John Madden is NOT happy about the Raiders moving to Vegas

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, April 13th
Yesterday on Sirius XM radio, John Madden expressed his disdain for the Raiders relocation to Vegas. Papa & Bonta discuss – listen here.

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I was you say I was told by. I didn't think that would happen if it is just read it you'll be you know something with. If they if you don't go that's that's really tough with we just saw something. At least I would hate to beer Coke. Take a team I would hate to have. Like TB at Las Vegas. On Saturday night. And I'm not sure that they edit that old field together and that should be exactly. What discredit you and there's culminate where it's going to be an all those millions building hoping they'll all Oakland made eagle or history. Prayers that really that it really blog. Just don't just goes well. And she got mad and serious sex NFL radio yesterday evening also spoke to. Our friend Paul but he years Amy g.'s husband. The And I hear the pain in his voice and that. And it's a reality is steel if when they do go to go to Vegas. At the age pick a new spot. Whether they stay there or not. There there there race. And I love that were raised the opposite that are injured at a level it. They're cared out that place an ad that I can hear the pain. And his voice that you know he didn't he didn't. He coached the Los Angeles raiders he was thirty dollar tab florist and he was in the Booth that. That summer on CBS by then so. He's the Oakland Raiders you know he could just hear his voice of pain I think we all. That's the reality. His what is coming here. And I think it's really hard for it is there raider organization American and other people who were there for so many years market gain and I'm Landon. All of is they grew up with this this is the Oakland Raiders remark is with the LA raiders but he's been here since they moved back. And I thought that you know. Charles what's his last game. That's its pastor the era for the Christmas Eve gaining a San Diego it's ought to think about all day long. Was this we did the last time we come here and there's so many great games that were played in that stadium. That young men was a part of an action is the the the raiders the eighty's yeah so many three games. So it's just. But with the age you know will be able to continue the tradition wherever they go whether it's by the labor Howard terminal or stay where they are. But if the raiders go to Vegas. That just won't be the same and for a guy that really personified the Oakland Raiders like coach man. And is there really difficult reality as what he's talking about is that. That if you read this franchise that he really put on the map. It'll Monica late sixties and Jack Roush before that that John meant really. He's a gang along with Allah put the raiders on the map and Oakland forward just to be at the studio tour Downey reaching dog gone high rise a lot of the and B that be hard that's the reality we're looking at though that's the deal. Croix and I'll watch an NFL films are about see I wasn't around a centerpiece of this you know what part of as a kid just a sea of hands the Heidi game. Agreed to sell we need classics. At that stadium EC John that on the silent jump on around. He told his blue khakis and polo certain. You could filter in our beds are man before and you know he's obviously out here in the Bay Area -- it up there but. You know I think that these next two years he awfully raiders who play for three years here Oakley but I think they're gonna leave the Bay Area was somewhat this team so close to dig a decent on on the squad did they will leave. A lasting memory at the coliseum in and leave on a good note your pop. But it is tired guys are good judgment is saying it's great to hear image first of all in good health news there sometimes the last. Six months to a year that we really were concerned about coach but he's. He's doing better. You talk that she hands game. On our Christmas shopping came home. Sat down. Who has a full walker one of the dolphins ran back the opening kick the opening game for touchdown and it was done. That was one of the greatest football games there was ever played coach Madden says. If that wasn't Super Bowl game that would have been thought it was the greatest game that's ever played. Miami won the Super Bowl the previous two years and 7273. And it was just a battle. Greasy again stabler back and forth Warfield against. Freddie it was one of the greatest teams ever in just probably the classic. Stabler moment and it is the holy roller was a regular season game that bad throw he made. In Miami all around him. To get to Clarence Davis to win that game and Clarence Davis could not catch you at a terrible hands and it catch it through a Bill King called the C hands that need to see it. There was a hell of a football game but I think of the seventies and all the big games the raiders played against the chiefs in the that was the one game the C enhanced game may have been the greatest game. That the raiders have ever played in college super only half games. Condit's political. So that gay partner Dan herder was all overstate rulers he stumbled to kind of flip that board and you know exactly. How he caught it he caught it and it was there was how little football of them backed or at least they may they may really they may level that stadium. Because of NFL films of your generation. Then they will live forever and I mean as they may not be there when you drive by and the Nimitz. But did you ever gonna forget judgment and haters this is what they were in there and games like that that that one game was hello. Well it's like driver number one a one north Tomlin candlestick point and see nothing there but I still think about you know the catch three to catch to it although they did she chaired each of losses to the New York giants' Matt Barbeque to fill though as candles members Lavar forever but he had just look at over there. In Nazi in the stadium there will be it and be empty feeling good.