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Tuesday, November 7th
Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by LIVE from the Jack Del Rio Foundation Bocce Ball Tournament.

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I'm wearing it ready to. We got bill. With the beltway. Perfect thing for them they need him he came and did exactly. What you have to do we're more. Well okay. River. Does all of my head coach of their rated Chad bad talking about the current head coach of the raiders Jack Del Rio and this is like the other highlight I think in my broadcasting career. I for the first time ever I get to interview the great young man that I actually nervous about Ted Turner has a photo ever ever so little bit and got. We got we got to be one of the greats in the history of football in every regard wanted to spend little time. But coach Matta first of all thank you so much for your time you look great they are pretty good health right now. I guess everything's going fine iron euros a million hip problems that. That's what happens when you hear you took a lot of hits when you're young turns arthritis later than moon. That's part of reveal any Arnold football player Neeson had sent here you're you're ahead of the curve so we heard you talking about Coach Del Rio. And I asked Jackie was out with a as coach at 1230 about the interview process just go back. So when the raiders were highway interviewing jacket Mark Davis brought you into the whole process in your involvement in the hiring a janitorial. Well yeah mark marches underwater may vary and there maybe ask some questions and ended directly. You know thing was certain way and Gary it was just it I felt that they need an adult in the room you know there. You have Lou rookie head coach a rookie general manager and about the news good German man common and then you just. Looked at Jack could you knew that at that time. For what to raiders need to do he was a perfect guy. And we just kind of talked football we've put a film on the Washington Post offense and defense and just kind of let. Mark did you feel Roman and hear what he you know thought about football what he thought about players. He thought about everything and and mark was very Preston moon Reggie was and they're the ones who made the decision knows who Mark Davis reduces. Now you know it it was thirty years the head coach of the team and I know you watched the raiders a lot you get there whatever you can do you watch it every game what what are you seeing from Jack Del Rio traders coach well inconsistency. I mean that's that's the thing Umenyiora looked and you know that they have that offense and offence just that consistently. To win. We owe a lot of game I would may have to be consistent I have to get over a lot of points on their score for five touchdowns a game. And then the defense complied that I mean this year. If you're defending PO four touchdowns with five touchdowns. Are your teams get mapped and continue to play defense. Or for a while they were averaging what twelve and half points well. Ayman that would take the 85 bear defense you know to defend twelve and half points and they didn't have enough defense mammoon. And then you leave your car injury and knowing you're just one thing kinda led to another and they never. I never really got off to the stars but they needed to get over the hump. Day news to get over. Hall of Famer John Mann joining us here from Jack terrier is much you don't turn men and a entry not an after an eleven puppet Donte' and 95 point seven again and you watched the whole league but didn't do you watch the raiders play each and every week coach I. I watched him go watch another week and I've and I do watch. Holy also but I I zero and below zero in the raiders and that's. I'm obviously let's three years of my life of Max. News where you're where I got started where all my years were on fire I wasn't. And even a pro foothold bloom before that. And I haven't been any thing in pro football after that in my that one club. Luckily. And I was you Oakland Raiders. Pretty good broadcaster in the big head video game did pretty well and have a team no guidance. I helmet you'd ever lost your you get the unblemished record as a broadcaster. But let me ask you about the offensive line can journal the offensive lineman. You had you know arguably in the whole left side let the hall of fame. Right you know he had he had to Michelle and get up Shelley and I know he had dealer you Henry Lawrence said he had great offensive line play and sometimes I look at the raider offensive line and I think it is good as coach man's offensive line when you're out. I think though your dog and he was hurt then I pop a bit young and foolish again so what what are you seeing from the raider offensive line and when you talk about the inconsistencies of the offense. There's a start with the inconsistencies of the elaborate since the whole way they've. Play Virginia man army and it's it's just different Herman. No wind when we had your offensive line will also add you to back so you have a lead back to running backs. We're also you know I played in the eastern bloc and Dave Casper and you talk about. You only do we run the left side is that. All that mad you know what he's gonna do he runs left all the time seventy well Ontario based yes I'm better at 65 boom or whatever but it's the fifth if I put. Dude Joseph motto what senator. And next to rumors Gene Upshaw at left guard Art Shell at left tackle. All flame all slam all fame I'll like go strong allows them bring Dave Castro Wright got another call friend. So I can run behind you for hall of Famer so. And it would be in all due respect who we sacrilegious. To say that at this. Vibrator line I don't know if Obama went back. I think there were a couple of it was a different game and it was easier. It was easier for them deployed airmen that's good stuff down apply. I'd listen to Jim talked about today and the the whole the whole way football is now vs when coach played. There's no shotgun you know quarterbacks under center. I believe correct me if I'm wrong. You guys were the first to use his slot formation what do you guys call the east peace crusade or make every put too wide receivers on what I tried we're the first in football to do that. The we were PO would worry when we merged with the NFL no one in the old NFL but I remember was really doing that now. In the AFL some teams were you know Sid Gillman down incendiary who was doing that thanks for him in Kansas City did some of it so. We were doing their about the same time. We were also first go to talk about the offensive line play from where was back then when you're closer to where it is now. It's a lack of offered to play because it's down all across cobalt if you just pinpointed to the spread formations. I was scenic college students where these linemen are developing it they're always in the two point stance instead of a three point stance in college they come to the NFL Molson which ran aground and they can't Carlton ball it's yeah. That are very don't do that then you're it's hard to do a shotgun one back here army into. You do that to give a three point stance you're darned near have to get back and have a fullback. Darren has done blocking tight again. And then you could do it on the run power away from power and every offensive lineman wants to run on the that's that's the thing you know we every. Every offensive line was safe but run the ball you're gonna run the ball more do you know and and that's where I used to do as a coach. I would always let them start there as I used to say you know if you short straightened out and I would let them feel block tee off. There are moments too often the fullback who would run in the halfback would lead in the whole thing with just would you start to Wear you down. When new third quarter which had to get here and they fourth quarter we own the fourth quarter. Yes she did he had a great Kenny stabler help. Collegial ought to come from behind victories this is just there's an island and they could be doing radio in the Bay Area effect denigrate John Madden here in the afterlife without toughened by unsafe. I 95 point seven again all right you you do watch football yet they're great studio Pleasanton. You watch the leaf. Where where is the NFL bad as far as the eye on the field. Product coach when now when you're watching verses when you were broadcast in the last game you did. It's it's not very good that's really good slumping no ma'am. What happens is when you really have too many windows too many venues. And do have a good game you need two good teams. And there's not enough good teams that have a lot of good games. And then you have your early Sunday you know at 10 o'clock game. Got a later Sunday 1 o'clock and got to Sunday night game. And you got the Monday night's game and you got the Thursday night game and they need got a game you play overseas so close then there's not enough places. There's too many places to put. Good games and not enough good games and you have that you can if any of that makes sense because. And then the injuries are just seems to be more injuries than I have remembering them. Something's going on I'm not exactly sure whether it is but there's there's way too many injuries and we shouldn't have that I remembered for room. Last Sunday knows write notes to myself my son are too many injuries to when he fights and that's not that's not pro football. Well you guys talked you know about Davidson I'm not sure melanoma we'd have. We have a skirmish fifty copyright we've we've quick break the big figures don't get kicked out of the game women. No you have to stand up for stuff and you know and June every every lineman just in the last push them and I don't care. You know I hit you bully you got to hit him back before you make I got it if you again and that's that's the district that's a flurry of the view alignment you gotta get the last Debian but. You don't get thrown out of game remembers some of that stuff that went on this last Sunday now I was I was terrible has no place in the game for love. I know coach you do you do work with the NFL the commissioner of the league. You're at the forefront of a safety. How do you advise them what how can we make the game that you love so much better the NFL products how do you make it better. Well you know we have do we have to do it by. I did change in some rules and changing some some some coaching techniques some and they got that one thing. Now I don't know if you noticed this but they're always always hit the quarterback play you know. And they give room and steps in other words after the guy throws a ball. You have to step. And then very admitted to stop but I have another journalist threw in an all out with. Thing as a quarterback can get here after after he throws the ball and and that's wrong coming into port for some reason. We have a rule that if the punt punts the ball good always is for you can't touch. If the ball leaves the quarterback hands. We don't have that same rule and we have to start getting reports that it's a new thing and I'm talking about what's going on right now. As they used to call me and and give Natalie here amid new human if I'd shot a helmet to helmet you know him in the ribs almost. Now they get nothing where they raffle. And then they fall right and they may have fallen drive into the ground and that's that's where we're good nose shoulders and so all those things and and and you say well that's footballer go putter startup won't put spurn Obama they got it. Go to convince a puff game in and you have to play and I understand that live as quarterbacks is so important to us you know and so important to the game. So port where the games you know we don't have enough fun to go around. And then when we lose women wind and Karen Rogers plays from Green Bay Packers that's one thing. If you look last night you know. Someone else play in the agreement on lake and found out there and even the Green Bay Packers doing their defense can't play at a campground to campground. I kept on laying and they look like dude. College for a great John Madden hall of Famer. They have similar thoughts on diets they are nice five sponsor of the game is so interesting for me to hear you. Speak this way because you grow up but and there I mean Al Davis you know the quarterback must go down go down hard and Mike Lassiter broke Joseph name is John. I think at Cherokee Jones pretty ticked a branch on trauma. To the ground but you you look at the game differently now having all the years in the game that they the quarterbacks are the commodity. You need to keep precious in his late. Yeah I knew you and you can't and you can't lose them when you can't. No let him get to free shots or maybe other. There's some of that stuff like you said went on the million quarterbacks did take some hits but now now they can do you know everyone wants to get five out. So if you get five receivers out you only got five blockers enough. If you only have five blockers. All left to do is bring a six got a free rusher and I don't even have to do out with an overload overload one side and get a free rusher and you get a free run. A star quarterback so. So then they got to put the quarterback back so you can get rid of the ball quickly. And then you've got short passes and chuck Townsend. And M is just it's just not in a good place right now. If you're coaching today coach. Would you keep it more traditional we've always settle fall back on the field would you. Which you which you go empty said you know I'm taking a Mike Martz and he came in but he just add protection to go to some teams automatically glitch that said. How would you coach today in the modern game. Well when coach that word coming our way and I would always. Always have a choice you wanna get two guys out and have a free rusher or you wanna protect the ball. I always believe you protect the mall in other words if you're gonna bring an extra guy out people another guy on the block if you bring those guys healthy for another guy on the block. Arizona did after the 49ers this last Sunday would you know until they lose they lose Carson Palmer player with Stanton and and start asking him to do what Carson Palmer could do. You've got opens up through the ball quite quickly as good shot an analyst at one to tide and they would retire and then as. I mailed one play where they picked up for every one in the block. Just have Larry FitzGerald rather than upon myself. And I think I think you go through steam you can do some of those things and and the answer to your question on the deuce as I've mix it up I mean I have to play. Football the way it's played today but are gonna before I got the short yardage and goal line I knew that I'd be able to do the other thing I'm not known. Unravel fullback got the lead blocker and I would have put tight end. Jon Mann joins us turn the football are presented by liberal more sporting coach brought the 49ers. Brawn up Bob watch June. Late Pat's tomorrow call a lot of big games from Candlestick Park in this. Organizers were always when they're always in the ticket they played in New York Giants this Sunday another story team that is 17 what do you see what the 49ers are all nine. Kyle Shanahan talked about the way CJ Bradford got hit last week. How long is this process it's gonna take the house and had John let's turn around. Well you know until we get all our extensive playing mats were dark about the quarterbacks and other important they are. And dropped well maybe the guys quit until they get reported recommend once you get your quarterback. And you can build your game your team I mean you look just look at the new prime example leave knowing what patriots and they got Tom Brady. Yup they'll go check now they can go out and get you move the line and they can get some receivers they can get a little defense they can work here and there. And tell you get cute quarterback and I'm talking about your franchise quarterback. It's going to be starting quarterback for you for ten years outs guys got together and sometimes the other teams and coaches have never got to. And need a lot of times you're lucky into you know and that's where it. One way or another they got to get one they got lucky and the wind and when they get that they can put that on the back burner the quarterback. And then go build the rest of the field. You hear this story the other day when cattle interest talkative Belichick about trading figure out below. He brought up would you trade as Tom Brady if it's theft if you guys that I yeah I won't throw out the statistics it says. I'm sorry I would've thrown out this isn't over I think my college friends tell you. Forty years of marriage how much longer could time Brady played well wherever you go check those of you are promising a new crop will could be the next Carter and right and you know so does he looks as good as Tom Brady is so. One is that true there's a block and so you can always fought. I think that I think you'll be another Brady bill what do you give me Brady knew he'd been so I think this is so good they did anyhow we've got to say things are. Look John mad men telling us here this presents Sunday afternoon delight to talk about it here. And that is five point seven a game where checks are about you golf tournament I went to Hayward tied to see a lot of high school football players here today from Tennessee and in. Outdated and and Hayward high. And I see your son Mike is here near your family's been around it you know in Pleasanton foothill high so you've given around the game at all levels. Where's the game had not necessarily the NFL level coach the highest level. But feel pop Warner. Young kids playing fast are you concerned about where your game is at. Now there are young kids shouldn't play tackle football there's no reason. For anyone to play tackle football before the different high schools and a flight football is good good you can play football we you just don't have to put a helmet on your head and goes you know hit someone when you're six or seven million. Ten years old. And we're losing players you know I mean that's the thing your parents are. Owned by community can not encourage from your your kids to play in and you know you look at the high schools now in the freshman roster it was javy roster. Some teams field can't get enough players to apply here and not worry about that I worry about. No we have so many things going on that we have to take care of and that we're gonna lose players. And as you lose players. Then I know when your whole thing you all things starts third. There's just no go to shambles and we can't let that happen. So they don't play until high school level my concern would be maybe they don't play at all and we lose these great athletes to other sports where it. Married no no no not I said they play flag flag again I don't ideal yeah it is pretty good yeah yeah yeah those passing leagues and yeah 77. That. Good. A grandson of play then my Watson they can do everything dominant run the ball the possible effects of all they do. Do all that stuff they just don't they don't actually charitable donation but. Learn and to tackle could be the last thing you want to doesn't have to be the first thing you know it's like okay we're gonna play football literally held it go hit Australia in out. We could we can just first save that put them on the side. Okay we're gonna learn stance we'll learn so far we're gonna learn. On the past patterns were learned catching the ball we're gonna learn throwing the ball goes. We're running the ball set up your defense Yemen where you'll learn all that stuff which you can. And when they get to be a freshman that's that's that's funny at times and you. If you put a helmet on the youth have a look at John Madden is crystal ball ball after world we're all gone now fifty years should now. What what is football would be like in this country. I worry about it I mean I worry good food there may not be. Any school maybe Claude there will be club football where. You reached down that was a book club football for human and they make a play that way because. It's getting tough for the schools you know to come up with the money they're good enough good players and don't give. No good players and you don't have to back in the mood in the whole thing news. I'm gonna try some like there's (%expletive) you to remove them what's what but Jack's doing on the news is raising money in and then you give to schools we have another. Steve Mariucci and I have one and we give them. All we've all schools in the valley we give to them just by Helmut so. We need we need more of that and as we don't get that that I make for the most elusive athlete you've leveled with the wind youth levels high school. I have no words start to lose it there then you've heard you've been watered down in college. So how will this impact the NFL if you're losing it at the grassroots level. All the way up to high school what what will the NFL look like in five decades well there's there's not enough players to go around America and its beef. Are part of it is collective bargaining true grit there's no way to develop long even now I mean that's that's a problem weekend. Quarterbacks can be developed familiar with talk about how important they are good go through this passing league you know all these camps and stuff they have. I think I think we're developing a cool quarterbacks on my watch. Little college football on Saturday ma'am I'm I'm really impressed with the college quarterback can stand. And I'm not impressed with college offensive line among us through college defensive linemen and I think I think we need. The whole team I may fifth do we have to have a way. You will do ruse for quarterbacks and gurus for kickers. Someone alive we have to have gurus from linemen. Think something extra week Michelangelo's Mike Tyson cavaliers coach linemen are people it's. A path I gotta have that before we get a body here. Your creepy okay. We all grew up I know I did their part we did had you ever decide down the play to home video game. Hollywood two grandsons or whatnot yeah I tell us about that I used to play it earlier good. The younger guys always put she older guys come and I don't care you can. Commented they moved the other son always preached a bad move on the battle is for each other death. So. After a while I would play because I started the game and how it played to see if what I. One it was good mood to beyond that and everyone beats me. So I got embarrassed play and 'cause I wasn't very good so now. I let other people play that are good players and I watched him. And critique what they do and that I meet with VA bacon they come out here we. Talk about how I watch all the games on Sunday. Or EA guys that make you gain from there's going to be here next week. And they come out my and we spend a whole day together and and you know what has to be in the game and that was. My whole thing when we started it is what's in the game I want it in the video game and it's funny how if you watch television. And it's gonna get bigger. Your week show in the game everything is from the overhead sky cam. There from from. And then they show from fifty yard line. And you move millennial soon. In the guys who talk about they're used to watch your display and half television is start the proper manner and there's going to be who's gonna really couple which is going to be. Game has been reduced. All of us from stroke. So interest thing trying to raise during the bye week I'm going. I would love to come over watch football and you know I've gone over in America commitment always tells me there are gonna come over and were of that. Less lakers you watch all the games. And I a lot of good things that you were so great that as a coach was game management. You were just always on top of that invalid checks there are some guys that are good at it there's some guys that I think they're sporadic. How how did you learn. How does it becomes like a pro coach your line coach you become a head coach Fabio learned chime in that time management and game management from. Do you think this is crazy Britain. I used to know as a head coach I used to go to high school game every Friday night. I would sit up from the corner. Well myself and I would just go over every situation when you go over what they're doing for people what they're doing great okay we win the flip what do we do know which way we wanted to go. Finished first and tennis you know it's such food to me do school over the you know you're OK we're down by ten you just take the situations. That the game was played and I knew would do you wish you would do. And zero timeouts I always say time out summoned timeouts were very very important to me especially second half timeouts. And you need him bunches and I've never give out timeouts and now. As the clock starts to run their own news they automatically. Take the time I would that do that I would. Or sometimes you know would I would pick a time out there wasn't automatic. It would be my decision. And then those cars are playing with his son's favorite mound there all along with a good plan announced that's it that's a different deal but. I would I would rather take the five yards and make it up on the next pass and give your time out and I think they just they just. Know throw throw timeouts around like fifty candy store. The raiders did it clear today agents did their took two in a row let Jackie wanted Jack was not that happy about it let me. One of the theories I have like coaches don't manage the game well is they very seldom watched games live. They watch everything off the coach's film would you would you watch NFL games live distant field the game the actual life time you know the game close. Much as you could come and it's hard because you have a game sooner hard good. It's hard to watch watch another game and you have a group you have to do your a lot of a lot of outcry film which. Another thing that they do now. I got these gurus know a good. Our offensive guys are defense and guys when you become head coach's head coach him on defense you guys. Our offensive game more than the guy that is still offensively and take example is a head coach is often the guys called place. Well when your defense is out there he has to be working on what is being called next time I thought his own life and has no idea what that's going home field. So how do you manage that if you don't know what's going on and limited him it's a hard thing to. Be a play call. And beyond Papa there and be good or bad mouth you know. And they got all live by crowds and all that stuff but please don't look at you do every night and then stay into the game. One way you're behind it the other way you have a good thing you're not with food all the fun. I was taken you out watching Sean McVeigh the other coach of the rams coach against the niners and when his teams on defense and sitting over on the Gatorade cooler. They didn't know about it aside every match that's my point and that's what those guys doing. You know that's that's how they grew up quick. I just said if you don't want your help you manage your. It's why he was the best he would do the best team managers or their lunch sit back there retired. I'm not done it was like thirty minutes your job man in fact taking no lower than it is all about what they're superior coach thank you so you're doing okay how all these Obama and I don't know. I made a financier Bennett and FL doesn't I'm gonna retire we did and did things and here I got a gun.