. That I still think there is that. Possibility out there were some in the industry expects the the Dodgers to make a play. To try to get stance that the end we'll see how real bad idea but beat it to dodgers' stepped think they've become. That the favorite because they've got also financial resources sense of prospects and our I think also that's where Stanton would ideally like to go. But at the Dodgers are not bad team. I think a giant because they're combination of strong desire you know the West Coast. Being a destination that I'd buy believe Stanton likely would waive his no trade clause to go to. I think all those reasons to they may have a slight edge right now and symbols cartons. John do you think the fact that the Dodgers in every other team in the National League west made improvements and watching the dodges go to the World Series do you think dad's plane into the psyche of the giants' front office to go landed big fish like this because I thought there was no way in hell that they even had a a chance stick to give Stanton. Well go to question and I think a couple things we're noting number one. That the giant already have the second. Most dollars committed of any team in the major leaks to the table for 2018 they have they have already spent eight hon. Of money. But they also see I think the value in in competing and they're ready to look at the roster right now realize that. As presently constructed. It's it's not big winning roster. That being said I think that they are they also analyze that with one significant back. They can change the way the lineup looks and feels and ended its 151. Player away from winning the World Series. I think it. Maybe not I think they've probably got to have more than one player but stand in front of them I think wrap presents. And as big of an impact that he would almost any other club because of where the giants were Leicester where they still could be this is not. It's an old roster but it's not a bad roster I think didn't they get. More consistent performances from players like Crawford. You know video sport healthy she's been from belts. Did you get Stanton and I think it allows you to do differed. And more creative things with the rest of your outfield. Shrimpers Stanton and they can maybe sign or trade or a good defensive center fielder I think overall it's a much better. I'll feel look for them and I think that it but it all starts with getting that one big capital while the rest of the group. Took all that around them and I I think the giants to their credit realize that you've got to. Spend money to make money so to speak in and then they they wanna make sure they don't lose it's that equity to they've worked so hard to build up especially had in this decade there in the Bay Area. Has then been pretty tight lipped about maybe what he's preferences are where he wants to go it seems like he's been. It himself anyway under the radar. With a lot of speculation of where he might like where you. May be wouldn't like it doesn't seem like we have definitive answers there is what from what I'm saying. You're right and and his representatives have been very coy about what he wants to do. And I think abetted by design. It and that's okay because it. At Stanton want to let this thing play out to see how real good the Dodgers possibility is how real but the major West Coast markets are. Well four ways then. I don't think. That he is going to accept a trade to Saint Louis this is my eight. Somewhat. It's probably an educated. Opinion on this although not directly from him. That that he I don't believe he is going to accept the deal to Saint Louis. Unless the Marlins. Through his representatives say listen John Carlo. It's not gonna work with the giants it's not gonna work with the Dodgers it's not gonna work with the book Red Sox. And that they're basically it's the cardinals or are staying in Miami one more year. I think that at that point guard he may well accept the deal. But he is going to be I think until that moment arrives. Very cagey about what he says big daddy he wants to let this thing play out I think he is. Whether directly or directly. Made clear what is preferences are and edit they get that the job of the Marlins to find an acceptable deal for them. That also works for stand instead badly of the hold on trade clause and and when that would give them by the Marlins. We'll keep a player that's that's worked very hard this game and achieved a lot of things once you get that no trade clause. Yeah I think it's it's of the mind of some players. I'm gonna use that and under mysterious things the way that I want to Justin Verlander did that Brooke for a period of time where you want to see things play out. With the Dodgers in the cubs before you said yes to use in any waited until literally. The last several seconds before he can make that decision on the night of August 31 so I think that there's a lot to. Look at there was slipped past president and more later worked your there was a very hard and fast deadline with Stanton. It's a little more fluid always during the off season without a similar deadlock. John I'm on record as saying now Barry Bonds is the best bet baseball player I've ever seen play and we know it's a struggle he's trying to get the hall of fame. And I was shocked to read the Joseph Morgan wrote a letter to the hall of fame basically say in all steroid all the players from the steroid era shouldn't be in. Are probably by surprised. How did you digest. That that news. Well a couple things we are I was on the distribution list for the email to give up I'm all they've voter. So I received it today what everybody else the votes. I hate I welcome the letter I respect Joe's opinion. These alternate reserve vice chairman all playing. And it's interesting that historically. These baseball writers have actually. Asked in the indicated there were open minded to receiving. Input from the hall of fame and this is probably as directors were gonna get it. In the form of an the letter McGlade chairman about how they would like us to handle. Steroid era candidates now. A couple things about the letter. An assumption and a statement may need exists. Players who used steroids are not yet in the hall of fame. I do not believe that is accurate. I'm not gonna sit here and then. Indicate which players I think might ever could have used steroids gore already in the whole thing but I will say I am of the mind. And I hope they got Malone that they're already steroid use in the whole plane. The letter. While I respect it's it's rhetorical. Place and Serbia respect man it comes from. I think is a bit late. And four for the players who are there. To believe that right now as we speak senators. Say holy clean the and Christine membership as of this moment I believed. Is is not accurate that's my opinion. And again I think I'm not alone in that and I think he. I I do believe that there have to be a line of demarcation spice to it. Oh at 2005. When MLB started testing for steroids I'd I'd put those that were suspended for steroid use met your mirrors. Rafael Palmeiro on brawn Alex Rodriguez. Fundamentally. In a different categories and Barry Bonds played the game was was. Put on notice collectively 2005 in a way that the union and MLB had not done previous to that end to the extent that. There is uncomfortably. On the part of the hall of famers. It's unfortunate but the union that represented that was part of these framework. That's sustained this period of of neglects on the part of the sport in this holding people to account so it is a messy reality. I think it already is the reality of all same. And while I respect Joe's words and certainly what they can of the consideration but so what what are time I think that at the premise that. It is to this point in time eight clean all of same. Regarding steroid use. To me is is is that premise that I do not accept to speak completely accurate. Yes certainly it's some complicated stuff JP thank you so much for joining us is always really appreciated and enjoy the holidays. My putter guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving we'll see about. Michigan can make a game there against Ohio State here Saturday. Boy. All right take your half. Thanks a lot of good guys and I that you.