John Dickinson- Warriors Wrapup

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Tuesday, November 14th

John Dickinson joined Chris Townsend and Matt Steinmetz on Warriors Wrapup to recap the Warriors 110-100 victory against Orlando.


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John Dickinson joins us from the locker room after the warriors land one span to 100 but this nest. And out these out as JD under streaker in the regular season at at least thirty years is there 12 point warns that yeah. That's pretty get. That's pretty get that on top of a lot another pretty good records and it that's kind of though that's the one way you can. Overcome the sixteen turnovers and four of those two rovers were one for spot it right yeah tonight so really for the rest of the game at 644 minutes or so. They only had twelve which that is it terrible number if you wanted to protect the 48 it's cute in that. And that was kind of the theme tonight in the locker room and post game press conference. What's going on all the third quarters why why is it why it is something clicked. For the warriors in you know I don't you heard from Steve Tucker he thinks they stopped throw the ball around. A little bit yeah Kevin Durant had an interest to take on it he thought that the warriors challenge shots he weeks. Teams get out they make shots they should comparable percentage currently. Indicated especially the first half aunt coming out of the second half because the games close because the owner it is. In a flow offensively he thinks that maybe they challenge shots at a higher level. Right at a T in net third quarter because they know they have to go. You know because the games close and and a challenge to that point that those two things. Go hand in hand if the orders are thrown her way. And then. They're forcing tougher shots which leads to mrs. in the worries get out on the fast break. And they're able to get on a big run in game ending its stock at three point shot wasn't there tonight but. They get the quality of other things going for him in that third quarter down the stretch to pull away in another blowout win. You know what's interest that we talk about why. And we talk about what they'll throw the ball over in the and they force more turnovers. That's really why. I mean that that explains Howell. But the question is why did they do this why are they coming out in the second half and I don't think there is a reason for it I just think. That's the way it's gone for the last six or seven games but do I think the warriors are gonna dominate the third quarter all season long. Probably be pretty good third quarter but they're good the first second and fourth quarters to. I think this is just the short term trend. And sometimes you you can look. Under every rock to find an answer and there won't really be an answer. I mean my theory is that. Teams player off the first half and it's not the warriors let them hang around for the warriors are ready to play. Maryland a heck of a first and they really did. But the games 48 minutes and then things begin to. Become what they are in the warriors are are better than every team when they play 48 minutes. That's it that's it line speaker at how many tickets that are either. And eight speakers original answer it's hilarious it was just you know question can you pinpoint it and he is kind of the catcher rod got. Now can't pinpoint it. The track it figured out it and he came back. The turnovers which obviously is always one of the first things he looks at on this catchy and assist to turnover ratio with a ball. Party thrown away they give away too easy chances. And on a night where they don't have staff and carry that much Dominic it was really funny east. Were shot what's your. And what's different when you gotta weigh in its staff and carries out and he says. Well it's first the under the starting lineup because carries out but you know that that means that we're going to be without between. When he five in maybe fifty people but it's. If it but I depending upon workers get ago war but I don't Livingston does the you all you almost forget that and score right because he's not a three point shooter and yet really get the ball while bodies were fort night. But he can get out of transition he did. Take guys down low little bit having he's got that. Though the Ole man gave whereas the other mid range game. And he added he had worked into the night comedians at sixteen point is that plus sixteen. And if unit said it be before the game. Very stocking up why that would thinks it's gonna give you sixteen I just I. I would've said no he's giving you 6098. Right by it it might give you six on three for three shooting but you want to give you sixteen point 612 aggressive. Rory can really shared the ball obviously the testing that 35 existed. They just figure a way to keep literally notary. A problem figured out broker. A problem figured out. The one thing I didn't think and I told county this. They did have four turnovers the first 45 minutes I actually thought that was a little bit because there was no paper it it just felt like. Guys were. I had the ball in positions that it normally. That in. Couple plays were guys seemed to drive we. Leave their feet with nowhere to go. But I thought once they got there. And under control. The turnovers were really that big deal tonight after the performance. On idol there was ever I point work Klay Thompson at eight. He cut. The wrong way and ended up cut off or in my agree it was right idiot and haven't kept the patio password to OpenId was the auditor auriemma expert. All out of whack at it get in the early going to be expected. The other thing that we saw a lot of tonight and we knew we were gonna see it go into the game just for being that you ran in speaker for the game was Kevin Durant. A as the ball handler Kevin Durant. Tried to make plays in and get to the basket he'll force the issue that he panicked outplayed that you'd think it was. Too much too much different from his normal game. But I I think you know the warriors. Were just once they got it role that figured out. They receive it was it different flow right because you're used to carry on threes in. And everything it's going on that but there was a different float like but it was it was really good basketball on me. For not having that element of shooting maker provides. In at that any assessment. That's the more impressive things. That this warriors team has done it can win this year. Well. You know getting back to the turnovers. I was think in this two and a I almost feel like we dwell on those too much and I. I 35 estado I heart nobody arsenal turnovers more than me but even I think the warriors do too much heat. For their turnovers look they play game where they have more possessions. On average in most other teams the other thing is they run an offense that's very different than most other teams. It's all about moving without the ball in hiding. Back it's read your defender. And look if you're if if your be able to go back to work to get lay ups you know why. Couple times you're gonna think you guys going back door he's not gonna go. And you're gonna throw it where he is or he's gonna end up going back door which you didn't think he was gonna go and you're gonna end up. It's gonna look like a terrible hurdle is gonna throw it right at a panel. That's the price you pay for play in the way the warriors play and I eat you gotta make that trade off you have to because. The way their plan offensively is completely. Special. Shot Linux and JT after the game was talking about what as you are saying. Analysts and I was very interesting the mind said he had going into this start. Rates on cut throat and the storm Otto. One in new stuff so so. We're miss and about 325 and fifty points again you know. Which he does but so this is really about being aggressive with some months that. Obviously it's a different topic and you know our team identity changes so it's really try to move the ball play inside out a little bit more just stops. It's obviously going to be more well. Maybe a grind it out type began. It is being aggressive and hopefully it'll open up. Some shots and and thanks for the treatment. Right on the money. John Dickinson. Was right about. What are you saying you know it's funny because a lot of times. Here's what they were at the NBA's different when a starter goes out in the sub comes and especially somebody like living that he's just gonna come in and try to boy I mean. You committing. You play your game you try to be aggressive. And that's what Livingston did tonight and he had even have had more shots than anybody in the first half. Of blood. You know that's what you gotta do you looked at it yet the second shots of anybody on the team yeah there it eat team. And Livingston while altering money Klay Thompson. I'll let it. Which is pretty amazing outlook client at five in the first half what I. I would've thought clay would wind up with 25 tonight to spit but they didn't played academy and he shared the ball. And quite Thompson counted joked about you know the fact that he's got it will put more playmaker. It would Steffi Kerry not in areas well you know it's like that question with Nazis it now it's it's harder. It's the classic. That's what it tops the dead and there it that's a that's. Experts like Eddie do you like feel like you're marked down I like and what's that a client who. I think everybody it's pretty fun as warriors team likes it's that's like it this is the one we note that mr. Anand of India this week. He liked to throated meal what the warriors to have a guy for a long period time I still sick carries the one guy. They they would have the most trouble. Winning without. Long term right now. Playoffs would have any they'd have to hope they they probably think it went well in the playoffs for an extended period they were five or the playoffs two years ago related problem. It speaker key point that out but. I mean I'd be it just it for them to be able to play as well as they have it it's still kind of blows me away. Without curry because. He he's the MVP he's the he's always seems to me to be the catalyst. For everything else that they cuter rants panel that is all that victory mockery these. The inspirational leader of the heart soul the defense of leader whatever. Think like tops it is quite Thompson but curry still is the original guide it kind of makes it go. And what they don't have AM I just I think the whole thing is just gonna be different if tonight it was but. And still figure out ways to win. I mean the reality is these. If anybody misses a game they still have three bonafide stars and two of them. Arctic you know if direct courier play that's two superstars. Really. And clay and ray Amman if they're not superstars that are stars on the cover sheet one superstar probably two off yeah Elaine. So they're still gonna have an advantage most. And one of them the best defense is player in the league and the other one is. One of the best three point shooters top and top 52 way player right easily yeah it's good point. Well it's been a great night so far I can tell you this it's going to be a wet one on the way home on a line I now. Or because nightly in my Arlo campground. On my name iPhone might see at my house it's pouring rain right now now down in San Jose I take some of these are low. I ain't it. These cameras are actually unbelievable 1080 Ph.D. The night vision I could see might be you could see the raindrops. Coming down from my. Arlo camera and you know it is so lucky to have that be of apart. Of this whole deal because it is such a great product so easy to use so easy to set up. And basically you worry less simulate more when you have that. Since you have that sense of security at your home with these are those Smart home security cameras. Yeah it's really cool that. We sit here ORACLE Arena watching the game and you get notified. If something. Is up at home if if the cameras catch some and maybe. You're at the gaming you get notified and see your wife's home or your kids are home from practice just reassuring it's. It's a great great product and I've I've been spent a lot of time dealing with a Connecticut's it's a useful in a big way. And our low has seven days of three cloud storage for your recordings and you can go back and see. In house up and happened to his 34 days you oil look at something that happened because it's all going to be there wait for. Yeah JT got to get my friend Arlo dot com not tell you. My parents are actually interested and police and listening to this show they million Allah. The others Chris Matt miniseries got serious again I am that my mom had a date that really. That he texted me and says I think we need to get our well figure out what you know now what's going on in the neighborhood. Up there in Sacramento Carmichael area sees it sees guys that's it's. It's not only. It's a far and guide to put it's also varies. It's great years. Ago. You look at that video will block it in the front door it's it's really makes you feel it's their right to know everybody is on. And everybody's they've just like the warriors win tonight once and to 100 Matt you're going to be back tomorrow from my tendon in. Reserve act and Kevin McHale tomorrow the all of name Kevin McHale from. Hall of Famer from the Celtics. Coach in the rockets who have to go to Minnesota. GM Minnesota. Nine draft Kevin Garnett. If she did. And I Jolo and dips will be on from six and many Cerrato will be on Azubuike John Clayton great pop up. Michael's children and to the east later as you said you have the hall of Famer and you'll have to on tickets I got bumped for camp I applaud. They are still on the list. Are you fare that well I kept the day and I are all valid I think is still on my friend I've. That's the role but now the fun at her I mean that's a funny story I've actually. While I don't vote for him Mikhail I think that's pretty cool story and any head at him bark at will be omelet. Low and Jeff Garcia the football our. Am in men 49ers general albeit pop that team improves get a huge joke or. As he has theories seat Jeannie opera and at least act at the end eased an app like Thompson. And don't forget the Crist now joke from. After beyond the arc will be on from Itula. That's gonna do it as the lawyers when their seventh straight from oracle. One and a 100 fox Sports Radio to get this way we'll see all tomorrow and all the lawyers that's like five points a game.