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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 5th

MLB Insider for Fox Sports joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss who the A's and Giants may deal at the trade deadline including whether Sonny Gray could land with the Chicago Cubs. 


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If he is an MLB insider for both fox sports. And the MLB network number OC joining Jolo in bids. On 95 point seven the game John have you found yourself in the Nathan's hot dog eating contest how many dogs do you did you get thrown out in ten minutes. Not many guys I have I have off my my hot dog eating game from my hip my youthful days when I was problem. Little better than area. I would say no more than half does know more than app does and I did I don't know even though he has struggled guys about talent. All right but it's a strong and fair assessment natural we like to do on the radio strong and fair assessment. We don't troll around camera as he became a broad 25 out there we try hang up on yeah. Thought I have to be accurate and of course that's Smart guys I'll tell you that. The march and July were up for baseball insiders just as we saw with. And be free agency for our colleagues on the basketball side and of course you know itself free agency. In that connect great sport and in Canada disappearing dicing month. So I had the other day we don't ask ourselves what do we know for sure I guess Oregon value for sure president knows Sonny Bryan's gonna pitched today. I know many Scots are going to be watching him but I can't quite tell you yet where is going about that. How about the idea of Yonder Alonso continuing to swing a hot Matt what's the first base market like out there in case DA's decided try to move there on the all star. To read questioned that because that thing Alonso. You know market has been quieter. That you would think he's put up you guys all those some of the best numbers of any player in the American League. This year by a lot of clubs seem relatively that at first base with several. Notable exceptions to the Yankees are one exception I would say that in the division the angels and the mare's so I think those possibilities for Alonso. I have not heard anything being especially close with him for any deal put. I believe those three teams that are the most logical that program that I believe will be looking at him here in the coming weeks. In your opinion is it a foregone conclusion that sending grace Al it would happen value would he have. We've day trading. I think it would grave. The enhanced value is fluctuating it seems that might start to get real together. And of course now what with the all star break coming up he does inevitable it does is starts left in the market really it is curtail your ability to make huge impression among the July. But I think it real brought in close July errors next restart and they're all very good. Or at least solid. I think is a very good chance these traded I think to be the worse people ages are three pitches. He's only mediocre over the next several weeks that I think could be the key is that the deal. Our opera probably fall back to about 5050 but the better pitches the more likely it is he's gonna go somewhere. And and the game at the prospect return. I'd be horribly yet. Lot of an organization's top. Three prospects but I don't think it's an area where they're gonna give an absolute hall where you're talking about the best. Two or three prospects in a team organization that you may be one of those three and in about the rest the deal with the top ten top fifteen that prospect. But I think for me grave. It is part of the separated. From his it will lead performances back in 2015. That that I don't think he's going to get a lead Cole Hamels type returner for the holidays. John Rosie would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game. On one end of the equation you have people pointing to launch angles any new style of baseball which is leading to an increased home run total. On the other side of the aisle you have David Price and other individuals who feel something's going on with the baseball's. That the balls and Joost and that's what's leading to a higher home run total. June just produce more home runs and a month than we have ever seen in Major League Baseball history what do you think the reason for that is. I think there are multiple reasons for that and I will agree with David Price and Justin Verlander that. The ball does seem. Denser. The ball is flying further we're seeing a higher number of fly ball that that goal for home runs now. And I believe that there is an issue of the density of the baseball. MLB has not come out and said this they have tested the chemical compositions that. It's the same and they will be the case however. You can create a debt to baseball the same material by winding it tighter and I believe that that is what has happened with. The back to baseball they've been using now. For an extended period as you point out where pace for a record high number of home runs also. A record high number of strikeouts which is concerning. To a certain extent for MLB because they want more action more balls in play at a better pace of game. With all the strikeouts which of course that they at least three pitches and at that and often more than that. It is creating a slower paced game. But the commissioner's office is somewhat concerned about and that's what we may see so those unilateral changes made in the 2018. So the playing rules of the game whether to pitch clock or other. Time sensitive decisions by MLB so. Stay tuned in their but I do believe it's a combination of many things that dance or ball. The be more swing for the fences mentality that players are having because they know that home run to get them to aid. And also just that overall launch angles school baseball. With players on orbit the ball wait Josh Donaldson and Judy Martinez do I think that is a huge. Convergence of circumstances. That resulted in what has been that you point out an unprecedented level local front here in recent weeks. John morose seal fox sports and MLB never joining us or not if 570 games and stay with me for a second John I lay out my fix for baseball. It's really quite simple Europe you put away all the pitch clocked a read and all the time sensitive nonsense and you simply limit. Game day rosters to say fifteen players per team so each team would have to allocate seven of their pitchers are six of their pitchers as. Inactive thereby limiting the ability. Do go to the bullpen and to have all these time wasting lefty a lefty matchups. And I would also produced more offense do you think this sort of a fix our roster manipulation. Without ever come to pass for for just gain gain Major League Baseball. It's a very fair suggestion. I don't see it happening for this reason. That the shorter your roster. The more likely it is that that there will be pitching if not injuries Patricia. And then if you're having to. Who won't potentially where out of pitchers and it all extend him beyond which you would prefer to. Because you don't have enough relief pitching options behind him. That's to be runs counter to what baseball they can about with these deep pitch mark initiative and their various. Caring for pitchers. Considerations that that have come to the corporate the last couple years so. Beat beat beat premise that it bought is a very good one. But in practice I think you'd get a lot of push back from. Clubs and players because they believe that may be living the Russians could actually compromised to some extent. Player Al itself ought lightly but I think that the idea itself that is very valid. And I think we will see at different times. Perhaps what we're gonna limit the number of strategic that there be peace in different ways for them to get that these should be describe because. As you point out and the commission pointed out to. The the quality of the plans and how could relief pitcher against right now and the number of changes you have. It all conspired to slow down the pace of the game at the end because. You have more changes and left action because they're more strikeout to relic of a complicated and compound the cycle so. Great but I think that the pitching help though overrides. The U overall considerations about the the size. My briefed counter and feel free to take this to all your people nationally because I know it's a goal and I DN and I I wanna support you John and all your great work the deal. I would argue that. Pitcher health would increase because you wouldn't have these relievers now. Going absolute Max effort throwing a 101 miles an hour and every pitch knowing full well the had a may be. Pitch at 85%. Knowing you may have to pitch more than one batter thereby helping pitchers stay healthier. Very fair point that you guys though. The industry of baseball becoming Clinton's soon. With the idea of velocity it's that way from the minor leagues on up it's actually that way. From the league on up and we have seen many many times that throwing harder. Often runs counter to maintaining good pitchers are ability. John morose he would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game let's talk about the nationals for a moment held a baseball team with a bright future but a disastrous bullpen how act. Active they gonna be by the deadline who were some potential targets to solve that issue. Extremely active the national open it rally is remarkable Odyssey team that you point out is this good and yet struggles in this. Very essential action a baseball which is of course recording the 27 out does that is important but the quality team. And that they are looking around the game right now court anyway that as leaders including by the way the Oakland Athletics Sean Miller. Ryan Madson took many possibilities the national considering the also look at the likes of Justin Wilson in Detroit. Any team. That is out of it and has quality relievers. They are going to be any phone calls. From the Washington Nationals they know the nationals do that they've basically have a World Series club. What for the bullpen so maybe Tony Watson potentially. In Pittsburgh. Brad and in San Diego the national to have a very veteran very good scouting staff that right now is scouring every Major League ballpark in. But every radio station in the country if there's somebody that can throw the ball over the plate with velocity and movement in the ninth inning. Johnny self this question but before the season started I was in Vegas I played the under on the Detroit Tigers win total what do they just gonna sell it off with all their parts of the and I know ahead right comfortable comfortably towards the finish line. Yes I would take good care of that ticket because it is likely that come through argument to 3745. Entering today the worst record the American League. I do expect there will be sellers in potentially a big way if they can find. The right trade partners Judy Martinez is out there. Alex Avila Justin Wilson and yet even Justin Verlander who's Marcus somewhat complicated by the fact that part of a Dodgers scout and scalp on Sunday he struggled did not even get out of the fourth innings so. Royal letter again much like static way. A lot of scouts watching him very closely to see how it is stop reading right now I would be arms straight threading right now. Her letter against an up and down these but it still think some teams or will not only does the coliseum at two different series and say you know what Verlander has about their brother clubs. So he may be out there on the move but I think that the more lightly guys to deteriorate Clayton are the tigers' Justin Wilson Judy Martinez Alex Avila I don't expect that's gonna happen now and accept. Follow him on Twitter at John Murrow see MLB insider for both fox sports and MLB network John Groce Magellan dams and 95 point seven a game. Dynamite stuff John thank you every time we look forward to doing and again next week. My my put I've. What you and a great listeners how long it if you affair accounting in my hot dog eating abilities or lack thereof. We appreciate it because it's all about facts on this program directly. And seated John.